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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options January 21, 2011

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R.I.P. Roland Kayn


Artist Track Year
Roland Kayn  Infra   Options 1980 

— some more Roland Kayn here

Listener comments!

  12:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  12:13pm Vicki:

good afternoon
  12:14pm BSI:

ah, so this be the aforementioned r.kayn....... most lovely.
  12:14pm bryce:

  12:16pm bennett4senate:

Allow Popups for Kayn.nl
  12:17pm bryce:

cybernetic spam
  12:17pm still b/p:

That Bryce makes references that are so R. Kayn on his show...
  12:20pm BSI:

so this is the kinda thing we're infra?
  12:23pm dc pat:

oh so THIS is the shape of things to come?
  12:24pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you guys are really on your games today
  12:25pm Carmichael:

uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh ........
  12:28pm nic:

hey I love this_amazing_RIP
  12:31pm BSI:

I could live here.
Will there be snacks?
  12:33pm Chris from DC:

Has this ever been reissued? Need.
  12:38pm bryce:

i know! as far as i know, none of his early multi-record box sets have been except for Tektra. it's really really sad. there are mp3s floating around (this is one), but a LOT of detail is lost.
  12:39pm Chris from DC:

Yeah, I've see a couple of rips but would love the real deal.
  12:40pm Looms:

So would i.
  12:41pm bryce:

a few years ago, a cache of the original vinyl boxes kind of appeared here and there, then disappeared. i managed to get Makro — you can hear SO much more.

now i've seen some of them for, like, $400....
  12:41pm BSI:

bravo. soaking in it.
  12:42pm still b/p:

I would like this music with a grilled cheese sandwich and a large picture window to watch this heavy snow falling on an urban or wild landscape.
  12:47pm ms_a:

still b/p, I think I have almost all of those ingredients.
  12:49pm bryce:

hey, a
  12:49pm Ike:

Let's all head over to ms_a's place! How do we open up a wormhole that goes there?
  12:49pm still b/p:

  12:50pm ms_a:

hey, school's cancelled = stay home w/ bryce
  12:50pm bryce:

  12:51pm frenchee:

wow, my whojamacallits are all aligned now. Thanks roland!
  12:53pm frenchee:

and byce
  12:53pm bryce:

  12:55pm Looms:

Do you have records of Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza featuring Kayn at the station, Bryce?
  12:56pm still b/p:

Hujintaocallits has been visiting in Washington.
  12:56pm bryce:

At home....
  12:57pm suea:

this song at one point brought me back to the drone of engine in the video game Enduro from Atari -- which i had played a lot i guess.
  12:57pm bryce:

actually, wait, i think we got that cd box set. but there may be no time. this is 3 hrs....
  1:00pm Looms:

Which one? Azioni?
  1:01pm Inner Ear Detour:

Nice first set. Rahsaan Roland Kayn. Avanti.
  1:03pm bryce:

:) heyyyy, you!!

looms, yeah, i'm almost positive we have it. comes with some great vids too
  1:03pm Rory:

Roland Kayn is a master of electroacoustic music.
  1:03pm Carmichael:

This delightful music matches up very well with a burrito, I see.
  1:04pm Looms:

Yeah, i like it a lot. Thanks to Jeff-M for encouraging me to purchase it.
  1:04pm bryce:

nice! jeff's the best.

hey Rory, hoping you'd be around. i will get around to tektra one of these days! i wish it was today, as i have a proper reissue that doesn't sound like the speakers are buried in guacamole....
  1:07pm Rory:

Yea I've been looking all over the internet for like a year for Tektra can't find it. I did find Jean-Claude Eloy Gaku-No-Michi 5 hour long masterpiece at mimaroglu music sales.
  1:13pm Rory:

Now that Roland Kayn has died maybe they will re-release some of his stuff.
  1:14pm bryce:

oh for fuck's sake, there's one in japan for $81...

