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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Flamin' Groovies  Somethin' Else   Favoriting California Born and Bred  Norton  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Flamin' Groovies  Comin' After Me   Favoriting California Born and Bred  Norton  0:02:30 Pop-up)  
Flamin' Groovies  Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu   Favoriting California Born and Bred  Norton  0:08:35 Pop-up)  
Flamin' Groovies  Laurie Did It (single mix)   Favoriting Supersnazz  Sundazed  0:11:30 Pop-up)  
Flamin' Groovies  Golden Clouds   Favoriting California Born and Bred  Norton  0:14:55 Pop-up)  
Jay Chevalier  Castro Rock   Favoriting     0:24:39 Pop-up)  
Muck & the Mires  Gone Gone Gone   Favoriting Hypnotic  Dirty Water  0:27:45 Pop-up)  
Woggles  Rock and Roll Backlash   Favoriting title cut  Wicked Cool  0:28:43 Pop-up)  
Beat Boys  Wake Me, Shake Me   Favoriting s/t  Lion  0:32:44 Pop-up)  
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!  Dicen   Favoriting Viven!!!  Munster  0:37:16 Pop-up)  
King Kahn & The Shrines  (How Can I Keep You) Outta Harm's Way   Favoriting What Is?!  Vice  0:39:46 Pop-up)  
Masonics  I'll Find Out   Favoriting The Masonic Machine Turns You On  Vinyl Japan  0:47:59 Pop-up)  
Miss Ludella Black featuring The Masonics  Loony   Favoriting From This Witness Stand  Damaged Goods  0:50:33 Pop-up)  
Los Straitjackets  Teen Beast   Favoriting The Further Adventures of Los Straitjackets  Yep Roc  0:57:15 Pop-up)  
Booker T.  Pound It Out   Favoriting Potato Hole  Anti  0:57:47 Pop-up)  
JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound live in the studio!  
Engineer: Mark Triant. Thanks Mark! Recorded April 17  
JC Brooks sings, with Billy Bungeroth on guitar, Ben Taylor on Fender bass, Kevin Marks behind the drums.  
JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound live on WFMU!  Progress   Favoriting     1:05:45 Pop-up)  
JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound live on WFMU!  The Beat (Of Our Own Drum)   Favoriting     1:09:41 Pop-up)  
JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound live on WFMU!  Baltimore Is the New Brooklyn   Favoriting     1:14:29 Pop-up)  
JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound live on WFMU!  Bad News   Favoriting     1:18:45 Pop-up)  
JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound live on WFMU!  Awake   Favoriting     1:22:25 Pop-up)  
JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound live on WFMU!  interview   Favoriting     1:25:12 Pop-up)  
Obits  Widow of My Dreams   Favoriting I Blame You  Sub Pop  1:31:21 Pop-up)  
Dan Melchior's Broke Revue  Me and J.G. Ballard   Favoriting Bitterness, Spite, Rage, And Scorn  In the Red  1:36:09 Pop-up)  
Vermillion Sands  In the Wood   Favoriting 7"  Fat Possum  1:37:22 Pop-up)  
Vee Dee  Glimpses of Another World   Favoriting Public Mental Health System  Criminal I.Q.  1:39:42 Pop-up)  
Iggy Pop  Neon Forest   Favoriting Brick By Brick  Virgin  1:45:45 Pop-up)  
Neil Young  Johnny Magic   Favoriting Fork in the Road  Reprise  1:55:12 Pop-up)  
Movie Star Junkies live in the studio!  
Recorded April 16. Engineer: Phil Wrecktor  
Boto:guitars; Caio:drums; Nene:bass; Vinz:guitars, vocals; Stefano:vocals, organ, piano  
Movie Star Junkies live on WFMU!  Run Away From Me   Favoriting     2:06:13 Pop-up)  
Movie Star Junkies live on WFMU!  Lucky Horse   Favoriting     2:09:31 Pop-up)  
Movie Star Junkies live on WFMU!  Your Miserable Life   Favoriting     2:13:04 Pop-up)  
Movie Star Junkies live on WFMU!  Hail   Favoriting     2:19:20 Pop-up)  
Movie Star Junkies live on WFMU!  This Is Not a Light   Favoriting     2:19:37 Pop-up)  
Movie Star Junkies live on WFMU!  Slow Dance   Favoriting     2:24:58 Pop-up)  
Thee Oh Sees  Ruby Go Home   Favoriting Help  In the Red  2:33:57 Pop-up)  
Black Lips  Take My Heart   Favoriting 200 Million Thousand  Vice  2:34:45 Pop-up)  
Gruesomes  You Said Yeah   Favoriting Gruesomania  Ricochet  2:38:19 Pop-up)  
Sand Pebbles  Black Sun Ensemble   Favoriting A Thousand Wild Flowers  Double Feature  2:45:17 Pop-up)  
Superdrag  Everything'll Be Made Right   Favoriting Industry Giants  Thirty Tigers  2:56:42 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:02pm Pearly Sweets:

Tuesday means it is time to boogaloo!
  12:02pm Carmichael:

Hey hey, Joe!
  12:03pm Bad Ronald:

It's a good day today!!!
  12:04pm Joe B:

I am comin' after YOU!
  12:04pm Cecile:

afternoon, Joe!
  12:06pm Carmichael:

Good ol' Cyrille ....
  12:08pm Parq:

Speaking of superheroes (see Jason playlist comments) -- Flame on!
  12:08pm CRZ:

stomp in 1 week!
  12:10pm Carmichael:

Good ol' Huey ...
  12:11pm GP:

Joe....<tips hat>
  12:13pm Cecile:

Can you slip on "Crooked Path" by the Bats if it fits into the vibe, Joe?

Enjoying this Flamin' groovathan, too.
  12:18pm Carmichael:

Joe, WTF is "California Born & Bred"? A VA comp? I thought I had all the Groovies. Damn you, Belock!! <shaking fist>
  12:18pm Bad Ronald:

Hey Joe, I grabbed Mad Daddys - "Apes Go Wild" on record store day. Heard it first on your show, man that's one fun lp! It's amazing that it took a French label to put out some fine local talent. RIP Stinky.
  12:19pm cubicle carl:

Stuck at work. I'd rather be listening to the Flaming Groovies...hey, I am l am listening to the Flaming Groovies...alright!!
  12:20pm Carmichael:

My producer idol Dave Edmunds produced Shake Some Action, BTW. A great ringing, shiny bunch of songs.
  12:22pm Sean Daily:

Internet was down, but now I'm baaaaack...

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  12:24pm Carmichael:

The Ledge is on tour?!? Cool! Standin' in a Trashcan Thinking of You.
  12:27pm Joe B:

I assume you are referring to a different Joe ... I have no 78s.

Cecile - I saw the new Bats in the bin but probably won't get to it today with two bands. sorry.

Carmichael - Cal. Born and Bred a 1995 live and outtakes collection circa 68 to 1970 material on Norton. Highly recommended!
  12:29pm Carmichael:

Thanks, Joe. It'll be my new quest.
  12:31pm Carmichael:

I still think his version of Get Out of Denver is one of the most rockin' tunes ever!
  12:32pm Cecile:

Yes, yes.
  12:33pm Bad Ronald:

Wow, this second set is smokin'!!!

Agreed Carmichael.
  12:40pm Cecile:

Wau Y Los Arrrghs, best band name ever?
  12:47pm dc pünk:

I'm with you there Cecile. "Los Arrrghs", classic...
  12:50pm dc pünk:

I'm glad Micky still belting out the tunes--he was great in the Milkshakes..
  12:54pm dc pünk:

Did you check out the band members names:
Juanito Wau
Satu Arrrgh!!!
Molongui Arrrgh!!!
Isidro Arrrgh!!!
Fletan Arrrgh!!!
  12:55pm Cecile:

Oh, man, that is perfect.
  12:59pm zoot:

What a swell set! More Ms. Black, please. I don't want to go back to work. Even my office-mates are happy with this.
  1:01pm AnAnonymousParty:

Booker T. has my attention.

