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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Black Hollies  Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat   Favoriting 7"  Claw & Globe  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Cynics  Zombie Walk   Favoriting Spinning Wheel Motel  Get Hip  0:03:03 Pop-up)  
The Booze  Derailed and Double Crossed   Favoriting At Maximum Volume  Underrated Recordings  0:08:13 Pop-up)  
Barracudas  Summer Fun   Favoriting Drop Out with the Barracudas  Voxx  0:12:16 Pop-up)  
Len Price 3  Man Who Used To Be   Favoriting Pictures  Wicked Cool  0:14:47 Pop-up)  
Occult Detective Club  Young Lovers   Favoriting Crimes  Alive  0:17:14 Pop-up)  
Southern Culture On the Skids  Slinky Spring Milt   Favoriting The Kudzu Ranch  Kudzu  0:19:15 Pop-up)  
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  Walking with Barrence   Favoriting Plus 10 More for the Pot  Ace UK  0:21:53 Pop-up)  
A-Bones  She Said Yeah   Favoriting 7"  Get Hip  0:33:21 Pop-up)  
Rivieras  Let's Have a Party   Favoriting Best of  Norton  0:34:41 Pop-up)  
Bloodshot Bill  Stop!   Favoriting Thunder And Lightning  Norton  0:37:12 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams  Cigarettes and My Old Lady   Favoriting That's All I Need  Bloodshot  0:39:50 Pop-up)  
Bad Ronald  Three Chord Joe   Favoriting CD single  self-released  0:42:47 Pop-up)  
Davie Allan & the Arrows  Action On the Street   Favoriting Devil's Rumble: Anthology '64-'68  Sundazed  0:43:36 Pop-up)  
Satan's Pilgrims  La Cazuela   Favoriting Plymouth Rock: The Best Of Satan's Pilgrims  MuSick  0:45:11 Pop-up)  
Daddy O Grande Con Lost Acapulco  Zicatela   Favoriting En Mexico  Mostrissimo  0:48:29 Pop-up)  
Panamericans!  Baiao   Favoriting self-titled  Flat Fish  0:50:21 Pop-up)  
Ian & The Aztecs  Cara-Lin   Favoriting Live From the Troy School of Beauty Culture 10"  Carlton  0:53:39 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band live in the studio!  
Engineer: Mike Sin. Thanks Mike! recorded May 21  
Allen Hill, the High Priest of the Oldies - lead vocals, guitar; David Beebe - drums, vocals; Jim Heinkel - guitar, organ, vocals; Mark - bass, vocals  
Allen Oldies Band  Ride the Wild Surf   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:02:54 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Summertime Love   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:05:15 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Time Won't Let Me   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:06:42 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  You Talk Too Much   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:10:00 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Do You Love Me?   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:14:18 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Shake a Tail Feather   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:18:21 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Cherry Cherry   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:20:20 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  I Like It Like That   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:24:40 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Alright   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:28:49 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Can't You See That She's Mine   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:31:43 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:34:23 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Hanky Panky   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:37:20 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Yummy, Yummy, Yummy   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:40:19 Pop-up)  
Allen Oldies Band  Nobody But Me   Favoriting live on WFMU!  no label  1:43:42 Pop-up)  
Incredible Casuals  On the Beach   Favoriting Nature Calls  Iddy Biddy  1:50:07 Pop-up)  
Baseball Project  Don't Call Them Twinkies   Favoriting Volume 2: High and Inside  Yep Roc  1:52:47 Pop-up)  
Hives  You Dress Up For Armageddon   Favoriting The Black and White Album  Octone  1:57:17 Pop-up)  
Cute Lepers  Tribute to Charlie   Favoriting Adventure Time  1-2-3-4 Go!  2:00:07 Pop-up)  
High Tension Wires  Subprime Love   Favoriting Welcome New Machine  Green Noise  2:03:29 Pop-up)  
Redondo Beat  Break-A-Heart   Favoriting Meet Redondo Beat  Dionysus  2:04:39 Pop-up)  
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band  Plastic Factory   Favoriting Safe as Milk  Buddha  2:12:39 Pop-up)  
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band  When It Blows Its Stacks   Favoriting The Spotlight Kid  Reprise  2:16:00 Pop-up)  
Birds of Avalon  Polysexdeathblog   Favoriting self-titled  Bladen County Records  2:18:55 Pop-up)  
Goodees  Jilted   Favoriting Condition Red! The Complete Goodees  Ace UK  2:22:41 Pop-up)  
Les Gam's  Attention Accident (sur l'autoroute d'ouest)   Favoriting various - Hey Beach Girls: Female Surf and Drag 1961-1966  Ace UK  2:26:56 Pop-up)  
Disappears  Not Romantic   Favoriting Guider  Kranky  2:37:19 Pop-up)  
Les Breastfeeders  La Lune a Blamer   Favoriting Dans la Guele des Jours  Blow the Fuse  2:39:24 Pop-up)  
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists  Last Days   Favoriting The Brutalist Bricks  Matador  2:42:45 Pop-up)  
Richard Hell and the Voidoids  Ignore That Door   Favoriting Time  Matador  2:46:21 Pop-up)  
Mike Watt  Arrow-Pierced Egg-Man   Favoriting Hyphenated-Man  Clenched Wrench  2:49:30 Pop-up)  
Shannon and the Clams  The Woodsman   Favoriting Sleep Talk  1-2-3-4 Go!  2:51:05 Pop-up)  
Unnatural Helpers  The Truth About You   Favoriting Cracked Love & Other Drugs  Hardly Art  2:54:54 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:06pm Cecile:

Hello, Joe!
  12:15pm Joe B:

Hi Cecile! Thanks for tunin in/checkin in!
  12:15pm Parq:

Oh man, I can still remember Plymouth Baracuda commercials on top-40 radio in the 60s. What a thing to hold onto for almost half a century.
  12:17pm Joe B:

Allen Oldies Band live set at 1 pm! Mike Fornatale interview at 2:15. Mike will give us the scoop on the big Captain Beefheart tribute Saturday at Bowery Poetry Club!
  12:18pm SmokinJ:

  12:19pm Cecile:

thanks for the Ba-cah-rudas, Joe. Nice song.
  12:24pm Cecile:

YEAH. Barrence w/ the DMZ guys.
  12:25pm Rubble:

A-L-L-E-N spells oldies!
  12:25pm Cecile:

I'm convinced that if Barrence had started working 25 years later, he'd be in Sharon Jones's place. The real thing.
  12:28pm James:

Really enjoyed hearing the Booze in the studio last week. I also recommend the Biters that are on tour with them. Fun power-pop/glam stuff.
  12:28pm Marc:

where can I download the music that plays in the background?
  12:31pm DJ Terre T:

THE BARRACUDAS are gunna be on my show sometime in JUNE!
THE OBITS are gunna be live on my show THIS Sat June 4 btwn 3-6pm (not TimesNew Viking as it is mistakenly listed for some reason on Upcoming!)
  12:32pm DJ Terre T:

Thank you Joe!
  12:32pm SmokinJ:

You Rock Terre!
  12:38pm Joe B:

Cecile, I think it was just Peter Greenberg from DMZ on that album, I could be wrong though!
  12:38pm Brian in UK:

Joe, is this an Eddie Cochran original?
  12:39pm Cecile:

I think you're right. But he's a monolith!
  12:39pm Joe B:

Brian, She Said Yeah was Larry Williams originally!
  12:40pm Joe B:

if you meant Party, originally by Elvis with the hit by Wanda Jackson
  12:40pm DJ Terre T:

  12:41pm Handsome Harry:

Bloodshot Bill! Great stuff.
  12:41pm SmokinJ:

I'm Hip!
  12:46pm Cecile:

great Davie Allen anthology...
  12:52pm Brian in UK:

Should have specified. It was Party. Thanks.
  12:57pm SigsLagoon:

Houston's NORTON headquarters! OLDIES in 5 MIN!!!!
  1:01pm Cecile:

Trailer Trash are a great honky-tonk/rockabilly band.

Daddy O'Grande is from Minneapolis. That's sad to hear...
  1:04pm SigsLagoon:

  1:05pm ?:

Mike, the music in the background was recorded directly from a vintage strata bowling video game. I could be wrong but I don't think you can find it anywhere for d/l!
  1:07pm efd:

  1:11pm oldies fanatic:

Oldies dance party! Fun, wild, sincere! YES! FCC irony! Love AOB. Oldies forever!
  1:11pm Carmichael:

OK, back from meeting and ready for rekkids.
  1:15pm Carmichael:

Are you guys available for weddings? Wakes? Paroles?
  1:18pm Parq:

Carm, remember to invite the Parole Officer. And he should probably be comped.
  1:20pm Cecile:

eyyy, parq.
  1:22pm Allen Hill:

Yes we are available for all dancing occasions
  1:23pm efd:

Is there still a "single side of the stage" with this 4-man lineup?
  1:26pm Cynthia:

Allen Hill and the boys knock it out of the park once again. Damn I wish it was 2 weekends ago and we had two more oldies sets tonight!! I will just have to listen to this on the archive later!
  1:26pm Cecile:

I think all parole hearings should have a band.
  1:28pm Sigs Lagoon:

we are near capacity at Sig's. Need to make an Oldies pop run!!!!!
  1:28pm Mike East:

Holy Crap I want to be in this band. Sounding great!
  1:35pm Cecile:

always a joy to hear him on your show
  1:36pm Carmichael:

That can't be a real Farfisa, can it?!?
  1:37pm Carmichael:

Ha Ha!! Crazy Elephant!!
  1:47pm Parq:

I've heard a ton about these guys, but this is the first time I've heard one of their sets. Their unabashed pleasure in these tunes comes through loud and clear. Must be a blast on stage.
  1:48pm Joe B:

especially when they play 5 hours straight with NO breaks
  1:50pm Cecile:

You must get them for your fundraiser show..
  1:50pm Cynthia:

Parq, they are a phenomenon that cannot be described and must be experienced! Energy like nothing else I've ever seen. And joe isn't kidding when he says they can do five hour shows with no breaks!
  1:51pm efd:

Great live set! Thanks Joe, Mike, ToT and of course the Allen Oldies Band themselves!!
  1:52pm efd:

Cynthia speaks the truth (as always) - one of the most amazing live shows I've ever seen.
  1:53pm pierre:

Bonjour all !
Bonjour Joe,
Bonjour Terre T,

its sunny, there a great live on ! Thanks everyone, thanks wfmu… this is great
  1:54pm RZ:

Feels like summer is here...fun fun fun!
  1:56pm Stephen:

Thanks for all the Oldies, Joe! Great meeting you at the Fifth Estate in Brooklyn for Eva 40!
  1:56pm Cecile:

Sounds like Craig Finn on this...
  1:57pm glenn:

aw man, i forgot. baseball project played here last night. they were probably better than the blue jays.
  1:57pm Joe B:

Nothing gets past Cecile! right again!

same here Stephen! Hi RZ, pierre and everyone! thanks Evan!
  1:58pm Joe B:

how did i forget this next song for the end of the world set? d-oh
  1:59pm Cecile:

I know from Craig Finn.
They do have a nice park now. Still haven't been there, but it looks really cool.
They had Killebrew's number on all the trains in town when he passed.
  1:59pm Cecile:

I always thought Craig Finn sounded like a cross between Neil Diamond and Mark E. Smith.
  2:00pm glenn:

now i have an image in my head of the fall performing sweet caroline. it ain't pretty.
  2:01pm Joe B:

not a big fan but was impressed when he guested with the Baseball Project here in April
  2:01pm Cecile:

I would love to hear that. But seriously, yeah. I was at a Lifter Puller show, and I was all "dude, who does he sound like...noooo!"
  2:02pm Cecile:

he's a smart guy, good songwriter. A friend of friends who I haven't met, but have seen live a couple of time. And I have no interest in his music at all.
  2:04pm Stephen:

How about Radio Smash by the Knuckle Sandwiches (featuring bass player Andy Slater!)
  2:04pm Cecile:

But if you are at the Twins ballpark, please get either a VIncent burger (stuffed with short ribs) or a Kramarczuk's brat. Best in the world.

Or you can just skip the game and hit both places.
  2:06pm Rubble:

I'm not too into his band either but saw him do that tune with baseball project live and he knocked it out of the par!k (cheap baseball reference intended). Really spirited performance!
  2:06pm efd:

And don't forget to pick up a can of Harmon Killebrew root beer!
  2:06pm Cecile:

here's a band i haven't heard in forever - Gaunt. Got any?
  2:07pm Cecile:

He is a dynamic live singer. really charismatic. Just don't dig either Lifter Puller or Hold Steady.
  2:07pm Cecile:

that's right efd!
  2:07pm Joe B:

knuckle sandwiches not here. Cecile, not a big Gaunt fan, plus no time to run in library, sorry!
  2:08pm Cecile:

That's fine!
  2:08pm Stephen:

No sweat! Love the show!
  2:09pm Stephen:

and Eva says thanks for the shout out!
  2:12pm glenn:

i don't know lifter puller. the hold steady i can take or leave, although i know people wax poetic over them.
  2:12pm Nanker de Tucson:

Love me some Baseball Project!
  2:13pm glenn:

jose bautista. no steroids, many home runs.
  2:14pm Cecile:

DO IT, Joe.
  2:14pm glenn:

no way dude.
  2:14pm Cecile:

glenn, that was the early New Wave/Springsteen flavored combo a couple of Hold Steady folks had back in Minneapolis - before they moved to NY.
  2:15pm glenn:

he's getting a lot more a.b.s and he's finally got a good batting coach.
  2:15pm Cecile:

  2:15pm Walt Whitman:

  2:16pm Cecile:

  2:17pm glenn:

plus he's hitting what, .365 with on o.b.p. of .510. jose's the real deal.
  2:18pm Joe B:

not impressed. Many Blue Jays went to Dr. Galea, an HGH doctor who engaged in all sorts of shady practices. journeyman to 54 homers in one year, I am suspect
  2:19pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

