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Playlist for 10 February 2010 Favoriting | Snowpocalypso

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Johnny Cash  Blizzard   Favoriting  

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  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Merv Grifffin  I Never Has Seen Snow   Favoriting       0:03:35 (Pop-up)
Ergo Phizmiz  Snowy   Favoriting  

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  0:06:41 (Pop-up)
Holger Hiller  Once I Made a Snowman   Favoriting       0:11:40 (Pop-up)
Lalo Schifrin  The First Snow Fall   Favoriting  

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  0:20:35 (Pop-up)
Mekons  Snow   Favoriting       0:21:37 (Pop-up)
The Cribs  Last Year's Snow   Favoriting  

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  0:24:08 (Pop-up)
XTC  Snowman   Favoriting       0:26:50 (Pop-up)
N.A.D.  Ghosts   Favoriting  

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  0:42:12 (Pop-up)
Apocalyptica  Hall Of The Mountain King   Favoriting       0:45:48 (Pop-up)
Schwabbingrad Ballet  Moderne Welt   Favoriting  
  0:48:20 (Pop-up)
Mary Schneider  Tales from the Vienna Woods   Favoriting  
  1:01:25 (Pop-up)
Westminster Concert Bells  Lt Kije Suite - Troika   Favoriting       1:03:01 (Pop-up)
Dennis James  Adagio in C Major by Mozart   Favoriting  

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  1:06:21 (Pop-up)
Big Blood  Heart of Glass   Favoriting Already Gone II 

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*   1:10:50 (Pop-up)
Charlotte Gainsbourg  Greenwich Mean Time   Favoriting IRM    *   1:15:54 (Pop-up)
Lee Rosevere  Nevermind on 45   Favoriting       1:18:57 (Pop-up)
No Sleep Nigel  Abstract Nympho   Favoriting       1:19:58 (Pop-up)
Ronny Waernes  Lauft ... Heisst Das Es Lauft oder Es Kommt Bald ... Lauft   Favoriting       1:20:53 (Pop-up)
com.pare  Show Curiosity   Favoriting The Box      1:21:54 (Pop-up)
Nini Raviolette  Suis-Je Normale   Favoriting  
  1:23:10 (Pop-up)
Sparks  Mr. Bergman How Are You   Favoriting The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman 

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*   1:26:59 (Pop-up)
Little Claw  World of Tired   Favoriting Yeti 8 (V.A.)      1:32:00 (Pop-up)
The Billy Nayer Show  Party   Favoriting The American Astronaut (soundtrack) 

Click for the full size image
  1:34:57 (Pop-up)
Peter Blegvad  Bared Bard   Favoriting Downtime      1:38:31 (Pop-up)
FM Einheit, Jamie Lidell et al  Cocaine (Fire Bird)   Favoriting Echoecho 

Click for the full size image
  1:50:07 (Pop-up)
Discodeine  Invert (parce que edit)   Favoriting Edges: A New French Electronic Generation    *   1:53:59 (Pop-up)
Matias Aguayo  Desde Rusia   Favoriting Ay Ay Ay 
*   1:57:37 (Pop-up)
Camille  J'ai Tort   Favoriting Le Fil    *   2:02:47 (Pop-up)
Honeymoon Killers  Histoire a Suivre   Favoriting Self Titled 

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  2:06:40 (Pop-up)
Anna Homler  oo Ny Diya   Favoriting Do Ya Sa' Di Do: A Sonic Geography      2:09:35 (Pop-up)
Lill Babbs  En Tuff Brud   Favoriting Unintelligible at Any Speed: Ken's 2004 Marathon Premium      2:13:03 (Pop-up)
Mattie Moultrie  Saddest Story Ever Told   Favoriting Monica's Feelin' Bitchy 
  2:15:23 (Pop-up)
The Three Degrees  Maybe   Favoriting Monica's Feelin' Bitchy      2:17:12 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Te Quiero Mucho   Favoriting Soy Sauce 

Click for the full size image
  2:20:27 (Pop-up)
Kenji Endo  You Are Always With Me   Favoriting Anthology Of Japanese New Folk 1960-1976 (Janitor From Mars 2005 Premium)      2:29:37 (Pop-up)
Kazuki Tomokawa  Track 4   Favoriting Blue Water, Red Water      2:34:02 (Pop-up)
Yann Tomita  Chopin Opus 28, No 4   Favoriting Doopee Time 

