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Playlist for 06 October 2010 Favoriting | Half A Program of Album Sides Due to Transmitter Problemos - Rob W did the Second Half

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Todd Rundgren  A Wizard A True Star Side A   Favoriting    

  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Todd Rundgren  A Wizard a True Star, Side B   Favoriting    

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  0:26:26 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Fur Immer   Favoriting    

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  0:54:28 (Pop-up)
Faust  The Faust Tapes   Favoriting    

  1:02:27 (Pop-up)
Auktyon  Track 3   Favoriting Вернись В Сорренто (Come back to Sorrento)        1:43:57 (Pop-up)
Cuban Cowboys  Liberace Afternoon   Favoriting Diablo Mambo  Muy Nice Music    *   1:48:40 (Pop-up)
Aterciopelados  Treboles   Favoriting Rio  Nacional      1:53:11 (Pop-up)
Vaselines  Poison Pen   Favoriting Sex with an X  Sub Pop    *   1:58:04 (Pop-up)
Namgar  Tunka   Favoriting Nomad        2:02:25 (Pop-up)
Enrique Morente and Lagartija Nick  Omega   Favoriting Omega    Musical settings of the texts of Federico Garcia Lorca & Leonard Cohen    2:09:04 (Pop-up)
Hedningarna  Ful Valsen   Favoriting         2:26:33 (Pop-up)
Hayvanlar Alemi  Pet Sisede...   Favoriting     In FMA    2:27:08 (Pop-up)
Red Baarat  Baarat to Nowhere   Favoriting Chaal Baby        2:38:23 (Pop-up)
Balval  Na Kamav   Favoriting Le Ciel Tout Nu  Whaling City Sound    *   2:28:32 (Pop-up)
Aris San  Ohi Ohi   Favoriting Memorial Collection  NMC      2:36:56 (Pop-up)
Nostradamos  The Village Festival   Favoriting         2:39:48 (Pop-up)
Elf Power  Goldmine in the Sun   Favoriting Elf Power  Orange Twin    *   2:43:25 (Pop-up)
The Clean  Tensile   Favoriting Mister Pop  Flying Nun      2:46:24 (Pop-up)
Velvet Underground  I Can't Stand It   Favoriting Peel Slowly and See Boxed Set  Polydor      2:51:27 (Pop-up)
Cornershop  Who Fingered Rock and Roll   Favoriting Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast        2:52:46 (Pop-up)
X  Soul Kitchen   Favoriting Los Angeles        2:58:01 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:04am Sam:

Nether-Nether Lands!
  9:04am timotato:

Todd the God! Takes me back to the 70s, in a good way.
  9:04am Ne-guh-tor:

fIRST! Good Morning!
  9:05am Ne-guh-tor:

Third ;(
  9:06am Ne-guh-tor:

Rock-n-roll pussy!
  9:08am Skirkie:

So what happened? Meteor hit East Orange?
  9:08am Ken:

Sorry, here but not here folks. Transmitter / electrical problemos and I will proba need to bail out on the show at some point well before it's over... hence the album sides.
  9:09am dc pat:

Actually into the idea of some album sides, ok with me...
  9:09am AnAnonymousParty:

  9:09am Dan B From Upstate:

Not a bad idea.
  9:09am Sam:

I'm already starting to lose the will to live
  9:10am BSI:

....There are no carrot cakes for these things that I am FEELING.
  9:11am trs:

I think I'll be taking two end of JA's show and calling in the morning.
  9:11am Parq:

Todd for any reason is welcome. We're with you, Ken.
  9:12am Ken:

Album Side Requests Welcome.
  9:13am Ken:

But preferably album sides that are produced without gaps between the songs, similar to Wizard...
  9:14am muvva:

  9:14am timotato:

This album was brilliant and creative in 1973, and it still holds up. Great choice!
  9:14am Dan B From Upstate:

Hmm... I sense Sgt. Pepper coming...
  9:15am Ne-guh-tor:

C.R.A.S.S.-Christ-The Album
  9:15am Ken:

Sgt Pepper?! You've GOT to be fucking kidding me.
  9:16am jan:

thank you for bringing back AOR!
  9:16am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh no. That was not a suggestion. I just had a sense that it would be coming.
  9:16am Ne-guh-tor:

Beach Boys-Smiley Smile (original)
  9:16am BSI:

Thunder Perfect Mind, either one ... but then, I'm funny that way.
  9:18am Parq:

Side 1 of Manzanera/Eno "801 Live".
  9:19am Goyim in the AM:

"Captain Ken here with another Wednesday Morning Album Side Block here at FeMUr 91, Jersey's Power Rock Station. Up next, side three of Pink Floyd's The Wall."
  9:21am John McCabe:

Play the album WAR by war that is a good side of an album
  9:22am Ken:

Oooh Pink Floyd! Great idea!!
  9:22am BSI:

or better yet, Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders ... it may have gaps between the tracks, but after "Mobile Line," nuthin' matters.....
  9:22am jan:

"what about the boy...Tommy can you hear me?
  9:23am Michelle in Green Bay:

Justin Bieber takes a half hour to play when slowed down by 800%
  9:23am seang:

Go see the Vaselines!!
  9:23am Ken:

Should we hear Atom Heart Mother, or Ummagumma, or...? Not Dark Side...
  9:24am Dickdong (UK):

Hear How to Plan the Perfect Dinner Party by Gaynor & Dorothy Maddox. Two dinners on each side. Got my copy in on Hebden Bridge market in 1970 something.
  9:24am steve:

That or Echoes off of Meddle.
  9:24am maxim goose:

atom heart mother
  9:24am Mark:

which side of Ummagumma?
  9:25am Vicki:

Atom Heart Mother on This Week's Totally Fucked Programme, please.
  9:25am Ne-guh-tor:

Atom Heart!
  9:25am sidewinder:

ELP, Welcome Back my Friends to the Show that Never Ends
  9:25am Ken:

Oooh, Echoes! Great idea!
  9:26am still b/p:

Just because I saw references (Clockwork Orange-related) to Atom Heart Mother yesterday, and don't remember what I've heard from it, it gets my vote.
  9:26am BSI:

Echoes has good sonic vitamins.
  9:26am steve:

Ken - Danke Schoen. -s
  9:26am Cecile:

  9:27am tim:

SIde 1 of Fandango!
  9:27am Cecile:

What's the occasion. I just tuned in.
  9:27am Goyim in the AM:

Another AHM vote.
  9:28am postmanpaul:

Hi Ken - what on the gods' earth is going on? side or part-side proposition is a chunk off Kevin Ayres The Confessions of Dr Dream. Put it in your pipe and smoke it.
  9:28am steve:

Anyone see Todd do that tour back around 74 when it was just him, tapes and a bunch of other machines.
  9:28am listener mark:

Barry Manilow Marathon ! Are you with me people?
  9:29am Sam:

Play "Transient Random Noise-Bursts with announcements" by Stereolab.
  9:29am jan:

After the first hour, can you play 45 singles from the 1960's, to give us the flavor of radio before AOR?
  9:29am still b/p:

He is music, and he writes the songs.
  9:29am Vicki:

Barry Manilow
  9:29am Merv:

YES! So happy to hear this as I tune in... What a hot album...
  9:30am maxim goose:

i think its a bit bobbins
  9:31am Aaron:

how'bout some Wilkinson Tri-Cycle or Thundermug or even the great Paul Martin
  9:31am Vicki:

this is more complicated than you thought, huh
  9:31am Merv:

If you can find the Harumi double-lp, the second disk would be great...
  9:31am paul:

white noise: an electric storm
  9:32am Fern:

I vote for Atom Heart!
  9:33am Cecile:

I personally love the first side of the Saints' Eternally Yours.
  9:33am listener mark:

Tom Waits Marathon ?
  9:33am Allan Holdsworth:

Why won't anyone listen to me?
  9:33am Cecile:

@jan, that's what they'll be doing for Record Fair Week this year, I bet.
  9:34am listener mark:

You can't listen to the comments board.
  9:34am marq:

you could also play two do or diy streams at the same time in echo. or drummer some and do or diy stream at the same time. I do it at home all the time
  9:34am postmanpaul:

Turn down the lights and open a bottle of Pinot Grigio because The Evening Starts Here.
  9:35am maxim goose:

now its even more bobbins
  9:35am Vicki:

I have three week's worth in my stream but it's full of curse words and Ken will be up a ladder in space or wherever he's going, holding a cosmic hammer and suddenly someone will say fuck.
  9:36am Cecile:

I saw him open for Hall and Oates about 5 years ago. It was hilarious. First he played a whole lot of obscure tracks of his, like "Viking Song." and someone screamed "PLAY YOUR HIT!"

