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Playlist for 04 February 2009 Favoriting | Musical Tribute to Bill Stickers and West Orange Plumbing Supply

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Rockhausen  There But For The Grace of Corn Weenie   Favoriting   download the original and do a remix yourself:
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Blitzoids  Theme from A Summer Place   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  0:01:46 (Pop-up)
Ross Johnson  Theme from A Summer Place   Favoriting Make It Stop!      0:03:58 (Pop-up)
Drugging  The Night Air   Favoriting The Best of The Night Air Vol. 1 
  0:07:59 (Pop-up)
The Monkees  Porpoise Song   Favoriting Head      0:12:09 (Pop-up)
Peter Blegvad  Bared Bard   Favoriting Downtime 

Click for the full size image
  0:15:15 (Pop-up)
Michael Karoli & Polly Eltes  Home Truths   Favoriting Deluge      0:18:10 (Pop-up)
Mu-ziq  Carpet Muncher   Favoriting Royal Astronomy 
  0:23:43 (Pop-up)
Wevie Stonder  Track One Side Two   Favoriting Drawing on Other People's Heads 

Click for the full size image
  0:31:33 (Pop-up)
DJ / Rupture and Andy Moor  Sometimes It Can Be Hard to Breathe   Favoriting Patches    *   0:37:54 (Pop-up)
Larry  Audio Letter 2-4-09   Favoriting       0:42:28 (Pop-up)
Marion Maerz  So Wie Ich (Close to You)   Favoriting Burt Bacharach Songbook 

Click for the full size image
*   0:48:07 (Pop-up)
The Sound Of Lucrecia  De Vez En Cuando   Favoriting 4 Women No Cry Vol. 3    *   0:52:07 (Pop-up)
Juana Molina  El Vestido   Favoriting Un DIa      0:56:46 (Pop-up)
Old Time Relijun  Veleno Mortale   Favoriting Catharsis in Crisis 
  1:00:10 (Pop-up)
Johannes Kreidler  Crisis Sounds   Favoriting 

Click the image for the video!
  1:12:34 (Pop-up)
Dim Dim  Urge Gap   Favoriting Whip    *   1:15:10 (Pop-up)
Girl's Meat  Cherish a Vinyl   Favoriting Skinny Compilation 

Click for the full size image
  1:19:10 (Pop-up)
Native Hipsters  Baboon Climbs The Mountain   Favoriting THere Goes Concord Again      1:22:34 (Pop-up)
Odd Nosdam  Untitled Three   Favoriting Pretty Swell Explode 
*   1:26:03 (Pop-up)
Lee Edwards  Track Two   Favoriting The Christian Con Man      1:28:39 (Pop-up)
Steinski  Benediction Remix   Favoriting  
*   1:29:37 (Pop-up)
Bernard Purdie  Theme From Shaft   Favoriting The Best of Shaft      1:34:06 (Pop-up)
Roxy Pain  Careless Whispers (radio edit)   Favoriting  
  1:38:17 (Pop-up)
Black Pentecost  Passage One   Favoriting       1:48:53 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Danielle Dax 
Flashback   Favoriting Inky Bloaters 

Click for the full size image
  1:57:35 (Pop-up)
Ludus  Howling Comique   Favoriting Danger Came Smiling      2:01:00 (Pop-up)
Monochrome Set  Eine Symphonie Des Grauens   Favoriting The Independent Singles Collection 
  2:03:45 (Pop-up)
39 Clocks  Heat of Violence   Favoriting Blades in Your Masquerade      2:05:50 (Pop-up)
Holy McGrail  Raw Power   Favoriting Raw Power Suite 
*   2:08:58 (Pop-up)
Made in Mexico  Guerillaton   Favoriting Title Track    *   2:12:47 (Pop-up)
Wavves  Loser Year   Favoriting Wavves 
*   2:17:08 (Pop-up)
Helicoid 0222 MB  No! I Know!!   Favoriting Elle Shock!      2:20:35 (Pop-up)
The Night Air  Wind up the Willows   Favoriting The Best of The Night Air Vol. 1 
*   2:31:36 (Pop-up)
Zephyr Nova  Oversized Gadget Laden, Gas etc etc   Favoriting The Box      2:38:39 (Pop-up)
DJ Donna Summer  Screaming Divas   Favoriting Panther Tracks 
*   2:40:16 (Pop-up)
Elakelaiset  Ona Vaan   Favoriting Humppaelamaa      2:44:53 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
  2:56:47 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am JJZ:

Good morning.
  9:02am listener mark:

Good Morning Ken
Good Morning All
  9:02am cribley:

Good corn weenie to you.
  9:02am jan:

well,corn weenie I'am awake now. gonna eat some oats, though
  9:02am annie:

aarrggghhh, say it!
  9:02am Lizardner Dave:

Mornin'. I am already bummed that I will have to stop listening at 11am to go to a meeting. I hate work, but in this economy I guess it's better than not working. Really really.
  9:04am Ken:

Good morning. I'm not being sarcastic.
  9:04am Vicki:

afternoon. no, really it is
  9:04am Parq:

I am surely going to hell, as I don't believe in hating my parents' drunken witchcraft.
  9:06am Swami:

Ken, Are you sure it is morning? I hear heroin really messes with the whole time awareness thing.
  9:06am Negator:

Reading my mind (again), Ken! I miss summer, too. I am also weak and afraid. Good Morning!
  9:07am Ken:

Need more corn Weenie Remixes. Vicki, I'm looking at you:
  9:07am Lizardner Dave:

Ken was on heroin over the weekend. He's past that now. Really really.
  9:07am Vicki:

oh blimey. when's the deadline?
  9:08am Ken:

Next week.
  9:09am John from Oslo:

Yep, afternoon, just like in Vickiland. We are so backwards here.
Still - we love you Ken.
  9:09am Vicki:

awight then
  9:11am Lizardner Dave:

  9:11am detroitdave:

Ken, I believe the show will be far more successful if you were to "pass out" some of this mind altering medication for us to "experiment" with
  9:12am Andy in Berlin:

you have my cousin Dan back up on the "greetings from WFMU" box again. (the lead ape in 2001 - a couple of times removed actually)
  9:14am Bad Ronald:

Monkees is the craziest people!
  9:16am Joe:

I've just discovered I can listen to WFMU in my Biology class. All is lost...
  9:18am Ken:

Thank God, a 6 minute song!!
  9:20am Rooster:

Babies are our favoritest food.
  9:22am jan:

show's working great today!
  9:22am Ike:

Those bastards at that OTHER station were playing "Take Another Little Piece of My Heart" on my clock radio this morning. UGH. So burnt out. Thanks for wiping that earworm out of my head!
  9:24am paul:

oh my god, i havent listened to royal astronomy in ages. totally underrated album
  9:25am dei xhrist:

perfect audio accompaniment to editing quarterly manufacturing yields in Excel. WFMU+business=happi woikerz.
  9:25am Ike:

µ-Ziq! YES!
  9:25am tim:

music to take drugs to whilst listening to music to take drugs to after making music not to take drugs to
  9:31am Ghengis Jung:

I plan on turning my remix in at the very last minute...
  9:38am Bill Stickers:

I was framed!
  9:41am Cupcake Dog:

miss me?
  9:43am -max-:

CORN WEENIE! I am saying it!!!
  9:46am jan:

this Larry Tape is very spooky- can you call Larry?
  9:46am Parq:

Interesting. I didn't know Larry could do rising inflection.
  9:47am annie:

aawwwww. poor larry,
  9:48am hans from norway:

haha.. this stuff is great!!
  9:49am Ghengis Jung:

  9:49am detroitdave:

the question was never answered........DOES KEN MAKE PIES??
  9:49am Lizardner Dave:

Larry, Ken lives at 30 Webster Avenue in Kearny except his secret name there is "X Ray Burns".
  9:49am negator:

Ken! Get outta there! Larry's on his way!
  9:50am paul:

senor ding-dong
  9:50am lee:

This song makes corn weenie cry.
  9:50am John from Oslo:

I'm happy there is an ocean between me and Larry!
  9:50am Negator:

Lizardner Dave
Good thinkin' sending him to X Ray.
  9:51am jan:

aww ken, you have duped us. the first tapes are taped from the caller's
phone. But the last is taped from the cute girl's phone. Such emotional
involvement only to be made into a joke. Do we believe that there is a larry or is this a creative license of yours? I say come clean on Oprah's
  9:52am Parq:

The pic accompanying the German Carpenters has me stopped dead in my tracks.
  9:53am Cecile:

Yeah, and do it on the day she gives out all the swag. And get me a seat.
  9:54am deix:

Larry is so hysterical, that my womb has become unhinged. I know about these things, because I am a doctor. A doctor of medicine.
  9:54am Ken:

Actually Jan, I was sitting right next to my daughter when Larry called, so I can assure you that it wasn't taped from our phone. She covered for me and we quickly ran out the door to see Mall Cop, the most popular movie in America. It was a laugh riot and well worth the price of admission.
  9:54am Cecile:

wow, Parq, you ain't kidding. *shudder*
  9:54am BSI:

Ken: BSI's corn weenie megamix will be at you sunday! Promise! I'm getting the entire nation involved. go shave the baby....
  9:55am Cecile:

so Mall Cop was good? I was wondering about that one.
  9:56am Ken:

Just because you can shave the baby doesn't mean you should. But I look forward to your remix BSI.

Cecile, I actually didn't see it, I was nodding out during the whole thing. But I vaguely recall people laughing.
  9:57am Cecile:

Ahhh, I get it - I'll wait for it to show up on Comedy Central on a Saturrday afternoon 4 years from now.
  9:58am annie:

hey, what's with the potato chips? and why are they not included in the chart?
  9:59am jan:

don't mean to belabor the point, sir, but how does the tape continue to record the cute girl's voice after Larry, who presumably made all the tapes of the previous calls, hangs up his phone and the girl keeps talking Explain that! A million little pieces, indeed.
  10:00am Doug from DC:

Yeah, where's the chocolate?
  10:00am Mark:

I find the concept of Kevin James being funny highly dubious
  10:01am Freddy Chopaho:

What's up guys, just sending in a comment letting you all know that everyone at West Orange Plumbing Supply Loves the Show, Oh we Love It. We do We LOVE IT.
  10:02am Ken:

Mark, It's actually a really enjoyable movie, if you shoot up first.
  10:04am Freddy:

I'll admit that I am not a Kevin James fan, but the movie was good.
  10:04am Swami:

I find the reality of Kevin James sadly concrete.
  10:05am Mark:

hence the nodding out
  10:07am Freddy:

All he really is a a replacement for Chris Farley, Hollywood needs a funny fat guy that does pyshical comedy
  10:08am fatty jubbo:

damn- I missed Larry's audio letter.
  10:08am Mark:

But Chris Farley could be funny, Kevin James not so much
  10:10am annie:

hey no advertising!!!
  10:11am Vicki:

this is what fmu could be like...
  10:11am Vivian:

If we mention Ken Freedman, do we get a 10% at West Orange Plumbing Supply?
  10:12am Feddy:

Hey Ken, thanks so much for the shout out. That just made my day man thanks
  10:13am Freddy:

Vivian, I'll give you 10% off if you mention Ken Freedman
  10:13am BSI:

General Motors was the awesomenest of the musical stock-charts.
kaboom, baby. kaboom.
  10:14am ~L:

Stand by your hardware man! Isn't that a song?
  10:15am Doug from DC:

When it gets to October, there is an abrupt change to minor key, then it goes into the funeral march.
  10:16am Vicki:

wow, this is the best use of songsmith so far.
  10:16am Ken:

How do I resize that Bank of America image within the html? Can somebody who knows html give me the code? Its too big. It needs to be 270 pixels wide.
  10:19am JCityJensen:

someone is meddling with the primal forces of nature.....
  10:19am Vicki:

here it is at 270, Ken
  10:24am Ken:

Thanks Vicki!!
  10:25am Lizardner Dave:

Hey you, hey yoooooooooo!
  10:25am Vicki:

did you notice how fast I just did that?
  10:26am The Log Lady:

Vicki's in the future, of course she'd be quicker than the rest of us
  10:27am Vicki:

it's the afternoon here already, I'm listening to Kenny's show
  10:28am Listener Dave from NH:

CSS has max-width and max-height elements that can be applied to images that ostensibly do what they sound like they do (set maximum width/height on elements). You'd need to edit the playlist's HTML template and add them in to make that happen though.
Good times, good times.
  10:30am -max-:

Ken, will Larry be attending your 50th birthday bash/roast?
  10:32am Ken:

Yes, Larry will be there. I hope you all will be there too - a week from tonight at Maxwells is my birthday party/ Also will be at Maxwells for a live broadcast tonight too.
  10:32am Parq:

"It's actually a really enjoyable movie, if you shoot up first." - that sentence could put 90% of the mass media movie critics out of business.
  10:35am Matt Foley:

  10:35am Negator:

Ken and everyone, would you rather fight Shaft or Action Jackson?
  10:35am Ghost of Isaac:

You can also Shaft the to speak.
  10:37am John from Oslo:

Purdie is DA MAN! Check out the Purdie Shuffle
  10:37am BSI:

I'd rather see Action Jackson hovering a plate of cupcakes in front of Shaft's hypnotized gaze. wakawakawaka....
  10:37am Cecile:

I'd rather fight Undercover Brother.
  10:38am Cupcake Dog:

I'm with BSI.
  10:39am still b/p:

If Tom Arnold and Kevin James played the same character in alternating scenes in the same movie, would it make a difference worth noticing?

And...oooh, I'd fight Coffy.
  10:39am Bad Ronald:

I'd rather shave the baby.
  10:40am Cecile:

Still b/p - only if it were a tag team with Dolomite.
  10:40am GP:

Morning all...late start today
Vicki, are you digging (literally) the snow?
  10:41am Vicki:

what a dreadful version of Careless Whisper

no, we bury the snow here
  10:41am still b/p:

Mmh..Outfits for the match be bad!
  10:42am Bill Stickers:

  10:43am Cecile:

Yes, you'll need sunglasses to fight because the bling will be all that as the kids say.
  10:43am Freddy:

Man I would fight Dolamite
  10:43am Negator:

Rather fight Shaft. Carl Weathers is waaaay more diesel than Richard Rountree, plus he's got the flame thrower ("how do you like your ribs?"). He might have some trouble moving in those leather pants though.
  10:44am Cecile:

And, if Arrested Development has taught us nothing, he is very thrifty.
  10:46am Listener Dave from NH:

Is getting espresso with Shaft at Cafe Reggio instead of getting my ass beat by aged movie stars not an option?
  10:47am Freddy:

I would team with Bill Duke, and take on Carl Weathers, Shaft, Sam Jackson as Shaft, and Dolamite, and Superfly
  10:47am Cecile:

Listener Dave, I think that's a great alternative. I would like to talk to Richard Roundtree (Shaft) about his brave decision to come public with his battle with male breast cancer.
  10:48am BSI:

my disc-jockey has been disposed of? what?
  10:51am AnAnonymousParty:

Quick, somebody put another nickel in the radio!
  10:51am Hank Williams II:

Play my Republican convention know you want it..
  10:52am Cecile:

Freddy, what about Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Hush up Bocephus.
  10:53am jk:

how do you know Shaquille O'Neal
  10:56am 'Neth:

Indisposition has yielded to full presence!
  10:56am fishmonkeystew:

Ah, a muffin muncher, as it is known in the trades. Pleasant, no?
  10:56am Sean Daily:

Hello... Ken.

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  10:56am Freddy:

Yeah, Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, or David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury
  10:58am not Larry:

Will they give me the discount if I do not buy anything? And if I buy something when will I get the check for the ten percent? and will there be cupcakes?
  11:00am Freddy:

By the way, if anyone does come into West Orange Plumbing Supply and mention that you hear us on WFMU you ge 10% off, and if you don't want to buy anything you can hang out with us and listen to WFMU
  11:00am Vicki:

Here Come The Harvest Buns - Danielle Dax
  11:00am Cecile:

I want to be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  11:01am BSI:

THAT'S the ticket!

I wanna see Dolemite (or better yet, Petey Wheatstraw) beating the sheepsh*t out of David Hasselhoff for an audience of bloodthirsty New Jersey sewage inspectors...
  11:01am Freddy:

Me too Cecile, me too
  11:06am still b/p:

Me and Barack fought Jimmie Walker and Frankie Lyman once, and almost won.
  11:11am AnAnonymousParty:

Why is no one calling for the impeachment of Bill Stickers?
  11:12am Mark:

Sounds like when there used to too much dust on record needle
  11:14am The Log Lady:

May we have some suggestions on how to modify that "More Bible" sign? My recommendation is MORE BARN.
  11:15am Bad Ronald:

Wow, this kid is high!!!
  11:15am Freddy:

Still b/p, you gonna watch that Frankie Lymon, if you mess with him you mess with the teenagers
  11:16am annie:

does this mean that jesus made a change of address and now does remote healing?
  11:16am Mark:

More bile
  11:17am GP:

More Smile
  11:17am Freddy:

More Cowbell
  11:18am Bad Ronald:

Jesus Shaves Baby!!!
  11:18am Barry Manilow:

More Drivel.
  11:18am GP:

More Jell-O
  11:18am Amatoly:

More Braxton
  11:19am GP:

Bad ROn..I think you win! LOL
  11:19am Vicki:

More Notices
  11:19am Freddy:

I gotta feva and the cure to the feva is....
  11:20am Ken:

The middle sign should really say: "West Orange Plumbing Supply"
  11:20am 'Neth:

More "S'mores"
  11:21am Bruce Dickenson:

Stop using my line Freddy
  11:21am Freddy:

For short people just call us W.O.P.S
  11:22am Freddy:

Sorry Bruce
  11:22am Jeff M:

Run, little girl, run! Get away from the JELL-O Clown!
  11:22am BSI:

Jell-O Clown needs a doodie-change.
  11:23am cribley:

The women felt Wilson "disrespected" them and beat and stomped him in a courtyard, Snow said. One woman stabbed him with a knife, then handed the weapon to another woman, who repeatedly stabbed him, Snow said.
  11:24am AnAnonymousParty:

This is one of those rare cases where there's NOT room for jell-o.
  11:31am cribley:

Hey Ken, if you go wait in line for some cash, I'll split it with you 60/40.
  11:33am Toad:

Come I'll show you the WORLD!!
  11:35am Mrs McGuigan:

could somebody phone me please?
  11:36am AnAnonymousParty:

If 2nd place wins a rocket chair, what does 1st place get?
  11:36am Mrs McGuigan:

it's about the dog
  11:37am annie:

i think that this is the best part of the movie
  11:37am AnAnonymousParty:

Dave: "Open the pod bay door, Hal."
HAL: "Dave's not here!"
  11:38am Sean Daily:

I want one of those stress pills that HAL was talking about. They sound like they ROCK.

"Dude! You killed my crew! You tried to kill ME! Just lemme take this stress pill before I disconnect you higher brain functions and WHOOOOA it's cool, man."
  11:38am Parq:

Anon, 1st place was a nuclear rocket chair. Or nucular, as we say in America. And anyone else think this 2001 excerpt just doesn't sound right without a chimpanzie's chattering mixed in?
  11:38am BSI:

Mrs. McWiggam needs a cupcake.
  11:38am Jeff M:

Hey, is this on the FM Radio Baghdad Hit Parade?
  11:40am Glenn L:

I repeat, for the first time.
  11:43am Fart Chair:

ready, LAUNCH!
  11:45am Grandma Phyllis:

Don't steal my joke!
  11:46am NS Andy:

Viva HummpaH!!!!
  11:46am Korpiklaani:

Why are you avoiding us?
  11:47am -max-:

Ah, nothing like a little Humppa before lunch!
  11:47am America:

I like Winnie the Pooh better than Wind in the Willows because it's cuter. I love Pooh's red sweater. And Tigger sounds like Knucklehead Smith!
  11:48am annie:

see, cecile; i told you life begins at 50!!
  11:49am fishmonkeystew:

Yay, Humppa! Since discovering Humppa here on WFMU, I've successful driven my wife nuts at least 3 times in the last week. Woohoo!

Good thing she loves me.
  11:51am annie:

FMS- my SO is only here every two weeks and he loves quiet. i have to play the radio very lowly... good thing he's only here for the weekends....
  11:52am David Lee Roth:

Yay, me! Whooooo!
  11:52am Cecile:

hey, can you remix a song with GarageBand?
  11:53am Diamon Dave:

  11:54am Parq:

Annie - one word: headphones.
  11:56am hehe, great idea. then we can be even....:

he is deaf in one ear and 20-20 in the other...
  11:56am yad:

David Lee again? He does go pretty well with Copeland.
  11:58am cribley:

wow, it's amazing how great classical music sounds after your show, ken.
  11:58am SeanG:

Did I just hear zatumba?
  12:01pm fishmonkeystew:


I'm pretty lucky. Mrs. FMS is often the one that turns me onto odd music. She discovered U.S. Girls and the Bran Flakes before me, as well as multiple bands from Europe. She's just not into the insanely happy stuff. I'm a pretty big early They Might Be Giants fan, which she compared to Elakelaiset just the other day.
  12:02pm annie:

my other still loves 50s and 60s....
  12:02pm annie:

my other still loves 50s and 60s....
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