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Playlist for 07 January 2009 Favoriting | RIP Ron Asheton

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Destroy All Monsters  Bored   Favoriting Titled Track 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Stooges  1969   Favoriting The Stooges 
  0:05:47 (Pop-up)
Dark Carnival  The Last Great Ride   Favoriting Title Track 
  0:09:47 (Pop-up)
Soulwax / Salt n Pepa / Stooges  Push It / No Fun   Favoriting       0:15:35 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Fur Immer   Favoriting       0:18:26 (Pop-up)
Dark Carnival  Bloody Mary   Favoriting  
  0:28:07 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Brainwash   Favoriting Sex Bomb Baby 
  0:32:33 (Pop-up)
          0:34:50 (Pop-up)
Oranj Symphonette  Up Up and Away   Favoriting  
  0:40:59 (Pop-up)
Che Pizarro  piano 3 (K.I.M.B.A.L.L.)   Favoriting  
  0:45:24 (Pop-up)
Volker Kriegel  Zoom   Favoriting  
  0:48:21 (Pop-up)
Zephyr Nova  Oversized Gadget Laden, Gas etc etc   Favoriting  
  0:54:38 (Pop-up)
Clark Gardestig  Wild Thing   Favoriting       0:57:20 (Pop-up)
Fahnlein Fieselschweif  Pluto Grusst Unsere Perser   Favoriting       1:01:52 (Pop-up)
Teletubbies  Animals   Favoriting  
  1:07:16 (Pop-up)
Peter Wahlbeck  Baby Animal   Favoriting  
Click for the full size seat
  1:08:16 (Pop-up)
DJ / Rupture and Andy Moor  Sometimes It Can Be Hard to Breathe   Favoriting  
Click for the full pic
  1:13:20 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Wish (Komm Zu Mir)   Favoriting  
  1:18:35 (Pop-up)
Julia Holter  Moto Perpetuo   Favoriting 4 Women No Cry Vol 3 
  1:21:46 (Pop-up)
Stooges  Loose   Favoriting Fun House 
  1:30:00 (Pop-up)
Stooges  Loose (take 3 - false start)   Favoriting Fun House Boxed Set      1:33:34 (Pop-up)
Stooges  Studio Dialog   Favoriting Fun House Boxed Set 
  1:33:46 (Pop-up)
Destroy All Monsters  What Do I Get?   Favoriting Bored      1:37:55 (Pop-up)
Stooges  Now I Wanna Be Your Dog (original John Cale mix)   Favoriting The Stooges (Reissue) 
  1:42:33 (Pop-up)
The Stooges  My Idea of Fun   Favoriting The Weirdness 
  1:46:38 (Pop-up)
Satan's Boyfriend  Close To You   Favoriting       1:54:06 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Salvador Dali Teaches Rex Harrison to Speak   Favoriting  
  1:57:19 (Pop-up)
Ovo  Cruce del Sud   Favoriting Crocevia 
*   2:05:34 (Pop-up)
In Extremo  Merseburger Zauberspruche   Favoriting In Extremo      2:07:21 (Pop-up)
Thiaz Itch  Earth Wind and Fire   Favoriting The Box      2:12:20 (Pop-up)
Ar Rahman feat Palakkad & Madhumitha  Liquid Dance   Favoriting Slumdog Millionaire (OST) 
*   2:17:32 (Pop-up)
Mark Applebaum  Variation on Variations on a Theme by Mozart   Favoriting Sock Monkey    *   2:20:53 (Pop-up)
Count Indigo  Call Yourself A Man   Favoriting Harpsichord 2000 (VA Comp) 
  2:27:40 (Pop-up)
Destroy All Monsters  You're Gonna Die   Favoriting Bored      2:30:48 (Pop-up)
The Fall  50 Year Old Man   Favoriting Imperial Wax Solvent      2:32:30 (Pop-up)
Joy Division  These Days   Favoriting Les Bains Douches 18 December 1979    *   2:44:13 (Pop-up)
Stooges  TV Eye   Favoriting Fun House Boxed Set      2:48:11 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am annie:

