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Playlist for 16 September 2009 Favoriting | Avenge Me

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Dan Bryk  My Own Worst Enemy   Favoriting Pop Psychology  Urban Myth 

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*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Hack Mack Jackson  You Don't Miss Your Water   Favoriting Melodies from the Trashcan: The Very Best of Hack Mack Jackson  Wondertaker / IODA      0:06:19 (Pop-up)
The Ex  Hidegen Fujnak A Szelek   Favoriting 30  Ex 

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*   0:09:09 (Pop-up)
Yacht  The Afterlife   Favoriting See Mystery Lights  DFA 

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*   0:12:38 (Pop-up)
HTRK  Ha   Favoriting Marry Me Tonight  Blast First Petit    *   0:17:13 (Pop-up)
Miss Kittin And The Hacker  Suspicious Minds   Favoriting Two  Nobody's Bizness      0:23:07 (Pop-up)
Eilert Pilarm  Suspicious Minds   Favoriting Best of Elvis  WM Sweden 

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  0:29:21 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Space Junko 
          0:31:57 (Pop-up)
Arrington De Dionyso  Kedalaman Air   Favoriting Malaikat Dan Singa  K 

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*   0:36:35 (Pop-up)
Faust  Picnic on a Frozen River, Deuxieme Tableaux   Favoriting Faust IV  Virgin      0:40:38 (Pop-up)
Deichkind  Prost (feat Das Bo)   Favoriting Smashits (V/A Comp)  Shitkatapult 

Click for the full size image
  0:47:47 (Pop-up)
Discovery  I Want You Back   Favoriting LP  XL 

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*   0:51:32 (Pop-up)
Luciano  Drunken Ballet   Favoriting Shut Up and Dance! Updated  Ostgutton / Kompakt      0:55:07 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Johann Georg Albrechstberger / Munich Chamber Orchestra 

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  1:04:08 (Pop-up)
Talbot Tagora  Mixed Signals Through Miles of Pilgrimage   Favoriting Lessons In The Woods Or a City  Hardly Art    *   1:11:05 (Pop-up)
Talbot Tagora  Icthus Hop   Favoriting Lessons In The Woods Or a City  Hardly Art    *   1:15:35 (Pop-up)
Yo La Tengo  Nothing To Hide   Favoriting Popular Songs  Matador 

Click for the full size image
*   1:17:47 (Pop-up)
TV Ghost  The Network   Favoriting TV Ghost  In The Red    *   1:20:06 (Pop-up)
Flipper  The Lights, The Sound   Favoriting Fight  MVD 

Click for the full size image
  1:22:17 (Pop-up)
Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power  Take You Slow   Favoriting This is Ming Beat: A Tribute to Sexton Ming  Rim    *   1:27:46 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Olivia Tremor Control 
excerpt from Green Typewriters   Favoriting Dusk At Cubist Castle  Flydaddy 

Click for the full size image
  1:30:06 (Pop-up)
DJ Ilya Monosov & The 21st Century Punks  Always Look To You (Extended Mix)   Favoriting New Music  Holy Mountain    *   1:41:25 (Pop-up)
The Slew (Kid Koala)  Robbin Banks (Doin' Time)   Favoriting 100%  Nufonia 

Click for the full size image
*   1:48:19 (Pop-up)
CJ Campbell  Hey Mayor Daley Man   Favoriting No Album  Self Released      1:52:43 (Pop-up)
Pere Ubu  March of Greed   Favoriting Long Live Pere Ubu!  Hearthan 

Click for the full size image
*   1:55:13 (Pop-up)
Mike Patton  Social Club   Favoriting Crank: High Voltage Soundtrack  Lakeshore    *   1:59:05 (Pop-up)
Gnaw Their Tongues  Eaten by the Messenger of the Light   Favoriting Die Mutter wählt das Todtenkleidchen  U-8-C 

Click for the full size image
*   2:01:42 (Pop-up)
In Extremo  Pavane   Favoriting Verehrt und Angespien  Mercury 

Click for the full size image
  2:09:24 (Pop-up)
Theatre of Tragedy  Der Tanz der Schatten (club mix)   Favoriting Inperspective  Massacre Records      2:14:26 (Pop-up)
The Ex  State of Shock   Favoriting 30  The Ex 

