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Playlist for 19 January 2011 Favoriting | God Treats You Right

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Einstürzende Neubauten  Perpetuum Mobile (single version)   Favoriting 2002-2010 

*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Circle  Tahet   Favoriting Rautatie    *   0:04:05 (Pop-up)
Hawkwind  Lord of Light   Favoriting Space Ritual 

  0:08:14 (Pop-up)
White Noise Sound  Blood   Favoriting Self Titled    *   0:14:26 (Pop-up)
Yo La Tengo  Deeper into Movies   Favoriting I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One 

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  0:18:18 (Pop-up)
Alvarius B  You Only Live Twice   Favoriting Baroque Primitiva 

Please Remix This! Email results to ken at wfmu dot org
*   0:29:17 (Pop-up)
Brown Whornet  Track 10 - Freddy's Song   Favoriting Radio Ablum      0:33:17 (Pop-up)
Tonetta  God Treats You Right   Favoriting 777 

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  0:36:09 (Pop-up)
Robert Wyatt  Heaps of Sheeps   Favoriting Shleep      0:39:37 (Pop-up)
Anika  Officer Officer   Favoriting Anika 

  0:44:08 (Pop-up)
Lilian Hak  Six Cats   Favoriting Old Powder New Guns      0:47:30 (Pop-up)
Noonday Underground  Here to Stay   Favoriting The K-O Chorale 

*   0:49:18 (Pop-up)
Juana Molina  Malherido   Favoriting Son      0:52:10 (Pop-up)
Ella Guru & Assistant  Uccidere-Straker!   Favoriting Axis of Evil      1:08:25 (Pop-up)
Motor Dimension Idols  Suzie Wong in Wonderland   Favoriting Axis of Evil: Ken's 2002 Marathon Premium      1:09:46 (Pop-up)
John Zorn  Bubblin Singin'   Favoriting Cynical Hysterie Hour 

  1:13:49 (Pop-up)
Pascal Pinon  Baldurnsbrar   Favoriting Self Titled    *   1:19:46 (Pop-up)
Small Black  Despicable Dogs   Favoriting Fuck Art Carney, Let's Dance 

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*   1:23:13 (Pop-up)
Workshop  Pillow Junction   Favoriting Workshop      1:26:13 (Pop-up)
Negativland  Guns - Now   Favoriting  

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  1:30:51 (Pop-up)
Hester and His Crows  hester's Crow Calling record   Favoriting       1:39:26 (Pop-up)
David Shire  Taking of Peham 1-2-3   Favoriting       1:43:22 (Pop-up)
Art Van Dam`  Voodoo Doll   Favoriting Swing for a Crime 

Click for the full size image
  1:44:01 (Pop-up)
Lalo Schifrin  Mannix Theme (Shirt Version)   Favoriting       1:45:51 (Pop-up)
Ivy  Nothing But The Sky   Favoriting Chillout 2: A Nettwerk Escape 

  1:47:38 (Pop-up)
Grant Olsen / New Order  Bluest Minute   Favoriting       1:53:09 (Pop-up)
Kate Willaert / Pink Floyd  Time   Favoriting       1:54:04 (Pop-up)
Adam Rabin / Rush  2012 in 60 Seconds   Favoriting       1:55:08 (Pop-up)
Amnesie  Lapin Numero Un   Favoriting Cock Rock Discos Greatest It 

  1:56:44 (Pop-up)
Melted Men  Butter Roll   Favoriting Fabgs Alot      2:00:26 (Pop-up)
Alfred E Newman  It's a Gas   Favoriting  

  2:03:34 (Pop-up)
The Lone Twister (Murray The K)  The Lone Twister   Favoriting Wavy Gravy Vol. 1      2:05:51 (Pop-up)
Takeshi Terauchi and Bunnys  Track One   Favoriting Self Titled 

