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Hip-hop and rap, that's where my heart's at. But I'll play anything so long as it ain't crap!

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Options November 4, 2008: Election Day

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Intro with Hatch + Bob W + Billy Jam         
J-Period feat. Q Tip  Q Tip for president   Options Exclusive freestyle    *  
FMB  fuck what ya mama say - Obama 2008   Options      
Paris  Bush Killer   Options      
East Coast Avengers (Esoteric, trademarc & DC the MIDI Alien)  The Day Hope Died   Options   2008  *  
Dicks  Dicks Hate Police   Options      
The Crystal Method  Now is the time (Vote 08 Remix)   Options   2008  *  
Music behind DJ:
Billy Jam + Hatch + Chris T + Bob W + Irene Trudel + Mac 
Nas  Black President   Options   2008  *  
Dubya vs Samuel L Jackson (ALF remix)         
Aether meets ABC TV live feed  eleven eleven canola tender   Options      
Chris T Bob W + Mac + Hatch +         
Dawgisht vs Palin         
DJ Z-Trip    Party for Change  2008  *  
Chris T Bob W + Mac + Hatch +         
Music behind DJ:
Sarah Palin call in 
Music behind DJ:
Call in from Michael in Doresntrup 
The One  Obama   Options     *  
DJ Z-Trip  various   Options Party for Change mix     
Music behind DJ:
Call in from Crow and Stingy D 

Listener comments!

  8:06pm Hornet Montana:

First comment?
  8:07pm Hornet Montana:

First comment.
From 1010WINS:

Voter records are being broken in New Jersey this Election Day.

The secretary of state says there are 631,512 newly registered voters. That sets a record of more than 5.4 million who can vote.

Of those, 134,158 are newly registered Democrats, 41,950 Republicans and 454,711 are unaffiliated. The remaining 693 registered under third parties.

The Garden State also has received a record 287,475 absentee ballot applications.
  8:08pm paul s:

hey bob. and everyone else.
  8:10pm bobw:

yo paul! thanks for checkin' in!
  8:11pm Parq:

The link on the home page takes you to Ken's list from this afternoon. I had to go to Billy's index page to get here.
  8:14pm Wes:

I hate to sound dumb, but how do I listen to the stream for TIHS show? Right now I hear some slow "takes tiiiiiiiime" song...???
  8:15pm Hornet Montana:

More from 1010WINS:

Heavy voter turnout caused long lines at polling locations across New Jersey, and state officials reported an "extraordinarily'' high number of voters being turned away because of registration problems.

The state Public Advocate's Office said many voters were being turned away from the polls because they were told they aren't registered.

There also were scattered problems with voting equipment, and a judge rejected a request to extend polling hours in one of New Jersey's largest counties.

Carmine Casciano, the superintendent of elections in Essex County, said 14 machines had to be replaced countywide Tuesday morning, half of the them due to poll worker error.

At least three machines were down in Newark, one in Millburn and one in Caldwell. The rest of the problems were scattered throughout both urban and suburban voting districts. Casciano said some poll workers inadvertently turned machines off while they were running because they were unsure how to operate them.

The other machines had to be replaced due to unspecified malfunctions, Casciano said. All polling sites were working properly by early afternoon.

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey reported that some voters in Hudson, Camden, Essex, Mercer, Middlesex and Monmouth counties were improperly asked to provide identification in order to vote. The ACLU has 175 volunteer poll monitors and attorneys available to assist voters at most county courthouses.

ACLU New Jersey director Deborah Jacobs said voters should only be asked for ID if they are voting for the first time at a polling place and did not provide it when they registered.

