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Playlist for 14 September 2011 Favoriting | Dreams of Demonry

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Paleo  Lighthouse   Favoriting Fruit of the Spirit 
*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Licorice Roots  Dreams of Demonry   Favoriting Strangers in Marshmallow Boots 
*   0:02:44 (Pop-up)
Wooden Shjips  Lazy Bones   Favoriting West 
*   0:10:16 (Pop-up)
Chrome  Eyes on Mars   Favoriting Red Exposure 
*   0:14:26 (Pop-up)
39 Clocks  Heat of Violence   Favoriting Self Titled      0:18:24 (Pop-up)
Wire  Nice Streets Above   Favoriting Send 
  0:21:08 (Pop-up)
Die Radierer  Drogentod Ob Es So   Favoriting Eisbaren & Zitronen 

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  0:25:30 (Pop-up)
Hawkwind  Mirror of Illusion   Favoriting Hawkwind 

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  0:32:55 (Pop-up)
The Monkees  Porpoise Song   Favoriting Head      0:39:49 (Pop-up)
Workshop  Simply What I Want To Do   Favoriting Welcome Back The Workshop 
  0:50:28 (Pop-up)
Die Goldenen Zitronen  Yes, I Am   Favoriting Dead School Hamburg 
  0:56:43 (Pop-up)
Inflateable Boy Clams  Skeletons   Favoriting  
  1:00:11 (Pop-up)
Gelbart  Love Me Do   Favoriting Please Please Me 2015 
*   1:03:13 (Pop-up)
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace  Summer in Siberia   Favoriting Catbirds & Cardinals 
*   1:04:45 (Pop-up)
Don Gere  Werewolves on Wheels (Main Theme)   Favoriting Werewolves on Wheels 

Click for the full size image
*   1:07:48 (Pop-up)
Tra Kha Band  Do You No Wrong Again   Favoriting Groove Club Vol. 2: Cambodian Rock Spectacular! 
*   1:12:30 (Pop-up)
Cambodian Space Project  Chom 10 Kae Theav / Wait 10 Months More   Favoriting 2011: A Space Odyssey 

Click for the full size image
*   1:16:15 (Pop-up)
Rider In The Sky  Dan Bau Vietnam   Favoriting Ho! #1: Roady Music From Vietnam 
  1:20:04 (Pop-up)
Spike Jones & His City Slickers  Ghost Riders in the Sky   Favoriting Rire Vol 2 

  1:23:51 (Pop-up)
DJ Commander Adams  Lorne Greene Existential Remix   Favoriting  

  1:26:55 (Pop-up)
Daniel Johnston & BEAM Orchestra  Walking the Cow   Favoriting Beam Me Up! 

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*   1:30:32 (Pop-up)
Eleanor Friedberger  I Won't Fall Apart on You Tonight   Favoriting Last Summer 
*   1:32:56 (Pop-up)
Kate Bush  The Red Shoes   Favoriting Director's Cut 
*   1:36:45 (Pop-up)
Ellen Allien  Our Utopie   Favoriting Dust 
*   1:51:40 (Pop-up)
Pyrolator  Another Drippy Day   Favoriting Neuland 

Click for the full size image
*   1:55:36 (Pop-up)
Matias Aguayo  I Don't Smoke   Favoriting Kompakt Total 12 

*   2:02:28 (Pop-up)
Tonetta  What Are You Worth?   Favoriting 777 Vol 2 
  2:08:28 (Pop-up)
Kalup Linzy Feat James Franco  Rising (Cardopusher Remix)   Favoriting Turn It Up EP 
*   2:11:23 (Pop-up)
Motor City Drum Ensemble  L.O.V.E. (DJ Kicks)   Favoriting DJ Kicks: Motor City Drum Ensemble 

*   2:17:03 (Pop-up)
Aphex Twin  Actium   Favoriting DJ Kicks: Motor City Drum Ensemble    *   2:20:29 (Pop-up)
rUSH  2012 in 60 Seconds   Favoriting       2:32:19 (Pop-up)
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks  Senator   Favoriting Mirror Traffic 
*   2:35:13 (Pop-up)
Velvet Monkeys  Shadow Box   Favoriting Everything is Right 
*   2:39:12 (Pop-up)
The Cherry Pops  Nur Ein Spiel   Favoriting Wolken Zucker Himmel 
*   2:41:34 (Pop-up)
Reunion  Live Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)   Favoriting       2:44:53 (Pop-up)
DJ Yoda, Heritage Orchestra & Jules Buckley  Track 5   Favoriting Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra (G Prokofiev) 
  2:52:49 (Pop-up)
Peter Thomas  Multi-Kolored Mini-Skirts   Favoriting Moonflowers And Miniskirts 
  2:56:06 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am hamburger:

hello - I kinda thought that was Daniel Johnston :o
  9:02am FOhn from FOslo:

Hi Ken, fellow listeners, commenters!
  9:04am Cecile:

morning, Ken! all! I'm working at home and won't be checking in much, but HAKA POWER!
  9:04am Dan B From Upstate:

Hey, every peoples.
  9:05am Ken:

Morning everybody! So happy to be here.

