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Playlist for 09 March 2011 Favoriting | Today's Marathon Show With Vicki of People Like Us- Pledge at 800-989-9368 or

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The Grand Prize for Today's show, a fuzzy Vladimir Putin Velvet painting by the imitiable Jorge!
Make a pledge of $30 a month (or $365) or more to be entered to win it! Drawing at Noon today.

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Mystery Artist  Mystery Song   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666 (various artists) 

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Yann Tomita and the Doopees  Doopee Time   Favoriting        
Dan Deacon  The Crystal Cat   Favoriting   Coolest Chick Organ Player

N.A.D.  Ghosts   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Comelade, Bastien, Berrocal, Liebezeit  Rock and Roll Station   Favoriting  

Clothesline Revival  Satisfied   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Kim Fowley  Inner Space Discovery   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Billy Nayer Show  The American Astronaut   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Matmos  Z.O.C.K   Favoriting The Civil War 

John  CW Cyrus Corn Weenie Remix   Favoriting        
Phew  Signal   Favoriting  

Tom Waits  Going Out West   Favoriting  

Aguaturbia  Wonder Who   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Gimmicks  Cigarette   Favoriting        
Olivia Tremor Control  The Opera House   Favoriting  

Music behind DJ:
Wire  Bad Worn Thing   Favoriting red Barked Tree 

Etienne Charry  Prinsen   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Evolution Control Committee  What Would You Think If I Sang Autotune   Favoriting All Rights Reserved 

Tonetta  Picking on Lennon   Favoriting 777 Vol 2 

Tonetta  Drugs Drugs Drugs   Favoriting  

PIzzicato Five  Thank You   Favoriting  

Felix Kubin  There Is A Garden   Favoriting  
  2:42:40 (Pop-up)
Szeki Kurva  Beermonsters Are Go!   Favoriting  

  2:46:13 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:11am Vicki your co-host:

Goooood morrrrning
  9:12am Vicki your co-host:

just setting up the webcam on the wfmu frontpage
  9:13am Brian in UK:

Good morning Vicki. If you go behind the painting then Putin can see the back of his own head if the eyes really follow you round the room. I've always wanted to see the back of my own head without the use of mirrors.
  9:13am Detroit Mac:

I have held off listening all week , due to the lack of any monies to contribute. I have gotten a little $ together and will listen and put up some small coin to the best station in the world...
  9:13am Ken:

Damn Vicki! It;s just you and me here?!!!
  9:14am Mark:

i be here
  9:14am Cheri Pi:

No I'm lurking around here somewhere!
  9:14am Vicki your co-host:

what the hell is going on? NO PHONES RINGING!!!
I come all this damn way and you don't call? What the hell...
  9:16am closed school:

me no see u
  9:16am Sam:

I know right? Usually there's all kinds of jokers making remarks here, but AS SOON AS YOU ASK FOR A CONTRIBUTION.......everyone vanishes!!
  9:17am Aaron in Minneapolis:

  9:17am Rod Blagojevich:

I'm tapped out.
  9:18am Cheri Pi:

I keep interwebbing the lyrics but they're so common that I can't narrow it down!!!
  9:18am Mark:

  9:20am Mariano:

Mark: No man, vicoprofin! No acetaminophen!
  9:20am Mark:

I'll take it
  9:20am Michael:

My preferred premium: the P.L.U. video you'll be running...and some plain old codeine, you kids today with your vicodin and Hillbilly Hydrocodone...
  9:21am Irene:

Ooh, hydrocodone!! Keepin' me pain-free! Thanks Ken!
  9:22am Amanda NYC:

CRUSHING ON KEN. Sent in one largecause WFMU gives me HOPE.
  9:23am Peter Goodman:

Hey Ken! No web cam, no pledge!
  9:23am Mariano:

Ken, I pledged $365 the other day... make over with the dope!!!
  9:24am Mark:

Tramadol ?
  9:24am maja NL:

Good Luck everybody pledge!
  9:26am marq:

maybe a prescription for the sound drugs for that show Ken did last summer with the audio drugs.
  9:28am Vicki your co-host:

the webcam is now up and running on the wfmu frontpage
  9:28am hamburger in Hong Kong:

KEN - My landlord is not buying this 'I SPENT ALL MY RENT ON WFMU PLEDGES!!' schtick
  9:29am Detroit Mac:

FMU is my favorite drug (after recovering from my lobotomy)
  9:30am Scott:

Loving the webcam Sound of Music / Apocalypse Now mashup - Sound of Apocalypse?
  9:33am tomasz.:

Darvocet! well in. i think over here we call it co-proxamol. or used to, anyway. thanks guys!
  9:37am chris in madison:

Ah, WFMU, where twangy euro-country covers of NY avant jazz songs go to LIVE.
  9:37am maja NL:

OOh you are vicky from the Aunties!! I loved you and them that last fill-in for Ken!
  9:40am Goyim in the AM:

Ooh, I missed my prescription! What was it? (Colin from Austria)
  9:40am Vicki your co-host:

yes I am Vicki with the Aunties - and also DO or DIY with People Like Us.
  9:41am Skirkie:

Maybe in exchange for pledges, Vicki can say a word the pledger thinks sounds great in a British accent. Like "Aluminium"
  9:41am ranjit:

grah, I'm going crazy trying to watch the playlist and the webcam and get some work done at the same time. Maybe I should pledge for some Ritalin or Adderal.
  9:42am Vicki your co-host:

I will say words for pledges, of course
  9:42am Cecile:

Putin? I thought that was John Waters....

Are you going to archive the collage? I can't watch at work....:(

Happy Marr-a-thon!
  9:43am pierre:

Bonjour Vicky, Bonjour Ken !

no nipples nor belly button pierced, a shame (even if 21K is better than 19K), what are the prices for this seven second delay? And is there a link between phil spector and poutin ? (to many questions, i realise that now…)
  9:43am Cecile:

ranjit, coffee is poor man's Ritalin. It's kept me out of jail for years.
  9:43am Vivian:

Are you going to archive the show with the webcam?
  9:43am Ken:

Webcam is coming!!!! Damn this new fangled technology!
  9:46am Vicki your co-host:

ok so what do you want me to say for pledges?
  9:47am AnAnonymousParty:

Is it ever NOT Doopie time?
  9:47am tomasz.:

ha ha, Putin does kind of look like John Waters. he needs a bit more of a leer maybe
  9:48am Cecile:

How about "sufferin' succotash", Vicki?
  9:50am Robert:

OK, you can make the vegetables hurt.
  9:50am Sylvester:

That's thufferin' thuccotath, thank you very much.
  9:51am Robert:

Just don't threaten yourselves with body mutilation.
  9:51am maja NL:

Vicky Oh mi .. I 'm so slow, I've never checked out those streams. I'll keep that in mind. I always go to the archives If the D.j.'s music is not mine. Great Show
  9:52am Cecile:

I love the American Astronaut.
  9:52am Cecile:

I pledged.
  9:53am glenn:

what's happening on corrie? we're two months behind in canada.
  9:54am Cecile:

Oh, that won't work. I have no ovaries.
  9:55am Cecile:

I'm sure I can use it as a conversation piece at parties
  9:55am Danne D:

Vicki and Ken - this is as good as radio gets :)
I pledged to have Vicki say my name <3
Show your love to Ken and Vicki. Here's to hoping Ken's prescription is work safe.
  9:57am Danne D:

This week they humiliate Andy. It'll be totally worth it :)
  9:58am Cecile:

Malays? I would think a Rijsttafel would help.
  9:58am Danne D:

  9:59am Danne D:

:D Thanks Vicki (she's also the only one who can get away with misprouncing Kearny (Car - knee) as it sounds cool when she says it :)
  10:02am Vicki your co-host:

do you like the pro webcam action? two things happening at the same time, and no one fell over
  10:04am βrian:

Isn't that Bob Crane on the telephone? The big telephone?
  10:04am Vicki your co-host:

  10:04am Susan E.:

i donated a week or so ago. can i get a prescription shout out, too? :) having fun this morning. maybe i need something to make me more neutral.
  10:05am Danne D:

I have to say that Sirus was damn good at knowing which gang was which given how many were there.
  10:05am Handsome Harry:

Corn Weenie?
  10:06am Skirkie:

Can you dig it?
  10:07am Skirkie:

He would have made a great Mayor, it's a shame really.
  10:07am Doug:

  10:09am Danne D:

Bob Crane! - he was the answer to the "20 Questions" on the Seven Second Delay episode like, man 14 or so years ago. I got the answer right and then Ken and Andy gave out the instructions for getting the $25 prize out of Western Union - TO EVERYONE. However, I had success (and it's the only time I ever used Western Union) as the kid at the supermarket had no problem turning over the cash since I had the password and having me sign whatever the name was that was listed. Anyhow, that led to a guilt pledge the following spring (maybe my first if not second pledge) and got the ball rolling on me becoming a serial pledger. A Seven Second Delay concept that actually worked!
  10:13am bbell:

For a brief moment I saw the studio on the webcam. What is on your t-shirt, Ken?
  10:14am Danne D:

Would love it if Ken found it in the archives and aired it sometime but it may be gone like so many classic original TV episodes.
  10:15am Danne D:

I like that Joe - he's a good guy.
  10:16am Sam:

Vicki, you are the greatest!!
You are so classy and intelligent! And your mixing is absolute genius.
  10:16am Skirkie:

Yes, I wanted to hear Al-Loo-Minium. It's one of my top favorite British accent words.
  10:16am Danne D:

Hmm, must've been Succasunna
  10:17am Skirkie:

Totally missed what I got.
  10:17am Skirkie:

  10:18am Helen of Schenectady:

Vicki, it is indeed a real place!
  10:18am Danne D:

lol - I think Succasunna was a good guess though :) I can see where Schenectady would get the dump button though.
  10:18am βrian:

Yo to Chris in Madison. We have yet *another* six inches of snow, Bob help us.
  10:19am Danne D:

Yeah Skirkie I have to hear the archive to get the full scoop on mine - though I'm scared as it requires a shot in the chest 8(
  10:19am Bob:

I'm here for you
  10:20am Danne D:

Do they have Scotcheroos in Scotland?
  10:20am chris in madison:

Ha! Bob help us in SO so many ways...
  10:20am Doug:

I have the Joey Sh*thead bobble-head from that company ...
  10:20am bbell:

Is there medicinal Scotch in the Scotcheroos?
  10:21am Skirkie:

Chest Cavity to be exact, Danne. He's assuming there's no heart I guess.
  10:21am Danne D:

The dentist around the corner from me in Kearny has taken to project huge pictures of people's smiles (good and unfortunately diseased - like disgustingly diseased) at night on the side of the building - it's quite unnerving. Maybe I can break in and screen VIcki's awesome video instead.
  10:21am βrian:

As long as they don't say "lore and order" when they intend "law and order."
And who the hell is Nelson Mandelar?
  10:22am Danne D:

"Lore and Order" sounds like it'd be a better show.

Now I'm more scared Skirkie 8( And I'm gonna be at the station later - I fear Ken will be chasing me around with a giant needle.
  10:24am chris in madison:

@βrian: I've never heard of this Nelson Mandelar character... must be one of those “G*dd*mn goofy-haired... long-haired goof f*ck*rs…"
  10:26am βrian:

Yep, I see them at the Capitol all the time, usually armed with weapons-grade painter's tape.
  10:27am glenn:

an old joke for brian in the u.k. - what's black and slides down nelson's column?
  10:28am glenn:

and the answer - winnie mandela. ha ha ha.
  10:29am minnesota jeff:

Winnie Mandela
  10:29am tomasz.:

Schenectady is one of my favourite words ever
  10:30am luke:

Good morning Ken. Why is there no audio on the ustream feed?
  10:32am Danne D:

It's a companion piece, Luke. Just tune into the audio stream and keep the home page up. It'll all make sense then :)
  10:38am dc pat:

man that video feed is killin my browser. oh well.
  10:41am chris in madison:

Approximately %25 of my annual mouse pledge functions as an implied contribution to the "Ken Freedman Playlist GIFs Appreciation Society."
  10:44am bb:

yes to mass appeal tablets, another thing to improve my wednesdays
  10:45am Cecile:

Nice! Cough medicine is always the right answer.
  10:46am Kenzo:

Hi Lisa
  10:47am Kenzo:

(Hey Ken, do you mean do be doing a non-live playlist?)
  10:47am bbell:

Vicky-Fill in the Americans about the difference between ladies pants and slacks.
  10:48am bb:

The BBC has eliminated its Serbian language broadcast. Same thing for its Portuguese language broadcast to Africa. Both were created to counter Nazi propaganda. Guess WWII is finally over.
  10:50am minnesota jeff:

In our hearts WWII will go on forever.
  10:50am Bob:

The rreally latest about NPR is that Vivian Schiller, CEO, has just "stepped down" -because of the one of the big fundraiser's comments about the tea party -during her watch
  10:50am Danne D:


You are the man, Kenzo - been trying to shout you out in some of my pledges - one of these times it will succeed.

