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Playlist for 07 July 2010 Favoriting | We Shall Not Be Cooked

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
LCD Soundsystem  Home   Favoriting This is Happening      0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros  Home   Favoriting Up From Below      0:07:38 (Pop-up)
Big Blood  Lay Your Head on the Rails II   Favoriting Dead Songs    *   0:12:20 (Pop-up)
Butts  Butts   Favoriting Butts    *   0:16:17 (Pop-up)
Rammstein  Moscau   Favoriting Reise, Reise      0:17:50 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
        0:27:11 (Pop-up)
Greie Gut Fraktion  Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt   Favoriting Baustelle    *   0:31:13 (Pop-up)
Mittagspause  Herrenreiter   Favoriting Verschwende Deine Jugend: Punk und New Wave in Deutschland 1977-83      0:37:02 (Pop-up)
Duran Duran Duran  Drop That E   Favoriting Over Hard    *   0:43:31 (Pop-up)
The Herbaliser  Nah Mean Nah'M Sayin'   Favoriting Herbal Tonic    *   0:44:40 (Pop-up)
Gulshabu  Namataka Bomb   Favoriting Kumaru Expo 2010 (V/A)    *   0:47:15 (Pop-up)
Messer Fur Frau Muller  The Best Girl in USSR   Favoriting       0:49:25 (Pop-up)
Hadas Hinkis  A Song About Ken   Favoriting       0:52:26 (Pop-up)
3puen  So Mean   Favoriting So Mean    *   1:04:20 (Pop-up)
So Percussion & Matmos  Cross   Favoriting Treasure State    *   1:09:35 (Pop-up)
Okapi  Mammal Interpreter (ituri-mix)   Favoriting Greatest It (Outstanding Cockrock Disco V.A. Comp)    *   1:14:01 (Pop-up)
Lena Uparova  Moscow Sound Collage   Favoriting       1:18:33 (Pop-up)
Unknown Russian Artist  Ulibka   Favoriting 60's-70's Russian Cartoon Soundtrack (V/A)      1:27:43 (Pop-up)
Peter Wahlbeck  I Lastbilsakerietx Agares Ogon   Favoriting       1:29:53 (Pop-up)
Rally  Jag Kan Inte Saga R   Favoriting       1:30:29 (Pop-up)
FM Belfast  Pump   Favoriting How to Make Friends      1:39:59 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Sunchild   Favoriting Catholic Sunspot Apron    *   1:42:36 (Pop-up)
David Cross  Silly Religious Crazies   Favoriting Bigger and Blackerer    *   1:46:35 (Pop-up)
Gershon Veroba  I Wanna Hold My Land   Favoriting Shlock Rock Vol 3      1:52:15 (Pop-up)
Radio Free Vestibule  Zalgon 26 McGee   Favoriting       1:54:46 (Pop-up)
Cypress Hill  Armada Latina (featuring Pitbull & Marc Anthony)   Favoriting Rise Up    *   1:56:52 (Pop-up)
QP Crazy  Kuroita! (J-Beeef Penis R&R)   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666 (various artists)      2:01:00 (Pop-up)
BBC  Ngozi   Favoriting Shangaan Electro (V/A)    *   2:13:52 (Pop-up)
Shabushabu  Shamisen Escalade   Favoriting Kumaru Expo 2010 (V/A)      2:18:20 (Pop-up)
Kenny Graham and His Satellites  Sunrise   Favoriting Moondog and Suncat Suites    *   2:22:54 (Pop-up)
So Percussion and Matmos  Water   Favoriting Treasure State    *   2:25:12 (Pop-up)
Immortal Technique  Freedom of Speech   Favoriting       2:35:58 (Pop-up)
Yo La Tengo  Here To Fall (RJD2 Remix)   Favoriting Here to Fall Remixes    *   2:38:57 (Pop-up)
Turzi  Bethleham   Favoriting B      2:43:45 (Pop-up)
Eläkeläiset  Humppan Itsekseni   Favoriting       2:55:51 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am jeremy the listener:

  9:00am dei xhrist:

no comment!
  9:01am bw:

THERE IS A PILE OF MONEY outside my apartment! Ken, come over
  9:01am Dan B From Upstate:

Morning, all.
  9:03am Ken:

Really bw?! That's funny because there is a big pile of beer all over my shoes!!
  9:04am paul:

the flash stream has been sounding really staticy... 128k sounds fine tho.
  9:05am Dan B From Upstate:

Come to think of it, the flash is a bit staticy. I thought it was the record, though.
  9:07am postmanpaul:

Salutations Ken, officionados and city slackers!
  9:08am Pierre:

Bonjour from Paris (france)
  9:09am paul:

it took me about a half hour of listening to Brian's show yesterday to realize that it was staticy!

No more vodka breakfast?
  9:11am Ken:

Thaniks for the reports on the stacky stream - I'd suggest moving off of that stream because we are probably gonna have to restart the flash server...
  9:12am Dan B From Upstate:

Uh oh. I have no other way of listening at work. You wouldn't happen to have an ETA, would you?
  9:13am dei xhrist:

20K windows media player = fine
  9:13am Ken:

Nope. no ETA. Dont worry, it wont be out for long.
  9:15am Ken:

Sorry, no pics today! But if anybody can send me ready to go html code for pics that are 300 pixels wide, I will post them. use code from last weeks playlist as a guide for the html i need...
  9:15am postmanpaul:

Welcome back from your International Meanderings, Ken.
  9:17am seang:

  9:21am Pierre:

where can i find this band "Butts" ? Because it is quite difficult on the web…
  9:22am Ne-guh-tor:

Die wiener shnitzenshotz, Ken!
  9:25am paul:

can you play "So Afraid Of The Russians" by Made For TV?
  9:25am Ne-guh-tor:

Damn! Did your agent seduce you, Ken?
  9:25am Cecile:

you're way better than Ira Glass, Ken.
  9:26am Mark:

maybe she thought you were hot Ken
  9:26am dei xhrist:

Because they couldn't stand around all day waiting for Glass to finish his dang sentences
  9:26am Ne-guh-tor:

You're sexier than Glass!
  9:26am Bad Ronald:

"I'd like to feed the children"
  9:27am maria:

they were nervous about all those spies about to be apprehended, they thought you might be counterintellingence
  9:27am danomatika:

Ira Glass is on the government playroll ...
  9:27am jaypee:

Ira Glass is the CIA
  9:29am John from Oslo:
  9:29am Vicki:

yes, the F word...
  9:30am R I S K Y:

YEAH!!!! GO KEN!!!!
  9:30am jeremy the listener:

  9:30am still b/p:

Ira Glass -- deadly and elusive -- is the Jason Bourne of noncommercial broadcasting.
  9:30am Dan B From Upstate:

John from Oslo, that is indeed playlist material.
  9:31am AnAnonymousParty:

I like big butts, if that helps.
  9:31am Pierre:

thanks for the information Ken !
WFMU's loud in Paris now !
  9:32am Hugo:

No iffs and butts ...
  9:34am Ken:

John - make it 300 wide and then send me this: <center><IMG SRC=""></center>
  9:34am blacktooth:

every time you blow that whistle, a young american finds their parents' xanax stash...
  9:34am danomatika:

Sorry Ken, the octopus has spoken:
  9:35am postmanpaul:

...and you know who I'll be supporting too, Ken!
  9:36am Ken:

Fucking Octopus
  9:38am danomatika:

.. traitorous Deutsche Octopus. I'm still rooting for Germany.
  9:38am Cecile:

I think it's time for some grilled octopus, if you know what I mean.
  9:40am John from Oslo:

<center><IMG SRC=""></center>
  9:40am Ken From Hyde Park:

I thought I heard a swear a few songs back. That must've been the Track 1 that wasn't meant to be played.
  9:41am Hugo:

Es wird unbedingt eine Mittagspause geben, aber später ...
  9:41am Ken:

Thanks John! Now I need to move to Montclair..
  9:43am Claude Brindamour:

Rammstein only North american concert at Quebec City Festival d'ete with Apocalyptica july 18th
  9:44am kim:

hey ken, was machst du an himmelfahrt ?
  9:44am Pierre:

(sorry) by the way, if somebody finds a link on internet for "BUTTS", i'll be glad.
  9:46am postmanpaul:

Ken FH-Park, do you think Spain can turn it on against The Teutons tonight?
  9:47am Vicki:

you're throwing them F's around today!
  9:47am bw:

herbal tonic water, ever heard of that ken??
  9:48am Ne-guh-tor:

My ears are burning!
  9:51am dw:

Good fuh Ken morning!
  9:52am Dan B From Upstate:

Okay. I think the flash player is now down. Could someone please post when it is available agian? Thanks much!
  9:52am jeremy the listener:

flash server couldn't handle the ha has and hoo hoos, evidently
  9:54am dei xhrist:

can it handle hoo has?
  9:54am jeremy the listener:

flash is back up
  9:54am jeremy the listener:

and not
  9:55am Ken From Hyde Park:

@postmanpaul - I think Germany will beat Spain today. I'm going with Netherlands over Spain or Germany over Netherlands in the final.
  9:55am jeremy the listener:

and up
  9:55am bw:

The effects of carbonation seem to be as follows:
1) aiding digestion (not scientifically proven)
2) calming nerves (not scientifically proven)
3) bloating feeling, which causes you to feel full faster and thus
drink less water. (This could impede your water intake, or perhaps be
good diet advice - to have a glass of seltzer before every meal?)
4) kills some bacteria that causes infection (good while traveling or sick)
5) 'esophagus irritation leading to bloating or indigestion.'
6) 'breaks down calcium in the human body, which can be a risk to
weak tooth structure and in severe cases lead to osteoporosis.'
7) increases absorbtion of alcohol into the system

#7 is proven I guess
  9:55am Dan B From Upstate:

Thanks, Jeremy! Static is gone, too.
  9:55am third:

ken. if i believe existed a god, i would thank him every day for wfmu.
i love you all
  9:57am Ne-guh-tor:

Has anyone heard the psychedelic weather? Cyclones?
  9:59am ?:

nehguhtor: neguhtor.
  10:01am Skirkie:

For a while I thought Seton Hall hacked your signal. Then I found out WSHU was a CT station.
  10:01am postmanpaul:

@ Ken FH-Park - That looks about right.
  10:02am Dan B From Upstate:

Ken, are you sure it's food poisoning? It might be Gorky Parkinson's Disease.
  10:02am Skirkie:

Giant inland countries and sushi don't mix in my opinion.
  10:02am bw:

I dont think it was the sushi - I think it was those MEATBALLS
  10:03am Pierre:

normal that's screw the "compressorska"
  10:04am jögi:

i also got a bad stomach, but it is because of the sugarfree candy i chewed lately..
  10:04am third:

  10:05am north guinea hills:

...although St Petersburg is a port city.
  10:06am third:

ken, do you have a

answer me i demand of it.
  10:13am Ken:

No, I dont have a account
  10:19am Hugo:

Hopefully, fm will last unless we're forcibly converted to DAB ...
  10:19am Ne-guh-tor:

  10:21am third:

ok thanks anyway broseph
  10:26am annie:

.....i really have been here, really i have..
  10:26am Alenakis:

O! Cool! That's sound from Moscow:)
  10:29am postmanpaul:

This is my favorite kind of Cornishski pastiche.
  10:32am Pierre:

Wooooooooooooooooo, completely stunned by the "non-english" spice girls
  10:33am Hugo:

Sounds Swedish ...
  10:34am Pierre:

please tell us where to find this ! please. Sorry i've been asking the all session.
  10:38am jk:

ken, a stopped clock can always tell the time. ALWAYS
  10:42am ?:

Perhaps a set of "mellon" mixes for next year's marathon?
  10:44am Ken:

Pierre - what were you referring to, the Swedish Spice Girls? That was by Rally. John from oslo, can you help out mon frere Pierre?
  10:45am Pierre:

yes that as exactly that, "Rally".
Thanks Ken, and in advance thanks John from Oslo.
  10:46am Carmichael:

Hello Ken, commenters, and Wednesday.
  10:47am trs:

It's holy hell hole hot. But better today than yesterday, so it's ok.
  10:57am Mike East:

That was hilarious!!! Thank you!
  10:58am Mike East:

"That" being "Zalgon 26 McGee"
  10:59am Carmichael:

Finally ... A cover of a Spanish song sung in Spanish by Spanish people, that was covered in Spanish by non-Spanish people.
  11:00am Ken:

Cypress Hill is from Spain?
  11:00am Carmichael:

Now, if we can only get some Netherland rock, we'd be covered, Cup-wise.
  11:01am jojo:

yes, thanks for playing this ken, even though I am a non spanish non spanish listener, i listen to it everyday now--summer anthem...and smoke more as a nice side effect
  11:01am Dan B From Upstate:

Killer set here, Ken.
  11:03am jelly d:

SO glad ken is favorite show on FMU!!!
  11:04am CheriPi:

Ken, I think this song is not by QP Crazy, they're a punk band. I downloaded (for free) this 666 collection and the song was not there, can you confirm? I would LOVE to have a copy of this song.
  11:05am maria:

I think this is one of the worst songs I have ever heard!
  11:06am Ken:

Wow Maria, that means that you have the worst taste of any WFMU listener I've ever known!
  11:06am Carmichael:

Agreed, Maria!! please play more, Ken!!
  11:07am maria:

yep, that would be accurate, give or take 150 listeners
  11:08am maria:

I grinned and beared it though, that is something
  11:08am Dan B From Upstate:

I'm sure Maria has better taste than me. To be fair, it doesn't take much to beat my taste in music.
  11:10am CheriPi:

Here here people, one woman’s Justin Bieber is another woman’s Glenn Branca.
  11:15am Mark:

Justin Bieber is Glenn Branca? That explains the hair
  11:19am dei xhrist:

who? and who?
  11:21am dw:

Do the Russians joke about their Presidents last name?
  11:23am Ken:

They joke about the fact that he loves Deep Purple.
  11:25am βrian:

Now just who *is* the Russian president these days? Opinions vary.
  11:26am Pierre:

Maybe deep purple translate in Russian means something funnier than a color, like a slang word for fart
  11:27am Ken:

Putin is the Great Leader, Medvedev is the President.
  11:28am bbell:

Deep Purple sounds like spy code.
  11:30am Carmichael:

Sounds more like Gorbachev's head.
  11:31am Dan B From Upstate:

Is that like a King / Prime Minister relationship?
  11:31am trs:

More 80s nostalgia or grasping at that time's economic noose? I mean boon?
  11:33am paul:

  11:34am Vicki:

it is
  11:46am Chris - Bristol:

Hey Vicki, am I right in thinking that you are playing at that Vintage at Goodwood festival? Looks like it might be an interesting weekend...
  11:50am Vicki:

yes I am - playing in the same tent as the Swingle Singers and Tony Hatch!!!
  11:54am Vicki:

playing on the Saturday night - I'm playing Bristol too, Chris - at Harbour Festival at the Arnolfini.
  11:54am Skirkie:

Here here. Doctors are for suckers.
  11:57am Chris - Bristol:

Nice one: I normally spend the whole day in Queen's Sq with my neices in the kids area etc... will definately come and see you in Arnolfini!
  11:58am MD:

  11:59am hamburger:

hoho, ah hoompa itsekseni~~~!!
  11:59am MD:
  3:50pm fatty jubbo:

For a second, I thought the first Russian Spy/Ken photoshop pic was a Andrew WK photo.
  3:38am nurangiz:

and we think our russian spies are paranoid. huh
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