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Artist Title Approx. start time
Small Faces  Watcha Gonna do About It   Favoriting 0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Rex Garvin  Sock It To Em J.B. Part 1   Favoriting 0:03:40 Pop-up)  
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels  Little Latin Lupe Lu   Favoriting 0:04:05 Pop-up)  
Bobby Patterson  TCB or TYA   Favoriting 0:08:13 Pop-up)  
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts  Roadrunner   Favoriting 0:10:38 Pop-up)  
Hi-Risers  One-Note Joe   Favoriting 0:13:25 Pop-up)  
Stooges  Real Cool Time (alternate take)   Favoriting 0:22:15 Pop-up)  
Stooges  1969   Favoriting 0:24:18 Pop-up)  
Cramps  The Crusher   Favoriting 0:29:09 Pop-up)  
Bobby Comstock  Let's Stomp   Favoriting 0:29:56 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'   Favoriting 0:42:25 Pop-up)  
Dimensions  Yesterday's Love   Favoriting 0:43:54 Pop-up)  
Corky Jones  Rhythm and Booze   Favoriting 0:56:51 Pop-up)  
Neil Young and Crazy Horse  Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze   Favoriting 0:59:20 Pop-up)  
Neil Young  Get Back To the Country   Favoriting 1:02:38 Pop-up)  
Jerry Reed  When I Found You   Favoriting 1:11:03 Pop-up)  
Don and Dewey  Farmer John   Favoriting 1:13:12 Pop-up)  
Eddie Holland  Leaving Here   Favoriting 1:15:59 Pop-up)  
Black Hollies  Paisley Pattern Ground   Favoriting 1:29:18 Pop-up)  
King Kahn and the Shrines  Welfare Bread   Favoriting 1:31:16 Pop-up)  
Undertones  Teenage Kicks   Favoriting 1:37:31 Pop-up)  
Bobby Fuller  Shakedown   Favoriting 1:40:17 Pop-up)  
Knickerbockers  They Ran For Their Lives   Favoriting 1:52:49 Pop-up)  
Fleshtones  Never Grew Up   Favoriting 1:53:48 Pop-up)  
Replacements  Color Me Impressed   Favoriting 1:56:12 Pop-up)  
Fire  Father's Name Was Dad   Favoriting 1:59:08 Pop-up)  
Gary U.S. Bonds  New Orleans   Favoriting 2:01:12 Pop-up)  
Nick Lowe  Heart of the City   Favoriting 2:16:10 Pop-up)  
Nick Lowe  Marie Provost   Favoriting 2:17:37 Pop-up)  
Joe Jeffrey Group  My Pledge of Love   Favoriting 2:18:54 Pop-up)  
Nick Lowe  So It Goes   Favoriting 2:21:52 Pop-up)  
Neil Young  Bookstore Rap   Favoriting 2:31:33 Pop-up)  
Neil Young and Crazy Horse  Opera Star   Favoriting 2:37:32 Pop-up)  
Liverpool 5  Heart   Favoriting 2:40:59 Pop-up)  
Nerves  Hangin On The Telephone   Favoriting 2:45:57 Pop-up)  
Patrice holloway  Do the Del Viking   Favoriting 2:53:29 Pop-up)  
Sonics  Psycho   Favoriting 2:53:12 Pop-up)  
Chants R&B  Neighbour Neighbour   Favoriting 2:56:17 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:07pm Cecile:

Hi and bye! Got a boring meeting, keep the rock goin' lads.
  12:08pm GP:

a funkusoularific opening Joe Belock...wow!!
  12:08pm Parq:

I love ya, guys. I got nothing left to pledge, but I do love ya.
  12:08pm The Man:

I do not profit from this. Therefore I hate it.
  12:08pm Dave B.:

Thanks for getting me thru another day.
  12:09pm Joe B:

First prize - pledge of 15 or more - The Stooges s/t 2CD reissue on Rhino. Double CD. do it for Ron Ashton!!!!
  12:10pm annie:

i just had a world tour of the donation locations.. wow.. great map!!
  12:14pm JoeSteele:

Holy Crap Joe, I thought I was done, but you just got more of my money.
  12:16pm GP:

Gotta spread the love next pledge season. Jason and Trouble took all of mine.
  12:16pm jahna:

  12:17pm Pearly Sweets:

You've got the whole barn shakin'. The kids in the back have the boog-a-loo fever and I think there is a good chance the soft-shoe might infect us all!
  12:18pm GP:

I want to pick up my guitar....and I don't even know how to play...but I ccould hit that note......wowowowowowowow! what a start to the party!
  12:20pm Rubble:

Give whether or not you have the money now. It'll come. Generosity is the best way to attract cash. Seriously!
  12:21pm The Man:

If you dont pledge, then I win! Ha Ha!
  12:21pm mike:

i think i have a crush on toddophonic todd
  12:23pm SmokinJ:

I fuckin' love ya' man...
  12:29pm Greg G from DC:

I am my boss and I'm never sure that I'm working, but I've had to change my pants twice already after hearing Mitch Ryder and now Iggy!!!!
  12:30pm SmokinJ:

Hang on Greg.. It gets mo' better!
  12:31pm Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  12:31pm dc pat:

The CRUSHER!!! Oh no..where's my wallet?....
  12:32pm Pearly Sweets:

Sean, you've really be slacking this week,.
  12:33pm fuzzco:

Is Joe even there today?
  12:34pm Ambrose Wolfinger:

I've been saving this money for a divorce, if ever I get a husband.
  12:38pm SmokinJ:

At least he'll know what's comin' Ambrose :)
  12:40pm The Man:

Not pledging? Bwah Ha Ha!
  12:40pm Joe B:

Pledge $15 nowto get in the running for Holmoes - Free the Preacher CD or the Allen Oldies Band - Ride the Wild Surf CD AND T-shirt!
  12:41pm Joe B:

should read Holmes
  12:44pm Andy:

Todd, Marquette MI is in da U.P. eh? Marquette university is in Milwaukee WI Keep on Rocking!!!!
  12:46pm fuzzco:

Todd sure does a good job of filling up those boring parts of songs where the music is playing.
  12:53pm cynthia:

Keep your hands off my man Bill Dolan!!
  12:55pm G:

Running out to go to an appointment, but real quick --

Mouse pledged last week and "sponsored" JB on the flickr site. No, fuzzco, in case you're wondering -- it isn't true that I therefore have JB in my closet to do command performances --

Will be listening lo-fi and lo-tech in the car (as quite a bit of the show's music was originally designed for, lmao)
  12:55pm PMD:

Hey - phone people can't hear when you call to pledge!
  12:56pm PMD:

Ooooooh... just experienced the delay! just heard on the radio what I heard in the background when I called to pledge...
  1:01pm Joe B:

Corky Jones -is Buck Owens. Pledge of 15 or more you are in the running for the great comps Country Goes Rock and Roll, Volumes 1 or 3
  1:02pm annie:

ok, just started a coin collection for next year in my "loose change" jar.
  1:02pm rubble:

thanks for adopting Joe Greg D!
  1:02pm Joe B:

Pledge 75 or more - in the running for the grand prize - Neil Young 6-pack: Sugar Mountain live, Massey Hall live; On the Beach, Reactor, Old Ways, Hawks and Doves Cds. That same 75 gets you the premium Garden State of Confusion: 25 great New Jersey 60s gems!
  1:05pm ?:

I can pledge. But don't call me shirley!
  1:08pm Mopar Larry:

If it wasn't for you, i wouldn't have found about about the earblistering goodness of the Hi-Risers! here's some drnking money. The MAN's lousy comuter won't let me listen at work.. wahh!
  1:09pm fuzzco:

Joe Belock in your closet? Talk about an angry monkey!
  1:14pm moparlarry:

shut up. Meg!
  1:20pm ferfudgesake:

  1:20pm ?:

ghhkkk lor josh
  1:22pm fuzzco:

Put your money where Todd-o-Phonic Todd's mouth is!
  1:22pm Onid:

Don't ever stop talking over the music.
  1:24pm dc pat:

ah, Lititz, PA, right next to Bird In Hand, and Intercourse, PA...no shit.
  1:25pm TG:

I would like an entire show of Joe verbally turning listeners upside down and shaking the change from their pockets with a little music in the background.
  1:28pm The Man:

Yessir, tune into my new Top 40 station!
  1:30pm Rob F.:

Keep up the great work Joe.
  1:32pm Joe B:

current prizes - Black Hollies - Casting Shadows CD or King Kahn and the Shrines - The Supreme Genius of ...
Pledge of 15 or more gets you in the running!!!!
  1:34pm Cramton Bently, III:

Todd-o-Phonic Todd is in charge of the hoo-hoo-dillies and the tappa-tappa-tap-taps!
  1:37pm Carmichael:

King Khan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is my new personal hero.
  1:37pm The Man:

Working for ME, Todd!
  1:39pm Muckity Muck Jr.:

Todd-o-Phonic Todd keeps being held down! You motherfuckers need to let that man be! Todd is going to crush you all with his size 12s! GET READY FOR IT, FUCKERS!
  1:39pm The Man:

Don't listen to him! Get back to work. Arg!
  1:39pm Mudcat:

Todd, did you ever read "Old Yeller" when you were a kid?
  1:40pm dc pat:

  1:43pm Carmichael:

The Undertones, jaysis! Are you in my childhood, Todd? Play some Stiff Little Fingers and you'll have raped my brain completely.
  1:44pm fuzzco:

Shakedown? I just KNOW Jumpy is bothering some chick in the phone room and telling her about his rock and roll murder mystery novel - right now!
  1:44pm Boss Appreciation Day:

Thanks guys! ... you still get no raises.
  1:47pm fuzzco66:

The People's Chump!!!
  1:47pm The Man:

Thats right, back under my thumb where you belong, everybody.
  1:47pm Carmichael:

God Dammit, I wanted the King Khan CD. Tell me how, Todd and Joe.
  1:54pm Rob F.:

Excellent Knickerbockers track. Good Choice.
  1:55pm Joe B:

Pledge 15 now to get in the runnin for the Fleshtones - Take a Good Look CD or the Replacements - Hootenanny reissue!
  2:13pm The Man:

Now you're talking Todd. More power to me!
  2:15pm Topkat:

...another RAWK-US show! I had a windfall of sorts with a $30 win on a scratch-off ticket! I can do another $25 to Three Chord Monte on top of last weeks pledge and $5 for more lotto's. Pledge NOW if you have not yet done so!!! WOOO-HHHOOOO....WOW, did I just win the Fleshtones CD??? I am sssoooo lucky today!!!!!
  2:18pm Joe B:

Curent prize - pledge of 15 or more to get in the drawing - Nick Lowe brand new 2CD best-of - Quiet Please!
  2:20pm The Man:

I've got it. But you won't take my money. Damn you.
  2:20pm jahna:

If I could, I would pledge again to win this Nick Lowe set. Damn! And, you're playing one of my all-time favorite songs! Go Joe!
  2:22pm Rob F.:

I hope I win the Nick Lowe best-of!
  2:27pm Pearly Sweets:

Can you play Soupy's "The Mouse"?
  2:28pm The Man:

Yeah well I'm not too fond of most of you either. Why do you think I'm trying to keep you down?
  2:31pm advocate:

700 is only 58 and change a month.. When you put it that way...
  2:34pm Joe B:

Current prize - pledge of 15 or more - The Best of the Liverpool 5 or The Nerves - One Way Ticket CDs!
  2:34pm annie:

ok, guys good luck the rest of the day and tomorrow am . not gonna be around. i'll be spreadin the word. good luck!!!
  2:35pm Joe B:

Neil Young - Live at Canterbury House - part of our grand prize! Pledge of 75 or more gets you in the running!
  2:42pm BZ:

Fat Burger stand up!!
  2:44pm Hugo:

That "Heart of the City" was the first single out on Stiff Records. Great stuff!

They came up with some memorable slogans:

"In ''78 everyone born in '45 will be 33-1/3"

"If they're dead, we'll sign them"

"When You Kill Time, You Murder Success"

Not to speak of this one:

"If It Ain't Stiff, It Ain't Worth a Fuck"
  2:51pm Frank:

Yeah, Joe! Thanks for the Nerves track. The Above loves Three Chord Monte!
  2:54pm The Man:

  2:54pm Joe B:

last two prizes - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 1 and Chants R&B! Pledge 15 or more to get in the running!
  3:00pm David Shortell:

I just realized I called the main number when I pledged, Joe. Sorry! Anyway, FYI, the Ribeye Brothers are playing Otto's Shrunken Head Friday.
  3:10pm Rubble:

Good job Joe!
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