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Playlist for 30 April 2008 Favoriting | Experiments and Teletubby Factors in the Extension of the Human Vocal Range

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
Portishead  Hunter   Favoriting Third  *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Robert Lippok  The Heart of Nuut Picked By The Crows of Neu Koeln   Favoriting Monika Barchen: Songs For Bruno, Knut & Tom (VA Comp)  *   0:04:19 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Hans Reichel 
Oway Oway   Favoriting Yuxo    0:07:34 (Pop-up)
Chilites  Have You Seen Her?   Favoriting     0:25:35 (Pop-up)
Vorpal  Gymnopedie V 1.01   Favoriting An Incomplete Guide to Vorpal Music    0:25:40 (Pop-up)
  Manure Handling Equipment Ball Search       0:34:07 (Pop-up)
Wesensteen  Sprottfox   Favoriting     0:33:43 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Pacifica Fish Dance   Favoriting     0:35:09 (Pop-up)
  Teletubbies and Experiments in the Extension of the Human Vocal Range       0:40:43 (Pop-up)
Barry Adamson  Something Wicked This Way Comes   Favoriting Oedipus Schmoedipus    0:54:13 (Pop-up)
Schwabinggrad Ballett  Moderne Welt   Favoriting     0:56:16 (Pop-up)
Murray Head  The India Song   Favoriting     1:03:51 (Pop-up)
Girls Glee Club, New Palestine  Midnight Cowboy   Favoriting     1:11:18 (Pop-up)
Oranj Symphonette  Midnight Cowboy   Favoriting     1:16:27 (Pop-up)
The Ex & Getachew Mekurya  Ethipia Hagere   Favoriting Moa Anbessa    1:24:20 (Pop-up)
John Zorn  Strip Central   Favoriting The Bribe    1:30:14 (Pop-up)
Kate Willaert / Muse  Hysteria   Favoriting Sixty Second Song Contest    1:35:54 (Pop-up)
KIng MIssile  America Kicks Ass (FCC Edit)   Favoriting     1:36:45 (Pop-up)
CL Lewis  Mey Mayor Daley Man   Favoriting     1:40:08 (Pop-up)
Fahnlein Fieselschweif  Pluto Grusst Unsere Perser   Favoriting     1:42:53 (Pop-up)
Unknown Kid  Aluminum   Favoriting Analog America: A Four Course Meal Of Found Sound  *   2:14:43 (Pop-up)
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  Social Folk Dance   Favoriting     2:16:49 (Pop-up)
Harvey Matusow  Eighteen Nuns   Favoriting The War Between Fats and Thins    2:24:39 (Pop-up)
Wade Ray with Noel Boggs  It's All Your Fault   Favoriting Michael Shelley's 2007 WFMU Premium: Thirty-plus Vintage #1 Hit Country Songs About [Many Things] (V/A)    2:27:21 (Pop-up)
The Cackle Sisters  I Left Her Standing There   Favoriting     2:30:22 (Pop-up)
Jinx Lennon  Fireplace Itis   Favoriting Know Your Station Gouger Nation!  *   2:33:34 (Pop-up)
Vanilla Fudge  Ticket To Ride   Favoriting     2:36:04 (Pop-up)
Melvin Van Peebles  So Many Bars   Favoriting What the... You Mean I Can't Sing?    2:41:59 (Pop-up)
Shirley & Company  Shame Shame Shame   Favoriting     2:47:51 (Pop-up)
Rip Rig and Panic  Do The Tightrope   Favoriting     2:50:26 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
      2:54:13 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am John from Oslo:

Top of the morning to you Sven!

and som faaaaaaar out news:
Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who discovered the hallucinogenic drug LSD, has died aged 102.
  9:02am Listener Dave:

  9:04am Ken:

Morning all. Yes, Albert Hoffman deserves some kind of memorial, doesn't he?

Apologies for the fatal flaw on this AM's inaugural slideshow... the slideshow starts over every time the page reloads - every 55 seconds. doh!!
  9:05am Parq:

Digging the slideshow, Ken. The reptilian Iggy is scary, but the naked metalhead is even more so.
  9:11am dei xhrist:

hello Manchester/Hampton NH! with a daxophone!
  9:17am Laurie:

Ken, I've been listening to the WFMU 128k mp3 stream for the past 20 minutes or so without a single rebuffering issue! Yay!

