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Playlist for 30 March 2011 Favoriting | Anger Management Set

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Can  Mary, Mary So Contrary   Favoriting Norweigan Wood OST 

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*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Fastest  Jet Sound II   Favoriting Theme 

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*   0:06:58 (Pop-up)
Gorillaz  To Binge   Favoriting Plastic Beach 

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  0:10:06 (Pop-up)
Ludacris  Cold Outside   Favoriting Word of Mouf 

  0:14:22 (Pop-up)
Evolution Control Committee  Don't Let The Devil Blow Your Mind   Favoriting All Rights Reserved 

*   0:19:54 (Pop-up)
The White Family of Savannah Georgia  I've Been In The Storm So Long   Favoriting The Pitch/Gusman Records Story 

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*   0:25:18 (Pop-up)
The Mountain Goats  Birth of Serpents   Favoriting All Eternals Deck 

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*   0:27:11 (Pop-up)
Chet Baker  Almost Blue   Favoriting Let's Get Lost OST 

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  0:37:14 (Pop-up)
Sigh  A Sunset Song   Favoriting Imaginary Sonicscape 

  0:41:04 (Pop-up)
When  At The Wedding   Favoriting Writer Cakebox 

  0:45:52 (Pop-up)
White Noise Sound  There Is No Tomorrow   Favoriting White Noise Sound 

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*   0:50:13 (Pop-up)
The Dirtbombs  Cosmic Cars   Favoriting Party Store 

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*   0:55:06 (Pop-up)
The Glove Compartment  Her Opening   Favoriting New Numbers 

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  0:58:46 (Pop-up)
Deerhoof  Qui Dorm, Nomes Somia   Favoriting Deerhoof vs Evil 

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*   1:02:18 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:

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  1:05:26 (Pop-up)
Wire  Bad Worn Thing   Favoriting Red Barked Tree 

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*   1:15:55 (Pop-up)
Tonio K  H.A.T.R.E.D.   Favoriting Life In The Foodchain 
  1:19:18 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  Idiot Wind   Favoriting Blood On The Tracks 

  1:23:55 (Pop-up)
The Girls  Jeffrey I Hear You   Favoriting Self Titled 
  1:31:23 (Pop-up)
Owada  thirty thirty   Favoriting Nothing 

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  1:36:27 (Pop-up)
Neil Young  T-Bone   Favoriting Re*ac*tor 

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  1:38:52 (Pop-up)
The Endtables  Trick or Treat   Favoriting Self Titled 

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  1:48:09 (Pop-up)
Bob Hund  Eh Fall & En Losning   Favoriting 10 Ar Bakat & 100 Ar Framat 

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  1:50:49 (Pop-up)
Roky Erickson  Dont Slander Me   Favoriting I Have Always Been Here Before: The Roky Erickson Anthology 

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  1:55:34 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:

Art by Christian Northeast. Click for the full size image
  1:58:49 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Libertad De Expresion   Favoriting Suave Patria EP 

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*   2:04:38 (Pop-up)
Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa  Iblis Atas Iblis   Favoriting Suara Naga 

*   2:08:56 (Pop-up)
Huun Huur Tu  Eerbek Aksy   Favoriting Ancestors Call 

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Happy Holi Everybody!
*   2:12:54 (Pop-up)
Tommy Saxondale  Anger Management   Favoriting  

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  2:14:20 (Pop-up)
Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power  Take You Slow   Favoriting This is Ming Beat: A Tribute to Sexton Ming 

  2:16:43 (Pop-up)
  Stalling Tape    

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  2:19:10 (Pop-up)
RCA  The Synthesis of Music - The Physical Characteristics of Musical Sounds   Favoriting Music For A Retro Future 
How's this for an antidote image Jonathan?
*   2:22:13 (Pop-up)
Moritz  Bohemian Rhapsody   Favoriting  

  2:29:29 (Pop-up)
Del Close     

  2:37:29 (Pop-up)
Spiritualized  Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space   Favoriting  
  2:39:03 (Pop-up)
The Flying Lizards  Continuity   Favoriting Fourth Wall 
*   2:42:52 (Pop-up)
Michael Nyman  Bird List Song   Favoriting  

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  2:45:41 (Pop-up)
US Christmas  Orgone Accumulator   Favoriting  

  2:50:08 (Pop-up)
Ivy  Nothing But The Sky   Favoriting  

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  2:55:05 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Detroit Mac:

Morning Ken...
  9:01am MuttonChops:

Hello Kenneth :)
  9:02am annie:

morning ken...
  9:03am Dan B From Upstate:

Hey, Ken.
  9:03am MuttonChops:

It's a worker's paradise!
  9:03am Cheri Pi:

I would love to see this film-Norwegian Wood is one of my favorite novels.
  9:04am postmanpaul (":

Do you ken Ken?
  9:04am MuttonChops:

Is that oxymoronic? If it's paradise there are no workers. Or are there?
  9:05am hamburger / london:

I think this guy misses Mary... and yay for Ken's show!
  9:05am elizabeth from nyc:

Ken is part of my ken. (Proper usage?)
  9:05am BSI:

Wouldn't need to be no worker if I was just better with a paradise. Or decka cards.
  9:05am MuttonChops:

Yes, I do. :(
  9:05am Detroit Mac:

Just give me a cute gal with a big wrench and I am in Pair'o'dice.
  9:06am ?:

Morning everybody! I love you all very much. But not in a creepy way AT ALL!
  9:06am MuttonChops:

Who can tell? :)
  9:07am BSI: what's wrong with creepy?
  9:09am Dan B From Upstate:

Magic tingles inside body? Piggly wiggly?
  9:10am hamburger / london:

oh boy that stand up bit from Andy was very enjoyable
  9:14am powiva:

my love is a creep love
  9:15am still b/p:

If I was a cobra, after I take the #2 train down to where I get off and boogie through the Holland Tunnel, what's the best way to get the rest of the way to FMU?
  9:15am Ken:

Hamburger, can you post eh URL of that Andy Breckman standup MP3 here? It will give people something to listen to while I play all this shitty music.
  9:17am Dan B From Upstate:

If I were a cobra and I escaped from a zoo, I'd ask where Rebecca Black was.
  9:18am hamburger / london:

@Ken: No
  9:19am Michele:
  9:20am Ken:

Thanks you Michele. Now I am free as an ant.
  9:21am david:

oh no!
  9:22am Sam:

How free is an ant on a small island?
What about on a large island?
  9:22am Skirkie:

Do your worst.
  9:22am Michele:

I had to help out the people since your show is soooooo shitty! Although they should just mute it because everyone wants to see Bill Cosby shaking his hot dog at them.
  9:24am Looms:

This sausage is scaring me :(
  9:25am Ken:

Yes! Turn off my program! Turn it off before it's too late!! Listen to Andy Brekcman make child molestation jokes and watch the magic hot dog. Remember, you didnt hear it here first.
  9:26am still b/p:

It's alright. Cos is a doctor.