FoFo, dont impersonate John from Oslo! Unless you are he. Impersonation is no good.
  9:08am pierre:

Bah alors ça alors !

Bonjour Ken
Bonjour all listeners !
  9:09am Greg from Detroit:

LOVE the Licorice Roots! A supremely overlooked band ...
  9:10am Become Death:

I am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds.
  9:10am Mark:

what happened to the idea of users having a usercode and password to post listener comments, that would certainly cut back on impersonators
  9:10am Ken:

I am lacking in musics good people! Suggestions please. especially you know...
  9:11am pierre:

isn't Cecile suppose to do this job ?
  9:11am Ken:

Mark, I know you wont believe me, but it is coming very soon.
  9:11am Mark:

that means you Cecile
  9:12am Sam:

No idea! I rely on you to find musical treasures among all the merde.
  9:12am ғoғo©:

Ken, it wasn't an impersonation but an homage! ;)

Cecile: All Glory to Hypno-Cecile.

Mark: Good idea! Also another good idea is to use a copyright symbol like myself! It will certainly deter any of my impersonators!
  9:12am Sam:

Impersonation is the highest form of flattery
  9:13am Dan B From Upstate:

I'm feeling... dance-y Cecile. Could you suggest Ken play something, um... hoppity, please?
  9:13am Mark:

I look forward to it Ken
  9:13am Ken:

thanks fofo. It's also just that I so miss John from oslo...
  9:13am fofo:

hi ken everybody! :)
  9:13am wILD nEIL:

Dear Ken-
You. Rock. Thank. You.
Wild Neil
  9:14am Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

,,, kind of in the mood for some NewOrder .. dont' know why but I a dream I just had where I can't recall the details of it ...
  9:14am Sean:

Good morning Ken & #1.
How 'bout some Residents, Ken?
  9:15am wILD nEIL:

I hear snatches of Frippertronics? Analog beauty?
  9:16am pierre:

i'd like "nice streets above" from the only WIRE, just throwing it like this…
  9:16am pierre:

Chrome is perfect though
  9:17am Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

... oh YES I believe you Ken, about the Pword for commenters.... good idea !!
  9:17am ғoғo©:

Ken, do you have a theme for today's show?
  9:17am Cecile:

Okay, I'd like to hear Not Just Knee Deep by Funkadelic/Parliament/Whoever iis in George Clinton's living room at the time.
  9:18am dancee:

new matias aguayo "i don't smoke"
  9:18am Cecile:

or something by RuPaul. WERK.
  9:20am Cecile:

love matias aguayo. Rollerskate would also be good.
  9:20am dancee:

werq, ken!
  9:20am Cecile:

you bettah!
  9:22am Vincent Van Bingo:

That was my favorite Chrome song! Play some Red Krayola maybe.
  9:22am pierre:

  9:23am still b/p:

Dear Jesus: Though I have been very bad very often, please don't ever make me clean George Clinton's living room. Amen.
  9:23am Ken:

Wow, what great suggestions, please keep 'em coming!
  9:24am Cecile:

I would also like to hear Who's Afraid of Detroit by Claude VonStroke
  9:24am Marmalade Kitty:

Did you manage to salvage any vinyl from the damage, Ken?
  9:25am pierre:

the gif w/ WIRE, actually explains a lot about how Colin Newman/Graham Lewis manage to sing one this one
  9:25am Vivian:

After a dismal commute, it is so good to hear Wire. Thanks Ken!
  9:26am Dan B From Upstate:

Cecile, I think the question is, when are you going to come to Jersey City and do a listener hour? I'm sure Ken would reinstate it for you.
  9:26am Ken:

Good Hawkwind tune anybody? I am an ignorant fan.
  9:26am Mark:

Silver Machine
  9:27am Neg-guh-tor:

morning, Ken. How bout Sun City Girls and The Screamers?
  9:27am Cecile:

You can never go wrong with SIlver Machine. That also pleases the Motorhead contingent.

Someday, Dan B! Trying to get some debt paid down so that money can go to travel!
  9:27am Vincent Van Bingo:

It's nice outside, Dick El Demasiado would be good too.
  9:27am Cecile:

SUn citty, oh yeah
  9:28am Ken:

I always play Silver Machine. something else?
  9:28am pierre:

"Hippy" - Hawkwind (?)
  9:30am Emile:

Anything by wevie stonder aka wevie de crepon.
  9:30am Vivian:

How about some Neil Young? Albuquerque or Pocahontas.
  9:30am Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

... remembers back in day my older brothers flinging say a Sabbath or Yes or Floyd record accross the room and putting on Hawkwind and I grew to like them too ... !!!
  9:30am jan:

since you asked- these come to mind:
Apache- Jorgen Ingraham
Nico-vs-Trance Groove
Barbeque, Buddy Scott
  9:30am Mark:

the original version of Motorhead or Orgone Accumulator
  9:31am Larry Wallis:

"Police Car"
  9:32am Emile:

I like 'motorhead' by hawkwind, very unmetal version
  9:32am still b/p:

Something from Mexican Institute of Sound or the Roots of Thai Funk compilation.
  9:33am Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

"you only know your're dreaming " is the only Hawkwind tune I can think of at the moment
  9:34am pierre:

(or a Johnny Halliday 33" played as a 45"…) - never heard that
  9:35am Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

..... ooo time to put on the old AKG 240's ... ooo the colors .... !!
  9:35am Cecile:

this sounds astonishingly Monkees-like. Very Mike Nesmith like.
  9:35am Neg-guh-tor:

How bout Hawklords? 25 years
  9:36am Mark:

something from Torch of the Mystics by the Sun City Girls such as "The Shining Path" or "Space Prophet Dogon" would fit in quite well
  9:36am trish:

@earlier login comments
I hope I'll still be able to impersonate myself. I do such a good job at it.
  9:37am Ken:

Yes! It DOES sound like The Monkees!
  9:37am ғoғo©:

My little list of suggestions:

* Die Goldenen Zitronen (other than the one with the Chicks on Speed?)
* Joe Frank (any other good one from Shows?)
* Melted Men (any other good one besides Ingrowed.. or Butter Roll?)
* DJ Yoda
* Buddy Scott Trio
* Bedful of Metaphysicians

(continue in next page)
  9:38am Cheri Pi:

I want to hear Urban Gorilla as covered by Mudhoney.
  9:38am Mark:

Hawkwind were great fans of The Monkees
  9:38am pierre:

or the theme of MANNIX.
  9:38am trolly mctrollster:

Andy Breckman'st stand up please
  9:38am Neg-guh-tor:

Buddy Scott Trio BBQ!
  9:38am Cecile:

nice, Mark.
  9:39am Cecile:

of course, baby animal
  9:39am dc pat:

MAN. Too many comments, can't...keep...track....
  9:39am Dan B From Upstate:

I, too, would love to hear the theme from Mannix.
  9:40am Mark:

The Monkees were early users of the Moog Synthesizer
  9:41am dc pat:

I wanna hear something by Family Curse. Jason turned me on to them--they kill.
  9:41am Cecile:

They're still underrated.
  9:41am pierre:

et voilà !
  9:42am Ken:

Lemmy and Davey Jones were good friends, from what I hear.
  9:42am dc pat:

..or Porpoise Song would be great.....YES!!
  9:43am vivian:

Or Chemical Bros-Golden Path.
  9:43am Jim:

I suggest Stan Ridgway's "Camouflage" (it has been in my head for the last two days), but it would be a jarring transition from anything you've played so far.
  9:43am Cecile:

it's interesting that musicians often don't have the tribalism that fans can have.
  9:45am pierre:

what do you mean by tribalism, Cecile ?
  9:45am Cheri Pi:

Oingo Boingo- Grey matter
  9:45am Mark:

In fact according to Wikipedia Mickey Dolenz purchased the third Moog produced.
  9:45am Neg-guh-tor:

Speak for yourself, Cecile! I'm wearing a loincloth.
  9:47am Cecile:

LIke "I can't hang with you because you like ________", Or "__________'s fans are all assholes."
  9:48am pierre:

i see Cecile
  9:48am BSI:

.....finally crawling in here. Of course just missed a track from Hawkwind's 2nd finest LP..... eh well....
  9:48am dc pjat:

sjounds good to mje
  9:48am CeQcile:

I am inspired.
  9:49am Dan B From Upstate:

Are you sure it's not katakana?
  9:51am Vincent Van Bingo:

Drugy vibe? Pain Teens?
  9:52am trish:

Silent letters don't do much when you're asked to spell your name. Errors must be made.
  9:53am jken jfreedjman:

"i lovej the jsilent jay!!!!"
  9:54am Jay:

I love Silent Bob!
  9:55am Sofija from Albania:

Mej too Kenja
  9:58am pierre:

is the "give me an idea, i don't know what to play" thing still on ?
  9:59am Pete:

Hey Ken,
This is kind of reminding me of the Waitresses. I love the Waitresses! Can you play something by them?
  10:00am ғoғo©:

Nice played, Ken! Thanks! =D
  10:02am dc pat:

this Skeletons song rules.
  10:02am ғoғo©:

All innocence is lost when you slow down this song.
  10:03am alberto:

oh yeah, i like this
  10:04am trish:

  10:05am moose:

wow Pete, the Waitresses are probably my all-time #1 favorite group
  10:06am CeQcile:

they were the best Tin Huey spin off band ever.
  10:08am giselle:

ha ha! like Hitler
  10:10am Mark:

something is added to commercially produced nutmeg that makes you sick if you try to consume enough to get high
  10:10am pierre:

is there an ablum of this movie (werewolves on wheel) ??!
  10:13am ғoғo©:


From the Wikiland: Werewolves on Wheels is a 1971 American exploitation film that blends two genres: the outlaw biker film and the traditional horror movie.
  10:16am Ken:

Oh it's real! It had Barry McGuire in it. It sounds terrible/great.
  10:17am T-Zero:

@pierre... Bent Crayon has the album
  10:18am pierre:

thanks fofo - i had the chance to see this movie, a great moment of undestanding between me and my brain. But i wondered if there was a O.S.T. album or something…
  10:18am pierre:

thanks T-ZERO
  10:20am jan:

When was the "15" puzzle given away as WFMU swag?
  10:20am ғoғo©:


List Price: $14.98
Price: $13.49 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
You Save: $1.49 (10%)
  10:21am Ken:

Jan - I dont know! The 60's I think.
  10:21am CeQcile:

I think it's a Photoshop thing.

Speaking of swag, I loved the soap.
  10:21am pierre:

whoa… cheer fofo.
  10:21am CeQcile:

wow! it was real.
  10:22am hamburger:

ho! ha! haykum!
  10:23am Luke:

Checking in, Sorry I was late. This (riderinthesky) is a great first tune for me.
  10:24am ғoғo©:

Ken, this song reminds me of a Bonanza mix you played in your show before. It was from an unknown artist. Damn good song by the way, do you remember or have any more details in the liner notes about it?
  10:26am p ierre:

did you know : REM made a song called ghost reindeers in the sky?
  10:27am CeQcile:

I remember them playing Ghost Riders in concert.
  10:28am Sam:

God this is so awful!!
  10:28am hamburger:

woo - singing cows
  10:28am Carmichael:

Well yee-HAW, Kenneth and people of the intertubes.
  10:32am Carmichael:

Hey, cool version of Daniel J!
  10:32am HeyMan!!:

  10:33am pierre:

tex avery's red hair girl (sigh)
  10:33am MD:

Ken Trivia..."Music by the mentally insane..."
When was that show!!!!
  10:34am MD:

Infact Ken...I have an home "air check tape" of one of those shows!!!!
  10:34am don:

Lorne Greene track=HOT
quote=tex avery's red hair girl (sigh)
  10:35am Mark:

Kathy MCcarty did a great version of "Walking the Cow" on her Daniel Johnston tribute album "Dead Dog's Eyeball: Songs of Daniel Johnston"
  10:36am Carmichael:

Yes Mark, if you saw the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston, she is a featured interviewee.
  10:37am Ken:

Damn MD, I dont remember. I've ALWAYS been interested in music by the mentally ill..
  10:38am CeQcile:

I think if you're a musician in the first place, a lot of people consider you mentally ill.
  10:38am Mark:

Have not seen that Carmichael, sounds interesting
  10:39am MD:

Ken...I'll try to find it...digitize it and send you a copy...
  10:39am BSI:

hm..... I've been curious about this Kate Bush re-do LP, not quite convinced...
  10:40am dc pat:

I share that interest Ken. Syd Barrett's sense of rhythm and arrangements are amazing.
  10:41am Sam:

The only truly mentally ill people are those who insist that they aren't.
  10:41am don:

is that supposed to be "DJ Commander Adama"?
  10:41am HeyMan!!:

I gots my red shoes on! :)
  10:41am ғoғo©:

Amazing graph about getting high around the world!!! Never heard of the l-dosing mp3s (see number 13). Do you have any of that in the WFMU library?
  10:42am pierre:

@don : what does "BUMP" mean.
  10:43am CeQcile:

bump it to the top of the thread because it's important
  10:44am Luke:

Ken, are you making horse sounds?
  10:44am Carmichael:

@dcp: I'm also a massive Syd Barrett fan. I nearly feel that there's only 1 true Pink Floyd, and they mutated into something else after he left.
  10:44am HeyMan!!:

bump me up - rolling stones new one
  10:45am ғoғo©:


And opposite of BUMP would be SAGE.
  10:45am HeyMan!!:

  10:46am dc pat:

2 different groups Carm. They should have changed their name after Syd got the boot.
  10:46am HeyMan!!:

Life after the Record Industry - Who's My Daddy nOw?!
  10:46am Luke:

ғoғo© - autosage
  10:47am pierre:

ok, allright.
  10:48am ғoғo©:


Actually that's a maniac's symptom. xD
  10:48am HeyMan!!:

giggity giggity
  10:48am Carmichael:

Damn right, Pat.
  10:49am pierre:

they should have called them : "les flamands roses".
  10:49am Carmichael:

Barry McGuire also had a sizeable role in The President's Analyst, as part of a hippe clan that hid James Coburn.
  10:52am Cheri Pi:

I am a Rush hater and I will be very interested to hear Getty Lee defend himself.
  10:52am CeQcile:

I went to a wedding where Rush lyrics were printed on the program...
  10:52am alberto:

i think rush is alright until that girl starts singing.
  10:52am C#:

My problem, Ken, is that I can't understand Neil Young fans.
  10:53am jen v.:

so excited for the record fair this year
  10:53am dc pat:

I too am not a Rush fan Ken...and I hate people that are, right Cecile??
  10:53am Carmichael:

I don't get it either, Ken. Banshee singing never does anything for me.
  10:53am ~L:

Could you write down that Radio Vision event info here? I missed some part. Thanks!
  10:54am Sam:

Ellen Allien is really really terrific
  10:54am CeQcile:

I would love to drink with them. I just can't deal with their music.