PS: I hope this picture is in your slideshow. My friend made it.
  9:19am seanh:

picture number eight is unsettling, and maybe slightly sinister
  9:20am Listener James from Westwood:

That Star Wars shot is truly bizarre. Dig the slides! (Now that I think of it, I guess "slide" is one of those words like "cc:" now, for which one never actually handles a piece of film or glass in a cardboard frame -- or a carousel full of them -- or literal carbon paper to make a carbon copy via typewriter, but the metaphor endures. Just my rumination on defunct tech.)
  9:21am giselle:

why do i feel like i'm stuck in an endless loop? aaaaahh. stop it ken! please?
  9:22am mouse:

please stop
  9:23am Parq:

This is a lot more repetitive than I remember it.
  9:23am Listener Dave:

Carbon copy in the true sense is not entirely defunct. There are a few stands at the Union Square farmer's market that use the old credit card things where they take an impression of your card and have you sign since there's no phone line in the middle of the park....yet.
  9:25am seanh:

surely virtual slideshow technology has advanced to the point where "shuffling" is possible?
  9:25am jan:

Your slide shows are just as enjoyable as your broadcast. But what about picture credits? On the playlist, you note the artists- please attribute the photos and art if possible.
  9:26am Doug:

I hope this never stops ...
  9:31am Parq:

Ah, a John Deere letter! Ken, it just slays me when you talk like that.
  9:31am John from Oslo:

This is great!

Just a note on the slideshow; it restarts after the star wars picture... but as I just discovered if I push the right arrow, I get a whole new set, and when that set is done it restarts with the initial loop again... but I'm on firefox - so that might be it... the pictures are great though
  9:36am weiterso:

you can give it an extra tab and slide away

i don't like slideshows in the morning
  9:38am listener scott:

agreed with john from oslo - slideshow is problematic on firefox; it only loops the first set, and even if you advance slider, it reloops to first pic after whichever picture you chose
  9:40am -max-:

Hello Jersey City!!
  9:50am dei x:

I've been listening to the Wesensteen myself, and wondering what words they are using.
  9:55am HotRod:

Thanks for the Vorpal track. What a nice surprise! :)
  9:58am Wes:

I want the original bubble blower back
  9:58am Will:

Tying it all together, I have fond days of the show that was your laryngeal free-zone a few years back, in which you (Ken) gave up on us the listeners as back-announcers and brought in the TTS solution. He (it) even has a name if I remember correctly. Was it Javier? I forget. In any case, I hunted fruitlessly for that voice among the several TTS webhavens of the day and never got around to asking. But I will ask now: is Javier still reading live text, or are all the Javier-ism canned at this point? For instance, could Javier say "I want the original bubble blower back?" if he needed to?
  10:00am john from oslo:

Hi Dei X

Wesensteen consists of Rolf Wesenlund and Harald Heide Steen jr - they are Norwegetarians. Sprottfox is taken from the album "Live at Kaffistova", where they on a couple of tracks talk and sing in "made up" English - English that doesnt make sense...
  10:02am Ken:

Will - No, it broke my heart, but the voice of Julio was discontinued and I have never found a replacement. I would even PAY for a TTS program with Julio's voice.
  10:02am toni daytona:

hiya ken-- i have to talk to you,,,last week i sent you some mail and you never gave me feedback,,,any reason why?? also just 2 more things---on the next live 7 second delay show you & andy should talk about FAMILY GUY and how great a show it is,,,,lastly some fmu deejays are not fair,,,they delete some of the comments,,WHY KEN??? SEE YOU NEXT WEEK,,,,
  10:03am Ken:

Dont know what happened - the slideshow aint working for me anymore. Is it working for anybody else?
  10:04am HotRod:

Slideshow is not working.
  10:05am Mark:

not working on IE 7.0
  10:05am sahak:

hey ken have you any armenian music? that would be pleasant :)
  10:07am fishmonekystew:

The slideshow has crapped the bed.
  10:07am weiterso:

i hope, it was not me, huh!
  10:11am Listener Dave:

Hello Sweden! Goodbye Slideshow! Doesn't work for me anymore either.

