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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
The Happiest Guys In the World  The International Holiday of Thanksgiving   Favoriting various - Tarquin Records Holiday Extravaganza  Tarquin  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Sir Finks  Can't Be Still   Favoriting (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur Texas  Get Hip  0:03:25 Pop-up)  
Manikins  You're Bad When You Want To   Favoriting Crocodiles  Full Breach Kicks  0:05:26 Pop-up)  
Royal Purple  Buses   Favoriting The Time Element  Umbrella  0:08:13 Pop-up)  
Glen Campbell  Times Like These   Favoriting Meet Glen Campbell  Capitol  0:10:55 Pop-up)  
Ace Frehley  Rip It Out   Favoriting Kiss: Ikons  Mercury  0:14:47 Pop-up)  
Neil Young  Mr. Soul   Favoriting Sugar Mountain - Live at the Canterbury House 1968  Reprise  0:20:48 Pop-up)  
Pierced Arrows  Mr. Soul   Favoriting Straight To the Heart  Tombstone  0:23:56 Pop-up)  
Robert Pollard  The Original Heart   Favoriting Robert Pollard Is Off To Business  Guided By Voices Inc  0:35:52 Pop-up)  
Fuad and the Feztones  Soul Camel   Favoriting Beeramid  Ricochet  0:35:05 Pop-up)  
Hara-Kee-Rees  The Unknown   Favoriting The Magic Pill 7"  Soundflat  0:36:36 Pop-up)  
The Glitterhouse  Barbarella   Favoriting various - Bob Crewe Presents The Dynovoice Story  West Side  0:40:41 Pop-up)  
Gary Usher  Tied Down   Favoriting Gary Usher: Barefoot Adventure The 4 Star Sessions 1962-66  Sundazed  0:42:32 Pop-up)  
The Shrubs - live in the studio!  
Recorded Nov. 13 engineer: Diane Farris  
Rob Tak (drums and ladders); Jay Bird LoRubbio (guitars and sound effects); Bob Torsello (Bobby Strange) (bass)  
  Gotta Go       0:46:35 Pop-up)  
  A Man Needs Love       0:51:21 Pop-up)  
  Where's God?       0:51:35 Pop-up)  
  Big Lie       0:54:00 Pop-up)  
  Kill a Monster       0:56:36 Pop-up)  
  Gone To Hell       0:59:15 Pop-up)  
  Find a Way       1:02:14 Pop-up)  
  Behind the Hedge       1:05:46 Pop-up)  
  Don't Put My Name On It       1:10:41 Pop-up)  
  Magic City       1:14:25 Pop-up)  
Tribute to the Beatles' White Album - 40th anniversary  
White Album released in the US 40 years ago today!  
Dead Kennedys  Back in the USSR   Favoriting Live at the Deaf Club  Manifesto  1:20:58 Pop-up)  
Gabor Szabo  Dear Prudence   Favoriting 1969  Cherry Red  1:22:37 Pop-up)  
Arif Mardin  Glass Onion   Favoriting various - Glass Onion: Songs of the Beatles from the WEA Jazz Vaults  Warner Jazz  1:25:05 Pop-up)  
Arthur Conley  Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da   Favoriting More Sweet Soul  Collector's Choice  1:28:16 Pop-up)  
Pixies  Wild Honey Pie   Favoriting At the BBC  4AD  1:31:36 Pop-up)  
Sweet Feeling  The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill   Favoriting     1:32:51 Pop-up)  
The Spunk Lads  While My Guitar Gently Weeps   Favoriting     1:35:14 Pop-up)  
Breeders  Hapiness Is a Warm Gun   Favoriting Pod  4AD  1:38:01 Pop-up)  
Slade  Martha My Dear   Favoriting     1:44:45 Pop-up)  
Alex Chilton  I'm So Tired (Pts 1 & 2)   Favoriting Bach's Bottom  Razor & Tie  1:47:44 Pop-up)  
Harper's Bizarre  Blackbird   Favoriting Sundazed  1:50:25 Pop-up)  
Theo Bikel  Piggies   Favoriting various - Golden Throats 4: Celebrities Butcher Songs of the Beatles  Rhino  1:52:27 Pop-up)  
Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo  Rocky Racoon   Favoriting s/t  Cherry Red  1:55:36 Pop-up)  
Ribeye Brothers  Don't Pass Me By   Favoriting If I Had a Horse ...  Meteor City  1:59:04 Pop-up)  
Velvet Monkeys  Why Don't We Do It In the Road   Favoriting 7"  Sub Pop  2:02:36 Pop-up)  
Tim Curry  I Will   Favoriting Best of  A&M  2:05:52 Pop-up)  
Bongwater  Julia   Favoriting Breaking No New Ground  Shimmy-Disc  2:09:42 Pop-up)  
Los Yaki  Cumpleanos!   Favoriting     2:13:50 Pop-up)  
The Dirty Mac  Yer Blues   Favoriting The Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus  ABKCO  2:16:31 Pop-up)  
Harry Nilsson  Mother Nature's Son   Favoriting s/t  RCA  2:20:29 Pop-up)  
Feelies  Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me & My Monkey   Favoriting Crazy Rhythms    2:23:48 Pop-up)  
Ramsey Lewis  Sexy Sadie   Favoriting     2:27:40 Pop-up)  
The Ubangis  Helter Skelter   Favoriting 7"  Get Hip  2:31:27 Pop-up)  
Elliott Smith  Long Long Long   Favoriting     2:32:18 Pop-up)  
The Copperplated Integrated Circuit  Revolution I   Favoriting     2:37:53 Pop-up)  
Goldfish  Honey Pie   Favoriting     2:39:55 Pop-up)  
Ella Fitzgerald  Savoy Truffle   Favoriting     2:40:42 Pop-up)  
Richard Barone  Cry Baby Cry   Favoriting Cool Blue Halo  Passport  2:43:38 Pop-up)  
Ben Vaughn Combo  Revolution 9   Favoriting     2:46:35 Pop-up)  
Carpenters  Good Night   Favoriting     2:47:18 Pop-up)  
The Exterminators  The Beatle-bomb   Favoriting     2:52:50 Pop-up)  
Golden Boys  Big Money   Favoriting Goodbye Country  Monofonus  2:54:53 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:05pm annie:

i smell a great playlist
  12:06pm north guinea hills:

that happiest guys in the world song reminds me of a song that szechuan pork released in '98
  12:08pm GP:

That Happiest Guys song was so trippy. I loved the music, but I thought on the singing for a minute that was Weird AL!...Man they sure were focused on the Surgeon General..too funny, but now I will be singing it all day...thanks Joe.
  12:11pm uncle lonely:

i gotta get rich really fast... by really fast i mean i have a year and a half or so - whats the best way?
  12:12pm PMD:

You really love this Glen Campbell song, don't you?
  12:13pm annie:

paper route!!
  12:13pm north guinea hills:

nice glen campbell, can't get enough of him lately
  12:13pm Joe B:

Because I've played it twice?
  12:13pm PMD:

Annie, lol! that'd be the paper route 'round the world.
  12:13pm GP:

Unka L. when you find out how...PLEASE let us know....no wait, I got it..Tell the govt. that you are now a bank and are claiming some of the bailout dough..that oughtta do it.
  12:14pm DeemerDave:


How can you not? It's written by Dave Grohl!
  12:14pm PMD:

Joe, yes, of course! Or maybe I'm just projecting, because I really like it.
  12:14pm annie:

hey, imagine it, just in the tips at holidays!!
  12:17pm Bad Ronald:

Hey Joe, did you hear the new Firemen album?
  12:17pm efd:

Ace Frehley Lead Guitar!
  12:17pm Parq:

For what it's worth, I dig the new Glen C too. Unka, have you looked around for an enterprising Nigerian?
  12:18pm north guinea hills:

yeah, i noticed that joe, lol.

some of your colleagues have played other tracks from very different albums as well lately, and none have disappointed.
  12:20pm uncle lonely:

I think the way you do it is by working 7 days a week where one job does is off the books. And a lot of it revolves around cuttign back spending.
I did that for a while because I wanted this 800 dollar jacket and in two weeks I got that done. And was not over tired.
and I'm a sleepy head so… take that how you may
  12:20pm Joe B:

BR - no hadn't heard Fireman yet, supposed to be a good one
  12:22pm Harbin:

Who knew Ace was so charming?
  12:23pm Bad Ronald:

I like it!

