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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Obits  I Blame Myself   Favoriting Moody, Standard and Poor  Sub Pop  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Starbreaker  Sound of Summer   Favoriting various - Starting With the 70s - Evan 'Funk' Davies' 2008 WFMU Marathon Premium    0:04:02 Pop-up)  
Darren Burn  Summertime Time   Favoriting     0:05:31 Pop-up)  
Partridge Family  Summer Days   Favoriting Greatest Hits  Arista  0:11:16 Pop-up)  
Monkees  The Door Into Summer   Favoriting Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.  Rhino  0:14:13 Pop-up)  
The Westwoods  I Miss My Surfer Boy Too   Favoriting various - Hey Beach Girls! Female Surf n' Drag 1961-1966  Ace  0:16:36 Pop-up)  
Larry & the Loafers  Let's Go To the Beach   Favoriting various - Hang It Out To Dry CD  Satan Records  0:20:23 Pop-up)  
The 99ers  Minnesota Sun   Favoriting Everybody's Rockin'  Spinout  0:23:17 Pop-up)  
Trashmen  Summertime   Favoriting Bird Call! The Twin City Stomp of the Trashmen  Sundazed  0:25:07 Pop-up)  
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  Go Ahead and Burn   Favoriting Plus 10 More for the Pot  Ace  0:29:19 Pop-up)  
5678s  Edie Is A Sweet Candy   Favoriting The 5678s Can't Help It!  Au Go Go  0:41:24 Pop-up)  
Real Kids  She's Alright   Favoriting s/t  Norton  0:44:19 Pop-up)  
Alarm Clocks  Don't Get Left Behind   Favoriting The Time Has Come  Norton  0:46:01 Pop-up)  
Question Mark & The Mysterians  It's Not Easy   Favoriting 96 Tears: 30 Original Recordings  Campark  0:47:59 Pop-up)  
Mighty Hannibal  Get Back   Favoriting Hannibalism!  Norton  0:50:49 Pop-up)  
Gino Washington  Gino Is a Coward   Favoriting Out Of This World  Norton  0:53:49 Pop-up)  
A-Bones with Dave 'Baby' Cortez  Cat Nip   Favoriting Not Now!  Norton  0:55:24 Pop-up)  
Figures of Light  Seething Psychosexual Conflict Blues   Favoriting Smash Hits  Norton  0:57:53 Pop-up)  
Untamed Youth  They Can't Call It Beer   Favoriting Youth Runs Wild!  Norton  1:00:02 Pop-up)  
Sonics  Cinderella   Favoriting Boom!  Norton  1:02:59 Pop-up)  
Feelies  Barstool Blues   Favoriting cd single  Coyote/A&M  1:11:11 Pop-up)  
Feelies  Waiting   Favoriting Time for a Witness  Coyote/A&M  1:13:35 Pop-up)  
Feelies  The Final Word   Favoriting Only Life  Coyote/A&M  1:17:05 Pop-up)  
Feelies  On and On   Favoriting Here Before  Bar/None  1:19:26 Pop-up)  
Creatures Of The Golden Dawn  In the Morning   Favoriting Standing at the Gates of Time  Collectables  1:23:30 Pop-up)  
Creatures Of The Golden Dawn  Remembering Memory Lane   Favoriting The Keys to the Kingdom  Collectables  1:25:41 Pop-up)  
Cynics  Gehenna   Favoriting Spinning Wheel Motel  Get Hip  1:33:21 Pop-up)  
Kimberley Rew  Give Me Some of That Love   Favoriting The Bible Of Bop reissue  CGB  1:35:35 Pop-up)  
The Booze  Devil To Pay   Favoriting At Maximum Volume  Underrated Recordings  1:37:59 Pop-up)  
Bad Ronald  Three Chord Joe   Favoriting     1:41:12 Pop-up)  
The Hook Up  Dialtones   Favoriting Tomorrow & Today  Ricochet  1:42:32 Pop-up)  
Light Bulb Alley  Stranger In a Strange Town   Favoriting The Sound of Things  Ricochet  1:44:56 Pop-up)  
Triple Thick  Jesus and Tequila   Favoriting s/t    1:51:57 Pop-up)  
Birds of Avalon  Shadowy End   Favoriting s/t  Bladen County Records  1:53:31 Pop-up)  
Sloan  Never Seeing the Ground For the Sky   Favoriting Pretty Together  Murder Records  2:02:44 Pop-up)  
Smithereens  One Look At You   Favoriting 2011  E One  2:06:52 Pop-up)  
DM3  Just Like Nancy   Favoriting One Time Two Times Three Times More: An Anthology  Invisible  2:11:30 Pop-up)  
Boston Spaceships  Track Star   Favoriting Our Cubehouse Still Rocks    2:14:32 Pop-up)  
Neil Young & The Squires  I Wonder (version 2)   Favoriting Neil Young Archives, Vol 1: 1963-1972  Reprise  2:17:39 Pop-up)  
Panamericans!  Negue   Favoriting s/t  Flat Fish  2:19:56 Pop-up)  
Los Yetis  Revolucionando   Favoriting Nadaismo A Go-Go!  Munster  2:23:47 Pop-up)  
Los Vigilantes  Eres Tu   Favoriting s/t  Slovenly  2:26:20 Pop-up)  
Mujeres  The Beat   Favoriting s/t  Sones  2:29:29 Pop-up)  
The Matadors  Indolence   Favoriting Get Down From the Tree!  Munster  2:34:22 Pop-up)  
Cute Lepers  I Can't Do Things   Favoriting Adventure Time  1-2-3-4 Go!  2:40:57 Pop-up)  
High Tension Wires  The Secret of the Hydrogen Bomb   Favoriting Welcome New Machine  Green Noise  2:45:07 Pop-up)  
Shannon and the Clams  Done With You   Favoriting Sleep Talk  1-2-3-4 Go!  2:46:06 Pop-up)  
Dave Alvin w/ Phil Alvin  What's Up With Your Brother   Favoriting Eleven Eleven  Yep Roc  2:49:10 Pop-up)  
Dick Lord  Like Ringo   Favoriting various - Beatlemaniacs!!! The World of Beatles Novelty Records  Ace  2:53:41 Pop-up)  
The Exterminators  The Beetle-Bomb   Favoriting various - Better Than the Beatles: 26 Tunes That Failed To Oust the Fab Four From the Charts  Knight  2:56:44 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:05pm Handsome Harry:

I don't know about you, but I can hear it.
  12:05pm efd:

Whoa, hearing "Sound Of Summer" is even more exciting than hearing "Thirteen Women!" MY MASTER PLAN IS STARTING TO WORK!!
  12:05pm Nanker de Tucson:

I can feel it!
  12:06pm rubble:

Hello summer!
  12:07pm SmokinJ:

Bring on the snow!
  12:09pm Bad Ronald:

Living is easy and the cotton is high! Hello Three Chord Joe and his faithful fans. Pass the tanning butter please!!!
  12:16pm SmokinJ:

NOW we're ROCKIN"1
  12:18pm MD:

  12:18pm joe:

Toss a little Chan Clan in there maybe a bit of Bugaloos I see a pattern.
  12:19pm joe:

ok who does the ultimate version of Gershwin's Summertime. I'm partial to Zombies and Santo and Johnny myself
  12:21pm Robin The Fog:

Dammit, listening to WFMU is expensive...
  12:23pm mike g:

this song reminds me of that ol' Spanish standby "vamos a la playa (oh oh oh oh)"
  12:26pm Bad Ronald:

Iggy pays a nice homage to "Summertime" in "Girls".
  12:27pm Joe B:

Hi all, thanks for tunin in!

@ Joe, I'd say Ronnie Hawkins. Zombies is up there, as is Sonny and Cher. The Halibuts also do a cool instro version of it.
  12:27pm MrHokum:

This cut is killer!
  12:28pm Joe B:

Evan, your plan is working. Though I just realized Thirteen Women is on this Hang It Out To Dry/What a Way To Die comp! Duh!
  12:28pm SmokinJ:

Janis's version is #1
  12:30pm Spankyflop:

Who's the guy who goes "brrrrrrrrr-Bop" a lot during his version of Sumertime? That's one of my favorites, but I can never remember his name.
  12:30pm MrHokum:

That was the Trashmen?
  12:31pm Joe B:

You know it Mr Hokum!
  12:34pm Julie:

allllllllll right
  12:34pm MrHokum:

Nice, that was a great version. Almost as sultry as Elvis' take on Fever... esp the Live in Hawaii one.
  12:34pm still b/p:

Spankyflop -- Billy Stewart.
  12:35pm Julie:

I will take that song as advice to take my vampiric skin out this afternoon sans sunscreen
  12:35pm Spankyflop:

Thanks stil b/p
  12:37pm MD:

  12:39pm Dead Air:

We do NOT rock like a hurricane!

