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Playlist for 19 November 2008 Favoriting | Introducing the Kim Jong Il Sleestak Diptych

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Arve Opsahl  Medisin, medisin med samme   Favoriting  

My newest velvet! Click for large version
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Svein Tuba Johannessen  Oh, What A Meal   Favoriting       0:02:39 (Pop-up)
Adventure  Lokedo   Favoriting Adventure 
  0:07:23 (Pop-up)
The Do  Playground Hustle   Favoriting A Mouthful    *   0:09:57 (Pop-up)
Omo  Oversized   Favoriting Kalk Seeds: Karaoke Kalk Compilator No 2 (VA Comp) 
*   0:14:01 (Pop-up)
T-Tho  Elefantenjager   Favoriting       0:18:21 (Pop-up)
Per Arnez  The Next Episode Featuring Snoop Dogg   Favoriting  
  0:20:02 (Pop-up)
Slim Whitman  I'm Casting My Lasso Towards The Sky   Favoriting Yodelling Mad      0:24:34 (Pop-up)
The Mysterious Asthmatic  His Name is Jesus   Favoriting  
  0:26:42 (Pop-up)
Diverse Norske Arister  Deep River Boys   Favoriting       0:28:29 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
  0:32:23 (Pop-up)
Larry  Going Home   Favoriting       0:38:05 (Pop-up)
JIm Price and Liza  The Turkey and The Pilgrim   Favoriting  
  0:41:11 (Pop-up)
Quintron  Grey Ghost   Favoriting Too Thirsty for Love    *   0:42:24 (Pop-up)
Spektr  B/W Vs. Technicolor   Favoriting Title Track 
*   0:45:59 (Pop-up)
Spektr  That Goat Legged Fella   Favoriting       0:47:59 (Pop-up)
Oranj Symphonette  Arabesque   Favoriting  
  0:50:02 (Pop-up)
Steinski  Sinatra 3 V22   Favoriting       0:57:05 (Pop-up)
Terry Gibbs Dream Band  The Claw   Favoriting The Sundown Sessions Vol 2 
  1:09:29 (Pop-up)
Oliver Nelson  Teenie Blues   Favoriting Blues and the Abstract Truth      1:14:32 (Pop-up)
Bap  Weihnachtsnaach   Favoriting  
  1:27:39 (Pop-up)
The Jingle Cats  Little Drummer Boy   Favoriting       1:32:46 (Pop-up)
Rally  B-Type   Favoriting  
  1:35:12 (Pop-up)
Yellow Magic Orchestra  Tighten Up: Japanese Gentlemen Stand Up Please!   Favoriting       1:37:30 (Pop-up)
Wax Audio  Whole Lotta Sabbath   Favoriting       1:41:13 (Pop-up)
David Lynch and John Nelf  Thank You Judge   Favoriting  

Click for large version
  1:48:13 (Pop-up)
David Grubbs  Holy Fool Music   Favoriting An Optimist Notes the Dusk    *   1:54:15 (Pop-up)
Eric Ambel & The Roscoe Trio  Cocaine Eyes   Favoriting More Barn: A Tribute To Neil Young 
*   1:57:13 (Pop-up)
PEter Wahlbeck  Music Fur Alle   Favoriting       2:14:12 (Pop-up)
PEter Wahlbeck  Bakom Basistens Bas   Favoriting  
  2:16:08 (Pop-up)
Candie Hank  Schurkenlounge   Favoriting Groucho Running    *   2:20:04 (Pop-up)
Oystein Sunde  Den Fjerde Mann   Favoriting  
  2:22:49 (Pop-up)
Inger Lisa Rypdal  Fru Johnsen   Favoriting       2:26:28 (Pop-up)
Mary Schneider  The Blue Danube   Favoriting       2:30:49 (Pop-up)
Pierre Bastien  Bubblin'   Favoriting Visions Of Doing 
  2:39:17 (Pop-up)
Peter Wahlbeck  Det Lag Inte Var I Luften   Favoriting  

