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Playlist for 31 August 2011 Favoriting | You Say You Don't Flood Me

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Gudrun Gut  Betongeissen (Rubberboots Mix)   Favoriting Greie Gut Fraktion  Monika 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Chrome  Eyes on Mars   Favoriting Red Exposure  Lemon 
  0:02:37 (Pop-up)
Deichkind  Prost (feat Das Bo)   Favoriting Smashits  Shitkatapult 
  0:06:20 (Pop-up)
Romvelope  Deadly Cloak   Favoriting One Course Meal  ADAADAT 
  0:09:33 (Pop-up)
Gangpol & Mit  Otsuki Sama w/ Mayutan   Favoriting The 1000 Softcore Tourist People Club  Ipecac 
*   0:12:52 (Pop-up)
Juicy Panic  What Feeling?   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup (various artists)  Sonore / Xerxes / Nu NuLAX Nu LAN 

Remix This!! And send it to me at ken at wfmu dot org
  0:16:02 (Pop-up)
Luna Park Ensemble  Scramble Suite   Favoriting Welcome to Dreamland, Another Japan (Various Artists)  Celluloid 
  0:20:15 (Pop-up)
Daniel Knox  Get Out   Favoriting Evryman for Himself  La Societe Expeditionnaire 
*   0:30:33 (Pop-up)
Ross Johnson  Theme From A Summer Place   Favoriting Make It Stop!  Goner 
  0:33:56 (Pop-up)
The Blitzoids  Theme From a Summer Place   Favoriting What is Truth Vol 2  Self Release 
  0:37:21 (Pop-up)
Gelbart  Please Please Me   Favoriting Please Please Me 2015  Self Release      0:41:25 (Pop-up)
Steve Dirkx  Acid is Groovy, Kill The Pigs   Favoriting The Butcher's Covers  Self Release 

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  0:41:56 (Pop-up)
David Holmes  Gritty Shaker   Favoriting Let's Get Killed  Go! Beat / London 
  0:46:06 (Pop-up)
Smoove + Turrell  Higher   Favoriting Eccentric Audio  Jalepano 
*   0:53:13 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
          0:55:53 (Pop-up)
Buzzcocks  You Say You Don't Love Me   Favoriting A Different Compilation  Cooking Vinyl    *   1:02:49 (Pop-up)
Nachdenkliche Wehrpflichtige  You Say You Don't Love Me   Favoriting Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig  Zick Zack 
  1:05:09 (Pop-up)
Die goldenen Zitronen  Auf Dem Platz Der Leeren Versprechungen   Favoriting Schafott zum Fahrstuhl  none 
  1:08:36 (Pop-up)
Dier Radierer  Charakterschwen   Favoriting Eisbaren & Zitronen  none 
  1:12:58 (Pop-up)
The Cherry Pops  Dein Haarschnitt und deine Gitarre   Favoriting Wolken Zucker Himmel  New Lifeshark 
  1:15:10 (Pop-up)
Nico vs Trance Groove  Reich Der Traume   Favoriting   n/a      1:17:57 (Pop-up)
Brian Eno with Rick Holland  Pour It Out (vocal by Laura Spagnuolo)   Favoriting Drums Between The Bells  Warp 
*   1:26:07 (Pop-up)
Like a Team  The Loney Sea   Favoriting Like a Team  Self Release 

  1:29:26 (Pop-up)
Claudine Longet  I Love How You Love Me   Favoriting Hello Hello: The Best of Claudine Longet  Rev-Ola 

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  1:32:07 (Pop-up)
The Flying Lizards  Hands to Take   Favoriting Fourth Wall  RPM 
  1:43:50 (Pop-up)
Electrelane  If Not Now, When?   Favoriting Bells  Too Pure 
  1:47:58 (Pop-up)
An Horse  Walls   Favoriting Title Track  Mom + Pop 
  1:52:51 (Pop-up)
CeCe Peniston  Finally   Favoriting Millenium Collection  Interscope / A&M      1:56:34 (Pop-up)
Marianne Rosenberg  Wieder Zusammen   Favoriting Disco Deutschland Disco  Marina 
  2:00:13 (Pop-up)
Arthur Russell  Let's Go Swimming   Favoriting Disco Not Disco 2  Strut 

