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Playlist for 08 October 2008 Favoriting | Jump, You Big Meanies!

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Pigeon Funk  Alma Hueco   Favoriting The Largest Bird In The History Of The Planet...Ever! 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Curumin  Compacto   Favoriting Japanpopshow 
*   0:04:08 (Pop-up)
Leichmetall  Im Paradies   Favoriting Kalk Seeds: Karaoke Kalk Compilation No 2 (V/A) 
*   0:07:24 (Pop-up)
Shugo Tokumaru  Button   Favoriting Exit 
*   0:10:17 (Pop-up)
Ziggaretenrauchen + Rosa  Manner   Favoriting Raumschiff Monika 
  0:14:18 (Pop-up)
Ken Nordine  I Used To Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My Left   Favoriting The Best of Word Jazz      0:17:44 (Pop-up)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention  What's The Ugliest Part of Your Body?   Favoriting We're Only In It For The Money 
  0:19:41 (Pop-up)
The London Punkharmonic Orchestra  Germ Free Adolescents   Favoriting       0:22:18 (Pop-up)
Wire  Four Long Years   Favoriting Object 47 
  0:28:50 (Pop-up)
Das Bierbeben  Steifheit   Favoriting Smashits (VA Comp)      0:33:12 (Pop-up)
T Raumschmiere  The Front Row Is Not For The Fragile   Favoriting i tANK ui    *   0:35:50 (Pop-up)
Z Rock Hawaii  Tuchus   Favoriting Self Titled 
  0:39:59 (Pop-up)
Clare and the Reasons  Obama The Rainbow   Favoriting  
  0:43:14 (Pop-up)
Dion MacGregor  Wha Deboha Yu Ya?   Favoriting Dreams Again      0:45:43 (Pop-up)
  Jingle of the Future         0:52:28 (Pop-up)
Madison  Man on the Moon   Favoriting Porn to Rock 
  0:53:35 (Pop-up)
Magoo  From A to Z and Back Again   Favoriting       0:56:48 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Klaus Doldinger 
        1:00:19 (Pop-up)
Paris  The Hustle   Favoriting Acid Reflex 
*   1:09:50 (Pop-up)
Lee Scratch Perry  Fire   Favoriting Repentance    *   1:14:53 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Excerpt from Your Mom's Favorite DJ   Favoriting  
  1:19:56 (Pop-up)
Jimmy Smith  Recession or Depression   Favoriting       1:34:45 (Pop-up)
Grant Green  The Final Comedown   Favoriting Breakbeats 
  1:37:48 (Pop-up)
John Zorn  Strip Central   Favoriting The Bribe 
  1:49:04 (Pop-up)
Wire  Strange   Favoriting Pink Flag      1:54:45 (Pop-up)
Sonic Youth  I Dreamed I Dream   Favoriting  
  1:58:49 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  BQE   Favoriting I Looked At The Sun      2:03:45 (Pop-up)
Electrelane  Bells   Favoriting Axes 
  2:08:18 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
FM Einheit 
The Switch   Favoriting       2:11:56 (Pop-up)
The Prime Movers  I'm A Man   Favoriting A-Square (Of Course) 
*   2:17:33 (Pop-up)
Nobunny  Nobunny Loves You   Favoriting Love Visions    *   2:21:15 (Pop-up)
Morgan Fischer aka Jah Wurlzel aka Hybrid Kids  Wuthering Heights   Favoriting Hybrid Kids / Claw 
*   2:22:54 (Pop-up)
Gordon Gekko  Greed is Good   Favoriting       2:29:45 (Pop-up)
King Missile  America Kicks Ass   Favoriting       2:32:51 (Pop-up)
Karel Gott  Rot und Schwarz   Favoriting  
  2:40:11 (Pop-up)
Yoko Ono  Walking on Thin Ice   Favoriting Disco Not Disco      2:42:55 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Negator:

  9:02am annie:

good morning
  9:02am Negator:

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!
  9:03am annie:

down boy!!
  9:03am wha?:

what's with all the bird noises from the listener comments?
  9:04am Negator:

  9:04am JJZ:
  9:05am Ken:

Hello all! Happy Yom Kippur Morning. Get atoning!
  9:05am Bad Ronald:

Good morning one and all!
  9:05am annie:

hell-in-a-handbasket.... where did that come from??
  9:06am wha?:

Strangest damn birds I eva heard.
  9:07am JJZ:

Hm. My Life in Hell Fun Calendar says Yom Kippur on Thursday, but it always seems to be off for these things. I'm not sure why.
  9:08am Negator:

Ken, do you celebrate Yom Kippur? Do you have a crew? Is there a crow's nest?
  9:09am Ken:

I have a rabbinical exemption for Yom Kippur because I have nothing to atone for. Unless I'm misunderstading the meaning of "atone." Or "rabbinical."
  9:10am JJZ:

Can you celebrate a day of atonement?
  9:10am Bronwyn C.:

THAT ONE 2008!
  9:11am Lizardner Dave:

  9:11am annie:

no, this one!!!
  9:12am Negator:

Jesus! Nothing to for which to atone. Christ! That's a lie. Atone!
  9:12am Ken:

Big news! The forces of normal Upper-Lower case have been victorious here at WFMU. In other developments, the comments here (and the playlist) will now support international characeters, so go crazy with your Kanji, Hebrew and Cyrillic fonts people!
  9:13am annie:

i'd rather just read the book..
  9:13am GP:

Dang, some strong coffee hittin up in here...good morning everyone.
  9:13am Lizardner Dave:

Have you put down the exclamation point insurgency as well, Ken?
  9:16am heinz:

"I åa äa ö".

Swedish for: "there is an island in the river" (or stream).
  9:17am weiterso:

Määäännner! ää
  9:17am Lizardner Dave:

It is Fontober!
  9:18am Negator:

  9:20am Punc Police:

We will have to be extra vigilant in multiple language punctuation enforcement. We are watching you, umlaut.
  9:21am Laurie:

Hiiiiiiiiiii Ken.
  9:21am fishmonkeystew:

This is one of the greatest Frank Zappa and the Mothers songs even. Howdy Ken.
  9:21am JJZ:

The extended characters will allow all sorts of elaborate smilies.
  9:25am Hatch:
  9:26am GP:

Hatch?!...Go get em...
  9:27am annie:

i waved the chicken yesterday, after the dog ate it
  9:28am Lizardner Dave:

I waived the chicken and he got picked up by the Islanders in the waiver draft. At least I got the transfer fee.
  9:28am annie:

how did i know i was participating in such a grand event.. i buried it instead though. can i still go to heaven?
  9:28am Negator:

Chicken doesn't have a chance down here. We wave fried chicken! Get thee to a Bojangles!
  9:31am Laura L:

Why not try waving a piece of chicken fried bacon?
  9:31am GP:

10-4 on the chickens Ken. The worst smell in the world for me (so far) had to be flying over at low altitude.massive industrial farm chicken coops in Southern eyes are still burning.
  9:32am Terry:

Hey if you were incarcerated in concrete bomb shelter with no bathroom for weeks at a time you'd walk around in your own poop too! Chickens get a raw deal. Check out Blue Andalusians.
  9:36am Parq:

How 'bout if I just wave a bag of KFC on East 14th St and then give it to an anarchist panhandler?
  9:36am Ghengis Jung:

  9:36am tttt:

Déjeunes avec du poulait aujour d'hui.

Ou peut-être du café au poulait

le test test
  9:37am kEN:

Terry, you're such a chicken apologist. The chickens would rip you limb from limb if we didn't keep them in coops.
  9:37am HotRod:

KEN!!! Where did that McSlain pic come from?
  9:39am Ghengis Jung:

"America's most precious asset, American blood" - John McCain
  9:39am Negator:

Yeah, Terry, if this were a few hundred thousand years ago you'd be runnin' from a gang of these giant fuckers, wantin' to peck out YOUR liver!
  9:40am TT:

Déjeunes avec du poulait aujourd'hui.
Où peut-être du café au poulait?