  2:08:28 (Pop-up)
Yamasuki Singers / Daniel Vangarde & Jean Kluger  Aieaoa (A.I.E. Mwana)   Favoriting Le Monde Fabuleux des Yamasuki      2:12:37 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
General Strike 
        2:14:05 (Pop-up)
Old Time Relijun  Manticore   Favoriting Songbook Vol 1      2:18:51 (Pop-up)
Rev Johnny L Jones  Radio Commercial & Love The Lord   Favoriting The Hurricane that Hit Atlanta 

*   2:21:24 (Pop-up)
Without God  Robert Randolph   Favoriting Sacred Steel Live!      2:26:59 (Pop-up)
Screamin' Jay Hawkins  I Hear Voices   Favoriting Great Googly Moo 

*   2:32:48 (Pop-up)
Eddie Noack  Psycho   Favoriting Wavy Gravy Vol. 1      2:35:19 (Pop-up)
Cal Veale  Paralysed   Favoriting God Less America 

  2:38:31 (Pop-up)
Tristan Perich  1 Bit Symphony - Movement 1   Favoriting  

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*   2:51:00 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am Detroit Mac:

1st to the Good Morning to Ken!
  9:02am Ken the cat lover:

Morning Mac!
  9:03am Ed Art:

Ken , great START for musica !!
  9:04am Kenzo:

Fuck, Ken, all these animated GIF's are really starting to poison my mind. Don't you know how vulnerable we are in the morning?
  9:06am Ken the cat lover:

Oh man, I got some really good ones this morning. Ken, does it make sense from a load perspective to hold off on posting the gifs with huge filesizes until the end of the show? Or does that not even matter?
  9:07am Steve L:

Eternal coffee is the ultimate answer
  9:07am Kenzo:

Eh, it shouldn't really matter. Browsers should only load them once anyway. The greater harm is done to eyeballs.
  9:08am bbell:

It's almost as good as getting a thermos of coffee on the table at IHOP.
  9:09am PKNY:

Hawkwind = SO NECESSARY. Thanks for playing!
  9:10am postmanpaul:

Salutations Ken, you've got a GIFt for it. Approx 5,500 cups will be poured during this show.
  9:11am CheriPi:

Aaah, Hawkwind. I love this whole album.
  9:12am Detroit Mac:

I like my espresso coffee fix, mixed with other drugs: Sugar for sweetening and a shot of Grappa for a booze kick. It is called a 'caffe Corretto'... It is good for replenishing our endangered precious bodily fluids.
  9:12am postmanpaul:

390, 391, 392 and counting.
  9:14am CheriPi:

On my 2d cup of green tea. If I drank coffee my head would explode.
  9:15am CheriPi:

Bardo Pond does a mean cover of Lord of Light on "In Search of Hawkwind"-just came out on CD and is a must for all FMU'ers.
  9:16am Dan B From Upstate:

Morning Ken et all.
  9:17am Ken the cat lover:

Morning everybody!
  9:18am CheriPi:

Ohio Gozaimasu.
  9:18am annie:

getting ready to pour the last cup outta the french press. extra strong with sugar, no booze to be had, too bad
  9:21am Bad Ronald:

Is that Fleegle endorsing Richard Gere?
  9:21am marq:

i got an antique prbably older than 100 years coffee percolator for my b-day. it makes music like those old commercials with the percolator playing notes while it brews. it really does that, but not exactly like the old ads.
  9:22am Ken the cat lover:

Is it Fleegle? Who is Fleegle?
  9:23am Steve L:

Fleegle is the good friend of Snorkel, Bingo and Drooper, as I recall.
  9:24am annie:

marq does it sit on the burner? or is it electric..
  9:25am moose:

what brand of coffee was that with that great little pookapookapookpook percolator music?
  9:27am annie:

my gut reaction was maxwell house, but i wonder if it's chase and sanborn?
  9:28am Vivian:

The fact that Ken must explain who the Banana Splits are makes me feel very old....
  9:29am Mark:

I thought the banana splits theme song came first and thus Bob Marley was the ripper offer
  9:29am annie:

chock full of nuts is the heavenly coffee, coffee only a millionaire's money can buy
  9:30am Vicki:

nice bit of chewing there
  9:31am Vivian:

Isn't there a hotel commercial (La Quita?) with a song that rips off the Banana Splits, or should I say, rips off Marley?
  9:31am Aaron:

hawkwind and george c scott - perfect combo for wednesday....morning all!
  9:32am postmanpaul:

Caffeine has never stimulated my central nervous system, not once; I live in awe of those who get it. Honestly, I could drink cups and cups of the stuff at bedtime and fall headlong into sleep within minutes.
  9:32am Listener Bill:

Maxwell House percolator tune
  9:32am Laura L:

Ken, did you try Mucilage in that Neti Pot? One of those old bottles with the red rubber cap may even eliminate the need for the Neti Pot delivery system.
  9:32am Detroit Mac:

The floating gal would look so much better in 3D! The glasses will be available to Marathon Pledgers.
  9:33am BSI:

Dagnabbit, I missed Circle AND Hawkwind. There is no gawd!
  9:34am Aaron:

you gotta talk to this craig rowin for the marathon -
  9:35am annie:

PMP-i have to cut it off by 2pm or i'm up all night
  9:36am DaveX:

"Don't forget the sweaty nights, Freddy." LOL

Enjoying the show this morning, definitely.
  9:37am moose:

was looking for maxwell house percolator commercials on youtube and found some on this wow compliation
  9:37am BSI:

PMP: I can sympathize, but in my case it's because I drink so damned much of the stuff. I can hit the coffee until 10pm and crash without problem. ... Time to detox, perhaps?
  9:41am DaveX:

I've already had two cokes and it's 8:40am... never could get into coffee.
  9:43am Edna:

Re: Chock Full of nuts these song--"Better coffee a millionaire's money can't buy."
  9:44am postmanpaul:

Maybe I just need a big blast of morphine to kick my dozy alkaloid receptor into action, to sort of unblock the blocked up pipes.
  9:45am berlusconi's nose:

I can't believe you played Tonetta...
  9:48am trrs:

Coffee's not coffee without tea, wfmu, a nearby trampoline and windows and doors leading to plants, sky and people outdoors. Or maybe a paper.
  9:50am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Questions here. One: hows Mr. Mouse been and two : So you still have that Automated Andy soundboard you made years ago?
  9:52am Cecile:

hey, Ken, I'm stressed out of my mind. So won't be talking much today. But can you play "baby animal?"

Cheers to all! Remember it's Wednesday and you know what that means...
  9:52am Ken the cat lover:

My childhood embalmed rodent friend Mr. Mouse is long gone, and my Andy soundboard broke but I can easily make another one.
  9:52am annie:

hehe.. hi cecile!
  9:53am Ken the cat lover:

Awww Cecile! I hope you feel better! "Baby Animal" has driven many listeners to madness. Are you sure that's what you wanna hear?
  9:54am Cecile:

Yes. That weird voice is strangely calming to me.
  9:54am postmanpaul:

Feed our madness Ken.
  9:55am annie:

i love the picture on some of the neti pot boxes with the smiling lady and the neti pot in her schnozz
  9:55am ?:

Hi and Bonjour eveyone !
thanks for playing Tonetta, and White Noise Sound (seems like those two became WFMU favourites)
  9:56am chrizzi:

will this show delete my headache?
  9:56am chrizzi:

the math questions are too hard, i wasn't able to post my lasst comment.
  9:56am pierre:

Hi and Bonjour eveyone !
thanks for playing Tonetta, and White Noise Sound (seems like those two became WFMU favourites)
  9:58am DaveX:

Need more sinus-clearing music!
  9:59am BSI:

Solidarity, comrade Freedman!
  9:59am paul:

bunga-free internet? EPIC FAIL!
  9:59am CheriPi:

Ken-I divorce you, I had no idea of your anti-bunga stance.
  9:59am Bad Ronald:

That's right FU LOL Bunga Bunga!!!
  10:00am βrian:

J'adore les chats !
  10:00am Vicki:

I too stand with The Bunga Bunga!
  10:00am aaron in chicago:

would that include lions, ocelots, lynxes, etc
  10:01am Disapproving Cat Disapproves:
  10:01am glenn:

bunga bunga are the jam!!
  10:01am Cecile:

Ken, I love you, but kitties are cute.
  10:01am fancylouie:

3 internets:

1 - no bunga bunga
2 - bunga bunga
3 - all franca potente, all the time
  10:01am βrian:

Free bunga internet!
  10:01am Liz B.:

Ken, just embrace the fact that the internet was made for bunga bunga and porn.
  10:01am Looms:

I like bunga bunga, they taste like rabbits.
  10:02am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh bunga-tain, my bunga-tain.
  10:02am Dog-Faced Boy:

Please sign me up for a bunga-less INTERWEBS. No price is too high for me to pay.
  10:02am Cecile:

fancy, perfect.
  10:02am BSI:

I'd say ocelots have value only because the word "ocelot" is awesome. BUT they are not to be trusted. Like the rest of them nasty "bunga" things.
  10:02am DaveX:

How can anyone disapprove of this?

It's the bunga bunga' meow!
  10:02am Kenzo:

more bunga bunga lol
  10:02am annie:

good thing i never married ken, i love bunga bunga.. oh crap loomis i had a dream about cutting up a feline and eating the back leg.. i was hungry
  10:03am Listener Bill:

WFMU - all bunga bunga all the time on the all new bunga internet
  10:03am berlusconi's nose:

I am great!
  10:03am unclepoop:

please oh please just stfu
  10:03am Dan B From Upstate:

Don't forget, Ken, if you have an internet without bunga bunga, then you have yourself and internet without cheezburgers.
  10:03am Aaron in Minneapolis:

I thought he was the Imaginary vice manager of WFMU, my bad.
  10:04am It's ...:

Bunga Bunga time!!
  10:04am Natan:

Where do you get your info from? Berlosconi was assaulted by a member of the public... not his wife. Your story is better, but not wholly factual. Oh Internet...
  10:04am BSI:

The sumbitchin' bunga bunga make me sneeze like hell. Therefore, THEY FIRED THE FIRST SHOT. Bunga Bunga are nasal terrorists.
  10:05am DaveX:

Google talk FTW
  10:05am andymorphic:

better taste in hooker? like under age?
  10:05am Kenzo:

This sounds suspiciously like the voice in War Games (1983)
  10:06am Cecile:

this makes Trifumo look like a kid's tea party.
  10:06am Mark:

ha bunga bunga parties haha
  10:07am Aaron:

Matthew Broderick is typing this out in basic right now...
  10:08am glenn:

CAT houses, ken.
  10:08am Vicki:

Just say NO to animal segregation!
  10:09am Ken the cat lover:

Yes, they were called Bunga Bunga Parties!

Sorry Glenn, soon you wont be allowed to call them Bunga Houses.
  10:09am I love how ...:

Berlusconi says he learned about Bunga Bunga parties from Qadafi. "The terrorists taught me!"
  10:09am BSI:

If it isn't clear already, sign me up for that bunga/sneeze free internet.
....Ken Freedman for Internet Dictator. Viva Il Duce Thing!
Ocelots are still on notice!
  10:09am berlusconi's nose:

love & prostitutes!
  10:10am Vicki:

one day we can't say "Bunga Houses", the next day there will be no Bunga Houses! No to animal segregation!
  10:11am CheriPi:

This is a bungaaclysm of tombunga proportions.
  10:11am Detroit Mac:

every time I see the Silvio smile... it reminds me of a toothpaste commercial
  10:11am Roberto:

  10:11am annie:

how about bearbunga bunga, since they are technically not in the feline class; can they stay?
  10:11am blip:

no = bunga bunga; yes = underage hookers
  10:11am Sam:

The internet without bunga bunga?!? You fell for all that lobbying by the National Association of Mice? THEY'RE the ones behind this! You've been had!!
  10:12am trrs:

Big bunga bunga rule behind bars.
  10:12am glenn:

to be fair, bunga bunga also drool.
  10:12am Ken the cat lover:

No to Animal Segregation but HELL YES to Graphic Animal Segregation. The Bunga-Free Internet is where it is AT. Or more accurately, where it WILL BE!
  10:12am annie:

only when you scratch them in the right spot glenn
  10:14am glenn:

i am a big huge bunga lover and i'm not ashamed to admit it.
  10:14am annie:

almost as funny as the dog-leg kick thing when its belly is scratched
  10:14am Vicki:

  10:15am Vicki:

did you find out the nose hole thing by doing the jug trick? I saw someone do that on live breakfast TV once
  10:16am CheriPi:

My bunga, Jeff "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero is canceling his support of Ken's show forthwith/after a nap. His allowance will be diverted to Berlusconi's bunga house charity.
  10:16am Kenzo:

Ken, you weren't kidding about the huge GIF.
  10:16am fluffy:

ken's going to be my bitch, yo.
  10:17am Vicki:

time for a bunga demo outside the WFMU statiion
  10:18am bob:

franca potente is an kitten
  10:18am Kenzo:

bunga balloon launch
  10:18am Ken the cat lover:

I like bunga bunga just fine. I even own one. I just dont think I should be subjected to them 24/7 on the internets. I wants to be able to filter them out,
  10:19am bob:

no eartha kitt on the new internets?
no julie newmar?
  10:19am mittens:

power to the (bunga)people, fluffy.
  10:20am Vicki:

Ken gave in! Was it the bunga demo threat?
  10:20am timotato:

Actually, Bob Marley stole the Buffalo Soldier 'Tra-La-La' riff from the Banaba Splits theme song, not the other way around. Nelson B. Winkless, Jr. wrote it in the mid-60s.
  10:20am socks:

you don't own me, biped, i own you.
  10:21am Ken the cat lover:

As soon as this show is over, I shall delete every post, including my own, INCLUDING THIS ONE, that makes any references to bunga bunga.
  10:22am Colette:

"Le temps passé avec un chat n'est jamais perdu."
  10:22am Kenzo:

I'm about to perform open surgery on my laptop. If it goes well, Ken, I'll be able to help you build your bunga-free internet. But I think the all-bunga internet is going to win.
  10:22am Roberto:

That's true about the drool, although bunga bunga actually refer to it as hair gel.
  10:22am Vicki:

just delete the comments by you then everyone else looks nuts.

actually, bunga bunga aside - that gif just er, crashed my browser :)
  10:23am annie:

this one, too, ken?
  10:23am Dan B From Upstate:

Deleting bunga comments? That's a kitty bad idea there, Ken.
  10:23am Italian Tourism Board:

Coming to a city near you - The Women of Berlusconi
  10:23am Vicki:

suppose we all mention bunga bunga for the rest of the show though?
  10:23am bennett4senate:

ken I think this is probably a good time for you to to let everyone know about WFMU's newest web stream, the Neverending Meow
  10:24am βruab:

Yep, I had to add the image to the block list. Things had slowed to a crawl.
  10:25am Kenzo:

Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything, but...the reason I have to take apart my laptop right now is because of that GIF.
  10:26am Ken the cat lover:

I put up that gif in part to break the internet because,... you know.
  10:26am annie:

which GIF? i have no slow-down
  10:27am Ken the cat lover:

The dude climbing into the box.
  10:27am Vicki:

the larger mb animated gifs do slow up browsers at the home end of things... - it's not you... I've done the same thing on my site and the graphics card couldn't deal with it.
  10:27am Cecile:

timotato is correct.
  10:27am blip:

on the new internets, would they only show the doggies that need new homes on animal shelter sites?
  10:27am annie:

course, my laptop is running on CAT-POWER
  10:28am Vicki:

I have to take a special trip to London Zoo later because of that gif.
  10:28am Cecile:

Someone should have a dance night called Bunga Bunga Party.
  10:28am annie:

i love that dude-box thing...
  10:28am Lizardner Dave:

No pussies, no peace!
  10:28am CheriPi:

When I feel like deleting everyone's posts, I take a few deep breaths and visit Bunga Bunga & Racks-to put it all in perspective: bunga-n-racks/
  10:28am Mindy:

Anyone hear the latest about bunga bunga being carriers of bedbugs?
  10:29am βrian:

That gif was sooo large ... it made my browser bungaatonic.
  10:29am Vicki:

that gif just made the price of bread and milk go up and 200 people's houses went into repossession
  10:30am annie:

i keep waiting for that super-dude to do something
  10:32am Kenzo:

I just had an urge to replace all occurrences of "cat" with "bungabunga." Ken, goddamnit, you've totally taken over. Please...don't tell me it's OK to go ahead! Think of the kittehs!
  10:32am βrian:

You got yer anions (negative) and you got yer bungaions (positive), see.
  10:34am Lizardner Dave:

Coming up next on Ken's show:
  10:35am Dan B From Upstate:

Ken, if I'm ever able to make it down there for a UCB show, will you sign my bunga if I bring him along?
  10:35am Ken the cat lover:

Kenzo, please proceed.
  10:36am Kenzo:

  10:36am Webhamster Henry:

So Ken, does this mean the crow call record is next? And how about Grove's Emulsified Noes Drops?
  10:36am Detroit Mac:

Hello Kitty with an Ak47?
  10:37am Vicki:

Replace bunga bunga with guns
  10:38am Detroit Mac:

with a Leopard Pillbox Hat?
  10:40am Webhamster Henry:

Crows beat bunga bunga every time!
  10:40am annie:

Johnny crow would dig and sow
  10:41am Ken the cat lover:

C.mon, DO IT!! Bunga = Bunga , Bunga Bunga = Bunga Bunga
  10:41am Steve L:

Crows vs. bunga bunga, tonight on FOX!
  10:41am crowe:

like i'd ever fall for that
  10:43am frenchee:

feeling very Mannix-y
  10:43am crowe:

i have seen birds eat bunga bunga and it always makes me smile
  10:45am frenchee:

Ooops, Pelhammy
  10:46am frenchee:

THERE HE IS!!!! Joe Mannix, Armenian-American....?
  10:47am look at me:

i am in a starbucks for the 2nd time ever, i am listening to fmu on head phones using the iphone app, my coffee has carmel in it...
i am 50 years old - i am devo..
  10:49am Bad Ronald:

Ha nice work Kenzo!
  10:49am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh my god. Kenzo, what have you done? What have you done to us all?!?
  10:50am frenchee:

"As opposed to the other employees who must wear dark suits and sit in rows of desks with only one piece of paper allowed to be on their desk at one time, Mannix belongs to the classic American detective archetype and thus usually ignores the computers' solutions, disobeys his boss's orders and sets out to do things his own way. "
  10:50am Kenzo:

I was just following orders.
  10:51am bennett4senate:

even the bunga in the hat?
  10:51am Hey you:

Put those headphones back on! Drink your damn TRENTE!
  10:52am Vicki:

Kittybunga bunga
  10:52am blip:

that gif confirms it... definitely yes = underage hookers
  10:53am Carmichael:

Good morning Ken and morning drinkers. There are about a week's worth of comments in the 1st half of this show!
  10:56am Mike East:

isn't it 2112?
  10:56am Hey you:

carm, you took that speed-reading course right? of course you'd loose the nuance of the original conversation..
  10:56am trrs:

"Good going," replied Dwigt.
  10:57am βrian:

We were catapulted into a virtual cataract of comments and caterwauling.
  10:57am Ken the cat lover:

You see my friends, how much more like an Italian Orgy life on the b@nga -free internet would be?
  10:57am Carmichael:

MMmmm .... Lolita .......
  11:00am Dan B From Upstate:

A little backlash by Kenzo? Nice to know ken loves cats. Or bungas, as it were.
  11:01am Puneet:

You made me spit out my toothpaste in shock and laughter as my brushed my teeth, listening to the berlasconi bit in the show. Using the app was hilarious, esp when it skipped whore. You made my morning, thanks
  11:03am teplin:

great show - as usual. thanks ken.
  11:06am Carmichael:

Dig this groovy tune. I always knew you were aq hepcat, Ken.
  11:07am Hey you:

murray the k... great memories
  11:08am dc pat:

uh, can some one give me a synopsis of all the comments up to this point?
  11:08am annie:

i love radio..
  11:09am dc pat:

Murray the K was a little more nuts than I thought..
  11:09am Cecile:

Satyricon and Catyricon.
  11:09am blip:

dc pat:
no = cats; yes = underage hookers
  11:10am annie:

soupy sales, too
  11:10am Cecile:

dcp, being the 5th Beatle takes a staggering mental toll.
  11:10am Dan B From Upstate:

The gif with this Takeshi Terauchi and Cats picture go together quite well.
  11:11am dc pat:

thanks blip, annie. got it. Funny I was just thinking about Lolita this morning. wait, was she the 5th Beatle?
  11:12am Bad Ronald:

No, she came in through the bathroom window.
  11:15am BSI:

Guitar helmet guy from Johnny Sokko & his Flying Robot, perhaps?
  11:15am dc pat:

23 skidoo...
  11:16am Carmichael:

WTF is gping on with the message board?!??! 1 font type, flipping forward and back. Is it the bu
  11:16am ted:

  11:17am Kenzo:

Awesome, is the message board back?
  11:17am Carmichael:

The 5th Beatle was Leppo. He couldn't play an instrument, but he knew how to have a good time.
  11:17am annie:

  11:18am Carmichael:

Kenzo, it's in micro-type.
  11:18am Curmudgeon:

Well, there are some of us who HAVE NO INTERNET. What do you say to that?
  11:19am dc pat:

chicken inspector...
  11:20am jan:

So cute- the story of making the 45 at the Empires State Building. As a child, I had the original Mad Magazine with the flexi disc insert. My parents allowed me Mad, but did not allow me to make a recording when we visited the Empire State Bldg. Your parents were very indulgent- my mom said- "you're not getting that!' to my many requests for souvenirs, including the record at the ESB.
  11:20am coelacanth:

yes, I have no internet.
  11:21am Cecile:

bacon lots?
  11:22am Ad Man:

Run to your phones, Now!
  11:24am annie:

ken, does adding an "me" to program make the show even more specialer?
  11:27am Ken:

I has A feelings that it MIGHT i bET!
  11:27am Dan B From Upstate:

Annie, I say that the "me" on the end makes it a "fine" program. Just like the ketchup packets that you get from mcdonald's are "fancy." Besides, would you rather it be "Today's Progrum"?
  11:28am annie:

at least it's not a pogrom
  11:29am Ken:

The "me" makes it more fancy-pants like.
  11:29am bennett4senate:

gif remix masters - how to I open animated gifs in photoshop so that it will show me the existing animation frames?
  11:31am Ken:

Bennett - You opens "frames to layers" then you activate the Animatikon display.
  11:32am Ken:

Sorry, "Import Frames to Layers," but it also varies depending on the version of PS you have.
  11:32am cold fronte:

you bets i'm specialer. colder. too.
  11:33am Dan B From Upstate:

Who is the fellow shopped into the Rev Johnny song? Looks a little like David Tennant...
  11:33am dc pat:

I think you have to use ImageReady which shipped w/ Photoshop 7. Not sure about current versions.
  11:34am glenn:

screaming jay. he's my man.
  11:34am coelacanth:

GREAT GOOGLY MOO This is a funny programme!
  11:35am Bad Ronald:

Hey, it's Libby the Llama and boy does she look pissed!