Good god, won't somebody get the fox an ice snorkel?!
  9:28am seang:

bed bugs are back
  9:30am Sam:

I'm clutching my birthright in my fist right now!
  9:31am schizflow:

mtn goats have the buzz. how did that happen? nostalgia for nmh?
  9:32am Cecile:

i missed Andy, good.

I'm up for some shitty music today.
  9:33am BSI:

shitty music is awesome.
i have spoken.
  9:33am Cecile:

I would like some Dokaka doing thrash-metal, plz.
  9:33am MuttonChops:

Whew got that andy/Ken thing done with? Ok folks quiz time: "What makes an artist laugh?"
  9:33am Vicki:

  9:34am MuttonChops:

I have a radio on with WFMU and WFMU is also streaming awesome delay, dude!
  9:34am Cecile:

The Ludacris song is called "Move".
  9:34am Vivian:

Love Merge Records. Hate Arcade Fire. Over blown & Over hyped band.
  9:36am MuttonChops:

Love that echo on "getta Outta da way beeeotch"
  9:36am Cecile:

Yeah, Vicki.
If I have to listen to Montreal prog, I still prefer Voivod.
  9:37am MuttonChops:

Steven Tyler
  9:37am Cecile:

Billy Joel.
  9:38am blip:

poor billy.
  9:38am Cecile:

The creepiest top 40 song I think is Ambrosia's "How Much I Feel." It's so stalkery.
  9:38am glenn:

best canadian band (there's two, i can't make up my mind) the weakerthans and the deep dark woods.
  9:38am MuttonChops:

The echo is freakin' me out. Wow all i need is a sad clown to knock on my door.
  9:39am Vivian:

Where's the love for Rush???
  9:39am Cecile:

Every Breath You Take isn't creepy because it's trying too hard. David Gates is also creepy.

I kinda like Billy Joel. I liked him a lot before the Stranger. I'm not a fan now, but I don't get the flat-out hate when Rob Thomas is walking around unharmed.
  9:39am MuttonChops:

Ahhhh I hear a knock

This is not Matt Damon.
  9:40am blip:

@ Vivian: right here.
  9:40am glenn:

there never has nor never will be any love for rush.
  9:41am BSI:

needs more satan.
  9:41am Ken:

I agree that Billy Joel is one of the creepiest personas, but Chet Baker's vocals make my skin crawl with fear. There's no there there.
  9:41am blip:

: (
  9:41am royvis:

  9:41am Cecile:

Best Canadian bands for me: Sloan, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Voivod, and The Guess Who. I respect the Hip, but can't listen to more than one song at a time.
  9:41am Ken:

I do believe that meghan is doing THREE HOURS of Rush tomorrow morning from 6-9am!!
  9:42am david:

Ken, you turned me on to one of my favorite records vi this show. The new Sigh album is AMAZING!!!!!
  9:42am MuttonChops:

Whew just the mailman. Hey time for name that keyboardist. Who remembers the great ones: Monk, Wakeman, Wright, John and Joel. Come one come all.
  9:42am blip:

: )
  9:43am D in Miami:

Wow! King Diamond has really put on the years!
  9:43am Cecile:

Oh, yeah, DOA and the Nils. The Viletones. Simply Saucer. I jused to like GYBE, but now, eh. The Grusomes. The 1-2-5s. Nomeansno.
  9:43am MuttonChops:

  9:43am schizflow:

  9:44am Cecile:

I saw Mercyful Fate open for Motorhead. I laughed so hard I almost fell over. The mic stand that was a cross of femurs was a nice touch.
  9:45am D in Miami:

Kechet Baker? Good photos today, Ken.
  9:45am BSI:

Holy crap, yes. Simply Saucer is the king of Canada by a longshot.
  9:45am MuttonChops:

Van Cliburn, Horowitz, and Nick Rhodes
  9:45am still b/p:

Would be great if those banks of lean-back-and booga-booga-forward people were all shakin' hot dogs!
  9:45am bw:

  9:45am Cjecile:

the j is silent just like in my name.
  9:46am MuttonChops:

Rawwwwk like a hawk
  9:47am jan:

Ken: What's your take on the 'Book of Mormon musical?" and will you be playing selection from the cast album when it appears or better yet bootlegs?
  9:48am Cecile:

The South Park guys write great musicals.
  9:49am Cecile:

Are Foghat Canadian?
  9:49am dc pjat:

Hey what's happenin?
  9:50am glenn:

foghat :)
  9:51am D in Miami:

@Cecile: I recently saw some live footage of the king and can't believe I thought MF was so badass when I was a teen. That voice and his hat seem so ridiculous.
  9:51am Evil Dead The Musical:

  9:51am Cecile:

I love that Fool for the City record. There I said it.
  9:51am Vicki:

that twitching fox is horrific
  9:52am jan:

ya think they write great musicals? Before I got the cable tv, I had never seen south park and went to the movie theater to see the two movies they did. I didn't think they were all that funny. But seeing them at home on the tube, I was convinced. Are the movies worth revisiting? The musical, I'm not sure.
  9:52am Vicki:

oh OH OHHHH the wheelchair
  9:53am glenn:

no shame in foghat love, as far as i'm concerned.
  9:53am Ken:

I'm dying to see or hear The Book of Mormon.. if anybody has some music, please send that handsome young record salesman to my door. My checkbook is ready.
  9:54am BSI:

Xanadu is the only musical.
  9:54am Dan B From Upstate:

@jan Some of the movies are good. Some, not so much. 20 year old me enjoyed Orgazmo, but I don't know if 30 year old me would. The South Park movie's songs are a thing of glory, and Team America may just be one of the best films ever made. Yeah. I said it.
  9:54am Vicki:

I thought I recognised where that wheelchair gif was from... Xanadu. Thanks
  9:54am Cecile:

I like both movies, and I think they write some great songs. I mean, we've burst into "America, F*** Yeah" and "WWBBD?" in the car many, many times.

