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Playlist for 21 October 2009 Favoriting | Singles Going Steady 2009!

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Artist Song Label Comments New Approx. start time
Psapp  Tricycle   Favoriting Domino 

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via This Isn't Happiness
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Cibo Matto  Black Hole Sun   Favoriting El Diablo      0:02:50 (Pop-up)
The Vanilla Fudge  You Keep Me Hanging On   Favoriting Atco      0:04:48 (Pop-up)
Vogel & Ivor Cutler  Good Morning   Favoriting Recommended 

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  0:07:52 (Pop-up)
Deerhunter  Vox Celeste 5   Favoriting Sub Pop    *   0:12:18 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Steely Dan 
Do It Again   Favoriting       0:16:16 (Pop-up)
Public Image Ltd  Public Image   Favoriting       0:20:23 (Pop-up)
Lary 7 & Jim Sharpe  Mississippi Queen / Burlap Breaks   Favoriting  

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  0:23:14 (Pop-up)
Prisonshake  Eisbar   Favoriting Scat      0:28:39 (Pop-up)
Falco  Der Kommisar   Favoriting A&M 

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  0:31:46 (Pop-up)
Krysmopompas  Gesa   Favoriting Avant      0:33:58 (Pop-up)
Vogel  Arschloch   Favoriting Recommended      0:36:13 (Pop-up)
Siouxsie & the Banshees  Cities In Dust   Favoriting Geffen 

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  0:39:26 (Pop-up)
Jimmy  Spin The Bottle   Favoriting Fatima      0:48:38 (Pop-up)
Inflateable Boy Clams  Marin   Favoriting Subterranean 

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  0:51:56 (Pop-up)
Peter Blegvad  Alcohol   Favoriting Recommended      0:54:23 (Pop-up)
Flying Lizards  TV   Favoriting Virgin 

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  0:57:12 (Pop-up)
Sammy Davis Jr  I've Gotta Be Me   Favoriting Reprise      1:01:33 (Pop-up)
Clarence Carter  Strokin'   Favoriting Ichiban 

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  1:04:50 (Pop-up)
Herb Oscar Anderson  It Was Great While It Lasted   Favoriting WABC Royal Crown      1:08:53 (Pop-up)
Rosko  The Gift   Favoriting A&M 

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  1:17:22 (Pop-up)
Billy Vaughn and His Orchestra withj Ken Nordine  The Shifting Whispering Sounds   Favoriting       1:20:09 (Pop-up)
EFI Siegle  Letter To The President   Favoriting Patriotic 

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  1:22:37 (Pop-up)
The Fugs  Kill For Peace   Favoriting ESP      1:26:11 (Pop-up)
Skeeter Davis  We Need A Lot More Jesus   Favoriting RCA      1:28:01 (Pop-up)
Phil Baugh  One Man Band   Favoriting Longhorn 

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  1:30:31 (Pop-up)
Jimmy Riddle  Yakety Eeph   Favoriting Decca      1:32:42 (Pop-up)
Junior Samples and Archie Campbell  Birds, Bees, Girls and Stuff Like That   Favoriting Chart 

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  1:34:50 (Pop-up)
LInda Laurie  Ambrose (Part 5)   Favoriting Glory      1:37:56 (Pop-up)
Jimmy Capps  The Want of You   Favoriting Colonial 

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  1:40:23 (Pop-up)
Lionel Hampton  They Call Ford Mister Sunshine   Favoriting Glad-Hamp      1:49:24 (Pop-up)
Grant Green  Afro Party   Favoriting Blue Note 

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  1:51:46 (Pop-up)
James Brown with Al Sharpton and The Gospel Energies  God Has Smiled On Me   Favoriting RK      1:55:24 (Pop-up)
Dexy's Midnight Runners  Keep It Part Two (Inferiority Part One)   Favoriting EMI 

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  1:59:35 (Pop-up)
Birdlegs and Pauline  Spring   Favoriting Vee Jay      2:03:17 (Pop-up)
Au Pairs  It's Obvious   Favoriting 021      2:11:47 (Pop-up)
Black Flag  Louie Louie   Favoriting Posh Boy 

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  2:17:27 (Pop-up)
Psychedelic Horseshit  Phony Detective   Favoriting Columbus DIscount      2:18:39 (Pop-up)
The Trashmen  Surfin Bird   Favoriting Garrett      2:20:12 (Pop-up)
John Dowie  British Tourist   Favoriting Virgin 