Click for the full size image
  2:37:54 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Track 13   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666 (various artists)      2:39:33 (Pop-up)
Hiiragi Fukuda  Hebi-ichigo   Favoriting Oya Wa Tohoku, Oto Kumori    *   2:43:28 (Pop-up)
Kazuhiko Kato  Arthur's Boutique   Favoriting Come to my Bedside 
  2:46:59 (Pop-up)
Not Bob Dylan  Positively 4th Street   Favoriting  
  2:52:48 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am JJZ:

Snow! Earthquakes!
  9:00am Bad Ronald:

  9:01am annie:

word up
  9:01am Jack:

Hot Biscuits!
  9:02am Ne-guh-tor:

If you get stuck at the station, Ken, like the Donner Party, which DJ's will be eaten first and how will you prepare them?
  9:02am Billy Jam:

Morning Ken, hello Bad Ronald
  9:02am Lizardner Dave:

I don't think the heavy stuff is gonna come down for quite some time yet, your erminence.

Mornin' everyone!
  9:03am Dan B From Upstate:

Good morning Ken, and fellow listeners. How's everyone's day so far?
  9:03am Parq:

He doesn't make it, does he?
  9:05am Bad Ronald:

Hey Billy!
  9:05am jan:

The Donner party didn't have a swell DJ like Ken
  9:06am doug in dc:

The heavy stuff just started here. I woke up thinking it wouldn't be so bad, but a few minutes later I could barely see down the street.
  9:06am bennett4senate:

Ken I will try to keep my frustration over a forestalled vacation out of the comments and just enjoy the show :) Funny how when you're a kid, a snow day makes a vacation as opposed to canceling one.
  9:07am Ne-guh-tor:

I'm afraid he didn't make it Parq. Jan, The DJ would have died first and been eaten first on the Donner party my guess.
  9:07am fishmonkeystew:

Good morning fellow WFMUers! Happy Snowpocalypse!
  9:07am Bad Ronald:

Ken: Snowman by XTC would be cool if you have it lying around and are so inclined...

...just sayin'...
  9:09am Parq:

Albert Brooks:

Crowd: Boo!!

DJ: Thank you, you're beautiful!

Crowd: I said "boo"!!

DJ: I said "thank you"!
  9:14am Wendy del Formaggio:

BRR, IT IS COLD. Play it, Ken, play it!
  9:14am JJZ:

Whenever I see snowpocalypse or snowmaggeddon, I have to watch again.
  9:15am bennett4senate:

snowpocalypse = zombies in ski pants? I hope so
  9:15am JCityJensen:

snow morning ken!
  9:18am Bad Ronald:

I love this guys enthusiasm:
  9:18am Chris:

I'd rather not be around when he comes out the other end.
  9:19am emily waters:

I thought that I had coined the term snowmaggedon yesterday! I guess it is good to know that unlike snowflakes, I'm not unique.
  9:19am Michelle:

It's not even that snowy here in Green Bay, but I've been feeling left out.
Good morning! Wishing I didn't have to go teach a class in 5 minutes so I could listen...
  9:20am doug in dc:
  9:21am dei x:

Hello from the NH coast. No snow yet, but more importantly - when it comes, we have someplace to put it. (quite the invitation for wise ass fill in the blank)
  9:22am Chris:

Eating a DJ is like eating Taco Bell, so good going in but hell coming out.
  9:22am seang:

that weatherman is out of his gourd! thanks, bad ron
  9:24am erella:

Hi Ken, from toronto, still feeling groggy
  9:26am Bad Ronald:

YW Seang!

Is that Tricky Dick calling in sick?
  9:27am Ken:

Hahahah, it does looks like Nixon!
  9:27am Bad Ronald:

Thanks Ken!!!
  9:27am Chris:

Wow, I just stepped outside and the snow tried to kill me - please, no more cribs ken.
  9:31am Dan B From Upstate:

Diggin' this XTC track. Is all their stuff that good?
  9:32am Ne-guh-tor:

the stranglers-ice
  9:33am Bad Ronald:

@ Dan B. - I think so but if you like that track get your hands on "English Settlement" and decide for yourself.
  9:34am Dan B From Upstate:

Thanks, Bad Ronald. I'll look into it!
  9:34am Cecile:

Michelle - when did the whole world turn into Northern Wisconsin and the UP?
  9:36am Chris:

What about the key party at the synagogue tonight, is that still on?
  9:37am dale:

otay, i'll log on, about nick cave's '15 feet of pure white snow?" or some cut from the residents' "eskimo"
  9:37am Cecile:

How about Snowsicle by Poole?

