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Playlist for 02 December 2009 Favoriting | Playing Dead Air Chicken With Myself

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Flipper  Brainwash   Favoriting  

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  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
wAX aUDIO  God   Favoriting       0:20:29 (Pop-up)
Breeders  Cannonball   Favoriting       0:22:20 (Pop-up)
Fugazi  Waiting Room   Favoriting       0:24:50 (Pop-up)
Breeders  Cannonball   Favoriting       0:25:06 (Pop-up)
John Lennon  God   Favoriting       0:32:10 (Pop-up)
Pere Ubu  Final Solution   Favoriting  

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  0:40:26 (Pop-up)
John Lennon  God   Favoriting       0:43:30 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Te Quiero Mucho   Favoriting  

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  0:46:42 (Pop-up)
Matia Aguayo  Me Vuelvo Loca   Favoriting       0:50:57 (Pop-up)
Quiero Club  Quiero Que Me Quieras   Favoriting       0:58:39 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  Sis   Favoriting Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's show 

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  1:22:55 (Pop-up)
Brian ENo  Needle In The Camel's Eye   Favoriting       1:33:56 (Pop-up)
Dyse  Senge   Favoriting     *   1:37:12 (Pop-up)
Sigh  A Sunset Song   Favoriting  

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  1:42:58 (Pop-up)
Lee Michaels  Do You KInow What I Mean   Favoriting       1:50:45 (Pop-up)
Funkadelic  Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow   Favoriting  

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  1:54:15 (Pop-up)
Lee Michaels  Do You Know WHat I Mean?   Favoriting       2:04:39 (Pop-up)
Matias Aguayo  Menta Latte   Favoriting     *   2:09:19 (Pop-up)
Mika Ratto  Jo Kylliksi Myoha   Favoriting Polkupyoralla Vuokkopenkereelle 

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*   2:21:32 (Pop-up)
Gotz Alsmann  Dein Kuss Von Gestern Nacht Mein Schatz   Favoriting  

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  2:25:11 (Pop-up)
Wevie Stonder  Brucie   Favoriting       2:27:37 (Pop-up)
The Slew  Shackled Soul   Favoriting 100% 

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  2:31:22 (Pop-up)
Negativland  Christianity is Stupid   Favoriting       2:36:22 (Pop-up)
End  Everything In Excess   Favoriting       2:39:54 (Pop-up)
Zephyr Nova  Oversized Gadget Laden, Gas etc etc   Favoriting       2:42:36 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Carnival Jesus Tongue   Favoriting Madnight    *   2:44:44 (Pop-up)
Queen of Japan  White Pony   Favoriting  

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  2:47:07 (Pop-up)
Marianne Rosenberg  Wieder Zusammen   Favoriting Disco Deutschland Disco: Disco, Funk and Philly Anthems from Germany 1975-1980      2:51:30 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Barry Admason 
Something Wicked This Way Comes   Favoriting       2:55:25 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Lizardner Dave:

Mornin' Ken. So what kind of tequila will you be having today?
  9:01am Dan B From Upstate:

Happy Wednesday to Ken and my fellow listeners!
  9:03am Chris:

Has Ken already started drinking?
  9:04am Dan B From Upstate:

Mmm... Delicious coffee....
  9:04am In Despair:

Are you in Disposed, or in Jersey City?
  9:06am Lizardner Dave:

This Saturday is the Day of the Krampus in Austria. Just sayin'.
  9:11am Alien Scientist:

Is there Life on WFMU????????
  9:11am JCityJensen:

Morning Ken! Thanks for for the FLIPPER!
  9:15am Ne-guh-tor:

Ken, you are going to force me to smoke the McCrystals.
  9:18am Mrs. McWiggin:

I miss Larry. He is far more entertaining.
  9:19am JCityJensen:

Are you pre-gaming for tonight right now? Can we request what you should drink?
  9:19am Ghengis Jung:

This is teh best evar!!!!!!!~~
  9:21am Maria D:

Could you throw in some corn weenies also? I have a bad craving for them.
  9:21am Adrian in London:

Andy… underwear… please God no… maybe I should start drinking tequila now too
  9:23am Ken:

Hello. SOrry. Substance Abuse Day and all that,,,
  9:25am Michael:

Hooray for the 90s!
  9:28am bennett4senate:

Kenzoil and the Pep Boys. I thought there was a whole OTHER song in that breakdown.
  9:32am paul:

i forgot to look at my calendar. is it international awkward pause day already?
  9:33am paul:

just kidding. i dont actually have a calendar.
  9:35am Bad Ronald:

Good Morning!
  9:36am Lizardner Dave:

What a set. Fucking awesome.
  9:37am bennett4senate:

y'know my mom said I could leave the radio on for my cat while I'm out of the house
  9:38am Cecile:

Morning, Ken!
drunk off your heinie yet?
  9:42am Ken:

No, havent had a thing to drink yet!
  9:45am Cecile:

Yeah, you have to pace yourself.
  9:46am Ken:

Absolutely, Cecile.
  9:46am doug from DC:

Darn, the dream is over, and I just got here.
  9:47am Fern:

Is this show a repeat? This all sounds very familiar.
  9:48am trs:

I'm awake. I'm up. <YAWN>
  9:48am Parq:

I'm leaving for work now. If this isn't still going on when I get to my desk, I'm going to be disappointed.
  9:50am Andy in Berlin:

I think you have to NOT pace yourself if you want to get really plowed.
  9:51am Adrian in London:

Just neck some cough medicine then have a couple of beers and you'll be leathered in no time
  9:52am still b/p:

"Man, I am wicked shitpaced."
  9:56am LOLlistener:

play some cheez ball teckno, plz
  9:56am Janet H:

Hello! Good Morning!
  10:00am David Weisman:

I love that last piece, Me Vuelvo Loca!
  10:04am Lizardner Dave:

What is it about December that brings out the best in Ken's show? It must be holiday magic!
  10:05am Alien Scientist:

it lives!
  10:08am Jelly Donut:

is ken drunk already? or maybe just stoned...
  10:09am annie:

how about letting us call in with opinions on the show?
  10:10am Dan B From Upstate:

Need some songs with holes? Just play some 45s. Ba-Zing.
  10:12am trs:

new couplets
  10:13am kcp:

You're making me nostalgic. Who did the "Roaches are your Gods" song from the 80's? It has gaps right?
  10:13am Ken:

After last nights confirmation that this country is going for more war,
I look to you for direction, but apparently this development is as disorienting for you as it is for me.
  10:14am Eric:

  10:14am DF:

  10:15am Cecile:

Just play keep yourself alive by Queen
  10:15am Jelly Donut:

STONED cold sober
  10:15am Chris:

You are right about the toliet Ken. But can you repair the show?
  10:16am Concerned Listener:

Play all of Aurual Symbiotic Mystery! That'll buy some time.
  10:16am Cecile:

Or stone cold crazy by Queen.
  10:17am Cecile:

I'm playing Grace Kelly by Mika over this on another channel. It's pretty cool...
  10:18am Tequila worm:

I was gonna say...I could run a show 's good 's this, and I'm dead, saturated and got no hands.

Keeping count how many commenters so far have asked if Ken's already drunk/drinking? Let's guess how many more. More!
  10:20am Rex Murrphy, M.D.:


If you really will be drinking enough to get drunk tonight, void taking anything with Tylenol/acetaminophen/paracetamol today and tomorrow. The combination can destroy the liver. Check the label of anything you take, as many cough, cold, flu, and pain medicines have more Tylenol than anything else in them. And no matter how drunk you get, try to remember that water couneracts the dehydrating effects of alcohol.


  10:25am NS Andy:

  10:26am Lizardner Dave:

Love this Jonathan Kane record. Bummed that when I went to see him at the new Knitting Factory in Brooklyn back at the end of October there were only about 30 people there. Guess all the Brooklyn hipsters are blowing their going-out money on the huge rents they're paying now.
  10:27am dr. benway:

in discussing toilet mechanics I believe you forgot to mention the ever so important (and fun to say): ballcock.
  10:28am listener mark:

Morning Ken
  10:29am The Maily Dail:

Lady GaGa appears refreshingly normal as she reveals: 'I want a husband and children.
  10:31am Cecile:

I am so over celebrity gossip except for maybe Ted Casablancas. I used to read it because it punctured the bubble of smug hypocrites who fancied themselves role models, but now it's just mean.

