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December 17, 2010 Options
Klong Yao rules!
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Louisiana Rounders 

Bon Whiskey
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Cajun Rare & Authentic 1934 - 1937
(JSP 1937)
Harry Choates  Cajun Hop
(Les Blues du Port Arthur)   Options
b/w Harry Choates Special
(Goldband 1947)
Marion Marcotte & His Cajuns  Je Ne Viendrai Pas Jamais a’ Toi
(I’m Never Coming Back)   Options
b/w La Nos A’ Rosalia (Rosalita’s Wedding)
(Carnival 1953)
Harvey Chambers & His Southland Guitar & Bayou Strings  Crawfish Gumbo   Options b/w Gumbo Jubilee
(Jet 1955)

Delton Broussard &
the Lawtell Playboys
Personne P'ole Dancer Avec Moi   Options Les Flemmes D'Enfer
(Trikont )
Clarence Garlow  Bon Ton Roula   Options Clarence Garlow
(La Cienega 1950)
Thaddus Declouet  Trouble Trouble Baby   Options Zydeco Birth: Goldband
(Charly )
Delton Broussard & the Lawtell Playboys  Lucille   Options Les Flemmes D'Enfer
(Trikont )

Talkover Music:
Clark Kessinger 
Wednesday Night Waltz   Options The Legend of Clark Kessinger
(County 1964)

Music in this set can be found at the magnificent blog Monrakplenthai
Unidentified Thai brass band 

(Listen: Pop‑up)
Lao Duang Duean
Uknown  Ho 3 la Klong Uao Prayuk   Options Klong Yao Klong Suek

Rock Khong
Klong Yao Khong Khoy   Options Sieow Woi
(AKP )
Sonkhiri Siprachuap  Num Na Ba Rak   Options Fon Tok Fa Rong
Phon Phirom  Chom Dong   Options He Chimphali
Khwanchit Siprachan  Sethi Mueang Suphan   Options

Luk Thung 5

Talkover Music:
Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu 
Rabu: Sakit Tangani   Options 1951: Sumatran Ladies Wearing Hats
as Outlawed by Government

(Hot Air 2001)

Coco Lagos Y Sus Orates 

Guajira Boogaloo
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Hey Everybody...I Gotta New Dance
(Vampisoul )

Kent Gomez &
His Orchestra
Alegrese Señor   Options My Ghetto
(Mio 1968)
Willie Bobo  Rigor Mortis   Options Bobo! Do That Thing – Guajira
(Tico 1963)
Ray Barretto (w/Adalberto Santiago)  RIght On   Options Barretto Power
(Fania 1972)
La Lupe  El Recuerdo Aquél   Options Con el Diablo en el Cuerpo
(Discuba 1960)

Talkover Music:
Jack Costanzo 
Bajo Numero Uno   Options Latin Fever
(Liberty 1958)

Barrel House Welch w/William Ezell 

Dying Pickpocket Blues
(Listen: Pop‑up)
Paramount Piano Blues, Vol. 2
(Black Swan 1929)
Roosevelt Holts  My Phone Keeps Ringing   Options Goin' Up the Country
(Decca 1966)
Little Axe  Ride On   Options The Wolf That House Built
(Okeh/Epic 1994)
Birmingham Junior & His Lover Boys  You're Too Bad   Options Your Car Machine:
Hot Blues 1956-1964
(Black Arts )
Clarence Garlow  I'm Just a Cry Daddy   Options

Clarence Garlow

(La Cienega )
Ramblin' Hi Harris  Trying to Call My Baby   Options Rooster Crowed for a Day
(Flyright )

Talkover Music:
Jimi Hendrix 
Born Under a Bad Sign   Options Blues
(MCA 1969)

Holden Brothers
(feat. Emory Martin, one-arm banjo player) 

Mother's Not Dead,
She Is Only Sleeping
(Listen: Pop‑up)
b/w Dust on the Bible
(White Church 1947)
Don McCord & His Seven Chords
(Vocal: Paul Blunt) 
These Shoes Are Killing Me   Options b/w Can’t Live Without You
(Whirling Disc 1948)
Les Smithhart & His Super X Cowboys  I Can't Live My Life Alone   Options b/w You’re Only Making Fun of Me
(White Squirrel 1953)
The Trail Riders
(Don Calvi & Dick Curless) 
Jelly-Do-Nuts   Options b/w Coast of Maine
(Standard 1950)
Dale Berry & His Blue Bonnett  I'm Doing Time (in a Prison of Memories)   Options b/w Night After Night
(Texas )

