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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire  Link Wray's Christmas   Favoriting Christmas 1979  Damaged Goods  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Donny Burns  Cool Yule   Favoriting 7"  Norton  0:01:26 Pop-up)  
Alvin and The Chipmunks  Sleigh Ride   Favoriting various - A John Waters Christmas  New Line  0:03:34 Pop-up)  
Smithereens  Waking Up On Christmas Morning   Favoriting Christmas With the Smithereens  Koch  0:05:34 Pop-up)  
Frank Lee Sprague  O ChristmasTree   Favoriting Merry Christmas  Wichita Falls  0:09:07 Pop-up)  
Saturday's Children  Christmas Sounds   Favoriting 7"  Sundazed  0:11:09 Pop-up)  
Red Simpson  Truckin' Trees for Christmas   Favoriting Truckers' Christmas  Capitol  0:14:46 Pop-up)  
Heather Noel  Santa Came On A Nuclear Missile   Favoriting various - The American Song-Poem Christmas  Bar None  0:15:33 Pop-up)  
Nervous Norvus  I'm Waitin' Up For Santa Claus   Favoriting Stone Age Woo  Norton  0:18:01 Pop-up)  
Fleshtones  Super Rock Santa   Favoriting Stocking Stuffer  Yep Roc  0:24:15 Pop-up)  
The Turpentines  The Girl From Baltimore   Favoriting various - Vindicated! A Tribute to the Fleshtones  Dirty Water  0:25:36 Pop-up)  
Turpentine Brothers  Time/Min.   Favoriting s/t  Alien Snatch  0:28:28 Pop-up)  
Apache  Boyz Life   Favoriting Boomtown Gems    0:31:28 Pop-up)  
Powerchords  Amygdala   Favoriting Think I'm Gonna  Screaming Apple  0:33:42 Pop-up)  
Black Hollies  Bruised Tangerines   Favoriting Casting Shadows  Ernest Jenning  0:35:40 Pop-up)  
Royal Purple  Enjoy Yourself   Favoriting The Time Element  Umbrella  0:38:32 Pop-up)  
The Higher State  Trip On High   Favoriting 7"  13 O'Clock  0:42:50 Pop-up)  
Graham Day & the Gaolers  Begging You   Favoriting Triple Distilled  Damaged Goods  0:48:58 Pop-up)  
King Khan & the Shrines  Burnin' Inside   Favoriting The Supreme Genius of...  Vice  0:52:47 Pop-up)  
Black Keys  Remember When   Favoriting Attack & Release  Nonesuch  0:55:22 Pop-up)  
Lost Crusaders  Have You Heard About The World?   Favoriting title cut  Everlasting  0:57:42 Pop-up)  
Fuad and the Feztones  Shiver Me Timbers   Favoriting Beeramid  Ricochet  1:01:26 Pop-up)  
Sir Douglas Quintet  Sir Doug's Recording Trip   Favoriting The Complete Mercury Masters  Hip-O Select  1:04:50 Pop-up)  
Roy Head  Aint Goin' Down Right   Favoriting The Complete Mercury Masters (Sir Douglas Quintet)  Hip-O Select  1:08:00 Pop-up)  
Freddie Steady's Wild Country  You Gotta Take That Girl   Favoriting Ten Dollar Gun  Steady Boy  1:11:33 Pop-up)  
Goodnight Loving  Mad Is the Man   Favoriting s/t  Off the Hip  1:21:20 Pop-up)  
Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands  And So Be It Then   Favoriting Cody's Dream  Bloodshot  1:24:23 Pop-up)  
Wild Carnation  No Doors In Kansas   Favoriting Tricycle  Delmore  1:28:18 Pop-up)  
Arthur Conley  One Night Is All I Need   Favoriting More Sweet Soul  Collector's Choice  1:32:04 Pop-up)  
The Mohawks  The Champ   Favoriting title cut  Vampisoul  1:33:59 Pop-up)  
Rhythm Addicts  Oomp Boomp   Favoriting various - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 2  Norton  1:37:49 Pop-up)  
Sir Finks  The Ugly Surfer   Favoriting (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur de Texas  Get Hip  1:39:40 Pop-up)  
Astronauts  Surf Party   Favoriting Rarities  Bear Family  1:42:57 Pop-up)  
Los Kahunas  Lanky Bones   Favoriting Otro Reverberante Encuentro con los Kahunas  No Fun  1:44:01 Pop-up)  
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones  Shake n Stomp   Favoriting Surfer's Choice  Sundazed  1:49:33 Pop-up)  
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones  Mr. Eliminator   Favoriting title cut  Sundazed  1:51:04 Pop-up)  
Dick Dale and His Del-Tones  Miserlou Twist   Favoriting Surfer's Choice  Sundazed  1:54:33 Pop-up)  
Lords of Altamont  Going Nowhere Fast   Favoriting The Altamont Sin  Gearhead  1:58:12 Pop-up)  
Manikins  Taste For Sweets   Favoriting Crocodiles  Full Breach Kicks  2:01:58 Pop-up)  
Victor Bravo  Final Friend   Favoriting Sky Full of Messages    2:03:59 Pop-up)  
Modey Lemon  Milk Moustache   Favoriting Season of Sweets  Birdman  2:09:31 Pop-up)  
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks  Gardenia   Favoriting Real Emotional Trash  Matador  2:10:44 Pop-up)  
Brother JT3  Lift You Up   Favoriting Jelly Roll Gospel  Drag City  2:16:26 Pop-up)  
Spherical Objects  If I Can Choose (Oh Babe)   Favoriting Past and Parcel  Object  2:20:46 Pop-up)  
Black Time  Girls in the Garage   Favoriting 7"  Bancroft  2:22:18 Pop-up)  
Strange Boys  Baby Please Don't Go   Favoriting 7"  In the Red  2:24:32 Pop-up)  
Black Angels  You In Color   Favoriting Directions To See A Ghost  Light in the Attic  2:27:48 Pop-up)  
Nodzzz  Is She There?   Favoriting What's Your Rupture?    2:35:45 Pop-up)  
Robert Pollard  Weatherman and Skin Goddess   Favoriting Robert Pollard Is Off to Business  Guided By Voices Inc  2:37:16 Pop-up)  
Rep and the Quotas  Time On My Hands   Favoriting Songs the Grackles Liked  Columbus Discount  2:42:17 Pop-up)  
Kilifax  Have a Nice Day   Favoriting Citizen What    2:47:21 Pop-up)  
Suzy Y Los Quattro  Rock Boys   Favoriting Stick With It  Screaming Apple  2:48:48 Pop-up)  
Glove Compartment  Back To Your Mom's   Favoriting I Want Both    2:53:56 Pop-up)  
Pirate Love  Sick Of You   Favoriting Black Vodoun Space Blues  Voodoo Rhythm  2:54:14 Pop-up)  
Ace Frehley  Speedin' Back To My Baby   Favoriting Ikons  Mercury  2:57:00 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:04pm Cecile:

Happy Holidays!
  12:05pm Rubble:

Alvin gets top billing! Who knew?!
  12:08pm Cecile:

snow melting on Christmas? What kind of crazy talk is this?
  12:10pm annie:

i usually eschew alot of the commercial crap and music this time of year, but somehow FMU makes it okay to listen to and enjoy...
  12:13pm RZ:

It's fun Ebenezer Annie! And why not have fun, right?? ENJOY!! :)
  12:14pm annie:

pop quiz: category for S&G's scarborough fair : popular or folk?
  12:14pm cosmic:

happy frickin xmas joe, cecile, annie, rubble, RZ and everyone!
  12:15pm annie:

i think it's due to the fact that fmu is unconventional.. and i'm an unconventional kindof person
  12:16pm Rubble:

  12:17pm Cecile:

annie - folk-pop

Cosmic, happy frickin xmas to you too!
  12:18pm annie:

word up ruble, you win.. my initial entry oohhh.. folk-pop.. wow.. i like that
  12:18pm cosmic:

annie, i was at glastonbury festival in england this year, and a guy was introduced as teaching s&g scarb fair, then he played it. that was the jazz/world stage. so it aint jazz. its english song by american duo. so world?
  12:19pm Cecile:

What does norvus want for Xmas? A transfusion?
  12:20pm Parq:

A Nervous Norvus Christmas song? Oh, bright and glorious day that I should receive such a revelation.
  12:20pm RZ:

Def. popular. Modifiers are just that... it is "POPULAR" !
  12:20pm cosmic:

world folk pop
  12:21pm Cecile:

yeah, parq, pass the eggnog, Rog.
  12:21pm annie:

i have decided that folk-pop fits all.. and eggnog.. hhmm.. with alot of rum, right??
  12:22pm Rubble:

  12:22pm cosmic:

cecile, cheers! glug glug glug
  12:23pm Parq:

Annie, send the yul to me, Jul. And if it was me, I would tag S&G's SF as "60s stuff".
  12:25pm Cecile:

Hey, guys - my bossman gave me a $20 GC for Amazon MP3 downloads. Suggestions?
  12:26pm Rubble:

folk really isn't a "style", a folk song is a folk song.
Cecile, I couldn't even begin to help you decide! Have fun shopping!!
  12:27pm Cecile:

I know, it's so overwhelming, plus I just bought a whole pile of CDs.
  12:28pm annie:

the category i have labelled the column is "genre", so it could be somewhat broadly interpreted..
  12:29pm annie:

gee cecile, if there is nop expiration, i'd wait till alot of new releases come out after xmas. or just around that.. wow, and how to choose!!???
  12:30pm Rubble:

When a friend of mine is asked, 'what kind of music does your band play??" His stock reply is, " Mostly secular!"
  12:31pm Cecile:

I know.
I might have to get at least one Orishas disc, but other than that...
  12:32pm annie:

cecile:!!! korpiklaaani!!!
  12:34pm Cecile:

I have all the Korpiklaani. LOL!
  12:35pm annie:

you win! 100 bands down, 500 to go
  12:35pm Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  12:37pm Cecile:

I have the Black Hollies, too.
*crosses off list*
  12:39pm Cecile:

oh, about that Powerchords song -
our high school yearbook was called the "amygdaloid"
It refers to a type of conglomerate copper mass. Whee ha! That rolls off the tongue.
  12:39pm annie:

jeff buckley! ?? or any of the fantastic cape cod fiddlers music..
  12:39pm rubble:

Hmmm...Where is strata bowling?? Or did I just not notice??
  12:40pm Cecile:

I have JB, but that fiddling sounds good.
  12:45pm fishmonkeystew:

Hey Cecile! How about Can? Or, one of my new favorites, the Aggrolites?
  12:45pm Rubble:

There it is! Maybe just low cause I am on headphones!
  12:47pm annie:


best i can do, i know some of them personally. their show on omr on monday nights is great!
  12:58pm Anna Anabolic:

The Lost Crusaders' album is amazing!
  1:00pm Cecile:

I already love this track!
  1:02pm Cynthia:

Anna nice pics of them on the insert- good job!!
  1:03pm Anna Anabolic:

Thanks Cynthia!!
  1:03pm Cecile:

I got the Fuad disc for Xmas for my husband - he loves the surf...
  1:19pm Cecile:

bah, Lost Crusaders aren't available as MP3 on Amazon yet.
  1:21pm fishmonkeystew:

17 hippies? stinky....
  1:25pm annie:

funny, i am starting to think simply typing in "folk" is demeaning for the dances and reels.. so, therefore they are the style of dance!! e.g.-reel, jig. schottisch.. etc.
  1:43pm Cecile:

So, I guess in surf music it would also be helpful to know if this is a "frug", "swim", "shimmy" or "pony" tune
  1:44pm annie:

well, yeah!! for the dancers!!!
  1:45pm annie:

looks like i'm calling in the experts..
  1:46pm Cecile:

This feels "swimmy" to me.
  1:48pm Parq:

I once downloaded James Kacholka Superstar's "Show Respect to Michael Jackson" - I think it may even have been from Bwr. of the Bg. - and it came tagged as "Porn Groove". Well, why the heck not?
  1:49pm Cecile:

not just that, but the duh duh duh in The Champ shows up in Onyx's "Slam"
  1:52pm Cecile:

Hey, what about Naked Raygun's Surf Contact?
  1:53pm Cecile:

combat, der
  1:56pm Sean Daily:

I'm not sure if I like this Miserlou Twist. I like the fact that they added a string section to it, but I don't know if it's a bit much for Miserlou.
  1:59pm Sean Daily:

This Lords of Altamont on the other hand... we definitely likes.
  2:00pm Andy:

Last night, while walking home through a beautiful white snowstorm, I discovered to my surprise that a good bossa nova beat on your mp3 player is a perfect mood enhancer. Do they even get snow in Brazil? Play some Bossa Nova! See if that works better than the surfer stuff.
  2:16pm Kyle:

I love being able to listen to three chord monte before and after running 11 miles. It gives me something Gatorade cannot.
  2:17pm stingy d:

nsfw but great for chainsaw hookers and old porny stuff

  2:27pm Bad Ronald:

Thanks Stingy, I like it!

Nice show today btw Mr. B.
  2:30pm annie:

yeah, joe, it got me right through all this typing.. thanks; hi BR
  2:34pm stingy d:

this work i got is impossible to care about doing
  2:34pm Bad Ronald:

Hi Annie - glad to see you still have power...
  2:37pm annie:

funny, that BR, we had power all through that, north of us got slammed, hammered!! i was hunkered in, unaware of the chaos up in NEng. snow is all gone here..even got up the hill yesterday!!
  2:40pm Bad Ronald:

Ahh, your neighbor must be thrilled!!!
  2:42pm annie:

well, i got all nervous, cause my kid was following me up and he had to park down below. but yeah, joyce can sleep tomight i am up the hill. dylan left right away.
  2:45pm Tim Serpas:

Oh! recognized this as Black Angels even though I haven't heard this one before. Passover is some good stuff... just ignore the sappy protest song.
  3:00pm PKNY:

Wow, nice to hear some Ace, and from the only Kiss solo album worth owning to boot.
  3:01pm rubble:

Great show!
  8:53am Bob bOb:

Great show! What happened with the archiving though? A lot of added noise...
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