Wow. Never thought I would want to shut down the comments...
  2:41:38 (Pop-up)
GIant Sand  Stranded Pearl   Favoriting proVISIONS    *   2:45:30 (Pop-up)
Cobra KIller & Kapajkos  High Is The Pine   Favoriting Das Mandolineorchester      2:50:08 (Pop-up)
Big Blood  Glory Daze   Favoriting Space Gallery Jan 27, 2007 / Sahara Club Jan 2, 2007 
  2:53:23 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am cribley:

Good morning, Ken.
  9:01am Ghengis Jung:

  9:01am Ghengis Jung:

Good Morning, Dear Leader.
  9:01am cribley:

Fabulous velvet of Great Leader, there.
  9:02am anie:

i'll buy that for a dollar
  9:02am Bad Ronald:

Morning. That velvet is priceless!
  9:02am Parq:

Ken, it's -- it's -- breathtaking.
  9:03am annie:

is that paint by number thing?
  9:04am Ken:

Morning all! Yes, it is a thing of beauty, aint it! And it is a Kim Jog Il Sleestak Diptych. Never thought I would say those three things together.
  9:05am John from Oslo:

Hello North Korea, and Sweden!
  9:07am Parq:

"Kim Jog Il Sleestak Diptych" would be a good name for a band. Okay, maybe not.
  9:10am Ken:

I've been in bed with a flu the last two days and I didn't know how I would make it through the show today but being here with you all gives me hope that I will make it.
  9:11am Vicki:

  9:11am gumby:

Nice art Ken!
Ken could you play a couple of hours of J. Geils "Detroit Breakdown" in honor of the "Motor City Shakedown, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" that we are going to have to shell out to keep yet more US based mega-businesses unproductive and non-competitive. I feel it would be appropriate.
  9:13am Bad Ronald:

You're in good hands Ken.

...I am still in awe of the velvet masterpiece...
  9:14am Ken:

Gotta give big ups to my velvet pusher man Bill, who came up with the idea to frame these two paintings together.
  9:16am Billy Jam:

hey Ken -am back & will drop off remote gear a little later today....Is 2PM still good time to drop off ?
  9:17am Ghengis Jung:

The resemblance is striking!

Who is this "Velvet Pusher Man?" Does he have a tubes teh Intarweb?
  9:18am Ken:

Billy - Thanks - 2pm at the LATEST! Thanks.
  9:23am John from Oslo:

  9:24am Bad Ronald:

...That cold vacant stare and menacing grin... I love it!
  9:25am Swami:

I am in awe of this Snoop Dog jam. Followed by the y to the odel.
  9:26am cosmic:

hey bad ronald, hey everyone

i need a random number to price a job, anybody got a good one?
  9:26am annie:

  9:27am Ken:

Bad ROnald, dont do it for less than 5k.
  9:29am gumby:

$700 billion, it worked once, why not try again.
  9:30am annie:

do we get a commission?
  9:30am thelma:

I hear echoes of Tiger Lillies" ""Banging in the Nails" in "His Name is Jesus". Could this be the source?
  9:32am cosmic:

annie, that sounds good. thanks.

there may be a commission
  9:32am annie:

cool, i broke..
  9:32am cosmic:

hey, i missed slim whitman

that makes me mad
  9:33am Cha-Ka:

Sereesataka! Sereesataka! Run WIl and Holly run!
  9:34am Mac:

My Doctor sez: with my bad case of arrhythmia, I shouldn't listen to loud Rock'n'Roll anymore, as it upsets my normal beat. Boo Hoo. Feel better Ken.
  9:34am Ghengis Jung:

The sound quality seems fine this week, Ken.
  9:38am GP:

Good morning Ken and everyone.

