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Playlist for 03 June 2009 Favoriting | Live from Bimbo Tower in Paris

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Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
That Cute Nazi with the Amazing Voice  Tomorrow Belongs To Me   Favoriting     0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Zarah Leander  Ich Weiss whatever whatever   Favoriting     0:04:53 (Pop-up)
Zephyr Nova  Oversized Gadget Laden Whateverr   Favoriting     0:12:26 (Pop-up)
Messer Fur Frau Muller  2x2=5   Favoriting     0:18:51 (Pop-up)
Kazmi with Rickies  Jesus Christ Super Star   Favoriting     0:22:21 (Pop-up)
Yasuaki Shimizu  Besame Mucho   Favoriting     0:26:23 (Pop-up)
Chris Ligon  Buglight   Favoriting   *   0:32:51 (Pop-up)
John Dowie  British Tourist   Favoriting     0:36:27 (Pop-up)
Tom Mathison & Herodes Falsk  Sex Machine   Favoriting     0:37:45 (Pop-up)
Klaus Nomi  Za Bak Daz   Favoriting     0:48:08 (Pop-up)
Mrs. McWiggin  Phone Call   Favoriting     0:56:01 (Pop-up)
The Human  Corn Weenie Remix   Favoriting     1:04:11 (Pop-up)
Don Bartnick  Das Koffer Aus Rio   Favoriting     1:13:25 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Sex Bomb   Favoriting     1:29:05 (Pop-up)
Crash  Vaughan's Ballad   Favoriting Poutre Apparente    1:33:59 (Pop-up)
Ghedalia Tazartes  Track 1   Favoriting Repas Froid    1:39:54 (Pop-up)
Circle X  Look at the People   Favoriting Poutre Apparente    1:47:04 (Pop-up)
Strychnine  Suspect   Favoriting Amors Dehors 1976-1981    1:50:58 (Pop-up)
Csermanek Lakotelep  Munkafazisak   Favoriting Munkak es Napok    1:54:12 (Pop-up)
Drawers  Bunny Song   Favoriting Nest    1:59:35 (Pop-up)
Warum Joe  Datcha (unterseeboot demo)   Favoriting IVG Vol. 1: Futur Anterieur France 75/85 (V/A)    2:01:53 (Pop-up)
Un Departement  Marie Galante   Favoriting Les Ill Vinyle    2:03:48 (Pop-up)
Opera Mort  3m88   Favoriting Le Tour de Oubli    2:06:27 (Pop-up)
Mademozel Jeanne  Hello   Favoriting No Somos Los Indians    2:18:10 (Pop-up)
Youri Kun  Track 1   Favoriting Hit Tune    2:20:41 (Pop-up)
A.H. Kraken  Danses baden Powell, Danses   Favoriting     2:25:34 (Pop-up)
Sun Plexus 2  tchempo   Favoriting En Souvenir de l'horreur    2:27:06 (Pop-up)
Pulp Music  Low Flying Aircraft   Favoriting Poutre Apparente    2:32:29 (Pop-up)
Scarcity of Tanks  Hedge over Height   Favoriting No Endowments    2:35:24 (Pop-up)
Bubblewrap Holocaust  Ripping Yearns   Favoriting Self Titled    2:37:37 (Pop-up)
France  Track 1   Favoriting Poutre Apparente    2:40:04 (Pop-up)
Yellow Magic Orchestra  Tighten Up   Favoriting Multiplies    2:52:39 (Pop-up)
Audio Sports  Violent Evolution   Favoriting     2:55:47 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:04am bonjour ken:

vilmommen auf amerika!
  9:04am Ghengis Jung:

  9:04am Vicki:

Hi Ken, we're both in the afternoon
  9:04am BSI:

ditto, frenchie!
  9:05am Lizardner Dave:

So how's life in, to quote Franco-American food writer Anthony Bourdain, the land of the socialist cheese-eating surrender monkeys?
  9:05am annie:

good morning ken!! i suggest we allow commenters to post links to pictures, seeing as the one i sent you will never see the light of day now....!
  9:05am cs:

hey ken - is your trip designed to correspond with the d-day invasion
  9:05am Negator:

Cute little Nazis!
  9:05am paul:

i'm eatin' crazy cheese like you would think i'm from paris
  9:06am Ken:

Sure, post links. Its just that the comments dont support html
  9:06am annie:

  9:07am Negator:

Play Nina Hagan's version of Zarah Leander next!
  9:08am Janet H:

good morning....
  9:09am annie:

i love/hate this picture
  9:10am Janet H:

i live for the pictures...
  9:12am annie:

it would be unnatural for the laptop to OUT of any danger. it must always have its safety compromised.
  9:12am Vicki:

Hi to Franq!
  9:12am Andy in Berlin:

we who live in similar time zones salute you!
  9:13am Bad Ronald:
  9:15am annie:

ok, i see the picture did not post, just the opening one of the series.. flip to number 17... THAT is the one i sent ken..
  9:16am Janet H:

Ok annie...
  9:17am Michael:

Jouons, jouons
Qu'un son impur:
Abreuve de nos cerveilles
  9:18am Janet H:

that is just disturbing annie
  9:19am dei xhrist:

Can you use the DJ stalling tape as the station "hold" music?
  9:19am annie:

my friend cheryl makes the best absinthe so far. delaware phoenix brewery.. yes janet it is... very sick.
  9:20am BSI:

ahh, there's a game idea for next marathon... Make Ken utterly SICK with some wicked cocktail beverage and win a ton of swag...
  9:22am annie:
  9:24am Andy in Berlin:

5, Passage Saint-Antoine can be found at co-ordinates N21 in your Plan de Paris
  9:24am sara:

That cute nazi with the amazing voice.. ... to the on air Dj,

The nazi song (the song reclaimed by the nazis/and neo nazis) was just played on your show. Though it's admittantly very beautiful, the fact that you just played this nazi song in France really freaked me out!! While you played the song I imagined a group of Frenchmen joining along while marching. . Why did you decide to play this song on the air? Thanks
  9:25am PMD:

Morning. Late to work.
  9:26am still b/p:

photo #17 dateline: Kabulge, Afghanistan!
  9:27am Bryan the loafer:

Good moaning from Catalunya. Bright and sunny here.
  9:29am cs:
  9:31am John from Oslo:

Meanwhile in spain...
  9:32am cs:
  9:34am bw:

morning Ken - morning all!
  9:34am annie...:

today is josephine baker's birthday!! great opportunity to find a french celebratory song, huh??
  9:34am Freddy: Formerly of West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Morning Ken and everyone
  9:35am cs:
  9:36am bw:

what are you gonna buy?
  9:37am cs:

or chris ligon by buglight?
  9:37am dc pat:

Ken when you're done there, head on over to Roland Garros, k?
  9:40am John from Oslo:

Ja ja ja - sexmaskin - Ja ja ja - sexmaskin - Ja ja ja - sexmaskin - Ja ja ja - sexmaskin -
  9:41am Michael:

Has that song actually been used by neo-Nazis? It was written for the musical play 'Cabaret' by the team of Kander and rhymes too well in English to be a translation from German,... Then again, anyone can appropriate anything (Robert Crumb was appalled when a couple of pages of his channelling his worst inner bigot were appropriated by some neo-Nazis who didn't get the joke, but that was kind of predictable.)
  9:41am dc pat:

did he just say "Dolly Parton?"
  9:44am JCityJensen:

Morning All!

Hey Ken - gotta get get some good falafel at L'As du Falafel
34, rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris

or crepes:
Street Crêpes of Montparnasse: Metro Montparnasse, Sortie Boulevard du Montparnasse. Crêperie Henri is directly to the left of the exit. or

a great guide
  9:44am bw:

it was like listening to Dan Deacon channel jane fonda!
  9:44am cs:

that dd audience stuff was crazy
  9:44am paul:

oh awesome, i missed Dan's set
  9:44am Vicki:

considering the context of where the film "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" comes from, it's clearly not a vindictive song, and as for playing it, we should all consider ourselves lucky that we can. Oh, and what a GREAT song it is!
  9:45am JCityJensen:

are there archives from the primevera show at wfmu.ogre?
  9:45am PMD:

This better be good Ken.. all the build up and waiting..
  9:45am paul:

oh well i'm gonna miss it still
  9:45am esch oder anarchie!:

I will switch over to the archive rather than re-live the bombastic bummer that was doofus Dan Deacon in Barcelona!
  9:46am -max-:

Don't mind him, he's from Barcelona...
  9:46am sara:

Please play the dan deacon stuff.. I went to school with that guy lol..i can't believe he's so famous now!
  9:47am sara:

viva la SUNY Purchase
  9:47am cs:

DD seemed to be getting really pissed at the audience with that stuff
  9:48am Vicki:

Dan Deacon is a great chap - he brought People Like Us to play Purchase twice
  9:49am Bad Ronald:

Do you know what year he graduated Sara?
  9:49am Manuel:

But I learn!
  9:50am sara:

2005 or 6 .??
  9:51am Bad Ronald:

Cool, thanks.
  9:51am -max-:

Quote From Manuel: "But I learn!"