Then they came back and did an encore of Mighty Love and Love is the Answer. Daryl had to keep grabbing Todd's shoulder and pointing to the 'prompter.
  9:37am SpeedyPete:

Somebody please make it stop!!! Vicki - get on and keep your finger close to the dump button. PLEASE
  9:37am Cecile:

Oooh. First side of Charles Mingus's CUmbia and Jazz Fusion. It's one whole side.
  9:38am Vicki:

for actual good listening I recommend DJ premiums
  9:38am Cecile:

I am actually loving this. I am a sucker for Todd and Philly soul.
  9:39am jaw:

I can't stop thinking about the time the sailor in the front table in a small place in the village told the Velvet Underground that if they played another one like the last one that they were going to beat the shit out of 'em.
  9:43am Cecile:

The first side of Son of Schmilsson flows in one piece, too.
  9:43am listener mark:

overhead the albatross
hangs motionless upon the air
Ken swings his cosmic hammer and crushes errant electrons
  9:43am BSI:

ooh, Nilsson...
  9:45am Cecile:

I love that crazy cat. We listened to him over and over again in college. It was the only thing my friends and I could agree on.
  9:46am Ken:

OK, I had Echoes by Pink Floyd cued up but I will bow to the crowd and get Atom Heart Mother up next! But NOT the Alan Parsons side...
  9:46am D:

Don't stop the rock!
  9:46am Radio Bear:

How about that record with Ivor Cutler reading The Dong with the Luminous Nose?
  9:47am steve:

Oh well....sigh. -s
  9:47am D:

"Careful with That Axe, Eugene"
  9:48am Ken:

Actually. Pink Floyd now on hold. The album side of Atom Heart is a total Alan Parsons jerkoff. Cant play that. The other side is great, but it's 4 discreet songs. Up next, the Faust Tapes!
  9:49am jan:

is it just my computer, or is the playlist jammed? I refreshed the page. but only the same two panels appear.
  9:50am BSI:

It's not your imagination.
this is reality.
  9:51am Dickdong:

BSI, that's almost Lennon.
  9:51am postmanpaul:

Get this off Ken and go crazy like you know you can.
  9:51am Dan B From Upstate:

I'm surprised Miles Davis's Pangaea hasn't been suggested yet... even in jest.
  9:52am D:

The jock on Tuesday night always threatens to play that,
  9:52am steve:

Well...if you were going Miles, I'd go with "Great Expectations" from Big Fun/Bitches Brew sessions. -s
  9:52am paul:

screw miles. play "space is the place" by sun ra!
  9:53am Brian C.:

Geez, I was listening in the car and I thought the Runt died. But come to think of it, I haven't heard much from him lately--mebbe already dead?
  9:54am steve:

Naw...he's still alive. Just put a new CD out this year. It's called Short Johnson. -s
  9:54am Brian C.:

I vote for "Computer World"
  9:55am Mark:

if we're talking Miles how bout Circle in theRound
  9:55am D:

He only plays his new stuff live.
  9:55am Cecile:

Runt mostly sends his words to the faithful. Who are both skeptical and loyal.
  9:56am Cecile:

  9:57am Brian C.:

Hey, wacky stuff, the web stream is ahead of the on-air stream by about ahalf-second
  9:58am D:

I would like to know more about the terrorist attack on WFMU's ray cannon.
  10:00am still b/p:

The delay between the Flash player and the 128k stream can be a good handful of seconds. Put 'em on in adjacent rooms.
  10:02am Today's News:

Woman mistakes Super Glue for eye drops.... Ouch!!!
  10:03am steve:

Ken - Well...if you're going to do one-LP-side-long about Soft Machine Vol. 2 or Thirds? Let ya choose the tracks because you are the man with the sublime tastes. -s
  10:03am Cecile:

Yes! I've not heard the original, just the Barbara Manning version.
  10:10am dc pat:

How about side 3 of Zen Arcade?
  10:12am Nixon in the House:

Is the entire time slot going to be 1973?
  10:19am Ken:

You got a problem with 1973? It was a very good year for YOU, wasn't it?
  10:20am Ken:

Rob W taking over soon... we are broadcasting our MP3 stream over 91.1fm, by the way...
  10:21am sara:

  10:26am Cecile:

ITA sara
  10:28am dc pat:

man, I truly hate that kid-torture gif.
  10:30am Ken:

I hear you DC Pat. But it encapsulates last night and this morning for me.
  10:32am trs:

Can an amusement park ride (even with an unwilling participant) really be equated with torture? Amusement park ride.
  10:32am Mark:

in the words of Sarah Palin the kid in the torture gif should "buck up"
  10:33am The Govt. Man:

"Enhanced amusement techniques" if you please.
  10:36am still b/p:

Funny -- despite long selections keeping it low-key and simple, somehow the "nonstandard shit, different day" vibe recalls part of a description from a friend freshly landed in Kathmandu: "Monkeys on roofs trash in the streets..."
  10:37am Skirkie:

According to the timestamp on the FOT chat it was at 10:10.
  10:41am Skirkie:

I love the roller coaster gif, what does that say about me?
  10:42am dc pat:

Oh, I get it Ken. guess that's alright then...
  10:43am dc pat:

trs: yeah.
  10:52am annie:

i've been lurking...
  10:52am Cecile:

Nice, Rob! You have some Grupo Fantasma?
  10:53am Cecile:

  10:53am trs:

Really? I disagree. To me that's a child freaking out at a new and foreign experience that poses no physical, emotional or harmful threat.
  10:58am dc pat:

no emotional threat? you sure? Maybe you're right but to a ten year old who is maybe afraid of heights for example, he's not sure whether he's going to die or not.

OK it doesn't bother me anymore. I've been desensitized.
  10:59am Rob W:

Hi Cecile! Grupo Fantasma - have to check if I have their cds with me - it was a quick dash to the station...
  10:59am Nixon in the House:

What bothers me is there was a person filming the gif, presumably a friend or relative.
  11:01am Cecile:

Sounds good! It is so awesome to hear you on the radio again in real time!!!
  11:02am trs:

Kids react similarly the first times their parents go out and leave them with a babysitter. Or when x or y and abc as they mature..
Redefining torture into some lite version has a more desensitizing and deleterious effect. Woe is me.
  11:02am annie:

hi cecile!! i saw you there...
and that roller coaster shot?? well, many stories can be applied to that, my gut feeling is: ignorant parents. and yes i'd say by his face there is MUCH emotional trauma.. .. imho
  11:03am Cecile:

It is kind of cruel. I think he'll get over it, but it's kind of making light of something that's kind of scary to him. But it's not torture. Just insensitive.
  11:04am Cecile:

God, how many times did I say "kind of" in that last post. GAH.
  11:05am Mike East:

I'd say someone should have gone on the ride with him. Why is he all alone?
  11:06am annie:

if he was constantly subjected to this ride which he may continue to hate, that would be torture. and who knows what horrible names an insensitive and cruel parent would say to him as he got off the ride..
  11:07am dc pat:

I hear you trs, but parents leaving and fear of getting dead are 2 different things. but I'm done talking about the kid-torture gif.
  11:08am Cecile:

oh, hey. It's at Mall of America on the swinging axe ride.

I don't like Ferris Wheels or roller coasters. But I hightly recommend the log ride. It's exciting, but you're earthbound.
  11:09am trs:

Those are some big assumptions, dc pat. I disagree with your points entirely and am done, too.
  11:09am dc pat:

good point annie. maybe that's what trs is getting at.
  11:10am annie:

ferris wheels are da bomb for me... and merry go rounds.. roller coasters have lost their thrill for me.
  11:10am Cecile:

Log ride! That's a good one!
Also, I did enjoy the Matterhorn when I was at Disneyland. Even though I can't ride it now because of the Fall's "Disney's Dream Deferred."
  11:12am Cecile:

Merry Go Round and Tilt a Whirls!

