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Playlist for 22 September 2010 Favoriting | Du Hast Disney

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
DJ Koze  Der Wallach   Favoriting Total 11 

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*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Realistic  Conversation Hearts   Favoriting Perpetual Memory Loss    *   0:04:34 (Pop-up)
Blanketship  Hemorrhoid is More   Favoriting Klangwunder 

  0:07:18 (Pop-up)
Hassle Hound  Hit It And Trip It And Cherub And Sing   Favoriting Born in a Night    *   0:08:57 (Pop-up)
Plastix  Konsumier Mich   Favoriting Neonbeats: Austrian New Wave and Postpunk (V/A) 

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*   0:12:00 (Pop-up)
white Drugs  Unmaker   Favoriting Gold Magic    *   0:15:06 (Pop-up)
White Drugs  Black Wizard Gleaming   Favoriting Gold Magic    *   0:17:44 (Pop-up)
Tuxeedomoon  Holiday For Plywood   Favoriting Desire 

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  0:23:08 (Pop-up)
Can  Turtles Have Short Legs   Favoriting Tago Mago A G-Go      0:28:37 (Pop-up)
Japanther  She's The One   Favoriting Rock and Roll Ice Cream 

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*   0:40:23 (Pop-up)
The Orchids  She's My Girl   Favoriting Title Track    *   0:43:20 (Pop-up)
Camera Obscura  If Looks Could Kill   Favoriting Let's Get Out of This Country 

  0:46:27 (Pop-up)
Lushus  Da   Favoriting Red Blushes    *   0:49:55 (Pop-up)
Jiu Jitsu  Ninja is Dead   Favoriting Future Sound of Russia 

Anna Chapman, Montclair's very own Russian spy, as portrayed in one of my latest Black Velvets! Ain't she pretty?! Click for the full size image
*   0:57:15 (Pop-up)
Omo  White Stuff   Favoriting Loaf: 35    *   1:01:43 (Pop-up)
Les Bicyclettes Blanches  Something Sweet   Favoriting The White Bicycles 

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*   1:14:17 (Pop-up)
Rally  Jag Kan Inte Saja R   Favoriting Rally 2      1:16:25 (Pop-up)
Rally  Min Del Av Stan   Favoriting Rally 2 

By Listener Jeanne. Click for the full size image
  1:19:12 (Pop-up)
Xenia Beliayeva  Ever Since   Favoriting Title Track    *   1:23:24 (Pop-up)
Unknown Mix  Bonanza   Favoriting Loops      1:27:48 (Pop-up)
Squallor  Revival   Favoriting Scoraggiando 

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  1:31:45 (Pop-up)
Vorpal  Gymnopedie No 1   Favoriting An Incomplete Guide to Vorpal Music      1:35:27 (Pop-up)
Ruth White  Gymnopedie No 1   Favoriting Short Circuits      1:38:34 (Pop-up)
Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy  Da Butt   Favoriting Serious Fun 

  1:48:07 (Pop-up)
Eddie Murphy  Boogie in Your Butt   Favoriting       1:53:50 (Pop-up)
Hip Science 101 (Naru Kwina)  Digestion   Favoriting The Human Anatomy    *   1:58:27 (Pop-up)
Tonetta  God Treats You Right   Favoriting 777 

*   1:59:25 (Pop-up)
Laid Back  White Horse   Favoriting Disco Not Disco 2 

Click for the full size image
  2:05:53 (Pop-up)
Queen of Japan  S & M   Favoriting Nightlife in Tokyo 

My latest Velvet Painting, by the brilliant Jorge! Click for the full size image
  2:07:46 (Pop-up)
Glass Candy  Introduction / Beatific   Favoriting Beat Box      2:11:22 (Pop-up)
Charlotte Gainsbourg  IRM   Favoriting IRM 

Click for the full size image
  2:17:11 (Pop-up)
Obama the Rainbow Sukkahs!          2:27:03 (Pop-up)
Glen Campbell  Jesus   Favoriting Meet Glen Campbell 

Click for the full size image
  2:28:56 (Pop-up)
Hank Williams Jr  USA Today   Favoriting America The Way I See It      2:32:05 (Pop-up)
King Missile  America Kicks Ass (FCC Edit)   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:35:33 (Pop-up)
Tom Waits  What's He Building?   Favoriting Mule Variations      2:38:16 (Pop-up)
Caninus  Human Rawhide   Favoriting Now the Animals Have a Voice 