BSI: You are dead to me.
  9:55am D in Miami:

I think Von Trier did some good musicals in Dancer in he Dark.
  9:55am mike g:

I like this White Noise Sound song a great deal. From what year is it?
  9:55am Cecile:

I've avoided all their non-animated movies, but I think I have to see Hamlet II.
  9:57am Cecile:

Someone did a Norwegian travel ad campaign as if Lars von Trier directed it. It was disturbing, yet funny.

YES. the DIRTbombs.
  9:57am Mike East:

Ken, The Book of Mormon was rehearsing here. The music sounds like standard Broadway music...its all in the lyrics with them. Last weeks New Yorker had a bit about them arguing over lyrical choices.
  9:58am glenn:

evil dead the musical is the best two hours of entertainment i've ever seen. or eight hours, i guess, since i've seen it four times.
  9:58am Cecile:

evil dead the musical?
  9:59am glenn:

the. best. thing. ever.
  10:00am jan:

I spoke from ignorance- I only saw South Park the Movie
and the Marionette Movie. They were not a laugh riot, which is what I feel about the TV show. Not sure if I can enjoy the vulgarity quoted in some reviews. Not sure if I can enjoy a broadway show, but I had that opinion before seeing the Lion King, which I hate to say on WFMU,
that I enjoyed.
  10:01am Mike East:

anybody see "Cannibal!" the musical?
  10:01am glenn:

much of e.d.t.m. is on youtube. then again, what isn't? love the tube.
  10:02am Ken:

Mike G, you are SEVERELY off topic, but the White Noise CD is brand new.
  10:02am D in Miami:

"Cannibal Holocaust" the musical?
  10:04am BSI:

the Weevil Dead?
mit der singing zombie bugs?
  10:05am Dan B From Upstate:

@mike east: I have it in my queue, but I just can't seem to get myself to watch it. It is pre-South Park after all. Any good?
  10:05am dc pjat:

nice deerhoof...and I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to say about zombies.
  10:05am Cecile:

I don't like all musicals, but there are still some great ones. If Rogers and Hammerstein were good enough for John Coltrane, they're good enough for me.

I will check out Evil Dead, thanks glenn.

Some great "fake" musicals: "Elephant" from the movie 'The Tall Guy." The musical in the last Flight of the Conchords episode. "Stop The Planet of the Apes, I Wnat To Get Off!" on the Simpsons
  10:05am schizflow:

does deerhoof go in Women or Gimmicky on the periodic table?
  10:06am D in Miami:

Is that a guimbri I hear in this Deerhoof song?
  10:06am schizflow:

there needs to be something like metalloids for them
  10:06am jan:

Please don't' play the cast album from the Lion King, although you might play "When you are a jet" from west side story.
  10:06am dc pjat:

the go in Kick Yer Head Off.
  10:06am Mike East:

@Dan B - no, not very good. It took me a lot for me to get through it. Its funnier in concept than execution.
  10:09am mike g:

Thanks, Ken. Yes, I was afraid my question had nothing to with South Park. Nonetheless, I thank you for answering.
  10:11am paul:

dirtbombs is indeed detroit techno covers. lots of classics at that. jaguar!!!
  10:11am Cecile:

Yes. That was Cybotron's Cosmic Cars. And they do Inner City's Good Life. and a buncha other good stuff.
  10:12am MuttonChops:

Technically you are right
  10:12am still b/p:

I wasn't ready to see gnomes and Vassily Kandinsky placed in the same artistic grouping today.

Kinda funny to see Thomas Kinkade, John Audubon and Bill Keane stuffed in the hacky sack, though.
  10:13am glenn:

i don't know about creepy, but i think chet baker is the most overrated, over hyped over played musician ever.
  10:13am Luke:

Good morning Ken. Can you play something for me. You pick.
  10:13am dc pjat:

Man, the playlist is not playing nicely with Firefox 4--loading the main frame in the "post your comment" frame when I hit the Back button...maybe just me.
  10:14am glenn:

maybe wire will play tom sawyer.
  10:14am hamburger / london:

I love when Ken gets shouty
  10:14am MuttonChops:

Hey the last guy did some yelling it was good. Yell at some staff member
  10:14am Vivian:

Rush tomorrow and Wire on Monday!!! Oh Nelly!!!
  10:15am D in Mjiami:

Play some Wire then, Ken!
  10:15am MuttonChops:

Geddy Lee
  10:15am blip:

Aimee Mann
  10:15am Lizardner Dave:

Aimee Mann
  10:15am Cjecile:

oh, my stars and garters!
  10:15am Dan B From Upstate:

@dc p(j)at I emailed Kenzo on that. I guess he's working on it.
  10:15am Vivian:

Aimee Mann
  10:15am hamburger / london:

Elton John!
  10:15am schizflow:

joni mitchell
  10:15am glenn:

kim mitchell.
  10:15am dc pjat:

McKenzie Bros!!
  10:15am Duncan:

Aimee Mann!
  10:16am Happy Listener:

Aimee Mann
  10:16am Luke:

The Wire is a great series. The play live?
  10:16am dc pjat:

mitch mitchell!!
  10:16am Happy Listener:

Ohaiyou Bakkayarou!
  10:16am paul:

Shooby Taylor
  10:16am MuttonChops:

My mother
  10:16am Patrick:

laurie anderson
  10:17am Patrick:

Gary Newman
  10:17am dc pjat:

thanks Dan B
  10:17am Lizardner Dave:

Do I get extra points for saying it was "Time Stand Still" and the album was "Hold Your Fire"?
  10:17am Cjecile:

Bob and Doug McKenzie.
  10:17am glenn:

but i can't go, so do it again.
  10:17am MuttonChops:

My mother aka BustaChops
  10:17am Cjecile:

  10:18am Ken:

Vivian wins! Unless she doesnt want to go, then Duncan wins. Unless Vivian and Duncan dont want to go. In which case Happy Listener wins. Vivian?
  10:18am schizflow:

jessie j
  10:18am Dan B From Upstate:

Is it Rebecca Black?
  10:18am turbo:

I think cecile got it
  10:18am MuttonChops:

You gotta play the McKenzie/Rush song
  10:18am dc pjat:

one of my fave punk names: Roger Gotobed.
  10:18am D in Mjiami:

The magazine? there? Live? No clue on that trivia Q.
  10:19am Ken:

oH WAit!!!! bLIP WINS!!!
  10:19am dc pjat:

hey, I said McKenzie bros first! DAMMIT!
  10:19am glenn:

robert gotobed
  10:19am MuttonChops:

Aimee Man? really I gotta hear that one
  10:19am blip:

Yay! Can't use the tickets, tho... who's next?
  10:19am Vicki:

fight fight fight fight
  10:20am Cjecile:

I want to hear what Patton Oswalt thinks about THAT collaboration...
  10:20am steve king:

aimee mann
  10:20am Cjecile:

  10:20am dc pjat:

eep. Really? Robert? Man, I guess last time I read his name was about 25 years ago.
  10:21am Cjecile:

Tonio's the kind of Christian artist I can get behind.
  10:21am Aaron:

Morning Ken - Congrats on the marathon!
  10:21am dc pjat:

I guess I don't really like his name then...
  10:21am blip:

Juat wanted to show (if it was not already realized) what a geek I was...
  10:21am glenn:

fountain of sorrow my ass, motherfucker.
  10:22am Ken:

So Blip, you no want the Wire tickets?
  10:22am Cjecile:

fountain of sorrow my ass, motherfucker, I hope you waind in the ground.
  10:22am Aimee Mann:

Did I? It was Jon Brion.
  10:23am Ken:

Vivian, you want the tickets?
  10:23am Vivian:

I do want to go but it will be near impossible to get an flight to new york. Congrats Duncan.
  10:23am blip:

Can't use 'em, Ken. Sorry. Lizardner Dave?
  10:23am Happy Listener:

If it comes down to me getting the tickets, please give them someone over 35 who'd appreciate seeing the show. An Average Joe - not some smug, snarky, cliquish hipster.
  10:24am Luke:

So the contest has turned into "Who will take the tickets, please"
  10:24am Vicki:

ha ha
  10:24am Vivian:

Ken, thank you for the opportunity to see Wire. I'll have to cross my fingers that they will stop in Atlanta
  10:24am dc pjat:

ok, here are the rules for ticket give aways: Non-jokey answerers MUST live in NYC.
  10:24am Ken:

Duncan - you;re on deck! Want the tix?
  10:24am steve king:

i can go.
  10:25am Bad Ronald:

Sorry late to the game...

WIRE - when and where?
  10:25am MuttonChops:

Yeah I just wrote my ex-wife. This is my wedding song by Bobbie D
  10:25am BSI:

damn this worldwide audience...
  10:25am Roberto:

Idiot Wind! Aww hell yes!
  10:25am Michelle in Green Bay:

Good morning. Drive by listening/commenting while I wait for a student to show up.
  10:25am Vicki:

how about another competition?
  10:25am Skirkie:

Wait, I was away from my desk, what's this about tickets?
  10:25am D in Mjiami:

If I could get myself up there in time, I'd take 'em. I'm over 35 and an avant-garde fan.
  10:25am Lizardner Dave:

I'll take them if it gets to me!
  10:26am Vicki:

I can't go, can you send them by surface?
  10:26am Bill:

Idiot Wind??! Ken, what happened?!
  10:27am (-_-):

what a shambles
  10:28am glenn:

wire have gracefully morphed from crusty young bastards into crusty old bastards.
  10:29am Bill:

Duncan? speak up my brother or the tickets go elsewhere...
  10:29am Jack:

What happened? Did somebody fuck up? Why is Ken punishing us by playing Dylan? ( I just tuned in...)
  10:29am Elisa:

Hello Ken!
  10:30am (-_-):

hey. i am at work with shed loads to do and can;t waste a minute chatting nonsense but is that tim allen on the playlist, song:The Dirtbombs Cosmic Cars Party Store
  10:30am Vivian:

Darn! I won tickets and I'm over 35! Curse my obligations!
  10:31am Michelle in Green Bay:

I have to thank Ken for some inspiration. A student group roped me into performing on an April Fool's Day concert. I'm blatantly stealing from The Evolution Control Committee (which I learned about on this show) and organizing a choir to sing the Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends" in several keys simultaneously,
  10:31am Steven Gugel:

Thank you Ken for BOB!!!!
My favorite song from him and in vinyl too! You Rock Ken
  10:31am Vicki:

you should write to Mark of The ECC to tell him you're doing it, Michelle, he'd be really pleased.
  10:32am Elisa:

Could you please give me more annoying, painful and damaging noise please.
  10:32am Happy Listener:

Damn, and I thought he'd just loop that 'til noon.
  10:32am Maria D:

I love this Dylan song but the image of him singing it to Victoria Secret models is threatening to ruin it for me
  10:33am glenn:

ummmmmm. victoria"s secret models? did i miss something?
  10:33am Michelle in Green Bay:

Really, Vicki? He won't mind that I'm "sampling" their idea?
  10:33am Bill:

Good God. OK, Steve King, want the Wire tickets?
  10:34am Elisa:

Look at those ugly mugs in the photo! Yikes!
  10:35am MuttonChops:

Now its a party!
  10:35am Vicki:

of course not - really, you should email him -
  10:35am dc pjat:

like this The Girls tune.
  10:35am Elisa:

Those faces look like they have listening to damaging noise!
  10:36am glenn:

i hear neil young influences in the girls. specifically mr soul
  10:38am Michelle in Green Bay:

I will. Thanks, Vicki!
  10:38am steve king:

yes i do
  10:38am postmanpaul (":