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  2:22:24 (Pop-up)
Lawton Williams  Carpetbaggers   Favoriting Groove      2:24:31 (Pop-up)
Jorgen Ingemann & His Guitar  Echo Boogie   Favoriting Atco      2:26:51 (Pop-up)
Winifred Atwell  Snow   Favoriting  

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  2:29:52 (Pop-up)
Nino Tempo & April Stevens  Whispering   Favoriting       2:31:36 (Pop-up)
Lulu  To Sir With Love   Favoriting Epic / Memory 

Click for the full size image
  2:34:44 (Pop-up)
:ick Layer and The Lugars  Uncle Albert   Favoriting Shut-Up      2:38:23 (Pop-up)
Art Bears  Rats and Monkeys   Favoriting Ralph      2:41:56 (Pop-up)
Lee Michaels  Do You Know What I Mean?   Favoriting A&M      2:44:20 (Pop-up)
Terry Jacks  Put The Bone In   Favoriting       2:59:08 (Pop-up)
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band  Listen The Snow Is Falling   Favoriting       2:57:31 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am Dan B:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing Eight-Arms Ken here on WFMU's Singles Going Steady Week!
  9:00am Bad Ronald:

  9:00am Lizardner Dave:

  9:01am Lizardner Dave:

Excuse me, I meant "Good Morning Ken and fellow listeners"
  9:06am Mark:

ah, the sound of a needle popping on a scratchy 45
  9:06am Irwin:

The Fudge. Wow! Even I would be too embarrassed to play this.
  9:06am jan:

Ken- you set us all free!
  9:06am JCityJensen:

Morning Ken! Morning Morning People!
  9:08am Ken:

Morning all! Damn are these songs short!!! I better get my stalling tape ready. What's the longest seven inch song ever recorded?
  9:09am Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

GREAT set Ken .. and that Box of 45's oooooo the colors ....
  9:10am David West:

Hey Ken- great to hear you- all the best from Paris, where it's raining and cold..
  9:10am Chris:

Maybe if you throw on a 7" lockgroove it'd buy some time?
  9:11am JCityJensen:
at 12 and 13 minutes per side
  9:12am Ne-guh-tor:

  9:13am anne:

morning everyone. quite a beautiful morning actually
  9:14am Dan B:

I don't think I've listened to a single archive this week. It's all about the live stream. I love the singles!
  9:16am -max-:

Good morning all! Hey Ken! Hope your fingers can handle the extra stress of typing out a long setlist today. See you all at the record fair this weekend!
  9:16am still b/p:

Go slack, Jack, and make it extend...
  9:16am Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

SD on Ludes ??? ok
  9:17am Dan B:

It's amazing what a slowed record and a ton of reverb can do to make a Steely Dan song acceptable.
  9:17am Ne-guh-tor:

7" RULE! kEN!
  9:18am Parq:

Oh Ken, if only you had recorded that conversation with Nachem.
  9:20am Cecile:

Hi everyone!
I love you Ken.

Speaking of Jay Reatard, does anyone know anything more about the story of his whole band quitting on him?
  9:21am Mark:

I think this is "Public Image", not "Theme"
  9:21am paul:

play that "spin the bottle" record, i forgot who it's by
  9:21am Cecile:

I loved when Scrawl did this. They did it straight, and boy did it resonate
  9:23am Janet H:

Good morning all! Hi Ken with a silent P
  9:23am Chris:

Cecile was that ever released? Or did they do it live?
  9:24am Tom:'s_Record_Box
  9:24am Cecile:

Do you have Couch Flambeau doing M Queen, Ken? It is the best cover EVER.
  9:24am -max-:

7" recommendation: R. Stevie Moore "U R True" 4-song EP on Felony Fidelity. It is a recent release and the station should have a copy available. See it here: NOTE: Side B songs not suitable for the FCC's fair ears.
  9:27am Parq:

God, is Miss.Qu. still going on? Gotta walk the dogs, back in 15
  9:28am Cecile:

re: Scrawl - It's on Nature Film, Chris.
  9:29am PMD:

drums in the am... great.
  9:30am Chris:

Makese sense, the one Scrawl record I don't have.
  9:31am JCityJensen (w/a silent F):
  9:31am Cecile:

They were so underrated at the time. I got into them, oh, the year they broke up.
  9:31am trs:

Another entire week of 45s. It's as impressive in 2009 as it was in 2008.
  9:32am dc pat:

man, nice guitar on this tune.
  9:32am paul:

  9:33am dc pat:

YES! Falco...
  9:34am Oprah:

So Sacha - do you enjoy being a DJ, running a radio station and making movies, seriously where do you get the time?
  9:34am Mark:

I remember when cried when he was on Oprah
  9:35am Mark:

Ken cried that is
  9:36am henners:

Who is he? I'm from england btw!
  9:39am John from Oslo:

SSD will never be the same with Oprah - go to Hell!
  9:39am Jay Reatard:

This is cool and all, screwing with the speed & echo effects. But please dont mess with any of my 7 inch singles Mr DJ. THat is not how I recorded them to be played. Oh and Cecile those ex band mates of mine in MY band were only spoiled rich kids who didnt deserve the break I gave them. THey can toss off back to mommy for all I care. Read about my superiior new band for new tour here on this lnk
-signed; Jay - first time commentor
  9:42am Cecile:

awesome, thanks Jay.
  9:44am still b/p:

Go wack, Jack, and give it a bend...
  9:44am jackass:
  9:45am PMD:

Rectum? nearly killed 'em
  9:47am Laurie:

Who would have guessed that Henry Rollins is a humorless douchebag?
  9:48am dc pat:

Ian MacKaye's dad lives about 200 yards away from me.
  9:48am Mark:

I would have! I would have!
  9:48am paul:

i've been waiting all year for this!
  9:49am Mickey Mephistopheles:

We like the Jimmy action!
  9:50am Cecile:

I thought of a game-themed show:
Spin the Bottle
Show and Tell
My Love's in Jeopardy
Wheel of Fortune (by the Cardinals)
it goes on and on and on
  9:50am Parq:

Just wanna say hi to Jay R. Now, in the words of R-Stevie, gotta go to work.
  9:50am Dan B:

Cecile, I hope Meghan reads your comment. That's a great idea for a theme show.
  9:52am Cecile:

Thanks! Weirdly enough, it came to me on the bus this AM, even before "spin the bottle"
  9:54am -max-:

I want to get me one of them there kitty vacuums!
  9:54am BSI:

I'm late!
Must I be punished?
  9:54am paul:

oh dear, that cat gif is gonna distract me from doing work if i stare too long
  9:55am -max-:

BSI: Drop and give us twenty!
  9:56am BSI:

-max- ... I'm still just on coffee no.2. if I drop now, you ain't gettin' SQUAT!
  9:59am Sonar from DC:

Speaking of 45's: Does anyone listen to Nervous Norvus anymore. Did anyone ever?
  10:00am dc pat:

Laurie: Actually I think Rollins is pretty freakin hilarious.
  10:01am Cecile:

I'm more a fan of Napoleon XIV fan.
  10:03am Mark:

Maybe hilarious in an unintentional way dc pat
  10:03am Ken:

I gotta say that the Rollins interview tonight on Nardwuar is pretty damn good but I know what you mean Laurie. But you gotta hand it to Rollins for putting up with Nardwuar in the first place.
  10:06am Linden (Brighton UK):

Au contraire, the later 45s are getting better. Cheers. Punk was a bit harsh for a Wednesday lunchtime anyway (unless you have This Perfect Day by The Saints that is). Cheers.
  10:06am Dan B:

Wait... I'm confused... What exactly is stroking?
  10:06am PMD:

OK, I can't think with this Strokin' song going on.
  10:07am Cecile:

Clarence Carter is asking me a lot of personal questions I don't feel comfortable answering.
I feel affronted.
  10:07am Brian C.:

No fair! Even Ken's animated gifs are full of awesomeness!
  10:07am paul:

  10:08am Sonar from DC:

I'm afraid to listen closely to the lyrics.
  10:08am Mark:

uh oh!
  10:08am BSI:

I think I'm having a stroke....
  10:08am Dan B:

Oh wait. Nevermind. I think I know now.
  10:09am dc pat:

Mark: cup of tea, pal, cup of tea.
  10:09am GP:

Morning Ken and everyone wow...the energy up in here today...whew!
Cecile..midnight epihany last night..that Anton LaVey from yesterday..he sounded like Lee Greenwood...not that it matters now..just wanted to share that with everone...ha ha

Hmmm good instructions here Clarance!
  10:09am Wu Tang Clan:

Even we were blushing, Clarence.
  10:10am John from Oslo:

  10:10am Ron Lundy:

HOA - What a hack!
  10:10am Mischief:

That Strokin song was awesome. People at my job were cracking up. Thanks Ken, you always make my wednesdays.
  10:11am Cecile:

GP - awesome. That sounds like a mash-up to me.
  10:12am GP:

Oprah to audience;
"I can't believe he fell asleep on National T.V....are ya'll seeing this.....Ken...KEN ..KEN....wake up sweetheart"
  10:13am Ken from Hyde Park:

Is Strawberry Letter 17 on the way?
  10:13am John from Oslo:

YuleNuts also!
  10:14am Mark:

Watch the video of Nardwuar's interview with Henry Rollins, you'll be amazed at the size of the cup of coffee that Rollins is drinking.
  10:17am Scott W:

Ken, as of 9am today you are officially free to announce the special secret big guest.
  10:18am Cecile:

I am completely disturbed by that image of a Christmas tree.
  10:20am texas scott:

i am completely disturbed by listening to WFMU.
  10:20am dale:

hey ken, i'm not jesus but i'll be fifty (sadly/happily/luckily) monday. got any 7 inchers from 1959?
  10:20am John from Oslo:

The thörd Yogi Yorgesson tjune - wöw!
  10:21am Linden:

ok, ok, you win, bring back teh punk 45s
  10:22am John from Oslo:

Oh shoot - Itunes started playing my own mp3's, and not Ken's show... I smelled something fishy after the third Yogi Yorgesson track...
  10:23am GP:

Jenga and Hi-Fi on a picinic blanket?....oh heaven!
  10:25am BW:

rode the bike from the house across town with WFMU full blast in my ears from the internets.. I was STROKKIN so hard I almost ran a red light!
  10:25am 10K for the RecordFair:

Special secret big guest!
  10:25am BSI:

Oslo John: That happened to me during Bryce's last show, like an idiot I'm commenting about some Current 93 track (from my iTunes library), which didn't quite fit the vibe Bryce was laying down... oop...
  10:26am New Jersey cop:

I'm still watchin you Mr. Walker....and that bike better have brakes on it or I tell you what.
  10:27am Bad Ronald:

Stellar Fugs tune!
  10:27am dc pat:

Mark: good video, "you're touchin the soup can there.." I just think you can't take Rollins too seriously.

  10:30am GP:

  10:31am k-rex:

Speaking of more Jesus & less Rock & Roll, any JC/Hoboken Folks have any what to do (if anything) about this disaster?
  10:31am annie:

ok, back home... and still have another half of the show!!!
  10:32am Cecile:

aw, how's Isa doing?
  10:32am Mark:

dc pat, you may be right, , but old Hank sure takes himself pretty seriously.
  10:33am bw:

oh man.. I am STILL STROKKIN IT!
  10:33am BSI:

fraggin' hell! Wee need an EEPHIN' WEEK after the 7" week.
  10:34am Mark:

who isn't, bw, who isn't
  10:34am Janet H:

Welcome back annie!
  10:34am JJZ:

Yakety Eeph seems to be pretty great.
  10:36am Cecile:

Junior and Archie!
  10:40am Janet H:

just keep walking!
  10:41am Swami:

This show is "wack "in the best sense of the word.
  10:41am Sonar from DC:

Where's Chris Hansen when you need him? Ambrose is creeping me out!
  10:42am Sonar from DC:

Where's Chris Hansen when you need him? Ambrose is creeping me out!
  10:43am nasok:

her accent could cut the glass on a subway car
  10:44am jk:

I'm not listening!
play it at 16!
  10:44am jneil:

Junior Samples is a genius...
  10:44am Bill W:

Jimmy is unsafe at any speed.
  10:44am Andy C:

Crap in the best sense of the word
  10:45am bw:

little effin annie?? now I WANT to hear it
  10:47am annie:

isa is out of it and very confused, but being home will help her, she will sleep really well today. thanks for the welcome back janet.. i'm glad to be home.. i was worried i would miss ken's show.. ken, do you have "i want a hippopotamus for christmas" on 7 inch.. you could kill that for at least 15 minutes!!
  10:51am BSI:

I've got a Froot Loops cereal-box flexi that would segue most groovy outta this...
  10:52am GP:

Roy Clark has a record called "Spooky Movies", which I think might have been his first,last, and only foray into pop novelty music.