Click for the full size image
  2:20:36 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Johann Georg Albrechstberger / Munich Chamber Orchestra 
Allegro Moderato, Konzert fur Maultrommel, Mandora und Orchester in F-Dur   Favoriting Concerto for Jews Harp, Mandora and Orchestra  Orfeo      2:25:21 (Pop-up)
Excusamwa  Some Carry Their Shroud With Them Upon The Earth   Favoriting Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself  100% Breakfast 

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*   2:33:58 (Pop-up)
DJ Food  Extract from Stolen Moments   Favoriting One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World  Ninja Tune    *   2:36:14 (Pop-up)
Lali Puna  Faking The Books   Favoriting Faking The Books  Morr Music 

Click for the full size image
  2:38:31 (Pop-up)
Air  Alpha Beta Gaga   Favoriting Talkie Walkie  Astralwerks 

Click for the full size image
  2:42:26 (Pop-up)
Vetiver  You May Be Blue   Favoriting The Present (soundtrack)  Brushfire 

Click for the full size image
  2:46:40 (Pop-up)
Yacht  Ring The Bell   Favoriting See Mystery Lights  DFA    *   2:51:43 (Pop-up)
DJ Soft / LCD Soundsystem  Yeah   Favoriting None        2:56:08 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am john from oslo:

Morning Ken!
All who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand!
  9:00am Dan B:

Good morning Wednesday morning time slot listeners! Good morning Wednesday morning time slot DJ!
  9:00am Bad Ronald:

Morning Ken et al!
  9:01am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

it feels so good to be first.
  9:01am anne:

g'mornin g'mornin
  9:01am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

or not.
  9:03am Ken:

Morning everybody!
  9:05am cribley:

I'm dizzy. I think I'm on my way out.
  9:07am stingy d:

that kenny g show you made me go to was all weird.
  9:07am Flandrew:

and here we go again - mornin' all
  9:09am Devin:

Mornin' ya'll.
  9:10am Ken:

We're in the midst of a RIAA-mandated reporting period again - can someone help me find the record label for that Hack Mack Jackson album?
  9:11am cribley:

* Date Released: June 19, 2007
* Genre: Alternative/Punk
* Style: Garage Rock
* Label: Wondertaker / IODA

According to eMusic
  9:11am Ken:

Stingy D - Kenny G weird? How is it possible? Details please!
  9:13am Ken:

Thanks Cribley!!
  9:19am stingy d:

  9:20am annie:

i love wednesdays; i listen to an ex-fmu deejay one another station and switch to ken at 9 !! yay! so seamless.. it hurts. morning all
  9:22am JCityJensen:

Feliz Día de la Independencia de México Mis hermanos y hermanas .... Hola Suecia
  9:23am Ken:

Annie, who do you listen to before 9am?
  9:23am Cecile:

morning, all!
I get a ride into work, and am enjoying the music and cameraderie with my Egg McMuffin.
  9:24am dc pat:

dang, I was listening to that excellent HTRK track and my boss's boss came up to talk to me...missed it...
  9:26am jan:

Ken: can you play some Taylor Swift for us? Otherwise how will we ever know if Kanye is rignt or not?
  9:26am annie:

sean caughey on womr in provincetown. 6-9 great selection and it has that wonderful fmu tinge to it.. i discovered him by accident... although i am an omr fan anyway.. aarrgh so many stations so little time!
  9:28am Janet H:

Good Morning!
  9:28am Ken:

Careful what you ask for Jan! I wish Kanye had disssed someone more deserving, like Lady Gaga... oh well
  9:29am john from oslo:

  9:29am Ken:

Need a record label for this Eilert album! Anybody?
  9:29am Cecile:

Hey, do you have some William Hung?
I genuinely like that guy.
  9:30am Mark:

dc pat you have to get your priorities straight next time tell your boss's boss to go away, you're busy listening to Ken. I'm sure the boss will understand
  9:31am dc pat:

I should have just hepped her to the tunes. Haven't heard HTRK before, they're sounding pretty good...
  9:33am Lewis:

folloiwng Ken above - any hints on where to find Eilert recordings?
  9:33am PMD:

Hi all.. a swell morning to all of you.
  9:35am still b/p:

Kanye was right about George Bush. He must be right about all things. The critics can kiss his goat's escutcheon.
  9:35am PMD:

Ken, sounds like you are speaking Klingon. Not that I speak it... Have the Klingons ever done any songs?
  9:35am Janet H:

  9:35am annie:

morning pmd!!
  9:36am Parq:

Can't find a label as such, but the copyright for "Best of Elvis" is held by WM Sweden.
  9:37am Ken:

Thanks Parq!
  9:39am dc pat:

Thanks for the Old Time Relijun...I mean Arrington. Did he break up the band?
  9:42am annie:

ken, do you remember sean at all... ?
  9:43am Ken:

No Annie, I have no memory of Sean - when did he do a show on FMU?
  9:43am dc pat:

ok HTRK is my new favorite band. They might need an 8 between the H and the T though...
  9:45am annie:

i really am not sure, he just recalls fmu and the station very well.. he grew up in jersey..
  9:50am trish:

seeing/hearing 'douche' always throws me off -

'That guy was such a shower!'
  9:50am jtm:

Where is Black Velvet on the Stoner Douche art chart?
  9:53am dc pliny:

"tampon instruction graphics", funny.
  9:55am Meghan:

I like how Schnabel falls under both stoner and douche separately....
  9:57am sugarwolf:

ha, meghan, me too!
  9:58am north guinea hills:

ken playing luciano, nice!
  9:58am Meghan:

The should have put Matthew Barney down as both as well.... hehe
  10:04am Mark:

will we hear Susan Boyle's cover of "Wild Horses" today?
  10:05am annie:

oohh, ooohh, yeah i second that suggestion!!
  10:05am Dan B:

Expected to hear, "Jonsey.. Wheee..."
  10:07am 1-800-BAD-JUJU:

Has your character been injured by presumptuous categorization? Call us -- we'll fight for you and get what you deserve. We're Stoner & Douche.
  10:08am dei xhrist:

So, I'm right there on the douche side of stoner/douche overlap, with many tentacles deeper in to douche specific inclinations. Like pointing out that douche is French for shower.
  10:09am papaya man:

obligatory snoop doggs playing poker:
  10:09am Wm.:

Yes, and Metal Archives is down. Perfect timing for our reporting period. How will I determine the names of all these tiny, obscure metal labels? I need Aquarius on speed dial....
  10:10am Wm.:

Faust and the AMAZING Aluk Todolo!!!
  10:10am Mark:

how about crapped, can you say that?
  10:11am dc pat:

you can't say pissed jeans?? what the fuck is wrong with this country?
  10:12am Ken:

Anybody know the track title of track one from this Talbot Tagora CD?
  10:13am Mark:

actually I wanted a warning on the Boyle cover of "Wild Horses" because it is so dull and ponderous
  10:14am dc pat:

ken, its: "Mixed Signals Through Miles Of Pilgrimage"
  10:14am Wm.:

"Pissed jeans" makes everyone (ok, me) think of that uncomfortable scene from Last House on the Left. It is decidedly un-American to force someone to piss their pants, unless of course they are a political prisoner.
  10:14am Mark:

according to Amazon the title is "Mixed Signals Through Miles of Pilgrimage "
  10:14am dc pat:

  10:16am Hugo:

Good to hear that you will experience Faust on the left side of the Atlantic. I saw them here on the right side of the A. back in March. Funny to think that the youngest current member was born in 1975, after the release of Faust IV, played on today's show.
  10:16am dc pat:

Talbot Tagora is my new favorite band.
  10:18am north guinea hills:

but what if you like pissing your jeans?
  10:22am dc douche:

..outside TV Ghost of course... great show Ken
  10:24am GP:

Guten morgen one and all.

Thanks for the Flipper, Ken.

Hmmm...someone requested Taylor Swift. I can honestly say that I did see her in concert ( hey, free tickets <shrugs> ) and you know what, the show was actually entertaining.
  10:25am Michael:

Fantastic show, thanks for Dan Bryk and the Ex
  10:32am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

The FCC is right. Words are dangerous. I fear words. Words have led to nothing but misery and suffering for millions of people. We should just do away with words altogether.
  10:33am Mark:

apparently the TV Ghost cd has a title: "Cold Fish"
  10:34am Meghan:

Sticks and stones Dum Dum..... words may never hurt me... or at least that is what my mom told me....
  10:34am dei x:

Spray yourself with Febreez!
  10:35am Cecile:

I think Kanye is a marvelous ticking time bomb.