  2:05:13 (Pop-up)
Wayne Butane  Part 3   Favoriting Swipes  Self Release 
  2:17:22 (Pop-up)
DJ Yoda  Delta Ebonics Ad   Favoriting How To Cut And Paste: Mix Tape Vol.1  Antidote      2:37:03 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Slew Test 2   Favoriting Your Mom's Favorite DJ        2:38:36 (Pop-up)
Rosko  Where Are You Mama?   Favoriting   A & M Records      2:42:41 (Pop-up)
Botanist  Track 11   Favoriting I. The Suicide Tree / II. A Rose From The Dead   
*   2:44:04 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Space Junko 
          2:46:06 (Pop-up)
Dokaka  Creeping Death   Favoriting 1  Self Release 
  2:50:27 (Pop-up)
Stringybark McDowell  Kyleeee   Favoriting Attack of the One Man Bands  Rock N Roll Purgatory 

  2:56:59 (Pop-up)
Curd Duca       
  2:59:43 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am pierre:

  9:02am fofo.gif:

Good morning, Ken, listeners, commenters, pierre. :) Feeling good to be here! =D
  9:04am The_GB_Kid:

Morning Ken. Morning everyone.
  9:08am pierre:

yeah, Ken is a blanket for my ears.
  9:08am Ken:

Hi everybody! Hope not too many people suffered over the weekend. I lost a lot of stuff.
  9:09am Dan B From Upstate:

I was spared. Neighbors and family, not so much.
  9:10am Bad Ronald:

Morning, sorry to hear that Ken. I hope you didn't lose your sense of humor.
  9:10am jan:

what happened? Flooding at your home or at WFMU?
  9:10am Maggie:

Same for me as Dan B. Ken, that's really awful.
  9:10am bbell:

Guten Tag, Alles! Listening on the computer, up in Boston moving our daughter into her dorm today! Art School!
  9:12am Ken:

I had bad damage at home in Hoboken, and moderate damage at FMU and at my country shack. Andy Breckman lost a car - tree fell on it.
  9:13am Mark:

sorry to hear that Ken, fortunate to say we never even lost power where I live on LI, but got to have a day doing nuttin at work due to no power
  9:15am Maggie:

are you covered for flood insurance Ken?
  9:15am Dan B From Upstate:

Sorry to hear that, Ken. Glad you're all okay, though.
  9:16am Neg-guh-tor:

Sorry to hear that, Ken. Been through a number of hurricanes down here over the years. A couple were simply terrifying! Certainly, a person could get killed a few different ways.
  9:16am annie..:

this storm affected so many people on so many levels
  9:16am bbell:

Glad that you are OK, and cars can be replaced.
  9:17am fofo.gif:


But what about the tree?!?!?
  9:18am MD:

  9:19am jan:

A lot of people in Manhattan were thinking, what a load of hype, because by Sunday nothing happened. Later the news informed us of the
kinds of damages that people in other areas suffered. Glad that you are OK and hope that you get over the mess soon.
  9:19am fofo.gif:

yeah, Ken, rock us like a hurricane!
  9:20am Parq:

Ken, I was worried about you and some other FMU folks who live near rivers, and it turns out, rightly so. Condolences on your losses and here's to successful rebuilding.
  9:21am Parq:

Cool Inglor. Bast. gif, by the way.
  9:24am pierre:

yeah sorry for the losses, it is important to notice that you weren't hurt.

(nothing to do with this, but what's with the remix thing? what are we suppose to do? is it the picture, or is there a link or something?)
  9:27am MD:

Oh Ken sorry to hear about your trials with the storm...the CLOD I am just barges into the message board with out reading first....Hopefully that will be the worst,and last,storm we get for a while...
  9:29am fofo.gif:

Damn! So sorry to hear!! D:
  9:29am jk:

Ken, save your boiler story for tonight!
  9:29am Mark:

I think I better get my LPs out of the basement
  9:30am jk:

but he only lost one of his cars, right?
  9:31am Dan B From Upstate:

My father lost about the same number of LPs when our basement flooded when I was a kid. His were good, though. I still feel for him.
  9:31am Mark:

don't think upstate New Yorkers are saying Irene was hype
  9:31am dc pat:

1500 LPs! That's about my entire collection. Sheesh, sorry Ken.
  9:31am annie..:

true dat mark...
  9:33am Dan B From Upstate:

Certainly not, Mark.
  9:33am Brian C.:

Ken says those 1500 albums he lost were crap but to alot of us listeners, they'd probably be the coolest rekkids we owned!
Meanwhile, my crappy albums have survivor's remorse.
  9:34am still b/p:

Ouch! Very sorry for all losses. Everything on stilts from now on in all basements, including mine. (Of course, that's big talk now...)
  9:35am Lizardner Dave:

Sorry for your loss Ken. We got ankle deep water in our basement (first time in 9 years of owning the house) and lost some records, cassettes and photos plus some old clothes and hockey equipment (the last of which doesn't matter because I haven't played hockey in years and just never got around to donating the stuff). I'm in Staten Island, technically part of NYC though Bloomy doesn't ever acknowledge us.
  9:35am fofo.gif:

I think the idea is to hack and mess with the gif. Gif Constructor might help if its still help.
Oh, great! I love that song! WO-HOOOOO
Cuz I'm wet and afraid!
  9:36am pierre:

cool fofo.gif, you're cool
  9:37am Irene:

That's tellin' 'em, Ken! People in NYC are wimps when it comes to storms. Here's what the folks in Margaretville and Roxbury NY had to deal with:
Clay Pigeon & his wife have a house up there. Thankfully I've heard from my friends/cousin who all live there and they're okay.
  9:37am Irene:

And I'm equally sorry about your flooding, Ken. You've got a lot to recover from.
  9:38am Mark:

Bloomberg probably doesn't even know where Staten Island is
  9:38am annie..:

thanks for sharing that, irene... it's awful up here. whole villages washed away
  9:39am fofo.gif:

*if it's still available.
  9:39am Mayor Bloomberg:

Get a snorkel and gurgle quietly, Phantom Islander.
  9:39am Maggie:

Wow, Irene. How is Clay going to travel to NJ? I'm having trouble getting to work everyday and i'm much closer to the city than he is!
  9:39am Lizardner Dave:

Oh yeah, and I do consider myself lucky because we also got a 15 foot tree limb that fell in our small backyard and managed to miss the house, the shed and the tomato garden. My heart goes out to people in the still-flooded areas of NJ and Vermont and to all the families who lost people in the storm. Fuck anyone who says it was hype. They're assholes.
  9:41am listener mark:

We lost power for sixty hours more or less. And Hurricaine Katia (Katrina's younger sister) is building in the South Atlantic and heading for the east coast.
  9:42am Irene:

For Clay & the missus it's a weekend place. My other friends live there year-round. In fact I was up there just two weekends ago, and had pizza at the Bun'n"Cone in the shopping plaza with the CVS.I don't know if Margaretville will recover.
  9:43am BSI:

Who has ferret cake?
  9:44am Major Miguelito Bloombito:

Siguiente tiempo needas protecto tus musica colecion.
  9:44am Maggie:

my heart goes out to folks in the Catskills, NJ and Vermont who really took the brunt of this.
  9:46am Marmalade Kitty:

Is that Ringo on skins?
  9:47am dc pat:

I think that was ALL Beatles. Pretty cool.
  9:48am Dr Frank Field:

Tropical Storm Katia continues racing northwestward while strengthening.
Katia is expected to become a hurricane later Wednesday, and is forecast to stay well north of the Leeward Islands, and continue turning northward, keeping itself away from Florida and the rest of the U.S. East Coast.
Meanwhile, another area of disturbed weather will move over the Yucatan Peninsula on Wednesday. Once in the western Gulf of Mexico, there is a slight chance of development. This area is expected to remain in the western Gulf and push toward Texas.
  9:48am JT:

@dc pat: i was thinking that too. a lot of them sped up, some hard to identify, but... ken's special for the riaa?
  9:49am Dave B:

Hey Ken, fofo.gif and pierre - if you like rolling your own GIFs check out Adapter Media Converter

PC and Mac and best of all FREE!
  9:52am pierre:

Merci Dave B i
you rock as usual
  9:53am annie..:

irene, pop over to the lucky dog in hamden and say hi...
  9:53am fofo.gif:

Oh, Dave B!
Here's another good option. This is a direct link to dowload an old shareware version of the Gif Construction Set. A tiny but efficient program.
  9:54am holland oats: - old news?
  9:55am Dave B:

woohoo! gotta scoot to work. back on in an hour.. Thatnk fofo.gif...

And I shared this with Ken yesterday. Unfortunately I cant figure out how to lift the GIFs...

  9:56am holland oats:

@dave beat ya!
  9:56am Dave B:

hehheheh - holland oats....
  9:56am Cecile:

Sorry to hear about the storms. We had a tornado hit Mpls just two miles from my house in June. They've just about finished the cleanup and fixing.

I know this is weird, but I have a hankering to hear Finally by CeCe Peniston. I don't care if you play a tape of a car running over the CD - just need to hear the song if you can do it.