Speaking of Sweden, anyone know any good hotels in Stockholm? Seriously, I'm going to be there the end of July.
  10:13am Wes:

This choir piece is amazing.
  10:15am Ken:

Yep, ye olde slideshow crashed! I will try putting it back up there after the show is over. Back to the drawing board!!
  10:15am dei x:

Just because it's made up, doesn't mean it doesn't make sense. Crrrrrazy English-sounding-speaking types.
  10:18am Laurie:

Dei X, are you talking about the Dutch language?
  10:18am -max-: just went down. First thought that it might be connected to the slideshow crashing. I switched to 128k version and that is working.
  10:20am Ike:

The aacPLUS stream isn't working for me either. I'm worried that if I continue listening to the 128k version here at my horrible new job, they'll think I'm downloading torrents, and rap my knuckles.
  10:20am bwalker:

last thursday? was the day? I will send you a late card
  10:22am dei x:

Dave NH - and for the land of Ikea. No I've not stayed at either.
Laurie, the Dutch (& Swedes) are all borq bork borq. But Finnish - that's a language with vowels 5-1, as compound as German, and half the length of English.
No sound through Foobar.
  10:27am bwalker:

I had read once that Mahmood Ahmed was having trouble getting into the country - I wonder what changed? perhaps our gov has calmed down and we will have no more problems with artists and musicians and filmmakers getting into our land
  10:28am Listener Dave:

Del X , thanks for the links

(just plain Dave, not Dave NH). Going to Finland too but already have a lead on a hotel there.
  10:28am Ken:

Damn, the slideshow is breaking every damn thing!
  10:30am Negator:

Screw the slideshow! Sell the house! Sell the kids!
  10:31am weiterso:

that was great, the ex wakes me up
  10:32am The slideshow:

It's not my fault! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!
  10:34am john from oslo:

Dave! Finland is great! Make sure to visit
The Keurismäki bar!
  10:36am Wes:

Some Elizabeth Clare Prophet mixed into this would be quite lovely.
  10:36am Laurie:

I think "Foobar" just refused to play John Zorn. That's why you have no sound.

I am happy to say that I have not had a single rebuffering pause! (And I tried to listen last night, around midnight before I knocked off, and it was Buffer City. So yay! I think!
  10:38am SueB:

I was wondering if your were going to play the MUSE song straight, but HAHA it wasn't. you COULDN't. you wouldn't.
  10:38am bwalker:

I have always wondered how "ASS" is ok to play on the radio - somewhere there is a proposal to add that word to the list of nos -
but until then KEEP KICKING ASS
  10:41am Laurie:

Hey Mayor Daley Man never gets old.
  10:43am catarina:

Hi everyone!
I am showing work tomorrow - if any of you in Berlin, please join us :
Installation by

Thursday 05.01.08 from 19:00

22:00 // decks: Armin V. Milch / Maria Tokyo
KIM Brunnenstrasse 10 (Rosenthaler Platz) - Berlin

  10:45am m:

i was looking through the news and getting the usual knot in my stomach but then i heard cl lewis and things got better. thanks ken.
  10:45am Ken:

Yes, Benjamen - It's OK to kick ass but it's not OK to suck ass. It's OK to shake your ass but not to expose your ass. It's OK to be President on your ass but not Governor IN your ass.
  10:46am bwalker:

I wanna meet the man who sorted all this ASS stuff out!
  10:47am SKUNKHAMMER:

I am 46 yrs old from Sonora Ca. If there are any ladies from my area listening to this wonderful radio station, I would love to get an e-mail from you.
  10:48am Ken:

Sorry Skunhammer, no trolling for tang here.
  10:48am mouse:

please don't
  10:48am Laurie:

I'm sorry, SKUNKHAMMER, my mom told me never to go out with strange men named SKUNKHAMMER who solicit attention from the ladies on WFMU's comment boards.

She was very specific about that.
  10:48am Dominick:

It never ceases to amaze me how anyone could think Family Guy is funny
  10:48am Trish:

Slideshow was good except for the refresh/restart. It'd probably have the same effect week after week, too with the same start image.

