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Playlist for 30 July 2008 Favoriting | Another Untitled Programme

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Small Colour  A Fat Bud   Favoriting Add to Friends (VA Comp) 
*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Kan Mikami  It's Good That I Dream   Favoriting Anthology Of Japanese New Folk 1960-1976      0:02:27 (Pop-up)
Carla Bruni  Le Temps Perdu   Favoriting Comme Si De Rien N'Etait 
*   0:06:58 (Pop-up)
Malvina Reynolds  The Bloody Neat   Favoriting Sings The Truth    *   0:09:46 (Pop-up)
Talking NPR Blues  Utah Phillips   Favoriting  
  0:11:59 (Pop-up)
Tom Mathisen & Herodes Falsk  Elefantbaesjblues   Favoriting       0:14:08 (Pop-up)
Wax Audio  God   Favoriting  
  0:16:07 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
        0:20:09 (Pop-up)
Nurse With Wound  Black Teeth   Favoriting Huffin' Rag Blues 
*   0:25:03 (Pop-up)
Laibach  Now You Will Pay   Favoriting Wat 
  0:31:01 (Pop-up)
Rammstein  Benzin   Favoriting Rosenrot      0:36:59 (Pop-up)
Tom Waits  The Return of Jackie and Judy   Favoriting Orphans 
  0:40:48 (Pop-up)
Bronson  My Side Project   Favoriting Waste Creeps    *   0:44:06 (Pop-up)
Neil Young  The World On A String   Favoriting Tonight's The Night      0:47:12 (Pop-up)
Psychedelic Horseshit  What's In Store   Favoriting Where's the Beat? Live in the WFMU Studios (VA Comp) 
*   0:49:43 (Pop-up)
Hall and Oates  Back Together Again   Favoriting Bigger Than Both of Us 
  1:04:22 (Pop-up)
DJ Snax & TJ Free  No Es Ese Tipo De Fiesta   Favoriting Fast Cars, Fast Women    *   1:07:26 (Pop-up)
Z Trip & DJ P  Track 5   Favoriting Uneasy Listening, Vol 1 
  1:12:26 (Pop-up)
Roxy Pain  Careless Whispers (Super Indigo Mix)   Favoriting       1:14:23 (Pop-up)
Johnny Boy  Generation Consumismo Mix   Favoriting  
  1:19:47 (Pop-up)
DJ Chaos X (Eye)  Track 15   Favoriting Live Mixx    *   1:23:32 (Pop-up)
John Fred & His Playboy Band  Judy in Disguise   Favoriting  
  1:26:09 (Pop-up)
Tom Mathisen & Herodes Falsk  Dong   Favoriting       1:29:59 (Pop-up)
jhhl  Ken-Post   Favoriting  
  1:33:13 (Pop-up)
John S Hall and Kramer  Garbage Party   Favoriting Real Men      1:34:53 (Pop-up)
Veronica Elsea  Adogio   Favoriting The Guide Dog Glee Club 
  1:46:26 (Pop-up)
Matmos  The Struggle Against Unreality   Favoriting The Civil War      1:50:57 (Pop-up)
Negativland  Virginia's Trip   Favoriting Thigmotactic 
*   1:55:31 (Pop-up)
Nurse with Wound  Crusin' For A Bruisin'   Favoriting Huffin' Rag Blues    *   1:58:03 (Pop-up)
Wynder K Frog  Green Door   Favoriting  
  2:04:45 (Pop-up)
Wax Audio  War   Favoriting       2:07:08 (Pop-up)
Shiina Ringo  Ringo Catalog   Favoriting  
  2:10:05 (Pop-up)
Puffy  Cubismo Grafico Obrigado Remix   Favoriting PRMX      2:15:11 (Pop-up)
Losfeld  Um   Favoriting 1 
  2:21:50 (Pop-up)
Santogold  I'm A Lady   Favoriting Top Ranking - A Diplo Dub    *   2:25:31 (Pop-up)
Nina Simone  Gimme Some (Mike Mangine Remix)   Favoriting Verve Remixed 4 
  2:28:36 (Pop-up)
Mazie Smirdigie Kocini  Dramatiska Gramatika   Favoriting Kraa 
*   2:37:48 (Pop-up)
Wire  Hard Currency   Favoriting Object 47    *   2:40:05 (Pop-up)
Classic Dracula V  Bora   Favoriting Semi-Rise and Slow Fall of Classic Dracula V    *   2:43:48 (Pop-up)
Motorama  Tiki Tramp   Favoriting Psychotronic is the Best! 
  2:45:56 (Pop-up)
Jon Langford & Kat Ex  Conquered (E A x2 C#m A)   Favoriting Katjonband    *   2:48:45 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:03am cribley:

Good Morning Larry ...
  9:04am dei xhrist:

co-workers go away now, Ken's show is on
  9:05am Doug:

Damn the co-workers, they will tolerate it!
  9:05am bb:

kan mikami..what a way to start my day..
  9:06am Bad Ronald:

Morning folks!
  9:06am Ken:

Morning all~!
  9:08am JJZ:

Back to work.
  9:09am dave from knoxville:

Morning Ken. I never normally get to listen at this time, so this is great.
  9:09am Bad Ronald:

No up-skirts? Darn it!
  9:11am Lizardner Dave:

Hello Ken. And Hello Sweden! I'll be seeing you tomorrow!
  9:12am merv:

I need Malvina to start my day... she'll wake anyone up, and annoy others in the office as a bonus!
  9:12am Ken:

No upskirts with cellphones, anyway. Use your SLR.
  9:13am Eric:

Hey, cool Malvina Reynolds song.
  9:13am dei x:

I will start wearing underpants with a photo of Nixon on the bottom. Or of Uncle Dirty. Give those blurry cell phone cameras something to text home about.
  9:15am Bad Ronald:

Nixon would be capital!!
  9:16am Doug:

Wow, that's a pretty convincing TTS voice.
  9:17am Hugh:

R I P U Utah Phillips, you are really missed by the folkies
  9:18am Bad Ronald:

Lennon would be proud...
  9:21am cribley:

I think W played that at the last Bilderberg meeting.

Cheney laying on the piano...
  9:22am Blue Sausage Infant:

Just tuned in, so this might be old news by now, but the Wax Audio material is here:
......great stuff
  9:27am Blue Sausage Infant:

Holy jesus cheese, thank you for the NWW; I'm still waiting (eagerly) for my copy of Huffin' Rag Blues...
  9:32am Bad Ronald:

Thanks for the WA URL BSI!
  9:32am swamo:

Ooooh, a little western leader g on g action! Gooood morning!
  9:32am Negator:

NWW caused my lions to inflame! Thanks, Ken!
  9:34am Negator:

NWW caused my loins to inflame! Thanks, Ken!
  9:34am baby on mornin train:

that nww killed. thanks!
  9:36am Ken:

What's the name of that Ukrainian woman again?
  9:38am GUMBY:

Why was that guy so worried that librarians are coming? They seem harmless enough to me.
  9:40am pfk:

any opinions of metalocalypse? particularly dethklok
  9:42am weiterso:

Julija Tymoschenko
  9:42am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Thanks for Tom, now I know it will be a good day.
  9:43am Bad Ronald:

Excellent Ramones cover by TW!!!!
  9:43am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

I guess you got the Priest I sent you on Facebook?
  9:43am dei x:

oh Tom, may he have have good health and active recording for many decades more
  9:46am Ken:

I dont check into Facebook much no 'mo. Not enough there there.
  9:49am Ike:

Gosh, that never happened to me in China.

Facebook doesn't do it for me either, except for the Visual Bookshelf tool, where you can catalog, organize, and rate all the books you've read. Useful for me, as my memory is slipping.
  9:50am Swami:

What?! sacrilege about Facebook! What is there not enough of Ken, Western Leader g on g action? What about Mob Wars!
  9:52am Ken:

Precisely, Swami, I am looking for a social network that will provide me with real-time streaming video of Julija Tymoschenko and Queen Rania of Jordan playing Scrabulous. Is that asking so much?
  9:54am jhn:

I wouldn't use facebook or myspace at all if if it weren't for the fact that my peers all expect to be able to contact me through it. it doesn't solve any problems except the one of "i have too much time" or "i get too much done in the day."
  9:54am Swami:

Apparently yes. Way too much. I am convinced. Facebook is dead. Long live FAcebook!
  9:54am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Then where does Ken cyber-hang? Does he have or Shelfari or some other thing?
  9:58am dei x:

I have resisted all invitations to Facebook, as I already invested my time on MySpace. If I really wanted to post the videos, calendars, and scandal that MySpace frowns upon or does not support, I'd do it on a real URL. With no ads.
  10:00am Trent:

play track 10 from NWW's Huffin Rag Blues, that's the best track.
  10:04am Doug:

I love how she says "Mt. Hayp." Please have Vicki say "Mt. Hayp" again!
  10:04am Barney:

benzene and benzine are different enough, but benzyne is an entirely different beastie!
  10:07am Vicki:

Mt. Hayp
  10:07am Billy Jam:

hey Ken, good show!...the SKYPE connection sounded real good and with a better mic would make it even cleaner in sound......PS I agree with you about Facebook and find MySpace (especially trying to send messages) even more annoying/pointless these days.
  10:08am Vicki:

I even bought a headset, unfortunately no one told me that you need a usb one if you're in mac
  10:08am Ken`:

Since getting booted off of Flickr, I dont cyber hang anywhere.. I'm saving myself for the Free Music Archive and then I'll be hanging there.
  10:11am Vicki:

this is a good track (wrote that for people who look at the playlist after the show)
  10:12am Bad Ronald:

I'm used to getting thrown out of physical clubs haven't been cyber-banned yet but here's still time for Ken to throw me off the playlist comments...
  10:12am Ken:

Wouldn't it be nice if you could identify which track you were referring to! How would we do that?
  10:13am Laurie:

Hiiiiiiiii Ken.
  10:13am Bad Ronald:

title reference?
  10:13am dei x:

you can't just show up on open comment boards with a handle like "bad ronald" without some basis in reality
  10:13am John from Oslo:

Skype is impressive! No time lag to speak of either.

Benzin is petrol (gasoline) I guess.

Nice show!
  10:14am JJZ:

You have ot do the math with the approximate time things start after the fact with the clickable songs.
  10:14am Swami:

This track rocks also.
  10:15am Vicki:

I guess the comments need time stamping from 0-3 hours rather than 9am-12pm?
  10:15am Doug:

Thanks Vicki! Dreamy.
  10:18am JJZ:

Ideally there would be a magic button that would intersperse the comments with the songs, but I wouldn't want to have to be the guy to create it.
  10:22am Lizardner Dave:

The time stamping is fne. Just tell people to subtract 9. Hey Americans have to remember to subtract 12 when we travel abroad.
  10:23am JJZ:

Ultimately the easiest answer is to say "Golly, I like this Z-Trip song."
  10:23am Vicki:

can anyone recommend the best skype headset to buy?
  10:24am Ike:

Another problem: the streams, particularly the AAC+, are a few minutes behind the FM broadcast. So, when checking archives, even if you do the math, you can't be sure precisely which track someone is commenting on. So, I'm with JJZ.

This track by Johnny Boy is good.
  10:25am jcityfightstyle + dlroth:

uh-oh blowfly got up this am!
  10:25am Negator:

Can't wait for the FMA, as well, hope to be donating music , too. Ken, quick edit! Ha! Ha! Laugh! Laugh!
  10:26am Vicki:

my uk stream is one minute behind - it makes it difficult to do a live playlist here for my show! it's all out.
  10:28am sebastian in santiago:

just to say hi and to annoy people trying to read the comments column with yet another auto-update.
  10:31am Ken:

Hi Sebastian! How are things in the southern hemi?
  10:31am Laurie:

Is this the Swedish Chef doing Prince?
  10:33am lars:

Halloooooo Sveden!!!!
  10:33am Jeff M:

Bork bork bork in the purple rain?
  10:34am yesno:

Hey Laurie, your internet stalker asked me to fill in for him by stalking your accuplaylist comments, just a heads up.
  10:35am Ken from Hyde Park:

The George Bush song earlier had me laughing heartily while I was driving around. At work now and I may go to the web site to look for more stuff like that.
  10:35am sebastian in santiago:

cold, smoggy and gray. damnit.
  10:37am Bad Ronald:

Ken from HP - Blue Sausage Infant posted the URL above for Wax Audio.
  10:37am JJZ:

Speaking of the Swedish Chef, those muppet youtube videos are all pretty good. has links to them all. They do versions of classical music mostly.
  10:42am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Mmmm, cookies
  10:43am Jeff M:

Who *did* put that dead bird in my mailbox?

A classic piece of literature from the modern age.
  10:44am blue sausage infant:

one really cool thing about dementia is, ..... um....
  10:44am Vivian:

I actually attempted vegan scotcharoos. However, people were intrigued with what constitutes a scotcharoo, not so much that they were vegan. That's my story for this morning.
  10:47am Bad Ronald:

  10:49am Mark:

this is driving my dog crazy
  10:49am Laurie:

Poor doggies. :(
  10:50am bzul:

Loop Dogg!
  10:51am John from Oslo:

It is like the barbershop version of caninus, lol
  10:54am Ken:


  10:55am jcityJensen:

Am I getting through to you, Mr. Ken? You get up on your little twenty-one inch woofers and howl about America and democracy. There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only W, and F, and M, and U, Jersey, Union Carbide, and City.
  10:57am Lizardner Dave:

Hello Larry. Keep doing a good show.
  11:01am Effcee Sea:

This track offends ...
  11:02am cat:

was ist ein schotcheroo..?
  11:04am jcityJensen:

All necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused. And I must ask you, Mr. ken, is to let the ROTH preach this evangel.
  11:08am -max-:

Late morning, Outlook keeps crashing, forced to install yet another WXP Service Pack, phone keeps ringing, employees interrupting my enjoyment of Ken's show, asking me to help them with their melons...
I wish I were home.
  11:13am adam:

where did you see the black bear, ken?
  11:13am jcityJensen:

The bear WILL ATONE!
  11:14am Ken:

I saw my 4th black bear of 2008 in Walpack, New Jersey. But that's not the bear pictured here. My pic is not worth posting, all I had with me at the time was my celphone.
  11:15am Bad Ronald:

Who needs help with their melons?
  11:16am JJZ:

Golly, I have a fondness for the Puffy Remix album.
  11:17am adam:

I befriended a wise old grey rabbit in my neighborhood this year.
  11:20am Drew:

Puffy is quality.
  11:21am Blue Sausage Infant:

Puffy is making it hard to work with all this booty-shaking. Everywhere, bunny-rabbits vomiting rainbows of rancid splendor...
  11:25am Lizardner Dave:

This set is everything that is good and right about Ken's show.

If Zatumba, a train whistle and David Lee Roth got involved it would be perfect.

The signal is strong.
  11:27am barney:

cool james sounds somehow different.
  11:28am TTTTTT:

Interesting bear photo sequence..

Anyone know if it's going to all that effort just for some birdseed? Must be very hungry in that case. No berries or fish around? Or maybe it's a delicacy, like snapping turtle eggs are to raccoons. Or maybe it's just fun jungle gym sorta action.

  11:29am Ken:

Yep, black bears go after bird feeders all the time.
  11:30am cribley:

could be a bees nest in the birdhouse. they loves the honeys.
  11:34am cat:

is this how YOU make them ?


1 c. sugar
1 c. peanut butter
6 oz. chocolate morsels
1 c. white syrup
6 c. Rice Krispies
6 oz. butterscotch morsels

Combine sugar and syrup in saucepan. Bring to boil while stirring. Remove from heat and add peanut butter. Stir well. Add to Rice Krispies in large bowl. Mix well. Spread mix evenly in a buttered 4 x 9 inch pan. Melt morsels together on low heat, stirring constantly, or in microwave, stirring every 30 seconds. Spread evenly on top of Scotcharoo's. When cool, cut into 2 x 2 inch squares.
  11:37am Bad Ronald:

Free Wax Audio MP#s and a Scotcharoo recipe.
It's a good day today.
Thanks everyone!
  11:37am Lizardner Dave:

Annie's Song by John Denver.

Whoops, did I jump the gun?
  11:37am cribley:

you were almost throat singing there, ken...
  11:38am dei x:

change the sugar to 1/2 c honey and add 1/4 c SCOTCH! Drink half. Cover cook in flour and push backwards over couch.
  11:38am Sean Daily:

Is Ken having a Kenny G moment?
  11:38am maria:

how about some NOSE music? Ken?
  11:39am TTTTTT:

Bears and bird seed. I did not know!

Wonder what the birds think about that? With easy-to-getaway wings, maybe they're ok in the bear off-hours.

Birdseed + honey. Side of scotch.
  11:41am Ike:

Dei X, ha! That's the comment of the day.

Cat, I beg you not to torture the poor harmless apostrophes in such a way. What belongs to the scotcharoo?
  11:42am Ken:

New Jersey State Fair starts this Friday in Augusta, NJ: : pig races, demolition derbies, pie eating contests, chainsaw sculpture, toothless carnies, the works!! Go!
  11:45am cat:

ohh,,, pardon my apostrophe mr. Ike

p.s. comas and periods ...
  11:49am dei x:

I go in to a coma during my monthly, if I'm lucky
  11:51am dei x:

Ellipses, he lips that, Euripides, you pay fa des
  12:00pm stingy d:

los angeles is dead to me
  12:01pm cribley:

i hear dead musicians.
  12:01pm Lizardner Dave:

I did not know that
  12:01pm monica:

yay! a picture of robinson's racing pigs on your playlist!
  12:02pm Blue Sausage Infant:

KILL MEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee.......
  12:03pm Ken from Hyde Park:

A friend of mine tells me bears have a fondness for used baby diapers (peed ones, not pooed). No fooling. I am serious here.
  12:03pm Sean Daily:

There are some who WISH George Clooney was dead...
  12:03pm Lizardner Dave:

"Nietzche is dead" - God
  12:05pm cat:

next time.. will make some scootches to revive some deadpeople around here..

(they dont like zatumba and make me wear head phones...)
  12:07pm Lizardner Dave:

as long as cheese snob wendy isn't dead....
  12:07pm cat:

loosing the will to leave..
  12:08pm JJZ:

Kenny G seems a bit down today.
  12:08pm Lizardner Dave:

The Tim Wink Train Whistle lives!!!!!
  12:10pm Ike:

The will to leave? Ha! I love it. Wait, is a loose will like a loose dog or a loose college student?
  8:20pm WFMU worshiper ....:

It's scary how much I love his show. "God" ... was so, god.
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