If not, the usual, FOTC or was/not was.
  10:01am Cecile:

We are looking to get a tree taken down in our back yard. Only time before it crushes our garage in a storm.
  10:02am still b/p:

I like that curb sign next to the Blitzoid track. The Sixth Sale.

The "hype" charge in the aftermath is usually odd...people reacting as if the entire world of forecasters and civil emergency authorities and prep teams weren't looking at real prospects and just conspired to pitch a panic fit or were lost in their own perfect storm of unified incompetence and recklessly effed everybody up. So now they need to be put in the stocks. Okay. The limited-thinkers storm after the storm.
  10:02am fofo.gif:

I'm going to give 1 INTERNETS to the first person to find out the secret hidden comment in the animated Gif Ken want us to remix. :)
  10:05am dc pat:

although this new 'cocks versions is good....what's the point? They could just write some new tunes that sound the same... refer to the Cover Songs gif above...
  10:05am Mark:

Pete can't hit the high notes on this one anymore
  10:05am Cecile:

Reason 265 why I love the Venture Brothers: Mr. White and Billy Quizboy are referred to in this week's episode as "an albino Brian Eno and a hydocephalic Martin Hannett."
  10:06am Cecile:

I'd like a new version of "Homosapien."
  10:08am jojo:

katia's historic mapping is more optimistic than i thought! it actually looks like it could be a doosy, i figured there was little chance, but this one might actually really hit us in NYC
  10:10am Ken:

Whatyou talkin about jojo, there's very little chance of Katia hitting NYC directly:
  10:11am Bad Ronald:

Agreed DCPat or they could at least do an alternate version ala "Revolution". C'mon put a bit of creativity in it guys...
  10:11am Dr Frank Field:

don't be contradicting the story I copied and pasted from a news site jojo
  10:12am dc pat:

it's just old guy laziness--all too familiar with that...
  10:12am jojo:

but the projections changed, damn, that historic spaghetti looks more promising than the new ensemble models (whatever that means), yesterday there was 1 or 2 that would have been devastating to NYC, direct landfall in NYC...oh well, there's still hope
  10:13am lewis:

Even more to the point:
each of these lines is a model projection. You can think of middle of the pattern as the most likely path and the scatter as the uncertainty in the projection.
  10:14am Cecile:

Just hole up on the highest place you can with good books and plenty of cold sandwiches.
  10:14am dc pat:

yeah looks like about 25% chance of doing something to the east coast to me. Now I'm scared...
  10:15am jojo:

i take solace in that they have no clue where it will really go, but it is going to get big, maybe bachman is right and it will pummel the socialists up in canada
  10:15am dc pat:

ah, that looks better lewis, phew.
  10:16am Cecile:

Don't be. Just be prepared.
  10:16am Cecile:

Hey, is there a Gernan version of Finally?
  10:17am Lizardner Dave:

@Cecile it's only that simple if you don't own property, or have pets, or have elderly relatives who need oxygen or other health care dependent on electricity, or have a car that might get crushed by a falling tree. Other than that your solution is perfect.
  10:18am lewis:

The ensemble models will change with time. They include a wide range of meteorological data including large scale fronts, ocean temperatures, etc. As that data is updated the model outputs will change. The model projections get more uncertain with time, that is why they stop at some point. I am with Ken on this one - not much to worry about (of course I live in Wisconsin...)
  10:19am Dr Frank Field:

lewis, look out for that tornado
  10:19am Cecile:

I own property. It's simple. I didn't say it was easy.
  10:20am Cecile:

so get going!
  10:21am pierre:

@ Dave Bee : isn't there anything you can do to find those .gif through the source code ? i tried but my IT skil are limited.
  10:22am Cecile:

CHORUS: Endlich ist es mir passiert ist
Direkt vor meinem Gesicht
Meine feelin ist es nicht beschreiben kann
Endlich ist es mir passiert ist
Direkt vor meinem Gesicht
Und ich kann es nicht verbergen

Meeting Mr. Right, der Mann meiner Träume
Die einzig wahre Liebe oder zumindest scheint es
Mit braun coco Haut und schwarzen Locken
Es ist einfach die Art, wie er schaut mich an, dass sanfte lovin 'stare

Schließlich kommen Sie an
Die Art, wie ich für dich fühle es kann einfach nicht falsch sein
Wenn Sie wüßten, wie ich für dich fühle
Ich kann einfach nicht beschreiben ihn oh no no