Love the Sleestak. This looks fun:
  9:38am your fan:

ken, why are you and dj trouble always so sick?
  9:39am cosmic:

hey i cant see the pics.

im in an educational facility, is it unsafe to check it out\?

annie, i just re-read all the comments and had missed yours about commision when i added mine. confirms youre to me that youre on the bus
  9:40am hey:

btw how's the spinal cord hanging these days?
  9:41am cosmic:

whats this guy drinking, i want four
  9:42am annie:

cosmic.. word.
just waking up here, second cuppa finally kicked in
  9:43am jan:

Oh Ken: We wish that you feel better very soon. Are you eating properly,getting enough sleep? You should take care of yourself.
  9:44am Mac:

Seriously Ken: Have you thought you might have Lyme's disease?
  9:45am annie:

ok is this good or bad:
could not sleep last night so i trolled the youtube archives for artists and songs form various playlists . well, only 30% i could find... ..
  9:46am Ken:

It's true, I've been sick way too much lately. I think I have WFMU Program Director disease.
  9:46am GP:

Bad Ronald..checked out your videos on YouTube last night...pretty good stuff. Did you record that on an open mic or were you using the built-in mic on the video cam? All of that thrashing sound was too much for it to handle!
  9:48am cosmic:

annie, ive been up for 5 hours, had coffee and talk about spirits with an irish red head for most of that. i have no idea how the rest of today will curve but it had better be more a milkshake than a gin! if you get me

hang in there, ken
  9:49am cosmic:

bad ronald, whats your youtubes under?
  9:51am annie:

cosmic i dig
  9:51am bbell:

up til midnight looking for a fill-in?! . . . and yet, you still sit at the controls to keep your people happy! When you're done at 12, immediately get yourself some chicken soup and then go under the covers until Thanksgiving.
  9:53am cosmic:

im watching bad ronald the movie clips on youtube to this song and it really fits.

annie, sur thing
  9:53am GP:

mmmmm. Irish red head

Annie...OK, you have officially passed the geek test of which I instituted! I actually email the names, etc. of the songs i like back to my home email so that I also can searc hthe Intertubes after hours for videos, mp3's, etc...also hitting about 30-40%...great minds think alike.
  9:54am Bad Ronald:

THanks for the kind words GP. It was recorded using the mic on a Canon powershot. No great shakes
cosmic -

Ken - I like the Banksy piece. Do you know what the occasion was for the Ford pic?
  9:56am annie:

whatta riot gp, i sit here madly writing and spelling correctly.... when i'm done i cross off and go to the next. little symbols whether i find them or not, forget the search, try another name.. whoah, i get way too serious... but it's fun
  9:57am Parq:

Ken, isn't being over 50 a gas?
  9:58am wha?:

Cosmic, I'm scrolling through the comments putting yours together:
You're in an "educational facilitiy"
You're pricing a job randomly (so you're not a teacher)
You've been up half the night with an Irish redhead talking booze (or was it ghosts?)
You're in front of a computer (so you're not in the trades)

So what? I'm going to guess NYC administrator moonlighting as a defense subcontractor.

Am I close?
  9:59am jason:

are flower travellin' band making a live WFMU appearence whilst they are in town?
  10:00am Nursey By Nature:

Ya down with PDD...?
Yeah, to the worst degree..
Ya down with PDD...?
Yeah, soup, rest, tea...
  10:00am hey:

go traktor pro!
  10:01am AnAnonymousParty:

Mornin' y'all. All y'all, in fact.

Re the black velvet, I've always had my eye out for a black velvet painting of The Last Supper, with Elvis at the head of the table.
  10:04am Vivian:

Good Morning Ken:
Will the WFMU art auction include velvet paintings?
  10:04am listener jeremy:

risking looking like someone who hasn't been listening for the whole hour and may have missed some announcement, has anyone noticed that the stream volume is low? windows volume is 100%, winamp 100% and speakers are at 30%, which would normally be really loud. winamp equalizer has lower than normal equalizer levels for the incoming audio...
  10:06am wha?:

@AnAnonymous: Pretty sure I've seen this exact scene (Elvis last supper) up on the wall at a Chuy's in Houston.
  10:06am Ken:

I aint 50 yet! No velvet paintings in the art auction - go figure! Although I do have a spare Phil Spector,I will ask Doron if we can add it. But my guess is he wont. THat Ford / Preston / Harrison pic is from the White House, 1975.
  10:07am cosmic?:

haha, wha? its the coffee. im letting too much info out. i think i said enough already, they dont like me talking too much.

