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Playlist for 24 March 2010 Favoriting | Abbreviated Programme with A State of the Station Talk at 11:15am

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Young Marble Giants  Posed By Models   Favoriting Colossal Youth  Rough Trade 

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  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Carl Finch  Mall Muzak: Building a Highway, Puppy Polka, Party Girls   Favoriting True Stories Soundtrack  Warner / Sire      0:09:14 (Pop-up)
Felix Kubin  Felix Kubin's Earliest Sound Collages Ever!   Favoriting Soundcollagen  Self Released    *   0:14:49 (Pop-up)
HGich.T  Montag 08   Favoriting No Album  No Label 

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  0:17:53 (Pop-up)
Klaus Ziss  Tiefgarageendepressionen   Favoriting Soundcollagen  Self Released    *   0:21:40 (Pop-up)
Public Entertainment Association for Culture and Education  The Constitution Song   Favoriting No Album  Self Released      0:30:40 (Pop-up)
Clare and The Reasons  Obama The Rainbow   Favoriting No Album  No Label      0:33:42 (Pop-up)
Gary Paxton  America, You're Too Young To Die   Favoriting No Album  Calvary 

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  0:36:00 (Pop-up)
Patrick Henry II  Why Americans   Favoriting No Album  1st American Records      0:39:51 (Pop-up)
Johnny Credit  Hello, I'm Johnny Credit   Favoriting Plantation Gold: The Mad Genius of Shelby S. Singleton Jr.  Omni Recording Corporation 

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  0:42:02 (Pop-up)
Hank Snow  The Blind Boy's Dog   Favoriting Shit Happens! (V/A)  Bear Family      0:45:54 (Pop-up)
Luftwaffenmusikkorps 4  March of Happiness   Favoriting German Air Force Marches  Nazi Records & Tapes      0:49:07 (Pop-up)
Billy Green  Amanda   Favoriting Stone Sound track  B-Music 

  0:56:02 (Pop-up)
Boh Runga  Not Given Lightly   Favoriting Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox (V/A)  Amaj000    *   0:59:53 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Je T'aime   Favoriting Ooh Ooh Ahh: Moments of Musical Ecstasy  Arf Arf 

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  1:03:21 (Pop-up)
Serge Gainsbourg  Meurtre a l'extincteur   Favoriting L'Homme A Tete De Chou  Phillips      1:07:18 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Te Quiero Mucho   Favoriting Soy Sauce   

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  1:08:27 (Pop-up)
Together Now  Nearly God   Favoriting Heaven  Island      1:10:40 (Pop-up)
Brigitte Fontaine  La FIancee de Frankenstein   Favoriting Prohibition  Polydor France 

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*   1:13:19 (Pop-up)
Charlotte Gainsbourg  Greenwich Mean Time   Favoriting IRM  Elektra 

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*   1:17:57 (Pop-up)
Christina  Ballad of Immoral Earnings   Favoriting Sleep It Off  Ze Records      1:20:37 (Pop-up)
James Kolchalka Superstar  Peanut Butter and Jellyfish   Favoriting Monkey vs Robot  Tarquin Records      1:31:52 (Pop-up)
Marathons  Peanut Butter   Favoriting No Album  Unknown Label 

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  1:33:13 (Pop-up)
One Way Streets  We All Love Peanut Butter   Favoriting Back from the Grave Vol 1  Crypt / Mordham 

  1:35:06 (Pop-up)
Eyes  Peanut Butter   Favoriting Star Club:The Singles  Unknown Label      1:37:54 (Pop-up)
Katie  Peanut Butter Marbles   Favoriting No Album  No Label 