Es schien so viele Male schien er derjenige sein
Aber alles, was er jemals wollte, war, ein wenig Spaß zu haben
Aber jetzt hast du gekommen und aufgehellt meine Welt
In meinem Herzen fühle ich mich, dass spezielle Art von Mädchen bin

Schließlich kommen Sie an
Die Art, wie ich für dich fühle es kann einfach nicht falsch sein
Wenn Sie wüßten, wie ich für dich fühle
Ich kann einfach nicht beschreiben ihn oh no no


Ooooooooh schließlich yeah yeah
  10:23am βrian:

In Wisconsin, our catastrophes tend to be political. A few tornadoes is nothing by comparison.
  10:23am Mark:

apropos of absolutely nothing I'd love to hear "Endicott" by Kid Creole and the Coconuts
  10:24am Cecile:

Translate the lyrics into German first. :D
  10:25am jojo:

you don't realize that hurricanes too are political, i am thinking of making some michele bachman t-shirts...
  10:25am Freidrich Flintstone:

"Ich habe dabba doo!"
  10:28am BSI:

  10:29am Ken:

Cecile, what did you request again? You have such good taste.
  10:29am Mark:

I took it as a dare Cecille:

Endicott ist von 5 Uhr
Endicott ist Givin 'es alles, was er hat
Endicott hat die Aufgabe, 6-9, aber
Endicott Haus von neun O Five
Endicott hilft, das Steak zu kochen
Endicott hilft, die Platten zu waschen
Endicott bringt die Kinder ins Bett
Endicott liest ein Buch, um sie
(Warum kannst du nicht wie Endicott werden?)
Endicott liebt Tribena so
Endicott legt sie auf einem Podest
Endicott Wunsch ist ihr Befehl, sondern
Endicott nicht machen keine Forderungen
Endicott ist immer in der Zeit zurück
Endicott ist nicht die cheatin "Art
Endicott ist voller Lob
Endicott ist so ein Gentleman
(Warum kannst du nicht wie Endicott werden?)
Denn ich bin frei
Frei von made-to-order Verbindlichkeiten
Gott sei Dank, ich bin frei
Cos, es ist schwer genug für mich
um mich kümmern, oh-oh
Endicott ist carryin "eine schwere Last, sondern
Endicott nie wirklich immer stöhnt
Endicott ist nicht ein reicher Kerl, aber
Endicott zahlt die Rechnungen pünktlich
Endicott ist hat Ideen und Pläne
Endicott ist, was du ein richtiger Mann anrufen
Endicott immer geben 'cause
Endicott ist der Familientyp
(Warum kannst du nicht wie Endicott werden?)
Denn ich bin frei
Freer als ein Pirat auf einer Fregatte auf hoher See
Gott sei Dank, ich bin frei
Driftin 'überall wie eine tumbleweed, oh-oh
Vielleicht brauche ich jemanden
Jemand, der nicht rückgängig gemacht wird
Vielleicht eine ältere Frau
Will mich dulden
Vielleicht, dass bestimmte jemand
Älter und weiser Frau
Vielleicht ist die perfekte Person
Um mich zufrieden zu
Endicott hält seinen Körper reinigen
Endicott nicht verwenden Nikotin
Endicott trinke keinen Alkohol
Endicott verwenden keine Drogen an allen
Endicott essen keine süßen
Endicott nicht essen Schwein Füße
Endicott Der Rahmen ist mächtig stark
Endicott make love hart und lang
(Warum kannst du nicht wie Endicott werden?)
Endicott liebt Tribena so
Endicott geht ihr auf die sto "
Endicott gerne ihre Hand halten
Endicott ist stolz darauf, ihren Mann zu sein
Endicott steht für Anstand
Endicott bedeutet Formalität
Endicott ist der Inbegriff
Endicott steht für Qualität
Unsere Liebe wird ...
  10:29am dc pat:

man your stream is WAY ahead of mine...
  10:29am holland oats:

network awesome gifs
  10:30am Cecile:

Finally by CeCe Peniston. Or Was/Not Was or FOTC. Or "Jacket" by Shallow Gravy.
  10:30am Cecile:

@mark, well done!
  10:31am Mark:

well I had help from Google
  10:32am Cecile:

so did I! The only German I know is off a menu and the phrase Einsturzende Neubaten.
  10:33am annie..:

wow.. more flood stuff
  10:34am fofo.gif:


I'm sending you a remix I made using the Gif Construction Set and to prove it is possible to produce out something quick in minutes. Mind the shitty remix.