I did ask for William Hung. could we do a Hung/Swift remix?
  10:36am Lizardner Dave:

I'm sure Irwin will do an appopriate Taylor Swift tribute.
  10:38am jan:

I am sure I heard something sounding like a good hook, but you keep cutting the songs of Taylor Swift too short. Can we have a little more,please?
  10:39am PMD:

Thanks Ken. I now have a great idea of Swift's music.
  10:40am GP:

Leno mentioned his mom and that shut him the next time Kanye gets up in your grill, just ask him; "WWKMD" ( What Would Kanyes Mom Do ?)
  10:40am BodegaMan:

It's really about taylor swift or hannah montana. he should've dissed the achy breaky daughter Those two are marketed against each other and Taylor is the more talented one. not sure why I know this, less sure why I care.
  10:41am ?:

Yeah, Irwin would do a Taylor Swift selection, but without irony.
  10:42am Feral Cat:

Kanye needs better quality Hennessy.
  10:45am Carmichael:

Mornin' Ken and everyone. I was a victim of Lexus driver road rage this morning, and still pissed about Susanna Hoffs and Mathew Sweet shitting all over Utopia's Set Me Free yesterday.

That about says it all. Can I say "shitting"?
  10:46am Cecile:

Lorrie Collins kicks both of their asses. Hoy-hoy
  10:48am Harvestworks:

Take care of that issue Ken!
  10:49am Howlround:

Every song should start with gun shots.
  10:49am Ken:

Record label on Kid Koala / The Slew's new CD, 100% anybody?
  10:52am GP:

LOL Feral CAt....that whole incident reminded me of a SpongeBob Squarepants episode where Sqiudward gets booed off the stage after doing some kind of interpretive dance:

Squidward: You bottom feeders! You don’t even know talent!

Crowd: No talent! No talent! No talent!
  10:53am GP:

I think this may be it:
  10:55am Carmichael:

I kinda like the 3 Die women. They seem so alluring, yet so inaccessible.

They are Sirens.
  10:56am AnAnonymousParty:

Death or hated?
  10:57am Ken:

Yeah GP, that's it, but what label is the CD coming out on?
  10:59am Wm.:

Off-topic, this Pere Ubu track is GREAT. That the new CD, Ken?
  10:59am bbell:

I am waiting for Janet H. to superimpose Ken's head on the cover of Man's Life image.
  10:59am AnAnonymousParty:

Eaten alive by killer pig, while being chased by bats, seems like dames is the least of your worries.
  10:59am mike:

pere ubu needs to tour the stage show of "bring me the head of ubu roi." it was pretty awesome.
  11:00am cribley:

Seems self published, Ken.
Another reference:
  11:00am -max-:

  11:00am GP:

Looks like he is issuing it himself..Nufonia label?
It is only a download from what it looks like for right C.D.
  11:01am Mark:

seems the Kid Koala is being given away
  11:02am Ken:

Yes Wm, that's the new Pere Ubu CD. Thanks everybody for the Kid Koala info!
  11:02am GP:

4 potential album titles right there on the cover of that Man's Life mag.
  11:03am Carmichael:

Whoa, I was just talking about them yesterday to some young punkers. They're the ones who evolved out of Rocket From the Tombs, right?
  11:09am dc pat:

I need to get a subscription to the 50's version of Man's Life, now.
  11:10am Ken:

Record Label on this In Extremo CD anybody?
  11:12am Mark:

  11:12am Cecile:

Korpiklaani, plz?
  11:13am Wm.:

Mercury --
  11:13am Mark:

Metal Blade
  11:13am Cecile:

I was going to say Mercury...
  11:14am Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

If that picture is not the post-hippie 35 years ago Ken don't what is - just tuned in -
  11:15am -max-:

"Santos Party House says: Two nights of Musick made by practicing magicians or practicing musicians who's work celebrates the Magickal lifestyle, as well public performances of Ceremonial and other Magick ritual.
Price: $15 adv/$27 for two-day pass
When: Monday Sep 21 (7–11pm) & Tuesday Sep 22 (7–11pm)
Where: Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St, 212.584.5492
  11:16am Mark:

Metal Blade in USA
  11:16am Ken:

Need label help again on this Theatre of Tragedy CD. Thanks for the label on In Extremo Wm!
  11:18am Mark:

  11:18am Cecile:

Massacre Records
  11:19am Mark:

damn Amazon for cutting off the names of labels
  11:20am Ken:

Thanks Cecile and Ma! I love you Cecile!
  11:20am Parq:

Ah, Mark and 'Cile beat me to it. That was an easy one, as it happens; the band has a major web site.
  11:20am Cecile:

I love you too, Ken
  11:20am dc pat:

YEAH! More EX!
  11:21am Cecile:

*pours one in the gutter for dead homie Tom Cora*
  11:21am AnAnonymousParty:

LOL, the "Teen-Age Gangster" cover, the bullet points were taken off a bad Power Point presentation from a convention of District Attorneys.
  11:22am dc pat:

I first saw the Ex when this first came out and no one at the space they were playing knew anything about them. They completely blew all of us away---you could see everyone's jaws hitting the floor after the first tune started.
  11:23am Cecile:

I finally saw them a few years back. So bloody good.
  11:24am Mark:

did you know that the sales rank of the Theatre of Tragedy cd on Amazon is 474,737 ?
  11:24am dc pat:

GW Sok (the singer) quit so only Terrie Andy Kat and new bass player are in now.
  11:26am Cecile:

when did sok quit?
  11:27am dc pat:

just recently, he wasn't as involved as years passed so it wasn't THAT much of a surprise.. Terrie's the only orig member now.
  11:33am Hugo:

Haven't seen the Ex, but I did see Terrie Ex this summer in another high-energy outfit called Offonoff. 45 minutes of jittery guitar-scratching, earth-moving bass and all over the place cymbals and tom toms. He's also in Original Silence with some additional wild men!
  11:33am Parq:

Everyone gets upset at the Mayor once in a while, but in Chicago, they get upset with their Mayor Daley.
  11:33am GP:

I would not trust Andy driving anything. He actually owns a motorized vehicle? Good God indeed.

Well, if it is a Range Rover I might make an exception.
  11:34am GP: you : )
  11:38am Bill W:

I have ridden with Andy, and he can even talk on his cell while driving (it was legal at the time, I'm pretty sure).

Ken, I would gladly have taken that pickpocket's login job. And moved to the UK to do it. Times are tough.
  11:41am dc pat:

the Ex renewed my faith in rawk, right in the middle of "grunge". I needed them badly.
  11:46am GP:

R.I.P. - Mr. Swayze
  11:47am Ken:

"Pain Dont Hurt" - Patrick Swayze as "Dalton" in Road House

  11:50am PMD:

My favorite Patrick Swayze moment was in Saturday Night Live when he and what's his face were both auditioning to be Chippendales.
  11:52am Carmichael:

Don't forget "Point Break". A cult classic ....
  11:53am Cecile:

Chris Farley. I loved that sketch.
  11:53am Ken:

Another great Patrock Swayze scene was in Red Dawn when he visits his Dad Harry Dean Stanton who is in the concentration camp (the drive-in) and Stanton starts screaming "Avenge MEEEEEE!!!!!" at Swayze as Swayze runs away. Nobody puts Harry Dean Stanton in a corner. Oh yeah, Point Break is so horrible it's amazing!! I cant believe it was made by the same director as The Hurt Locker!
  11:56am Cecile:

I haven't seen Point Break, but I loved the Hurt Locker.
  11:56am Mark:

and she's directed less than a dozen movies, perhaps because of Point Break
  11:57am dc pat:

was Swayze in the Outsiders? That film had its moments..
  11:58am cribley:

Point Break: Keano firing his gun into the air and screaming, because he JUST ... CAN'T ... bring himself to shoot Patrick.
  11:58am Cecile:

That might be it, but it also might be that she likes to direct action and male actors, too.

my friends love her Strange Days.
  11:58am PMD:

Keano is SUCH a great actor.
  11:59am PMD:

Oh, and thanks Cecile...
  11:59am Cecile:

I think you also get fewer chances to fail when you are a woman director in Hollywood. Also, you are pigeonholed into certain types of material
  11:59am -max-:

Lovin' the feedback!
  11:59am Ike:

Yeah, the Hurt Locker was great. So was Strange Days. So was this show, Ken.
  12:01pm dc pat:

yeah, excellent show. Got 2 new fave bands out of it.
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