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Playlist for 08 April 2009 Favoriting | Who Let The Jews Out?

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Artist Song Album Comments New
Aum Shinrikyo Cult  Superior Commune   Favoriting The Sound of Ascension 
Hikashu  Elaborate   Favoriting Ikirukoto    *  
Booker T. and the M.G.'s w/ Neil Young!  Hey Ya   Favoriting Potato Hole 

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The Blankket  Hey Ya!   Favoriting      
The Blankket  Schorsch Kamerun   Favoriting Pegatively Nositive 
  Who Let the Jews Out?        
Jinx Lennon  Everyone's Got A Mental Home Inside Their Head   Favoriting Traume Themes - Idiot Times 

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Hedningarna  Gorrlaus   Favoriting Tra 
Parlor James  Turning Point   Favoriting Old Dreams     
Brigitte Fontaine  Le Magnum   Favoriting Genre Humain 

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Old Time Relijun  Veleno Mortale   Favoriting Catharsis in Crisis 
Mexican Institute of Soundi  Alocatel   Favoriting Soy Sauce 

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Volker Kriegel  Zoom   Favoriting  
Blanketship  MMMM   Favoriting Klangwunder 

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Chris T/ Bee Gees  How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?   Favoriting Sixty Second Song Contest     
Ovens  Fired from the Vogues Part 1   Favoriting Ovens    *  
Conway  Lisa's Got Hives   Favoriting  

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Fugazi  Waiting Room   Favoriting  

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Edgar Broughton Band  There's No Vibrations But Wait!   Favoriting Sing Brother Sing 
Bob Hund  Varldens Basta Daliga Lat   Favoriting Folkmusik For Folk Som Inte Kan Bete Som Folk 

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Superchunk  Misfit and Mistakes   Favoriting Leaves in the Gutter 
Oh Sees  Carol Ann   Favoriting  

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The King  Whole Lotta Love   Favoriting Return to Splendor 
Jinx Lennon  Protect Thyself and Home   Favoriting Trauma Themes - Idiot Times    *  
Baby Godzilla / Daedelus  Crazy Dancing   Favoriting Baby Godzilla 
Zephyr Nova  Oversized Gadget Laden, Gas etc etc   Favoriting The Box     
Puffy  Track 8 - Sgt Tosh Mix   Favoriting PRMX - Puffy Remix Project 
Die Wel  Liebe Lilli (Alec Empire Remix)   Favoriting Alec Empire Plays Staubgold: Rauschgold 
Messer Fur Frau Muller  2x2=5   Favoriting Hyper Utseov 
The Manson Family  Mechanical Man   Favoriting The Sound of Ascension    *  
Bent Bolt & The Nuts  The Mechanical Man   Favoriting  
Intel China  Chinese Intel Song   Favoriting      
Audio Bullys  100 Million   Favoriting  
Melt Banana  We WIll Rock You   Favoriting      
Audio Sports  We've Got You   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Nina Simone  Save Me   Favoriting  
Booker T. and the M.G.'s w/ Neil Young!  Pound It Out   Favoriting Potato Hole 
Faust  Kundalini Tremolos   Favoriting C'est Com..Com..Complique 
The Shiva Lillas  The Mystery   Favoriting The Sound of Ascension 
The Fabulous Entourage  The Way That It Began   Favoriting      
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Listener comments!

  9:01am Bad R☺nald:

Howdy folks! Woo Hoo!
  9:01am Ghengis Jung:

  9:01am tim:

Ken's back! You are being watched.
  9:01am cribley:

goo monin ken
  9:01am annie:

  9:02am dei x:

good morning, grandma ken! Got any Brother Theodore up your hard drive's sleeves?
  9:03am Ken:

Morning all! Great to be back! How was Grandma Phyllis? Should I give her a regular show?
  9:03am Lizardner Dave:

Mornin' all.

How's the sinkhole doing, Ken?
  9:04am Lizardner Dave:

I think Grandma Phyllis would be great for one of the one-hour talk slots. Seriously.
  9:05am Joe:

Do I have a problem if I really, really, really, really, REALLY like this Aum Shinrikyo song?

Am I gonna end up on some kind of list?
  9:06am Ken:

I know! Wasn't the Aum song awesome?!
  9:07am Joe:

Aright then, I'm breaking out the white Snuggies. Lets do this thing.
  9:07am Peter Gabriel:

Know your monkey...?
  9:08am Michael:

What language was the Aum song in? My Chinese friend reckoned it was English but I said Japanese! Bizarre but wonderful.
  9:08am Cecile:

I love Grandma Phyllis. She should do co-hosting sometimes.

Good morning, Ken!