Jacobs also said her offices received complaints of poll workers distributing emergency ballots when they should be handing out provisional ones to voters whose names didn't make the printed rolls in time.
  8:15pm Wes:

and by "TIHS" I obviuosly mean "T H I S"
  8:15pm Hatch:

The link to listen to Billy Jam:
  8:20pm Wes:

ahhh okay, had to open that with iTunes...got it. Thanks!!
  8:22pm Parq:

If that county gets it right so consistently, why are the rest of us wasting our time? Let's just let them pick the president from now on.
  8:22pm Wes:

Re: Hornet Montana....isn't it funny how they always tell us that half the country votes, people don't take advantage of their right to vote, etc....yet when people turn out in higher numbers than they are used to the system crashes because of overload? No, America is not ready for change. A lot of rich white people worked very hard to get it the way it is today..
  8:23pm em2:

Jeez, this song is scary...
  8:24pm em2:

If Obama gets as much as a scratch on him, there'll be riots...
  8:28pm Wes:

A nation without a good ole fashioned riot every now and then is scary to me. No riots for 50-100 years means everyone is scared, on drugs, with the blinds pulled down.
  8:32pm em2:

Francis E. Dec style, huh, Wes?
  8:37pm Hornet Montana:

Chris, Billy, et. al.: politico.com has good election results in a shiny map format.
  8:42pm Megan:

Great to hear Chris T on WFMU again! Good show everybody! Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  8:44pm Ken:

Obama's got it wrapped up baby! Pennsylvania and now New Hampshire.. woohoo!
  8:45pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

  8:47pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

But on September 11th...... - Rudy Giuliani
  8:50pm Wes:

Virginia local news = some mentally handicapped older lady that has stood on the side of the road with her radio and hoola-hoop for YEARS got tazered by some asshole pig and it was caught on video. I haven't been that mad in a while.
  8:52pm St.Even Denver:

I was bribed by Starbuck's to vote.
  8:54pm Doctor B.:

Wes - About what you said about riots (sorry Homeland Security, only kidding): Don't the ones surrounding the Rodney King verdict and the assassination of George Moscone and Harvey Milk count?
  8:56pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Come on VA! Hurry up and send the peeps the exit poll numbers!
  9:01pm St.Even Denver:

anybody know the percentage of WFMU listeners who voted for MCCAIN??
  9:01pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

  9:03pm Wes:

Doc - they count, of course, but not in the big picture, they were all local California issues...and what really changed? Dianne Feinstein became powerful in CA politics...big deal. The Moscone/Milk "riot" wasn't even really a riot...it was just a protest that got out of hand. Perhaps Revolution would be a better choice of words for first post. As far as Homeland Security goes, screw 'em. Their image of all-seeing, all-powerful presence is a facade. We can only hope the next president abolishes that fiasco. Doubt it though.
  9:05pm paul:

in case anyone cares, Philly Boy Roy won Newbridge. yes i'm flitting in between both streams. im a nerd.
  9:06pm deeply alienated foreigner listening from abroad:

nice realtime mixing!
  9:07pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

  9:07pm St.Even Denver:

This rules. THere's no other way I'd rather listen to the election! How can we campaign for WFMU to control all facets of the media!!?
  9:08pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hey turn on Fux News......I'm just kidding! :-)
  9:11pm Wes:

175-37 right now, Obama winning the electoral. Holy crap can you say blowout? I can't wait to see what my crazy neighbor does with his "defeat socialism" Peanut character signs tomorrow....
  9:13pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

FUCK DUBYA! FUCK PALIN AND McCAIN! There you go Billy! I finally said it!
  9:14pm Parq:

One good thing about Bush is, he made us appreciate Reagan's subtle nuances.
  9:16pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

I'm not going to stop cutting up Dubya! Now I'm going to add Palin! HEHEHE!!!
  9:17pm Jessica:

If anything, Bush II, Reagan Era Boogaloo has been pretty good for art, music, literature, etc. dissidence. That said, I kind of look forward to finding a real job [touch wood] [heh] and paying income tax again, come January 20.
  9:19pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Nice chop up of Sarah, Billy! LOL! :-)
  9:24pm deeply alienated foreigner listening from abroad:

good luck people, i bet you can. i hope you can. we are all in your hands after all. good night and good luck ;) it's kinda late here.
  9:30pm Bad Ronald:

feels like the first time
  9:31pm Bad Ronald:

OBAMA: 13,002,345
MCCAIN: 12,904,704
  9:33pm Brian in OR:

with Ohio it's OVA! The long republican nightmare is over! Ding dong the a-holes are dead!
  9:33pm ?:

is it more like "evil ronald" or like "lousy ronald"?
  9:35pm Wes:

MST3K + Bad Ronald 1974 = post election bliss
  9:37pm Bad Ronald:

I'm gonna get high at the OTB!
  9:39pm michael from doerentrup:

i`m loving all the swearing.......more of it. 2 bottles of wine in, gotta get up in 3 hours to get the kid ready for school but this is all quite exciting.
no way is that palin.......hahahahahahaha
  9:40pm Daniel:

I just finished rigging a strobe/siren connected to my laptop (and a blue "Hope Light"). The siren goes off when a candidate wins (and turns off the lights in my room). If Obama wins, the Hope Light goes off. I hope it works...
  9:40pm ?:

Hi Bronwyn.
  9:40pm my foreigner question:

Here's my question : what's with the correleation between tornado alley voters and the historic right wing voting patterns of people in those states??


It's church and state, right?
  9:41pm michael from doerentrup:

my question is more basic : how come the americans have got the red and the blue the wrong way around?
  9:42pm dahmer:

Mmmm FACE!!!!
  9:43pm Bad Ronald:

Grooming habits?
  9:43pm Daniel:

I mean that if Obama wins the Hope Light goes ON. (NOT OFF)
  9:45pm Trig:

you rang?
  9:46pm michael from doerentrup:

that`s what i mean daniel. here (europe) mc cain would be blue and vice versa,,,but generally just rambling.....as explained
  9:46pm Bad Ronald:

Bikini wax!
  9:49pm michael from doerentrup:

you don`t want me to call
  9:50pm Hatch:

Yes we do, Michael.
  9:54pm ?:

Wes....one of my crazy neighbors just turned his light out and went to bed, that means the election is all but over. Time to take the dog for a walk and go mess with people's yard signs....
  9:57pm stingy d:

i haven't even had a drink yet
  10:01pm Obama:

Hey Mike I won motherfucker! I won!!!
  10:02pm stingy d:

pbs is doing their thing
  10:02pm Wes:

Obama just pulled ahead in Virginia....woohooo!!
Good job calling in, Michael from doerentrup.
  10:03pm michael from doerentrup:

excuse me........
  10:04pm stingy d:

i can call?
  10:05pm Bad Ronald:

Go stingy!!!!
  10:05pm em2:

sounds like it, stingy...
  10:06pm Bad Ronald:

And get a fucking drink while yer at it!
  10:06pm stingy d:

lemme fix a drink
  10:08pm Bad Ronald:

Funk It!!!!
  10:10pm i think i called the wrong show?:

  10:10pm G Clinton:

people been aksin for you CC!!!
  10:10pm stingy d:

i'm on hold
the funk died
  10:10pm Wes:

you called hannity and colmes didn't you??
  10:11pm stingy d:

so i hung up
  10:12pm Rush Limbaugh:

Go stingy!
  10:12pm stingy d:

i said 201 209 9368 and they said its not likely to talk... which is the opposite of what you said a minute ago
  10:12pm Wes:

They were just passing the bong around...let it ring, they'll pick up when they're ready
  10:13pm woo hoo:

Sean Daily!
  10:13pm Beth:

Yo, give out the phone number a little more frequently. Oh, fine, say it now that I am writing!