U can stream it here:


Like this version of Mr. Soul!
  12:23pm Ken:

Wow Joe, I remember Canturbury House on State Street in Ann Arbor... I used to go to meeting there..
  12:23pm Parq:

BR, do you mean the Fireman "Electric Arguments" or the Firemen self-titled album on A Capella? I'm assuming the former, but you keep using the plural.
  12:23pm annie:

add neil young to that list....
  12:24pm Bad Ronald:

Sorry - Electric Arguments
  12:25pm north guinea hills:

i must be on the same wavelength as joe today.... i'm grooving on this set today... annie smelt correctly... :)
  12:26pm Parq:

BR - pity, the other one is only $4. Annie - exactly.
  12:29pm Cecile:

WOW, I know of the CH, Ken, but I never went there.
That's awesome
  12:30pm Bad Ronald:

You can stream it for free and record it w/Audacity!
  12:31pm efd:

the Ace solo album was the best of the four. There's a great glam-influenced song on there called "Speeding Back To My Baby," as well as the classic "Back In The New York Groove" cover.
  12:31pm annie:

hey BR, i'm always reticent to download new players.. is audacity bug-free?
  12:32pm Cecile:

Yes, there was also a great instrumental on that too, I think?
  12:32pm Bad Ronald:

Yeah - it's pretty solid. I use it on both Macs and PCs...
  12:33pm annie:

word up, thanks
  12:38pm Rubble:

I nominate BEERAMID for best album!!
  12:39pm Carmichael:

Some King Khan would fit in here real nice-like.
  12:39pm Cecile:

I think Beeramid is going to end up in my husband's stocking.
  12:42pm Carmichael:

This is swankier than Fapardokly's "Supermarket".
  12:51pm annie:

where are they playing?
  12:52pm Parq:

Annie, I haven't tried Audacity myself yet, but it's highly recommended, by FMU folks and others. Me I've been holding back pretty much for lack of free time.
  12:54pm annie:

i do not lack for time, i lack for bravery of new toys, like computer programs that i am unfamiliar with.. but if even fmu says it's cool, then i am going to try it..
  1:00pm annie:

i like shrubs
  1:01pm Parq:

Joe, how I got along without your show all those years I'll never know. These guys are killer!
  1:01pm dc pat:

audacity is great for free multitracking software
  1:02pm annie:

plunging in with no socks even..
  1:02pm Calli:

Shrubs! Hey I like your sound, it reminds me a little of the Minutemen.

Calli from New Mexico
  1:03pm Bad Ronald:

I'm digging the Shrubs!
  1:04pm Joe B:

Parq, which years would those be?
  1:04pm annie:

oohhh. i feel powerful; i have TWO desktop icons... woohoo audacity installed..
  1:05pm Bad Ronald:

Go Annie Go!
  1:06pm Bad Ronald:

BB - Before Belock
  1:07pm annie:

it's funny, i been listening for 7 years, and it feels like forever. i think it's cause i have always been drawn to off-kilter media.
  1:08pm Parq:

Joe, I didn't have Web access at work until summer 2007. Before that time, I could not listen to you or to anyone else who was on during weekday hours. Oh, the deprivation. Oh, the loss.
  1:10pm Joe B:

At least The Man is good for something!
  1:11pm annie:

i ,ourn the loss of great stations to middle of the road boradcasting. i loved wmms fm circa 1971 out of cleveland and wkbw am before 1970 out of buffalo..
  1:12pm Bad Ronald:

I just burned myself a copy of the Clyde Borly album. Thanks for shaming me into it Uncle Lonely!
  1:15pm annie...:

ok..assistance please. how do i apply it to audacity?
  1:16pm Bad Ronald:

OK, check your sound preferences...
  1:17pm annie...:

hold on on the phone with my kid.
  1:19pm annie:

ok, i see it, i'll try to set it up...
  1:20pm Parq:

[applauding the Shrubs, also Diane]
  1:23pm Bad Ronald:

Take it away!
  1:25pm Bad Ronald:

BTW - The first track on the new FiremAn album is reminiscent of the slow "Helter Skelter" outtake...
  1:26pm north guinea hills:

i'd have to say the shrubs were treriffic...

this white album tribute is going to be fun.....

too bad i have to take lunch.... :(

i'll the archives later.....
  1:27pm Cecile:

hey, Joe are you going to play anything from Booker T's McLemore Avenue?
  1:28pm Mac:

Beatles covers?Oh no, Has WFMU has been taken over by MOJO Magazine?
  1:28pm Bad Ronald:

What about the Grey Album?
  1:29pm north guinea hills:

are there any whitey album covers out there (cicone youth)
  1:31pm annie:

ooaarrgh, beatles covers..losing down neil young in favour of frivolous fun.. will do recording later..
  1:32pm Rubble:

Haha! Good one Mac!
This set is great... white album roulette!
  1:33pm Rubble:

sorry annie, but you lost me on that one. What??
  1:33pm north guinea hills:

although i'm not an avid reader of MOJO, it's fun to peruse sometimes. i need some classic rock in my diet (albeit w/in minute quantities)
  1:33pm Bad Ronald:

Ah keeping the integrity of the track listing. Nice touch Mr. Belock!
  1:34pm Mr. Soul:

What Annie said......
  1:34pm Parq:

During Jason's show, I posted about the "full album" series on the Cover Me blog. What Joe's doing here with the White Al is the same idea. CM has done Revolver, too.
  1:34pm fishmonkeystew:

Dead Kennedys and the Pixies all in one set?!? Thank you.
  1:34pm annie:

i meant to say closing down neil young
  1:35pm Bad Ronald:

Who covers revolution 9?
  1:36pm north guinea hills:

i can't remember whom, but a wfmu dj once played a rev 9 cover once....
  1:36pm RZ:

We shall find out shortly Bad Ronald.
  1:37pm listener jon:

holy crap, this is awesome. great job Joe B!
  1:37pm Paul Lennon:

Nelson covered R9, as has the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Los Lobos, and a Beatles cover band from Des Moines, the Revolution 9s.
  1:38pm Vicki - DO or DIY:

Great White Album Covers, thanks!
  1:38pm Bad Ronald:

I know RZ but I tend to be impatient with a short attention span...

Thanks PL
  1:40pm fishmonkeystew:

I was so hoping that you'd play this Breeders cover. Nicely done.
  1:40pm Cecile:

I love the Breeders.
Am i the only one who likes them better than the Pixies?
  1:41pm Bad Ronald:

No Cecile, you are not.
  1:41pm detroitdave:

Wow, punk/alt Beatles.......wild stuff Joe
  1:41pm John Starr:

I have equal degrees of disdain for both the Pixies and the Breeders.
  1:42pm GP:

Annie...WMMS now there is a blast from the past. I had cousins in Cleveland, went for visit, they ended up sneaking me into the Agora Ballroom ( I was 14) and saw some band that I don't remember, but it was my first live band and pretty much my best experience for that year!
  1:42pm fishmonkeystew:

That's a tough call Cecile...
  1:43pm dc pat:

I'll take the Pixies.
  1:43pm north guinea hills:

oh, i forgot! when i played a show w/ pamelia kurstin at barbez 2 years ago, these three guys did an accapella literal (sound by sound) cover of rev 9. i can't for the life of me remember what their names were!!) come on brain, remember!!!!!!
  1:44pm annie:

i used to hang out with the djs there..
  1:45pm RZ:

Bad Ronald, judging by your playlist presence, you most certainly do NOT have a short attention span!! :)
  1:45pm GP:

I think i still have a WMMS sticker somewhere, got to look for it when I go home at Thanksgiving
  1:45pm RZ:

Bad Ronald, judging by your playlist presence, you most certainly do NOT have a short attention span!! :)
  1:46pm ?:

annie so flippin cool
  1:47pm Bad Ronald:

OK RZ, ya got me...
  1:47pm George McCartney:

Durham Ox Singers. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolution_9.
  1:47pm annie:

once a groupie, always a groupie
  1:47pm PMD:

happiness is warm gum?
  1:50pm Bad Ronald:

Happiness is a Warm Thumb!
  1:50pm ?:

DJ's have groupies? Lame-o
  1:51pm Mrs. Belock:

No, DJs have stalkers!
  1:52pm annie:

the closest i could get to the radio at the time... play misty for me please..
  1:52pm Mrs. Belock:

PS Annie, I'm only joking around self referentially :)
  1:52pm fishmonkeystew:

Happiness is a warm nun?
  1:53pm ?:

Of the restraining order variety?
  1:54pm annie:

funny, that, i just watched private parts last night; that howard stern movie
  1:55pm Bad Ronald:

If any DJ has groupies and stalkers it's Howard!
  1:58pm Mac:

Ah...Gee. I was hoping your do the Shatner version of Rocky.
  1:59pm bzul:

Love Lena, of course...but OW! OW! OWCH!!!
  2:01pm ?:

I didn't love Lena. untill two minutes ago!
  2:02pm Bad Ronald:

Happiness is a Warm Bun?

