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Playlist for 18 March 2009 Favoriting | Marathon Love Hangover Edition 2009 - Tribute to AIG!

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
Sly and the Family Stone  Thank You (Fallettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)   Favoriting     0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Johnny Moore & Col Tex Herring  Sold To The Highest Bidder   Favoriting Plantation Gold: The Mad Genius of Shelby S SIngleton  *   0:07:53 (Pop-up)
Roberto Blandon  El Sueno Imposible   Favoriting     0:12:27 (Pop-up)
Ghengis Jung  Now You Can Sing The Song   Favoriting     0:14:11 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  Smear It   Favoriting Jet Ear Party  *   0:18:55 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  Gripped   Favoriting Jet Ear Party  *   0:25:11 (Pop-up)
Comelade, Bastien, Berrocal, Liebezeit  Rock and Roll Station   Favoriting Oblique Sessions    0:40:25 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Ha Ha Ha   Favoriting Sex Bomb Baby    0:45:07 (Pop-up)
Funkadelic  Free your mind and your ass will follow   Favoriting     0:49:28 (Pop-up)
Brainticket  Black Sand   Favoriting Cottonwoodhill    0:58:47 (Pop-up)
Volker Kriegel  Zoom   Favoriting     1:01:51 (Pop-up)
Nurse With Wound / Stereolab  Simple Headphone Mind   Favoriting     1:09:24 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Tomorrow Belongs To Me   Favoriting     1:26:18 (Pop-up)
Fugazi  Waiting Room   Favoriting     1:29:06 (Pop-up)
Helge Schneider & The Firefuckers  Whispering   Favoriting Eiersalat In Rock    1:32:10 (Pop-up)
Elakelaiset  Tajuton Humppa   Favoriting     1:34:11 (Pop-up)
j.o.y.  sunplus (DFA remix)   Favoriting     1:39:10 (Pop-up)
tATu  White Robe (Russian version)   Favoriting     1:43:23 (Pop-up)
John  Corn Weenie Cyrus Mix   Favoriting     1:46:38 (Pop-up)
  Komm Zu Mir   Run Lola Run    1:59:32 (Pop-up)
Das Bierbeben  Wie Ein Vogel   Favoriting Self Titled  *   2:02:43 (Pop-up)
Soap and Skin  Brother of Sleep   Favoriting Strikeroo  *   2:06:58 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  Thank You (Fallettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)   Favoriting Jet Ear Party  *   2:10:05 (Pop-up)
Roger Miller  King of The Road   Favoriting     2:27:09 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Get Ur Freak On   Favoriting     2:27:22 (Pop-up)
Flight of the Conchords  Ladies of the World   Favoriting     2:30:47 (Pop-up)
Michael Karoli & Polly Eltes  Deluge (The River)   Favoriting Deluge    2:34:47 (Pop-up)
Yen Memorial Artists  God Be With You Till We Meet Again   Favoriting     2:40:57 (Pop-up)
Jefferson Starbucks  We Built This Starbucks   Favoriting     2:46:58 (Pop-up)
In Extremo  Merseberger Zauberspruche   Favoriting     2:52:29 (Pop-up)
Parzival  1314   Favoriting     2:56:13 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am JJZ:

  9:01am Ghengis Jung:

Good Morning
  9:02am Parq:

Ken, what a thrill it was seeing the infamous Dell in action Sunday night.
  9:02am annie:

morning ken
  9:02am cribley:

Hail Zatumba.
  9:03am listener mark:

Good Morning Ken.
Good Morning All.
  9:04am JJZ:

This music is so hot I might be scalded if I don't wear protective clothing.
  9:08am dei xhrist:

yay! If I can't get Id M ThefT Able, Zatumba fits the bill right ready.
  9:09am Ken:

Hello everybody!! Thanks to all who pledged or helped!!
  9:09am texas scott:

good morning,Ken.
I was challenged earlier this week by several listeners...
They said that if I survived wednesday's shows,
I would be a true,die-hard wfmu fan.
So far,so good....
  9:09am cribley:

Wow, Ken. I think you found the opposite of Sly.
  9:09am amy:

ken, i have a dell laptop that is yours for the destroying if you want it...
  9:11am Lizardner Dave:

Good morning all.
  9:12am annie:

scott, hold on..... you ain't seen nuthin yet
  9:12am NEGATOR:

Ken, you're on! I would give a testicle to this station if I could afford it (accident). You are my favorite DJ of all-time! Keep up the great effort and I'll keep giving back. Even with your back problem, nausea, kitty tranquilizer addiction (Tramadol), badly needing to urinate bladder (lake show), Shitty Dell equipment, etc......
  9:14am BSI:

This Blandon track is hauntingly close to Bonzo Dog Band's "my pink half of the drainpipe"... or is it that the coffee hasn't kicked in yet?
  9:15am Happy Listener:

Glad to hear that the marrathon went well, Ken! Thanks for all the great shows.
  9:15am Ken:

Dell / Tascam in the house! Thanks to Mark Slaughter for figuring out the audio problem in time for the marathon - save my ass!!
  9:16am Bäd R☺nald:

Morning folks.