I may have mentioned this to you last..week..I can't even remember driving to work this morning, so bear with me here.
  11:00am jan:

we had that TV when I was a kid, and that woman could be my mom.
  11:00am Ike:

The Gospel Energies really sounded like they were singing "God has swallowed me," at least before James Brown and Al Sharpton started up. That's definitely inspirational. It inspired mental imagery of a most unusual kind.
  11:00am Lizardner Dave:

That Sharpton track was pure genius.
  11:02am GP:

Ha, before I saw this I thought It was Jonathan Richman.
  11:06am GP:

Jan, she is trying to be all stealthy but those ball-and-chain ( or is that a mace?) earrings give her away every time. Glad she kept her watch on though for the secret rendezvous time.
  11:10am Ike:

Paul was right: That cat gif is absolutely mesmerizing. I'll never do any work today.
  11:14am Mark:

What do you suggest we bring to feed the DJs at the petting zoo?
  11:15am Janet H:

did you turn the volume down or did i?
  11:17am BSI:

Mark is onto something there...
For it to be a proper petting zoo, you need a coin-operated kibble dispenser thing. Fill it with crunchy masala chickpeas or beer-nuts or whatever the hell DJs eat when nobody's looking...
  11:19am Mark:

and kids, don't forget to wash your hands after petting the DJs and no pulling their ears either
  11:19am Janet H:

i really love that chaos pict!
  11:20am Dan B:

Don't you know about the bird?
  11:22am PMD:

BSI and Mark have the best idea. What DO hippies eat?
  11:23am annie:

babies... according to a poster i saw..
  11:23am PMD:

Hi Annie! Hi Janet! Had a meeting. Just getting back.
  11:24am Parq:

Remember the Nat Lampoon's anti-Dutch hate literature?
  11:25am annie:

pmd!!! word to you girl!
  11:26am doug from DC:

Ha! Just finished watching season one of Lars Von Trier's Danish miniseries, Kingdom. The lead character is always ragging on the Danes.
  11:26am Janet H:

hey pmd!!
  11:28am Ken:

I did not turn the volume down . Bring wrapped candy / cookies to feed the DJs please.
  11:30am Mark:

how about beer?
  11:30am Peter Stuyvesant:

He New Amterdamians. Its Uncle Petey, Don't listen to that English blowhard, we truly are the cool Euros
  11:33am Ken:

There will be a giant hamster wheel in the DJ Petting Zoo, a candy dispensary and a large water bottle for the DJs to suck on.
  11:36am BSI:

Just be watchful: If Bryce starts making a nest in the corner, be sure to remove the bryce-pinkies as soon as they're out... or there could be a very bad scene...
  11:39am Cecile:

I thought Bryce reproduced through simple cell division?
  11:40am Cecile:

much like a paramecium
  11:41am trs:

Get offa mi-to-sis!
  11:42am trs:

(compare with 'meiosis' the sexy mix freakup)
  11:43am -max-:

Ah, Art Bears! Excellent!
  11:47am Minnesotans:

Did someone call us?
  11:47am Janet H:

you know what... my hamster died on my 13th bday...
  11:51am paul:

  11:52am DS:

hell no!
  11:52am Dan B:

Please play Dry Clean When You Care! Thanks, Ken!
  11:52am BSI:

  11:52am Cecile:

dry cleaning!
  11:52am BZ:

  11:52am SiHV:

Dry clean when you care!
  11:52am noelh:

pleas no Terry Jacks. that is not a good song.
  11:52am paul:

this song is a masterpiece, seriously
  11:53am Dan B:

Good call, Paul!
  11:53am Webhamster Henry:

Ken: you MUST play the Drycleaning Record.
  11:53am noelh:

but that might not be the point
  11:53am john:

  11:53am dc pat:

  11:55am BSI:

Put the bone in the friggin' dry cleaning already!
  11:55am GP:

More reverb!
  11:56am BSI:

Mucous, please!
  11:57am paul:

cue the out of tune backup choir
  11:57am dc pat:

sounds like Wayne Coyne singin' this one.
  11:58am Mark:

I think it sounds dirty.
Ok where does one get the $2 coupon
  11:58am Cecile:

dry cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeening
  11:59am GP:

That poor dog....sniff.
  11:59am Ike:

Mark, it's in the Onion, though I've had more trouble than usual finding the Onion lately in midtown Manhattan.
  12:00pm gary:

great show ken... couldn't turn away.. much as I wanted to
  12:01pm Mark:

I remember printing it from somewhere on the WFMU website last year
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