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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
'63 Burnout  Orange Guitar   Favoriting Trouble at the Speedway  Go! Guitar  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Chris Butler  Starved For Summer   Favoriting Museum of Me Vol. 1    0:03:01 Pop-up)  
Queers  Don't Back Down   Favoriting title cut  Lookout!  0:08:00 Pop-up)  
Swingin' Neckbreakers  Pool Hoppin'   Favoriting Kick Your Ass  Telstar  0:09:41 Pop-up)  
Troggs  Miller Beer ad   Favoriting     0:13:11 Pop-up)  
Blondie  Love at the Pier   Favoriting Plastic Letters  Chrysalis  0:14:33 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Ride the Wild Surf   Favoriting Ride the Wild Surf with the Allen Oldies Band  Freedom  0:16:19 Pop-up)  
George n Sonny Sands  Down By the Ocean   Favoriting various - Bob Crewe Presents The Dynovoice Story  West Side  0:20:30 Pop-up)  
original cast  Bikini Beach   Favoriting various - Summer Beach Party: Songs From the Classic Beach Movies of the '60s  Varese Sarabande  0:22:51 Pop-up)  
Fallen Leaves  Days of Summer   Favoriting It's Too Late Now  Parliament  0:25:29 Pop-up)  
The Love Generation  Groovy Summertime   Favoriting Love and Sunshine: The Best of the Love Generation  Sundazed  0:30:14 Pop-up)  
Muck & the Mires  Hypnotic   Favoriting Doreen EP  Dirty Water  0:40:25 Pop-up)  
Shindiggers  Let's Stomp   Favoriting s/t 2CD retrospective  Off the Hip  0:43:44 Pop-up)  
Foxboro Hot Tubs  Mother Mary   Favoriting Stop, Drop and Roll!!!  Jingle Town  0:45:29 Pop-up)  
Radio Knives  Just a Girl   Favoriting Hello Hell  theradioknives.com  0:48:21 Pop-up)  
Pat Todd & the Rank Outsiders  disappearing act   Favoriting Holdin' Onto Trouble's Hand  Rank Outsider  0:52:18 Pop-up)  
Roland Stone  Down the Road   Favoriting Return of the Mac: In the Studio with Mac Rebennack aka Dr. John 1959-1961  West Side  0:54:35 Pop-up)  
Johnnie Allan  Promised Land   Favoriting various - Another Saturday Night: Classic Recordings From the Louisiana Bayous  Ace  0:57:51 Pop-up)  
Demands  Better Things To Do Than Cry   Favoriting High Wire    0:59:59 Pop-up)  
Kinks  Act Nice and Gentle   Favoriting Something Else bonus track  Castle  1:05:18 Pop-up)  
Barry Ryan  Tell Me Why   Favoriting And God Said: Let There Be Rockabilly    1:07:30 Pop-up)  
Davie Allan and the Arrows  She's Crying Too   Favoriting Moving Right Along  Spinout  1:10:32 Pop-up)  
Four Seasons  Coming Up In the World   Favoriting Jersey Beat  Rhino  1:14:42 Pop-up)  
Miss Derringer  Tonight I've Got a Bottle   Favoriting Lullabies  Sympathy For the Record Industry  1:17:11 Pop-up)  
Appearing live on the show next week - Thursday June 19 1 pm!  
Arch Hall Jr. & The Archers  Big Boy Pete   Favoriting Wild Guitar!  Norton  1:29:39 Pop-up)  
Neanderthals  Hot Rod USA   Favoriting Shutdown 2002 B.C.  Spinout  1:32:05 Pop-up)  
Satelliters  Ain't No Miracle Worker   Favoriting various - Ballroom Bash  Soundflat Records  1:35:19 Pop-up)  
Mudhoney  What's This Thing   Favoriting The Lucky Ones  Sub Pop  1:38:17 Pop-up)  
Helen Love  Saturday Night Kicks   Favoriting     1:40:12 Pop-up)  
Vitamen  You May Not Know   Favoriting     1:43:42 Pop-up)  
Feelies  What She Said   Favoriting Time For a Witness  Coyote  1:49:15 Pop-up)  
Steve Wynn  God Doesn't Like It   Favoriting Crossing Dragon Bridge  Blue Rose  2:00:54 Pop-up)  
Nod  World Still Wants You   Favoriting Tree Stuff & Lightning  myspace.com/nodpower  2:05:00 Pop-up)  
Shrubs  Gotta Go   Favoriting Misfits and Dreamers  Not Records  2:09:39 Pop-up)  
Old Haunts  Ruined View   Favoriting Poisonous Times  Kill Rock Stars  2:12:07 Pop-up)  
The Lines  White Night   Favoriting Memory Span  Acute  2:15:16 Pop-up)  
Harry Harrison  Every Mother's Son   Favoriting     2:19:42 Pop-up)  
Night Terrors  Thought Controller   Favoriting Cobras  Big Neck  2:21:53 Pop-up)  
Electric Frankenstein  Candy-O   Favoriting Burn Bright Burn Fast  TKO  2:25:11 Pop-up)  
Anabolics  Mark of a Madman   Favoriting Anabolically Correct    2:28:30 Pop-up)  
Elvis Costello & the Imposters  No Hiding Place   Favoriting Momofuku  Lost Highway  2:36:07 Pop-up)  
DM3  Caroline No   Favoriting Dom Mariani - Shell Collection  Off the Hip  2:38:55 Pop-up)  
Love Nut  Foolish Game   Favoriting Baltimucho  Big Deal  2:42:12 Pop-up)  
Murdocks  Die Together   Favoriting Roar!  Surprise Truck  2:45:00 Pop-up)  
Crack City Rockers  Arms and Legs   Favoriting The Good Life  Pasiley Pop  2:50:22 Pop-up)  
Young Werewolves  Shapeshifter   Favoriting Cheat the Devil    2:53:42 Pop-up)  
Mullens  Looks Like Fun   Favoriting s/t  Get Hip  2:55:46 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:04pm GUMBY:

Ah, "Three Chord Monte" the quintessential stimulas package!
  12:10pm Bad Ronald:

Ah, the obligatory "Summer Set"!
  12:13pm Rubble:

Last year we got a great one every week of the summer! Joe doesn't fool around.
  12:13pm Sean Daily:

Nice start with '63 Burnout, Joe.
  12:16pm SmokinJ:

Good morning Joe! What a coincidence, I'm guzzling Miller as we rock!
  12:16pm Droll:

Holy crap -- I can't believe nobody's looped that dope Troggs beer ad yet.
  12:22pm Sean Daily:

I'm a little new to the game here, Joe. What's up with that Rock and Roll Report clip that you always play around first break?
  12:26pm Joe B:

Hi Sean 0 glad you dug '63 Burnout - the whole cd is really great. The Rock and Roll report - I guess it was something for parents to warn their kids on the evils of rock and roll? Good for a few laughs.

J - it's ALWAYS Miller time!
  12:28pm SmokinJ:

You got that fuckin' right Joe old buddy! ;)
  12:28pm Bad Ronald:

Exactly - Look at what the Devil Music has done to poor Mr B. Now he has to resort to broadcasting from a trash bin!
  12:29pm Sean Daily:

Thanks, Joe. The way you edited it, it sounded like you had something to do with that... or they chased you down and bugged you 'til you recorded something for them to get them off your backs.

Great set today, BTW, especially this Fallen Leaves song.
  12:35pm Rubble:

Shirley Jones did sing too Joe! I would know. :)
  12:44pm Joe B:

In case anyone cares or noticed - the show is moving to Thursdays starting next week, June 19, 12 to 3 pm.

Hope everyone can make it!

  12:46pm Bad Ronald:

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday

Hello, Smokin' Thursday!
  12:48pm SmokinJ:

We'll be there captain:)
  12:49pm Cecile:

With bells on!
  12:50pm jobuddlk:

HI, We're listening to you in beautiful downtown Somerville MA. Cuatro says hello, but he has to take a nap now.
Talk to you soon.
Your loyal fans & relatives.
  12:53pm GUMBY:

Wherever and whenever the hooks and grooves go I will cybertronically follow.
  12:55pm rubble:

Thursdays at noon, thursdays at non thursdays at noon!
I'll be there!
  12:56pm bonkers:

Jack Black - the D! Anyone see Kung Fu Panda this weekend?
  12:57pm Cecile:

noooooooo, but I want to!
  1:00pm Bob Weir:

This song makes me think of Jerry.
  1:00pm stephen:

really kicking tunes today - just what i need to cool off my brain
  1:01pm Joe B:

Jerry Lewis?
  1:05pm Joe B:

Hi Cuatro! see you at the beach!
  1:05pm Rubble:

  1:06pm Cynthia:

Cuatro.. Hopefully sooner!
  1:08pm Jerry Reed:

Maybe Weir was thinking of me? 'Course its been awhile since anyone has.
  1:09pm Cuatro:

Cynthia, We will see you next week!!!
  1:22pm Bad Ronald:

Diggin' Miss derringer now - looking forward to the set next week!
  1:23pm Bruce G:

THURSDAY oh man that throws off my delicate schedule. Just kidding buddy
  1:25pm Rubble:

fake names? people do that?
  1:28pm Bad Ronald:

  1:31pm pigpen:

Am I crazy or did I just hear Joe break wind on air?
  1:32pm jonathan:

i hope you did!
  1:32pm Joe B:

It was either the chair, or a burp. I always admit to somethign like that!
  1:33pm Rubble:

No that was me.
  1:34pm Bad Ronald:

Barking Spiders!
  1:41pm Swami:

Blazin' , in and out of the studio! Nice set Joe !
  2:08pm Rubble:

Hey where'd everybody go? I cleared the room with an imaginary cyber fart.
  2:19pm Bad Ronald:

still here...
  2:20pm efd:

  2:21pm Joe B:

You beat me too it EFD!
  2:22pm efd:

that was really weird for a second, hearing that "In" Sound intro!
A happy how-do-you-do to you, Joe!
  2:23pm Sean Daily:

Um, crazy question, but is this Harry Harrison as in "Stainless Steel Rat" Harry Harrison? I DOUBT it, but...
  2:24pm efd:

nope, different HH.
  2:26pm GUMBY:

Hearing Harry Harrison brings back my days of taking the Borough bus to Sandy Hook beach here at the Jersey Shore. Thanks for that one Joe.
  2:27pm Parq:

This is a killer version of Candy-O.
  2:28pm Bad Ronald:

I concur
  2:29pm Hooboy:

nice segueway. And quite a dichotomy.
  2:36pm Bad Ronald:

cool TX Joe - I Gotta get the new EC vinyl!
  2:37pm Cecile:

Joe, I admire you for still being an EC fan. I've tried, but frankly, nothing beats the 1st two records.
  2:38pm Anna Anabolic:

Elvis Costello is so freakin amazing.
  2:38pm Joe B:

Good move BR - I actually am regretting the CD purchase now - gatefold, nice purple cover, noticable sound improvement
  2:41pm Bad Ronald:

I am regretting not picking up Brutal Youth on vinyl when it came out and now I can't find it anywhere.
  2:42pm Joe B:

Cecile - of course the first two are classics but I listen to Trust, Get Happy, Blood & Chocolate, King of America and When I was Cruel a lot more than those. He's had plenty of missteps along the way but the fact that he is still so inspired a la Neil Young at this juncture is ... inspiring!
  2:46pm GUMBY:

Joe I agree on Elvis Costello, Neil Young and those who still beleive they have places to go with music. I will never understand paying $75 to see people who aren't even the Beach Boys play music they haven't reinvestigated since 1965.
  2:47pm Bad Ronald:

Joe - Does Paul McCartney pop up anywhere on Momofuku?
  2:49pm Joe B:

At least one WFMU staffer recommends the current Beach Boys concert experience. It's not me, I haven't seen them lately.
  2:51pm Joe B:

No sign of Paul Mc, maybe I will re-read the booklet a home. But there are co-writes with Rosanne Cash and Loretta Lynn! Is Jenny lewis somebody? she is on most songs.
  2:52pm GUMBY:

Jenny Lewis is Jerry's sister. Hey Lady!!!!
  2:53pm Bad Ronald:

Cool thanks! I'm not aware of her but here's her wikipedia page

  2:56pm Bad Ronald:

Great show as always Joe TX!

See you next Thursday.
  3:00pm Rubble:

Excellent job!
  8:12am Boobie:

You guys are doing a wonder thing by playing the new Davie Allan & The Arrows Cd cuts! Thank you and then some!
  8:48am Boobie:

Davie Allan & The Arrows at WFMU! I have spread the news.
  1:42pm Davie Allan:

In this roughest of times for my music, I sincerely thank you!
  2:01pm Robert OZ:

Love it...............................dig!!!! :)
""May your dogs be with you1"
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