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Options December 30, 2009: I dropped in Monday. You weren't home. I rearranged the furniture.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo   
Will Holshouser Trio with Bernardo Sassetti  Irreverente   Options Palace Ghosts and Drunken Hymns   
Moondog  Moondog Monologue   Options More Moondog   
Carlon  Canteloupe   Options Jihari Window  0:18:05 (Pop‑up)
Jason Karaban  Succeed 101   Options single  0:29:04 (Pop‑up)
Jim Duffy  Your White Raincoat   Options Side One  0:32:11 (Pop‑up)
The Raveonettes  Bang!   Options In and Out of Control  0:35:51 (Pop‑up)
Otis Grove  Pimp Juice   Options Crank It Up  0:38:49 (Pop‑up)
Balancing Act  A Girl, Her Sister, and a Train   Options New Campfire Songs  0:43:43 (Pop‑up)
The Clientele  Share the Night   Options That Night, A Forest Grew  0:47:06 (Pop‑up)
The Waxwings  Fragile Girl   Options Low to the Ground  0:55:50 (Pop‑up)
King Britt  Let's Make a Record   Options King Britt Presents Sister Gertrude Morgan  1:00:14 (Pop‑up)
Craig Craigstofferson & Adrien Reju  Wobble On   Options A Final Blaze of Glory  1:04:13 (Pop‑up)
Elysian Fields  Duel With Cudgels   Options Bum Raps & Love Taps  1:08:03 (Pop‑up)
King Crimson  I Talk to the Wind (duo version)   Options In the Court of the Crimson King (2009 remastered edition)  1:16:28 (Pop‑up)
Marco Benevento  The Real Morning Party   Options Invisible Baby  1:21:22 (Pop‑up)
Scala Choir  Bittersweet Symphony   Options Dream On  1:31:37 (Pop‑up)
Jessica Kane  Visiting Mother at the Sunrise Inn   Options Straining to Parallel Park in an Empty Field  1:34:47 (Pop‑up)
Lida Husik  Mother Richard   Options Joyride  1:56:30 (Pop‑up)
Marching Band  Makeup Artist   Options Spark Large  2:02:34 (Pop‑up)
Percy Faith and His Orchestra  The Way To A Man's Heart   Options Original Broadway Cast of "Li'l Abner"  2:06:48 (Pop‑up)
Charlie Hunter  A Street Fight Could Break Out   Options Copperopolis  2:09:26 (Pop‑up)
Bee Gees  Turn of the Century / Harry Braff (early versions)   Options The Studio Albums 1967-1968  2:19:35 (Pop‑up)
The Hidden Cameras  He Is the Boss of Me   Options Ecce Homo  2:24:43 (Pop‑up)
The Morning After Girls  Always Mine   Options self-titled  2:27:52 (Pop‑up)
Kate York  Comes a Time   Options Cinnamon Girl: Woman Artists Cover Neil Young  2:32:08 (Pop‑up)
Quantic  An Announcement To Answer   Options An Announcement to Answer  2:35:26 (Pop‑up)
Scala Choir  Le Vent Nous Portera   Options Respire  2:40:24 (Pop‑up)
KSM  Magic Carpet Ride   Options Wizards of Waverly Place  2:47:33 (Pop‑up)
Leo Genovese  Unlocked   Options Unlocked  2:50:31 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  3:04pm Moondog Pesto:

First comment. Woo Hoo!
  3:05pm Irwin:

hola, miguel
  3:07pm Laura L:

Well, where's my ottoman now, Irwin?
  3:09pm Irwin:

@LL: check the fridge. Which is now in the den.
  3:13pm Laura L:

But where'd you put the den?
  3:14pm Janet H:

Good Afternoon!
  3:15pm Jason:

any chance of hearing some craig craigstofferson on this fine wednesday?
  3:15pm annie:

no wonder i'm missing the kitchen table!! irwin>>>> what up?
  3:16pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Moondog is great, but I'm waiting for Gidget.
  3:16pm Irwin:

@LL: I drew up a modified floor plan. Which is in your mailbox. Which I moved to the back porch. Which I had to disassemble to fit in the foyer closet. Which is -- I forget.
  3:18pm Irwin:

Hello PMD & JC-H. & Denise & Annie. Where's Ike?
  3:21pm Denise in Washington, DC:

I think he was under the couch.
  3:21pm annie:

you moved ike to the pantry; no internet there
  3:22pm v k:

"moondog monologue" - what a f'in tune that was - kudos - moondog may be my soul mate
  3:22pm annie:

...... and you totally cleaned the mud room!! where the hell did you put the mud?
  3:23pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Ah, there you are, Gidget!
  3:24pm Ike:

Mmm, I ate all the cookies and then found an Ethernet cable under the fridge. Hi!
  3:25pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Did you find those Sacajawea dollar coins I dropped down the couch cushions last year?
  3:25pm pink floyd:

there is no mud room, really. matter of fact, they're all mud rooms.
  3:27pm annie:

ike, !!! ever resourceful!!!
  3:31pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Irwin, I want a list of your top ten naps from the past decade.
  3:31pm Laura L:

But what about your bottom 10 list?
  3:33pm Irwin:

It's in the rolltop desk. Which is in the mud room. Which is ....
  3:33pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Jason Karaban is one of the top ten artists to which Irwin did not introduce me in 2009.
  3:36pm Bocephus:

Irwin - why u no play my songs? May have to spit some Beechnut in your eye.
  3:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the Afternoon Naps would have to be in anyone's top 10 naps of the decade.
  3:37pm Ike:

Aw jeez, you activated my list-making OCD. The compulsion to make many, many best of 2009 and worst of 2009 lists has returned. I was trying to shed that pointlessness. Arrrrgh.
  3:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

lists are completely a waste of everyone's time
  3:38pm Denise in Washington, DC:

One of the artists to which you *did* introduce me, Irwin, was that woman who sounds exactly like Karen Carpenter (but whose name escapes me at the moment). If you know whom I'm talking about, did you ever find out whether her recordings are publicly available?
  3:41pm Irwin:

Kera O'Bryon. Great singer, mimic and actress. She hasn't done any other recordings as KC.
  3:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Pimp juice, that's full of vitamin XXX, I think.
  3:51pm Laura L:

Thanks for The Klee-un-tell--and folks will want to take a look at their site for their upcoming tour schedule for February!
  3:54pm Denise in Washington, DC:

That's her. Thanks, Irwin.
  3:58pm Ike:

That Raveonettes album did, indeed, come out in 2009. It's my #2 album of the year. Dammit.

And unfortunately it's not Mike Lupica. He'd be funnier.
  3:58pm ginger tim:

Isn't it The Best Show's Mike??
  3:59pm Irwin:

Yes it is. I have been spanked 3X.
  4:01pm G:

@DCE -- hey, why not send us a list of top ten reasons why l;ists are totally pointless, ty in advance
  4:03pm Parq:

"Ethernet Cable Under the Fridge" would be a good name for a band, although not as good as "Spanked 3X".
  4:07pm Carmichael:

Hi Irwin and everyone from here in the foyer.
  4:08pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Carmichael, have you folks found the mud room yet?
  4:11pm Bocephus:

Bocephus feels a lack of love from Irwin. Please love me.
  4:12pm Carmichael:

Hi Denise. Sorry, we don't have the luxury of either mud or seasons out here. We barely have dirt.
  4:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

The Pressure is On
  4:12pm foyer:

stop wiping mud on me
  4:15pm Denise in Washington, DC:

So Irwin didn't hide Laura's mud room in the foyer?
  4:16pm Irwin:

'Cephus: stop whinin' or I'll club you ag'in.
  4:16pm DJ School Instructor:

Needy listeners are scary, people.
  4:21pm Needy Listener:

I comment to the wind.
  4:23pm Wind:

Shut up, Needy.
  4:23pm Janet H:

Irwin, when you dropped by Monday did you see my Photoshop notes or did you moved them too? Can't seem to find them!
  4:24pm Irwin:

Janet, look in the shredder, which is in the garage, behind the microwave.
  4:24pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Janet, I think they were in Laura's ottoman.
  4:25pm Irwin:

Oh, wait, I'm confusing your house with Denise's cabin. Gimme a sec.
  4:26pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Oops. Those must have been Carmichael's notes.
  4:26pm microwave:

i smell bad.

worse than mud, for sure.
  4:26pm seang:

the ghost world soundtrack is really great
  4:27pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

somebody please wipe microwave!
  4:28pm Janet H:

Which garage? I have two.
  4:30pm Carmichael:

Denise, your notes are in the rumpus room, right where Ike left them. Next to the Argosy magazines.
  4:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the notes are A flat and G sharp.
  4:35pm Noel:

I wonder what Amanda would do to this song.
  4:35pm AA:

Just don't finish off a whole circle of fifths in one sitting.
  4:36pm Janet H:

This will be my last "live Irwin" for several months, so I hope I can find my notes now.
  4:36pm Denise in Washington, DC:

No wonder I keep losing those notes, DCE -- I can't hit G sharp.
  4:37pm Carmichael:

She would sure spruce up the Bob Dylan Christmas album. Imagine her Hallelujah Chorus .....
  4:37pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you might be ok if you can hit that A flat, though...
  4:38pm Denise in Washington, DC:

This version of "Bittersweet Symphony" is really quite lovely.

Irwin, as an aficionado of school choirs, what do you think of the TV show GLEE?

DCE, I'd have to get out my patch kit for the A flat.
  4:40pm Bimbo:

A flat? I got one word for ya: Silicone.
  4:42pm Denise in Washington, DC:

Unquestionably the answer.
  4:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

a true Bimbo would have put "honey" in her post somewhere
  4:44pm Bimbo:

tyvm. fortunately, i am not as dumb as i look.
  4:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Apparently, I'm dumber than I look, cuz I had to google tyvm.
  4:46pm Carmichael:

I look almost EXACTLY as dumb as I am.
  4:46pm Even Dumber:

Who's tyvm?
  4:47pm Bimbo:

its ok, honey. dont fell to bad. nbd.
  4:48pm a guy in a chair in a cube:

The phrase "Appalachian armpit baby" just made me choke.
  4:50pm Carmichael:

My next band will be called Appalachian Armpit Baby.
  4:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Ms. Kane can sure spin a yarn
  4:58pm Yak:

  4:59pm Marshall Stacks:

Lida Husik! Great segue, Irwin.
  5:00pm Mr. Kane:

  5:30pm Janet H:

Ahh, found them! They were in MY ottoman that I photoshopped into my living room!
  5:32pm Irwin:

Sorry, Janet. You're the only one here. I misplaced all the listeners. Board op for the next 25 mins, k?
  5:33pm Laura L:

And I just found the foyer in the mud room, Irwin, you old devil, you!
  5:36pm Irwin:

That's not where I put it. Andy Breckman came by later & rearranged what I rearranged. Bad dog!
  5:36pm berlusconi's nose:

great show dude!
  5:38pm Carmichael:

Good God, that Breckman irritates me so. It's as if he does it on purpose.
  5:39pm Laura L:

Andy Breckman--for the love of crack, somebody ought to arrest that man and put him in handcuffs.
  5:41pm Irwin:

He's wreaking havoc on Facebook too. Switched around several celeb fan pages. Total mess.
  5:43pm Ike:

I misplaced my ________ in my couch. It ended up in my friend Christine's _________, which is really not appropriate since _________. Who knew these things were detachable like that?
  5:45pm monica:

hi irwin, i like this la scala track! new or on an existing album?
  5:46pm Janet H:

Hopefully, SPCRD will get ANDY...
  5:46pm Lists R. Pointless:

The sheriff of Oklahoma County has announced a special New Years party for DUI dudes, feat.:

� Exciting light and sound show.
� Personal attention.
� Designer bondage gear.
� Your vehicle taken by valet to secure location.
� A ride in muscle car.
� Armed escort to your party destination.
� Special souvenir photo session.
� Party till "?" with other cool party-goers.
� Memories to last a lifetime: Priceless.
  5:51pm berlusconi's nose:

Oh my god! Well at least you have a sense of humor Irwin.
  5:52pm Carmichael:

The Jonas Brothers on helium.
  5:52pm chris:

Oh dear lord, the world is perfect, there is no war, no bad language, and certainly folks don't want to have sex and do drugs. I'm so happy to live in this world... (throws up in mouth)
  6:00pm Denise in Washington, DC:

But I like the furniture this way!
  12:07pm PMD:

Darn, the one time Irwin says hi to me, I'm not there.
  3:55pm Moondog Pesto:

Did you find these at an estate sale?
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