Wow! Thanks for Andy's shout out, Ken. I was shamefully unaware of this calibre of twisted wit and banter! Thanks again.
  10:39am Vicki:

he got his idea from the Beatles, you got it from him... someone will get an idea from you in turn... and so it goes :)
  10:40am steve king:

i really want to go and yes i'm over 35
  10:41am Michelle in Green Bay:

Right. And as a composer myself I get that...but then I also get overly hung up on being "original" and get neurotic about influences. And so that goes, too... ;-)
  10:41am Ken:

Well Halluh-Fucking-lujah! Steve King, email me at ken at wfmu dot org from the same email you used when making your comment.
  10:42am BSI:

  10:42am steve king:

i'll do it
  10:43am BustaChops:

Mutton, are you hear on the chatty scrollie digi thing or are you afraid of the chin music I can deliver in my sweet ways. :) bring your golf shoes
  10:43am Hal A. Lewya:

  10:44am MuttonChops:

I''m already on the third hole
  10:44am Hal A. Lewya:

oooh the naughtiest of holes....
  10:45am MuttonChops:

They dont call me Mutton for nothin'
  10:46am dc pjat:

jeeze Neil, wrap it up already...
  10:46am Lizardner Dave:

God hates Ken, but Ken hates Lizardner Dave. Oh well.
  10:46am Joe D.:

  10:46am Golf Joke:

What's the difference between a golf ball and a clitoris?
  10:47am dc pjat:

Answer: Everything I can possibly think of? No?
  10:47am Golf Joke Punchline:

A man will spend all afternoon looking for a golf ball.
  10:47am MuttonChops:

You can leave the hole behind.
  10:48am Ken:

DC Pat, it's like you're NOT EVEN LISTENING!! He's got Mashed Potatoes, but he still lacks a T-Bone.
  10:48am Dan B From Upstate:

Things I've learned today: Neil Young ain't got no T-Bone.
  10:48am seang:

Ok, I turned the radio off
  10:48am BustaChops:

How dare you Mutton!
  10:49am still b/p:

Just enough cow bell.
  10:49am BSI:

needs more satan.
  10:49am D in Mjiami:

Someone throw him a T-Bone, then! Enougjh of thjis already!
  10:50am BustaChops:

That is what she said: I've got mashed potatos and no T-bone
  10:51am Jeff of Orange:

Was that ten minutes of cow bell???? Neil is a genius!!!
  10:51am BustaChops:

by the way awesome tune trick or treat
  10:51am D in Mjiami:

Suck on a titty!
  10:53am T Bone Walker:

I've got mashed potatoes, ain't got no Neil Young.
  10:54am dc pjat:

sorry Ken, I'm a veggie...
  10:54am MuttonChops:

OMG - refer to dictionary
  10:55am T Bone Burnett:

I had Neil Young, now I need some Mashed Potatoes.
  10:56am still b/p:

But he was just singing meataphorically.
  10:56am MuttonChops:

Any other meats here we got T-Bones and Chops
  10:57am dc pjat:

  10:57am Interviewer:

@dcpat: If you were a veggie, what veggie would you be?
  10:58am Dick:

@Mutton: I'm the other white meat.
  10:58am dc pjat:

I'm goin with garlic.
  10:58am glenn:

i saw the roky erickson doc. not too long ago. believe it or not, he's the least fucked up member of his family.
  10:59am BustaChops:

Wow now that is yummy
  11:00am Spinal Tap:

Smell the Clove!
  11:00am Joe D.:

you know, it's funny that Roky Erikson played that, song, considering the types of issues schitzophernic people usually have with imaginary persecution
  11:01am BustaChops:

Who's knockin'?
  11:01am dc pjat:

  11:02am kwhitehead:

I too am sadly over 35. Can I have the tickets?
  11:02am Vicki:

what's that about mashed potatoes?
  11:02am D in Mjiami:

She can lie near me, but I might ask her to take her clothes off.
  11:03am Vivian:

Gosh, now I have a hankering for mashed potatoes with vegan butter & hot sauce.
  11:03am BustaChops:

i had re*ac*tor on vinyl, cut bin
  11:04am dc pjat:

count me in Vjivian
  11:04am BustaChops:

Joe's dead
  11:05am BustaChops:

so is Judy
  11:05am glenn:

i don't want to live in a world that has vegan butter.
  11:06am dc pjat:

glenn is dead
  11:06am MuttonChops:

It's a good lube . . . for food
  11:06am dc pjat:

..but seriously, I DO eat lots of butter...not a vegan at present.
  11:07am hamburger / london:

If there's one thing I hate more than accordians, it's accordian turntablism.. god this is so shitty :)
  11:07am Vivian:

Well Glenn, there is the afterlife where vegan butter doesn't exist..
  11:07am MuttonChops:

or for the other white meat
  11:07am still b/p:

Mucho love for MIS.
  11:07am glenn:

that's what they said about paul, too, and he's a vegetarian.
  11:08am dc pjat:

dang, good point.
  11:08am D in Mjiami:

I can deal with the accjordjian, it's the classic rjock stars I can do without.
  11:09am MuttonChops:

Find that T-Bone!
  11:09am Bad Ronald:

I thought he was the Walrus?
  11:09am glenn:

there's no afterlife. you die, and you go into the ground to rot. done and dusted.
  11:09am Ken:

Hamburger, I hear you! There is a special circle of hell for Accordian Turnablists.
  11:10am Vivian:

DC jpat@ if you want to give vegan butter a try, Earthbalance is quite good. My carnivore friends even like it.
  11:11am BSI:

jeezus with the food-talk! This aint Bryce's show! I've gotta deploy the curry leftovers & it aint even 11:30...
  11:11am MuttonChops:

How about vegan syrup . . . . gotcha
  11:12am Vicki:

they have actually all shut up about food on Bryce's show you know! I was just noting how it's all come over here instead...
  11:12am dc pjat:

yeah, I know. I've tried 'em all. Real bjutter is a weakness. I use loads of olive oil and a little bit of bjutter in my cooking. I'll grab some Earthbalance next time I'm fjood buyin...
  11:13am glenn:

i SUPPOSE maple trees could be considered vegan. i don't think they could be called free range though.
  11:13am BSI:

@Vicki: I guess a mayonnaise bath will do that to a comment board. The psychological scars & such...
  11:13am Academic gav:

This is makin' me Angsty!
  11:13am Happy Listener:

Earth Balance is awesome!
  11:13am MuttonChops:

Oh the munchies, I see, hmmm Watson what do you think
  11:14am dc pjat:

Thjat Ajrrington ijs rjeally sjomething ejlse.
  11:14am Dan B From Upstate:

Okay. I have to ask... what's with the extra Js?
  11:14am Cjecile:

Maples are tree range.
  11:14am Happy Listener:

If you really want to avoid trans-fats completely, get the Mediterranean or the whipped EB. The regular has a tiny bit of TFA.
  11:14am Vicki:

I do think we made everyone sick and hence they are all starving now, yes.
  11:14am glenn:

lactantia country butter. best there is.
  11:15am dc pjat:

Ij djunno. The extra j's crop up occasionally. Cjecile started it today.
  11:15am Eartha Kitt:

C'est T-bone,
De partir n'importe ou,
Bras dessus bras dessous,
En chantant des chansons,
  11:15am Happy Listener:

L'Ancetre has Yaktaintia beat for flavour.
  11:15am MuttonChops:

I like my butter fatty, thick, rich, creamy and clogging.
  11:16am hamburger / london:

Peter Cook!!:D
  11:16am Bad Ronald:

Yeah DC Pjat? You gonna pass that J this way?
  11:16am Academic gav:

Steve Coogan!
  11:16am D in Mjiami:

Ken started this with Chjet Baker.
  11:16am glenn:

and if i can put in a plug for my favourite yogurt - liberty mediterranean. 8% milk fat. yummy.
  11:16am Marmalade Kitty:

Well, bounce my BoomBa!
  11:17am dc pjat:

Talk to Cjecile or Kjen, Bad Rjon
  11:17am MuttonChops:

Anjer Management, hey dont bogart it
  11:17am kiemzi:

i believe the title of that last song roughly translated to "i got mashed potatoes but i ain't got no earth balance"
  11:17am glenn:

has anybody seen the trip?
  11:17am Cjecile:

Ken put an extra j in Chet Baker.
  11:17am hamburger / london:

hamburger = dunce
  11:17am Vivian:

Hey, that's my song!
  11:18am dc pjat:

ok, I just made seitan from scratch over the weekend and it's the most kick-ass thing ever. Been eating sandwitches all week. I will send you the how-to if you want.
  11:19am MuttonChops:

Just send me the sandwich
  11:19am glenn:

not the peter fonda movie. the steve coogan show from bbc.
  11:19am marq:

saxondale and Steve Coogan. watched all those shows on Netfix watch instantly. somewhat funny.
  11:19am D in Mjiami:

It's good to have the wjeirdnjess back! And vjegan bjutter is pretty wjeird, too!
  11:19am Dan B From Upstate:

Ah. For some crazy reason, I thought it might be a lent thing. Shows how religious I am. Also shows how stupid I am to think that all catholics are required to use extra Js.
  11:19am kiemzi:

glenn, the trip is great and features this hit single:
  11:20am MuttonChops:

heh heh funny but not guffaw funny
  11:20am Happy Listener:

needs more seitan
  11:20am Brownsville Station:

Smokin' through the blowhole..! Yeah, we were...
  11:21am Bad Ronald:

Wow, that gif in the Dave Cloud slot reminds me how much fun it was to hang out with junkies!
  11:21am Cjecile:

Pat, I'd be interested in your setain recipe. Send me some deets via Twitter.
  11:21am MuttonChops:

Now that is an Deep Purple classic "Smokin' through the Blowhole"
  11:22am I̥͔ke:

Oh, how I love the stalling tape. Stalling tape, be mine!
  11:22am D in Mjiami:

I'd be interjersted in some satan recipes.
  11:22am MuttonChops:

Is this stock - "having technical difficulties"
  11:23am Vivian:

DCPjat@ I made my own seitan a few weeks ago! It is superior to what you find in the store. I used it in burritos with fresh pineapple, spinach, avocado and radishes. Need to make some more.
  11:23am Satan:

I like to put t bones on my horns and stand over the fire.
  11:24am MuttonChops:

Is this WFMU's secret weapon: The Stalling Tape
  11:24am MuttonChops:

Wow man this is freaky!
  11:25am MuttonChops:

It's the clown again!
  11:25am still b/p:

Will, like, this be on the test?
  11:25am dc pjat:

OK cjecile. D in Mjiami and anyone else: bzzz (at) clownfoundation dott com
  11:25am Happy Listener:
An online version of my favourite seitan recipe.
  11:26am Satan:

Every once in a while i put a vegan on my horns and stand over the fire.
  11:26am MuttonChops:

If you brought your golf shoes you will be fine.
  11:27am Vicki:

I love vegetarian jokes, tell them all again - they're funnier the second time
  11:27am Vivian:
  11:28am MuttonChops:

Vegetarian there is it - a one word joke.
  11:28am MuttonChops:

  11:28am Sgt Studenko:

Q: What meat does a priest eat on Friday?
A: Nun
  11:29am MuttonChops:

Nice Sarge!
  11:29am glenn:

vegans - the hezbollah like splinter faction of vegetarianism. - anthony bourdain.
  11:30am MuttonChops:

This is like the Antique Phonograph Show
  11:31am Michael from Munich:

Yeah! Thanks for playing my song, Ken! I did the music mixing for Moritz and recorded the song.
  11:31am Happy Listener:

MuttonChops is a much funnier one-word joke. Easily associated to Mutton-head.
  11:31am MuttonChops:

This is better than Rebecca Black
  11:32am D in Mjiami:

I think Ken was experimenting with Burroughs' ideas of tape cut-ups and inciting riots with tape recorders.
  11:32am MuttonChops:

Hence I picked the name. I love spreading the jollies. ;)
  11:32am Vicki:

are there other tracks by Moritz, Michael?
  11:32am Michael from Munich:

Here's a picture of Moritz BTW
  11:32am glenn:

i do a "medley" of hunting tigers out in indiah and see my vest at the local sunday jam. i like to dedicate it to all the vegans.
  11:32am Carmichael:

What this guy's voice needs is some over-modulation.
  11:32am BSI:

nothing can be more awesome.
  11:33am D in Mjiami:

Thjis is how I think the original shjould've been. So much bjetter!
  11:33am MuttonChops:

you mean injia?!?
  11:33am Wendy del Formaggio:

Michael from Munich, may the cheese gods and goddesses look kindly upon you for recording this. It's making my day very happy!
  11:33am MuttonChops:

you mean injia?!?
  11:33am Cjecile:

All food is good. There is no bad food. Just bad amounts of food. I like flora as much as fauna.
  11:34am MuttonChops:

Wow, what a train wreck. I love it.
  11:34am Happy Listener:

Wow, tons of imbecilic vegan-hate, even from a fellow Torontonian. Fortunately, my regular intake of salmon and chicken hinder my ability to give a fuck.
  11:35am MuttonChops:

Is there a Moritz Jungleland?
  11:35am Michael from Munich:

@Vicki We had a band once: Soundfreaks. You can find some YouTube videos here
  11:36am still b/p:

Gimme two cobradogs with everything, please. I'm a venomarian.
  11:37am Carmichael:

Is that Tim Allen in the Dirtbombs pic??
  11:37am D in Mjiami:

Is there a continuation of that .gif where Oprah's head falls off?
  11:38am Vicki:

Thanks Michael - do you have mp3s too?
  11:38am Happy Listener:

Cobradogs would be awesome - I'm visualizing some Maxwell Street style dogs with hood scoops right now.
  11:38am BSI:

  11:38am holland oats:

wow,ken's been on the toilet awhile now, hope he's ok
  11:38am Michael from Munich:

@Vicki I'll see what I can do when I get home from work.
  11:39am Happy Listener:

@carmichael - certainly looks like him, eh?
  11:39am MuttonChops:

is this wfmu psa
  11:39am Cjecile:

That wouldn't be Tim Allen, I don't think. He's not that old. Only a few years older than I am.

I have to say, I have found killer vegan recipes by looking up food by Indian home cooks. Very satisfying, quick and inexpensive.
  11:40am Denise in DC:

Hey all, I'm trying to listen, but with Ken's show I'm compelled to pay attention, which means I can't do work. Hence I must away to some Light Classical station or equivalent boring garbage.

Sorry you're doing such a great show, Ken.
  11:40am Happy Listener:

I feel better already!
  11:40am glenn:

hey, i was a vegetarian for years. i was also a totally humourless sanctimonious asshole, coincidentally at the same time.
  11:40am Skirkie:

I've been looking for this for months.
  11:40am MuttonChops:

Who is going outside today?
  11:41am Vicki:

Michael - could you email me through here please? - would like to get some stuff from you for my show - I will pass to Ken too who is obviously too busy to be saying this as well at the moment :)
  11:41am hamburger / london:

sup wit middle aged obese vegetarian Indian ladies?
  11:41am glenn:

now i'm just an asshole.
  11:42am Happy Listener:

we know
  11:42am T Bone Burnett:

ghee, i don't know
  11:42am Happy Listener:

me too
  11:42am Cjecile:

dairy products are very calorie-dense. And in the UK, they are also magically delicious.
  11:42am glenn:

  11:43am Michael from Munich:

@Vicki Sure, I'll mail you the stuff. We did already have an email conversation once. I'm the guy who did his wedding dance to Swing Largo.
  11:43am charmer:

co-bra-di, co-bra-da
life goes on, (co) bra!
  11:43am Mike East:

that reminds me - I was supposed to make a copy of this album for my friend who lost his...but I can't seem to find mine...drat!
  11:43am Vicki:

oh RIGHT! Sorry... very flattered about that...
  11:43am MuttonChops:

of course we know, we have to know, otherwise we wouldn't know what we don't know . . .
  11:44am glenn:

although i prefer the term curmudgeon.
  11:45am Ken:

Stay the fuck on topic people! We are about to hit a comment record.
  11:45am Happy Listener:

There are known knowns, and known unknowns, and the things we just don't know we don't know, you know?
  11:45am MuttonChops:

i like that glenn, a nice way to say the same thing but with literary flair kudos
  11:45am D in Mjiami:

Erin Cobragh was this month!
  11:46am Vicki:

and what might that comment be?
  11:46am dc pjat:

ok, in order to help out Ken, here's the seitan installments...
  11:46am Dan B From Upstate:

Comment record? I don't know if I want to participate in that.
  11:46am Cjecile:

I'm very happy the Flying Lizards are getting played a lot!
  11:46am BSI:

Needs more Cupcake Dog.
  11:46am Happy Listener:

I'll save "curmudgeon" for the post-retirment time thanks.
  11:46am Bad Ronald:

No Comment
  11:46am glenn:

what can i say? h.l. mencken and ralph waldo emerson are two of my favourite writers.
  11:46am dc pjat:

9 cups whole wheat bread flour + 3 cups water. mix into stiff dough
  11:47am MuttonChops:

Do you have the knight Rider theme song and then sister christain
  11:47am Carmichael:

I've never been called a curmudgeon OR asshole. I feel slighted, somehow.

Does "dickhead" count?
  11:47am dc pjat:

let dough sit at least 1 hour
  11:47am Vicki:

I think everyone should sing this high or be shot
  11:47am Cjecile:

I'm a woman, it's just the "b" word all the time. I wish people were more imaginative.
  11:48am D in Mjiami:

The topic is the extra J?
  11:48am Happy Listener:

let me get out my tinsnips...
  11:48am dc pjat:

start wringing dough out in a big bowl of water, changing water when it gets cloudy.