  2:20pm Walt Whitman:

LOL? I am not familiar with this archaic term. Please elucidate.
  2:20pm glenn:

we shall have to agree to disagree.
  2:21pm Cecile:

time will determine the winner in this argument. And perhaps a congressional subcommitee.
  2:21pm Cecile:

I always love it when Joe unfurls his noisy freak flag.
  2:22pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

Jose couldn't even do steroids right when he was here
  2:23pm Das:

I enjoyed that Beefheart so much it's almost obscene.
  2:24pm glenn:

he wasn't alone, then. when was the last time the pirates had a winning season?
  2:25pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

  2:26pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

last winning record, early 90s; last accomplished steroids user, Brian Giles
  2:26pm Cecile:

oooooh. Escandalo!
  2:27pm glenn:

well, at least pittsburgh's got a halfway decent ballpark. the skydome's an abomination.
  2:28pm Joe B:

don't wish for a new ballpark - it just gives them an excuse to jack up ticket prices a la Shitty Field in flushing
  2:29pm glenn:

besides, i seem to recall sandy koufax sucked for his first 3 or 4 years, and after that it was lights out. why can't it be the same for jose and other late bloomers?
  2:29pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

PNC rocks, and Bucco pitching has been remarkably good, may even have a legit All-Star or two
  2:30pm Joe B:

Koufax always threw hard. this clown Never had power
  2:32pm Lizardner Dave:

PNC is a very nice ballpark though downtown Pittsburgh felt like someone had dropped a neutron bomb - nice office buidlings and whatnot but other than the odd smoker there was nobody on the street even on a gameday.

Most underrated, under-the-radar fun place to see a ballgame: Miller Park in Milwaukee.
  2:33pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Great Show Joe! All this & the Capt too!
Ticket prices for what? Is there any actual MLB action at the aforementioned "Field"?
  2:34pm glenn:

for everybody who hates their job. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dTHlTu_DC8
  2:35pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

@Lizardner Dave: Miller Park is indeed fun, but too many decks---you are waaaay up there in the cheap seats
  2:36pm glenn:

aw come on, joe. if jose bautista was playing for the yankees you'd be thrilled.
  2:36pm Joe B:

nope, wouldn't be thrilled or impressed. Yankees have had more roid guys than anyone.
  2:37pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

everyone plays for the Yankees eventually ....
  2:38pm cynthia:

Jersey folks, get a wristband at the pier sessions tonight for drink specials at DC's later on!
  2:40pm Walt Whitman:

Can one be gruntled?
  2:41pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

yes, me during the Cynics track earlier! thanks Joe B !
  2:42pm Cecile:

Pirates Fan, how popular are the Cynics in their hometown? (I rarely leave Beaver County when I'm there.)
  2:45pm glenn:

i'm probably going to regret this, but what is beaver county?
  2:47pm Cecile:

It's a county in Western Pennsylvania, about 30 miles from PIttsburgh. My mom lives in Beaver Falls. HOme of Joe WIllie Namath.
  2:48pm glenn:

oh. so not a peeler bar then.
  2:49pm Cecile:

A good place to be from.
No, glenn. Good guess.
  2:49pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

@Cecile: you're close! very popular, conditionally. fan base is aging and needs sitters etc. with enough advance notice, they'll fill a theater, and they always pack the 31st St Pub
that being said, dopey bands like Rusted Root and the Clarks and the Povertyneck Hillbillies have been more popular locally, Cynics have always been second fiddle
  2:50pm glenn:

have you been to fallingwater? i'd love to go, but the admission is something like 150$
  2:51pm Cecile:

That sounds about right. They are the kind of band I'd go see fairly often if they are in town. But I don't drive, so I'm stuck with the bluehair set in Beaver Falls.
  2:52pm Joe B:

sorry, no Mike Fornatale interview due to operator error (read: DJ incompetence) apologies to Mike, definitely check out the Beefheart tribute saturday if you are in NYC
  2:54pm glenn:

get your mom to drive you. you could relive your teens.
  2:54pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

when I was a kid, we used to drive to Fallingwater and drink there. now it's all fenced off and guarded and museo-corporate
it's really awesome to see though, sorry it costs so much now. FLW has another house nearby too, Kentuck Knob, try and do them both if you do one
  2:56pm glenn:

i'd go to buffalo. i think there's still 4 or 5 flw hoses there.
  2:56pm Cecile:

glenn, 1) I babysat while my mom went out. 2) I'm not getting in car with her ever again. She's too old to drive.
  2:57pm disgruntledPiratesFan:

Fallingwater is the, ah, PNC Park of FLW's oeuvre
  3:04pm ?:

Great show Joe!
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