  9:02am Ghengis Jung:

Good morning, Ken and everyone.
RIP Ron Asheton.
  9:02am cribley:

  9:03am dei xhrist:

  9:04am Parq:

Look on the homepage, everybody -- puppies!
  9:04am annie:

  9:04am Ken:

That horn is real babee! Morning everybody! I need coffee.
  9:05am cribley:

RIP Clairborne Pell
  9:06am Mark:

Did you know that dumbass Terry Gross payed tribute to "legendary Strooges guitarist Ron Asheton" yesterday and then played Search and Destroy. What a maroon!
  9:07am Lizardner Dave:

Ron Asheton is dead, and Andy still hasn't responded to my friend request on Facebook. A sad start to 2009.
  9:09am Ken:

Mark, that's a classic NPR / New York Timesian mistake... like playing "Fool On The Hill" on the anniversary of John Lennon's death..
  9:09am annie:

i'm afraid to ask for friend status from fmu djays.. i joined the group! i did friend BW. i'd be okay friending larry.
  9:11am Ken:

I will friend you on Facebook - I am johndoe40.. but I am spending a lot more time on twitter these days - also Johndoe40 there. I like twitter amazingly enough. Didn;'t think I would.
  9:12am Bad Ronald:

Morning folks, it looks like that lady's forehead is taking a poop!
  9:12am Ken:

Also, dont mean to gross you all out, but I am suffering from the same malady as this poor woman.. I thought you all should know. Next time you see me, mention this thread and playlist and I will let you touch my horn.
  9:13am annie:

so now 's[;ain to me.. what is twitter? i have a friend who is addicted
  9:13am Ken:

And yes, I am speaking of the horn on my head. You people disgust me, you and your filthy filthy thoughts.
  9:13am Mark:

I know what you mean Ken. The stupidity made me cringe and wince.
  9:14am ~L:

That's the grossest thing I've seen all morning.
  9:15am Vicki:

get rid of that woman! some people are trying to eat their lunch here!
  9:15am Ken:

In fact, Seven Second Delay is live at Maxwells tonight.. you can stroke my horn there.
  9:17am Bad Ronald:

That's OK Ken, you can toot your own horn...
  9:17am Parq:

Ken, we can discuss your horn at a later date, but I join those voting to change the image. I've had to resize the browser window so I could read the comments without losing my breakfast.
  9:18am Vicki:

my browser window is now tall and thin and I feel sick
  9:19am JCityJensen:

woohoo - hundredth comment!

cool mexican band with a cool video =

have a drier day
  9:20am dc pat:

hey Ken, did Ron Asheton really call you and threaten to kill you? That's a badge of honor man..
  9:20am C:

I vote to keep it up! Enough from the hornists. She's beautiful.
  9:20am detroitdave:

I'm the 3rd pic of the guy electro-shocking himself to get rid of that image in my brain
  9:24am ted:

How do you know Syd killed Nancy? I don't remember that there was a trial.
  9:25am cribley:

You sure showed HIM, Ken.
  9:25am Mark:

Mark E Smith and I once took a leak at adjacent urinals
  9:26am Negator:

Mornin' Ken and Happy New Year!
  9:27am fishmonkeystew:

Good morning, Ken! Hey, can you recommend a USB sound card that doesn't suck?
  9:27am detroitdave:

  9:28am Listener James from Westwood:

The electrocutionist resembles Klaus Nomi in profile (when he had his hair down, that is). The things these wacky countertenors do for thrills.
  9:28am Vicki:

maybe get a mac. you only have to wait 2 years for everything to work after every update comes out
  9:30am Parq:

So you're not going to be the new "Dell Guy", is that what you're trying to tell us?
  9:31am cribley:

fishmonkeystew: m-audio. I use the fast track pro.
  9:31am Greg from DC:

Thanks for remembering Scott Asheton, from Ann Arbor to the Grande Ballroom and Eastown Theatre in Detroit where I honed my rock and roll ears to the Stooges and MC5 ... the aural sonic tradition continues on FMU, thanks to you and your legacy of almost getting offed by Scott for being the Punk DJ from hell in your early daze!
  9:32am Mark:

  9:33am Andy in Berlin:

Based on the pictures from your show from the lake, didn't you have a thinkpad before? Why didn't you just get another one of those?
  9:33am Negator:

Ron Asheton...WHAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Fuckin' WHAAAAAAAAAA! whimper.....
  9:34am ?:

>The electrocutionist resembles Klaus Nomi in profile (when he had his hair down, that is). The things these wacky countertenors do for thrills.<

Yeah he sort of does. But they don't do it for thrills, that's how you hit those high notes.
  9:34am ted:

Ken, Sid recanted that he killed Nancy and there is plenty of evidence that someone else did it. There was no trial.

(But he was responsible for the anthrax)
  9:34am listener mark:

good morning ken
good morning everyone
  9:36am Mark:

Didn't this have a locked groove on the original 7"?
  9:36am Ken From Hyde Park:

I have a ThinkPad T60.
  9:36am fishmonkeystew:

Thanks, Cribley! I'm interested in trying to use my laptop as a multitrack recorder. Do you think this fits the bill (along with a mixer of course)?
  9:36am dc pat:

Lenovos are ok. Why can't you build a laptop like you can a desk top?
  9:36am Listener James from Westwood:

>Yeah he sort of does. But they don't do it for thrills, that's how you hit those high notes.

"Lightning is striking a-gain!" ZZZZZZZTTT!
  9:37am Parq:

  9:37am JCityJensen:

can you cut off the horn and use it for festive purposes?
  9:37am Ghengis Jung:

Ground loop?
  9:38am fishmonkeystew:

Hey Ken, could your noise be coming from a bad ground?
  9:39am Andy in Berlin:

that really sucks about the thinkpad particulalry as I am thinking about getting a new one. But my suggestion to you is to get a Zoom H2 and then record on that and just drag and drop. That's what I do most of the time now anyway.
  9:40am owen:

yes, that sounds like a ground loop i had in my set-up. try to make sure all the hardware connected (laptop, soundcard etc) is plugged into the same electricity socket.

if not, have you disabled the internal sound processor or tried updating the drivers?

have you tried hitting (butting, i think the verb would be?) it with a horn?
  9:40am Vicki:

the noise could also be to do with being on same powerstrip as a computer monitor
  9:41am Negator:

Your horn story sounds like "I love cake".
  9:41am ?:

how about playing some music?
  9:42am Ken:

Hey "?" how about taking a mysterian or two and sticking your iPod where the sun don't shine?!
  9:43am jan:

Fascinating! what about case two?
  9:44am Lizardner Dave:

?, what Ken was doing there is what used to be known back in the old days as "radio". You should check it out sometime, it was a fascinating medium (and on WFMU, often still is).
  9:45am Bad Ronald:

Ken, your show is making me horny!
  9:46am Ken:

Thanks L. Dave - I sometime forget to remind people about the "radio thing."
  9:46am Cecile:

damn, missed Stooooooges.
  9:48am listener mark:

Is your horn magic ken? The dell laptop is bad magic .
  9:50am Ken:

I'm not sure if my horn is magic or not... but I never should've sawed it off because now it is growing back even bigger.
  9:50am Nora O'Jam:

hello Ken, thiis Billy Jam's mom frrom the doctor's office. Thanks for putting my picture up on your playlist but you should have got my best side. See you at Doctor Feinstein's on Tuesday.......bye for now + "what up" to Bad Ronald
  9:50am ?:

the playlist pages is really informative.From now on, I'll only piss from overpasses that are above highways. No more pissing on railroads
  9:51am listener mark:

third rail
  9:52am Ken:

No, ?, in your case, it's perfectly OK to pee on railroads,
  9:54am listener mark:

  9:55am Ken:

Yes Listener Mark, we heard you the first time. Don't make me come down there, people!
  9:58am Ken:

Ugh.. so I have to come down... isn't is bad enough that my laptop is misbehaving? I have to have three assholes on the playlist also?
  9:59am Vicki:

Ken, do something meaningful. You're not doing enough for everyone. We need you to serve us all.
  10:00am Cecile:

Ken, this is the greatest version of Wild Thing ever.
  10:00am Cecile:

ITA Vicki.
I could use a mocha latte and some Bathory CDs, plz
  10:01am Ken:

I will play more Ahseton -Stooges Cecile - what do you want to hear?
  10:01am Vicki:

yeah, Ken. And stop wasting your time hanging around chatrooms too!
  10:02am annie:

cecile, this truely is magnificent
  10:02am Lizardner Dave:

I smell a comments shutdown coming in 5, 4, 3...
  10:03am Ken:

Oh Jean, where have you been all my life? If only I had met you 30 years ago.
  10:03am Cecile:

Not Right or Loose, Ken, and thanks!
  10:03am Ken:

Yes folks, if you want to know why many DJs dont activate the comments section, this is the reason, right here, in action.
  10:04am Vicki:

I now have horned lady to look at, have minimised chat window instead...


people who slag people off in chatrooms are cowardly losers.
  10:05am Cecile:

Also, Ken, if you could find it in your heart to play Tin Huey's Puppet Heads one of these days, that would be awesome.
  10:05am Neil:

Can't help but commenting that the awesome Wild Thing was covering, or at least heavily influenced, by the Hardly Worthit Players' Senator Bobby version of Wild Thing, a great cover in its own right. Double your fun.
  10:06am Mark:

Hey her horn disappeared in the fisrt picture!
  10:06am Mooose:

My dog was given Tramadol and because of Ken I am tempted to try it.
Oh, I haven't read the comments- looks like trouble!
  10:07am Austin Powers:

Ya..I'm horney too you say..wait..OMG.....blechh..chunder
  10:07am Mark:

ah figure 5
  10:07am Vicki:

wow, no horn. thanks, Ken
  10:07am Cecile:

mooose, it is your civic duty to do it and report back.
  10:09am Mark:

She looks relieved to have the horn removed
  10:09am GP:

Happy new year to all and Ken thanks for the Unifrau photos!
  10:10am C:

No what happened?? The lady in the first picture has turned hideous!
  10:11am Ken:

I switched the before and after UniFrau pics. Great name GP! Which makes me the UniHerr.
  10:12am Barber:

Ken, it sounds like some loops of those Iroke Kayokyoku records is going on in the background. Maybe Ike Reiko or someone?
  10:13am Cecile:

Has anyone seen the book: "Grandma's Dead - breaking unpleasant news with baby animals"? This song reminds me of that...
  10:14am Greg from DC:

Great show Ken ... as usual ... sometimes we have to wait for the java to kick in, but not today! I think you need to ignore the naysayers who want to have "No Fun" this morning ... and just enjoy the day that offers something visually horny along side that which is sonically being offered!!
  10:16am Ken:

Thanks Greg - I can ignore the haters but my horn can not. I can't control what my horn makes me do.
  10:17am Mark:

I think that's true of most men
  10:19am listener mark:

The man in the diagram has a detachable horn, and it has wheels!
  10:21am bb:


have you heard the new laibach yet?
  10:21am Listener James from Westwood:

I recall the female line of this cut ("Wish") from that "Run Lola Run" film, but can't recall if this mix was on the soundtrack released at the time.
  10:21am JCityJensen:

as Horn wird wachsen mit dieser großartigen Musik
  10:22am Ken:

Have not heard the new Laibach! What's it like, what's it called?
  10:24am detroitdave:

Ken, where do you find this shit?? It's wild and as always you are VERY entertaining. I know your rage...........dont change anything!
  10:27am andreas:

wish - komm zu mir was from Franka Potente & Thomas D - Wish (Komm Zu Mir) from the soundtrack lola rennt
  10:29am Karen Ringen:

Hey Ken, You can save your horn for the marathon and auction it off.
  10:29am bb:

i have not heard it, but was hyped to it recently...said to be a collection of reinterpretations of various national anthems...
  10:31am Cecile:

ah look out
  10:31am Ken:

bb, that was their LAST new album, Volk - which came out a few years ago. I got all excited for nuthin...
  10:32am JCityJensen:

horns grow around the world
  10:34am JCityJensen:

and this guy is just horny:
  10:35am Cecile:

Iggy forgot his "hey"! Oh noes.
  10:38am bb:

ah, i never heard about that one...and got all excited about the past, evidently...i need to get my sources in line.

and a copy of volk...
  10:38am C:

Ken (or anyone) have you listened to all 8 hours of this boxed set?
  10:40am bb:


i listened to it in its entirety only once...drove my co-workers mad...but i found it a genuinely thrilling day
  10:41am Ken:

I haven't listened to the entire thing but Kenny G promised me he would play the entire thing today.
  10:42am Cecile:

  10:43am C:

Cool! I've jumped around a bit but have probably heard a good 4 hours. It's such a cool concept, hope they do more of them.
  10:45am Vivian:

Wonderful! Thank you Ken. Strange, I heard I Want to Be Your Dog on my Ipod yesterday before I found out about Ron. Spooky.
  10:45am Parq:

Since it's eight hours long and Kenny has only three hours, I assume he'll be playing it at x2.5 speed.
  10:45am JCityJensen:

hey Ken - do you have any of the Muldoons covering the Stooges?
  10:47am Mooose:

I wish I liked this kind of music more. Alas. Tramadol!
  10:50am Mark:

I already do that
  10:52am Cecile:

My beautiful leopard is very confused and slightly nauseated right now.
  10:55am Parq:

Oh, my mistake, I thought he said he was a "mediator".
  10:55am Cecile:

  11:00am Cecile:
  11:05am Negator:

To be a true "metrosexual" don't you have to be boring? Isn't that implicit?
  11:05am annie:

(ken,FB says they don't know you.)
  11:07am Ken:

Cool. I dont know FB either. Or what you're referring to.
  11:07am Mark:

  11:07am annie:

  11:07am Doug from DC:

Ovo rules, and they are great live! But they were a man and a woman when I saw them, not two women.
  11:08am Dylan:

OVO are like the grandparents of european noise bands. VERY MATERNAL
  11:08am Parq:

Doug, one word - Denmark.
  11:08am Ken:

Oh you're right. Ovo is a man and a woman.
  11:09am leafyseadragon:

hey ken, it was fun to hear niagara's voice; haven't heard them since early 80s columbus oh. tuned in from sf ca today.
  11:10am Cecile:

Korpiklaani would go good after this.
just sayin'
  11:12am annie:

great minds cecile..
  11:12am Mark:

Is that little video from The Bank Dick?
  11:13am annie:

i can't stop watching it..
  11:18am jneil:

I should have known that Ken would do a proper Asheton tribute. Here's hoping there's some good footage of him in this movie:
  11:22am Ken:

There are 18 prepared pianos on this Mark Applebaum track.
  11:24am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:24am Lizardner Dave:

Two were sent home for being unprepared. They needed to get a note from their pianomom to come back to class.

Thank you, I'll be here all show. Try the fish and tip your bartenders.
  11:26am Cecile:

"the dog ate my sheet music"
  11:27am Gretchen:

Applebaum's great! Thank you (from the other side of the continent) Ken, you're the best.
  11:29am JJZ:

Hm. This sounds a bit like The Brown Whorenet.
  11:32am Doug from DC:

Oh nostalgia!
  11:37am Mark:

Well I'm going go ahead say the vid clip is from The Bank Dick and the actor with the glasses is the great Franklin Pangborn as the aptly named bank examiner J. Pinkerton Snoopington
  11:38am still b/p:

And he's makin' google eyes with Og Oggilby!
  11:38am dc pat:

Ken, can you play the Applebaum piece again, I missed it.
  11:39am Mark:

and I believe Og Oggilby is about to faint
  11:41am Ken:

Sorry Pat - you have to catch it on the archive.
  11:43am dc pat:

  11:45am risky!:

DIE YUPPIE SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11:46am still b/p:

And who wouldn't seeing Franklin's pince nez slightly shiver so?

