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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Phantom Surfers  Istanbul   Favoriting Go! The Phantom Surfers Race Against the Tormentos  Scatter  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Tormentos  Dragstrip Night   Favoriting Go! The Phantom Surfers Race Against the Tormentos  Scatter  0:03:11 Pop-up)  
Greenhornes  Song 13   Favoriting Four Stars  Third Man  0:06:21 Pop-up)  
Bastards of Melody  Flunkin' Out   Favoriting Hurry Up and Wait  FDR  0:09:02 Pop-up)  
Martinets  Shake It Like a Man   Favoriting Comeback Tour  Tornado Ride  0:12:49 Pop-up)  
Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers  Gonna Give You Everything   Favoriting The Kneeanderthal Sounds of Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers  Voodoo Rhythm  0:15:59 Pop-up)  
Ribeye Brothers  Lonesome Rhodes   Favoriting Bar Ballads and Cautionary Tales  Times Beach  0:17:35 Pop-up)  
Captain Beefheart  There Ain't No Santa Claus On the Evening Stage   Favoriting The Spotlight Kid  Reprise  0:21:01 Pop-up)  
Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars  (Dance With The) Surfin' Band   Favoriting various - Hey, Beach Girls! Female Surf n' Drag 1961-1966  Ace  0:29:45 Pop-up)  
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones  King of the Surf Guitar   Favoriting title cut  Sundazed  0:31:42 Pop-up)  
Al Casey  Surfin' Hootenanny   Favoriting title cut  Sundazed  0:33:25 Pop-up)  
Spiders  Hitch Hike   Favoriting 7"  Sundazed  0:35:15 Pop-up)  
Spiders  Don't Blow Your Mind (previously unissued version)   Favoriting 7"  Sundazed  0:37:39 Pop-up)  
Paul Payton  Journey Home   Favoriting Benefit Street/The American Dream  presenceproductions.com  0:40:21 Pop-up)  
Evil Farm Children  Outer Limits Bride   Favoriting 7"  Dad's Favourite Records  0:42:58 Pop-up)  
Fuck Knights  F.M. Eyes   Favoriting The Recorded By Gary Burger of the Monks EP  Crustacean  0:45:35 Pop-up)  
Bobby Comstock & the Counts  The Beatle Bounce   Favoriting various - Beatlemaniacs!!! The World of Beatles Novelty Records  Ace  0:57:06 Pop-up)  
Brad Berwick  I'm Better Than the Beatles   Favoriting various - Better Than the Beatles  Knight  0:58:06 Pop-up)  
Bret & Terry  Beatle Fever   Favoriting various - Beatlemaniacs!!! The World of Beatles Novelty Records  Ace  1:00:16 Pop-up)  
Jay Banerjee  Your Beating Heart   Favoriting Ban-er-jee. Just Like It's Spelled.    1:02:23 Pop-up)  
Stephanie Finch and the Company Men  Don't Back Out Now   Favoriting Cry Tomorrow  Belle Sound  1:05:56 Pop-up)  
Peter Case  Dig What You're Puttin' Down   Favoriting Wig!  Yep Roc  1:09:56 Pop-up)  
Goodnight Loving  You'll Own My Heart   Favoriting Arcobaleno EP  Wild Honey  1:14:11 Pop-up)  
Larry Norman  Christmas Time   Favoriting various - Sugarplums (compiled by WFMU's Joe McGasko)    1:24:42 Pop-up)  
Beach Boys  Christmas Time Is Here Again   Favoriting Ultimate Christmas  Capitol  1:28:20 Pop-up)  
Barbary Coasters  Under My Tree   Favoriting Hark! Tidings of Barbary Joy  Hillsdale  1:31:14 Pop-up)  
Bill Cosby  Merry Christmas Mama   Favoriting 7"  Capitol  1:34:36 Pop-up)  
Saturday's Children  Deck Five   Favoriting double 7"  Sundazed  1:39:15 Pop-up)  
Hasil Adkins  Santa Claus Boogie   Favoriting 7"  Norton  1:39:48 Pop-up)  
King Salami & The Cumberland Three  Black Santa   Favoriting 7"  Dirty Water  1:42:36 Pop-up)  
Fleshtones  Hooray for Santa Claus   Favoriting Stocking Stuffer  Yep Roc  1:49:07 Pop-up)  
Fleshtones  Mr. Santa Claus   Favoriting Stocking Stuffer  Yep Roc  1:50:51 Pop-up)  
Orangu-Tones  Santa's Comin'   Favoriting 7"  Wormttone  1:52:47 Pop-up)  
Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire  A Poundland Christmas   Favoriting Christmas 1979  Damaged Goods  1:56:04 Pop-up)  
Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire  Mistletoe   Favoriting Christmas 1979  Damaged Goods  1:57:59 Pop-up)  
Knickerbockers  I Want a Girl For Christmas   Favoriting 7"  Sundazed  2:00:39 Pop-up)  
Ronnie Spector  It's Christmas Once Again   Favoriting Best Christmas Ever  Bad Girl Sounds  2:03:42 Pop-up)  
Rod Rogers & the Librettos  Santa Claus Goes Modern   Favoriting various - The American Song-Poem Christmas  Bar None  2:06:46 Pop-up)  
Alex Chilton  The Christmas Song   Favoriting various - Sugarplums (compiled by WFMU's Joe McGasko)    2:10:07 Pop-up)  
Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3  No One Ever Drowns   Favoriting Northern Aggression  Yep Roc  2:16:29 Pop-up)  
Grip Weeds  Truth Is (Hard To Take)   Favoriting Strange Change Machine  Rainbow Quartz  2:19:33 Pop-up)  
Sights  Hello To Everybody   Favoriting Most of What Follows Is True  Alive  2:22:27 Pop-up)  
The Like  Catch Me If You Can   Favoriting Release Me  Downtown  2:25:17 Pop-up)  
King Louie's Missing Monuments  Black Rainbow   Favoriting 7"  Douche Master  2:28:49 Pop-up)  
Wheels On Fire  Go Give Your Love Away   Favoriting Liar Liar  Alien Snatch  2:31:42 Pop-up)  
The Electric Mess  Trash Talkin' Woman   Favoriting s/t    2:37:20 Pop-up)  
Menthols  B-OK   Favoriting Michigan Work$  UFO Dictator  2:40:18 Pop-up)  
Love Struck  Comb Your Hair   Favoriting 7"  Bunny Hop  2:44:42 Pop-up)  
Secret Sisters  Big River   Favoriting 7"  Third Man  2:46:09 Pop-up)  
Conspiracy of Owls  Tower of Diamonds   Favoriting     2:50:16 Pop-up)  
Movie Star Junkies  Almost a God   Favoriting A Poison Tree  Voodoo Rhythm  2:54:53 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, I need ideas on how to teach my lame kid how to rock!
  12:08pm Parq:

DCE, the more you push the kid, the more the kid will rebel. Do you want to spend the kid's adolescence hearing easy listening soft rock?
  12:08pm Cecile:

DEC, Guitar Hero? Maybe his lame musical heroes have some good influences?
  12:10pm glenn:

fabulism - pah!
  12:10pm Cecile:

Yeah, Parq. Do you want your kid to end up like this?
http://t.co/tqFbQhv (via @someecards)
  12:11pm Cecile:

Aw, had to tease you. I'm surprised Jason played my request after all the grief he gave me...
  12:19pm still b/p:

Fabulists v. Pahbulists, under the highway bridge, tonight.
  12:22pm Cecile:

  12:22pm Cecile:

Joe, glad to see you are in the Beefmas spirit.
  12:23pm glenn:

cage match - captain beefheart versus the captain and tenille.
  12:25pm John:

All the ladies in my office are trying to shake it like a man. it is so funny. thanks joe my coworkers never really like my music but you got them dancing like a man. Love the show from Fort Lauderdale
  12:28pm glenn:

i assume everybody knows what a kneetrembler is..........
  12:30pm Joe B:

Captain and Tenille were on Battle of the network Stars, so I'd have to bet on them.
  12:34pm holland oats:

but beef has rocket morton & the mascara snake on his side
  12:35pm Capt & Tenille:

Love will keep us together as we go medieval on that pop-disabled hipster's ass! Sedaka is back!
  12:36pm Cecile:

And let us not forget Mr. Zoot Horn Rollo
  12:39pm Capt & Tenille:

Flip that 45!!!!!!!!
  12:56pm rowdy roddy piper:

hey capt./tennille. you leave my man beefheart alone, or you're gonna stare medieval in the face!! you hear me????
  12:58pm Capt & Tenille:

You and what army?
  1:00pm zombie:

  1:00pm carol:

let's play restart
  1:01pm rowdy roddy piper:

yeah baby. love ain't gonns help you AT all.
  1:02pm david v:

firstly, the capt. is kinda acute, but nobody could conquer the Don.
  1:02pm Tamby:

Berwickmania never caught on.
  1:05pm Capt & Tenille:

oh, ok, nevermind. [slinking away into the shadows]
  1:06pm Tamby:

Does that Beatles novelty comp have 'You Can't Go Far Without A Guitar Unless You're Ringo Starr'? If so any room for it?
  1:08pm david v:

secondly, would the Don ever want to manhandle anyone? except, maybe me.
  1:08pm cryptonomicon:

by the way, if you ever get a chance to see "evil dead the musical", do not hesitate. two words - splatter zone.
  1:10pm Joe B:

That tune is not on there, sorry
  1:20pm Smith Brothers:

Take care of that throat, Joe!
  1:22pm mike noble:

the vampire weekend song (strangely about SUMMER holidays) is indeed in 2 different holiday commercials.
  1:23pm Jamie:

Finally someone agrees with me!
  1:23pm mike noble:

they're also fans of wfmu!
  1:24pm Wick E. Pedia:

"Holiday" is Vampire Weekend's third single off their album Contra. The video premiered on MTV.com on May 27, 2010.[1] "Holiday" has recently been featured in at least two Christmas-themed commercials, for Tommy Hilfiger and Honda.
  1:26pm Winston Smith:

Yeah, drive those earth- killing oil beasts into the Hudson and buy two great bicycles in their place! I rid myself of my own personal oil beast ten years ago now and I've never felt better!

  1:28pm Joe B:

maybe under different circumstances I could have liked Vampire weekend but it's too late!

glad they like the station but I'm sure this show is not something they'd listen to!
  1:31pm Bad Ronald:

Thanks for all the killer shows Mr. B! Happy Christmas to you and Cyn. 2010 will sadly go down in the annuls of history as the year of the Belock Blackout. Glad your back and in full force, Peace!
  1:33pm Joe B:

Thanks BR! Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for the support over the years, hope to see you out on the town again one of these days!
  1:33pm channeling V.W.:

If one of those huge corporations had just come across and paid our standard exclusivity fee, we'd have been on only one ad -- see, we're not really after the grande dinero.
  1:34pm Marmalade Kitty:

I have a punk song on a CD with no label or listing. It's Keith Levene with PIL members not including John Lydon. Or is it Steel Leg?? The song's about a depressed punk at christmas time :( But it's a great track! ...Anyone know what It's called? Would you dare play it Joe??
  1:36pm frenchee:

nice Christmas songs, Joe! This Bill Cosby EP is brill.
  1:36pm I get it:

Barry White Cosby
  1:37pm david v:

if that shite wasn't shoved down ones throat, mediocre shit like vampire weekend would be unknown. corporate hypnotism is what it be. corporate vampirism, actually.
  1:38pm glenn:

(belatedly looking at playlist) holy jumping - it IS bill cosby!!
  1:38pm Bad Ronald:

For sure!
  1:39pm Little Girl Singing:

I saw mommy f---ing Santa Cosby!
  1:39pm david v:

bill cosby is now a staid finger pointin republican. wha' happen?
  1:41pm glenn:

aren't all republicans/conservatives finger pointers?
  1:43pm frenchee:

the cos usedta be cool! too many pudding pops.
  1:44pm brangelina:

the next baby we adopt will be renamed hasil adkins jolie
  1:45pm glenn:

  1:46pm Little Girl Singing:

close, glenn.
  1:46pm david v:

im saying bill left his sexy black thing behind when he became rich. now he points out supposed infractions of black youth with a condemning way.
  1:47pm Smith Brothers:

seriously, dude, lmao
  1:48pm Joe B:

hey smith bro, what the fuck do you want me to do? douche
  1:48pm Smith Brothers:

we love hacking! it's our bread and butter.
  1:51pm vicks:

we just want to say we have nothing to do with it.
  2:00pm david v:

wow, billy is what we need, a slap in the face to consumer hypnosis.
  2:13pm david v:

but, no alex in an amerikan way.
  2:15pm ?:

what does that last comment mean?
  2:16pm david v:

christmas behavior.
  2:17pm david v:

vs. billy childish
  2:22pm Guess:

@ "?" -- maybe 4:20 just came early today for dave
  2:32pm rubble:

Enjoying another great show...Have a merry christmas Joe!
  2:33pm mica:

what was 2 songs ago? i i don't love you ... ??
  2:43pm david v:

i am in denver, so the time can fuck you.
  2:43pm freak:

I would like the time to blow me.
  2:45pm david v:

like a strong wind...
  2:47pm freak:

well, ok...
  2:51pm david v:

like that kesey thing; the man who taught the wind how to blow him. kesey was secretly great?
  3:06pm RZ:

Great show!
  2:36pm Jeb:

Hey there Joe,
Many thanks for playing both sides of our latest 45! We wanted to have Side B and Side 2 on the record, but the pressing company got confused and said they couldn't guarantee the sides would be labeled correctly, so we begrudgingly opted for the traditional Side 1 and Side 2. Thanks again!!
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