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  1:43:02 (Pop-up)
Peter Wahlbeck  Baby Animal   Favoriting Music Fur Alle  Unknown Album      1:43:27 (Pop-up)
Vert  The Ten Thousand Things   Favoriting Small Pieces Loosely Joined  Sonig 
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  2:01:51 (Pop-up)
The Blankket  Hey Ya!   Favoriting Songs of Love  Unknown Album      2:04:09 (Pop-up)
2 Many DJs  Joe Le Taxui and Crush on You   Favoriting As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2  Unknown Album      2:08:28 (Pop-up)
HGich.T  Heut Geh Ich Positiv 03   Favoriting No Album  No Label      2:11:37 (Pop-up)
The Ken Choir  My Answer   Favoriting No Album  Coral Records      2:13:44 (Pop-up)
Station Manager Ken  State of the Station   Favoriting    

  2:16:38 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Lizardner Dave:

Radio chat room?
  9:01am Dan B From Upstate:

Ah, it's been forever since I heard the radio chat room music!
  9:02am Michelle in Green Bay:

Helloooooo! I get to listen to the beginning of the show today!
  9:02am Moose:

Ah the old days
  9:03am coelacanth:

that's a jar of terrorism.
  9:04am Dan B From Upstate:

That disembodied voice seemed even more diembodied than normal...
  9:11am em:

hang on, now. my understanding was that crunchy peanut butter was to be the weapon of choice tonight. is that not the case, oh disembodied voice?
  9:11am joe mulligan:

a show all bluetoothed would be fun. can you do the state of the station from your desk?
  9:12am Andy in Berlin:

so, what? - you're late because you were out buying a couple cases of peanut butter?
  9:13am Ken:

No, it's creamy peanut butter. I'm not a SADIST!
  9:13am yayson:

this muzak is the spirit of rock
  9:14am BSI:

Choosy moms choose Hanes (tm)
  9:14am Dan B From Upstate:

That first muzak track... I felt like I was playing Sim City on my SNES. I could go for a video webcast of Ken doing the State of the Station.
  9:15am dc pat:

I think everyone on the comments should be FORCED to have their locale in their name. Just like we're gonna be FORCED to not go to emergency rooms for healthcare...
  9:17am BSI:

BSI is DC and is a peanut butter socialist.
  9:17am Ken from Jersey City:

Good idea DC Pat!
  9:18am annie:

i may or may not be here, let me check.. ok, yup, i'm here, but not for long..
  9:19am Andy in Berlin:

I'm in EAST Berlin so I'm a peanut butter commie.
  9:21am Big Bad Ronald Apple:

Morning folks! How about some Fluff for the nutter?
  9:22am Dan B From Upstate:

Crap. I'm gonna' miss a huge chunk of the show today because of a meeting. I'm not happy.
  9:25am marq:

I also get to listen to the beginning of the show today. I ate some almond butter this morning for breakfast. I ran out of peunut butter. And I alos will miss a chunk of the show today. But I usually have to miis the whole thing, and it's my favorite show for some odd reason.
  9:25am John from Oslo:

Gesundheit Amerika!
  9:30am Lorenzo St. DuBois:

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading.
  9:31am paul:

kind of disappointed that this constitution is sung by someone other than Yakko Warner
  9:31am dc pat:

excellent, everything is under control..."they" are on the way to get annie, marq, and paul
  9:32am Cecile:

Good morning, all!

I love you Ken!
  9:32am Parq:

A concurring post on the Constitution:
  9:33am paul:

i don't even know where i am right now
  9:33am Mark:

I give the Constitution a 75, it's got a good beat and you can dance to it
  9:34am SiHV:

I think I'll take the death panels over this.
  9:34am BSI / DC:

She's a talkative little capitalist.
  9:34am Cecile:

I love Clare and the Reasons. I can't explain why.
  9:35am texas scott:

Health insurance is offered through my company but,is too expensive.I don't have insurance and haven't for many years.I never get sick.Now I will be forced to purchase it,thanks to Comrade Obama.