"my pink half..." is hilarious BSI!
  9:17am Unclear on the concept:

I liked that song from "Man of La Mancha" sung in Spanish. Hey, I've got a cool idea! What if we did a production of the show where the whole story is *set* in Spain?
  9:17am gigantor:

This may be the best Corn Weenie yet!
  9:19am Ken:

Unclear on the Concept, that's completely insane! Man of La Mancha is set on 47th Street!
  9:19am annie:

i'd love to see a remix of the taped excerpts from o'reilly's book "those who trespass"
  9:20am listener mark:

90.1 is off the air!!!!!
  9:20am Lizardner Dave:

Will "The Larry Tapes" ever be available for purchase? Seriously, I'd kick in an extra fifteen bucks on top of what I pledged for a copy. Don't even need the keychain.
  9:24am annie:

wow. that was quick!!
  9:24am Ken:

90.1 is off the air?! I think we'll be hearing a lot more Jonathan Kane while I look into it. Shite!
  9:26am PMD:

Ken, morning. and, oh, go to hell.
  9:30am Ken:

OK 90.1 is back on the air. That's two T1s down in three days! It's all AIG's fault!!! Who hates AIG?!!!
  9:32am annie:

ok, i'll bite... i do!
  9:32am -max-:

Morning Ken, Sweden, Zatumba, et al...
Still working on photos from the finale. I did get a shot of the infamous wardrobe malfunction. I'll clear that one with you, Ken, before I post it.
Thank you to everyone who helped ensure that this miracle known as WFMU lives on!
  9:32am listener mark:

90.1 is back!!!!!
  9:33am Ghengis Jung:

  9:34am cribley:

AIG ate my peanut butter sandwich.
  9:34am texas scott:

  9:35am PMD:

AIG will burn in hell for sending fmu off the air.
I love how they're scared of LAWYERS... oh poor them... they'd be SUED if they didn't hand out millions of dollars...
  9:35am Jøe Steele:

How does Nicolas Cage keep getting work?
  9:35am JD:

AIG are demons, DEMONS!
  9:35am Ike:

AIG is also operating all those Caribbean and Haitian pirate radio stations that interfere with non-commercial stations. I hate AIG with the passion of a thousand fiery nuns!
  9:35am listener mark:

my brother was killed at the AIG hat factory!!
  9:35am triish:

hey, don't knock the reptiles and insects of this planet by making such a comparison!
  9:35am HotRod:

  9:36am Lizardner Dave:

AIG kicked my cats this morning
  9:36am Joshua K:

Humans rule, AIG can suck it.
  9:36am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG gave me crabs!!!!
  9:36am The Man:

I love AIG, screw you all.
  9:37am Listenerer David:

I throw my shoe at AIG
  9:37am BSI:

where's MY bonus? eh?
Until it arrives, AIG may continue to suckit.
  9:37am Ike:

Jøe Steele, AIG is making sure Nic Cage keeps getting hired.
  9:38am Ken From Hyde Park:

Know what? AIG makes me mad!
  9:38am dentron:

Just think of the bailout disasters that didn't get blown up by the media... AIG is just the tip. Sick.
  9:39am Pieter:

AIG will steal all our corn !
  9:39am Lizardner Dave:

  9:39am NEGATOR:

AIG is run by Mugwumps!
  9:39am gumby:

AIG is an Obama's MAMA!
  9:40am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG serves fried babies in it's cafeteria.
  9:40am dei x:

It's Madoff, deliberately, and personally because he is not a Woof Mooer.
  9:41am NEGATOR:

AIG is run by Mugwumps and talking assholes.
  9:41am Dei x:

Rilly, Ronald? I'm changing my lunch plans. Jetpool anyone?
  9:42am -max-:

Worse yet, the former head of AIG is suing AIG (which means us, the public, since we now own it!) because the shares he held went down in value. So many bastards....
  9:42am Jøe Steele:

I shoulda known.
  9:42am annie:

joke for st pat's day...
  9:43am texas scott:

A I G, branch of the SLEESTAK NATION!!!
  9:43am Joshua K:

I bet if you asked dave emory he could tell you how AIG is tied to the islamo-fascist neonazi milieu
  9:44am annie:

say millieu again, he loves that word. say it!!
  9:45am --johnny--:

AIG, foxnews and jesus can gargle my balls! AIG did 9/11!!!
  9:46am BSI:

mucous, please!
  9:47am Lizardner Dave:

  9:49am Ken:

Joshua- Dave Emory was on that 4 years ago! He knew what big meanies AIG were long before anybody else!
  9:50am jaypee:

Wait, was that a secret Bill O'Reilly creepy porn sample I just heard?
  9:51am NS Andy:

Wow- I just accidentally had a description of waterboarding running on Democracy Now while Flipper was playing. I thought that you were doing it.

Now I understand.
  9:51am annie:

jaypee it is taken from "those who trepass" his book...
  9:51am missinlink:

AIG->GAI->GAY. Homosexuality is the reason for the downfall of AIG and the reason BOBOMAMA is your presidente comrades. WATCH FOXNEWS FOR THE TRUTH. I AM A SERIOUS GUY.
  9:52am NEGATOR:

Listen to Free your mind... in one headphone speaker. Sounds very cool.
  9:52am Bäd R☺nald:

Obama Received a $101,332 Bonus from AIG:
  9:52am Joshua K:

Those Who Trespass: A Novel of Television and Murder (ISBN 0-7679-1381-7) is a 1998 novel by US television personality Bill O'Reilly.
The antagonist is a tall, "no-nonsense" television journalist named Shannon Michaels, described as the product of two Celtic parents, who is pushed out by Global News Network, and systematically murders the people who ruined his career.
  9:53am cribley:

missinlink: I detect latent conservatism in your sarcasm.
  9:53am jaypee:

Thank you annie, couldn't remember the name of his "book".
Ken, more Bill O'Reilly please, I crave general grossout and shivers.
  9:54am JCityJensen:

Morning Ken!
  9:54am Momager:

My sister went to Marist with O'Reilly. She said he was the douche who would pick out the tiniest, weakest, ugliest young freshman woman and make her the focus of his ridicule. His "douchedom" is inate - not a charater.
  9:55am annie:

frikkin conservatives are nasty people. every which way you look at it
  9:56am texas scott:

hey missinlink,don't dis the gays like that.
  9:56am Momager:

I don't know. I live in the Slope. There's nothing meaner than an angry hippie.
  9:58am potmanpaul:

...i should be so lucky! salutations ken, and boy are you popular today!
  9:58am texas scott:

free your ass and your mind will follow
  9:58am annie:

yeah, but we don't shy from OUR perversions. we embrace them!! just read the personals in utne reader sometime, boy are there some kinky hippies out there!
  9:59am PMD:

Kinky hippy. Isn't that redundant?
  9:59am Momager:

YO PdaP! DJ Mama here! How's the weather over there?
  10:00am Ghengis Jung:

  10:00am jaypee:

PMD, I think you're talking about stinky hippy, not kinky.
  10:00am missinlink:

  10:00am BSI:

Kranky Hippy, here.
psychedelic cynics represent!