Apart from the taste thing, Rush fans are also awesome.
  10:54am ғoғo©:

I once read this article about Rush's lack of female fans. To support the text there were some photos of the bathrooms at their concerts. Unsurprisingly the women's ones had no one.
  10:54am Ken:

Oh My God Carmichael, really?! I LOOOVVVEEE that movie! Was he the guy who played that song while James Coburn fucked the hippy chick in the field?
  10:55am C#:

I can appreciate Rush, but I like Van der Graaf better.
  10:56am Carmichael:

That's him, Ken. I think the song was called "Changes" or "Changin' ". As the secret agents crawled through the weeds and died one by one, ol' Barry was wailing away plaintively.
  10:56am CeQcile:

Actually, there is a hilarious bit in the Deena Weinstein book on heavy metal where she, a college professor, explains the lyrical progression of the second side of 2112 and the guys in the parking lot are all "wow! that girl is smart! and she likes Rush!"
roro, that's how it was at Metallica, Opeth and Cecil Taylor for me. I got a marriage proposal (a little too late) for writing about Blue Oyster CUlt.

I enjoy being a girl!
  10:58am pierre:

oooh the RADIOVISION FESTIVAL… another great event where us, people that live across the atlantic will not be able to attempt.
  10:59am Ken:

Carmichael, yeah, it was called "Changes." What an amazing movie. And so prophetic. Only the phone company turned out to be google.
  11:00am Ken:

C'mon Pierre, do a kickstarter so you can come over for the record fair and radiovision fest.
  11:01am ғoғo©:

pierre, think positive! At least we have the Morris dance festival in the UK! \o/
  11:01am Mark:

Robert Fripp has commented in amusing fashion on the lack of female King Crimson fans
  11:01am BSI:

I'd like Rush a lot more if they were called Butterbean. Or not.
  11:01am ғoғo©:

Ken, ironically, Kickstarter is only available for US residents.
  11:02am CeQcile:

Don't you work in the fashion industry? Isn't there some kind of fashion thing you can go to around that time, Pierre?

I am one of the few. LOL! ANd I'm not that hardcore. But many girls really do not like Crimson. Or Captain Beefheart. (apart from Clear Spot.)
  11:02am Ken:

Great Rush subplot in the movie "I Love You Man."
  11:03am CeQcile:

Ken, it's hilarious. ANd not all the unrealistic.
  11:03am Ken:

no way roro@! There aint no Le Kickstartere?
  11:04am Ken:

Nailed it! Stalin and Matias!
  11:05am CeQcile:

total 12 is out? Gotta get it.
  11:05am ғoғo©:

Nope. But for Europeans folks there's Indiegogo!
  11:05am hamburger:

justgiving is le kickstarter over here no?
  11:05am Cheri Pi:

Ken, this is some of your finest work.
  11:05am CeQcile:

Ken, that sync was worthy of Soulwax.
  11:06am BSI:

My silent J fell off back there between those last two tracks. Watch where you step.
  11:06am ғoғo©:

Cecile, and what about the opposite? What about a band that has no male fans? is it possible? o.O
  11:07am Cecile:

Yes. It's called Duran Duran.
  11:07am Vicki:

you have to have a US bank account to do Kickstarter. We have similar ventures here but they aren't so successful because people aren't so used to paying for cultural and arts things, is my thought. People are getting used to it FAST now though
  11:07am Vjivian:

CeQcile, you have company. I have liked Rush since high school. Also got into King Crimson and Captain Beefhart in the last couple of years. Didn't know we were in such a minority.
  11:08am Vjivian:

Duran Duran has two male fans-Rob Sheffield, author of Talking to Girls About Duran Duran, and my friend Alex.
  11:09am ғoғo©:

Ken's show confirms the Long Tail theory of Rush fans around the world.
  11:09am Cecile:

Yeah, it's quite interesting. I even picked up on it when I discovered music - "why don't more girls like Queen or Sabbath? Why are most of them listening to Abba?"

Viv, I bet there's no line at the men's bathroom, though.
  11:09am hamburger:

yay tonetta
  11:10am Mike East:

I just watched "Beyond the Lighted Stage" and it reminded me of how much I loved Rush in High School...and still do, but not as aggressively. On the subject, it was my older sister who got me into the group those many years ago.
  11:11am BSI:

Hawkwind audiences are decidedly short on estrogen as well. Go figure.
  11:11am ғoғo©:


"To be eligible to start a Kickstarter project, you need to satisfy the requirements of Amazon Payments: Be a permanent US resident and at least 18 years of age with a Social Security Number (or EIN), a US bank account, US address, US state-issued ID (driver’s license), and major US credit or debit card."