no i teach a bit and study a bit in the local college. i use the computers here as a procrastination device from my crimefighting/ghosthunting day job.
  10:07am GP:

Peace out. *two chest pounds and a peace sign*
  10:08am annie:

i have to admit, i'm enjoying the sinatra
  10:10am stingy d:

i am a listener and i think the fed up talk is great.
  10:11am cosmic:

cant i be serious for a minute?!
no, youre way off and spot on al at once wha?
  10:11am -max-:

Good morning to all of the Wednesday crew.

Good morning, Ken. Sorry to hear that you are ailing. Nice flavicon you've got there.

7SD still on for Maxwells tonight? Spouse and I are planning on attending.
  10:12am GP:

Sing it Frank!
  10:12am paulthepostman:

Salutations one 'n all...
Annie, btw - another link - to BBC Radio 3's 'Late Junction'; It's 'global'.
  10:13am stingy d:

anything named terry gibbs dream band is automatically better than the beatles discography.
  10:14am Ken:

Jeremy - Is this drop in volume brand new for today?
  10:14am Ken:

Yes, we are live at Maxwells tonight for Seven Sec Delay. Except that I will be dead. But I will be there.
  10:15am annie:

PTP=consider it saved! thx
  10:15am gumby:

Diggin' this The Claw piece!
It's like black velvet sound painting
  10:15am stingy d:

thats a really bad i-like-the-bee gees joke
  10:16am GP:

Ken, been on the windows stream all morning, no problems yet on my end. Levels sound good.
  10:17am -max-:

I'm using Winamp v5.11 and the 32k AAC+ stream and the volume seems normal.
  10:21am -max-:

Sorry Ken, I hadn't realized the extent of your illness. Have you already written out your eulogy? I'll help with the spelling.
  10:22am Dominick:

128k stream playing with iTunes seems OK here
  10:24am Sara:

Ditto here - and never mind the jazz, what's this spectacular marching band talkover music?
  10:25am John from Oslo:

white punks on the march - yeah!
  10:26am Sara:

Ever more spectacular through the effects jukebox, of course
  10:28am paulthepostman:

Ken, I'm getting you garage band for xmas.
  10:30am Mark:
  10:31am Doug in DC:

Thanks for the demo. I've got to get a copy now.
  10:31am Gigantor:

That woman scared me out of my wits! Happy Christmas, indeed!
  10:33am Vivian:

  10:33am annie:

this is a young man who used to work for me, now he is attempting to make it finally in the music world of boston.. please give him your feedback if you'd like
  10:35am Bad Ronald:

Doug in DC - Did you get the links I sent you?
  10:35am Doug in DC:

Yesterday I heard the first Christmas muzak of the season, and a friend told me that it was snowing in Northern VA.
  10:35am Bruce:

Time for Christmas music already? Groan.
  10:35am John from Oslo:

Dogs on acid
  10:36am cosmic:

nice to know that weihnachtnaach means fairytale in new york.

aw man, irish booze day is on me.

gonna see the job, annie. ill de-brief wid ya later, so i will.
  10:36am Doug in DC:

Yes, thanks Bad Ronald. I'll be playing a track on my show this Sunday. More info at, if anyone is interested.
  10:37am Bruce:

Doug, I went for a run through Capitol Hill yesterday at 1pm and it was snowing pretty good.
  10:37am annie:

oh yeah, i heard sintra doing xmas this morning already on another station.. which, by the way, the show was djayed by an old volunteer for this amazing station..
  10:38am dc pat:

my spouse said it was snowing in Glover Park yesterday. I was in stinky VA.
  10:39am stingy d:

there is aan interesting version of this on youtube where they are on soul train.
  10:40am Nash Rose:

Hah! Having fun with those effects on Tractor I see!

