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Playlist for 12 November 2008 Favoriting | Traktor Pro Demo

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Messer Chups  Little Blood Sucker   Favoriting Halloween of Bloody Nightmare 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Heiner Goebbels  Berlin Kudamm 12/4/81   Favoriting Recommended Sampler 1982: 25th Anniversary    *   0:03:02 (Pop-up)
Juana Molina  Quien (Suite)   Favoriting Un DIa 
*   0:08:27 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Chi Lites 
Have You Seen Her?   Favoriting       0:15:27 (Pop-up)
Palms  Das Lowenfell   Favoriting It's Midnight in Honolulu 
*   0:24:48 (Pop-up)
Scrawl  Someone is Winning   Favoriting       0:28:00 (Pop-up)
Nichols and May  Chopin   Favoriting  
  0:33:56 (Pop-up)
DJ Yoda  Dueling Banjoes   Favoriting Put The Needle on the Record 2008 Marathon Mix      0:37:35 (Pop-up)
Senor Coconut  White Horse   Favoriting Around The World 
*   0:41:02 (Pop-up)
Pigeon Funk  Alma Hueco   Favoriting The Largest Bird in the History if the Planet.. Ever!    *   0:44:55 (Pop-up)
Tussle  Elephants Meandering (Sal Principato & Dennis Young Remix)   Favoriting Notwave 
*   0:48:16 (Pop-up)
Jonas Fjeld Band  Berre Kvit   Favoriting       0:55:04 (Pop-up)
Stooges  TV Eye (Go Home Productions Remix)   Favoriting  
  0:59:21 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Steely Dan 
Do It Again   Favoriting       1:02:45 (Pop-up)
Chenard Walcker & Roy Chicky Arad  The Corpse   Favoriting I Vanunu 
*   1:10:22 (Pop-up)
Quintron  Waterfall   Favoriting     *   1:14:39 (Pop-up)
Ninja Sonik vs. Vivian Girls  Don't Tell the World   Favoriting       1:18:19 (Pop-up)
Ninja Sonik  Art School Girls   Favoriting  
  1:19:28 (Pop-up)
Audio Sports  Eat & Buy & Eat   Favoriting       1:22:02 (Pop-up)
DC BC  Einstein on the Beast   Favoriting  
  1:26:30 (Pop-up)
Don Bartnick  Gefahrlich   Favoriting  
  1:39:50 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Queen Medley   Favoriting       1:43:56 (Pop-up)
Emeralds  Talk About Love   Favoriting  
  1:52:11 (Pop-up)
Lenny Lacour  Walkin' the Bullfrog   Favoriting Title Track    *   1:54:17 (Pop-up)
The Musical Linn Twins  Indian Rock   Favoriting       1:56:42 (Pop-up)
Dean Carter  School Work   Favoriting Call of the Wild! 
  1:58:50 (Pop-up)
Cackle Sisters  I Left Her Standing There   Favoriting Yodel!      2:01:36 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
  2:04:31 (Pop-up)
Beatles  Norweigan Wood Traktor Pro Mix   Favoriting       2:14:34 (Pop-up)
Breakbeatles  Back to the Top   Favoriting  
  2:15:11 (Pop-up)
Johnny Cash / Pete Rock  Folsom Prison Blues Remix   Favoriting Johnny Cash Remixed 
*   2:20:11 (Pop-up)
Gunther Bockelmann  Sweet Caroline   Favoriting       2:22:49 (Pop-up)
Gary Wilson  Dance with Linda Tonight   Favoriting Lisa Wants to Talk With You 
*   2:26:25 (Pop-up)
Boris Karloff  The Look of Love   Favoriting       2:29:18 (Pop-up)
Dissimilis  Ds Frosne Hender   Favoriting  
  2:31:27 (Pop-up)
Gary Glaucoma  Glaucoma Hymn   Favoriting  
  2:32:25 (Pop-up)
Otto Von Chirach  Zombie Halloween   Favoriting Halloween of Bloody Nightmare    *   2:40:48 (Pop-up)
Pierre Bastien  The Girl From Surinam   Favoriting Visions Of Doing 
*   2:42:41 (Pop-up)
King of Good  Mixed Part One   Favoriting       2:46:29 (Pop-up)
  toomuch going on, sorry!    
  2:55:58 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am Ghengis Jung:

  9:00am sahak:

morning folks
  9:01am JJZ:

I do like Messer Chups.
  9:01am cribley:

I like pork chups.
  9:04am jtm:

I prefer pork weenies
  9:04am Dieter:

Man isst Schweinekoteletten mit das Messer.
  9:05am Ken:

Dieter! How do you like Traktor Pro?
  9:07am Parq:

Hi, Ken. Since you set me straight on the Palin-Africa thing the other day, I thought your playlist would be a good place for this zippy Palin quote, mined from today's Mo Dowd column:

“My concern has been the atrocities there in Darfur and the relevance to me with that issue as we spoke about Africa and some of the countries there that were kind of the people succumbing to the dictators and the corruption of some collapsed governments on the continent, the relevance was Alaska’s investment in Darfur with some of our permanent fund dollars.”

Got that?
  9:08am bzul:

I missed the...mmm...salt 'n vinegar potato chups.
  9:08am smitty:

wow, i haven't heard heiner goebbels in years! thanks for playing!
  9:09am Dieter:

Ganz toll, Mr. Ken.
  9:11am Ken:

Parq - Actually, I also heard that the ""McCain advisor" who claimed that Palin confused Africa with a country may have been the imposter McCain spokesman who was floating around just before election day.
  9:11am bw:

one of my fav new records Ken - last night I went with Ange to a play and they had your Neu track playing before the show.. made me think it would be a good play.. it was not.. we wished for death.. but what were we thinking.. the play is called "the sexual neurosis of our parents"
  9:11am jan:

great show Ken.
  9:13am Ken:

Has anybody tried our new flash player yet? Here it is:

It stutters a little at the beginning..
  9:13am Bad Ronald:

I like it!
  9:15am Parq:

Just had Frank O on with it a few minutes ago, chief. So far so good. Gonna try your show with it at work.
  9:16am JJZ:

Seems to work. Had a touch of buffering midstream, but I'm also streaming the MP3 version at the same time.
  9:16am sahak:

i hate community college computers no pinche flash player install
  9:17am krex:

grr flash player makes window resize in FF. pet peeve.
  9:20am Parq:

Krex, just use "new window" from the "File" pull-down menu.
  9:21am Cecile:

I remember that from the WCBN library - it was toast by the time I got to it, but it was still pretty great.
  9:23am jan:

shanana- glad you got that out of your system. Bambergers is gone, too.
  9:23am paul:

is it traktor thats making the chi-lites sound exactly like the new Growing album? or is something else playing at the same time?
  9:23am JCityJensen:

Gutten Mø®gen!
like the flashplayer - sounds better than iTunes....

is it gonna be incorporated into the playlist/comments page?
  9:24am Laura L:

So, Ken, you're going to play Judson Fountain for Halloween? AAAIIEEE!!!!
  9:25am Cecile:

Jackie Wilson. America could use you playing Jackie Wilson right about now.

Laura, as Mary J. might say "no more drammer".
  9:28am Ken:

No drammers on my watch.
  9:29am Kyle:

I love Ken's show
  9:30am trish:

Good sound on that new flash player. Nice looking, too.
Like all flash, I reluctantly like it.
it's not as good as hallowe'en through xmas..
  9:30am Bad Ronald:

Um watersports?
  9:32am Bad Ronald:

Is that comic frame a tribute to Steve Lipski?
  9:33am Joe:

Golden rain.

Some stay dry, but that girl feels the pain.

Golden rain.
  9:36am Vicki:

oh my god
  9:36am cribley:

some Lil' Markie would be great in this set.

Diary of ...
  9:42am Cecile:

LOL! I love "white horse"
  9:43am sahak:

is anyone who is using realplayer watching annabelle the sheep dancing to all this music?
  9:45am Ken:

Damn! Traktor Pro is really screwing me up today!
  9:46am gumby:

That Lipski guy says he's done with drinking, Ha. That kind of a stunt requires intense shrink time. What an ass. But then again he is in politics, so I repeat myself, sort of.
  9:48am trish:

...nice looking new flash player- it looks kinda like the BBC header:
  9:48am Bad Ronald:

Yes, Lipski is a douchebag!
  9:49am Ken:

gumby, dubya said he was finished drinking too...
  9:49am Bad Ronald:

I am however, a huge fan of the rabid seal!
  9:50am Ken:

Why is he a douchebag? He pee'ed on the crowd after a Grateful Dead tribute band show. This is a problem because....?
  9:50am Cecile:

Ken- Dubya is the biggest "dry drunk" there is.
  9:52am Bad Ronald:

He should have deficated!
  9:53am Ken:

That would be defecate. Let's spell our scatological terms correctly please.
  9:54am Bad Ronald:

yessir ma'am!
  9:56am sahak:

  9:58am jan:

so can you explain on air to those who don't know about Traktor?thanks
  9:59am paulthepostman: more pooping party pooping for me...
  9:59am happy listener:

I can't get enough of this strobing vocal track, Ken. Please, continue to do. A. Good. Show.
  10:00am happy listener:

Traktor makes music much better. It's essentially virtual turntables and effects.
  10:02am happy listener:

Ken's probably busy, so I'll continue. Traktor is a digital audio application that allows users to manipulate two separate tracks and add modulation, pitch bend, and delay.
  10:02am sahak:

oh yes i can never get tried of the stooges.
  10:02am Vicki:

all sounding very 8-bit, Ken - I hope you've not broken the internet
  10:03am happy listener:

but it probably does even more than just that, now. I have Traktor 2.

It's true, this track sounds a bit tinny,
  10:05am Ghengis Jung:

It might be the software - everything sounds a bit thin... Like it's on AM radio.
  10:05am Vicki:

Ken - I think actually you are having some sound problems, if you want to email me what you just played I'll check it here. But yes, they are sounding like a 96 bit mp3 rather than 192.
  10:05am cribley:

yeah... MOREBITS!
  10:05am happy listener:

if TV Eye came via the Dell laptop, I'd blame the soundcard
  10:07am happy listener:

Hurray for geeky crap!
  10:07am paulthepostman:

sounds ok on my harman/kardon dildo's.
  10:07am Bad Ronald:

Best laid plans of mice and Ken...
  10:08am Vicki:

poor Ken

you're still funny though
  10:08am Bad Ronald:

PtheP that would be Hardon Karman!
  10:09am happy listener:

45's or mp3's, we know you'll still do. A. Good. Show. Ken.
  10:09am dc pat:

Oh it sounds fine, stop complaining..
  10:09am detroitdave:

Steely Dan sounds better at this slower speed
  10:09am Doug:

Cool, geeky crap ... sounds fine here ... I always listen to you through a crappy speaker, so it sounds normal.
  10:09am Cecile:

Is it me, or were all Steely Dan's songs about obscure books, dope and jailbait?
  10:09am sahak:

fuckin eh
  10:09am paulthepostman:

.BR - or simply hardon!
  10:10am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Mornin', Ken; it sounds as if the bass has been turned down or there's a filter setting of some sort that's problematic. Are you using on-board audio output or are you going through an add-on sound device? What model Dell laptop are you using?
  10:10am GP:

Flash player works OK...sounds great as well but it was freaking me out for a minute because I had my Windows player running at the same time and was getting the delay off of that stream.
  10:11am jan:

Didn't notice an audio fidelity problem from wall mounted speakers behind me... Ken- So you are a PC- That would be good for the current ad campaign PC vs Mac. Gosh- your's would be the first testimonial for PC I'd give credence to.
  10:11am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Also, which OS?
  10:11am paulthepostman:

BR - Ha ha!
  10:13am GP:

You are right..."Hey 19"..."Cousin Dupree" I think they got their name from a British adult film star.
  10:15am Cecile:

Actually I do believe it was the steam powered pleasure device in "Naked Lunch"

But yeah. They were almost as creepy to me as the Eagles. At least they had interesting chord changes.
  10:15am bzul:

Steely Dan was the name of a shiny metal personal...appliance/li'l buddy in Naked Lunch, I think.

You mean "The Fez" is not about a fez? ..Oh, dear.
  10:16am jason:
  10:16am jason:

steely dan was the dildo in barbarella
  10:17am paul:

naked lunch? i can think of at least 2 things wrong with that title....
  10:18am paul:

wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
  10:18am jason:

sorry, i was wrong, it was naked lunch
  10:19am sahak:

isnt there a movie called naked lunch? with that guy from robo cop? that movie was weird
  10:19am Cecile:

yes, it's based on the book
  10:19am sahak:

that guy is cool though has a cool voice
  10:21am Bad Ronald:

I thought Jane Fonda was the dildo in Barbarella...
  10:22am GP: get the line of the day..LOL

Ba- DA - bing
  10:22am bzul:

BR -- Vadim shot!