Aaaah Lovely sooong! Lonely Sea! THIS IS BETTER THAN THE COVER ALL THE WAY!!! :3
  10:34am Cecile:

this is stuff that happens to us a lot in the midwest, but it's not any easier. If someone has a good link to a relief fund, I'd like to contribute.
  10:34am Mark:

I don't even know how to pronounce Einsturzende Neubaten
  10:36am BSI:

holy crap, outstanding loop/sample. I could listen to that suicidal blubbering for hours....
  10:36am SW:

Pretty much like it's spelled only the e at the end of Einsturzende is pronounced like an A and Neu is pronounced Noy
  10:36am Cecile:


you're welcome, America.
  10:36am Giselle:

Stop it Ken!!
  10:37am annie..:

cecile: use this website for connections to aid agencies around here.
  10:37am Mark:

  10:37am Cecile:

thanks, annie! Hope all is well.
  10:37am lewis:

excellent segue into the bed...
  10:38am Ike:

Uh. Ugh. Urgh. Where am I? Is this "morning?" I don't like it.
  10:38am Cecile:

She lives in seclusion. Andy Williams looks after her.
  10:38am dc pat:

hey, Swelling Itching Brain!
  10:38am Moon in June:

Hi Ken, how are you? greetings from Spain. I would like to know where could I get any music from Like A Team...Thank you
  10:39am T-Zero:

Speaking of dogs and poorly placed price tags:
  10:40am Dominick:

The dog is from a Bob Clampett Bugs Bunny cartoon not Foghorn Leghorn.
He was based on Danny Kaye.
  10:40am dc pat:

yiddish is close to german, maybe same pronunciation
  10:44am Dave B:

@ Pierre - it looks as though each click of the remote calls a python script that randomly calls a GIF stored in a directory not publicly browseable...

@fofo gif - I missed the remix rules. Care to share?
  10:45am pierre:

"python script" i like the sound of that
  10:47am don:

aw shit yes
  10:48am Dave B:

Sorry - its java, not python...

function onGetImage(filename) {
$("#gif").html("<img src=\"/gifs/"+filename+".gif\" width=\"100%\" height=\"100%\" alt=\"The Gif\" />");
document.location.hash = '#/'+filename;
  10:49am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and discriminating listeners.
  10:49am dc pat:

Dave B - oh I thought you meant:

  10:50am Cecile:

Ha! I wonder if that lineup photo is from the Norling collection - this suburban photographer that took hundreds of crime photos as a hobby. An acquaintance of mine discovered a cache of them, and managed to get an article out before his subject passed away. There's a book now:
  10:55am Ken:

Moon in June - Like a Team usually records under the name "Lit a Tim" so search for CDs by that band name instead. This "Lonely Sea" track I played was from a demo tape.
  10:55am Ken:

Cecile - I just like her name - Donna Lethal. It's like a punk name.
  10:56am Cecile:

It is great. But it got my ADD mind thinking about those great old photos. Now I gotta order a couple of photo books ...
  10:56am Bad Ronald:

She kinda looks like Myra Hindley.
  10:57am pierre:

@ dc pat : doesn't everybody expect that nobody expect the spanish inquisition now?
  10:57am Cecile:

  10:58am Cecile:

  10:59am CB:

CeCe what?!? Ken be trippin'
  10:59am still b/p:

Donna Lethal is a nice roller derby name! Though it'd be a crime to compact that hair under a helmet, and that super-do should provide ample protection anyway.
  10:59am Cecile:

  10:59am Carmichael:

There you are, Cecile.
  10:59am Dave B:

OK - there IS a way to harvest GIF.TV gifs...

If you see one you like:

change that hash mark "#" to the directory name "gifs" and append the ",gif" extensionin a new tab, then save away!

I love teh intarwebbes!
  10:59am dc pat:

so true, true....
  10:59am casey Holcomb:

oh, finally!
  11:00am Cecile:

I know you are dancing in your chair, carm.
  11:00am jan:

CeCe Peniston- now that's something new for this program. For a moment I thought that the channel changed, but then I realized
I am listening on line.
  11:00am dc pat:

I believe the photo is real but the name is photoshopped...slow work day...
  11:00am Cecile:

you're welcome, jan.
  11:00am slugluv1313:

oh WOW Ken, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this CeCe Peniston -- TOTALLY redeems an-already-thoroughly-crappy day!!!!! :)
  11:01am Carmichael:

I'm way late to the party. I missed Claudine Longet, whom I adore more than April Stevens or Helen Shapiro.
  11:01am Cecile:

slug you are mah new BFF.
  11:01am G:

Hump Humpday
  11:01am Carmichael:

@Cecile: I'm so "un-co", that's the ONLY way I can dance. And this song reminds me of Ashford & Simpson, for some reason.
  11:02am hamster:
  11:03am Cecile:

It has a great retro feel. CeCe will be doing Pride weekends until she's in a walker, good for her!
  11:03am Moon in June:

thank you, Ken
  11:03am pierre:

@Dave B : you are a gife-nius !
  11:04am Cecile:

CeCe is also a Cecile (even though she spells her name in that Latin way, ugh.)
  11:05am robyn:

<3 wieder zusammen!!!!!! i like disco ken.
  11:06am Dave B:

@pierre - I lik a good challenge...

Sure - it's a little work, but worth it.

BTW - my german is limited to asking for more beer, and then asking where the bathroom is.
  11:06am slugluv1313:

aw shucks thank you Cecile, likewise! :)

we ALL be dancing in and OUT of our chairs, even kitties are vogueing . . .
  11:07am G:

Do you have "Let's Go Wakeboarding in a Hurricane"?
  11:07am ?:

Dave B, Pierre,

Don't download illegal Gifs! It hurts the industry of the tiny people living inside them!
  11:08am Giffler Elves:

What ? said.
  11:08am Scorpions:

We will rock you like a hurricane. But with infinitely less property damage.
  11:10am Elderly Scorpions:

We will rock you like a tropical depression.
  11:11am Cecile:

General Zod in heels:
  11:15am Cecile:

aw, thanks Ken!
  11:16am fofo.gif:

all glory to the hypnocecile.
  11:16am Lizardner Dave:

An Horse I believe is a Monty Python reference.
  11:16am Cecile:

I think An Horse is a hysterical name. I mean an hysterical name.
  11:17am BSI:

I want to embrace Donna Lethal with animal tenderness.
  11:17am Cecile:

you're welcome, fofo.
  11:17am Carmichael:

A Shruberry.
  11:18am Jenniqua:

An bicycle repairman
  11:18am America:

An horse with no name.
  11:18am Consultant:

This mic break is what the radio industry terms a "micro pledge drive"
  11:19am Carmichael:

"six-niner", he he ...
  11:19am Ken:

Oh that's right.. I recall the An Horse routine. Still, an absolutely TERRIBLE band name.
  11:21am fofo.gif:

Dave B,

Oh, just notice your comment. Well, I don't think there are rules. Ken just post that image and asked the people to remix it. See above.
  11:21am still b/p:

Hey, are flood-whacked LPs a total loss? Covers would be trash after immersion, but won't the vinyl be OK if rinsed 'n dried before mold gets a funkhold? Put them in a big laundromat dryer for a tumble, take a video shot through the winda, make a gif of it!
  11:22am Anne Elk:

Was someone looking for me?
  11:23am don:

where's the motherfuckin rest of the story, paul harvey?
  11:23am Cecile:

Yes, sbp. Some of my favorite records are storm-sale finds.
If the mold is not bad, that will come off, too.
  11:24am Paul Harvey:

The rest of the story is my wife died, then I did too.

[long pause]

Good day!
  11:26am Ken:

Water damaged record covers STINK. They are garbage. Yes, the vinyl can be salvaged though.
  11:27am T-Zero:

How do you get the album covers "unstuck" from the vinyl without damaging them? When my vinyls got soaked the covers were, like, glued to the vinyl.
  11:27am Carmichael:

Just a little warm water, a toothbrush and some mild soap works wonders. A belt sander kicks ass, though.
  11:27am Dave B:

i recently found this gem at a local thrift store...
  11:28am paul:

wayne butane is seriously the best person in the entire world.
  11:28am Cecile:

T, try soaking the whole thing to loosen it.
  11:29am fofo.gif:

Ken, do you have any other information about "Lit a Tim", please? I'm also interested and already did a little research with no success. This might explains why I like that song so much! Demos and B-Sides' songs are usually the ones am always struggling to find out!
  11:29am Carmichael:

That picture of Wayne Cochran on the Donna Lethal page is an all-time keeper. Trump would shave his head in shame if he ever saw it.
  11:30am still b/p:

Leaky radiator gave some of my covers that scruffy and scalloped look, but never had full swim issues.