I expect a lot of November babies...
  9:38am Cecile:

Or Igloo by the Screaming Tribesmen
  9:40am Bad Ronald:

Cool Dan B. lemme know what you think...
  9:41am Cecile:

The Soul Plane is grounded!
  9:41am doug in dc:

Nurse With Wound's Shipwreck Radio recordings in the Norwegian Arctic. Or Biosphere, Geir Jenssen is from the Arctic.
  9:42am Cecile:

The Coctails had a great Christmas disc.
  9:43am Cecile:

Of course Inuit music. And Siberian music.

(but not the Trans-Siberian Orchestra...)
  9:45am Chris:

is the tricky dick phone sex line still operating despite the snow?
  9:55am Dan B From Upstate:

I have to admit, living where I live, it's nice to hear about other people having snow dumped on them. We've gotten a break this year. It's nice.
  9:56am jhn:

You suck Ken, I've been stuck at home since Friday. And I have to work from home. In DC.
  9:56am dei x:

Snow has arrived on NH coast. Happy little flakes at 32 degrees
  9:56am dale:

growing up thru the winters of 76, 77, 78, 79, 80 etc in Buffalo area...THOSE were snowstorms.
  9:57am Chris:

God hates Ken because Ken doesn't appreciate God's awesome snow power!
  9:57am dei x:

I second the Inuit request
  9:58am LizGig:

Did it snow in New Jersey?
  9:59am doug in dc:

So far this season, DC has had more snow than either Buffalo or Erie. We are second only to Syracuse.
  9:59am Cecile:


Just trying to help...*sniff*
  10:00am Chris:

@dale - i'm with you - i grew up outside rochester during those years - great snow for kids.
  10:01am LizGig:

Ok. I'm caught up now. You've had a lot of snow. How much snow is a lot in New Jersey?
  10:01am Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

too bad can't play Kevin Bloody Wilson !!! yahhh !!!
  10:02am dale:

this still works with the snow theme, ken....all that alpine-ishness and such.
  10:03am PMD:

OK, I'm here, just in time for yodeling! Woo hoo!
As the blizzard rages outside in N. VA. Safe and warm with Ken.
  10:04am Mark DeAngelis:

  10:08am dale:

here's yer nj traffic cams so you can see what a bust armepocolypse is:
  10:09am Chris:

actually tex antoine was referring to how someone might listen to WFMU.
  10:10am stu:

Tex Antoine said something else that did not get him thrown off the air. They were celelbrating x years of his weather broadcasts. they brought out a cake at the end of the show. over the credits, when the mics were assumed to be off, he said "did they get a shot of the f-ing cake?" this was on live television...
  10:11am MD:

It Had to do with "The family Jewels"
Tex Antoine...of course!...sorry I took to many snow daze!!!
  10:11am stu:

Ken - are you going to discuss the disappearance of "Coast to Coast AM" from WABC-AM?
  10:15am Roger Grimsby:

I'm Roger Grimsby, here now your news...
  10:16am nasok:

more boos!
  10:17am stu:

Actually, the Tex Antoine comment that got him kicked off the air was his response to a news story about a rape - remember?
  10:19am Bill Buetel:

I do
  10:20am Lizardner Dave:

This begs to be sound-bited and remixed.
  10:21am MD:

Yes it was a very sad thing I won't repeat it...
  10:25am Lizardner Dave:

I bet Andy Breckman knows the remark that got ol Tex booted.
  10:27am esch oder anarchie!:

Is it just me or are the streams down?
  10:28am Carmichael:

Ken. Sparks. Tea. I don't need nuthin' else.
  10:28am Ne-guh-tor:

New Sparks, Yeah!
  10:28am Michael:

Maybe if Nixon had in fact said this more often he could have been an excuse for a decent human being as it was, people around him admired what a hard worker he was, if they didn't make fun of it...."Lead-Butt Nixon".