How about setting it so it's a linked page from a single playlist image and the thing starts from some image# that's handed from a href=link? Or a jquery slideshow (eg. thickbox). Or something.
  10:48am Parq:

Oh, thank God, this song was starting to fade out of my mind, I was afraid I might not be able to have it running through my head all day.
  10:50am bwalker:

man - if I had a name like Skunkhammer I would totally get more action
  10:52am Trish:

  10:52am Listener Dave from NH:

Skunkhammer's 46? If Skunkhammer was born in the US, I know who I'm casting my write-in vote for president for this year.
  10:53am gene shallot:

Gene Shallot is the messiah. Especially when he eats chocolate ice cream in bed wearing white gloves.
  10:53am Laurie:

Maybe you should change your name to Mr. Awesome. That guy gets action from tons of ladies. Of course, he has to pay them for the attention, but that's just a small detail.
  10:53am Listener Dave:

Tough titties? Ah, this won't get read.
  10:54am Negator:

'trolling for tang' aww shit that's funny, Ken. But while we're at it....
I'm a 56 year old tranny who likes Joyce and Cheetos. I like hairy bears and The Stylistics. Anyone listening to Ken trolling for tranny Ken can help with my contacts. See you after the show, Ken! Look forward....
  10:54am dei x:

spot on impression of Toni
  10:54am Laurie:

I want Julio back.
  10:55am bwalker:

skee bop a WEE BOP
  10:55am SueB:

i like having the posts read to me by a robotic voice while i work.
  10:56am Pivi:

What's all this then?
  10:56am Ghengis Jung:


The more the comma's nine mates simper boldly, the more they broke italian flapdoodle?
It's better to steal than squander.
Perturbed mote was without my curly touchdowns and sir irregular!
Or sir irregular over three prostitutes does slaps them.
Options are fascist.
We nudge!
Mister scissors-like scissors-end jerks!
You sunscreening my racial clergy.
I punt softly...

The less pernicious corners kick another many more honkeys, the more they route them...
Then i do veto peed-cousins on queen pit and my zero cashiers and president protestant and a peed's magenta metal-wagons...
You do schedule the peed!
But if you have pranksters, insistently swept sir irregular on one more menses and the peed's preserved pool and the three nudists and sir irregular and the peed's lassie and pygmies...
Sir irregular won't be pedantic.
Then who does sir irregular eschew?

  10:56am Raj:

If this was 2001, Keir Dullea would have a chubby!
  10:57am Listener Dave:

Can you help me with my melons?
  10:57am dave in australa:

let the bubbleblower go free if it returns it will be yours
  10:58am o:

Two hundred and twenty one years ago, in a hall that still stands across the street, a group of men gathered and, with these simple words, launched America's improbable experiment in democracy. Farmers and scholars; statesmen and patriots who had traveled across an ocean to escape tyranny and persecution finally made real their declaration of independence at a Philadelphia convention that lasted through the spring of 1787.
  10:58am Will:

Ha! I love it! I know how you feel (about Julio). I do know a guy in Ithaca who might be able to find out more about where Julio went. Do you have the reference code for the voice profile? Ken,
Ha! I love it! I know how you feel (about Julio). I do know a guy in Ithaca who might be able to find out more about where Julio went. Do you have the reference code for the voice profile? Ken,
Ha! I love it! I know how you feel (about Julio). I do know a guy in Ithaca who might be able to find out more about where Julio went. Do you have the reference code for the voice profile? (I guess this would be a conversation for off-the-list.)
  10:59am Negator:

Laugh laugh laugh laugh........
  10:59am Negator:

Laugh laugh laugh laugh........
  11:00am Pooch:

Licky Licky Hoot Hoot Boing Boing. Doo Dah Doo Dah
  11:00am Laurie:

Skunkhammer, please learn from the best. This is my favorite Craigslist ad ever:

I have a simple request: Would someone like to come over to my place dressed in a long, beige trenchcoat, panama hat, and dark sunglasses, smoking a cigarette? When I open the door (I'll be wearing a polka-dotted dress and wiping my hands on an apron), you will be looking away. You will say, "Is the cake in the oven?" I will hang my head, fight back tears, and invite you in.

We shall move to the bedroom and I shall undress awkwardly, looking upset and ashamed. You will throw me up against the wall and I will scream "Maim me!" as you bite through my strand of cultured (but we'll pretend they're real) pearls, which will fall to the ground and scatter. You will think I've said "Mamie" (as in Eisenhower).

At this point, you will stroke my hair gently and become romantic and tender, renderng unto the First Lady the respect to which she is entitled. Slowly and carefully, you will rub your hand up my thigh. When you reach my genitalia and discover I am genetically male, you will fly into a rage and "rape" me (condoms and lube will be located in an antique snuff box at arm's length; please be discreet in procuring them).