  9:54am dei x:

hey Dave from NH, are you "in" today? I have a festival to try to convince you to attend.
  9:55am paul:

play mrs. mcwiggin
  9:55am Vivian:


How about that mashup involving Stooges and Blondie?
  9:55am Zzb:

Psycho! Play Psycho!
  9:55am Lizardner Dave:

Railroad Bill by Andy Breckman. Or some Rush. Whichever.
  9:56am dc pat:

I want to hear Mambo Kurt's version of Waiting Room...not sure if you have that one..
  9:56am sara:

Ken... I want a dialogue about the nazi song.. I should at least get to hear from u about it (can u scroll up to see my post after the song)
  9:56am JCityJensen:

  9:56am Jarred Alterman:

anything from "Wolves in the throne room"
great show! less coffee!
  9:57am paul:

  9:57am Ghengis Jung:

I request Blanketship!
  9:57am PMD:

We haven't heard corn weenie in a long while.
  9:57am koz:

play some Heldon. or Shub Niggurath they are both french bimbo tower should have some.
  9:57am Listener James from Westwood:

The Warriors remix of Corn Weenie might catch some attention there.
  9:58am scott teplin:

that "the rain is falling falling falling down" song, please
  9:58am Lizardner Dave:

Play some Amanda. I'm sure Irwin will later.
  9:59am Vicki:

Nihilist Spasm Band, Gwilly Edmondez, that great new J G Thirlwell album... Go Home Productions, DJ Earlybird, DJ Totom, Mary Schneider, some whistling music and some yodels. Thank you.
  9:59am scott teplin:

henry buzglass
  10:00am Bad Ronald:

Howzabout some Stiv Bators?
  10:00am still b/p:

I'd like to hear Mrs. McWiggin sing Besame Me Mucho after a few fingers of absinthe...or maybe we already did.
  10:00am jarred Alterman:

Oh what about some random bites from Paul Stanely just to piss somebody off?
  10:00am cs:

how about booker t and the nys - hey ya
  10:00am Lizardner Dave:

Play some People Like Us since Vicki requested stuff.
  10:00am sara:

POW WOW - mary timonys new band! do u have anything?
  10:00am Vicki:

Os Mutantes, Tom Ze, Caetano Veloso, thanks. Erm
  10:00am John from Oslo:

My psychic powers tells me that Ken is somewhere in the vicinity of Passage Saint-Antoine number 5.

Request: Oh, we'll always have HUMPPARIS!
  10:00am jeffrey:

don't know what the fuck i'm listening to...and that's a good thing. you program in the spirit i'd like to program...

joyously streaming in NW Wisconsin
  10:00am Vivian:

Or Jonathan Kane!
  10:01am PMD:

can't hear the Bimbo Tower music too well behind what you are playing
  10:01am dc pat:

Mary Timony lives a block away from me..
  10:01am Vicki:

  10:01am Negator:

  10:01am PMD:

Please please record him saying corn weenie.
  10:02am paul:

now he can sing the song!
  10:02am John from Oslo:

Really Really discount!
  10:02am jarred from JC:

duuuude... these guys eat marrow for breakfast, corn weenies are no diff!
  10:02am Vicki:

RIAA? OK I shut up now.
Oh yes, Negator, Porest - also Sublime Frequencies stuff, especially Latinamericarpet or whatever it's called
  10:03am dc pat:

CORN MEAL BATTER! not flour, that's what makes it particularly American
  10:03am annie:

i bet that guy has no idea his voice is going down in corn weenie history!
  10:03am ~L:

Gluten Free Dairy Free Turkey Dog Corn Weenies!
I request Johnny Boy "The Generation that bought the most shoes"
  10:03am still b/p:

Cannes Oui Nice.
  10:04am -max-:

Request for HUMPPA!
  10:06am JCityJensen:

Request for JCash Remixssss! and a lifevest made of cornweenie batter!
  10:06am Cecile:

Hi, Ken!
  10:07am dc pat:

you know the only thing more disgusting than a corn weenie? a veggie corn weenie
  10:07am Terry:

More French saying Corn Weenie. It's dreamy.
  10:08am Humphrey Bogart:

We’ll Always Have HUMPPARIS
  10:08am annie:

pat, i totally agree..
  10:11am PMD:

Oh dear. I was addicted to the trader joe's veggie corn weenies for a while. truly. but then the disgusting after gasses kinda made me get over them.
  10:12am John from Oslo:

The best CW remix EVER!
  10:13am J-Mar:

Our 4-year-old son has taken to yelling "Corn Weenie" around the house. So we told him that maybe he shouldn't yell it when he's at school because people might not, y'know, get it. He said, "I only say it quietly to myself when I'm at school." So now I've taken to whispering it to myself when I'm at work. Very therapeutic.
  10:13am JCityJensen:

request for Little Girl Does Aphex Twin!
  10:13am dc pat:

say, I never tried Trader Joe's corn weenies...maybe because I HATE Trader Joe's..
  10:15am annie:

oh, no a trader joe's/whole foods opinions are vociferously negative, to say the least.
  10:15am Negator:

I like the way you were telling the record store owner to, "Say it". You said it a coupla times.
  10:15am PMD:

lol at J-Mar
  10:16am J-Mar:

Say it! Say it!
  10:16am annie:

BUT, pmd, i totally support your right to shop there :)
  10:17am Cecile:

J-mar you are awesome.

Say, did I tell you that my twin 10-year old nephews plan to dress up like little girls and do a skit show on YouTube called TwinSisters.

As an aunt, I am somewhat ambivalent.
  10:17am sara:

cawn weyney
  10:17am Cecile:

I guess they must feel left out in a family that is like 95% women. That must be it.
  10:20am Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi. What do the French think of corn weenies?
  10:20am Cecile:

france is awesome
  10:20am annie:

cecile, ten years from now, i'd like to know them..
and this: my son loved monty python skits. even when he was a youngun'. well he liked to repeat the name of "mrs smegma" alot. and he spoke it out loud at karate one night. there were some offended people there, he had no idea, and i'm sure they thought i was the most awful mother..
  10:20am JCityJensen:

  10:21am annie:

  10:22am Cecile:

I feel much better hearing that, annie.
They are already hilarious and creative in different ways. All my sister's kinds are ferociously creative. Which is lovely.
  10:23am Happy Listener:

Hey Ken, congrats on your remote from Paris. I'm over the swine flu, but still feel lame. Awesome show, btw. The red beans you're thinking of are Adzuki beans.
  10:24am annie:

cecile, i hope they stay creative... check out the girls singing in youtube :rosepose88 they are so cool.
  10:24am J-Mar:

Happy belated birthday, by the way, Cecile! You might hip your nephews to the Twinn Connexion:
  10:25am Jake:

Bring back "sex bomb."
  10:25am Cecile:

thanks, J-Mar!

I'll let them know...
  10:27am Adrian in London:

Ooh, I didn;t know about Bimbo Tower. I'll check it out next time I'm in Pareee. Ground Zero's a good shop too.
  10:27am Jake:

Thank you.
  10:30am The French:

O la la!!! Slide your corn weenie up my passage St Antoine. Doucement!!!
  10:31am John from Oslo:

Quen & Franque pan atlantique, chouette!
  10:36am Cecile:

Frank, where can we find recordings you put out?
  10:37am Swami:

Great show so far Ken! Corn weenie choo choo Annie!
  10:37am Jake:

Awesome show. Do you guys have YMO's cover of "Tighten Up" by Archie Bell?
  10:37am Clouseau:

Does your dog bite?
  10:38am Bad Ronald:

How about playing John Cale's "Honi Soit" or anything off of "Paris 1919"?
  10:38am Ken:

As a matter of fact, I do have that Jake!
  10:38am dc pat:

This tune rules, and that is not my dog.
  10:38am Andy in Berlin:

A good show indeed! I'm trying to work and you're not making it easy - damn you, Ken!
  10:39am annie:

swami, i loved that place. next time you're on that block, wave at it's footprint eh?
  10:39am hotel clerk:

its not my dog
  10:39am Carmichael:

Good morning, foreign Ken and international ear users. OK, I like Crash.
  10:41am Bryan the loafer:

How about some French music? Miss Kittin & the Hacker, Daft Punk, or maybe even a bit of Serge Gainsbourg. Or maybe something to show how superior the French are to the old enemy, 'Perfidious Albion'. Reginald Bosanquet should be good for showing just how uncool the English are.
  10:43am JCityJensen:

Hey Ken - does the rec' shop have a website? I wanna het that Crash album!
  10:43am Cecile:

I like Sortilege, the metal band Diane plays quit a bit. ;) Or Gojira.
  10:44am Cecile:

they haz a myspace, JCJ, I just can't get to it.
  10:46am JCityJensen:

Thanks Cecile!
  10:47am Clouseau:

A beekeeper who has lost his voice, a cook who thinks he's a gardiner, and a witness to a murder. Oh, yes. It is obvious to my trained eye, that there is much more going on here than meets the ear.
  10:48am Adrian in London:

Reggie Bosanquet did a song?! I've got to check that out. His father inves=nted the googly, you know?
  10:48am Cecile:

circle x - that was that one show with Fabio last year, right?
  10:49am Swami:

I'll wave and have some sushi. It's a Japanese Hibachi joint now.
  10:49am Ken:

Here is how you can track stuff down that Franq ia playing:
fusetron (google for that)
Franq's email:
  10:51am Ken:

Doron - Ride the dump button please~
  10:52am dc pat:

  10:55am annie:

wow, swami, .. it's been ages since i've been to that burg, i hear there have been major changes,.. obviously
  10:55am Cecile:

ooh, les thugs.
I rediscovered "strike" the other week. Good album.
  11:00am JCityJensen:

what about a corn crepes?
  11:00am dc pat:

That's fuckin great--you can get fined for cussing in Spanish. That's got to be the most idiotic thing on the planet. MARDE!
  11:01am Doug:

I can curse in Canadian ...
  11:01am Bryan the loafer:

@Adrian in London
Yes, Bosanquet made a truly awful record called 'Dance With Me'. Ken has played it a few times. It's on search central at:

It was voted #1 in Kenny Everett's Bottom 30 in 1980.
  11:02am JCityJensen:

this guy got some great records!
  11:02am Doug in Canada:

I wanna hang out with these guys ... I think I need to move to Europe ...
  11:07am Carmichael:

This sounds like something the Nazis would play on their day off.
  11:10am Happy Listener:

Wow, sounds like Donald Duck got into the horse tranquilizers.
  11:12am Paris Hilton:

My people need the address for that Bimbo Tower. Sounds like it would be a good pied a terre for me, and people are way sick of my schtick here on this side of the pond.
  11:13am JCityJensen:

Hey Ken - does this guy (sorry didnt catch his name) - he's got to stream a show to WOOFMOO!
  11:14am Jerry Lewis:

I'll hook you up, Paris baby. I'm a God over there.
  11:14am Parq:

I have arrived for the 7th reel. Glad we have the Korean prostitute issue on our radar. And who the heck is Dan Deacon?
  11:15am risky!:

  11:16am risky!:

rad static!
  11:16am Cecile:

I'm still mad at him. I'm going to listen to Group Doueh in the archives.
  11:16am Carmichael:

Korean prostitutes?!? Tell me more ....
  11:17am Parq:

Hey, I just assumed that it was supposed to sound like that.
  11:17am cribley:

Out of phase sounded rather interesting.
  11:18am bleeding ears:

yet another reason to not like the french
  11:19am risky!:

  11:19am cribley:

This sounds great. You should do an entire show playing with technical difficulties ... oh wait....
  11:19am fishmonkeystew:

I'm predicting a Ken-out-of-phase meltdown any time now.
  11:20am Parq:

Now I'm *really* confused. Would somebody please tell me when I'm hearing intentionally broadcast sounds?
  11:20am Fire Department:

Ken just caught on fire! Send help!
  11:20am cribley:

Let me get my modem ...
  11:21am Phaser:

What the hell is "out of phase" and how can it sound ok in the studio but not over the airways?
  11:22am Vicki:

that last track was actually Serge Gainsbourg
  11:23am Ken:

Out of phase is when the polarity of one of the channels - the sine wave - is upside down. It cancels the sound out if you are listening in mono. In stereo it just sounds funny.
  11:24am Nom that Audio:

Non, non...I'm pretty sure that piece was from a mike mounted on the pointy nose-tip of the Concorde during a flight in 1985. Not just sonic...SUPER sonic!
  11:24am JJZ:

Oh, so that wasn't intentional? I just figured Kenny was in early.
  11:26am jason:

these sonic protest comps are mind-meltingly awesome
  11:26am Air France flight:

It sounded kind of like that those last two minutes on the way down.
  11:27am Carmichael:

Korean prostitutes. I just like saying that.
  11:28am Parq:

Carm -- say it!
  11:29am Overwhelmed:

there, is, just. too. much. good. music. out. there.
  11:29am Ken:

No more Charmichael.
  11:30am cs:

i think they prefer sex trade workers or the korean equvilant - an interesting movement in . s korea
  11:32am Carmichael:

<head down, shoulders slumped> Yes sir .....
  11:34am dc pat:

nice, she turned into a dog monster!
  11:35am Cecile:

amanda's spiritual mom!
  11:35am Dany Boon:

Corn Prostitutes?
Korean Weenie?
Ouef Weenie
  11:36am John:

How much do they charge for interesting movements?
  11:36am Terry:

Cecile I was just think Amanda! It's like we're psychic!
  11:37am risky!:

HAHA Nice one Cecile! Amanda's Muse!
  11:37am Cecile:

LMAO, either that or we both listen too way too much 'FMU.

same difference!
  11:38am risky!:

this is really a rock sound.
  11:39am cs:

now john, they want fairer treatment and stage protests to increas understanding of their plight
  11:40am Cecile:

wow this bubblewrap is like the clone of Jinx Lennon and Mark E. Smith...
  11:40am dc pat:

may I just say, this is right the feck up my alley? I'm going to be yelling LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT for days..
  11:41am Parq:

Ken, as he was setting up this afternoon: "Wow, we've got three hours of deluxe experimental sounds ready to go here -- I sure hope the listeners are going to talk about Korean nafkas!"
  11:42am cs:

that was a great tune from bubblewrap
  11:42am GP:

Jinx..Cecile..I was just going to say it...LOL.

Also, that LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT sounded like Daniel Johston on acid or something.
  11:42am Petit question:

What is the streamable French equivalent of WFMU?
  11:45am Bill O'Reilly:

  11:45am JCityJensen:

Great show Ken! Thanks Frank! - Ken maybe Frank should do his next show with you on the Seine!
  11:46am Ken:

Franq's radio show can be downloaded at:
  11:48am Great Show:

It's Been In Seine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11:49am Ghengis Jung:

Great show today. Thanks Ken and Frank!
  11:49am Carmichael:

It was an OK show Ken, I guess ....
  11:49am Cecile:

you know, Franq, you are going to get a sales bump from this...
  11:50am risky!:

France.... digging this
  11:51am -max-:

Julio!! We've missed you!
  11:51am Bateau Mouche:

Its' really floating my boat...
  11:53am Karen:

Great show! What's the address for Franq's store?
  11:54am GP:

This is the best song I've heard all week.....tighten up now.
  11:55am ?:

karen - √ this out :
  11:56am Parq:

Korean sex workers, stand up, please!
  11:58am Parq:

And dug the guest vocal from Cousin Itt!
  12:00pm asshole:

can you say asshole on the air?
  12:01pm dc pat:

well that one slipped through..
  12:01pm dc pat:

asshole yes, fuck no.
  12:01pm another asshole:

Tighten up, now....
  12:02pm dark helmet:

  12:02pm Jess:

IIRC, they can talk about a person being an asshole, but they can't talk about someone HAVING an asshole. Go figure.
  12:02pm trish:

bad radio, maybe, Kenny G, but it's a great transition!
  12:02pm giraffe-o:

This is radio Schadenfreude
  12:04pm David Frost:

Does anyone remember when the National Lampoon kept calling me an asshole?
  12:04pm trou d'une culotte:

ta mere est belge
  12:05pm Mr. Bastard:

You wouldn't get this unprofessional shit on K-Rock
  12:05pm WOOF:

va te faire K-ROCK
  12:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What does "WFMU" sound like when spoken in French?
  12:08pm ?:
  12:09pm ?:
  12:09pm ?:

"doobluh-vey eff emm ooo"
  3:23pm Alkalurops:

Do you plan to post this show? I'd be very happy to listen to it!
  1:45pm Jerry Hopkins:

Hi Ken...yes, tell Cecil that her nephews should get hip to TWINN CONNEXION...I'm Jerry Hopkins one of the brother died in 2001...check us out on google...LASTFM....I am releasing a CD called JUST FOOLIN' AROUND...have a brother and I we're just as crazy...Jerry...TWINN CONNEXION
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