Looking forward to the next set....

what was that party info again..just caught the tail
  12:43pm MrHokum:

GR - Norton Anniv Party
  12:43pm Joe B:

  12:44pm Tornado:

Hey Joe, When I went to the Norton site to buy the 4 day pass, it said not available through web. Do you know of another way to get one?
  12:45pm Joe B:

I dunno, Tornado. I bought mine through ticketweb on Tuesday. Maybe site crashed due to response!
  12:47pm Tornado:

Right, or being limited, all gone. Oh well, it only saves $10
  12:49pm Rufus:

All this time I kept thinking he was singing ' no kid left behind'...
  1:02pm PMD:

This kind of sounds like Foz E Bear singing.
  1:05pm Ben drunken:

they call those ales so foz is right
  1:10pm Carmichael:

I'll be calling it ale in a few hours. Time to rock, Joe!
  1:13pm H├ęctor from Barcelona:

  1:18pm Mike East:

I don't know if it was mentioned, but the Feelies got a nice write up in this week's New Yorker.
  1:20pm Nat the Parker:

  1:21pm Farmer Tan:

Sunscreen is for pussies.
  1:25pm Farmer Melanoma:

That's what I used to think
  1:28pm Bad Ronald:

The Creatures Of The Golden Dawn are kickin!
  1:33pm hubba:

Man! I see the Feelies block, but I can't listen.. soon, soon...
  1:37pm hubba:

Carmichael, hey man!
  1:38pm hubba:

  1:43pm ?:

@Bad Ron, 1:28: And so are you, kiddo.
  1:46pm Bad Ronald:

@? Thanks, it couldntveappened without the inspiration from the People's Champion hisself!
  1:52pm hamburger:

is not everyday cask day? wait, did I miss a memo? oh jeez
  1:55pm hubba:

In this here township, it is cask day for me and a long-time listener I discovered is from the same geographic area, and frequents the same brew-pub. Everyday should be cask day!
  1:56pm hubba:

I'm still new... have listened on and off to wfmu for a while, but it was only after my semester finished-up that I realized I have time to kill, and work, and appear productive... now i bombard this here thing until everyone ignores me!
  1:59pm hamburger / london:

I still need an idea for a poster O_O
  2:00pm seang:

Triple Thick and NoBunny are playing in Boston tonight
  2:05pm ted:

re: Sloan....Saw them in Toronto at the Mod Club last week and they were absolutely fantasistic!! One of the best shows I've seen in years. Great new album too!
  2:07pm Joe B:

thanks Ted!
  2:13pm Das:

Alright, I'm gonna have to demand some D now
  2:15pm Carmichael:

These guys are slick and jangly!
  2:17pm Das:

Great drum break!
  2:18pm Mike East:

Boston Spaceships section of the Best Show DVD is pretty fun. Those guys animate well.
  2:35pm Mike East:

I'm awake...please stop wasting the DJ's time. He has better things to do than delete your spam. I don't think anyone here is interested in what you are selling.
  2:37pm Carmichael:

Always a troll to ruin your good time. sheez ...
  2:38pm hamburger / london:

hahahahahaha - I do have some canned beef if anyone's interested j/kj/k
  2:44pm postmanpaul:

Hey Joe! Hey commentators! Nice to see the chain being pulled Joe!
  2:46pm still b/p:

hambuger-on-thames - Check online for vintage ads, vintage posters or collections like Polish Poster Shop and find inspiration triggers, adaptation bait, notions to riff on for fun in your own design job.
  2:48pm Carmichael:

The chain to the loo, PMP! Joe's running the joint with an iron mouse!
  2:48pm hamburger / london:

thanks still b/p - I'm going through old sketchbook crap, just did some blow-up dolls - doodles that is / not the -actual- thing :)
  2:50pm postmanpaul:

Spill the beef, I mean brief, hamburger / london....
  2:55pm Carmichael:

Thanks for the great show, Joe!
  2:56pm Nanker de Tucson:

LOL! Dick Lord
  2:56pm joe:

Been a pleasure to listen to as usal
  2:57pm Universal Studios:

@Hamburger - http://tinyurl.com/ambuger

Belock Roxx!!!
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