(Ou est le test test test? l'éxperiment?)
  9:41am Lizardner Dave:

Chicken weeny
Really really
Chicken weeny
Really really
  9:43am Negator:

Terry, you'd be runnin' from the chickens like Chakka.
  9:44am Negator:

What about Obama's mama?
  9:46am SA:

Ummm..Sleestak like chick-un
  9:48am st.even denver:

is this Buk?
  9:49am Negator:
  9:50am HotRod:

Vulvina! really REALLY?!?!
  9:50am ?:

would everyone please leave Bristol Palin alone . . .?!
  9:55am JJZ:

Oh, speaking Obama and DJs, Z-Trip did his thing.
  9:56am ?:

All the top google search results for corn-weenie lead to Ken's playlist comments.
  9:56am HotRod:

Corn weenie tattoo:
  10:00am Laura L:

But those people call it maize.
  10:10am GP:

Paris!!.bring it
  10:11am HotRod:

mit jemandem ein Hühnchen zu rupfen haben
  10:13am Laurie:

Who's the nut on your new soundboard, Ken? Did he claim Keith Olbermann's kids are satan-worshipping gays? Did I hear that right?
  10:15am R. P.:

I'm a Paris!
  10:16am Ken:

Laurie, that's The Honorable James David Manning. Yeah!
  10:18am BillyJam:

morning Ken, thanks for playing that Paris track.......Good luck with the remote tonite.....
  10:18am Ghengis Jung:

Is this the Lee Perry with Andrew WK?
  10:19am Ken:

Ghengis - it is.
  10:19am Ken:

So who is coming to Maxwells tonight for Seven Second Delay? I'll buy you a drink.
  10:22am Laurie:

I'm reading Manning's wikipedia entry.

What...? He called Obama a pimp because of Obama Girl?

Huh? Yeah, he crazy.
  10:22am Takeshi:

しかし、この1週間までは、インターネットラジオの運命は不透明だった。重要な法案が議会の前に座っ:ウェブ放送法、 2008年の和解と呼ばれ、その場合、インターネットラジオ局や著作権保有者印税率で、政府は干渉しません合意に達することを保証します。
  10:22am Ghengis Jung:

I'm not coming, because I live in Michigan - but if you buy me a drink I'll try to consume using psychic powers.
  10:23am Swami:

I'll be there around 8. I'm coming from Lawn Guyland, after werk.
  10:24am GP:

yea, verily I say to thee, beware thee the eeevuls of rock and or roll.
  10:26am Ken:

Swami - the broadcast is only from 6-7pm, alas! I will be outa there by 8pm.
  10:27am Mao Jones:

Dow down 40
  10:27am GP:

Next day air to Tejas...send me an Old Fashioned sans cherry.
  10:29am Lizardner Dave:

Unfortunately (fortunately) I still have a job and there's no way for me to get there by showtime. Another Manhattan show would be good. Knitting Factory maybe?
  10:31am Vivian:

Showers? Big City folk!
  10:32am Webhamster Henry:

I miss this plant talking record! How about some Groves Emulsified Nose Drops?
  10:35am Laurie:

The plant talking guy kind of sounds like David Sedaris, y/y?
  10:36am sloane:

I've been singing corn weenie all week. I can't get it out of my inner brain. It's starting to make the cats think I'm weird. This is your fault, Ken. I wonder if they make corn weenies out of chicken.
  10:37am GP:

chicken weenie
chicken weenie
  10:37am Laurie:

Ken, have you seen the Paulson/Bernake "FAIL" picture that's been floating around the internets?
  10:38am thelma Blitz:

plant lovers should check out the story "Jimi Hendrix Killed My Petunia"
  10:43am Swami:

i know. That was a stab at comedy. I missed. So pillory me. I'll make it one of these days, if'n a certain someone maintains the will to live, and you keep doingthe live shows. And don't watch the stock market. . .its the credit market ya gotta keep an eye on.
  10:43am Laurie:

Thelma: The plants obviously died because of Vanilla Fudge.
  10:44am HotRod:

Takeshi, is this what you commented about?
  10:44am GP:

Ken, that comment was so one hour ago...CRASH ON! .my brother.

Mini-van mattress? hmmm, if this van is rockin....
  10:45am DeemerDave:

Glad you recognize your limitations, Ken.
  10:46am -max-:

Will try and convince the spouse to make the Maxwell's 7SD broadcast tonight. If so, I'll take you up on that drink offer, Ken.
  10:54am Ken:

Don't forget to Vote For Anything:
  10:55am Joe Sixpack:

I think I left some beer on Zorn's storage shed.
  10:56am HotRod:

You maverick!
  10:58am JJZ:

Needs a "no to all" or "yes to all" button.
  10:58am G:

  10:59am bb:

"do you read me?"

nice transition, ken
  11:00am Joe Sixpack:

There's a pink flag atop Zorn's shed.
  11:01am Laurie:

Is it wrong if I vote for myself?
  11:01am stingy d:

just voted for bronwyn c. and myself, and no to mostly everythign else.
  11:01am Ghengis Jung:

Careful - i think there's some F-word in this one...
  11:03am Ken:

Thank you for the head's up, Ghengis! I hit the dump button three times in a row, which is a first for me.
  11:04am Joe Sixpack:

I know this song. Great guitar work.
  11:06am Joe Sixpack:

Does the BQE still exsist or is it the Cross Bronx now?
  11:07am Ghengis Jung:

Kim Gordon is a loose cannon!
  11:09am JCityJensen:

Atoned for voting! Atoned for getting my fingerprints back from the adhesives on the postcard address labels!
  11:10am HotRod:

As Bad Ronald once perfectly put it, "Ah yes the early morning dump!"

3 in a row does sound a bit too strenuous at the moment.
  11:13am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:16am Bad Ronald:

Hey Sean et al.

Hey HotRod - I'm blushing!!
  11:16am Lizardner Dave:

Will there be a pool party in Evanston Illinois, Ken?
  11:17am ?:
  11:19am Ike:

I hate it when that happens. I was about to go attend to 3+ such matters, but this set entranced me. Electrelane = Stereolab with cojones?

Modern medicine sucks.
  11:19am DeemerDave:

WFMU is a collective? Am I being assimilated?
  11:22am Sean Daily:

That Dickipedia is possibly the most bestest thing in the history of the universe. AND it reaches across the political aisle in a spirit of bipartisanship, too! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT, I SAY!
  11:22am Bad Ronald:

Nobunny is hilarious!!!
  11:22am Ghengis Jung:
  11:25am ?:

Atone! and get to shuul!
  11:28am JCityJensen:

No Bunny Live -
  11:29am G:

Gekko Gekko Gekko-o-o-o!!!!
  11:30am Sean Daily:

Okay, when Gordon Fucking Gekko starts making sense, you know we've entered a very weird area as a nation.
  11:32am Sean Daily:

And "Network"... All I gots to say is "Awwwww yeah."
  11:33am jojo:

gekko that's great, classic. argue about reflector or director, but Gekko was totally the role model for many friends in college, there is no surprise in any of this
  11:34am Parq:

Okay, so now we need an animated GIF of Howard Beal whirling a chicken over his head.
  11:34am GP:

Kepp ya finger on the button Ken, The Missle can be crazy.
  11:35am Bad Ronald:

King Missile Kicks Ass!
  11:36am Swami:

Hall, you card. Xefos, you musical genius.
  11:42am Listener Dave from NH:

Holy god. Hummpa crooner covers of the Rolling Stones?
I'm glad to live in a world insane enough that something like this can exist.
  11:45am PMD:

I thought Yoko Ono only did screaming unintelligible stuff.
  11:50am GP:

I know, right, I would buy this track. She almost sounds like Bjork or something.
  11:51am Lizardner Dave:

It's Yokotober!
  11:55am Sean Daily:

Why can't you sing like that, Ken?
  11:56am richard:

what was that last "end of days" ditty?
  11:56am PMD:

I'd like to see a Yoko Ono pumpkin.
  11:56am Jessica:

Really, really.
  11:57am Sean Daily:

On the ceiling, dammit! ON THE CEILING!
  11:59am Bad Ronald:

Thanks Ken - have a good one!
  11:59am thelma Blitz:

plant lovers shoCorn weenie is really "haun melee'" sway with me" in Arabic.
  12:00pm JCityJensen:

last comment!
  12:02pm PMD:

Nope, me!
  12:03pm richard:

Ken what was last last epic piece (before wire)?
  12:03pm peter:

  12:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi...did I miss anything?
  12:04pm Lady from Brooklyn:

music please!
  12:04pm peter:

  1:05pm Ghengis Jung:

  9:00pm Frequency:

I just had deja vu ... listening to the archive...
  9:02pm Frequency:

Did you ever get your captains license?
  12:19am JJZ:

  8:54pm Jeff M:

So now how do you feel, mister man, with all your glee about the Global Economic Collapse, now that it's actually happening? ICELAND WENT BANKRUPT! And I think it's probably your fault.

Are there some Icelandic economic dirges? Is that what Sigur Rós have been singing about all this time? Because I was never sure.

What if this trouble leaks into Finland? That'd cast a pall over Humppa Day, I tell you what.

You have a great deal to answer for.
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