  1:17pm Ike:

Holy shishkabob, there aren't any FLAC files floating around anywhere?
  1:17pm bryce:

hey, send me an email; i'll keep my eyes peeled....
  1:20pm Chris from DC:

Ike, I did run across this:

  1:21pm nic:

awesome awesome awesome
  1:23pm CheriPi:

This piece is the joint!
  1:29pm bryce:

chris, that's great news!!!! can't wait...

not as good as a proper reissue, but it'll do...
  1:31pm CheriPi:

Ditto-Thanks for that great link Chris.
  1:46pm Handsome Harry:

Man, this one just keeps going. Great stuff. I've been playing audio clips of the SAVE KUSF rally over the top of it. http://bit.ly/gdK79G
  1:47pm Vicki:

lots of Kayn here.
  1:48pm coelacanth:

HOLY SHISHKABOB! (i like that,Ike!) How have i never heard of this guy till after he's progressed onward?! ...and this is an mp3?..daaamm, i hope i get to hear some of his material in its whole grain form ,before I die. ...Thank you Bryce.
  1:53pm Rory:

Has anybody listened to Nat Roe show the past couple of weeks. He takes popular songs from the billboard charts and plays them together with obscure experimental pieces it sounds really good.
  1:55pm Vicki:

that's what DO or DIY does too
  1:57pm bryce:

i've heard of that, that's a mashup show, right?
  1:58pm UK:

that's bangers and mashup to you, bub
  1:58pm Rory:

Yes it's fantastic!
  1:58pm bryce:

what? what does that mean? speak english!
  1:59pm Vicki:

yeah, no sense of history whatsoever :)
  2:00pm UK:

"bangers and mash" = sausage and mashed potatoes as a meal/dish. but like any phrase, it can suggest anything you like, really...
  2:00pm Vicki:

Nice to see the UK speaking on my behalf there
  2:01pm UK:

  2:01pm steve:

hey rory, if you by chance know anyone with a what.cd account, they do have tektra in flac and mp3 form on there.
  2:03pm Rory:

Thank You Steve :)
  2:03pm Vicki:

the http://433rpm.blogspot.com/ site has a number of his albums - you just need a rapidshare account (or you can sit and wait and have a slower download)
  2:04pm Vicki:

  2:06pm Vicki:

Bryce likes potatoes
  2:06pm coelacanth:

i've listened to 2 Bryce shows at once. It was good...or a percussion oriented DrummerSome show together with the likes of this.
  2:08pm UK:

especially mashed up potatoes

or with samples. that would be mashed quotatoes.
  2:09pm Vicki:

  2:11pm stefica:

thanks for sharing this kayn, bryce. it is really wonderful.
  2:12pm Rory:

Bryce have you ever done a show before where you just play one piece throughout the entire show?
  2:13pm US:

Hi, UK! We have a special relationship.
  2:14pm alphonse:

Cybernetics II in FLAC available at: http://dream.cs.bath.ac.uk/AvantGardeProject/AGP38/index.htm
  2:14pm US:

you know we were all Europeans once, apart from those that we slaughtered, and so we are really nice to you at customs and it's only $14 to fill out an ESTA form so that we're REALLY nice to you at customs.
  2:15pm bryce:

hey, stef! thx :)

rory, pretty sure, hahaa. for some reason, can't think of what, tho.... another kayn pice, maybe eliane radigue??
  2:16pm US:

and we just LOVE English Muffins. And we know how much you all drink Earl Grey. We have an English Shop in Manhattan and charge 50 dollars for sandwiches with their crusts cut off. That's how you do it, isn't it?
  2:17pm Vicki:

I had no idea how English do things until I went there, US.
  2:19pm alphonse:

all t his english talk is making me pine for a cheese and onion sandwich.
  2:20pm Cosmic:

I'm English
  2:21pm Vicki:

I'm English too. We all are English eventually.
  2:22pm Rory:

Okay i gotta go. Just remeber this everone Roland Kayn was a celestial angel who came down to earth to give us these great sounds. R.I.P Roland Kayn
  2:22pm bryce:

:) rory, send me your email!
  2:22pm eric:

What do DJs do in the studio during a show consisting of one track?
  2:23pm UK:

write freaking comments
  2:23pm bryce:

close your eyes
  2:24pm UK:

that too. or both at once.
  2:24pm US:

they rip CDs
  2:25pm US:

rumbled, UK.