Know your chicken, Peter.
  9:09am Cecile:

what is this Booker T thing?!?!?!
  9:09am paul:

just so everyone knows, James Last has recorded a cover of this song too.
  9:10am Cecile:

awesome, Paul. Does Mr. Giant Man sing it?
  9:10am Happy Listener:

ohaiyo, bakayaro!
  9:11am Ken:

Hello Cecile. I love you! It's the new Booker T CD.
  9:11am Parq:

Another thumbs-up for Grandma Phyl. The whole 4/1 day was great, but she set a high water mark that neither of the other shows came close to reaching. Ken, how did she feel about the whole thing? Did she have fun? Did she dig the playlist comments?
  9:11am paul:

i dont think so. it was on some 2cd live album. i think there's a lot of other recent pop/hip-hop related covers too, but i forget what.
  9:13am Lizardner Dave:

And Andy's music show was a hoot, especially because of all the hate it inspired. You need to have him do one of those the week before next year's marathon soaking. You'll set a record.
  9:15am BSI:

AAAHHH.... the Return of the Ken!
It's the PROPHECY!
  9:15am JJZ:

Andy's music show was decent enough, although he played the same artists a bit too much.
  9:16am Irene:

Yikes! Ken is pulling a Jonathan Schwartz (playing multiple versions of the same song).
  9:16am postmanpaul:

woo hoo ken and hey ho world!
back later...
  9:17am Cecile:

Hello, Ken! I love you too!
  9:17am fishmonkeystew:

Good Morning Ken and all! Woot.

I love feedback.
  9:18am Joshua K:

Every baby cries the same
  9:18am Cecile:

I loved the Aunties! They are awesome.
i would totally go have a pint with them if I were in Blighty.
  9:19am dei x:

the high mark was Do or DIY's chattering aunties. But then I feel a vast social disconnect from Grandma Phyllis (uh, evident?) Now, Ken's dad as host/cohost is definately something to consider.
  9:19am Cecile:

there are enough of those stories to have a big book?
  9:19am annie:

i was listening yesterday and wanted to add to the comments, had alot of puter download issues. i did see the talk about baking... i love to bake, but not bread, i do pies, cookies, etc... and now i have to add those damn snack thing that ken is a fan of..
  9:20am Cecile:

what damn snack thing? Tramadol?
  9:20am bw:

WHO LET THE JOOOS out! now that is getting me out of bed
  9:20am cribley:

Re: Lesbian Horse Stories

In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.
  9:21am annie:

some corn syrup-laced rice crispies treat thing..
  9:21am Cecile:

Uh, thanks, cribley!
  9:21am dei x:

The book is big because it's in large printing. About 40 words a page.
  9:21am Roofie:

I live in Crown Heights and just had to close my windows because of this song....
  9:21am Cecile:

awesome. That sounds like something my husband would like
  9:22am annie:

are you serious? i can find the recipe.....
  9:22am Cecile:

  9:22am Cecile:

I am serious, Annie.
  9:23am still b/p:

With mounts in comfortable horseshoes, no doubt.
  9:23am Antique Scandinavian Porm:

I am curious....yellow.
  9:23am Bad R☺nald:

Lesbian Horses?
  9:23am annie..:

ok.... will do
  9:24am Cecile:

thanks, you are the best!
  9:24am annie:

1 cup Karo light syrup (light corn syrup)
1 cup sugar
1 cup peanut butter
6 cups rice crispies
2 cups butterscotch chips (divided)
1 cup chocolate chips
  9:24am Jim:

Does anyone know whatever became of DJ Jesuspants?
  9:24am Keith Richards:

Dyke Horses couldn't drag me away.
  9:25am Cecile:

Yeah, the ingredients list is a big win for my husband
  9:25am annie:

cecile, let me know when you want the next bit
  9:26am listener mark:

good morning ken
  9:26am Cecile:

now would be good!
  9:27am annie:

Microwave sugar and corn syrup on high until mixture boils (about four minutes) stirring occasionally. stir in peanut butter until smooth. Mix in rice crispies. Add 1 cup of the butterscotch chips and combine quickly to minimize chips melting. With a buttered spoon, press mixture into 13x9 inch pan (or 9x9 for thicker bars).
  9:27am dei x:

T he book is big because hoof dexterity is not something we talk about.
  9:27am annie:

one more bit..
  9:27am Ghengis Jung:

I noticed that Grandma Phyllis did call it her FIRST radio show. I don't think she's done.
  9:27am Joshua K:

You need a straining order instead.
  9:28am still b/p:

Who let the um laut?
Um - um -um -um
Who let the um laut?
Um - um - um -um.
  9:28am annie:

OMG ken you have just gone up three rungs in my ladder of respect... no corn syrup .. whew!!
  9:28am Mark:

There is more than you do than a restraining order, but you probably dont want to risk spending time in prision
  9:28am sugarwolf:

if I knew where my copy of the WFMU cookbook was, I would post the "real" scotcheroo recipe...
  9:28am BSI:

...I had a STAINING ODOR once.'s not a pretty story.
  9:29am Vivian:

I made vegan scotcharoos and brownies for Obama's Help Me Raise Campaign Funds Bake Sale. Folks went nuts over scotcharoos, obviously an unknown dish in these parts.
  9:29am annie:

For topping: Mix 1 cup of chocolate chips and the rest of the butterscotch chips in a microwaveable bowl. Microwave 30 seconds and stir and repeat until completely melted and smooth. Pour over bars and refridgerate until hardened.
  9:29am Cecile:

Well, I'm sure they are both good.
  9:29am Cecile:

yes, I will have to make that.
  9:30am annie:

hey, that recipre MUST be wrong, you don't spell refridgerator with a "d"
  9:31am Ghengis Jung:

Is that really the same cult? Because that was AMAZING!
  9:31am PMD:

still b/p - LOL! morning all, including Ken, who has no room in his basement.
  9:31am still b/p:

Have you seen the TV spots from the corn syrup industry that wants to shame us for, and free us from, our rash uninformed corn syrup prejudice?
Mmmm, I want a tumblerful.
  9:32am Parq:

B/p, we are on the same page as usual. I was just thinking of posting: "But Ken, corn syrup is good for you! Haven't you seen that commercial?"
  9:32am Cecile:

With a paper umbrella, b/p

I'll have to pass on that cult deal.
  9:33am Cecile:

LOL, annie! It still sounds good, though.
  9:34am dale:

Can horses be lesbians?
  9:34am Cecile:

I know seagulls can.
  9:34am annie:

oh, cecile, i have a great recipe for you... i'll email it unless this is recipe day i can post it here
  9:35am Bill W:

My restraining order against Bryce seems to be working fine!
  9:35am Cecile:

HEDNINGARNA! I love them.

I sawed them twice.
  9:35am Cecile:

email it, annie. Unless it is recipe day.

Ken, is it recipe day?
  9:35am Ken:

Yes, don't be fooled! REAL scotcheroos are made with butter, not fucking corn syrup! THis is yet another example of how bad the new facebook SUCKS!
  9:36am dc pat:

hmm, I dunno about the Who Let the Jews Out cartoon. I'm WAY more into the Story from North America cartoon right now...
  9:37am Cecile:

I'll have to make both to compare and contrast.
  9:37am cribley:

that animated gif ... is walking to the beat.. it's freaking me out
  9:38am dc pat:

wow, the Gorrlaus tune and the animation are PERFECTLY matched up!
  9:38am bw:

DC pat - make sure u check out her other videos too
  9:39am tim:

This may be a purely Southern issue... but I think Karo... is pronounced KAY-roe ("egg of Kay"). Scotcheroos on the other hand are Northern. Have to be.
  9:39am dc pat:

bw: that's all I've been doing since your show!!!
  9:39am PMD:

  9:40am Cecile:

I believe so. The south has the coconut cake and pie technology. The north has the Rice Krispies recombinant technology.
  9:40am dc pat:

somebody say KAY-roe?? I grew up on that shit. Totally a southern thing.
  9:40am still b/p:

The Big Book of Fey Strutter Stories.
  9:40am Ken:

God, I should've known better than to join the Facebook Scotcheroos group - that recipe is terrible! The real recipe, MY recipe - is in the WFMU cookbook from a few years ago, if anybody has that handy, please post the real recipe, lest we raise a whole generation of fake scotcheroo fans,
  9:42am dale:

Facebook is actually an invention of the Republican Right designed to keep farm subsidies to corn farmers and big agribusiness intact. Find the documentary 'King Corn'. It's all about it.
  9:43am still b/p:

Corn Scheemie...really, really.
  9:44am annie:

aren't corn weenies made with karo syrup?
  9:44am PMD:

Scotcheroos + coffee = how can you sit in your seat?
  9:45am Ghengis Jung:

When is this Brigitte Fontaine from?
  9:45am cribley:

regular corn syrup isn't bad, it's all glucose. it's high fructose corn syrup that will turn you into that animated gif.
  9:45am BSI:

I struggle to understand you good people...
is there actual Scotch involved in this beastly thing?
A good smoky Islay specimen, the Bowmore cask-strength, mebbe?
  9:46am Parq:

Re Fontaine graphic: have there been any google hits for anal sex while fishing?
  9:47am dc pat:

Yeah! OTR!
  9:49am Ken:

That Brigitte Fontaine CD is from '95.
  9:49am chris:

Is it me or does the singer sound kind of like David Byrne used to?
  9:50am tim:

I should have known better when I joined the Facebook fisting group.
  9:50am Vivian:

Or Nick Cave?
  9:51am Mark:

wonder what happened in early 2006 to cause the spike in interest in anal sex
  9:51am fishmonkeystew:

Sounds a bit like Stump to me.
  9:51am chris:

David Cave?
  9:52am dc pat:

get on the boat guys--download some OTR, they rule live too.
  9:53am Cecile:

Hey, speaking of Nick Cave, I've been having a hankering to hear "Zoo Music Girl" for a while.
  9:53am annie:

cecile i just sent a recipe for double chocolate chess pie.
  9:53am chris:

Arringrton's solo thing is cool.
  9:54am gecko:

Heh heh. Mark said "spike"
  9:54am Cecile:

omg, that sounds awesome.
  9:55am Ghengis Jung:

Thanks Ken. To think all these years I've walked around believing that I had heard all the Brigitte Fontaine there was to hear. I am such a fool.
  9:55am annie:

it uses alot of butter so that would make ken happy, only if you decide to make him any..unless you don't own him anymore...
  9:55am dale:

Out of all the concerts I've ever seen, the only one that didn't have me thinking 'wish I'd saved my dough' was Nick and the Bad Seeds. First time I saw him was Lollapalooza (!) and most of the people just didn't get him.
  9:56am Cecile:

I still own him, and it is good when Ken is happy!
  9:57am sugarwolf:

Cecile, that's funny, "Zoo Music Girl" is one of my current earworms
  9:57am Mark:

yeah I know spike was a poor choice of words
  9:57am BSI:

Cecile: Are you using the clicker-training technique, or food rewards? I mean, raw butter can only work for so long, right?
  9:58am Cecile:

I saw him twice on that first tour back in 1984 when people were still calling Bad Seeds records "sound effects records with Nick singing". I liked that era.

And Lolla really sounds like that was a bad venue for his sound. Hell, it's pretty much a bad venue if you're not a flat out party band.
  9:58am Cecile:

BSI, shock collar all the way.
He digs it.
  9:59am dale:

Smashing Pumpkins closed. They were quite good.
  9:59am dc pat:

10-4 chris

dale: I've seen a ton of great gigs lately but I agree Nick was worth all the dough.
  10:01am dc pat:

I saw him on the Lalaforlosers tour--it was great, but the FLips killed everyone...except the Boredoms of course.
  10:02am Cecile:

I get the hint, Ken.
Working on it.
  10:04am dei x:

20 bux? Frickin' A!,CST-NWS-chiao08.article
  10:04am Cecile:

they just pulled it off the shelves.
  10:06am Pearly Sweets:

Oh Wednesdays, you are so beautiful to me
  10:06am PMD:

How about Hannah Montana vs Black Jesus?
  10:06am tim:

Au contraire, Cecile of indeterminate gender! I believe the South can also claim the rice-crispy bar, as least as much as any region. We were served the things as a vegetable dish in elementary school.
  10:08am Cecile:

nice, tim!

Now, do you have any great coconut cake recipes kicking around your family?
  10:08am Bad R☺nald:

That chia looks more like Soupy Sales than Obama.
  10:10am Cecile:

I'm sorry, Ken, but I'm not going to pay crazy black market eBay prices to get you one...

I hope this doesn't ruin our relationship.
  10:10am dei x:

I see a rebranding coup in Chia's new future.
  10:11am fishmonkeystew:

Dale: I saw that same Lollapalooza show at Quonset Airport in Rhode Island. Nick was drinking bourbon during the set, which they partially performed with L7. The Smashing Pumpkins only played half a set before destroying their instruments and walking offstage. They left all the sound on so the feedback wailed for about ten minutes, then the lead man from the Boredoms came on and wailed along with the feedback. Lots of people didn't get it. It was grand.
  10:12am Cecile:

I miss the mid 90s because of that kind of thing sometimes.
  10:12am still b/p:

Those Buh Gees chirped.
  10:13am janet h:

i can get that obama chia pet with an employee discount @ walgreens.
  10:13am PMD:

A recipe I'm looking for is lemon cookies. Ones that really taste of lemon, and turn out kinda crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. Had them once at some volunteer thing and couldn;'t track down who made them.
  10:14am sugarwolf:

do you think Obama has his own Obama Chia Pet??
  10:15am Cecile:

hmmmm, cookies, hunh.
I can get lemon bars that way... but cookies.
It's hard getting things besides pie the right amount of lemony.
  10:15am Cecile:

janet h, email Ken, and he can get you in touch with me.
  10:16am Cecile:

let's make this happen!
  10:16am dei x:

...meat makes you cool? Huh. I have to re-think my strategy. I already hang out w/Steve and question psychrock.
  10:17am chris:

well I align with 2 things on the cool list... is that lame?
  10:17am Mark:

decided to bail on Uncle Ian?
  10:17am Mark:

  10:17am Cecile:

this is Napoleon Dynamite's cool list, which is already wack.
  10:19am PMD:

Cecile, I know, that's why I was so impressed. Yeah, these were cookies...
  10:19am Sam:

Anybody have a download link for that "Lisa's Got Hives" thingy?
  10:19am janet h:

the real question is, does McCain have an Obama Chia Pet?
  10:19am dc pat:

fms: what about the FLips?--that was their bubbles phase. During that tour I saw the Beastie Boys playing basket ball "backstage" w/ some Tibetan monks who were really good. The Boredoms were trying to play too but they sucked.
  10:21am annie:,1-0,lemon_cookies,FF.html

PMD- try these...
  10:21am Negator:

Sex is everywhere: their minds, their behinds, filling them...
  10:21am Negator:

Sex me now, Jesus!
  10:22am gecko:

re: Waiting Room - how come "patient" is three syllables. ("I am a pa-ti-ent boy") Always wondered about that.
  10:23am Negator:

I want the Negator! Negator. Negator. Negator. Negator. Negator.
  10:24am Mark:

Mark E hasn't aged well has he?
  10:24am PMD:

Cecile, did you go to
  10:24am Cecile:

One year for us is ten for Mark E.
  10:25am Jed:

I wanna hear I Left My Harp is Sam Clam's Disco
  10:25am Cecile:

no, not yet.
  10:26am janet h:

look me up....i'm on ken's fb friends....
  10:26am Cecile:

they are sold out!
  10:27am Cecile:

I'm not on fb. I should be, but I'm not.
  10:27am Timo:

April snow in Chilltown!
  10:27am tim:

Cec: Concerning things coconut, alas, no, except German chocolate cake, which is neither Northern nor Southern, but faux-allemand. ALL HERE TAKE NOTE: The place to look is church cookbooks.
  10:27am annie:

may i friend you janet?
  10:28am Cecile:

Yes, and Jr. League cookbooks.
  10:28am Ken:

Welcome Janet H!!!
  10:28am janet h:

please do
  10:30am tim:

Jr. Leagues have an awful to answer for, re culture war crimes. I wouldn't put it in my mouth.
  10:30am fishmonkeystew:

dc pat: I only vaguely remember the FLips or the Beastie Boys. It was insufferably hot that day, and they both played during the day. I was trying to lay low in the shade, if I remember right.

However, I did see the FLips at the Allgood Festival about 3-4 years ago. The festival sucked overall, but the FLips were the one gem that stood out. One of the trippiest (sp?) shows I've ever seen.
  10:30am janet h:

hi ken!!
  10:31am Cecile:

I know, but I have this one recipe for apple cake that is just so amazing. It almost redeems them.

And I always buy them used.
  10:32am Lizardner Dave:

Why doesn't Dong Sun ever post here?
  10:33am Nick the Bard:

Misfits and Mistakes sounds...wrong...without Meatwad singing it.
  10:33am annie:

i was out for a meeting last night and the restaurant had just brought our from the oven the most amazing crumb cake apple muffins... each muffin came with a stick of butter for adding while munching...
  10:33am dc pat:

Yeah, but I'm kind of old-fashioned. Last time I saw them I told Wayne to bring guitars next time. Back when Ronald was in the band was best.
  10:35am Ken:

I need to throw on a "Whole Lotta Love" cover so I can have some coffee with my scotcheroos!
  10:37am annie:

ken, you've already had your early am fix of scotcheroos..
  10:38am Negator:

Is this the guy from Dread Zeppelin?
  10:38am dale:

who's "the King"? Isn't that Dred Zepplin? Or Elvis Hitler or somebody?
  10:38am Lizardner Dave:

What's better: Scotheroos or Tramadol?
  10:39am dc pat:

Hey! dale, I was about to say. My guess was Dred Zeppelin from PGH
  10:40am Ken:

The King = Irishman James Brown. Scotcheroos are better than Tramadol. I am only on my 2nd scotcheroo of the day.
  10:40am dale:

we all jumped on that simultaneously....Ken?
  10:41am annie:

yeah, right, but how big are they? huh? half a pan?
  10:41am Cecile:

Jinx Lennon is my new short term person savior.
  10:42am Cecile:

lol annie!
  10:42am Doug from DC:

Is this the new album from Jinx?
  10:42am Ken:

Yes, new CD from Jinx
  10:46am janet h:

What am I listening to and why am I here again?
  10:47am Bronwyn C.:

Ken, I'm thrilled to see you've given up the Tramadol for Scotcheroos.
  10:47am Doug from Canada:

Good morning Dougs, sorry I'm late.
  10:47am Ken:

Janet, the song info is posted over there to the left!
  10:49am Ken:

The problem with Tramadol is that it loses its effectiveness after two days of use. But Scotcheroos NEVER lose their effectiveness.
  10:50am G.:

fwiw, insulin insensitivity = scotcheroos losing their effect...
  10:53am Ken:

G - Not sure what you're getting at, but Scotcheroos are the perfect food. When the Romans conquered Germania, all they ate for 14 months were Scotcheroos.
  10:55am Ken:

Actually, I guess Scotcheroos are not technically "perfect" because they contain no caffeine, but I will change that with my next batch.
  10:55am BSI:

Just got back from a meeting where it became clear that we are all becoming robo-zombies. What did I miss?
  10:56am G.:

when your pancreas starts burning out, schotcheroos are losing their desired effect. tacitus does mention that roman legionnaires' disease was carbophilia -- but also that their average life expectancy was 48
  10:57am Parq:

BSI, Robo-zombies have taken over Ken's show while he makes more Scotcheroos (initial cap?) -- it's cool with us.
  10:58am ken:

And that is because The Roman's made their Scotcheroos with Corn Syrup. End of story.
  10:59am janet h:

.... but really why am I here? I'm probably the most "craziest" conservative person here....HA
this type of music is crazy....some to my liking....couple weeks ago i really enjoyed Jonathan Kane Jet Ear Party
  10:59am Mark:

Ken, how did I see your post b4 u finished typing
  11:01am cribley:

@mark: ken is up in the dumps, as opposed to down in them
  11:01am JCityJensen:

WOO-HOO Millionth comment!Morning! great baby godzilla this am!
  11:01am Doug from DC:

I like my scotcheroos on the rocks with a splash of sodaroo.
  11:02am Larry:

Hi, Ken. Is this recipe day? I have a good donut recipe.
  11:02am thecleef:

There's going to be an Eastern Promises sequel!
  11:02am still b/p:

Empire eventually fell to Blondie Bar-barians.
  11:02am PMD:

Very late thanks Annie - will look a the recipes...
I have a great recipe for applesauce cake. mmmm.
  11:03am dei x:

everybody should send in photos of their scotcharoos! In obscene shapes!
  11:03am BSI:

Of course the eye-stab in Fulci's ZOMBIE is a timeless classic. No speaking of eye-stabbin' can be spoke without such a reference, you betcha.
  11:03am Mark:

better than Un Chien Andalou?
  11:03am jk:

Ken, do you realize that you always yell the names of bands that you have a hard time pronouncing?
  11:04am Carmichael:

The King is Irish. That explains most of life .....
  11:04am PMD:

Ken, you have a thing with stabbing in the eye. You swore on your mother's eyes that you hadn't accessed Andy's facebook... Interrrresting.
  11:04am jaypee:

Good morning! Yay FMA!
  11:06am Mark:

snow kidding?
  11:07am nasok:

it is still snowing in chinatown...
  11:07am PMD:

Is this Dong Sun speaking?
  11:08am JCityJensen:

Brrrr the world economey she is closed it is snowy day...
  11:08am still b/p:

Un Chien Andalou eye assault more of a slice/cut than stab, oui? That's the genius of it, non?
  11:09am BSI:

Keep yr.damned snow. No snow in DC.
To be safe, I'll stay in the office with generous helping of Scotch (eroos optional) to burn away the chill...
  11:10am Ken:

"Ken, do you realize that you always yell the names of bands that you have a hard time pronouncing? "

  11:10am Pearly Sweets:

I'm sneaking a cold chicken nugget at work. Don't tells nobody.
  11:12am annie:

oh!! and we had the most delicious garlic chicken wings, all crunchy with olive oil and salt and fat!!
  11:12am Pearly Sweets:

How many disappointed yentas called this morning when Ken's show was back on the air?
  11:13am janet h:

PMD, yes I am the Andy Breckman fan!
  11:13am still b/p:

Disappointed Yentas!!
  11:13am Carmichael:

Ken, I've always loved this song. Is this from the ESP collection?
  11:14am Bill W:

Ken, I heard an amazing Japanese "chipmunk" song in a 1968 Oshima film, "Three Resurrected Drunkards," yesterday. I need to investigate if it is available or if you have ever played it. The opening line translates as "I went up and died."
  11:14am Ken:

I am commenting two places at once!
  11:14am GP:

Morning all.
  11:14am Mick Jagger:

Charlie is my Darling.
  11:15am BSI:

This Mechanical Man sounds like a different mix of the same take from the LIE album... rite?
  11:15am annie:

confusing, innit?
  11:15am Ken:

No, this Manson song is on this new Cult compilation "The Sound of Ascension" Maybe it's also on a Manson record - there are a lot of them.
  11:16am Sharon Tate:

Oh, Charlie, you slay me!
  11:17am John McCabe in LA:

yeah, the 365 project songs live
  11:18am Pearly Sweets:

In the carpool this morning we had a GNFAB: "Obvious Boners"
  11:18am annie:

in the evening.........floating in your soup.
  11:18am Lizardner Dave:

I miss Greasy Kid Stuff.
  11:18am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:18am Carmichael:

I'll have to find this, and re-listen to my ESP stuff. Looks like I can't borrow it from Dennis Wilson.
  11:18am BSI:

Boner Oblivion
  11:18am Alvin, Simon, Theodore:

We mostly love Japan. Check out our song, "Wish we had a Japanese banana." Really.
  11:18am GP:

Wow...the 32k stream has like a two or three minute delay!
  11:19am Mark:

In an interwiew in the new issue of Wax Poetics, Melvins Sparks says that the Sun Ra band was very much like a cult
  11:19am Parq:

That tricked-out version of Ben Bolt made my day.
  11:20am Jess:

GP: I had probably about a 5 minute delay last night
  11:20am Parq:

Is the Intel song from the cult album too? Just asking.
  11:21am Ike:

GP, which one, the 32k MP3 or the AAC+ (also 32k despite mislabeling)?
  11:22am Ghengis Jung:

There's something wrong about that Superman toy.
  11:23am tombom:

yeah, i've noticed the aac stream delay too. it's actually kind of useful
  11:23am Pearly Sweets:

Do you think the Audio Bullys always change the dial when they are in the car with you, even if it is your own car? Or do they just mess with the levels?
  11:24am annie:

i've always believed the driver has radio choice...
  11:24am PMD:

Oh my god... I can't stop laughing at the superman toy.
  11:24am Parq:

Sometimes I like to stream through the puter in the living room and put the radio on in the bedroom, and then I wander back and forth across the time warp. "Through" the time warp? Where is Sean when I need him?
  11:26am PMD:

I agree that drivers have radio choice.
  11:27am GP:

Ike, It is the 32K MP3...listing with Foobar2000 ause it si th only one I can use at work.
  11:29am GP: spelling must have gone through the time warp as well..."Spelling of the Future"
  11:29am annie:

ken, i just took the "what musical chord are you quiz" and i am a major triad, are you able to hum a few bars so i know if i should just go back to bed?
  11:30am Ike:

GP, Foobar rocks. If you have Foobar then check out the AAC+ stream. It sounds way better. Prob. similar delay though.
  11:30am Cecile:

bah, stupid internet explorer. ucking with my shii
  11:31am GP:

Annie, Where is that quiz?
  11:32am annie:

  11:32am janet h:

really groovy
  11:33am annie:

maybe larry knows what a major triad is.
  11:33am dc pat:

yeah, groovy, yeah
  11:34am GP:

Annie, yet another site I cannot see at work. I'd probabl;y end with the Devils tritone or something anyway!
  11:34am chris:

It is no surprise to me that Black Sabbath has weathered the storm so well.
  11:35am annie:

  11:35am dc pat:

JEEzus Fucking KRISTE! Black Sabath has been in a steady decline since 2004!! We gotta do something about this!
  11:37am Cecile:

they should have factored in the Heaven and Hell numbers, because them and Dio have been on FIRE for the last several years.
  11:38am annie:

just recommended the station to someone and she said, this is weird for her, she is waiting till noon to see if it improves...
  11:38am Ken:

Oh yeah, at Noon, things get quite normal.
  11:39am Mark:

I don't foresee any improvement
  11:39am annie:

well, she is an old pal, so i told her trouble would suit her..
  11:40am Parq:

Actually, the real decline for Sabbath has been since 2006, which makes sense. The children of people who were in high school in the 70s? That's the year the bulk of them would have gone off to college, and were thus no longer spending time grazing through their parents' record colletions.
  11:40am Doug from DC:

Now I'm hooked on this Google Trends app. So it was December 2005 that tapas became a hotter topic than terrorism.
  11:40am Carmichael:

It'll be an improvement from last week, fer Christ's sake.
  11:41am annie:

true dat, charm
  11:41am Cecile:

I liked most of last week.
  11:42am Mark:

How many tuned out last week?
  11:43am annie:

i did find the aunties to be somewhat annoying, but i am a real trooper... hung on for most of it..
  11:43am janet h:

do all you guys listen to this type of music on a daily routine?
  11:43am Ken:

I stuck with Andy's show until my iPhone ran out of power. Man, does his musical taste SUCK!! I like popular music but he really picked some shite!
  11:43am wha?:

According to Trends, hell has been gaining steadily on heaven over the past few years.
  11:44am Ken:

Janet, can I play a request for you? What do you want to hear?
  11:45am annie:

my son's girlfriend tells me she is amazed that i like this stuff. she thinks i rule!
  11:45am Mark:

you do, you do
  11:46am Parq:

Concur on Annie ruling.
  11:46am Cecile:

what about Ronnie James Dio versus Hell?
  11:47am Cecile:

annie rules the rulers
  11:48am Ike:

GP: Just curious -- can you get to FB through a proxy web site?