If you love the comments boards, you should consider giving a pledge in honor of Kenzo who keeps 'em running.
  10:52am Skirkie:

There's a Nutley somewhere in England, I think.
  10:52am pierre:

Scotland is place there to !
  10:53am Bob:

I'd be suicidal without Zithromax- knocks out the sinus infection every time
  10:54am Kenzo:

OMG, I need to get rid of the state abbreviations on the pledge card printer!! Sorry Vicki!
  10:54am Brian in UK:

Thanks for that glenn. Good taste is timeless. Lovely to hear an Ingerlish voice Miss Vicki. Pledged yesterday & pledging on Friday. Having a blow today (that's a break by the way)
  10:55am Barbie:

  10:56am Webhamster Henry:

I haven't heard anyone getting Groves Emulsified Nose Drops.
  10:56am Danne D:

Might be fun to see if Vicki can guess what state each abbreviation means, Kenzo :)
  10:57am βrian:

WI is now "Wississippi."
  10:57am PMD:

Wait, just got here. What's on the prize docket and how much do you need to pledge to get it? thanks!
  10:57am Kenzo:

I could include a pronunciation guide. It can be like the dirty Hungarian phrasebook. More dump button for Ken.
  10:58am pierre:

alalalala WIRE c'est vraiment fantastique !
  11:00am Sam:

Ah, Prinsen, great song!
  11:01am AnAnonymousParty:

Is a bad worn thing a thing worn badly?
  11:01am Danne D:

Was the dump button an adoption item? If not it totally should have been.
  11:02am Sam:

That album, 36 erreurs is addictive and dangerous. There's so much weird stuff and it's way way too French!
  11:02am Skirkie:

Frank Gorshin, he still alive..., no he's not.

  11:03am Amanda NYC:

And did I miss it? No adoption for the tampon dispenser in the women's room? Maybe there isn't one? I went through about 100 of the pix and no tampon dispenser.
  11:03am Barbie:

Ken and Vicki sittin' in a tree...
  11:03am DJ KG:

Yo, WTFreedman. I <3 Autotune!
  11:04am Barbie:

You'd never sing out of tune, dude.
  11:04am Vivian:

How I hate the beatles, except for the white album.
  11:04am pierre:

@ sam : agreed > anyway tricatel is way to french
  11:04am Danne D:

Is Amanda NYC the same as Super Board Op Amanda or a different one? :)
  11:04am dc pat:

  11:04am Kenzo:

The Beatles multitracks! I did something similar when I first downloaded those. I warbled the drum track in and out of time synch so he sounded like an awful drummer.
  11:04am Barbie:

@Vivian: Racism, huh.
  11:06am Barbie:

Do it again, slowly. Is there a 16 speed on that turntable?
  11:08am New York Telephone:

Love the video stream. BTW, 1985 just called and they want their phones back.
  11:09am Amanda NYC:

Sorry, just an FMU fan. Nose pressed against the glass of streaming electrons.
  11:10am Danne D:

@Amanda NYC That's okay - there's just lots of Amandas around here and wasn't sure if you were that one :) You have a wonderful name :D and I'll say hi to you as well :)
  11:10am David (from Lewes):

Freaked out twice!
Mentioned on WFMU and Vicki lived in Lewes!!
  11:11am Rooby Doo:

I'm soo drunk....I gonna pledge my whole 401k to y'all - I loves you mans... oh gowd.....
  11:11am Louis:

In Delaware (aka Delaware, Virginia) they don't teach spelling.
  11:12am Bazz:

Arnica, isn't that for hernia problems? or is that lifting heavy things?
  11:13am Danne D:

Matty O :) california :) I think that was San Mateo (Muh Tay Yo)
  11:14am Vivian:

Okay, Ken I maxed out. Made a donation in the name of my dogs. They love WFMU!
  11:14am Steve:

Arnica, good for clearing up bruises. My wife swears by it.
  11:14am Mariano:

Don't let him fool you: it's pronounced like Marilyn with a d at the end!
  11:15am Bazz:

that's funny Steve.
  11:16am Michael:

Describe the Tea Party as racist and I'll see how much I can fork-over....
  11:17am Michael:

Can I pay for the drugs I get with my Rx with Thunk Tank "Beebs"?
  11:17am Puffy:

They say arnica is good for hemorrhoids.
  11:18am Vicki your co-host:

David, I lived in Lewes for years in the 90s
  11:19am PMD:

OK, a beef. Why don't they ever mention that my pledges are part of a pledge for life? It's good advertising. (maybe I"m just grumpy because I didn't win the evolution control committee...)
  11:19am Vicki your co-host:

because my brain is melting
  11:20am bryce:

you better put down some toast
  11:20am Vicki your co-host:

we need the phones ringing some more right now.. so if you were going to..
  11:20am Vicki your co-host:

  11:20am northguineahills:

They have the same velvet Putin in the Anchorred Inn in Bushwick.
  11:21am bryce:

right. toodle-oo
  11:21am Vicki your co-host:

  11:22am Vicki your co-host:

look, no hands
  11:23am bryce:

please don't show ken my nest in the drop ceiling.
  11:24am Carmichael:

Good morning serial commenters, Kenneth and lovely-sounding Vicki. I 365'ed on this show last week, so please pass the vicodin. Or just ship it to the North Pole, and I'll get it from there.
  11:24am Bryce's Imprisoned Sex Slave:

  11:25am Snow Geisha:

this song just made me feel so much better
  11:25am Giraffe:

  11:27am Gwilly:

Hello Vicki!!
  11:28am Vicki your friendly co-host:

Hi Gwilly!
  11:29am Mae:

Is that an imprisoned sex slave in your pocket, or are you glad to see me?
  11:30am minnesota jeff:

Stop saying the station is doing well! KEEP THE FEAR ALIVE!
  11:31am Brian C.:

Vicki, Love the jumper! DId you make it yourself?
  11:32am βrian:

Sure, call it a Budget Repair Bill.
  11:32am Snortley:

Very pertinent GIF, in view of the Cavendish banana plague sweeping the globe.
  11:34am Fear:

[holding knife to throat of a squirming FMU]

Pledge, or the station dies, now!
  11:36am Banana Man:

I am Banana Man! Eat flaming death thou who are bananaless. Ah, hahahahahaha!
  11:36am Rooby Doo:

Won't Vicky say hi on the webcam? T'would be lovely to see you!
  11:37am David (from Lewes):

Vicki, whereabouts? I live on Cliffe High St - in the Bermuda triangle of pubs!
Loving the show, by the way.
  11:37am ???:

AIDs prevention Drug: Trynoassitol
  11:38am mike noble 7sd:

vicki you forgot to tell ken the mike from washington pledge was from his 7 second delay producer. and most important the comment "make andy feel the pain!"
  11:38am Rooby Doo:

Thanks for the visual confirmation, Vicky!
  11:39am tommy:

Anyone giving away a new toothbrush? i lost mine last night,
  11:39am Snow Geisha:

HEYYY!!! I called and asked if you had the Tonetta cd still and you said NO!!
  11:41am DJ Keili:

That stung.
  11:41am Nick the Bard:

It's confused in here, forgibbaness preesesese...
  11:42am Danne D:

Is Vicki staying out until the Hoof N Mouth? Might we be getting a song from her on Sunday?
  11:42am Fear:

@Pledge Room on the Webcam: The local catholic church wants their bingo tables back by 7PM.
  11:45am chris in madison:

@Tommy: Sound & Safe with DJ Trent's gotcha!
  11:46am Vicki - your shaking co host:

Ken's chucking me out of his house if we don't get more than last week. He doesn't know I'm typing this. He really shouted at me a minute ago too. PLEASSE HEELELPPPJFL:KD
  11:46am Danne D:


We can't be having Vicki wandering around the cold streets of Jersey City 8(

Call now 800-989-9368!!!!
  11:47am Rooby Doo:

By the way Vicky, your show is A-frickin-MAZING...Love it. Makas me feel good, and I don't even have to to go to a Chinatown massage parlor....
(thus endith the near Vicky-stalking. Thank you for playing...)
  11:48am paul b:

Once went out to the Lewes in Delaware (across the bay from New Jersey) Tweeted about it (lovely place) Got a robot tweet back from the Lewes UK tourist board thanking me for my visit. This is why the internet will replace everything.
  11:49am Carmichael:

Ken, why don't you turn off all the music until people pledge. Just sit and hum something annoyingly.
  11:49am herb:

i just donated (part of pre-mara pledge). and mistook FELIX KUBIN for band DIVINE COMEDY. me a dunce. (i repeat this - IF you can donate and then ADD an extra 1% to pledge, then plz do it. it all adds up. and maybe we can eff up the wfmu ledger. )
  11:50am herb:

AND, i once got a call on my cellph, from 1-111-1111. i show it to people & say "look, that is PUTIN's phone number!"
  11:53am JM in the AM Pledgers:

We control the horizontal. We control the vertical. And we have lots of babies too, so we are not going away.
  11:53am tomasz.:

"hyper-immune egg product"??
  11:54am Carmichael:

I bought a cell phone from Tiger Direct. When I got it, it was in Russian. Completely. The buttons, the OS, the ringtones. It's a great conversation piece. And all calls are routed through the Kremlin.
  11:57am βrian:

Carmichael, if you have any geeky inclination, there are free kits available on teh intertubes that will let you reprogram your cell. Mine was in Italian originally.
  11:59am Carmichael:

At first I panicked, but now I think it's rather cool. Especially when someone asks to borrow it to make a call.
  9:48am Little Rhody:

what happen to the play buttons on the play list? Hopefully just a temporary 'thon thing.
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