...and yes, infinite thanks for the Brainticket...
  10:01am annie:

watch it PMD, i know where you live and i'll drive my vw microbus down there and plant pot seeds on your yard!!
  10:01am texas scott:

damn, might want to go with decaf next time.
  10:02am momager:

So true, so true. I am permanently scarred from seeing the naked hippies at the "tantric sex class" on HBO's "Real Sex" - nothing worse than naked, angry hippies.
  10:02am sugarwolf:

hey Momager, my mother went out with one of O'Reilly's Marist drinking buddies when she was at college, she said he was a jerk then, too.
  10:03am annie:

at least we wear our kinkiness and crankyness on our sleeve!! o'reilly has to hide it in "fiction"
  10:03am PMD:

annie, and who says that would be a bad thing?? you fell into my trap... hehaho
  10:03am Ken:

Missinlink speaks the truth! You can tell because he uses all caps.
  10:03am Lizardner Dave:

I'll say it again: put the Larry tapes in the WFMU store and I'm buyin'.
  10:04am postmanpaul:

dj mama mia!! you should bia over hia, it's a beautiful hot sunny spring morning. and if it carries on like this i'm heading for the beach!
  10:04am PMD:

Isn't stinky part of kinky? for some...
  10:04am annie:

PMD- your secret is out, no new book deals for you!
  10:05am momager:

to pdap: I used to live with this Irish guy who, upon walking outside to a warm, rainy day, would say, "Aaaah! It's a beautiful Irish summer day Let's head for the beach!"
  10:06am Momager:

missinlink: you talkin' bout Alec Baldwin?
  10:07am cribley:

sounds like mike rowe wants me to take my pants off.
  10:07am PMD:

32kmp3 was spitting and burping for me. I had to switch to 128k. I don't really understand how they are different except for the numbers...but I usually go with lower to have less drag on the work network... which may be nonsense...
  10:07am missinlink:

  10:08am postmanpaul: kind of irishman.
  10:08am jaypee:

missinklink, that's awesome. I love the JEWS and have a keen interest in DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND SHADOW GOVERNMENTS.
  10:09am momager:

missinlink: you forgot about the Scientologists and Mormons!
  10:09am missinlink:

meet me over at for more TRUTH and ENLIGHTENMENT
  10:09am The Man:

Puh-lease... I know the truth.
  10:09am stingy d:

i'm so tiled...
  10:09am Budgie:

Where's my present, Jerk?
  10:09am maria:

AIG execs should be forced to turn over 10 percent of their 'bonuses' to wfmu. can you imagine?
  10:10am annie:

check out that st pat's joke, it's a hoot!,, scroll up
  10:10am dave:

clear channel runs the country?
  10:10am jaypee:

Oh, missinglink is a freeper. It's all so clear now.
  10:11am Ken:

Missinlink - I dont believe you anymore. For some unknown reason you're just not as convincing as you used to be. I dont know what it is. I was right with you at first, but now... I dont know. It all kind of rings hollow.
  10:11am cribley:

hory clap, it is bill o. i may end up buying one of his books after all.
  10:11am Bäd R☺nald:

Hey Stingy thanks for the Class Set, it's nice!
  10:11am texas scott:

hey,Ken i think missinlink is a collective
  10:11am cribley:

nah, i'll go to the library.
  10:12am cheri:

hello everybody--this past sunday i became a godmother to my nephew....i'm very happy!!!
  10:12am mooose:

Hey, my favorite song!
  10:13am stingy d:

no problem ronald, i'm just glad that didn't get ignored!! cool!
  10:13am annie:

maybe guteneberg will deem "those who trespass" archives-worthy and get it online!!
  10:13am texas scott:

  10:13am cribley:

Apparently the audio book is abridged. I guess even He couldn't stand to read the whole thing.
  10:14am PodSean:

....LOVE this.
  10:14am BSI:

AIG just phoned in with a Mouse of Today Pledge!
oh, wait, can they do that?
  10:14am momager:

That's awesome news Cheri! But does that mean you have to promote Catholicism to the kid?
  10:15am stingy d:

so i joined twitter, and now i'm following you ken... muha muhaha muHahHAHAHCOUGHFCOUGH!!!!!!
  10:15am joshua K:

Could WFMU make use old web servers, like ones that are a generator or two behind? I wonder if my boss wants to get rid of any.
  10:16am Momager:

Great show Ken! Have a nice day everyone! Sick me has to take sick Johnny Cash to pediatrician!
  10:16am yakov:

in communist twitter, ken follows you.
  10:16am missinlink:

  10:17am stingy d:

hey get lost you commie creep!
  10:18am SYCOPHANT:

  10:18am annie:

What the HELL is twitter? and how can we get rid of it?
  10:18am dei x:

why do the jews control the media? because they're better at writing jokes.
  10:19am momager:

Well, as I said, on my way to Doctor to do just that!
  10:19am stingy d:

annie... i'm afraid it's going to be official. it appears to be like text messaging for the your community of friends and associates.
  10:20am n/a:

off with those pants
  10:20am eewww..:

do i have to?
  10:20am momager:

Sycophant: you sound an awful lot like KH - and if you're not in school, you're dead!
  10:21am Jøe Steele:

Does this mean you're gonna play Hanna Montana?
  10:21am jeremy, the listener:

what am i supposed to do once i have my pants off?
  10:21am Lizardner Dave:

Smell that? It's the smell of the comments stream being shut down.
  10:23am ~L:

Your daughter is so smart!!!
  10:24am randy:

you looked beautiful
  10:24am dc pat:

Ken! You can say "asshole"??
  10:25am PMD:

I want to hear the real flipper. You know, they call him FLIPPER, FLIPPER, he lives in a world full of wonder...
  10:25am Doug from DC:

Ken, Bob Iger's on the phone. He wants to know what you said to Nicholas Cage to make him so upset. He's locked himself in Studio B and won't come out.
  10:25am Parq:

Ken, you *didn't* look like an asshole, you looked -- oh god, how can I put it, RADIANT! I think you should seriously consider that look for the next time you have to meet with Auricle's mortgage lender
  10:25am Ghengis Jung:

Hooray for Ableton!
  10:26am missinglink:

i didn't post that last comment either - wait, which one DID i post?
  10:26am annie:

tell em about the other pipe, ken. say it!!
  10:27am sugarwolf:

Ken, I thought your necklace was very stunning.
  10:27am cribley:

no wait. THIS is the opposite of Sly.
  10:27am randy:

is this from cabaret?
  10:28am Reno:

Hey Ken, how about new call letters: WHOR
  10:28am Jøe Steele:

Maybe put Nic Cage on today instead of Kenny G ...see what happens.
  10:28am Hugo:

Undoubtedly the most ominous song of the "Cabaret" movie!
  10:28am Jess:

If tomorrow belongs to me, who does today belong to?
  10:28am Ken:

Missinlink, you were so much more charismatic and convincing at the start of the thread. What happened? We need strong conservative thinkers here. But you lost it! Get back on the good foot!
  10:28am Parq:

Ken, if this is from the movie, "Unknown" is Oliver Collignon. Hooray for IMDB.
  10:29am annie:

the scene itself was very scary
  10:30am dei x:

conspiracies are bunk. Just look at all the people around you who have been "trained". Still think a long term, multi layered, subtle plan of anything is possible? s'all chaos theory.
  10:30am Pearlÿ Sweets:

Best version of waiting room yet.
  10:30am mooose:

is there filming action round the station? i'll be passing by on my bike soon and will see!
  10:31am dc pat:

yay, Fugazi.
  10:31am BSI:

You're worrying me, Freedman. Fugazi without alterations?
  10:32am Doug from DC:

  10:33am dc pat:

it was altered a bit.
  10:34am dc pat:

did you guys ever hear Mambo Kurt's version of waiting room? hilarious.
  10:35am stingy d:

oh, so i went to eisenberg's... grilled cheese with bacon, fries. was right on target, grilled to perfection!
  10:35am Swami:

Walk me through this. . . major media outlets don't give us the clear transparent truth? When did that start?
  10:36am -max-:

Ah, Humppa!! That hits the spot!
  10:36am mooose:

These comments are weird today.
  10:36am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

I'd like to here some Anthony Braxton
  10:37am dc pät:

right on, thanks singy! I wonder if they have facon..
  10:37am joshua K:

I'd like to hear the soundtrack to paint your wagon
  10:38am annie:

oh, man, my speakers are dancin back and forth. i love it!
  10:38am bbell:

elakelaiset is fun to listen to on your iPod in the gym. It makes me smile on the treadmill.
  10:38am Bäd R☺nald:

Is this Making Plans for Nigel?
  10:38am dave:

gold fever
  10:38am dc pät:

I'm with FfWOPS
  10:39am stingy d:

parq might know, but they seemed like the type of guys that would look at you and go... just get without bacon.... and just stare at you some more
  10:39am HotRod:

  10:39am Parq:

Wow, these humppa lyrics are really disorienting. It took me half the song to place this melody.
  10:40am texas scott:

okay,i'll pick up where missinlink left off
Ken is a Disney whore!
  10:41am Hugo:

Always a fine selection of Helge Schneider concerts at Dime a Dozen for those of you familiar with bit torrents. Eiersalat = Eggsalad for your info. Not too sure about Elakelaiset, to be honest, but the Finns are something unto themselves (and incomprehensible to the rest of us Nordics, language-wise and otherwise).
  10:42am dc pät:

just kiddin' really...
  10:45am GP:

Mornign all..It must be a new record for comments. Don't have time to backtrack and read all, so excuse me for jumping in this pool.
  10:45am Bäd R☺nald:

  10:46am owen:

tatu RULE.
  10:46am Jessica:

Hej, Hugo. Hola, [h]everyone. Nothing like waking to the Flipper and the PFunk. I'm going to try and channel 1981-me for the rest of the day, see if I can't get something accomplished around here.
  10:46am Ken:

RStill over 100 away from the commenting record, so please blame more stuff on AIG, those inconsiderate but well intentioned one bad eggs!
  10:46am annie:

mornin gp, take the time to scroll up to the st pats joke,.... or not....
  10:47am GP:

Bad Ron..seems more like a cliff dive this morning ( correct spelling this time) !
  10:47am dc pät:

we can fill comments up with more grilled cheese talk..
  10:48am owen:

the drummer from my old (metal) band crashed his car at about 10 mph, cos he was drumming along to tatu too enthusiastically on the wheel...
  10:48am Parq:

Is that like "Can you count, suckers?", or is it "Can you count suckers?" You know, like one sucker, two suckers . . .
  10:48am Hugo:

M.A. Numminen doing Wittgenstein is ... er ... interesting. Looking at the pics from the fmu marathon final, there was someone actually sporting a Wittgenstein t-shirt. Huh??
  10:48am mooose:

I like mine with MARMITE
  10:49am GP:

M A R M I T E rules..especially on vanilla ice cream..yum
  10:49am Jess:

mmm Grilled cheese. Gots to be Alton Brown's instructions- some mozzarella, a little parm, and maybe a slice of tomato.
  10:50am Bäd R☺nald:

Clark, AIG peed on the sandwiches!
  10:50am Budgie:

Where's my present, suckers?
  10:50am jξrξmy, thξ listξnξr:

when i was in elementary school, i thought breaking a record in phys ed meant everyone standing around a garbage can while some kid actually broke a 45
  10:50am Jøe Steele:

Ha ha! Warriors.