I mean, Perez Hilton being consulted as an "expert" on the Tiger Woods thing? Unbelievable.
  10:33am Bad Ronald:

I had an affair w/Tiger...
  10:34am Cecile:

do tell! Was it a catered affair or just a black-tie one...?
  10:35am Bad Ronald:

A County Fair...
Yea ENO!
  10:37am Barack:

Hey, you stole my teleprompter!!
  10:37am mike:

i think "last night" by the mar-keys has a hole that DJs used to talk over. "burn baby burn!"
  10:44am John from Oslo:

The animated gifs are great.

After making coffee over an open fire I always go "Oh that was damn strong" and roll my head violently to evenly spread the cafeine in my brain.
  10:45am Cecile:

oh, man this is great.
It's like Starbuck meets black metal.
  10:45am Dr. Winston O'Boogie:

4,000 holes in Blackburn Lanchashire.
  10:48am john:

or like Starbucks meets black metal..
  10:49am Lizardner Dave:

Watching this mixed with this Sigh song:
  10:52am Cecile:

Nah, way too caffienated, John.
The moonlight feels right dudes are more smooooth. Starbucks still tastes like ash and floor sweepings.
  10:52am Bad Ronald:

  10:54am ?:

Hey let's hear some
  10:59am Oster Rich Hedinsan:

More news about Tiger's ladies, please! And Miley Cyrus, too! The two-front land war in Asia in its seventh year with 200,000 troops on the imperial periphery must not impinge on my consciousness in any way whatsoever,
  11:05am Dan B From Upstate:

So... I just got back from break. Did I miss anything? Oh. A Flipper record.
  11:06am trs:

Yes, war! Not environment. Not health. We should all think about war all the time. If not war, than warring pop stars.
  11:06am Armour Bacon:

"Record flipper"
  11:07am maxim goose:

oster-these people are being given freedom-nobel peace prizes all round--maybe they should make obomber the next dalai lama too-cant wait till arnie's running things-great
  11:07am Oster Rich Hedinsan:

Ummmm. Bacon. I am thinking about bacon. Does anyone have any bacon I can borrow?
  11:09am trs:

"..then we sent it to the media and let them run with it..."
  11:10am Lizardner Dave:

Oster, try voicing your displeasure of the media's priorities in a sternly worded entry on the Huffington Post instead. I'm sure it'll do some good there.
  11:11am Cecile:

Make bacon, not war.
  11:17am still b/p:

Who ordered the bacon, lettuce and tirade-o sandwich, ...toooasted?
  11:19am JT:

"stoned" cold sober, eh?

ok if you say so
  11:22am Britany Spears:

@Oster: I don't care about you, either.
  11:25am Oster Rich Hendinsan:

Britney--I will never stop loving you. Please wear them bacon underpants when next we meet at Tiger's Playpen, umkay?
  11:26am Cecile:

you played Mika. Just the wrong one...
  11:27am John from Oslo:

A Finnish tune, a German tune... will the next be a Japanese?
  11:29am davis:

dudes! rare Floyd 1967 footage found...
  11:30am Cecile:

oh! Play Jinx Lennon and that song about stabbing people in the eye...
  11:38am Ike:

If a person had a dream/nightmare briefly featuring a version of Ken with a soap-operatic personal life (two or three wives or maybe some Tiger Woodsy antics), does that mean that person listens to too much WFMU?
  11:38am paul:

communism is good! give up!!!1
  11:38am Jen:

Has Nachim left the building?
  11:48am Thomas Henry Huxley:

Logical consequences are the scare-crows of fools and the bacon of wise men.
  11:53am Cecile:

Ike: only if Kenny G shows up in it.
  11:55am monica:

sounds like the german love boat!
  11:56am Ike:

Thanks Cecile. I feel better now. Kenny G. definitely did not appear... yet.
  11:57am Cecile:

Das Love Boot

WIsh I could claim that, but that was Mx-80's doing
  11:59am Fern:

0.3??? Don't do that to yourself!! You'll hurt yourself!
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