(Jimmy Swan)
Mark of Shame   Options Trumpet Hillbilly
(Cactus 1953)
Woody Bridges  Rich Man's Servant
(Poor Man's Wife)   Options
b/w Old Old Man
(Royce 1963)

Talkover Music:
Arkie Shibley 
Hot Woodpecker Rag   Options Hot Rod Race
(Collector )

Zia Atabi 

(Listen: Pop‑up)


(Finders Keepers )
Wadih Essafi  Aandak Baharia Ya Rayess   Options Psych Funk 101 1968-1975:
A Global Psychedelic Funk Curriculum
(Stones Throw )

John Berberian &
the Rock East
The Oud & the Fuzz   Options Middle Eastern Rock
(Verve/Forecast 1969)
Unknown  Ahl Al Aqil
(Oh, People of Reason)   Options
Choubi Choubi!:
Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq
(Sublime Frequencies )
Omar Khorshid  Sidi Mansour   Options Guitar el Chark
(Sublime Frequencies )

Talkover Music:
Strobe's Satori Beats   Options Sai-So
(Sony Japan 1999)

Christine Kittrell 

Snake in the Grass
(Listen: Pop‑up)
b/w The Price You Pay For Love
(Republic 1954)
O.V. Wright  I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled & Crazy   Options Memphis Unlimited
(Back Beat 1973)
Eddie Wilson  Toast to the Lady   Options b/w Must Call Me
(Tollie 1964)
Willie Tee  Walking Up a One Way Street   Options

Teasin' You

(Night Train 1966)
The Impressions  Gone Away   Options This Is My Country
(Curtom 1968)

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

  8:40am annie:

  8:48am Drummer Some:

–- }

(Squirrel in the headlights?)
  8:49am annie:

will there be the keys to your new car in your stocking next week mr drummer?
  8:51am texas scott:

woo hoo! 4th comment!
  8:52am Drummer Some:

We have no $$ and the insurance co. won't pony up until we have a title on our old car. But we just transferred titles from NY and Pennsylvania says we won't be able to get the new title for 90 freakin days. Grumble.
  8:55am annie:

bummer!! paper-work and red tape..
  8:57am Drummer Some:

Good thing Fridays are a "no bummer" zone!
  9:10am Parq:

Oh man, it's too early for whiskey. I'm gonna have to come back and listen to this show again tonight.

Sucks about your wheels, Drum Sum. Here's hoping you find some way to speed the red tape.
  9:11am seang:

thanks for the cajun music!
  9:12am marcury:

Morning all!
  9:13am david:

this feels appropriate right now. I was re-reading True Grit on the bus this morning.
  9:15am Drummer Some:

My pleasure, Seang.

Hey Marcury!

I am scared to see the Coen Bros' remake of True Grit. The original John Wayne version gave me HUGE nightmares. (The snake pit scene.)
  9:15am cat:

right now i'm on the rad, but just you wait, biped. soon, i'll be on the keyboard. mwahaha
  9:18am Drummer Some:

Nothing like that ol' Louisiana chanky-chank!
  9:19am Parq:

Drum Sum, it's actually been quite interesting to read the Duke-slagging in the reviews that are out so far. Apparently, the central goal was to make something that's not a John Wayne movie.
  9:21am Drummer Some:

I felt much better when I learned, years later, that John Wayne hated horses. Perfect metaphor for the empty rhetoric of American swagger.
  9:26am Parq:

Drum Sum, dig this quote from a Jeff Bridges interview about his dad's westerns:

I remember visiting him on the set and, um, ruining a scene [Laughs]. They didn’t ride horses in close-ups; they rode on ladders! So I saw Dad and a bunch of cowboys sitting on the tops of ladders with crew guys moving them to give them the illusion that they were on horseback. I couldn’t keep a straight face. I had to be kicked off set
  9:29am Andy S.:

Clarence Garlow -- I love this guy! Born in 1911, he was almost 40 when he cut "Bon Ton Roule." Never got to see Clarence live (he died in '86) -- my loss!
  9:31am Drummer Some:

Aside from cutting what some say where the earliest zydeco records, Garlow was a beloved DJ in Houston for several generations.
  9:42am Drummer Some:

Love that Jeff Bridges story. I like to think of Give the Drummer Some as "the Big Lewbowski of radio shows."
  9:43am Parq:

The Drum Sum abides.
  9:43am glenn:

don't fuck with the jesus.
  9:47am Drummer Some:

That should be: "Nobody fucks with the Jesus!"
  9:49am glenn:

true enough.
  9:53am glenn:

where do you get this thai stuff from? rock khong khoy is fantastic!
  9:54am jessek:

agreed, this is a fantastic set
  9:56am still b/p:

Late client allowing more music of Rock Khong Koy.

Back on the Duke horse a minute...(don't be scared, Marion):
Great to watch in certain pictures -- too bad he was a four-star shmuck in important aspects of being American and human. Supported the blacklist; thought High Noon was unAmerican; thought Kirk Douglas shouldn't have played the unmanly role of Vincent Van Gogh. Exactly right, Doug -- perfect metaphor for empty rhetoric of American swagger and gappy ideals of this, that and the other.
  9:56am Drummer Some:

There is an AMAZING blog called Monrakplengthai. Go here:
  9:59am Drummer Some:

I have had this set ready to go for three weeks, but every time I got toward the end of a show, I had to make cuts to make things fit, and I refused to take out a single track from this set. You see, good people, I stand up to THE MAN on this show (even though it is I who am "the man").
  10:01am Drummer Some:

One more stunner in this set.
  10:04am imploding metaphor:

ummmmm. i see. i think.
  10:05am Parq:

Just got back from walking the dogs. Why was that girl talking funny?
  10:09am jill:

Drummer - This site you just posted of Thai music has a wonderful album cover of a guy named Thao Dadake:

It may just beat out Johnny "Guitar" Watson's "A Real Mother For Ya" album cover.
Thanks for the morning giggles, as usual.
  10:12am glenn:

is it true that pennsylvania was considering " where deer meets buick" as a license plate slogan?
  10:12am Drummer Some:

Hello Jill. So, what do you mean "giggles." Ever word I utter is deadly serious. You had better change that attitude, Missy.
  10:16am Drummer Some:

Jee-sus there ARE a ton of roadside carcasses around here. Loudon Wainwright's "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road" should be the state song.
  10:28am glenn:

i think ontario's slogan should be "electing morons since 1867"
  10:30am Bob:

Hey Doug--Little Axe Wolf That House Built looks really cool, but megaupload has taken it down. Will you be playing some today?
  10:32am Aaron:

great tracks to be hungover too!
  10:34am Drummer Some:

Bob, I didn't realize the Little Axe was removed. Playing some today is a capital idea! I'll go grab it.
  10:37am chris:

That's weird, I used to DJ a funk night with a freind and we'd put tapes together to give people at the end of the night, I was too hungover to get my side of the tape together so I passed the Vampi Soul LP off as my set cos all the tracks run together. Poetic licence?
  10:38am Lisa of Brooklyn:

Love these blues - thanks, Doug!
  10:40am Drummer Some:

Glad you like, Lisa!
  10:40am Bob:

Thanks, it's great!
  10:53am Carmichael:

Good rainy morning Doug and fellow Drumheads.
  10:55am glenn:

send the cat for the vinyl.
  10:56am Andy S.:

Re: Ramblin' Hi Harris. Himmm....Which came first, this recording or "Texas Flood" by Larry Davis (from '58)? 'Cos they have almost identical lyrics. The song later became pretty much Stevie Ray Vaughan's theme song -- "Texas Flood" was the title track of his '83 debut album.
  10:57am Chris:

Do you have Marvin Peterson's The Tribe in the basement? I heard a bit of it the other night and need to hear the rest!
  11:01am david:

if this song was about pants, it'd probably be my theme song. I HATE pants.
  11:03am Drummer Some:

I agree, David, pants can go to hell.