How come I never see any members of the Baseball Furies running around?
  10:50am BSI:

Comment bulk is easy. But QUALITY comment bulk?
I, for one, refuse to get over cupcake dog. Seriously. It's a problem, I know.
  10:50am texas scott:

i like this show REALLYREALLY
  10:50am dei x:

AIG borrowed my tupperware and microwaved rancid spagetti in it
  10:52am -max-:

AIG killed the cupcake dog.
  10:52am GP:

Someone said this first on BoingBoing so I can't take credit for it but.......All the bonuses at AIG should be paid ONLY in AIG stock..if they want a better bonus, then WORK for it like everyone else. Stock price goes up = bonus.
  10:52am dc pät:

alton brown over-complicates everything but that does sound like a winner recipe. tomato slice is essential.
  10:53am B Z:

Not AIG hot dog, but AIG weenie... Like Coney Island.
  10:53am texas scott:

AIG ate my cornweenie.
  10:54am annie:

those grilled cheese use a stick of butter right?? and do they use a croque monsieur?
  10:54am Jess:

I knew it! Nick Cage is really a robot!
  10:55am dc pat:

you know what? probably take some shit for this but I use olive oil on my grilled cheeses.
  10:56am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG created ED.
  10:56am Glenn L:

Hey Texas Scott - stick around for Kenny G's show at noon.
It's the true test of the WFMU listener. If you want to hear
Chocolate City, check Kenny G's archives from just after the Pres election. He played over & over for 3 hours. His entire show. No kidding.
  10:56am Lizardner Dave:

AIG killed the radio star.
  10:56am maria:

AIG puked on my morrocan carpet
  10:56am Freddy:

Do you guys know that the Warriors remake takes place in L.A. and not New York
  10:56am GP:

Heh heh, scrolling up saw some reference to O'Reilly's book:
Check this out:

DANGER.naughty words there!
  10:56am Dentron:

AIG causes my bike tires to loose air pressure.
  10:56am G:

Woohoo, first time I ever hadda use "pause auto-update" to catch up with a five/ten-minute backlog accummulated while I was doing actual work in another window...
  10:56am Listener Dave from NH:

AIG killed my partner - he only had two weeks left until retirement.
Worst of all, they've got diplomatic immunity. Diplomatic immunity, man.
  10:57am Lizardner Dave:

AIG is the secret force holding up the tAtu movie
  10:57am annie:

ok, pat only if it real olive oil, you know, the green stuff that hardens when the temps drop to 40
  10:57am -max-:

Can't we have our own NxNE? No way you'll get me to go to Texass.
  10:58am dc pät:

YEAH! That's the stuff annie.
  10:58am texas scott:

hey GL,i never requested chocolate city
we have an imposter,probably HotRod.
  10:58am Jess:

AIG decided we don't get to have a NXNE.
  10:59am GP:

C'mon down MAX...I done got me a cousin I need to marry off.
  11:00am dc pät:

Ken sounds like the Scrutinizer
  11:00am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG took the bar! The whole fucking bar!
  11:00am -max-:

AIG stole Ken's train whistle! Damn them! DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL!!!
  11:00am jojo:

as soon as this archive hits, I am heading down to the AIG building and setting up to reenact this show
  11:01am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG extended their hand to me when I fell down. And when they started to pull me up, they just let go and I fell right on my ice cream sundae.
  11:01am joshua K:

Q. Why did AIG cross the road?
A. To sell pornography to underage middle school students.
  11:01am GP:

AIG got their chocolate in my peanut butter...wait THIS ISN"T CHOCOLATE! <hurl>
  11:01am dei x:

AIG prevented me from making a mouse pledge AND gave me a wedgie
  11:02am Bäd R☺nald:

Our criminal institutions are full of little creeps like you who do wrong things...and many of them were driven to these crimes by a horrible force called AIG!
  11:02am PMD:

Ich kann es nicht mehr!
  11:02am G:

News Flash: Bad AIG salad sandwiches have sent thousands across the country to emergency rooms
  11:04am Uncle Ash:

Elakelaiset ... nice one!
Viva Flipeer - Ha Ha Ha
  11:04am Andy in Berlin:

I tuned in late - what's all this about Nic Cage being pieced together in the studio?
  11:04am texas scott:

AIG sold the brown acid at woodstock
  11:05am annie:

nothing to see here, andy just keep walking...
  11:05am The Log Lady:

I'm more concerned about the letters EAS than AIG at the moment. (Consider this a friendly reminder, if such things have not been attended to. If the task has already been completed, please disregard this reminder.)
  11:06am AIG:

Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters... sell them to me. Sell me your children.
  11:06am Doug from DC:

AIG invaded Poland.
  11:07am little johnny:

AIG stole my lunch money! And then they pushed me down and I fell into a mud puddle. When I got home my mom yelled at me, then my dad yelled at her, and now they are getting a divorce and putting me into foster care.
  11:07am G:

The EAS test is an AIG plot to chase listeners.
  11:07am Murray Van Creme:

AIG was panhandling and cussed me out when I only gave it a badly corroded dime and some pocket lint.
  11:07am Pearlÿ Sweets:

Terrible news guys, AIG is starting up their nuclear warhead tests again.
  11:08am BSI:

AIG sank my battleship.
  11:09am G:

Throw on a Notorious AIG track.
  11:09am owen:

AIG made itself a cup of tea without offering me one
  11:11am Budgie:

AIG called this food!
  11:11am Bäd R☺nald:

Everything was fine with our system until the power grid was shut off by AIG!
  11:11am annie:

AIG took all the stuff in my in-box and switched it with stuff in the out-box. now i have to go through the star-off machine. or is it the star-on machine.
  11:12am GP:

AIG a bigger crybaby than Kanye West.
  11:12am texas scott:

knock knock...
who's there?
AIG who?
  11:12am Dentron:

Total distraction indeed...
  11:12am Jøe Steele:

AIG loosened the cap on my salt shaker.
  11:13am G:

AIG sabotaged Natasha's skis, you punks. Don't mess with them.
  11:13am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!
  11:13am PMD:

on-star annie? you lost? hurt? baby locked in car?
AIG left a baby in the car...
  11:14am Notorious AIG:

Playahh, open the door
Lay on the floor, youve been robbed
Wake up (wake your @$% up), take off your jewels
You @#$%^&* fools, youve been robbed (this is a robbery $%#)
Playahh playahh (hater), playahh playahh (hater)
  11:14am Cecile:

AIG messed up my insides.
  11:15am d¢ pät:

My sister Nell got bit by a rat and AIG is on the moon.
  11:15am annie:

AIG knocked me down and now i can't get up!! and my on-star is broken...
  11:15am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG loves Myra Hindley and Ian Brady!
  11:16am BSI:

AIG is impurifying our precious bodily fluids...
  11:16am Dentron:

AIG killed Donny.
  11:16am PMD:

AIG is the antichrist!
  11:16am Jøe Steele:

AIG cut off my hand and then told me it was my father.
  11:17am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG Shot J.R.
  11:17am Negator:

AIG is run by Mugwumps and talking assholes.
  11:17am Listener James from Westwood:

AIG is behind Facebook's craptacular redesign. And it's selling users' personal data to al Qaeda.
  11:17am PMD:

soylent green is AIG!
  11:18am Cecile:

AIG is the stupid with the flare gun.
  11:18am MERSE:

AIG is antibiotic resistant bacteria
  11:19am Doug from DC:

AIG ran off with my woman.
  11:19am Jojo:

AIG stuck their big dick in the mashed potatoes, 130 billion times
  11:19am G:

AIG is A Roid's nephew
  11:19am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG the loudest one laughing at the saddest wake.
  11:19am dei x:

AIG left the seat up and didn't replace the toilet paper
  11:20am GP:

AIG farted in my sleeping bag.
  11:20am Lizardner Dave:

AIG borrowed my toothpaste and didn't give it back.
  11:21am Lizardner Dave:

AIG left the cake out in the rain!!!!
  11:21am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG told Gary Coleman, "That's why you're a CHILD actor and not an ADULT actor" and made him cry.
  11:21am Negator:

AIG caused my impotence and incontinence.
  11:21am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG gave me a Dirty Sanchez!
  11:22am PMD:

AIG kissed a girl and liked it!
  11:22am Jøe Steele:

AIG cancelled Arrested Development
  11:22am annie:

AIG invented the spanish fly
  11:23am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG is a contagious ectoparasite skin infection characterized by superficial burrows and intense pruritus (itching).
  11:24am PMD:

AIG has VD's and sex without condoms.
  11:25am -max-:

AIG kept WFMU from reaching their marathon goal!
  11:25am Negator:

AIG slipped me a Rufi and then forced me into a Bromski.
  11:25am Jess:

AIG said it would call, but it never did.
  11:25am AIG:

Dirty lies - all of it!!! Now give me more money or I'll sue your asses off...
  11:26am G:

AIG makes people spell guttural wrong :-P

(Always Imperfect "Guttural")
  11:26am Lizarnder Dave:

AIG is....oh ho ho ho ho Spider Man!
  11:26am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG is picking off the Beatles one-at-a-time.
  11:26am Sarah Palin:

Ken, please play that Hank Williams song for me pretty please.
  11:26am Listener James from Westwood:

I shouted out who killed the Kennedys, when after all, it was AIG!
  11:27am Lizardner Dave:

AIG called Stella and told her not to get anything at the store and to take a cab from the train station!
  11:27am -max-:

AIG kidnapped Julio!
  11:27am Cecile:

AIG likes Garfunkling.
  11:27am jξrξmy, thξ listξnξr:

AIG told me to say hi to my mom
  11:28am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG took away Stella's groove and told her she'd never get it back.
  11:28am Doug from DC:

AIG snitched me out to the man.
  11:30am PMD:

AIG killed the radio star
  11:30am Freddy:

AIG took my virginity
  11:30am Cecile:

AIG lied to Oprah about the veracity of his memoirs.
  11:30am The Man:

That's a lie. The Man already knows everything anyway.
  11:30am GP:

AIG gave me meth-teeth
  11:30am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG gave Stephanie Tanner from Full House meth teeth too!
  11:31am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG laughs at your puny god!
  11:31am Jeff-a-chusetts:

AIG ate the sausages that dance like Ray Bolger on the hood of a car in a traffic jam.
  11:31am Freddy:

AIG stole my weed
  11:31am Jøe Steele:

AIG picked the colors on Xanadu
  11:32am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG wants you to unhook your bra and let it slide down your arms, but also wants you to take your shirt off. Your pants too.
  11:32am Negator:

AIG dropped a duce in the Lurch.
  11:32am Jess:

AIG won't let FotC get their freaks on.
  11:32am -max-:

AIG kept me from getting my Freak On!
  11:32am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG introduced Kurt to Courtney.
  11:32am Doug from DC:

AIG asked me to play Freebird
  11:32am PMD:

AIG brought clouds to a sunny day. And it took away the month of May
  11:33am annie:

AIG forced bristol to suffer a life of a single mother!!!
  11:33am BSI:

AIG deflowered me and disappeared.
...and yet I still love it so...
  11:33am Cecile:

I want to kiss this song all over its face.


Did I say that out loud?