Now I feel sick.
  9:35am Thomas Jefferson:

Where are my royaltief?
  9:35am Cecilempls:

same as the old Cecile, but now with 100% more geographical location.
  9:36am Andy in Berlin:

so that musical recitation of the constitution reminded me of The Fugs doing Howl.
  9:36am John from Oslo:

Finally, the wealthy will be subject to medical malpractice as well as the poor - congratulations - you have socialism ;)
  9:36am Cecile:

Do you have some Zapp? The spirit of Roger will unite the world.
  9:38am texas scott:

we need more zapp in our lives!
  9:38am Cecile:

Aw, to hell with this geographical crap. Sorry, dcp, I tried.

In summary: Zapp will save the world More singing robots. pls.
  9:38am tim from Champaign:

Ken, could you please play the song by God. These songs are inspiring but this country hasn't been the same for me since Hee Haw went of the air. The song by God will really help. Thanks and Jah bless.
  9:38am minnesota jeff:

My kid got his colar bone treated, the wife got her knee drained, and I had these neck sores looked at - all while waiting in this bread line! Thanks Obama!
  9:39am Mark:

what happened to the idea of registering user names to post playlist comments?
  9:40am Ken:

Yeah, good question Mark. It's still being worked on, believe it or not.
  9:40am Singing Robots:

No idea, Mark. I like it.
  9:40am John from Oslo:
  9:41am Andy in Berlin:

give me liberty or give me peanut butter underwear!
  9:42am minnesota jeff:

The fam just got our gov't issue Wool Coats in the mail, they look and feel great, Barack! The wife is loving her job at the Lard factory too!
  9:42am dc pat:

Cecile, you better not answer your door today if you know what I mean...

But seriously, I think the registering to post idea is not good and un-WFMU. The format we have now is totally free. I mean, I don't know how often you have to bump people on your end so maybe it's a big issue but...
  9:42am annie:

ok, you convinced me, i want to be a republican!
  9:42am Mark:

Then we could each be unique!
  9:43am Billy Jam:

ha ha ha.....I see it's going to be one of those all-American shows - and yet I cannot turn it off.
  9:44am texas scott:

ah annie.please don't.
  9:45am BSI:

Somehow I doubt we could get "socialism" right even if we actually did go for that.
  9:45am GOP:

Lines around everything! mine mine mine mine.
Except what's yours.. no lines on that. Except your germs.
  9:45am paul:

if he can't afford to pay electricity to turn the lights on then how is he watching TV
  9:47am yayson:

he must be watching fox news
  9:47am texas scott:

true dat,BSI.
But you don't get socialism.Socialism gets YOU!
  9:50am Cecile:

Do you have that song Petey Pablo did after 9/11 that went "America! Rise Up! Take your shirt off and spin it 'round your head like a helicopter!"
  9:50am We The Other People:

Hey, hey Thomaf J - How many wordf did you write today?


John Dickinfon, Gouverneur Morrif, John Adamf, Thomaf Paine, Edmund Randolph, Jamef Madifon, Roger fherman, James Wilfon, and George Wythe

Proudly unregiftered pofterf, all!
  9:50am GOP:

No open systems here. Except with the buy and sell I want.
  9:51am steeley damn:

So, as far as tonight goes- are you bringing a disposable chair for Andy? Cause nobody, but nobody is going to want that chair after 7pm.

Andy: the host that makes his own gravy.
  9:51am GOP:

Flawless in 2010
  9:52am Cecile:

Dave Emery should do a show on unclaimed Nazi royalties.
  9:53am annie:

so, i thought i'd share this news flash: i'm using the winamp browser screen to listen AND chat!! does it get any better??
  9:53am Bad Ronald:

Dave Emery depressed the shit out of me last night. We're doomed!!!
  9:55am annie:

i'll have to listen to the archive BR, he is usually pretty spot on.. oh, and i had cherry pah for breakfast
  9:55am Cecile:

All I know is that I would like a Denny's chicken fried steak platter.
  9:55am BSI:

olive for emperor in 2010!
  9:55am Cecile:

nice, annie! How is the world treating you?
  9:55am PMD:

I think there should be a wager as to how Andy gets himself out of it.
  9:56am madagascar coelacanth:

  9:56am PMD:

If I work in DC but live in VA, which one am I?
  9:57am PMDDCVA:

I just don't like that.
  9:57am Denny's:

For discriminating diners.
  9:58am Peter Pants PB:

The whole underwear thing is.....a smear campaign.
  10:01am Ne-guh-tor:

Love love.
  10:02am trs:

smear. haha.