The secret to not getting sick on the Tilt a Whirl is to be like a ballet dancer doing turns. Find a spot and focus on staring at it everytime you turn.
  11:12am Cecile:

Although with my vertigo, I think the Tilt is a thing of the past.
  11:14am Rob W:

Cecile, you know Katie has vertigo issues - you guys should talk...
  11:14am annie:

and the scrambler too cecile, same tactic.. works pretty well..the shit that makes me dizzy is watching through a front window of a car in a movie weaving down roads.
  11:15am Mike East:

I went on the teacups last summer at Sesame Place. My wife thought it'd be fun to spin as fast as possible for the entire ride. I had to sit down with my head between my knees for about twenty minutes after that. Our daughter loved it though.
  11:15am Cecile:

I will. I learned an exercise that helps.
  11:18am Cecile:

I liked the teacups, Mike East, but I was a lot younger.
I love bumper cars. I'm mean and bump the hell out of everyone.
  11:20am annie:

bumper cars rock!!!!
  11:21am Cecile:

Okay, this is Hedningarna, Boiled in Lead or Korpiklaani.
  11:21am dc pat:

Having vertigo and fear of heights, bumper cars are my thing too.
  11:22am Cecile:

They are a godsend for the carnival/fair adrenaline rush.
  11:22am dc pat:

speaking of Boiled Lead and Kropotkin, have you all heard that Mo Tucker is a "tea party" supporter now? Or is that old news?
  11:24am Cecile:

She has always been more conservative than the rest of the Velvets. So it's news, but not that surprising.
  11:24am Cecile:

Do you have some DJ Shanel?
  11:24am dc pat:

right, not too surprising but sheesh....
  11:25am Vivian:

Mo Tucker use to work at the Walmart near Atlanta Georgia. Need I say more?
  11:26am dc pat:

I mean, that would be like Johnny Ramone....uh, wait a minute....
  11:26am Cecile:

Some of the coolest people I've known have worked at discount department stores.
  11:26am sara:

She marches to a.. different drummer. It was for the health coverage?
  11:27am Cecile:

Sometimes you take a job because you take a job.
  11:28am Cecile:

I was right!!!!
  11:29am Vivian:

Cecile-You're misunderstanding me. If you work in a conservative environment, it may influence your views on things.
  11:31am Cecile:

It might, Vivian. But I've read earlier interviews with her where she came off as pretty conservative. I think Wal Mart is where you might go to work if you're already leaning that way. And have a choice in what job you're desperately needing.
  11:31am Cecile:

As in "I don't want to go to that hive of radical decadence that is .... K-Mart."
  11:32am hamburger:

ken what happened to your voice!!??
  11:33am Cecile:

Thanks Rob, for the Hedningarna!
  11:34am sara:

Kmart did sponsor some university buildings crazily enough.
  11:36am Cecile:

Yes. Half the University of Michigan was funded by the Kresges.
  11:40am trs:

cute little wren seemed to enjoy that last song
  11:48am ?:

nothing but silence here in Brooklyn - is Ken crawling around inside the transmitter with a torch and a crowbar right now?
  11:50am Ike:

I'm envisioning that too! Ha! Silence here at 91.1 too. Hey Rob, you're in a timeslot w/commenters for once!
  11:51am Rob W on behalf of Ken:

Yes, I think we are off FM right now (web streams are still live) while Ken works on the transmitter - should be back soon...
  11:54am annie:

rob, it was a real treat hearing you in daylight.. thanks for showing up!
  11:59am Cecile:

Yes, exactly! Great show-let!
  12:00pm ginger tim:

Did Kenny G's silent Hour of Pain expand to Kenny G's silent Day of Pain??
  12:00pm Transmitter:

Get your hands off me, you!!!!!!
  12:01pm Klee:

yes, sorry about the technical difficulties, but our gain having robbbbbbb on air
  5:58am Gonzo:

What's with the censorship of Todd's Sunset Blvd - Supposed to be When the 'Shit' hits the fan!! 'bout time WFMU fought the FFC a little bit.
I live in Melbourne Australia and public radio plays songs with f*ck, c*tn and everything else. I don't want WFMU left behind - fully paid up language liberation party member
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