My job actually requires me to surf the web all day (but not in a fun way) and thus they can't restrict my access to anything. And hey, we're hiring. But it really sucks. It sucks a lot.
  11:48am janet h:

You probably don't have any Christian rock music....ha
  11:48am Doug from Canada:

Well, you could certainly have Faust on almost all of the time ...
  11:48am wha?:

@Cecile: No contest
  11:48am PMD:

Annie rocks and rules.
  11:48am annie:

hey, thanks guys, i'm glad to be a part of the whole shebang here..
  11:49am Ken:

Got TONS of Christian Rock! Where is Tony Coulter when you need him?!
  11:49am Mark:

My job requires that I surf the internet all day too, that's the only way I can get through the day
  11:50am annie:

i'd love to get paid to surf...
  11:51am typical:

I type to this music.
  11:52am Don:

From WFMU Cookbook:
1 fresh bag marshmallows (about 40)
6 cups rice krispies
1 1/4 cups smooth peanut butter
4 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 cups peanut butter chips
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup butterscotch chips
Use 1 tablespoon of butter to grease a 9 by 12 inch pan
Should I go on...?
  11:52am annie:

gp.... i use winamp... bookmark it and then just click the menu to choose the station.. you just don't get the commenst page.
  11:52am Mark:

I get paid to surf, that's not really what I'm supposed to be doing...
  11:53am Carmichael:

I think to this music. If there's silence in my office, my brain freezes over.
  11:54am annie:

charm, i am soooo with you there
  11:54am Carmichael:

Besides, I have to drown out the dentist office-style smooth jazz from next door.
  11:54am Ghengis Jung:

'The Sound of Ascension' is the best compilation EVAR!!!!!!!!
  11:54am Ken:

Janet, this this stuff is almost Christian.

Don, thanks for posting the REAL recipe!! Now I dont have to stab myself in the eye.
  11:55am Parq:

I'm with GK -- I need this Ascension comp.
  11:56am annie:

a friend of mine who has a coffee shop does not play music..... how can that BE?
  11:57am janet h:

Oh thanks....
  11:57am Tom Cruise:

I hope you're not playing this to mock Scientology, we're very litigious you know.
  11:57am BSI:

Great flaming tonsils, Ken, I'll never leave my headphones again. I can't afford to miss another gem like this Fab.Entourage thing. Priorities!
  11:57am dale:

the youtube video for Xenu is pretty lame. have to post it anyway.
  11:57am The Man:

Stop this NOW!!!
  12:00pm fishmonkeystew:

Potato Hole! Now that's a good album name.

Hey I have a FB if anyone's interested. Fish Monkeystew.

Like I need anymore distractions....
  12:00pm Carmichael:

If I had a coffee shop, I'd play roller-skating organ music and castrato singing.
  12:00pm Ike:

Annie, that's strange. Aren't all coffee shops required by the laws of the universe to play AAA/folk music?
  12:00pm BillyJam:

great show Ken! Thanks for playing the Jinx Lennon cuts.
  12:01pm annie:

see, i thought so too, but has has a waiver on the wall
  12:02pm Don:

I know Andy Breckman, and Irwin, you're no Andy Breckman
  12:02pm Jess:

My head hurts.
  12:02pm Lizardner Dave:

Will tonight's SSD have anything to do with the big special Jewish once every 28 years the sun is in the same spot in the sky as it was when God made it holiday that happens to be today?
  12:02pm fishmonkeystew:

Ken playing Ken playing Ken playing Ken. That could actually create some sort of aural black hole, couldn't it?
  12:02pm Carmichael:

Well, I don't give a damn about a greenback doll-UH ....
  12:03pm Cecile:

Ken, ken, ken, don't relive that week.

don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't.
  12:04pm Carmichael:

Barbara Ann.
  12:04pm BSI:

ah, the great Steely Dong....
  12:04pm Doug from DC:

BSI, this is from a musical:
  12:05pm Ray Manzarek:

My ears just perked up!!
  12:06pm ~L:

The best part of Andy's shows are always the mic breaks, but the name of his show cracks me up continually, Go To Hell with Andy Breckman, and that gets me through the music he plays.
  12:07pm dc pat:

I like the doors, fact.
  12:07pm Don:

I saw The Doors at Westbury Music Fair in the round. Would that mean that I saw The Revolving Doors?
  12:07pm GOD:

You cannot petition the Lord with prayer!!!
  12:08pm dei x:

You have to go through the same channels as everyone else. Sign here, here... here... here... yes and here. Thank you.
  12:08pm dc pat:

how about the Dirty Wyrds?? They haven't been played.
  12:08pm ?:

Stop this right now or I'm turning the car around.
  12:09pm BSI:

oh jeez, DC Doug, that looks suitably twisted...
  12:09pm dictater:

Bands never played on FMU? DJ trashman?
  12:09pm tim:

I AM fucking worth 3 hours!
  12:10pm BSI:

...and the Hannah Montana bomb goes off in 3 hours, yeh?
  12:10pm dc pat:

Kenny's playin the Rite
  12:11pm Stud:

I AM worth fucking 3 hours!
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