..and maybe Steely Dan is Mrs. Quayle's nickname for hubby. Or was it Mrs. Rostenkowski..?
  10:22am StEven!!!:

YAY!!!! Audio Sports!!!
  10:22am trish:

one last bit of feedback on the new flash and I'm done -

-new flash thing stopped playing without any sort of time out or disconnect msg
-sound was 'good' in relative comparison to the wfmu.pls; both went downhill in last set
-player as part of the playlist would be good, but I wouldn't use it as a separate page. I prefer my mp3 player.. it'll play a show as a single generic icon, showing song names on pop or mouseover or not
  10:23am dc pat:

I can detect Eye's voice a mile away..
  10:24am Negator:

Audio Sports is kicking ass! Thanks, Ken!
  10:24am Cecile:

My 2 cents:
I have a cold and am semi-deaf. It all sounds like audio gold to me.
  10:25am Parq:

Flash player would not load now that I'm at the office. I suspect it's the work puter, but you are sounding tinnier than usual on MS Media Player, so you may be having output problems at that.
  10:25am dc pat:

I can only hear shitty quality so it all sounds good to me too.
  10:26am Ken:

OK< audio problems solved - it was the stupid onyx audio console!!! Fuck!!
  10:27am Ghengis Jung:

The sound quality sounds great now...
  10:27am St.Even Denver:

If it ain't broke don't fix it...
  10:27am Ghengis Jung:

Is that you on the organ, Ken?
  10:27am detroitdave:

it happens Ken........keep us rollin'
  10:29am Doug:

Phillip Glass samples ... rad ...
  10:29am sahak:

dc bc? or dj bc?
  10:30am XNet:

Must be DJ BC.
  10:31am dc pat:

dc pat
  10:33am stingy d:

my friend taha has done comedy for ratatat it apparantly was receieved exceptionally poorly. i could ask him for you.
  10:34am dieter from jersey:

gater makes everything sound like growing. what would happen if you played growing through the gater?
  10:36am dc pat:

now the turntable effect I like! Phaser sounds like the Boredoms.
  10:36am John from Oslo:

thanks for the demo Ken!
  10:36am stingy d:

i love WE FIVE!!
  10:37am GP:

PFayzer PFlux PLEASE!!
  10:37am paul:

dieter: that was my thoughts exactly. i guess now we know how growing sounds like that now.
  10:40am Webhamster Henry:

Ken, That is SO pathetic .. I'm blogging about it right now.
  10:41am sahak:

  10:41am Doug in DC:

So Ken, would you recommend Traktor now?
  10:42am Joe:

Aw man I'm gonna be singing this to myself all day.

Damn you Ken and your catchy, hook-based radio programme!
  10:44am sb:

  10:45am bzul:

Benihana Rhapshody!!
  10:45am Ken:

Too early to say if I am 100% on board with Traktor Pro, but probably... I used Trakotr 1 for 5 years, then used Traktor 3.3 for the last year... just switched to Traktor Pro last week and I;ve got a lot left to learn on it..
  10:45am Cecile:

Hell, he should be signing for Queen instead of Paul Rogers.
  10:47am Carmichael:

For that matter, Gilbert Gottfried should be singing for Queen way before Paul Rodgers.
  10:48am Doug in DC:

Cool, I'm back on internet radio and starting to do a lot of mixing. I've been looking for something that would help.
  10:48am Cecile:

I mean, Carm. Yma Sumac when she was alive, Constantine from AI, Blixa Bargeld, my mom, the list never ends.
  10:49am Bob:

Perhaps this is Kween, "The Ultimate Queen Tribute Band," brought to us from the land of the rising sun? Check out Unfortunately, the Gallery page is "under construction," but the album covers are all great.
  10:49am paul:

i wanna hear this guy do all of "prophet's song"
  10:50am GP:

This is the best song I've heard all week...Traktor Pro makes it more bettah.
  10:50am Vicki:

still sounding low quality bitrate to me but maybe it's just the effects
  10:50am Cecile:

  10:51am dc pat:

boredoms have taken over.. how many times can I say "boredoms" on one playlist?
  10:52am Ken:

Yeah, the effects reduce the fidelity... earlier, I was playing the laptop thru a console that had all this EQ shit turned on,.,.
  10:53am dc pat:

I'll just bet the guitar player in this song is playing a Gibson ES 335
  10:53am bb:

i've used tracktor 3.something for a while now and quite like it. see,s like pro has some fancier effects (and seemingly a better interface for them). seems ken also managed to get the whole sampling and looping functions to work much better.

bitrate is variable in 3.whatever..i assume this is also true for pro. the trouble in working live with high bitrate is that it can get lags in processing
  10:55am Carmichael:

Cecile, I honestly think Wing would be the best choice. Thanks for stimulating the grey matter.
  10:56am dc pat:

Guess I'm wrong..looks like they use Flying V's and Firebirds.. Now I think it was a Flying V.
  10:57am dc pat:

...or maybe a Les Paul Jr....shit I's the Emeralds I'm talking about...
  11:04am bzul:

They were only giving the stickers, not the piercings, at my polling place. Rats.
  11:08am GP:

Bilabial fricative...nice
  11:10am annie:

morning almost afternoon..
  11:10am Carmichael:

The Bonzos ....

DC Pat, on the cover of the Emeralds CD, he's playing a standard Les Paul. Look like a re-make of the ol' 59 model, flame burst red, humbuckers, top switch, etc ....
  11:11am -max-:

Sorry I'm late... badger ate a junction box at New Malden. Great show Ken!
  11:11am JCityJensen:

Andy Kaufman has atoned!
  11:12am GP:

Good morning Annie
  11:13am annie:

hi gp, late today, got two new tires..set me back almost 200 buscks!!
  11:13am Parq:

Oh, Andy Kaufman . . . I thought you said Andy Breckman.

I know I'm way late with this, I was away from the puter for a while, but the image of Gilbert Gottfried fronting Queen is going to sustain me for the rest of the day.
  11:13am dc pat:

WELL, Thanks Carmichael! They do seem to have a LOT OF FREAKIN GUITARS!!! At least I had the right family. I want one of those ES 335's. And one of the new backwards flying v's...
  11:14am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:15am annie:

wait a minute...andy kauffann is alive??
  11:16am Bad Ronald:

Wakey wakey Mr. Daily. Time for your mescaline...
  11:16am stingy d:

nah thats a bunch of lies. some guy trying to make money off some bogus movie.
  11:18am annie:

i know i'm out of touch, but that would have made it bad..
  11:18am bzul:

Yes, alive! ...and singing with Queen and starring in a Barbarella remake! I read teh web today, oh, boy!
  11:18am sahak:
  11:19am Ken:

A lot of people think that Andy Kaufman is now living under the name Steve Rocco, in Orange California. (I dont think so..) But if you search on youtube for Steve Rocco you will find some funny stuff.
  11:20am annie:

only laurie anderson knows for sure. it wouldn't surprise me at all if he were alive....
  11:21am psul:

twinkle twinkle ringo starr, george and john and paul.
i could be more famouser than atoms are small.
  11:21am Cecile:

this remix sounds like the Sweet or Mungo Jerry or something
  11:21am JCityJensen:

nice remix!
  11:24am annie:

it's philly boy roy!!
  11:25am Parq:

" . . . hennnnnnnndssss . . ." Okay, I think I may be scarred for life.
  11:25am bzul:

Book this guy for opening day @ Fenway, pronto!
  11:27am Cecile:

WOW. this Gary Wilson is creepy.
  11:28am Carmichael:

Bet he wears a leisure suit.
  11:28am GP:

2nd favorite song the ending...Sweet Caroline.
  11:30am bzul:

Gunther and Gary shop together.
  11:30am cribley:

it IS boris.. wtf
  11:31am GP:

Go check out Gary's website for some general freakiness
  11:31am cribley:

He's almost as good as James Cagney.
  11:31am Parq:

[jaw dropping open] This isn't real, is it?
  11:31am Carmichael:

Off to a meeting. See you on the next playlist .....
  11:32am annie:

he also did nursery rhymes.
  11:32am bzul:

There was barely a half-degree of sound difference between that Boris and Jeremy Irons as Claus (Klaus?) von Bulow in Reversal of Fortune.
  11:34am jan:

Arrgh- gonna have that glaucoma song stuck in my head the rest of the day. Played it for my eye doctor- he was impressed
  11:35am bryce:

hey, someone just emailed me and said you said andy kaufman didn't show. is that true?