I miss Chris T on the radio. He was Friday evening to me for years. (sniff)
  10:13pm em2:

not 209
  10:13pm stingy d:

weed is for the birds
  10:13pm 4:19:

  10:14pm birds:

where da weedat?
  10:15pm stingy d:

  10:15pm ...:

  10:16pm michael from doerentrup:

jim price was the guy on acid, right?.....ahhhhh stingy d.
this is getting crazy.
  10:16pm Big Bird:

All gone. More growing. Have to wait.
  10:17pm stingy d:

billy jam can i send you a song?
  10:22pm michael from doerentrup:

ok is fucking more than enough.go stingy d
billy jam.....stop taking the piss.
i`m off to bed in 10 mins.
  10:22pm Bad Ronald:

more echoes!!!!
  10:23pm stingy d:

i was just sitting there... so hanged up the phone
  10:23pm industrial war machine:

gimme a kiss!
  10:25pm Hornet Montana:

So who is Crow and why does everyone know him...
  10:26pm Daniel:

Crow, you remind me of my uncle. But you are more liberal.
  10:26pm stingy d:

i would call back... but i don't realy wanna sit on the phone unless i get to talk to bronwyn or kelly
  10:28pm stingy d:

who all is in the studio?
  10:30pm Daniel:

Your show is like a party. Except I'm alone. And instead of laughing with friends, I'm laughing at the radio.
  10:31pm g edward griffin:

freedom force.
  10:32pm Hatch:

There's me, Chris T., Mac, Bob W., Irene,Chad, and Marty McSorley.
  10:32pm stingy d:

i was gonna go out... but i have 4 dollars that is designed to last the next 11 days or so
  10:32pm Wes:

There's a cookie party going on here, but I wasn't invited.
  10:32pm stingy d:

oh hatch... hi hatch... is marty mcsorley from night people?
  10:35pm Ted K:

Er Jah!
  10:35pm stingy d:

oh no.. i get it... i supprt people smokin pot hardbody
  10:36pm Steadman:

I'm a merkin!
  10:38pm Daniel:

Who is winning the election?
  10:39pm Hatch:

You are, Daniel.
  10:39pm Wes:

Chester A. Arthur, by a landslide
  10:40pm g edward griffin:

no no, check freedom-force.org. thoughts?
  10:42pm stingy d:

yea ya'll had not had answered me telephone caw
  10:42pm Lennox Devlin:

Who's winning??? i feel sick. nauseaous and anxiety.
  10:43pm Party City:

I think Obama won Delaware
  10:43pm stingy d:

i don't know now
  10:43pm efd from downstairs:

tell Marty McS. that Prop 8 was trending No in the last polls going into today
  10:43pm Lennox Devlin:

how is this show on at the same time as The BEst show? My mind is dying.
  10:46pm Daniel:

You should to this alternate stream crap more often... I like how its more freeform than FM...
  10:47pm stingy d:

i never voted before
  10:47pm OBAMA: 30,984,075:

MCCAIN: 29,479,275
  10:47pm Party City:

More parties at the table!
  10:48pm stingy d:

there's no bad reason for wanting more parties much less good ones
  10:49pm stingy d:

larouche in 2012
  10:49pm profstevesteve:

agreed Daniel.
  10:51pm stingy d:

ah fuck that larouche is a twat
  10:51pm Parq:

Sting, before what? 4 PM? 7 PM?
  10:51pm no seriously:

are these getting whats it called.... archived?
  10:52pm Daniel:

I've never indulged in the joys of the comments...
Now I like them.
  10:53pm stingy d:

ha! it's parq - i just had my first drink... once i was alone for the night i decided not to drink then obama won at 9:00 so i came to check wfmu... and had my first
  10:54pm stingy d:

daniel the comments are the only thing that get me through the work day... and apparently the election
  10:54pm Flav O Flav:

  10:58pm Flav O Flav:

mongolian cluster fuck
  10:58pm stingy d:

good job fellers... you're invited to my house for the next election.
  10:59pm Clare's crew:

Hi Chad!
  11:01pm Chad:

I'm hanging...
  11:10pm Jessica:

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