Hittin' on all cylinders.
  1:03pm bell hop:

how many garage revivals am i going to have to go through before i die?
  1:05pm G.:

Old garage never dies, it just gets reissued or revived or recycled.
  1:05pm dale:

Booket T and his Hammond B3 is on with Jimmy Fallon's band most of this week. Nice last night (the music via Booker, not really the comedy via Jimmy)
  1:06pm Hotel Manager:

Hey Bell Hop, if you kill yourself now, it'll be none!
  1:11pm Cecile:

Great stuff so far!

as long as there are gardens and garages.
  1:15pm Bad Ronald:

Dynamite live set. Excellent music for gardening!
  1:15pm Cecile:

Oh, I've heard this Baltimore song before. It's good!
  1:16pm GP:

Joe, this JC Brooks sounds great live..kudos to Mark for this sound, I had no idea this was live as I could not see the song list for some reason...It is working fine now.
  1:18pm PKNY:

Wow, these guys are great!
  1:19pm Amused:

Baltimore is the new Brooklyn? Baltimore is not even the new Baltimore.
  1:20pm bell hop head:

Baltimore is the new Brooklyn - i dont get it?!?!?
  1:21pm Follow the Money?:

Just a guess, but maybe if you're trying to make it as a working musician or artist, Baltimore is as financially manageable now as Brooklyn was in 1980, but often isn't these days?
  1:21pm Hon:

For the record, it's pronounced "Balmore."
  1:22pm Onid:

if you don't get it, probably means you shouldn't bother trying. :)
  1:22pm Cecile:

Ah, love this whole spoken word bit.
"doin' a happily ever in a 'let's see where this goes zone'"
  1:26pm gumby:

Nice set!! diggin' that uptown sound.
  1:27pm bell:

ah chicago, thought so - uptown???
  1:29pm Cecile:

He's great. Real charmer. I'm sure their show is cool.
  1:32pm bell h:

the obits is great!!!!!!
  1:32pm bell:

fav song from the lp
  1:33pm Cecile:

Hey, I thought listeners were listeners whatever they were into, JOE. Hmmm?

the one thing I agree with bell on - Obits are go!
  1:37pm dc pünk:

thanks for JC Brooks, Joe. That was most excellent.
  1:38pm Bad Ronald:

This Dan Melchior tune rocks so much I want to rip my own head off and stomp on it!!!
  1:42pm GP:

This set makes me want to paint some more flames and pin stripes on the hot rod.
  1:43pm Marshall Stacks:

Slammin' set, Joe!
  1:47pm detroitdave:

Hi Joe..........WOW crazy how you melted this show together today...beautiful stuff!
  1:48pm Cecile:

Joe, I love that you have so much patience with Iggy's and the Stooges' recent work. There's some gems there I only hear on your show.
  1:50pm Joe B:

recent? this came out 19 years ago!
  1:50pm C:

yeah, i thought the weirdness had some awesome stuff on it. was surprised at how many people panned it and said it was embarrassing. the stuff was killer live, and some songs were just as good as the oldies.
  1:52pm ?:

Joe B is feisty today. I like it!
  1:53pm dc pünk:

New Values is my last favorite Iggy album. [covering head]
  1:55pm Bad Ronald:

I liked "Instinct" w/Steve Jones...
  1:56pm Cecile (programmed droid pack leader):

And, YEAH, on both of them.
I love Neil, long may he wave.
  1:57pm Joe (not Belock):

Hear hear! Hear hear!
  1:58pm The Charts:

It's just too damn hard to tell what's great plus trendy at a given moment (Iggy in the late 60s and early 70s), from what's great but Not Trendy at another moment (Iggy 1990)
  1:59pm Cecile:

Very true. i have more crappy Chris Bailey/Latter Day Saints records than I knwo what to do with, but would I do see him live? Yeah! Are there always at least 2-3 songs that are great? Yeah!
  2:01pm Cool Police:

hey, don't be a hata. We're staying out of this.
  2:02pm OK Computer:

Cool Police, I've given everything, and it's not enough
  2:03pm Hon:

Now if Iggy had only used Buckethead on the Brick by Brick album, he would have been undisputably cool.
  2:03pm Cool Police:

We're too busy investigating Irwin for liking Miley Cyrus.
  2:05pm Lighter Aloft Guy:

  2:32pm Pearly Sweets:

Thee OhCeeesss!!!!!! Destroy with lazors
  3:00pm Rubble:

Great show! loved the two bands.
  9:05pm matteo from florence:

yo, great show and thanx for Movie Star Junkies the best band in italy
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