Chris, I wish I had Tribe. That one has eluded me. Others in blogland have pleaded for it. So far, to no avail. I will keep an ear out...
  11:04am tex:

This Les Smithhart song is excellent!
  11:05am Drummer Some:

The Dick Curless singing here is the same feller who did "Tombstone Every Mile."
  11:07am Drummer Some:

Andy S,
Not sure of the recording date of the Ramblin' Hi Harris. LP was released in '66.
  11:07am still b/p: is it I've never heard this? I'm dyin' for one now.
  11:09am Drummer Some:

Which one are you dyin' for, still b/p? Let Mr. Fancy Pants DJ make it all OK.
  11:11am glenn:

one armed banjo player you say? check this out
  11:15am still b/p:

Fer a jelly donit, jelly donit! A old-school jelly donit! Roll a perfect one up t'me here acrost about five state lines!
  11:17am Carmichael:

Damn, I missed Dick Curless!!! I was just next door talking to the neighbor. Have you heard "Chick Inspector"? Wildly incorrect 60s song about lot lizards.
  11:19am jessek:

Dick "LSD made a mess of me" Curless
  11:20am Carmichael:

So did that demon alky-holl.
  11:22am Drummer Some:

Hey everybody, get your Jelly-Do-Nuts:
  11:23am glenn:

deke's website also has a bizarre lp's section, which looks very promising indeed.
  11:26am glenn:

oh yes, very promising. four words - merrill womach happy again. fo sizzle.
  11:32am glenn:

four more words - korean grand ole opry.
  11:36am annie:

fantastic music. it adds to a very invigorating game of go which i'm playing.. yay!
  11:36am Drummer Some:

What, is this some new kind of haiku?
  11:37am marcury:

Do you have the companion to The Oud and the Fuzz, The Dumbek and the Pigs?
  11:38am Drummer Some:

Marcury, I'm guessing you're a child of the '60s.
  11:41am marcury:

No, just a child, well okay yes.
  11:46am trs:

^Good show^
  11:47am annie:

you've won my heart mr drummer..
  11:51am Drummer Some:

Annie, that's fine as long as you won your game of Go.
  11:54am annie:

he's creaming me... but it's fine i'm teaching him to play and he reduced his handicap and he's still creaming me
  11:55am Paul Sherratt:

Am I too late ... ?
  11:57am Drummer Some:

Paul, did you hear the O.V. Wright? It's from a record YOU GAVE ME! (Thanks Paul.) Listener Paul, ladies and gentleman, a superlative DJ in his own right.
  11:58am Drummer Some:

Squish him like a bug, Annie.
  11:59am Drummer Some:

I lied. There are FIVE songs in this last set, not four. (A happy mistake.)
  11:59am Brian in UK:

Hello Paul, snowed in yet?
  12:02pm Paul Sherratt:

I just caught the O.V. Is it from that Japanese Back Beat collection which made Robert Cray almost lose control of one of his bodily functions when he saw the box on a record store shelf ??
  12:03pm Paul Sherratt:

Brian, not yet. Which direction is the stuff coming from ?
  12:05pm Carmichael:

Thanks, Doug. I'm gonna go harass Bryce now.
  12:06pm Paul Sherratt:

And Brian while you are there - do you listen to DJ Ritu on BBC London ?
  12:06pm Brian in UK:

South I think, got to go to Spalding tomorrow to pick up a Beagle puppy. AAAAH
  12:06pm Brian in UK:

South I think, got to go to Spalding tomorrow to pick up a Beagle puppy. AAAAH
  12:07pm Drummer Some:

I LOVE it. UK weather talk, here on WFMU. It doesn't get any better, folks.
  12:08pm Brian in UK:

I listen once in a while. It ain't Charlie!
  12:09pm Brian in UK:

Loved the OV Wright
  12:11pm Paul Sherratt:

Brian, just wondered ... by the way the late great Charlie Gillett was a guest on a wfmu show - Transpacific etc I think - it'll be in the archives !
  12:14pm Paul Sherratt:

Here it is -
  12:16pm Brian in UK:

Thanks, Paul. Happy Christmas
  12:21pm Paul Sherratt:

Thanks and good luck with the beagle ! ( Our kennels, Eardley Hall, breed the lovely things )
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