Just got Ableton - It's got a MILLION buttons and knobs!
  10:40am dei xhrist:

just a drive-by... the neatest stuff always happens when you can't spend all morning working the peanut gallery because your online activity is being watched by the Man.
  10:41am annie:

hey rick, hello from am ex-leesburger..
  10:42am Bad Ronald:

Thanks Doug, I'll be listening.

Excellent Zep/Sab remix!
  10:45am Doug from DC:

Since there's several folks from the DC area reading this, I should mention that a friend of mine is hosting a show with Paul Metzger, Tim Kaiser and Michelle Webb playing homemade and hand-modified instruments. Friday @ 1421 Buchanan St. NW DC. Come hear the 18-string banjo and 14-string guitar.
  10:45am Parq:

I heard my first in-store Xmas muzak around Election Day (appropriate, I guess, the election results were something of a Christmas present), and saw store Xmas decorations -- this is real -- prior to Halloween.
  10:46am stingy d:

sleeping candy sounds fantastic.
  10:48am annie:

larry reminds me of an old "best show" character.. the bobble head guy.. anyone remember that?
  10:49am jan:

Hey Ken: the signal for the station as received on sonos keeps
dropping out. is that my problem or the station's feed? I have no idea
what stream sonos uses....
  10:49am dc pat:

Wow dc doug, sounds like a good one.
  10:49am girl:

yay david lynch!
  10:51am stingy d:

is this david lynch the director?? sounds like beetlejuice
  10:52am annie:

did i hear beavis and butthead?
  10:52am Ken:

I haven't heard thjat from anybody else Jan, It's probably Sonos, or your connection.
  10:52am girl:

sounds like tom waits. but i have the volume real low cause i'm 'working'.
  10:56am jan:

ah, relief- turned the modem off and on and now zounds what sounds
  10:57am katherine:

new david grubbs is bad ass!
  10:57am Bad Ronald:

Quite a melange of imagery here Ken. The huge Eddie Murphy head is quite risible!
  10:59am Bad Ronald:

All hail the rabid seal!!!
  10:59am annie:

the eddie murphy head is a soup terrine??
  11:00am Ken:

Rabid Seal by Vicki, who is filling in for me next week!
  11:01am Ken:

This is Roscoe from the old Hound show!
  11:01am Bad Ronald:

Kudos Vicki!
  11:10am PG:

Paris = Sterns!
  11:10am bzul:

Before my connection did its headachey-breaky bit again a while back, I was gonna ask who, in the velvet last supper with Big E., should be the 11 true disciples and one betrayer? Nominations are open. (And does he break and distribute a PB and 'nana sandwich and some cough syrup to the guests?)
  11:11am Joe:

45 whole pages of GOD! is far too much for me, thank you.
  11:12am your fan:

hey i lived in paris 25 years ago, too! Where did you live? I was in the 14th.

Take a few buses instead of the Metro, you see stuff you'd otherwise miss.
  11:12am north guinea hills:

i need a drink....(oh, here's one!)
  11:13am Vivian:

Worsh? Someone's had a few...
  11:15am Ken:

I lived most of the time in the 19th, next to Buttes Chaumont
  11:17am your fan:

My favorite cafe was on Montparnasse, Au Chat Qui Fume
  11:17am licky:

I am in love with the seal woman
  11:17am Bad Ronald:

Is that you trolling about Stingy?
  11:20am licky:

all BNP party members can be contacted at - give em a call!
  11:22am Mao Jones:

Dow Down 108
  11:22am annie:

i blame obama
  11:23am stingy d:

  11:23am licky:

like er, do what I did and tell the BNP policeman you are lonely
  11:26am licky:

I am licky too! But do not email any of the 'activists' on the list at - its not a good idea.
  11:33am Dickdong UK:

Exquisite blue danube. I'm putting a frame around Holman Hunt's Light of the World. It all fits.
  11:34am annie:

i'm in love with larry, i want to rescue him..
  11:35am Vicki:

Blue Daube
  11:37am Dickdong:

I have to go now anyway - hear the rest on archive.
Get well soon. (You've not been well this year - isn't that expensive in the USA?)