It's AIG's fault.
  11:33am Freddy:

AIG killed Chester Cheetah
  11:33am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG dropped el duce in front of a train.
  11:33am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:34am -max-:

AIG kept Sean Daily from posting the first comment! Boo hoo!
  11:34am Ken:

400 comments is within reach! But somebody remind me... why do we WANT 400 comments?
  11:35am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG co-produced "Let it Be" and "End of the Century"!
  11:35am annie:

AIG told me to, and i believe everything they say
  11:35am d¢ pät:

if only some one would match the comments w/ fmu pledges...
  11:35am GP:

AIG produced "Ishtar"
  11:35am PMD:

AIG pledged $10,000 per comment on Ken's show
  11:35am Cecile:

AIG made my phone ring in the middle of Flight of the Conchords
  11:36am Jøe Steele:

AIG shot up A-ROD with roids.
  11:36am jξrξmy, thξ listξnξr:

AIG did the backup vocals on "we built this city"
  11:36am PMD:

AIG doesn't plan to pay its pledge.
  11:37am Cecile:

AIG made Barnie post that.
  11:37am Sean Daily:

AIG made me do it.
  11:37am Cecile:

AIG wrote "we built this city". Then it got Grace Slick drunk.
  11:37am A Message From Our Sponsors:

This program is brought to you in part by ...

AIG, makers of free goulash for all of my friends.
  11:38am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG doesn't need no stinkin' badges!
  11:38am Ghengis Jung:

AIG poured bleach on my clothes.

I hope I get my WFMU marathon swag soon.
  11:38am annie:

AIG forced crace to put the acid in trish's punch
  11:39am Sean Daily:

Who put the bomp in the bomp ba bomp bomp bomp? Well, it sure wasn't AIG.
  11:39am G:

(voice cracking with emotion)

Some men see the comments mounting toward 400 and say why.

Some dream of the comments whooshing past 400 and say why not."
  11:39am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG has kept me from doing any real work for almost an hour.
  11:39am Lizardner Dave:

AIG shot the sherriff but did not shoot the depyoooteeee.
  11:39am Jess:

AIG did NOT write the book of love. They just took the credit for it.
  11:39am PMD:

AIG made a batch of koooool-aid.
And made me sneeze really loudly.
  11:40am Bäd R☺nald:

Tommy gun, AIG ain't happy unless they got one!
  11:40am jξrξmy, thξ listξnξr:

if we get to 400 comments, ken will you play "we built this city"?
  11:40am GP:

Right there with ya Pearly

AIG runs AIG..oh wait
  11:40am Cecile:

AIG beat ouf Metallica for the Best Metal Grammy
  11:40am Big Mike:

AIG ate my homework.
  11:41am Cecile:

AIG said it was going to pull out and didn't.
  11:41am jojo:

AIG does not give reacharounds
  11:41am PMD:

AIG set Mayor Barry up.
  11:42am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG put nettles in my knickers
  11:42am GP:

PMD..also O.J.
  11:42am Ken:

YES! 400 comments and I play We Built This City!
  11:43am John from Oslo:

AIG censored my Corn Weenie remix
  11:43am Cecile:

AIG killed the Black Dahlia
  11:43am -max-:

AIG is killing all of the whales. And the puppies. And the kittens, too.
  11:43am annie:

AIG had the linseed oil, stashed behind the shrubbery, that made the glove shrink.
  11:43am Jeff-a-chusetts:

AIG took the god damn 409
  11:43am Cecile:

AIG broke into Bret's apartment and taped him to a wall.
  11:44am annie:

no comment!!
  11:44am efd:

If you don't hit 400 comments will you have to play "We Built This Starbuck's" instead?
  11:44am GP:

AIG let the dogs out
  11:44am Sean Daily:

AIG shot Bambi's mom.
  11:44am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG payed me for a Pittsburgh Platter.
  11:45am texas scott:

AIG killed the radio star.
  11:45am Mitt R.:

Who let the dogs out?
  11:45am Lizardner Dave:

AIG rode a tank in the general's rank while the blitzkirieg raged.
  11:45am Big Mike:

It was AIG, in the library, with a lead pipe.
  11:45am PMD:

AIG made a boyscout cry. Oh, wait, that was Andy.
  11:45am efd:

(sorry about the apostrophe in "Starbucks," Ike, I had less than 4 hours of sleep last night.)
  11:45am annie:

AIJ made my cable go out last night for over two hours!! i couldn't breathe!
  11:46am PMD:

AIG is forcing people like Texas Scott to duplicate comments! And forcing annie to say no comment!
  11:46am G:

AIG *finally* killed Paul Harvey.

And now you know the rest........

of the story.
  11:46am Doug from DC:

AIG suffered from a liquidity crisis after its credit ratings were downgraded below "AA" levels, and the Federal Reserve Bank on September 16, 2008, created an $85 billion credit facility to enable the company to meet collateral and other cash obligations, at the cost to AIG of the issuance of a stock warrant to the Federal Reserve Bank for 79.9% of the equity of AIG.
  11:46am Jess:

AIG is responsible for the rebranding of Sci-Fi to Syfy.
  11:46am Hey Zeus:

AIG was born of a virgin. I was there dude.
  11:46am -max-:

AIG double-parked in front of the hydrant, then ran into the supermarket to pick up milk.
  11:46am GP:

AIG is making me watch American Idol.
  11:46am annie:

ken works for AIG!!!
  11:47am PMD:

AIG's breath is wilting my plants.
  11:47am Cecile:

AIG doesn't make clothes in plus sizes.
  11:47am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG gave Keith Moon his first drink!
  11:47am Jess:

AIG always parks in the handicapped spot without a valid tag.
  11:47am PMD:

AIG parked in a disability parking space and made a guy with a cane walk from half a mile away.
  11:47am Jeff-a-chusetts:

AIG just broke up with me by voicemail :(
  11:48am Jess:

AIG is obviously broadcasting my thoughts to PMD
  11:48am G.:

AIG programs Clear Channel.
  11:48am Cecile:

  11:49am Pearlÿ Sweets:

AIG is gonna stop the comments at 395.
  11:49am Sean Daily:

NYYYAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH! AIG wrote "We Built This Starbucks!" And sung it! And did those cheesy drumpads and 1980s synth lines!
  11:49am gigantor:

This is truly horrible.
  11:49am PMD:

I thought it was vice versa. AIG's in our HEADS!
  11:49am -max-:

Wait, did we WANT to hear "Built This City"? What have we done?!!!
  11:49am BSI:

AIG is probably responsible for the Adobe InDesign/InCopy/K4 disaster of database publishing apps. And for this, they must be smooshed into bits of terrible things.
  11:49am annie:

this is terrible , must have been written by AIG
  11:49am Bäd R☺nald:

Attention all planets of the solar federation:
AIG has assumed control!
  11:50am G:

AIG Against the Machine
  11:50am PMD:

AIG is trying to crash the comment section of FMU's site
  11:50am annie:

resistance is futile
  11:50am PMD:

AIG put nicotine in cigarettes.
  11:51am jξrξmy, thξ listξnξr:

AIG also previews your comment
  11:51am Listener Dave from NH:

AIG is not responsible for this song, but they are responsible for the chopped 'n screwed remix of this song. To give them a bare modicum of credit, they did give shouts to DJ Screw and Fat Pat on the track.
  11:51am jojo:

AIG farted and made jersey smell like cheese
  11:51am GP:

Thanks Ken...this earworm is going to take a hammer to get rid of.

Is this really from a Starbucks convention or something?
  11:52am Jess:

AIG programs my spellchecker with misspelled words
  11:52am Bäd R☺nald:

I only use 10% of my brain, AIG ate the rest of it.
  11:52am Doug from DC:

AIG's death start destroyed Alderaan.
  11:52am cribley:

this is soooo fucking horrible.
  11:52am annie:

i still refuse to comment
  11:52am chris:

this version might actually be worse than the original, no small feat
  11:52am Doug from DC:

star, not start
  11:52am PMD:

AIG is tracking the IP address of all commenters and reporting it to their companies.
  11:53am -max-:

GP: Pass the hammer over this way when you are done. Thanks.
  11:53am GP:

AIG CAN defeat Chuck Norris
  11:53am Cecile:

Korpiklaani, dude. Need some.

AIG invented New Coke.
  11:53am Pearlÿ Sweets:

This sounds like Dynamite Club
  11:53am AIG:

no comments on all the comments!
  11:53am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG is in love with Jodie Foster.
  11:54am texas scott:

i got chunks of AIG in my stool!
  11:54am PMD:

AIG forced Belgian monks to make nonalcoholic beer.
  11:54am annie:

AIG will not let me use those little special letters that all of you are using..
  11:55am PMD:

AIG has paid off God to be Angelia Jolie's next child.
  11:55am annie:

or else keeping it a secret
  11:55am -max-:

AIG... Holocaust... Need I say more?
  11:55am Cecile:

AIG impregnated the Octomom
  11:56am Big Mike:

AIG is the new joke writer for Seven Second Delay.
  11:56am annie:

yeah but did we make it, despite AIG!
  11:56am G:

I assume someone going to total up the comments as of show end-time and post the number...
  11:56am frenchee:

yes, Annie, it's true: AIG has disabled the diacriticals.

umlaut uproar!
  11:56am jξrξmy, thξ listξnξr:

AIG has an itch so personal, it can only talk to a doctor about it
  11:56am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG took the dog out to play in the park. They took him home and refused to set him on fire!
  11:58am PMD:

AIG is making me stay in my office chair until noon even though I reallllly have to pee.
  11:58am annie:

oh thanks jeremy, now i have THAT picture in my head!!
  11:58am Cecile:

AIG has that not-so-fresh-feeling.
  11:58am tipper gore:

What's this I hear about AIG?
  11:58am G:

There are jokes on 7 Second Delay?
  11:59am Cecile:

AIG runs a puppy mill.
  11:59am PMD:

AIG enjoys enemas.
  11:59am Dentron:

AIG has the Holy Grail in a shoebox.
  11:59am Bäd R☺nald:

AIG sniffs your chairs when you're not around.
  11:59am annie:

  12:00pm Art Smass:

Senator, I knew AIG. He was a friend of mine. And Senator, you are no AIG.
  12:00pm PMD:

AIG has silenced Ken.
  12:00pm BSI:

AIG is about to bust loose KENNY G on your sorry asses...
  12:00pm GP:

AIG ordered the Code Red
  12:00pm Cecile:

AIG wants Tuxedomoon to open for Black Randy in San Francisco, even though Black randy wants the Mentors.
  12:01pm gerardo:

hola a todos!

congrats for your performance last sunday, ken, and for an intense 2 week marathon :D

hi, cecile :) - are you still "in charge of" ken?
  12:01pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Yeah... Kenny G is going to have to do a real show to combat Ken's performance today.
  12:01pm PMD:

AIG wants to be the last comment
  12:01pm jξrξmy, thξ listξnξr:

post count??
  12:01pm AIG:

Cecile, how about the GoGos?
  12:02pm AIG:

Last comment! WOO HOO!
  12:02pm Bäd R☺nald:

AIG helped make Sting tantric.
  12:02pm Freddy:

AIG tripped Natasha Richardson
  12:02pm GP:

haha Cecile. I think you win with that that band dude was a total d*ck
  12:02pm PMD:

AIG doesn't do station ids.
  12:03pm Ken:

486 comments all, thanks!
  12:03pm -max-:

AIG - Last comment? Not quite, camel-breath!
  12:07pm Cecile:

I wish, gerardo. It's like trying to corral a hurricane.

I'm still trying to get my head around Tuxedomoon ever drawing 300-400 fans. Ay
  12:24pm andy caploe:
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