So, since I am eligible to become President, it is vital that I shirk today....
  10:29am Carmichael:

20K WMP works fine for me.
  10:29am Cecile:

I know it now, too.

It's a line from literature, but it's highly inappropriate in the context.
  10:29am Cecile:

thank you Google.
  10:30am Bill W:

I have a snow day from my temp job (out a couple hundred bucks) and am eating my next-door neighbor.
  10:31am esch oder anarchie!:

Thanks carmichael -- it is just me. Just looked in my control panel and it said, "No audio device." There was one there yesterday. Damn office computers!
  10:32am trs:

Throw it out the window!
  10:33am Janet H:

I'm thinkin' of an idea for that remix pic.
  10:33am Bad Ronald:

Hey, didn't snow kill Jay Reatard?
  10:36am dei x:

  10:36am Cecile:

I love this soundtrack and that crazy movie
  10:40am dei x:

  10:40am dei x:

Unintelligible hollering!
  10:44am Cecile:

God, I need to see that again.
  10:45am MD:

  10:45am dei x:

See American Astronaut, Ken - the Party Song will take on an even more sinister air.
  10:48am andy:

Best part of working from home due to the snow, is the ability to stream audio and listen to Ken. The Man prevents it from the office.
  10:48am BSI:

Finally crawling up to life.... gasp gasp... good morning my oddly distorted metafamily...
  10:48am chris:

here on long island we started off the morning with a weak-ass snowfall with the anchors on the local news commanding DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY THE SNOW RIGHT NOW IT WILL GET WORSE STAY INSIDE AND WATCH NEWS TWELVE AGAIN THIS -WILL- GET WORSE YOU WILL BE STUCK AT WORK THE RAILROADS -WILL- SHUT DOWN. to their credit, is it in fact beginning to come down harder. thank you, news twelve, for exposing the malevolent deception of Snow.
  10:49am andy:

Hey - the snow looks like it is kicking in here in middlesex county nj
  10:50am Mark:

Where are you on Long Island Chris, it is not snowing here in Smithtown
  10:50am Mother Earth:

So get the hell out of your houses so i can wipe you all out!
  10:51am Ken:

Weather is different for everybody, check the full res loop here:
  10:55am Dan B From Upstate:

Andy Breckman should be in for 7SD tonight, right? He can use the weather as an excuse to hang up on people.
  10:58am listener mark:

Bank of America has called every day for a week. They received a 30 Billion Dollar bailout from the Federal Goverment. What do they need my money for? Twizzlers?
  11:00am listener mark:

Sorry! Sorry about that! Wrong screen! Thought this was facebook!! ha ha Great snow Ken! Looking forward to the marathon!!
  11:02am chris:

nothing in smithtown? like nothing nothing? actually looking outside it isnt so bad now. still more than a flurry though. oh yeah, i'm in centereach
  11:03am Mark:

chris, there's snow on the ground, but it aint snowing now
  11:04am PMD:

Oh, I like this song. J'ai Tort... Will have to look that up and maybe buy...
  11:05am Brian:

Oh my, Camille! Je l'adore !
  11:06am trs:

Radar maps are the twitter of weather. Blip blip blipp
Infra red loops are better at showing moving systems and larger regional trends
  11:07am still b/p:

Camille was almost reaching the Clare Prophet plane for a moment there.
  11:08am annie:

i use the radar on wunderground. i only want to know where the action is, no what they think it might be.
  11:08am trs:
-Eastern N.Am, IR.. medium or whatever
Loop 'em all.

System is blowing away
  11:12am trs:

Weather has context.
  11:14am Cecile:

I do that, annie.
  11:15am Mark:

oh I know where the action is
  11:16am not The Man:

I do hereby declare it is now time to tip any bottle you want; the bar is open.
  11:17am Stu:

This storm is retribution for WABC removing "Coast to Coast AM" from the local ariwaves. The alien lifeforms can no longer broadcast to the local populace.
  11:19am kym:

Eating human flesh makes me feel evil as a wet hen.
  11:21am md:

  11:21am annie:

those girls looked snowed in and very hungry. wonder if they have the fire up yet.
  11:22am MD:

Remember it's not snow...IT'S FALLOUT!!!
  11:22am BSI:

yo quiero vindaloo!
  11:23am Mark:

I was promised a blizzard, I want a blizzard
  11:24am trs:

the u.s. version ?
  11:25am Brian:

Malai Kofta Kashmiri!
  11:29am paul:

nothing wrong with weird al
  11:30am BSI:

Damn you Brian! Must now dig tunnel to the Jyoti...
  11:30am jhn:


Weird Al is a freaking legend. Have you heard him on the various podcasts? Very funny guy. Even if you don't like his music.
  11:34am Cecile:

I like Weird Al. His interview with Shatner recently was both funny and very moving.
  11:35am CheriPi:

Thanks for the japanese folk!
  11:35am Ken:

I stand by my dis of Weird Al. Hate his music, hate his hair.

On the other hand Cecile, I love YOU.
  11:36am Japanese Folk:

We all thank you, too.
  11:36am Cecile:

I love you, too, Ken.
  11:36am Detroit Mac:

We all love Cecile (in whatever way we can).
  11:36am stingy d:

today i don't cycle. stayin home with the woofer. and wf mu
  11:38am BSI:

AHHH! THOSE SHEEP!!! Must now eat a forty-pound slab o' mescaline (with a veg.curry on the side) and watch the first 20 minutes of El Topo OVER AND OVER!!!!
  11:38am Bad Ronald:

Ken do you hate Stan Lee of the Dickies for the same reasons?
  11:39am stingy d:

incidentally my dog has a twitter account....
  11:39am BSI:

ah... sheep are gone. All is well now.
  11:40am Mark:

my feeling is that Weird Al is an unfunny asshat
  11:40am Ken:

Y'know Bad Ronald, I didn;t hate Stan Lee at all, but now that you mention it, I DO!! Thanks!
  11:41am jhn:

ken "too cool" freedman, making fun of the lunch table with the nerds who are Weird Al fans.
  11:41am randy in NC:

re. Tex Antoine a while back, I saw someone whose license plate is TUKEBIRD.
  11:42am Bad Ronald:

Glad I could help!
  11:43am Ken:

jhn, if you must know, I never stayed in the cafeteria to make fun of the nerds. I went home to eat lunch and smoke weed with my freak friends.
  11:43am Mark:

now, not only is it not snowing, but the clouds appear to be breaking up
  11:44am Johnny Weatherman:

Dream on, Mark.
  11:46am Cecile:

Our freaks used to smoke at the school playground across the street from the high school.
  11:46am Mark:

naw, I ain't dreaming Johnny.
  11:46am John McCabe in LA:

it too early in the morning for this shit!
  11:47am jan:

Japanese set is very enjoyable and my assistant sugimoto san is
helpfully providing synopsis.
  11:48am stingy d:

i smoked in the funny stairways. sometimes with the janitors.
  11:49am jhn:

I used to sneak over the the vocational school across the parking lot, and smoke cigarettes with the denim-clad metalheads
  11:50am stingy d:

to be fair tho- it was called college at that point
  11:50am BSI:

jeezus, clearly i gotta get the webcam outta my bathroom.
  11:51am CheriPi:

Perfect music to study Japanese by
  11:52am postmanpaul:

...and come to my graveside. kato rip
  11:53am stingy d:

bsi freaking people out on chatroulette
  11:54am Bad Ronald:

Cool Dylan gif!!!
  11:54am dei x:

I must be listening to the wrong Bob Dylan. or listening in the wrong way
  11:54am texas scott:

I'm hypnotized by the Dylan gif.
  11:55am BSI:

  11:55am herr perkins:

positively not dylan
  11:56am bbell:

I bought lamb chops yesterday . . . anticipating a snow day . . . mmmm . . .
  11:57am Pos 4th:

Highway 61 Revisited
  11:57am annie:

i'm just gonna scroll back up and watch the naked guy bounce that instrument of his
  11:57am Ne-guh-tor:

Hear that sheep?
  11:58am Spankyflop:

Bob Dylans Greatest Hits Vol. 2. It was a single I think.
  11:58am Joe Steele:

Dylan. Hurting. Me.
  11:58am John McCabe in LA:

it a single not on an album that's why I think?
  11:58am SueA:

I got my blizzard in full here in PA.
  11:59am Joe Steele:

Looks like a blizzard to me Ken.
  12:00pm Dan B From Upstate:

Fun show today, Ken. Thank you very much!
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