I love the Ribeye Bros!
  2:04pm annie:

haplesssness is a sad bum?
  2:12pm Parq:

Guys, the Breeders were nine tracks ago, it's time to move on. I am disappointed that only three people commented on Lena. Remember when she was Fred Sanford's dream girl?
  2:13pm Joe (not Belock, the other one):

Bongwater! Woooo.... college rock.
  2:14pm annie:

ok, ok, i loved the lena bit. does it make you feel better that i knew who it was before i read the credit? i smiled...!!?
  2:17pm PodSean:

...sounds like they're saying "poon tang."
  2:20pm dc pat:

yer blues:

  2:20pm bzul:

But, but....ABBAness is a Bjorn pun.

Lena backup singers with their silver lame (lamay) kill nearly won me over by the close -- blurred border between cringey and giddy receptors.
  2:21pm dc pat:

rip mitch
  2:22pm Dumb Fark:

How can it be a Great Rock and Roll Circus with no animals?
  2:22pm Idle Rich:

are the ribeyes still around?
  2:23pm ted:

Spike Hill, Sunday, 12/7 For the Benefit of Warren Buffet

  2:23pm Bad Ronald:

  2:25pm ted:

Oops. Its actually called For the Benefit of Mr.Buffet
  2:26pm Cecile:

der, nevermind. McLemore Avenue was the MGs cover of Abgey Road, not the White Album. der.
  2:27pm Parq:

Bzul wins. Dumb Fark, did you ever see Keith Moon eat?
  2:31pm Ben Wadler:

I was just listening to the white album when my computer crashed. then I start it up and tuned in to FMU only to hear this awesome set! truly a blessing in disguise!
  2:34pm dc pat:

Joe you were losing me w/ Feelies>Ramsey Lewis but I'm back on board w/ Ubangis--didn't know they did this.
  2:35pm annie:

elliot, brother to patti
  2:35pm UMF:

Though not on that track, I'm the current bass player for The Ugangis -- thanks for the play! Great show as always Joe!
  2:36pm honey pie:

don't skip me!
  2:38pm me:

I think the nilsson version was great. Don't get much purer sounding than nilsson.
  2:38pm UMF:

Errr.... "Ubangis" that is... also my birthday today; didn't realize I shared it with The White Album.
  2:40pm Bad Ronald:

Hey UMF, do you guys do a cover of "Ubangi Stomp"?
  2:42pm Ted (a different one):

Best Revolution Ever!
  2:44pm UMF:

But of course, Bad Ronald. It had been out of rotation for a while but we've been dusting that one off again recently.
  2:45pm Bad Ronald:

Nice! And Happy Birthday!!!
  2:48pm Joe B:

It was either this or Mickey Dolenz!
  2:48pm Bad Ronald:

No 9 too funny!
  2:49pm Rubble:

Ben Vaughn.
Inspired. You've outdone yourself!!
  2:53pm Parq:

Standing ovation, Joe. This totally ought to be put up on Beware of the Blog.
  2:54pm Rubble:

Great show!!
  2:54pm detroitdave:

Second that Joe, great show today!!
  2:55pm Cecile:

Spike Jones: BETLEBAUM
  2:38pm MikeSin:

Being an unapologetic Beatles-geek, I must say, I enjoyed this show very much. Glad my my favorite social commentators during my teen years -- the Dead Kennedys -- could get into the picture.
  4:00pm Sean:

The Shrubs are fantastic! Great garage sound and some of the coolest dudes on earth...Nice solo on "Kill a Monster".....Sean
  10:47pm Tak SHRUB (Drummer):

Sean,Annie, Calli,,Bad Ronald,Parq and Diane; thanks for the ear and kind words. The same offer WE made Joe goes for you guys, we will play your livingroom if you like.
  4:57pm mark alston-follansbee:

yeah shrubs; i was away from the machine and just looked at myspace today. had a ton of updates but the shrubs jumped out. great show and great they are getting some well deserved strokes. want them in our living room soon. xxxx
  1:26pm Robbie White:

Joe, thanks for all those great Beatles cover songs. I wish you'd do a whole show of these.
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