  2:25pm eric:

Look I can still type with my eyes closed! (Answering the math question may be a bit harder!)
  2:26pm Vicki:

@ @
  2:26pm bryce:

yes, so much to do. today i carefully filled the fmu drum kit with HEINZ beans.
  2:28pm Vicki:

That'll smell lovely. I tend to have supermarket own make myself. Not that I'm talking about this or continuing to type.
  2:30pm eric:

it might have been a better sound (but not smell) if it was partially filled with some dried beans
  2:30pm Cosmic:

This stuff is great. Roland Kayn, eh? Feel a google itch coming on
  2:30pm bryce:

i love it when the british talk beans. my friend don is upstairs volunteering right now. i think i'll bring it up,
  2:32pm Sainsburys:

It is easy to open the cans and I like that they are recyclable. The two types of beans look very similar. It was dark already when I opened them but at the light in my kitchen the normal one look a bit more orangey. The Haricot beans are about medium size beans and were baked very well. The sauce of the normal one is thicker a little bit and is sweeter than the reduced sugar one. I like them both but I think I will use the normal one in the future. Their smell was very nice the tomato smell dominated mostly.
  2:32pm Vicki:

don't bring it up
  2:32pm UK:

the magical fruit...
  2:32pm Cosmic:

We are all English at some point Vicki, yes. But I'm English now. Talking of beans...
  2:32pm bryce:

cosmic, he was one of the great ones.

sadly, his epic 70s/80s stuff is almost completely unavailable at the moment
  2:33pm US:

we all have so much in common, isn't it great
where's the sausage?
  2:34pm BSI:

"what do you know about the beans?!!?!"
  2:34pm Vicki:

I'm English.
  2:34pm jk:

awesome show Bryce, I didn't know of Roland Kayn until today but he's on my watch list now.
  2:34pm eric:

Yes, this is great stuff. I've already bookmarked pages to check out later. I do that too much.
  2:34pm UK:

you dont know *beans*
  2:35pm Vicki:

we don't do sausage.
  2:35pm eric:

I like how the previous Sainsburys comment when googled caused me to learn that there is a thing called rapeseed oil which is also known as canola oil. Bryce's show is totally educational!
  2:35pm lesbian:

nor we, vicki.
  2:36pm bryce:

in italy, broccoli rabe is broccoli rape
  2:37pm vegetable 911:

are you reporting a rape? speak clearly, sir.
  2:37pm Ike:

  2:37pm France:

we love a bit of pain with our cheese.
  2:38pm Slovenia:

  2:38pm Irish guy:

How the hell did we get stuck with potatos?
  2:38pm Cosmic:

I never heard of him, Bryce. thanks!
Beans... £1.70 for 1kg Heinz in a "fridge tub" (plastic hot choc jar)
Sainsbo's own: 27p for 454g in a tin.
  2:38pm Current 93:

falling back in fields of rape, my love, my love.
  2:39pm Scottish:

shit I'm freezing
  2:39pm ?:

@Bryce: Gruppo di Broccoli Nuova Consonanza.
  2:39pm vegetable 911:

@irish guy

blame the incans
  2:39pm 1-888-veginas:

Oooh, you like to play roughage, do you?
  2:40pm Slovenia:

Humor means MURDER, here, my fwend.
  2:40pm Wales:

I like a bit of sheep
  2:41pm Vicki:

wow, the comments board has gone WILD.
  2:41pm Whales:

I like a bit of seal pup.
  2:42pm omnivore:

it's all good.
  2:42pm Seal:

bugger off
  2:42pm Cosmic:

The same idiots prob throw the jar away that came with their hot chocolate.
Vicki, are you english right now?
  2:43pm Seal:

this evening, I am mostly English
  2:44pm Looms:

This evening, i don't know what i am.
  2:44pm Vicki:

er... as am I
cough cough
  2:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I am not following any of this
  2:44pm English muffin:

i'm 1000% yank, so there.
  2:44pm Cosmic:

It's always good to know what nationality you are at any given moment
  2:45pm Vicki:

especially when speaking.
  2:45pm Cosmic:

  2:45pm England Dan & John Ford Coley:

Want to know our favorite lunches?
  2:46pm Vicki:

and thinking, because that involves talking really quietly and mouthing the words
  2:46pm Cosmic:

...and going on holiday
  2:46pm Vicki:

and staying at home.
  2:46pm Seal:

In a world full of people, only some want to fly. Isn't that crazy?
  2:47pm Vicki:

time flies like the wind
fruit flies liike a banana
  2:47pm Michael:

You can't fool me, seals don't fly
  2:48pm Curtis Mayfield:

The more ambitious among us superfly.
  2:48pm George:

But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little Gracie.
  2:48pm BSI:

Darling carrot, could you love a cripple?
  2:49pm Parq:

George wins.
  2:49pm Cosmic:

i haven't flown since 2002
  2:49pm Giraffe:

  2:50pm bryce:

what? how'd you get out?
  2:50pm Vicki:

just go to sleep and flap your arms
but don't wee
  2:51pm Giraffe:

I've grown!
  2:51pm listenership:

great song selection, bryciepoo! seriously, dude!
  2:51pm Harry Chapin:

I'm flying in my taxi.
  2:52pm Giraffe:

I'm afraid I shat on your kitchen floor
  2:53pm royvis:

I'm flying in my cubicle.
  2:53pm Giraffe:

also in the drawer where you keep your "special things"
  2:53pm Michael:

It is so sad to discover such wonderful composers only after they are gone. I just learned of Delia Derbyshire a couple of weeks ago, though of course I'd heard at least one piece of hers. If this piece is typical of Roland Kayn, I have much to discover.
  2:53pm grammar:

shit, shat, have shut.
  2:53pm Cosmic:

I fly on the inside. bluurgh
  2:54pm Chicko:

Do it-a tomorrow. Ats'a Shaturday.
  2:54pm Sigurdur:

weird tunes man, the sound reminds of a sea weed factory i once worked in.
  2:55pm alphonse:

more like Roland "Kind", knowwhaddamean?
  2:55pm Spike Milligan:

Shih tzu?
  2:56pm Vicki:

ta ta Bryce
  2:56pm Henry Crun:

Minnie and I will be receiving at the Croydon Aerodrome...
  2:56pm "Stephin Merritt":

You drive me out of my wits
when you do that shih-tzu
  2:57pm Sigurdur:

ekki nuna
  2:57pm Vicki:

It's a TGI Fridays now, Henry.
  2:57pm BSI:

That peak just there blew my eyeball to god.
  2:57pm bryce:

seeya, vegetable kingdom & principalities!
  2:58pm Henry Crun:

Well, TGI Friday.
  2:58pm Vicki:

ha ha, yes, see you at TGI's with Minnie.

bye Bryce
  2:58pm Cosmic:

cheers bryce
  2:59pm listener:

the topic on this show's comments always turns to food. friday lunhctime, locally.
  2:59pm Henry Crun:

Vicki, are you, well, people like you?
  2:59pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hungry boogers
  2:59pm Sigurdur:

What kind of narcotics was this musician into? Does anybody know?
  3:00pm royvis:

three excellent hours
  3:00pm listener:

we're people like her
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