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Playlist for 18 November 2009 Favoriting | 24 Hour Marathon with Scott Williams

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Artist Song Album Comments Approx. start time
Marvin Gaye  Got To Give It Up   Favoriting  

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0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Crash  Vaughan's Ballad   Favoriting Poutre Apparante Sampler for WFMU/Bimbo Tower (V/A)    0:06:08 (Pop-up)
LCD Soundsystem  Jump Into The Fire   Favoriting  
0:17:47 (Pop-up)
Andy Lewis and Betty Lavette  Love Ever After   Favoriting     0:23:24 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Let It All Hang Out   Favoriting     0:27:30 (Pop-up)
Juicy Panic (A prize!)  What Feeling?   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup (various artists) 
0:35:49 (Pop-up)
Todd Rundgren  International Feel   Favoriting A Wizard A True Star    0:40:32 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop (a prize)  Get Ur Freak On   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup (various artists) 
0:43:25 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Barry Adamson 
Something Wicked This Way Comes   Favoriting     0:46:46 (Pop-up)
Wire  The Agfers of Kodack   Favoriting Send    0:56:51 (Pop-up)
Prisonshake  Eisbaer   Favoriting  

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1:00:18 (Pop-up)
John  CW Cyrus Corn Weenie Remix   Favoriting     1:03:04 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
Jet Ear Party   Favoriting     1:09:42 (Pop-up)
Big Blood  Heart of Glass   Favoriting Under Covers (For WFMU) 
1:21:06 (Pop-up)
Felix Kubin & Coolhaven  There Is A Garden   Favoriting     1:33:46 (Pop-up)
Camera Obscura  Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken   Favoriting  

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1:37:32 (Pop-up)
Etienne Charry  Prinsen   Favoriting     1:40:56 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Sex Bomb   Favoriting     1:49:25 (Pop-up)
Ludus (a prize)  Breaking The Rules   Favoriting Grrlz: Women Ahead of Their Time 
2:00:06 (Pop-up)
RIp Slyme  Nettaiya   Favoriting     2:02:48 (Pop-up)
ESG  Moody (Spaced Out)   Favoriting     2:09:54 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Control Machete 
Asi Son Mis Dias   Favoriting     2:14:04 (Pop-up)
Cobra Killer & Kapajkos  Mund Auf Augenzu (Stecker Raus Ich Dreh Durch)   Favoriting Das Mandolineorchester 
2:23:11 (Pop-up)
Wynder K Frog  Green Door   Favoriting     2:26:21 (Pop-up)
Puffy  The readymade JBL Mix   Favoriting PRMX - Puffy Remix Project    2:28:42 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Ha Ha Ha   Favoriting     2:41:01 (Pop-up)
Fugazi  Waiting Room   Favoriting  
2:43:42 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:05am dei xhrist:

I pledged yesterday and will pledge again today
  9:06am Goyim in the AM:

I gave it up on the overnight shift. GIVE IT UP; OTHER LISTENERS!!!
  9:06am Dan B:

Good morning, Ken and Scott, and fellow listeners!
  9:07am Parq:

YAY! By my count, Tom and Nachem alone put you over your goal. Everything else is gravy, including the pledge I'm about to make.
  9:07am trs:

given, sent, paid
making up for my own shortfall last marathon
  9:09am Looms (Fr):

Morning all!

Dan, great broadcast last sunday (heard through the magical pop-up player)
  9:11am Swami:

I gave last week, and will give on Thursday, as I am broke today. Does it count?
  9:11am Andy in Berlin:

I'm pledging to you just in case I'm asleep for SSD
  9:11am dei x:

Is anyone having the power lunch with you, Ken? And who pays for the meal?
  9:11am Dan B:

Oh, Looms, I should let you know, I'm not Dan Bodha.. I really should come up with a better name for myself when commenting. Nah, I'm just a guy named Dan who lives upstate.
  9:12am dei x:

Dan D'Upervilles?
  9:12am Looms (Fr):

No big deal, fellow listener!
  9:14am Andy in Berlin:

Hey wait a minute...! Are you doing a soaking tonight with Andy?
  9:15am em:

  9:16am David T.:

hi ken, i have just pledged $50. it was not clear what my swag for the $50 would be. can you let me know. can i still ask for the swag?
  9:16am JCityJensen:

morning all! HELLO SWEDEN - or perhaps west berlin NJ?
  9:17am Ne-guh-tor:

Good Morning! I'll do everything I can to stay in touch with the world I love! Sweet fucking music! Ken, you were the second show I listened to on WFMU (Monica was first!) and since I listen every Wed. Scott W. came shorty after and now I listen to his show every week. What I'm trying to say is, you got my sad wallet and sad heart. I'm starting to feel like Bob Dylan's Little Drummer Boy.
  9:20am Cecile:

I paid some $ already.
  9:20am JCityJensen:

hey ken if we pledged online can we get in the running for those cool cds?
  9:22am Parq:

Jensen, I happen to know, that's a yes.
  9:23am Cecile:

David T, you get the worst of LCD book and a sticker. I, too pledged online earlier this week.
  9:23am fishmonkeystew:

My pledge has officially been pledged via the internets! One meeeeeeeeeeeeeellllliooon dolllarrrrrrrrs! Well, no. One hundred, but still.

WFMU rocks the house.
  9:23am Cheri PI:

I'm so excited to win a prize today! Come on LUCK!!!
  9:23am Cecile:

hey, fms, good to see you!
  9:24am Ken:

yes, online pledges made today (Wed 11/18) are in the running for all the prizes today.
  9:24am John from Oslo:

Ken is the Pheidippides of freeform radio
  9:26am Cecile:

you should give an "early bird" prize.

Just sayin'.
  9:27am Torbjørn:

There, my pledge is in the can !
Now, I really expect to hear the whole, unadulterated, full length Bob Dylan Christmas record.
That's fair, right ?
  9:27am Ne-guh-tor:

Merry Xmas, Bob Dylan!
  9:27am Dan B (from upstate):

What is it about the marathon that makes the music sound even better?
  9:27am Cecile:

this betty is awesome!
  9:28am fishmonkeystew:

Same to you Cecile! I'm always around. I just lurk lurk lurk a lot. And I was in the UK for 2 weeks.

I wanna go back. Edinburgh kicks some major butt.

Oh, and I went into a record shop (Intoxica) on Portobello Road in London, and they were listening to WFMU! I mentioned it to the clerk and made an instant friend.
  9:29am Cheri Pi:

WFMU makes friends around the globe!
  9:30am dei x:

fms, did you have the haggis?
  9:31am Cecile:

nice, FMS!
Yes, Cheri, it's a WFMU World after all!
  9:32am BSI:

bah! There's another london record shop I missed during my trip!
  9:34am Cecile:

  9:35am fishmonkeystew:

dei x: I did indeed! My wife and I had dinner at the Dome on George Street, which is a fancy shmancy restaurant that used to be a bank. I figured that if I was going to have it, it might as well be there. It was served in a filo crust with an apple/mango chutney and actually pretty darn good. Not necessarily something that I'll search out to snack on, but not too bad!

The Scotch was pretty good, too. ;)
  9:38am dei x:

< drool > I had mine at an old whiskey bar a short walk from the transit station, served w/ neeps & tatties. Trust the island to try to dress up a dish with a title you can even slur through a bottle of booze.
  9:39am Ne-guh-tor:

You know, too bad Kenny G isn't fund raising for you this marathon. He used to bring in the BIG money!
  9:40am Andy in Berlin:

Is that a picture of Ken before his hair went white?
  9:41am Hugo:

Yeah, there are some other good shops in the Portobello area, Rough Trade (on a side street) and further up, Honest Jon's. Both of them run their own labels.
  9:41am Vicki - DO or DIY:

do give out the international number to phone WFMU too - our forrinners do like to speak to you!
  9:42am Cecile:

I think it's Ken's cousin: George Orwell Freedman.
  9:42am Cecile:

Hey, travellers - is there a reasonably budget-friendly way to stay in the British Isles without doing the hostel thing?
  9:43am Hugo:

It sure is.
  9:43am Ken:

Too confusing Vicki! But if you want to call us from overseas, the number is 201-413-9368
  9:44am Vicki:

enough to say it in the comments board :)
  9:44am LizGig:

Cecile, you can always WWOOF: There's also couch surfing.
  9:45am Cecile:


Ah, yes, if I had close friends ovah there...
but I'll look at wwoof...
  9:46am dei x:

Look up short term rentals or corporate housing. These are especially popular in cities with big convention venues, like Düsseldorf. Which is not in the Isles. But is an example. um...
  9:47am BSI:

Sorry Cecile, mine was the big 40th birthday vacation, so it wasn't on the cheap. Still paying for it. ... but I had to do a religious pilgrimage to the birthplace of Hawkwind and real ale...
  9:47am Andy in Berlin:

Hey! I know this song! Something's obviously going wrong here.
  9:47am Vicki:

Cecile - a lot of universities give over their student accommodation to tourists etc in the student holidays - at a very reasonable price
  9:47am Cecile:

good idea, dei.
I saw that they had those in Montreal and Toronto, it should be just a matter of some digging

Ah, BSI. Did you visit Stonehenge?
  9:48am Cecile:

Yes, Andy in Berlin, it is Aerosmith's Dream on.
Good call!
  9:48am dei x:

BSI, now that's a reason for travel. I toured Baltimore for Divine related sites and was sad to see no commemorative plaques.
  9:48am Hugo:

Bed and breakfast can be recommended. We stayed at B&B in Durham and York. Better and cheaper than hotels. Another advice: Avoid London if you want to save a little cash.
  9:48am dc pat:

ha! is George the guest dj today?
  9:49am Andy in Berlin:

See? You wait long enough...
  9:49am Dan T:

Cecile: You can also try - people offering up their spare rooms for people passing through. I've been a host and been hosted and am pleased to report zero freaks.
  9:50am Cecile:

Have to go to London. Husband is a WWII buff.

Thanks, Dan T.
  9:50am Janet H:

Ok, I just donated for the very first time.
  9:52am BSI:

Cecile: No time for Stonehenge, but we did rock the train up to Newcastle (excellent) but back in London, as soon as I smelled the curried air of Brick Lane, I knew I'd have to sell all my organs until I could afford to move there...
  9:53am Dan T:

If you ever come back BSI, then Manchester has a suburb every bit the equal of Brick Lane; Rusholme and its Curry Mile are absolutely unreal.
  9:55am JCityJensen:

Wearing my WOOFMOO Tshirt in show of support in addition to my online pledge...... CANADA ROCKS
  9:57am Janet H:

Thats ME!! from Indiana!!
  9:57am ken freeman:

wait! wait! wait! a minute........
  9:59am Andy in Berlin:

I always had you pegged for a Distinguished Visiting Scientist
  9:59am dei x:

congrats Janet! You should go buy a lotto ticket while your luck is high
  10:06am BSI:

bringin' the weenie!
  10:06am Dan B (from Upstate):

Why is it I never get tired of Corn Weenie remixes?
  10:07am Ne-guh-tor:

HELL, YEAH! Nobody's wasting anybody!
  10:09am dei x:

Is this mix on the mini-marathon premium?
  10:10am BSI:

this remix tempo goes well with dancing space lizard gif...
  10:10am fishmonkeystew:

Cecile, we stayed here: in Edinburgh, which was awesome and cheap cuz we were there during the off season. We stayed here: in Cambridge, which was more humble, but still very nice. In London, we stayed at a place a couple blocks from Portobello Road, but it was overpriced, especially for what you got. I recommend searching out a b&b or cottage in the London area. You may end up with a better deal that way. The Edinburgh and Cambridge places were 1/2 the cost for twice as much as the London place.
  10:10am Cecile:

it is! as are mine and BSI's and Genghis Jung's and BIlly Jam's and People Like Us's
  10:11am Cecile:

wow, thanks fms!
I'll be checking those out.
I would just like to get to the UK sooner rather than later. IT might be a few years, but I'd still like to go.
  10:11am bbell:

The silver suited lizard is dancing to corn weenie!
  10:12am trs:

The wfmu tshirts have put other tshirt prizes to shame.
Women's cut, womens' fit. Ding.
  10:12am bbell:

oops somebody already said that about the lizard!
  10:13am bbell:

oops somebody already said that about the lizard!
  10:14am Janet H:

yes! jet ear party!!
  10:15am R!SKY:

GO KEN!!!!!
  10:15am Andy in Berlin:

I think it refers to Agfa film - some kind of pun
  10:15am Vivian:

Agfer is a german photography supply company. Ken, I will donate but I can't do it before noon. I will later today, I promise!!
  10:16am Luther:

Warriors.....come out and pledge....
  10:17am bbell:

Can't wait to do yoga to the Corn Weenie remix cd later today! Love the cover art, too.
  10:18am Ne-guh-tor:

I love Fatty Jubbo, too!
  10:26am Chris:

WFMU turned me on to Big Blood...that alone was worth my 20$ donation (I did mine early)...wish Ihad more to give.
  10:27am LizGig:

That poor dog!
  10:28am Looms (Fr):

Yes, this is torture...
  10:28am BSI:

  10:36am Cecile:

Cupcake Dog! How we've missed you!
  10:36am -max-:

Late start, came into work to find emptied bank accounts, so there is a mad scramble on to get a client to wire-transfer in some money to keep this company going. And now, cupcake dog! Oh, the humanity!
  10:40am Michelle:

Damn. I want cupcakes now.
  10:42am bw:

Kubin and Ken! I'll pledge my love and support for that!
  10:44am bw:

the POOR DOG! the guy in the Bkground look like he has yuppie Dreads!
  10:45am John McCabe in LA: Ken in comic strip form
  10:45am -max-:

Breaking our donation into two, half for Ken's show and half for 7SD. Hope they have the Wheel of Fate turning tonight! Oh, Fortuna!
  10:47am BSI:

We devotees of the One True Cupcake Dog appreciate this sacred moment and will now stare weirdly into the middle-distance, in silent non-contemplation.

Also, that Felix Kubin track was incredible...
  10:48am LizGig:

Ken! No! I have to save my pledge for Maria and Doug! NOT BOB!
  10:49am Cecile:

thinking of royal icing.

YAY Bob!
  10:49am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

I like the Dylan CD. I won't phone.
  10:49am Scratch Cracker:

Hey I pledged online take this sh*t off!
  10:49am Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn:

Bring on the polka tune!
  10:50am MelB:

  10:50am -max-:

Damn! I just web-pledged! I could have called and saved us all. Oh, the humanity!!!!
  10:51am Ronzi:

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem is my favorite!
  10:53am Christmas Carol:

I pledged but Dylan's Christmas album is perfect I wanna hear more
  10:54am dc pat:

what?! I missed Bob? Damn fire drills...
  10:54am Cecile:

Saw that Dylan vid.
He had a hot date with a flatiron, for sure. And love the bar fight in the middle.
  10:55am LizGig:

Hey, Ken, have you any Mrs. Miller? You could do a Bob's Christmas plus Mrs. Miller special.
  10:56am Steely Damn:

Oh, pleeeaase have the Wheel of Fate on SSD tonight. Please make sure it has "Peanut Butter Underpants" on it, and please, please please make sure this befalls Andy. I will pledge extra to make sure it does.
  10:59am JCityJensen:

Mr, Ken - "I'm waiting and diversing
I'm collecting...diversing information...
Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs!
Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs!
Manifesto on my window and my fruit...
Rotation...admiration...outline my root...
Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs!
Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs "
  11:02am Hugo:

Our neighbour offered to play us the Dylan Xmas ablum. We politely declined. As far as croakers go, Tom Waits has the edge.
  11:03am forked tongue:

Jeez, I pledged last night but I'm gonna take it back if you don't stop dissing Bob.
  11:07am Michelle:

I just pledged online and must thank you for the validation that I've done a "marvelous thing". Thanks. I needed that.
  11:10am dc pat:

Tom Waits fits his croakiness where as Dylan has no clue what to do with it.
  11:11am listener mark from Bloomingburg:

I pledged by phone for the IBJ. And also for Ken's show. Can't forget the Ken.
  11:14am c lav:

Just donated online. More Flipper at 11AM! More craziness! 4everrrr!
  11:15am Carmichael:

Good morning Ken and formerly wealthy people.
  11:17am Lizardner Dave:

I donated pre-marathon. Which DJ gets the credit for that? Is it based on the premiums?
  11:19am Janet H:

  11:20am Hugo:

Just wondering: Has the recession affected real estate prices in the NY area, considering that prices probably are higher than anywhere else in the US? Or are they unaffected by the economic downturn?
  11:23am Cecile:

Hugo, Stingy was saying that unsold condos in NYC were renting now for excellent prices. He said he got a good deal on his new place.
  11:23am dc pat:

Ike, could you tell Ken it's "whole other" not " whole nother"?
  11:27am Ken:

Nuh Uh, DC Pat. It is indeed Whole 'nuther."
  11:28am dc pat:

Well, really I was just alerting Ike--he likes to keep track of these things...
  11:29am Ralphine:

What ever happened to The Sorcerer's Apprentice? Anyone know when that's coming out?
  11:29am R!SKY:

  11:29am Chris - Bristol:

Hey Ceclie, you could possibily visit London for free if you are comfortable with the idea of swapping homes with someone:

Glad to pledge - Can't wait for the t-shirt!
  11:35am Ken:

Sorcerer is due out July 2010
  11:35am Hugo:

Prices certainly have fallen in Spain which is - if you like - the Florida of Europe. The construction sector is in the doldrums and employment is sharply up. Many around here have bought condos which is convenient for us as we can always find a place to rent for a couple of weeks.
  11:37am Cecile:

Chris Bristol, we'd have to do a lot more work on our house, but that has crossed our mind as well.
  11:39am Janet H:

if i had 3 grand...i would give it to ya!
  11:40am LizGig:

Mrs Miller, Ken, Mrs Miller!
  11:40am Carmichael:

Awesome croaking! AWESOME!!!
  11:40am Cecile:

this isn't any worse than Leon Redbone records.
  11:40am dc pat:

YEAH, O Little Town!!
  11:41am Cheri Pi:

People of the World! Please pledge to rid us of this Bob Dylan!
  11:41am dc pat:

holy shit this IS bad.
  11:42am Tom ( The Bactrian Support NetWork ):

Bill O'Reilly applauds you Ken and so do I ( Hands Scott tissures"
  11:42am AnAnonymousParty:

Why is Nick Nolte singing Christmas music?
  11:43am Ronzoni Sonobuoni:

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem is perfect material for BD"s current vocal condition. Hark the Herald Angels is likewise.
  11:44am Lizardner Dave:

I'm glad I pledged already because I don't want to make this stop. The more Ken plays the Dylan CD the more I like it. Go figure.
  11:45am Lizardner Dave:

Then again, this is one of the two good Flipper songs.
  11:45am Carmichael:

They call him Flipper, Flipper
Faster than lightning.
No one, you see,
is smarter than he.
  11:46am Michelle:

I think that's Stockholm Syndrome, Lizardner Dave...
  11:47am dc pat:

Waiting Room never gets old. I miss Fugazi.
  11:48am -max-:

Favorite band promo from the punk era: Flipper's can of tuna fish. We've got one in our archives.
  11:49am Lizardner Dave:

And here's the other good Flipper song. Hurray!
  11:55am C:

you should give the bob dylan cd to the person who pledges $1000
  11:57am Carmichael:

At this rate, I'll be DEAD by Christmas.
  12:00pm Listener Dave from NH:

This Dylan Christmas album really is impressive. It starts out terrible and just gets more and more painful.
  12:01pm Carmichael:

If Root Boy Slim were alive, his Xmas album would sound like this.
  12:01pm dc pat:

what's weird is I think Ken's selling me on the Dylan album, I think I'm going to buy a 12 pack for Xmas presents...
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