  2:41:34 (Pop-up)
Henry Kaiser  The Barking Dogs Vs The Minimalists   Favoriting       2:43:13 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Bad Ronald:

Good Morning!
  9:01am Lizardner Dave:

Socialist music, what not?
  9:02am ?:

good morning ken!!!
  9:04am stingy d:

guh mawnin
  9:04am Dan B From Upstate:

Vinyl fetish photos today? Good morning, all!
  9:05am ttss:

Or fetish vinyl?
  9:05am annie:

yeah, that was my post up there...
  9:08am marq:

at work now. will be going home for a minute to get something. will leave Ken on for the kitties.
  9:08am stingy d:

i like this hemorrhoid song
  9:09am John from Oslo:

"You came out of your mom looking like shit. She thought you were beautiful. Don't know what scared me most, your looks or her judgment."
9:51 AM Sep 17th via
  9:10am John from Oslo:

oh, and good mornin' to ya'll
  9:11am D:

Good morning, kind friends.
  9:14am Heinz:

das is goodt Ken, goodt
  9:17am stingy d:

who is this? the pixies!?
  9:19am D:

This is the best music. WFMU makes me whole.
  9:20am stingy d:

of course.... now i will go search for white drugs, the band.
  9:22am Vicki:

just keep this going
  9:26am Cecile:


Why does that woman have a squid strapped to her head?
  9:27am Vicki:

yes, that little piano tune
  9:28am paul:

computer voices = YES
  9:29am D:

This is the music the hamster on the wheel in my brain works out to.
  9:30am JJZ:

Hm. This music started out and I swore it was from Parappa the Rappa, the big with the driving instructor.
  9:30am JJZ:

Er, bit.
  9:31am Rodney:

Where can I obtain Tago Mago A G-Go?
  9:31am postmanpaul:

Hi Ken and all. Viagra, what's that all about? Sounds as appealing as a brand of oven-cleaner, don't you think?! So I'm inviting, if I may, commentators to stretch their imaginations... and suggest a more appropriate name for the elixir to the middle-age half-mast.
I'll start the balls rolling with: Nob Throbber and Penis Poppers.
  9:33am stingy d:

not terribly interested in talking about chubbies
  9:34am AnAnonymousParty:

Nah, it's for your laundry:

"Viagra, it gets the wrinkles out."
  9:34am D:

I thought Snuggles did that.
  9:34am Bad Ronald:

Plonker proper
  9:35am still b/p:

Borrowing from adventures of moose and squirrel: Upsidaisium.
  9:35am Cecile:

I love this text app. I need to get this.
  9:36am Cecile:

Play something by the Necks. A short cut by them is around 20 minutes.
  9:38am JimRyan:

I see your German pronunciation is still freeform.
  9:38am Cecile:

Is this the build the house in your yard holiday?
  9:38am stingy d:

  9:42am coelacanth:

Ken your new toy is in the right hands.
  9:42am Cecile:

I was jealous of you guys. I read it in "All of a Kind Family" and wanted to go right out there and build one.
  9:43am stingy d:

to me, it was the only holiday that actually promoted a healthy community. which of course, i thought was really stupid.
  9:43am Thatan, Printh of Darkneth!:

Oh, goodneth, you're jutht prethtidigitithing holidayth that I can mithpronounth. Happy Thuccuth!
  9:43am coelacanth:

  9:45am Cecile:

Aw, nice! Ken, you have Shangela from RuPaul's Drag Race on GIF. That was their Gone with the Wind photo shoot. They had a backdrop of swirling smoke and flames, the queens straddled and cannon and were flanked by two hot shirtless Union officers.
  9:45am Cecile:

I love that damn show like it were my own child.
  9:46am Sam:

Is the holiday really called Suck us??
  9:47am Bad Ronald:

Baby Monster Rules!!!
  9:48am Swami:

Hi Ken. Hi all.The show is beyond cromulent, thanks.
  9:49am coelacanth:

she's the opposite !
  9:51am coelacanth:

I'm anticipating when another image is posted so i can watch her without seeing THAT MONSTER !
  9:53am billyJam:

morning Ken. morning Cecile & other listeners, hello Sweden!
  9:55am postmanpaul:

Ken, I was listening to a BBC Radio4 prog' recently exploring the beliefs and lifestyles of the Jewish Charedi communities...and I have to admit, afterwads I needed a dose of Liz Berg to bring me round.
  9:55am Cecile:

hello beeeely!
  9:56am Cecile:

From AOL news this AM:
"Plus: O'Donnell Sparks Interest in Witchcraft"
  9:59am stingy d:

when should i start drinking beer?
  10:01am postmanpaul:

When you reach 21years of age stingy d. More appropriately, when should you stop
  10:02am stingy d:

pack the bonGeeeee!!
  10:02am Sam:

Anna Chapman looks like Carla Bruni Sarkozy
  10:02am Dan B From Upstate:

@coelacanth, now that a new picture has been posted, who do you look at? Dancing 60s girl, or pretty Russian spy? Tough call.
  10:02am BSI:

have been lurking in the headphones so far.... still waiting for my GOD.DAMNED carrot cake. Nurse? Nurse?
  10:06am Skirkie:

Where do you get these Velvets? They're lovely.
  10:06am still b/p:

Heyyy...the portrait shows us that the perfect new name pmp sought for the product should, of course, be...Tiara!
  10:07am Sam:

Oh god not that whistling piano crap again!
  10:07am postmanpaul:

Very clever 'fmu live accompaniment to the comments as they happen Ken!!!
  10:08am Dan B From Upstate:

Too much Voice To Text corrupts one's soul.
  10:09am Sam:

When will my goulash arrive?
  10:10am DetroitMac:

More Music Please! (where have I heard THAT before?)
  10:10am Carmichael:

  10:12am D:

I've seen pictures of Anna Chapman naked on the worldwide web.
  10:13am beastie d:

carteeeeeettte carteretteee maaan!!!
  10:13am Skirkie:

It sucks, that's why they made a new one.
  10:15am stingy d:

i lost my dog's basketball. i need it for my myofascial release!
  10:15am coelacanth:

Dan B (from upstate) -yeah, 'seems it never rains, it only pours .
  10:15am postmanpaul:

Does it suck better Skirkie?
  10:17am coelacanth:

(it just sucks in a NEWER way)
  10:17am Skirkie:

Just in a new way.
  10:17am Skirkie:

  10:17am coelacanth:

(NJ, that is)
  10:18am coelacanth:

  10:18am stingy d:

oh i found it. it was under the pillow i'm using.
  10:19am billyJam:

Thanks for the shout Ken. Oh I see Stingy D is here and looks like he remembered to take his Ritalin this morning -well at least half the dosage - as he has only posted 10 comments in a little over an hour. Once he stopped listening to my show the comments numbers dropped in half. Mind you I prefer not having his imbecilic, ADD triggered nonsense distract from an otherwise pleasant show.
  10:21am Sam:

You tell him Billy
  10:22am Carmichael:

Tasteful, Billy.
  10:22am stingy d:

ha, trust me i never listened to your show.
  10:22am -:

  10:23am Dan B From Upstate:

Damn, Jam! (I apologize for this comment. The opportunity was there, and I had to take it)
  10:23am -:

  10:24am Mark:

one doesn't have to listen to comment
  10:26am Sam:

One doesn't have to think to speak
  10:26am ttss:

er uh, ugh!
  10:27am still b/p:

The fish of fortune are slippery, and the footlights fry them by chance.
  10:27am postmanpaul:

Anyone would think I had nothing better to do than sit here commenting and consuming too much Peroni Nastro Azzurro when there's all this decorating to be getting on with! You're balanced precariously on the 3-legged 4-legged stool, Ken, while I make your normal lodgings more befitting an über showman!
  10:29am Mark:

I gave up thinking a long time ago
  10:30am Dan B From Upstate:

Yes. We are all individuals.
  10:31am Sybil:

We're not an individual.
  10:31am coelacanth:

Ken, not to change the subject,but please tell me if a copy of the DEMO of "the lonely sea" by "like a tin" can be obtained ANYWHERE !
  10:31am John from Oslo:

I'm not...
  10:32am coelacanth:

  10:32am Borg:

Individualism is irrelevant.
  10:33am Sam:

Like A Team - their version is really dreamy
  10:34am John from Oslo:

Resistance is futile, Borg
  10:34am another borg:

  10:34am Lizardner Dave:

Are those the same green guys who sit next to the penalty boxes at Vancouver Canucks games?
  10:35am Mark:

is this like a loop or something?
  10:35am stingy d:

i make a difference!
  10:37am John from Oslo:

"Waking up when you got a baby, you feel like you drank a bottle of whiskey the night before, except the shit's in someone else's pants."
11:30 AM Apr 12th via
  10:37am still b/p:

This Vorpal is so manxome.
  10:38am Jon:

Don't fuck with granny's green beans
  10:39am bennett4senate:

ken i can see your gynopedies and i like what i see
  10:40am Erik Satie:

What the...
  10:40am stingy d:

ugh... i think i might have to. i'm so depressed!
  10:41am Ne-guh-tor:

HAHAHAHAHA! Listen to this voice, Ken. It knows what it's talking about. Great show, sir.
  10:41am John from Oslo:

Love your Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris Vicki
  10:42am Bad Ronald:

Banana Buoy.
  10:44am Dan B From Upstate:

Sounds like it's time for Zebra Trucks.
  10:44am Michelle in Green Bay:

Ken! You have to feed the machine!
  10:45am Michelle in Green Bay:

  10:45am jk:

it's pronounced "Jim-nay-see-umm"
  10:45am -max-:

I think Matumba ate your apple.
  10:45am annie:

  10:46am Factchecker:

Have text-to-voice say "Gymnopedie!"
  10:47am βrian:

Your hat pin comment reminds me of the Ambrose Bierce quote, "Noise is a stench in the ear."
  10:47am postmanpaul:

Ken, should Kenzo look at tipping the playlist upsidedown?
  10:48am dc pat:

anything in French can be pronounced "Fla-dafla-dafla"..
  10:48am Cecile:

AH! It's the EU song!
  10:51am coelacanth:

dc pat when i say Fladafladafla it sounds Danish.
  10:53am Michelle in Green Bay:

I'm now eating an apple in solidarity with Ken.
  10:53am John from Oslo:

MMMMMmmmmmm, Fladafladafla with butter and jam
  10:55am John from Oslo:

Fladafladafla in your butt
  10:55am Mark:

ah eddie murphy, my day is complete!
  10:55am Cecile:

I never knew he did this. LOL! This was a Mojo and Mike Pool favorite.
  10:55am JJZ:

Ah, now I'm transported back to listening to Dr. Demento.
  10:55am paul:

oh shijt
  10:56am bennett4senate:

ah, THIS song
  10:56am coelacanth:

there goes my fladafladafla craving.
  10:56am Tim in Champaign:

Ken! This is my most requested song when I DJ. This gets everybody out in the dancefloor. Everybody loves this jam.
  10:57am annie:

i love eddie murphy, but not his silly movies with costumes...
  10:59am stingy d:

ken, seriously:
  11:01am Aaron:

not eddie and not quite machete
  11:04am Dan B From Upstate:

The shower gif reminds me of Antichrist. I could only make it about 5 minutes into that movie, though. I had to watch it because of Charlotte Gainsbourgh!
  11:04am stingy d:

but i guess we're off butts... it don't work now
  11:06am dc pat:

we're off butts? can we get back on please?
  11:07am βrian:

Charlotte Gainsbourg? Be still, my beating fladafladafla!
  11:09am Aaron:

i dont like at all but this is really cool - hit the mute button and listen to along with ken instead
wow =
  11:11am marq:

Hey! There is a picture of kids celebrating sukkot in a sukkah in our local newspaper.
  11:13am dc pat:

A little kid I know saw a nativity scene on Xmas one year and yelled, "HEY, A SUKKAH!!"
  11:17am paul:

i'm gonna git you, sukkah
  11:18am marq:

dc pat: That's funny. I didn't know about sukkot until Ken just talked about it. That's why I was surprised to see it in our paper here in VT. I can see now why a kid might think a nativity seen was a sukkah. There are several jewish families and individuals that I know but for some reason never really new about this.
  11:18am Skirkie:

I'm so putting a Ken face on that Disco man when I get home later.
  11:19am βrian:

Qu'est-ce que ça me fait battre le coeur !
  11:21am Bad Ronald:

When the 2nd Ave Deli used to be on 2nd Ave. They would set up a sukkah on the sidewalk for Sukkot. I thought that was pretty novel...
  11:23am dc pat:

marq: yeah, I don't know why more people put up sukkahs--seems like fun

βrian: don't you mean "fladafladafla?"
  11:23am thtingy d:

incubuth/thuccubuth could have fit in with thukkoth thomehow
  11:24am dc pat:

..don't put up sukkahs...
  11:24am marq:

I like the unicorns. My wife got me a hand painted unicorn clock from a yardsale for my studio.have to check to see if it was by the brilliant Jorge! Seen any sukkacorns!
  11:25am thtingy d:

sukka mc's!
  11:26am Aaron:
  11:28am stingy d:

  11:28am randy in NC:

Duck you sukka!
  11:30am Bad Ronald:

Nice one Stingy thanks!
  11:31am dc pat:

did not know G.Campbell covered this.
  11:32am Bad Ronald:

Sorry but Glen doesn't do the original any justice.
  11:32am Steve L:

You are one evil bastard, although I have now been saved. Thank you
  11:33am D:

Glen Campbell's music touches me unlike any other artist's of the 20th century.
  11:33am Maria D:

Oh no. No Hank Jr.!
  11:34am Hank V:

  11:35am Mark:

what a dingleberry this hank jr is
  11:35am BSI:

  11:36am don:

are you ready for some freedom?!
  11:36am stingy d:

hey i thought you were gonna play earl sweatshirt today?
  11:37am postmanpaul:

John Denver's music touches me unlike any other artists of the 20th century.
  11:39am βrian:

"In indoneeeeeesia..."
  11:40am Everyday Housewife:

Bless you for playing Glen today!
Thank you for helping Scottie grow!
  11:41am Skirkie:

I was just thinking this show needed some Tom Waits.
  11:42am Cecile:

  11:43am BSI:

I was just thinking this show needed some hell-hounds...
  11:44am Michael:

Maybe it was that 'Indoneeeeeesia', but this suddenly sounded like J. Random Teabagger's mental monologue about the current President.
(Is Irwin _broadcasting_ from his fillings these days as well?)
  11:44am PMD:

Whatdy miss? Everything...
  11:44am Steve L:

Now I'm pretty sure I'm seeing God. He's drooling a bit.
  11:45am dc pat:

welcome PMD, you still have 12 minutes.
  11:45am PMD:

Hi dc pat... glad I made it for the hellhounds
  11:47am ?:

what was the track with the lyrics "lets keep a good thing going....mhhhmm mmmhhhmm mhhhmmm mmhhhmm' you used it right before as an introduction. AAAGGHHHH i heard it two years ago and still dont know the name of it!!!
  11:47am postmanpaul:

Thank you for offending our senses of propriety again Ken.
  11:48am Hankie User:

Hankie use declined after WWII.
  11:49am stingy d:

i hope its booty in the air by the light brothers....
  11:50am Bad Ronald:

Shouldn't someone be calling in?
  11:50am dc pat:

how about Waiting Room by Mambo Kurt?
  11:50am stingy d:
  11:51am Dan B From Upstate:

I'm not sure... it's been so long since we've heard zebra trucks...
  11:52am Michael Flatley:

I was told there would be Riverdance discussion.
  11:53am emile:

He really, really did!!!
  11:53am don:

good look dc pat... this is classic -
  11:53am em:

sounds like "kenya's good".
  11:54am bbell:

I will be downloading this in a few minutes. Usually I do not take phone calls during the show, but I will have to settle for revelling in this later.
  11:54am marq:

Hankie User:

Hankie use declined after WWII.

I remember when I was a kid I got a bloody nose from the dry heat and air out in Arizona. My older uncle was visiting from Vermont and he handed me a hankie. I didn't know what it was and was afraid to get blood all over it.
  11:55am still b/p:

Ken + Enya = Kenya, magical duet.
  11:55am PMD:

Nope. Just tried calling in. No answer. So Ken really is stalling. Lazy Ken.
  11:57am dei xhrist:

hankie = booger bag. Nothing says I'm a lady like yoinking a lacy scrap of cotton out of my sleeve and giving a goose mating call. And stuffing it back in my sleeve. Makes for expressive and sometimes deflating pointing.
  11:57am AnAnonymousParty:

Hanky Panky; however, continues unabated.
  11:58am Hankie User:

Great hankie anecdotes. Thank you. You can't begin to imagine the great hankie stories various Americans have told me in my travels. The hankie may be down, but it is most certainly not out.
  11:59am marq:

Like Ken I sneeze from bright light such as the sun. I could use a hankie around.
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