(can't listen at work...)
  11:36am dc pat:

Bryce: CAN'T listen, or WON'T listen.
  11:37am Ken:

I said he didn't show his face. That is true, isn't it?
  11:38am bryce:

  11:39am Ken:

And.. and... any more news on the Andy Kaufman front?
  11:39am Doug:

Steve Rocco is a former professional skateboarder who founded World Industries and became immensely wealthy ... looks nothing like Andy Kaufman
  11:40am Bad Ronald:

Steve Lipski is actually Andy Kaufman.
  11:40am bryce:

we just went out for candlepin bowling!

he doesn't know how to use chopsticks.
  11:40am Ken:

Different Steve Rocco, Doug.
  11:41am paul:

everyday is halloween
  11:41am PMD:

I thought at first this was Nick Cave
  11:42am Doug:

Wow, two famous Steve Roccos who are virtually neighbours?
  11:42am Lizardner Dave:

I have been too busy to comment today, but I am enjoying the show. Keep doing a good show, Ken.
  11:43am StEven Denver:

this guy Otto has his own music software.Dunnoif it's comparable to traktor...
  11:43am Doug:

Sorry coming in late but somewhat obsessed with A. Kaufman ...
  11:44am dc pat:

uh, where do I get Zombie Halloween Ken?
  11:45am Bad Ronald:

Love the Lennon pic!
  11:45am stingy d:

none of the steve rocco's in existence are any andy kaufman's out of existence.
  11:48am sahak:

hey ken do you recall a darren viola?
  11:51am Doug:

Hey, I like this Rocco! Anyone who messes with the school board is okay with me ... I don't care about the Kaufman connection, I'll follow him just for entertainment.
  11:52am fishmonkeystew:

Ken, the recording of the lady with the dog was the first broadcast of WFMU that I ever heard (your show about a year ago). You instantly won me over. WFMU, for the win!
  11:53am The Log Lady:

I never tire of hearing Mrs. McWiggin's messages, thank you.
  11:54am Rob Serling:

is not Rod Serling
  11:55am Murray Van Creme:

Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles? That must explain what happened when my friend started playing his Beatles records backwards. He began making Five Year Plans. Then he decorated his home with Socialist Realist paintings. Finally, he tried to build a steel mill in his back yard, after reading "Steel Making for Dummies", by M. Tse-Tung. After he came to his senses, he converted it to a pit barbecue, and the neighborhood was relieved.
  11:55am annie:

after all this time, i hope she's at least fed the damn dog
  11:56am Doug from DC:

If any of you Jersey devils want to come to DC and pee on our deadheads, consider this an open invitation.
  11:57am Ghengis Jung:

Thanks again Ken. Great show!
  11:57am will z:

wow, enough with the traktor pro effects...
  11:58am Doug:

... beautiful ...
  11:58am Bad Ronald:

Yes, despite the tech diffs and thanx for the spelling lessun!
  11:58am annie:

slinky wormholes
  11:58am JCityJensen:

thanks for another great show!
  11:58am dc pat:

I second Doug from DC's invitation.
  11:59am GP:

Giant dirty slinkies ! Yeah!
  12:00pm Steve Lipski:

It's a lot more fun than it sounds!!
  12:00pm Ike:

So, dirty slinkies = wormholes to Hell. Ooooookay.
  12:00pm bzul:

If you say o-bla-di o-bla-da more than six times in a row, individuality and enterprise are driven out and you get all collectivist, like.
  12:01pm jan:

thanks ken- it was an enjoyable 3 hours. now we must brace ourselves for Kenny G
  12:02pm sahak:

  12:03pm Jimmy Scott:

better not, I'll sue yaz!
  12:03pm Lizardner Dave:

Last comment?
  12:03pm Bad Ronald:

  12:03pm Cecile:

wow! another three hours of chocolate city!
  12:04pm Bad Ronald:

  12:05pm Cecile:

  12:06pm jan:

didja listen to the enitre kenny g show last week?
  12:07pm paul:

p-funk chopped + screwed!
  12:07pm Bad Ronald:

I did!
  12:08pm jan:

well at least he is altering chocolate city. that song was stuck in my head when I woke up in the middle of the night. and I tuned in and out of the show- too monotonous
  12:17pm C:
  5:39pm Lizardner Dave:

First comment for next week's show, whoo-hoo!
  6:10am melissa:

  3:08pm Andy Kaufman:

1 of the andy kaufman press conference videos at ANDYKAUFMANLIVES
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