Great movie. I like it when Egbert claims the early bank robber was armed with an assegai. And the report of burglars singing in the basement.
  11:47am risky!:

ye joy division, IM GETTING DOWN!
  11:47am Chris:

Whoa! Thanks for "These Days". killer.
  11:48am Ken:

To all the nice people who make this playlist commenting thing enjoyable, I will be pulling out my IP scalpel after the show today... just wanted to let you know.
  11:48am paulthepostman:

The Fall, not an entirely innappropriate juncture to enter WFMULand.
  11:49am risky!:

  11:49am Lynn:

Where did those horn lady pictures come from?!
  11:49am Mark:

or when the bank examiner is said to have "a touch of magogo on the gogo"
  11:49am Todd 76%:

Cracklin' version of my fave JD song. Thanks, Ken!
New live material?
  11:49am dictater:

Ken, I almost the show what with the time and day difference between thai and NJ, why is it on WNYU archives they dont have to drop any of the naughty bits. Just wondering.
  11:50am paulthepostman:

Superlative graphics, Ken. Nice grooove too!
  11:50am Mark:

or is it a touch magogo on the gagogo
  11:51am Lizardner Dave:

Remember I defended radio when you get out the scalpel!
  11:51am Chris:

  11:52am Lizardner Dave:

At the end of it all, I have "horn lady" repeating over and over in my head to the "corn weenie" song.

Horn lady
Really really!
Horn lady
On the cieling!
  11:53am Bad Ronald:

Speaking of the IP scalpel, did Stingy get axed again?
  11:53am Ken:

Get this - Kenny is denying his Fun House promise!!
  11:53am Cecile:

Brothers! Brothers! Brothers! Brothers! Brothers!

  11:53am Mark:

aw I was looking forward to it
  11:54am still b/p:

Get out the IP assegai!
  11:54am Cecile:

You are making Baby Jesus cry right this minute.
  11:55am g:

the "IP Scalpel" sounds a bit Orwellian to me; throwing bits down the "memory hole" and all . . .
  11:55am Gretchen:

Scalpel? when I said you're the best , I wasn't being sarcastic ken.
  11:56am paulthepostman:

Let's electrocute the FUCKERS LIKE THAT.
  11:57am dictater:

Hands down the best graphics compiled one play list by Ken today. What happens when they ran some ungrounded 50,000 through the old ladys horn, I bet she 'lit up like a pinball machine and paid off in silver dollars'.
  11:57am Vicki:

Blow that IP Horn
  11:59am annie:

thanks once again for the best music..
  11:59am risky!:

  12:00pm fishmonkeystew:

As usual, Ken, you rule.
  12:01pm Vicki:

everyone is scared of the IP Horn
  12:01pm PMD:

Good for you Ken!
  12:02pm detroitdave:

There is NO POINT! Tell Kenny to get out the way
  12:03pm Bad Ronald:

IP Champagne! Albeit warm...
  12:03pm Lizarnder Dave:

IP horn
Really really?
IP horn
On the ceiling!
Sing it!
  12:04pm timotato:

More people listen on the web because reception sux. I live between E.Orange and JC on the 20th floor and I still get crap reception.
  12:06pm Mark:

is it too late to say IP daily?
  12:08pm Ken:

OK, I talked Kenny into six versions of Loose. bYE EVERYBODY!
  12:26pm Ryan B:

Oh no you DIDN'T!
  12:29pm Ryan B:

I live about a mile away from the station in downtown J.C. and sometimes the reception is so bad I have to stream it. Not sure where the transmitter is, but I got better reception when I lived on the other side of the J.C. Heights (i.e. of a big hill)
  3:27pm Elizabeth:

Coming in late to this, but Ken - the horns always grow back. Trust me. But still, getting them removed will afford you a small time of relief in which you can get your hair cut by a professional. I assume you are like me and cut your own hair because haircutters scream and cry when they discover horns, even if you've warned them beforehand.
  10:41pm nic:

where is fig. 4?
  3:23pm Horn Shooby:

Google "human Horn" and up comes . . . Shooby Taylor.
Ken, you are a savant
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