(I'm regularly called a dick by my friends)
  11:48am Lizardner Dave:

  11:48am Cjecile:

Vicki - high and on helium.
  11:48am Geddy Lee:

  11:49am MuttonChops:

  11:49am D in Mjiami:

And we've come back to Kjing Djiamond!
  11:49am glenn:

women get the good underwear. we get all the good pejorative terms.
  11:49am kiemzi:

i agree with vicki, for the record.
  11:49am Dan B From Upstate:

In south park fashion, my S.O. usually refers to me as a black asshole.
  11:49am Vicki:

lightninggg strrrrrikes again and again and again and again
  11:49am dc pjat:

keep wringing until you get a nice rubbery consistency and the water is somewhat clear (abou 15 minutes)
  11:49am paul b:

Dear Ken
I am a clerk at a large university library and am holding a new book in my hand that I am about to add to our collection called "Chinese Walls in Time and Space". One of the editors is Haun Saussy. I have this odd memory fragment that someone at your radio station once brought this same Haun Saussy to the station and had him talk to R. Stevie Moore for an hour.
  11:49am Dan B From Upstate:

I just tell my S.O. that she's her mother. That usually works.
  11:50am MuttonChops:

yes dickhead means salesmen. thanks geddy
  11:50am Carmichael:

That dinosaur done got him some moves.
  11:50am Vicki:

food breaks records
  11:50am de stijl b/p:

How many for the rjecord?
  11:51am dc pjat:

cut into pieces and boil with 1/2 red onion, 3 garlic cloves, 1 cup carrots, 2 celery stalks, bay leaf, 8 cups of veggie broth, 1/2 cup of soy sauce, for about 45 minutes.
  11:51am Wendy del Formaggio:

I see a corn weenie!
  11:51am Carmichael:

@Vicki: he he he .... I hold a special place in my home torture chamber for Lou Christie, should I ever successfully abduct him.
  11:51am seang:

l wanna eat rich people
  11:51am Sean:

@paul b: it was on Kenny G's show a couple years ago.
  11:51am BustaChops:

keep writing - stroke stroke stroke
  11:51am Vicki:

btw folks, it was 15 dollars per comment today.
  11:52am BSI:

Who has space ritual carrot cake?
  11:52am Cjecile:

what do you shape the setain into before you cut it, and how big are the pieces?
  11:52am dc pjat:

THEN, fry the pieces in some olive oil and add BBQ sauce.
  11:52am BustaChops:

damn i just got 12.50
  11:52am marq:

is Kenny G coming back for the summer programming schedule?
  11:53am Happy Listener:

I only know how to make space ritual banana bread.
  11:53am Bad Ronald:

I'll buy that for a dollar!
  11:53am kiemzi:

ka ching!
  11:53am Cjecile:

I only know how to make Silver Machine meth brownies.
  11:53am BustaChops:

ok bake sale for comments
  11:53am dc pjat:

I cut them into buffalo wing size and twist them. Confidentially, it looks like poop soup when you're boiling it but HEY! it's like making sausage...
  11:54am de stijl b/p:

We used to see films in high school illustrating principles of physics with frictionless dogs.
  11:55am Cjecile:

I make soup. Most soup looks like poop when you're making stock...
  11:55am D in Mjiami:

Don't knock pjoop sjoup!
  11:55am BustaChops:

Got to get back to the ship ........
  11:55am glenn:

buffaloes have wings?
  11:55am Kjen:

ON TOPIC PEOPLES!!!! Who IS Lord And Master of The Wjinmged Mjonkeys?!
  11:56am glenn:

maybe there needs to be a food stream. ken?
  11:56am Dan B From Upstate:

Yjou are, Sjtation Mjanager Kjen!
  11:56am Happy Listener:

You, Ken, are the Mord and Laster of the Minged Wonkeys!
  11:56am vivjian:

All Hjail Ken!
  11:56am BustaChops:

Bjorn Bjorg
  11:56am D in Mjiami:

  11:56am Carmichael:

I thought it was the bad witch.
  11:56am Lizardner Dave:

I got screwed out of the Wire tickets, I'm not buying into the fucking j thing, that's for sure.
  11:57am Bad Ronald:

Glorious Ken!!
  11:57am dc pjat:

OK, gotta rebjoot. Good luck with the record Kjen.
  11:57am BSI:

I'd like to think Nick the Bard is the true Lord & Master of the winged monkeys, but I suspect it be our Kjen...
  11:57am dc pjat:

  11:58am Vicki:

I watched Network last night
  11:58am kiemzi:

i thought the topic was mashed potato(e)s.
  11:58am MuttonChops:

jujmping Jehoshjat i love cosmology lessons
  11:58am Kjen:

Only 16 comments away from 500 so a few more people have to say "You Are, Station Manager Ken."
  11:59am glenn:

  11:59am dc pjat:

  11:59am glenn:

  11:59am D in Mjiami:

Much Sljowdive-y inserts today. Mmmmm.....
  11:59am RSTVMO:

Carmen Is Coming.
  11:59am Cjecile:

So, how do you serve/eat the seitan, dcp?
  11:59am marq:

jou are
  11:59am glenn:

  11:59am BustaChops:

You are Ken, not barbie
  12:00pm glenn:

  12:00pm glenn:

  12:00pm dc pjat:

FRY WITH BBQ SAUCE, serve with masht potatoes!!!!
  12:00pm fljying/mjarching orders:

You'll believe in more than that before
I've finished with you. Take your army to
the Haunted Forest, and bring me that girl
and her dog! Do what you like with the
others, but I want her alive and unharmed!
  12:00pm BustaChops:

I love bacon though
  12:00pm Hjappy Ljistener:

I'm atone-deaf.
  12:00pm Dan B From Upstate:

Say what, now?
  12:00pm D in Mjiami:

Yjou are, Stjation Manajer, Kjen!
  12:00pm maria:

j'ecoute å la radio
  12:00pm seang:

tax the superrich or face a revolution
  12:01pm kiemzi:

oh dc pat, i think you made the comment made me go back and find this:
  12:01pm MuttonChops:

You got the record Kenneth
  12:01pm Dan B From Upstate:

I read that article, Sean. Good read.
  12:01pm cjobra:

I ljove mjonkeys!
  12:01pm kiemzi:

"You Are, Station Manager Ken."
  12:01pm marq:

you can still comment after the show in the archives, right?
  12:01pm dc pjat:

but you can do anything with it. The broth you end up with is amazing too for sauces, etc.
  12:01pm don:

you are not station manager ben
  12:02pm Hjappy Ljistener:

Hurray for Minged Wonkeys!
  12:01pm Mire Berch:

The Mountain Goats?!?!!!! Nooo!!! If I wasn't quick fast forwarding that my whole day would be annoying.
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