Oh man "Psycho" I love this song!!!!
  11:36am annie:

Libby'll getcha
  11:36am Manhattan Bill:

Screaming Jay streaming live in Phnom Penh (11:36 pm here).
  11:37am annie:

bet she wouldn't spit if you added an "me" to her name: libbyme
  11:38am Mihcael from Philly:

Ken - is the original version of Psycho? I first heard a cover on the first Beasts Of Bourbon LP.
  11:40am glenn:

libby the llama looks a little bit like amanda.
  11:40am Ken:

Yeah, That is the original of Psycho.
  11:40am annie:

mah hort
  11:42am dw:

When the screen refreshes I see this subliminal message "drugs" from the great gif above (flashes over Libby's face)!
  11:43am Carmichael:

Me Droogies!
  11:43am Malchick:

  11:45am ?:

hey there , loving your show
Lee from Southend , England
  11:45am annie:

my introduction to the amazing anthony burgess
  11:46am andymorphic:

icp = instant composers pool
  11:46am Lizardner Dave:

In X Ray Burns' America, killers don't listen to ICP. Clown love everybody.
  11:46am Dan B From Upstate:

I wonder what my youtube favorites say about me?
  11:48am Cecile:

Eli Roth has a lot to answer for. He's a pleasant enough guy, but I have to say his movies are super sick. I saw tiny snippets of them on a clip show and had nightmares for days.
  11:48am annie:

hhmm.. i'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!
  11:49am Emily:

can you share a photo of the jewelbox?!?
  11:50am Tyler:

This is RAD, i saw it recentlly, let it play !!!!
  11:50am Aaron:

you got pictures of the device? is it the WOPR?
  11:51am paul b:

Oh Ken, but after I saw that Jared L. set one of his video ramblings to Drowning Pool's "Bodies" I looked it up in WFMU's Kenzo song finder and you were the only WFMU dj to have ever played that song.
  11:51am Tyler:
  11:52am Ken:

I just took a pic on my phone and will get it posted here after the show.
  11:54am dc pat:

it's starting to grow on me...definitely like the idea
  11:54am john:

damn, this is actually really good...
  11:54am Tyler:

I'm just glad its not Bach or something that he does 1-bit versions of
  11:54am dw:

amazing this, but 165$ I cannot
  11:55am Emily:

thanks, Ken!
  11:55am john:

seems like you can get it for $29 from the canteloupe store
  11:55am dc pat:

wha-? It says $29 according to Tyler's link.
  11:56am dw:

ah yes
  11:56am dw:

I saw limited artist version there, assumed it was sold out otherwise...
  11:57am dw:

So is this a format?
  11:58am Cecile:

I have a free app that makes grooves with a modulator. I'm really getting into it.
  11:58am candiflip:

damn, just been listening to the last half hour and work have called me in early this evening. will be sure to check this all out again.
all the best
5pm green witch mean time
  11:59am Cecile:

Ken, tweet more. I'm on twitter.
  12:00pm berlusconi's nose:

like you ken, but you are no Berlusconi!
  12:14pm dw:

Maybe like the buddha-box is a format, anyhow, thanks Ken! Catch ya in detention later...
  2:07pm charles powne:

Ken, that "Italian Music" you played at about 10:08, that's a cover of the them song from the old TV show "UFO", which was British. Sure, the voices were Italian, but the song wasn't. At least as far as I can tell.
  3:30am jessi:

peace ^^
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