Prior to climaxing, you will push me to the floor, remove your condom (again, discreetly), and ejaculate into my eyes. I will lie in a crumpled, sobbing heap at your feet, softly singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President." When your semen has dried my eyelashes together (this might take a while; I will have prepared a selection of cold cuts, assorted beverages, and glossy magazines for your entertainment), you will softly clean it out with a sponge dipped in warm milk.

You will hold me in your arms as we await the coming night. When (and whether?) we part again will be determined from that point.

Other than the above, I am not really looking for a specific "scene." Just a chill bro I can kick it with and see where things go.
  11:00am Laurie:

Whoa, that was kind of salty!
  11:02am Listener Dave:

Please call Stella. Ask her to bring these things with her from the store: Six spoons of fresh snow peas, five thick slabs of blue cheese, and maybe a snack for her brother Bob. We also need a small plastic snake and a big toy frog for the kids. She can scoop these things into three red bags, and we will go meet her Wednesday at the train station.
  11:04am Listener Poutine:

Hi Ken, thanks again for continuing to provide the greatest soundtrack a Wednesday morning could ever have. I'm looking forward to tonight's 7 Second Delay, and would like to add a suggestion to your text-to-speech idea - you can add a very surreal element to it if you take your English text and run it through BabelFish into another language and back into English again. This is what happens to this letter when it's run through the Japanese language mill and back:

For the second time appreciation to the thing which continues to offer the largest sound track where morning of Wednesday of ケン can today have. I seeing first in 2nd lag of tonight 7, desire the fact that it adds proposition to the thought of converting your text to sound, - you take your English text and if you move to another language and English for the second time due to BabelFish, it is possible very to add the surrealistic element to that. As for this when moving through the plant those which happen are this letter:
  11:07am dei x:

ooh ooh! I don't know what we're listening to in the background. Varese? Ives?
  11:07am dc pat:

sounds like Charles Ives played backwords...
  11:07am don pubah:

the soundtrack to pinnoccio backwards?
  11:07am Trish:

  11:09am SueB:

cool. creepy chipmunk child stars as grown ups.
  11:09am Rachel:

Hahahaha this is excellent. I've never heard them slow.
  11:09am dc pat:

chipmunks played at normal speed..interesting
  11:15am Ken:

Not a bad guess, but it wasnt Ives or Varese. I will send a shirt to the first person who can ID the composer!
  11:17am dc pat:

wasn't Stravinsky was it?
  11:19am Pumpy:

Merle Haggard?
  11:22am don pubah:

  11:25am Sean Daily:

Your asking a math question to post on the listener comments is discriminating against stupid people! GET WITH IT!
  11:27am C:

Is there an mp3 of that pissed off caller from Boston? I want to send it to my dad. That was great
  11:27am Wes:

Computers have built-in calculators, there is no excuse to fail (although i do at times)
  11:29am Listener Poutine:

"Eighteen Nuns"... thanks Ken, you've contributed to the Internet's tendency to subject my monitor to sprays of coffee and other beverages.
  11:32am Laurie:

These Cackle broads sound like chickens.
  11:32am Ken:

Nope, I will play the mysery composer again next time I talk..
  11:33am Ken:

Also dont forget I will repost the slideshow as soon as the show ends... and I think it will work properly after the show ends.
  11:33am Gregg:

The Avalanches "Frontier Psychiatrist" would do nicely right about now......great show.....first time listener.
  11:33am Carmichael:

More yodeling ladies! I'm in hog heaven!
  11:40am Listener Poutine:

Wonderful, acid-dipped version of Ticket to Ride, right here!
  11:41am dc pat:

vanilla fudge always sounded overly-dramatic to me.
  11:42am Lysergic Poutine:

I'm talking about the treatment... flashbacktastic!
  11:43am dc pat:

Oh yeah, I like it too...just sayin..
  11:44am Lysergic Poutine:

I hear you, but nobody did overdramatic psych quite like H.P. Lovecraft
  11:44am Lysergic Poutine:

Mandrake Memorial is pretty drippy-trippy audio, too.
  11:46am m:

doesn't sound like there's THAT many bars he hasn't been in
  11:48am skunkhammer:

Aww, the chemist who discovered LSD has died at the age of 102. RIP my hero
  11:49am Lysergic Poutine:

can your synth say Lysergic Poutine on the radio?
  11:49am Bad Ronald:

A Hendrix tune like "Are You Experienced" would be a nice tribute to Albert Hofmann...
  11:51am Laurie:

I hope the Jimi Hendrix sex tape is called The Jimi Hendrix Sexperience.
  11:51am Lysergic Poutine:

I'm partial to "Try a Little Sunshine" by the Factory
  11:52am Listener Dave:

Remember when?
  11:52am Sueb:

hey. i am supposed to be working at home but i just found myself sewing up a record bag made out of an old raincoat.... what is in this stuff??
  11:52am Lysergic Poutine:

What? Last summer?
  11:55am Vivian:

Danny Elfman?
  11:55am g:

sounds like Berlioz mixed with JP Sousa in the background
  11:55am Listener Poutine:

I wish ;)
  11:55am dei x:

I don't think its my hero, the late Stockhausen, or the soundtrack guys in the studio with Svenkmejer...
  11:57am dc pat:

Benjamin Britten?
  11:58am don pubah:

  11:59am Bad Ronald:

TX Ken!
  11:59am dc pat:

daaa! Was about to say Shostakovich but I don't think it's him. How about Bartok?
  11:59am megan:

  11:59am Ghengis Jung:

  11:59am Laurie:

Ooooooohhh, free tee shirt!
  11:59am Ken:

No No No! Guess! Tony Coulter named the exact piece~!
  12:00pm nEGATOR:

  12:00pm Bad Ronald:

Bugs Bunny?
  12:00pm Laurie:

I don't know. John Williams?
  12:00pm Listener Dave:

  12:01pm Laurie:

Jonny Greenwood?
  12:01pm dc pat:

Berg!! just throwin stuff out now..
  12:01pm Ed:

Pithopracter (sp) by Xenakis
  12:02pm megan:

  12:02pm m:

  12:03pm dc pat:

give us a hint?
  12:04pm C:

L Ron Hubbard?
  12:04pm dc pat:

  12:05pm don pubah:

Pierre Boulez?
  12:05pm dc pat:

  12:07pm don pubah:

Last GUESS, Miklos Rozsa
  12:09pm m:

tony coulter
  12:10pm megan:

john cage
  12:12pm dc pat:

ok my last guess too: Copland
  12:14pm megan:

roger sessions
  12:20pm C:

  2:21pm Ozzy Skateboard:

this show is a cd, in my opinion.
i'd buy it and cherish it,
how awesome it was free!!!!!!!!!!
THANKS, i will cherish it!
  4:11pm Ken:

Sorry, nobody has guessed this morning's mystery composer. Free FMU T-shirt to anybody who guesses it. I was playing one of his famous pieces both forward and backwards at the same time, although I was playing the first part of a symphony forward, and the last part backwards. That's all the hint yer gettin! Lots of great guesses, just not any correct ones!
  5:23pm C:

this is driving me nuts!!
  6:29pm ducky chuck:

I hear theres a lot of money in kicking cats, is this true?
  7:57pm Steve in AZ:

I was checking out Ken's show while listening to 7SD and discovered the challenge. It is one of my favorites, Olivier Messiaen's "Turangalila Symphony"
  9:05pm Ken:

Steve nails it! Regarding the slideshow this morning, the damn thing crashed our server! So I can't put it back up just yet, and for right now, that was an experiment that wont be repeated again anytime soon! Next week, it's either back to pics throughout the playlist or a popup slideshow or something...
  5:35am Gus:

Saying `Hello Sweden' is really not funny at all you know.
  8:20am guido:

Hi Ken, your show is a gift.
for Hofmann's tribute, I'd liked best
"Are you experienced" by Shockebilly
(Eugene Chadbourne, Kramer, David Licht)! everything of this beautiful 80th noise and KING MISSILE "mystical shit"...
play it soon, cause soon I'll live in Jakarta with very slow Internet....
have ;---)
  9:27am Melissa:

Hi Ken, it's me. I'm pregnant. Please give me your phone number and address so I can have your pay docked for child support. Thank you for the lovely memory.
  9:30am mt:

This is my bubble blower. My bubble blower is my best friend. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.
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