And if crunchy peanut butter is out dogs on stage, how about some bite-sized doggie treats ready to drop in and up the ante. Chunks of beef, maybe?
  10:02am trs:

er, " + dogs on stage"
  10:03am herb.jue:

let's hope chris gets better, soon. at a nyc show in 90's, he gets the stage ready & next thing ya know, he takes his pants off. to play in shorts.
  10:04am Andy in Berlin:

another 29 cents in the pool, eh?
  10:06am jeanne:

What is french for "surrender"?
jane suddenly has trouble with english?
  10:06am Jamagram:

Boh runga = Bang Hour!
  10:08am mike noble:

reporting week makes me miss kenny g
  10:09am John McCabe in LA:

hi ken are you going to play "PEANUT BUTTER" by The Marathons?
  10:10am BSI / DC:

Kenny G is my co-pilot.
  10:10am bartelby:

Ken, next time ask. I'm going out to get coffee now and could have picked up something. Anybody else want anything? I have faxing from my desktop.
  10:11am annie:

not too shabby, cecile. errands and packing today..made a killer chicpea/spinach/turkey/soup thing yesterday.. spicy and delish!
  10:12am Derek Jeter:

Hi, i'm Derek Jeter - and I recomend the Gillete Fusion shaving system. I use it every day, sometimes two or three times. Its clinically tested to hydrate skin, and its made of 90% boars blood.
  10:13am Cecile:

mmmmm. sounds lovely! That sounds a little like our pizza out last night - fresh mozz, spinach olives, pinenuts, yum.
  10:13am popo:

not tricky?
  10:15am mike noble:

multi blade razors are nothing but a marketing gimmick! they cause in grown hairs! there is no reason anyone needs to shave with more than one blade! and you're a horrible fielder, JETER
  10:16am Detroit Mac in Lambertville NJ:

Iggy Pop always preferred Crunchy for chest smearing. It contrasted nicely with the raw ground beef.
  10:17am bb:

was a side project from 95ish
  10:17am Cecilempls:

My husband and I were sick last week and spent about an hour watching old Old Spice commercials.
My favorite was Bruce Campbell singing "Hungry Like the Wolf"
  10:21am Joe Steele in Nutley:

I texted Andy a picture of the peanut butter in my fridge a few weeks ago.
  10:22am Mark:

Wow! Derek Jeter listens to Ken's show, and offers us useful recommendations!
  10:25am jojo:

nasa scientists need to work on something, why not shaving technology
  10:26am dei xhrist:

I only just realized it was Wednesday. But I already know it was peanutty.
  10:28am PMD:

Hi annie btw.... :-)
  10:31am Derek Jeter:

Hi, I am Derek Jeter. Yoy may hear from some ignorant people that multi-blade razors cause ingrown hairs. They don't. Now watch be turn this double play!
  10:31am still b/p:

Si, Soy Sauce...ho, ho!
"I am sauce", hear me pour,
From jars mas grande to ignore...
  10:33am chris in madison:

james kolchalka = so many fond high school memories!
  10:33am dei x:

please play the magic pony song off the James Kochalka cd... to make up for the downward child friendly spiral of his comics
  10:33am minnesota jeff:

Ken, maybe you said so and I missed it. But is this the same Kolchalka that does the 'American Elf' comic?
  10:34am Golden Sours:

May I recommend "We All Love Peanut Butter" by the One Way Streets . It is on the first back from the grave comp.
  10:35am Tristram in Brooklyn:

Nutella is not made from peanuts....
  10:35am Terry:

This show should have an allergy warning. To peanuts and cotton, assumingly.
  10:35am Golden Sours:

Ken, you so handsome.
  10:35am Cecile:

play some thai music. They have peanut butter chicken.
  10:37am BSI / DC:

Tristram: true enough. Nutella is made from baby nightmares., wait, that's Goober Grape. Sorry.... please carry on...
  10:37am bartleby:

O.K. I'm back. Now behold the power of this fully armed and operational milk crate industrial complex!
  10:39am jojo:

Did the FCC mandate new meds for Irwin to control his lapses into Kenny G, or did Kenny G move to Princeton NJ, or is there not a difference between the 2?
  10:39am Terry:

Peanut Butter Fist Dumplings. Chill until firm.
  10:40am Ne-guh-tor:

Katie's recipe for Andy's Peanut Butter Balls!
  10:40am Terry:

Thank you......peanut butter wife
  10:41am Golden Sours:

I haven't listened to porest in a really long time.
  10:41am erella:

Hey this is great Ken.
You can go to Peanuts by Little Joe and the Thrillers
or spend a whole day doing versions of the El Manisero (Peanut Vendor) because there are so many.
I am loving your show today.
  10:41am jeanne:

"no end to what can be stuffed in"

  10:43am Tristram in Brooklyn:

Hazelnuts....the European peanut.
  10:43am ?:

@minnesota jeff: yup that's the same JK indeed. he also did a great comic detailing the monica lewinski hullabaloo that's well worth your time if you can track one down.
  10:44am ∂avid:

yeah. this is a great show today! looking forward to tonight, too. wink...
  10:46am Carmichael:

Hey Ho.
  10:49am erella:

is this young marvel giants or weekend or something??
  10:51am me:

play some prince, maria!!!
  10:53am BertYardbrush:

Let's hear it for Tahini. You can't beat a Marmite & Tahini sandwich. I have one every day, that's 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
  10:53am fishmonkeystew:

And this is why I listen to WFMU. Thank you, Ken.
  10:55am BSI / DC:

what fishmonkeystew said. ... now i'm sayin' it. it's like a choir or sumthin'.
  10:57am Cecile:

Hi, Michelle!
  10:57am Mark:

give Michelle her own show!
  10:57am -max-:

Hello Green Bay!
  10:58am Carmichael:

That WFMU Show. Say hello to Hyde & Fez for me.
  10:58am Detroit Mac in Armpit NJ:

No more DJs. WFMU should be all "Call-ins". The Listeners take over the station.... Play some music Michelle!
  10:58am John from Oslo:

Uffda from Norway to Wisconsin
  10:59am fishmonkeystew:

Michelle, do you have a train whistle? That might fit right in right now.
  10:59am BSI / DC:

It's the Pocahontas time tunnel! Righteous!
  10:59am dei x:

A friend made a byootiful short film, b&w with color smeared across the film, of a chihuahua trying to clear the peanut butter off the roof of his mouth.
  10:59am mike noble:

it was very weird that young marble giants provided most of the score to the pilot episode of the new jonathan ames tv show. it is the sound of being a clever young park slope hipster.
  10:59am liz:

hey michelle u have a good dj thing going. u sound pretty natural
  11:00am north guinea hills:

This is so awesome!
  11:00am Bad Ronald:

Sing Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.
  11:00am Golden Sours:

MIchelle, that was a good train whistle. I also enjoyed your song. Hum another?
  11:00am Jim:

Put your phone next to the computer speaker, and then we can all go back in time for an infinite loop.
  11:00am Meghan:

I am liking the layering of your singing..... keep going! and with the echo, very nice.
  11:00am Vivian:

Say 'Very Groovy Scene..Very very groovy'. Please?
  11:01am erella:

Please tell a story or something. Tell us about yourself or something.
  11:01am em:

omg, this is fantastic. really, not sarcastic at all. keep it up michelle!
  11:01am -max-:

Michelle: What kind of music do you like? How did you discover FMU? Inquiring minds want to know!
  11:01am Michelle in Green Bay:

Wow. You all have no idea how much that made my day.
  11:01am Joe Steele:

I sounds more like an owl, but I like it.
  11:02am dw:

fuhn fuhn fuhn on da in tern net
  11:03am Joe Steele:

(It) sounds... owl as opposed to train whistle.
  11:03am Golden Sours:

  11:03am bartelby:
  11:04am Michelle in Green Bay:

Max - I really like John Mayer. (heh) Seriously, I am (believe it or not) a "modern classical" composer., so the trippier/more avant-garde the music is, better. I discovered WFMU through the Seven Second Delay podcast and started exploring from there.
  11:04am listener mark:

  11:05am Michelle in Green Bay:

I'll work on my train whistling! :-)
  11:06am Joe Steele:

No way, keep it owl-like. It's your own signature.
  11:06am Aaron:

This is the best cover of this I ever heard
  11:07am Mark:

hey doesn't everone like John Mayer?
  11:07am Cecile:

nice, Michelle.
Where are you able to perform your compositions on the frozen tundra? I'm from Houghton, MI, and it's not exactly a hot spot for experimental music.

A college in Upper Michigan was notorious because its benefactors promised to withdraw all legacy funding if modern composition was performed anywhere on campus. :(
  11:07am listener mark:

Michelle is great! Well done!
  11:07am dei x:

Ken has enough musically inclined posters and fans to make a show to flatter OUR egos for a change
  11:08am fishmonkeystew:

Well done, Michelle!
  11:08am Michelle in Green Bay:

Ouch, Cecile. Luckily they're a tad more open-minded at UW-Green Bay (where i just started teaching this year).
  11:09am Ken:

Everybody give it up for Michelle!! She did GREAT!
  11:09am Mark:

yay Michelle
  11:09am Joe Steele:

[gives it up]
  11:10am Aaron:

FYI Ken the GIF file, or the Jpeg file for Vert doen't appear to be loading
  11:10am Cecile:

So cool, Michelle. You did a great show, and yay for bringing the avant-garde to the Arctic.
  11:10am cool cats:

the sound of hundreds of snapping fingers
  11:10am listener mark:

Michelle should get a time slot.
  11:11am Detroit Mac _Nou Jersee:

Censorship exists all over. Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NYC, banned nude images from the President's Gallery the late 1970s.
  11:11am Michelle in Green Bay:

Thanks so much, everyone.
  11:11am BSI:

Happily giving it up, since I sure as hell could never SELL it.
Well done Michelle...
  11:13am Billy Jam:

that was one inspired piece of WFMU genuinely freeform radio - another reason why FMU is such a truly unique entity - props to Michelle for doing an great job!
  11:13am joe mulligan:

hats off to you Michelle!
  11:14am listener mark:

When modern composition is outlawed, only outlaws will have modern composition.
  11:15am Joe Steele:

I'd like to transfer my Glen Jones pledge to Michelle, since there will be no WIBJ.
  11:15am Meghan:

I agree Michelle, you sounded very natural, for not being on radio and to sing and imitate a train whistle! I AM on the air and know it took me a long while to loosen up to do silly stuff! good job!
  11:16am Aaron:

A song from the Station Manager's heart before he goes on a tirade about falling short during the marathon
  11:16am Cecile:

WIll you play some Zapp?
  11:17am Michelle in Green Bay:

Thanks for the best Wednesday I've had in a while. I have to run and teach a class now...catch you later!
  11:17am Cecile:

@listener mark:
I can just see speakeasies playing Ligeti springing up...
  11:19am listener mark:

Now is the hour of airing grievances.
  11:19am dc pat:

so, another mini-marathon??
  11:19am PMD:

I had to run out, and missed Michelle. That's why archives are so great!!!
  11:20am dc pat:

I missed it too, PMDC
  11:21am Mark:

followed by the feats of strength
  11:21am listener mark:

@ Cecile
I'm a Dvorak fan.
  11:25am Lblnc:

You have a growing base in NH!
  11:26am lizGig:

Ken, what percentage of pledgers don't pay?
  11:27am Joe Steele:

I can't get you guys on my radio in Secaucus, I can friggin see Jersey City from here.
  11:30am flx:

we are listening from french pyrenees, thank u for being there, haste la victoria siempre
  11:32am dei x:

NH - we're here to give you something to look at on your way to Canada
  11:34am Kendall!:

I used to get perfect reception in my mother’s place in the Village. I guess since that transmitter started up I haven't been able to get anything but static when I’m there. I can no longer listen to Glen Jones when I’m cooking hangover omelettes on Sundays.
  11:36am dale:

when i lived in brooklyn i heard a pirate station on the cb band - not like there's a ton of truckers in brooklyn using the airspace
  11:37am Baba:

Why not internet-only broadcasting?
  11:38am Joe Steele:

I do get you guys loud and clear in Nutley, and I used to lose you over the GWB but don't anymore.
  11:40am dale:

@baba- then what do i listen to in my car? or garage? or outside doing yardwork, or...
  11:41am SiHV:

I love the app, i'm listening to live WFMU on the go all the time now, used to never do that.
  11:42am PMD:

The app is making me buy a droid or iphone - haven't decided which yet.
  11:44am Magda:

Joe, I've been able to get the station as far as Wayne, NJ. Are you by a college?
  11:45am Mark:

(I'd go with the droid, Verizon is a much better network)
  11:47am randy in NC:

When I lived in NY, I recall getting FMU on my car radio on Rt 9D between Cold Spring and the Bear Mtn Bridge! But had spotty reception in Park Slope, especially below 6th Ave. This was in the '80's to '95.
  11:48am Jay:

Does Dave Emory pay WFMU or do you pay Dave Emory to broadcast his diatribes?
  11:48am Joe Steele:

In Secaucus, I think my reception issue is a matter of having a cheap radio. Rather than get a better one, I pledged the money to WFMU. At home in Nutley, I'm wedged between the West Orange site and Montclair - loud and clear.
  11:49am dei x:

verizon's fine, if you share their political views. Ken, if my current job works out I will definitely be contributing funds to WFMU. It is my #1/#2 cause.
  11:51am Magda:

Ken, At the record fair you still sell the cd's in the dollar bin. Have you been able to cell any of the cd's on Amazon? I recall from a few years past, that there was at the record fair with an amazon scanner. Has WFMU done this?
  11:52am Meghan:

We don't pay Dave and he doesn't pay us.... It's a long term service we have done. He's been on the air for 30 years!
  11:52am baba:

Flash is evil. Bad, bad, bad
  11:52am mike noble:

when will we see the new comments page?
  11:56am Meghan:

How come the Mountain Goat members are always there when something goes awry on SSD?
  11:59am PMD:

DC Pat - yay! I thought I was the only swag for life.
  11:59am mike noble:

can DJ adoption be made available to swag-for-lifers?
  12:00pm John McCabe in LA:

count me in ken anyway i can help
  12:01pm Erik:

i am in my screen printing shop right now
what would you like me to make for you guys?
  12:01pm PMD:

I actually really like the state of the station. I mean the program, not that it's in debt.
  12:02pm PMD:

I actually really like the state of the station. The program, not that it's in debt.
  12:03pm Cecile:

Yes. I want to sponsor Ken for life.
  12:15pm bartleby:

what happens if I comment now?
  12:15pm bartleby:

ooh, loophole
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