Try IndieGoGo, a good alternative.
  11:11am dc pat:

I was a Who guy in high school....still am I guess.
  11:11am pierre:

TONETTA's cool
  11:11am Dave B:

better late than not at all.

Morning Ken and fellow listeners.
  11:12am dc pat:

then I became a Sex Pistols guy...
  11:12am Vicki:

You just need a CONTACT in the US - there are ways around it - you just get someone else to be the account holder who is American
  11:12am ғoғo©:

I'm fan of Duran Duran Duran. ;)
  11:13am Cecile:

punk started as more 50/50 boys and girls, and then it turned more into a sausage-fest when hardcore came around.
  11:13am ғoғo©:

Did you guys noticed Tonetta had some signed nude photos for sale on eBay? I noticed no one bid on at least one. :/
  11:14am Dave B:

Mr. Bungle had a predominantly XY audience chromosome count...

Pierre - if you wanna do the KickStarter, I can proxy it. Hell, you can crash at my place if ya need
  11:14am Vjivian:

I wonder if growing up as a tomboy has an impact on music, just a thought. I listened to Abba then moved into the Pink Floyd and Rush in high school. Then discovered punk & college music in my senior year. I've noticed that most of my music conversations are with guys as opposed to women. Except for my husband who loves the Grateful Dead and Wilco.
  11:14am hamburger:

no I didn't notice ғoғo© - how did I miss that... how??? :)
  11:15am BSI:

Cecile: true enough, re: hardcore. That's where the DC scene stood out as a good exception, at least somewhat. compared to HC in other cities, anyway.
  11:17am Carmichael:

Of all the British bands, I only listened to the Kinks and the Animals. So-so on the Who, same with the Beatles, and I hated the Rolling Stones. Loved Floyd.
  11:17am Cecile:

I think some noisy bands that have an art component draw female fans. I've seen 50/50 at some of the most abstract jazz shows I've been at. I think the female art lovers appreciate the performanace art aspect of free improv. That or "by God, I am going to every event on my museum season pass come hell or high water."

Yes, VIv. 100% yes.
  11:17am pierre:

@DaveB: this is the nicest thing i've heard today. Le Kickistarteur, is a good idea… i'll look for it, try to ask people to send me the New Jersey (that would be great)
  11:18am Dave B:

Just put the NEW in "REALLY" small print. They'll think they're sending you up to Normandy...
  11:18am ғoғo©:


"people aren't so used to paying for cultural and arts things"

do you really reckon?! Perhaps because of the omni-State support?
  11:18am Cecile:

It was a lot like that in Detroit. Remember that song by Great Plains, "Why do punk rock guys go out with New Wave girls?" LOL.

But everyone showed up at New Wave dance night and danced to Soft Cell.
  11:19am Ken:

I think you should do it Pierre! I would donate to it. I think many people on these comment threads would.
  11:20am PMD:

[top hands thing] Is that a family reunion of The Thing? Dancing during the party?
  11:20am ғoғo©:


hahaha..sorry, sheesh. today I woke up to half-read people's posts.
  11:20am Cecile:

HA. I just ordered that MC Drum thing when I heard it on Duan's show last week.

The DJ Kicks series is unbeliievablle.
  11:21am pierre:

this thread feels like my best friend every week.
…then i'll come volunteer for wfmu
  11:22am trjish:

"The international coat check in is over there, beneath those flag-like wavy things. "
  11:23am Dave B:

As I've told Elwyn as well, I have space to crash if ever needed. Centrally located on the isle of Manhattan. Easy to get to the record fair and over to JC
  11:24am PMD:

I'm 2.5 hours late. What is it that Pierre is doing?
  11:25am Cecile:

Ken, if you have another discussion on the future of radio, and you can swing it, a panel by Radio Soulwax would be amazing. They are so brilliant. Every week brings something mindblowing. And iPod/iPhone users - it's FREE.
  11:25am pierre:

trying to get to the record fair + radiovision festival through all means possible
  11:26am ғoғo©:


pierre is about to launch an iPierre (like an iPod but would only play WFMU hits). Stay tuned for the official launch at Kickstarter.
  11:29am BSI:

Dang. I just live a few hours' drive away and I'm still trying to get up to the record fair. The timing never works out, boo-hoo. Once again, I'm saying NEXT YEAR......
  11:29am PMD:

  11:29am ғoғo©:


I also think it has to do with who introduced you with the band.Usually we turn into men when we stop listening to Teletubbies kind of songs to hear some hardcore pop (i.e. Roxette) in our teenage years, to then finally land in what your brother or uncle listens to (usually Iron Maiden or something like than). Then you mature.
  11:29am Luke:

Ken, why so creepy today? I'm trying to work here.
  11:29am ғoғo©:

* oldest brother
  11:30am iPierre:

i like the sound of it.
  11:30am Mark:

I never matured, you can ask anyone I know
  11:31am Dave B:

@Pierre -

in French that's pronounced "EEE-Pierre" as oppossed to "EYE-Pierre", right?
  11:32am Cecile:

See, I really had no musical mentor. I'm an oldest and my parents weren't that into music although my dad really liked country. So I started with soundtracks and kid's records and weird things I sang for kid's chorus and piano lessons and then just kind of stumbled around. My tastes are a weird mishmash, doing freeform didn't really help.
  11:33am Mark:

Lydia Lunch is a potty mouth
  11:33am Cecile:

  11:33am Cecile:

ha! 60 seconds.
  11:33am Stevel:

Dear God. The humanity!!!!!
  11:33am Das:

  11:33am Dave B:


As we refer to them on Underwater Theme Park....

  11:34am pierre:

actually Dave B, this maybe one of the only word that we pronounce correctly
  11:34am Torbjørn:

Now look at what you've done .. all rush, all the time ?
  11:34am BSI:

oh dear.
  11:34am ғoғo©:

This is Rush in a rush.

  11:34am paul:

i was hoping this would be the album on 45, a la liz berg playing "touch of grey" on 45 the other day
  11:34am Mark:

the only way to hear Rush
  11:34am Luke:

My only experience with Rush in in Season 3, Episode 5 of Trailer Park Boys. It was funny.
  11:34am Ray L:

Ken just shit all over my 14th year
  11:35am Mark:

on Jimmy Fallon he substitued Snowjob
  11:35am Dave B:

@Luke - "Just play that Dianne Sawyer song"
  11:35am PMD:

In order to spend time with my first boy friend ever, I had to sit around and listen to Rush and Bob and Doug MacKenzie.
  11:35am Mike East:

@Luke - thats my favorite episode!
  11:35am CChh:

Ah ken, toying with my emotions!
  11:36am ғoғo©:

OH SHI- That was fast. o__O I can even dig Mariah Carey that way.
  11:36am Carmichael:

If you play Rush on 78 speed, all the windows in your home will shatter.
  11:37am Luke:

Mike East - it was actually a very sweet episode, the ending it great. I love Bubbles.
  11:37am kakaka:

So, what's the rush?
  11:37am pierre:

anecdote : one of our past justice minister used "fellatio" when she meant "inflation" ON T.V.
  11:37am Ray L:

PMD -- so did my first girlfriend. Is that you, Cindy?
  11:37am Dan B Fromn Upstate:

The senator wants a job? That seems like it's all senators are talking about these days!
  11:37am Carmichael:

I miss the Trailer Park Boys. Classy show, a lot like Reno 911.
  11:37am paul:

on the best show, jon wurster used "billy joel" as a euphamism for fellatio
  11:38am Cecile:

carm, I need to see it. You compared it to Reno, which I adore.
  11:39am Mike Doughty:

For purposes of absurdity, I prefer the euphemism "beej". (or "beedge"?)
  11:39am Dave B:

I hope Nardwuar will be sporting one of these shirts:
  11:39am Luke:

Ken, why not just edit it to say "...wants a Job Blow"
  11:39am Brass Knuckles:

Why do solo Malkmus songs all sound like he's just making up songs out of his ass?
  11:40am Cecile:

because he is.
  11:40am ғoғo©:


Interesting. An autodidact.
  11:40am Luke:

Cecile - I started with Season 3, Season 1 was a little rough for me. I'll go back later and watch. Its on Netflix (in USoA)
  11:40am Mark:

did you ever notice the resemblance between Pearl Bailey and Queen Latifah?
  11:40am Ken:

And whats wrong with pulling songs out of one's ass?
  11:40am G:

Any special reason the summer schedule was extended into November? NJ-flooding related???
  11:41am Carmichael:

I thought Congress passed a law requiring us to refer to them as "a Lewinsky"?
  11:41am dc pjat:

too many notes in this Malkmus tune...
  11:41am Cecile:

nothing, ken!
  11:41am Pepe the Frog:

Feels good man.
  11:41am Vjivan:

Fofo & Cecile, Growing up, my parents were listened to country & top 40 rock . I think they bought Rumors for themselves rather than for me. During my teen years,college stations were my salvation, something my friends weren't into. Being the oldest, I influenced my brother's interest in music. I think I drove him nuts with Rem's murmur but it is possible it paved the way for him to discover the Ravonettes. As adults, we bring over whatever we are into to my mother's house, since she has always been into music. The funniest thing she told me is that she likes Radiohead but can't stand Thom Yorke's voice!
  11:42am Macca:

Some people want to fill the world with stinky love songs pulled out of my ass...
  11:42am Mark:

why only solo Malkmus, Pavement songs sounded pulled from the ass too
  11:42am Dave B:

@Cecile/Luke/Carmichael - of the films, "Countdown to Liquor Day" was much better than "The Big Dirty"
  11:43am dc pjat:

man the Velvet Monkeys keep coming up lately...
  11:43am ғoғo©:

*waiting impatiently for PMD to respond to Ray L*
  11:43am trjish:

@cecile @viv
My brothers listened to crap. I chose my own brand of crap and still do.
I know about some music because of them (and others), but I wasn't led.
  11:44am PMD:

@ Ray L, sorry, PMD are my initials! And I did not change my name... [apologies for being late responding... work got in the way]
  11:45am Ken:

If it's a clean ass, I have absolutely no problem with it.
  11:45am Cecile:

my sisters are the same way. They have what they like. Some of it overlaps with mine, but at the time they were so busy pooh poohing what I listened to i'm always surprised when they like something I like. One sis even had the Replacements played at her wedding!
  11:45am ~L:

"It was not the FCC's role to "censor what shall or shall not be said over the radio," Commissioner T.A.M. Craven said. "The public does not want spineless radio." (from a 1938 FCC statement post War of the Worlds broadcast) found in the book "Area 51:An uncensored History...", 2011, p. 21. Was not, and still shouldn't be!
  11:45am trjish:

..though sure, I followed, a bit based on ease and proximity.
  11:46am Cecile:

reception, that was.
Another had the theme from Kids in the Hall played as her rcessional music. And of course since I ilke Shadowy Men, i had it.
  11:46am BSI:

A chance meeting with a step-brother's record collection at age 11 took me from ELO and Queen to Throbbing Gristle and Guru Guru, literally overnight. Talk about social suicide for a youngster......
  11:46am ғoғo©:


Wow. I can't think of a better sincere or neutral opinion (about your mom's one). Perhaps that's would explain why they are so overrated (Radiohead).
  11:46am Carmichael:

  11:48am Carmichael:

That's Joey Levine singing lead, from the Kasenatz/Katz "Super K" production team. He also sang Yummy Yummy Yummy and Simon Says.
  11:49am ғoғo©:

I agree with Ken! Bring more enema songs please!
  11:49am PMD:

  11:51am ғoғo©:

Awww...Larry's last episode. I still don't understand whatever happened to Jim Price after this.
  11:51am G:

"Do you have Prince Albert in a can? Yes? Well, let him out for godsakes."
  11:52am dc pjat:

hey was somebody here wearing the 2011 wfmu t-shirt at Glover Park Day on Saturday? I was gonna say hi but I got caught up talkin to somebody
  11:52am hamburger:

comic strips for the blind?
  11:54am Jack Chekijian:

Oh Jesus...
  11:54am Scott W:

Slacker Jack!!
  11:55am BSI:

@Pjat: Not me. But we Soldiers are plentiful. We are legion. Whatever that means.
  11:56am Jack Chekijian:

Whoa, the msg board that manifests greatness - good sir, I hope you are well.
  11:56am BSI:

...and I think we are now a 5 WFMU t-shirt household now. Perhaps that's on the verge of creepy?
  11:56am ғoғo©:

Just an hypothesis: Men are introduced to the macho bands (they stick with) by males they admire/respect.
  11:56am dc pjat:

oh I know BSI but it's always startling to actually see one of you people in the "HEY, I thought you only existed in my laptop"
  11:57am Cecile:

LOL, it sounds like a jazz version of "Let it Whip."
  11:58am dc pjat:

oh man, I've lost fave is the Mex wrestler one that I got for my wife...she never wore it. I won't make that mistake again..
  11:58am ғoғo©:


We are legion? xD That's just a way Anonymous called themselves.
  11:58am NT:

Legion is a group of demons referred to in the Christian Bible. The New Testament outlines an encounter where Jesus healed a man from Gadarenes possessed by demons while traveling, known as Exorcising the Gerasenes demonic.
  11:59am Vivian:

@BSI- I think we're at 8 WMFU T-shirts. Does that mean we are uber-creepy?
  12:00pm don:

is anybody else still laughing about that loitering joke? gets me every time...
  12:01pm Carmichael:

I have the Escuche tee, along with about 6 others.
  12:01pm dc pjat:

so nobody's fessing up to attending Glover Park Day, huh? Real nice...
  12:02pm Chico:

Yes, thatsa good one boss...
  12:02pm Vivian:

@dc pjat My favorite is the dancing skeletons. A few years ago, I gave an additional donation to get a xxl bear shirt for my husband since he loved my shirt. Unfortunately, his shirt is tight around the armpits. So I wear it as a sleep shirt.
  12:03pm Dan B Fromn Upstate:

WFMU 50, Bird Splatter, Tim Biskup, Where Dead Air Lives, and a couple of Best Show shirts for me. I want a woof-moo shirt, but I don't like white shirts.
  12:03pm ғoғo©:

Thanks Ken, listeners! Another great show with great comments thanks to a great DJ and great commenters!
  12:03pm pierre:

merci ken
  12:03pm Brass Knuckles:

Good one, Ken.
  12:03pm dc pjat:

Vivian: wore than one so much that the collar's all raggedy..
  10:50am Jonathan Skinner:

Where's that wolf picture from, Ken?
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