I think the apparatus in the image next to Dier Radierer track is a record cleaner.
  11:30am T-Zero:

@Cecile: Good to know. This wasn't recent but wondering for "next time"... plus they were all warped.
  11:30am BSI:

What paul said. This is brilliant.
Makes me want to run home and hug my gary kail record...
  11:34am T-Zero:

Holy crap. Those war protesters who hit Levin with an apple pie in Michigan have been sentenced to federal prison.
  11:35am Ken:

Some more info about Like a Tim here:
  11:38am paul:

i wonder what ever happened to DJ Jesuspants
  11:39am fofo.gif:

ken, thank you very much! All glory to ken too.

P.s. I think I heard Ken's voice in that collage.
  11:39am R I S K Y:

  11:42am Lizardner Dave:

Ken, if you want good weather porn you should "Like" Tom Skilling on FB. He's a Chicago-based meteorologist who does the weather for WGN (and WGN America so you can see it if your cable carries it). Here's a post from today:

Tom Skilling
Of course, the other tropical system being followed is Tropical Storm Katia far out in the Atlantic, well east of the Cape Verge Islands. Human and machine forecasts take Katia to a major Category 3 intensity over the coming Labor Day week with estimated 120 mph sustained winds. Obviously, intensity forecasts at that range in time are dicey--but the storm is over warm water and expected to experi...ence low levels of vertical shear overall--an ideal scenario for intensification. It's no threat to land at this point and many model take it on a path which curves north keeping it away from the US mainland. But it's VERY early and Katia will have to be monitored. Much can change in the space of 5 days
  11:42am G:

Does "in disposed" mean in the dumpster with his drowned vinyl?
  11:44am pierre:

Rosko's back, good.
  11:45am d:

i know that growl!
  11:45am hamster:

Like A Tim & Gina V. D'Orio
  11:45am Neg-guh-tor:

I've got Rosko's Christmas record! It is insane.
  11:45am G:

Was that Barry Angry Black Guy and the Hate Unlimited Orchestra?
  11:46am Lizardner Dave:

Here you go, weather fetishists
(Don't be alarmed by the tinyurl, it's Tom Skilling's wall photos on FB).
  11:47am fofo.gif:

Dave B,

Can your genius-gif skills manage to get the MP3 from hamster's link? :) lol

Thanks hamster!
  11:49am hamster:

The song is all over (Ken typed the tile with an typo)
  11:49am Dave B:

hey - is the "enlarge image" function on the accuplaylist something new?

@fofo - the "lonely sea" link? It's only a sample, but I probably could hijack it...

for a more personal weather report, I always turn to "The Fucking Weather" -
  11:50am Know it all:

It was from Mad TV Ken!
  11:51am Dan B From Upstate:

An old mp3 of the Delta Ebonics ad I had says it came from Mad TV. Can't say for sure whether it actually does.
  11:52am Carmichael:

Well hell, I have to fly to LA in a few hours, so I'm outta here. Thanks for the crazy fun, Kenneth.

Dokaka! What a way to leave!!
  11:52am Neg-guh-tor:

You got it, Ken! I digitized it for my annual X-mas mix last year. It is one song/poem. I'll email it to you!
  11:52am Baby in Diapers:

Do Kaka?

OK, can do do.
  11:53am fofo.gif:

Dave B,

It's the single! It's the single! But I'm afraid If you could hijack AMZN music server I think we won't see you here anymore! :'(
  11:53am Cecile:

I LOVE Metallica. Up to And Justice For All, that is.
  11:57am Dave B:

I am no haxor.... I use Rouge Amoeba's "Audio Hijack" for stuff like that. but what's playable is only a 30 second clip...

this Dokaka is MUCH better than Van Canto:
  11:57am fofo.gif:


Bon voyage!

(I learned to say that just hanging out here with pierre).
  11:58am fofo.gif:

Thanks Ken and commenters! See you till next episode Everybody take care!
  11:59am Cecile:

Everyone wants Kylie Minogue to have their babies. Oh. Did I say that out loud?
  12:01pm pierre:

la bise fofo.gif !
see you around people !

MErci beaucoup KEn for this show ! good luck with the tempest aftermath
  1:35pm Mark:

well I went to dailymotion and watched the video for "Endicott", so there
  11:27pm J.R. from Ill-noise:

True story: Drove into NJ to work the flood today, Seeked/scanned into your world at 11:05, didn't know your world existed. On the fence as to whether to dive into the wormhole. Looking over shoulder for the apocalypse. Which of the four horsemen do you most resemble?
  1:35pm AlwaysLate:

Hi there! i just arrived. Are you still live on air?
  8:35pm (L)SD:

Nice bunch o' GIFs! Thanks for the (L)SD shout-out.
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