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Playlist for 26 October 2011 Favoriting | Singles Going Steady 2011. Last Chance to Pledge to Our Stealth Campaign!

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Playlist Friends! Make a pledge to WFMU's stealth marathon this morning so I can thank you on the air in between playing singles! We just lost the tenant on the ground floor of our building, blowing an $80,000 hole in our budget. Help us plug it. Today's my last chance to help us do it. And THANK YOU to those of you who already did pledge.

Artist Song Comments Approx. start time
Rosko  Where Are You, Mama?   Favoriting
0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Jimmy  Spin The Bottle   Favoriting
0:02:20 (Pop-up)
The Guyettes  Gee I Joe   Favoriting
0:05:35 (Pop-up)
Jud Jud  Rounds of Jud Song   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
0:07:41 (Pop-up)
Jimmy Riddle  Yakety Eeph   Favoriting

0:08:56 (Pop-up)
The Musical Linn Twins  Rockin Out The Bloues   Favoriting
0:10:36 (Pop-up)
Danniel Johnston & The Rhythm Rats  Big Big World   Favoriting
0:12:57 (Pop-up)
Tim Wilson  Help Me find Jimmy Hoffa   Favoriting
0:16:01 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Steely Dan 
Do It Again   Favoriting   0:20:12 (Pop-up)
Destroy All Monsters  Bored   Favoriting
0:26:54 (Pop-up)
Sonics Rendezvous Band  City Slang   Favoriting
0:30:09 (Pop-up)
Velvet Underground  Beginning To See The Light (alt take)   Favoriting
0:35:13 (Pop-up)
Prisonshake  Eisbär   Favoriting
0:39:57 (Pop-up)
Vogel  Arschloch   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
0:42:56 (Pop-up)
Lorette Velvette  Boys Keep Swinging   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
0:46:17 (Pop-up)
Father Harry, God Squad  Norman Only Had One Hand (PSA)   Favoriting   0:49:34 (Pop-up)
Gus Van Sant  Lost World   Favoriting
0:50:38 (Pop-up)
The Pastels  Different Drum   Favoriting
0:54:13 (Pop-up)
The Picketts  Sukiyaki   Favoriting
0:57:04 (Pop-up)
Phil Baugh  One Man Band   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
0:59:36 (Pop-up)
Monochrome Set  Apocalypso   Favoriting
1:09:45 (Pop-up)
The Teardrop Explodes  When I Dream   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
1:13:49 (Pop-up)
Public Image Ltd.  Public Image   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
1:16:27 (Pop-up)
The Valves  For Adolfs Only   Favoriting
1:19:02 (Pop-up)
Plastic Bertrand  Ca Plane Pour Moi   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
1:21:10 (Pop-up)
Eddie & The Hot Rods  Do Anything You Wanna Do   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
1:24:03 (Pop-up)
The Spiral Staircase  I Love You More Today Than Yesterday   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
1:28:52 (Pop-up)
Clarence Carter  Strokin'   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
1:29:40 (Pop-up)
O'Jays  Love Train   Favoriting
1:34:32 (Pop-up)
George Clinton  Loopzilla   Favoriting
1:37:14 (Pop-up)
L Ron Hubbard  Alien Visitors Attack   Favoriting
1:46:42 (Pop-up)
Inflateable Boy Clams  Skeletons   Favoriting
1:49:51 (Pop-up)
1910 Fruitgum Company  Sticky Sticky   Favoriting
1:52:59 (Pop-up)
Art Bears  Rats and Monkeys   Favoriting
1:55:45 (Pop-up)
Eddie Murray  Montreal, Canada Blues   Favoriting

1:58:13 (Pop-up)
John Dowie  British Tourist (I Hate the Dutch)   Favoriting
2:01:54 (Pop-up)
CL Campbell  Hey, Mayor Daley, Man   Favoriting
2:03:22 (Pop-up)
Abraham Lincoln  The Gettysburg Address   Favoriting
2:06:26 (Pop-up)
The Firesign Theater  Hey Reagan   Favoriting
2:09:41 (Pop-up)
Joe Piscopo  I Love Rock and Roll   Favoriting
2:12:32 (Pop-up)
Shirley Bassey  Big Spender   Favoriting
2:16:44 (Pop-up)
Velvet Monkeys  Colors Part 1   Favoriting
2:27:44 (Pop-up)
Foom  Dem Old Stinky Blues   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
2:30:47 (Pop-up)
Jacques Palminger  Deutsche Frau   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
2:34:37 (Pop-up)
Cibo Matto  Black Hole Sun   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
2:39:23 (Pop-up)
Shlager on Parade  Arizona Man   Favoriting

Click for the full size image
2:42:13 (Pop-up)
Pulp  Low Flying Aircraft   Favoriting
2:46:26 (Pop-up)
Art Yard  The Law   Favoriting
2:50:42 (Pop-up)
The Mekons  Snow   Favoriting
2:54:25 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Billy Vaughn / Elmo Tanner 
Whispering   Favoriting
2:57:18 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:04am λɯəɹəɾ:

this spin the bottle song - i'm going to have it my head for the rest of the week
  9:05am ŦŐŦŐ:

Support Ken on WMFU
  9:05am paul:

i have this song in my head all the time. "yeah! c'mere!" still kills me.
  9:09am JMD:

Yay! Jud Jud! Been a long time, thanks.
  9:10am dc pat:

jud jud!
  9:10am ŦŐŦŐ:

* When I said WMFU I obviously meant to say WFMU.
  9:10am Danimal:

Coorn Weenie time!
Can you dig it!
  9:11am Aaron in Minneapolis:

And Ken has turned into Dr. Demento
  9:12am seang:

damn that is sexy
  9:14am dc pat:

..and really cool, I'll have to try that...but I don't have boobs...
  9:16am Bad Ronald:

Ha ha, speaking of boobs check out the moobs on Jay Reatard!
  9:17am pierre:

Bonjour Ken
Bonjour all
  9:18am Andrei:

Great! Another find broadcast! Way to go, Ken!
  9:18am Ken:

Morning everybody! I love singles week! Any requests?
  9:18am Brian in Madison, wi:

Great song! You're killing me, Ken.

Grab a shovel!
  9:19am Andrei:

How about Lennon's Plastic Ono Band? =)
  9:20am ŦŐŦŐ:

Hello everybody! We need some good ol' Hypno-Cecile help here for the requests.
  9:21am dc pat:

noticed that too Bad Ron...

How about Penetration by the Pyramids?
  9:21am MD:

Good morn beloved childrem of freeform...
  9:22am ŦŐŦŐ:

holy shi- Jimmy Hoffa disappeared the day I was born. o_O
  9:22am MD:

Yes...I said Childrem...
  9:23am Andrei:

Would I be hearing Plastic Ono Band this morning, or let me go to work instead?
  9:23am Detroit Mac:

I'm lurking today.
  9:24am dc pat:

ah, god, don't get me started on MEEchelle...why'd she resign?
  9:24am Dean B From Upstate:

Hi, everyone. How was your rescheduled rapture? I love singles week!
  9:25am Aaron in Minneapolis:

  9:25am tony:

Good idea - play a Toto 7" at 33.
  9:25am Bad Ronald:

I would venture to guess Cecile would request a track by Flight of the Conchords. Me, I'd like to hear "Great Fire" by XTC or anything off of English Settlement if possible...
  9:25am dc pat:

  9:26am pierre:

@ KEN :

i love when you play CRASH "vaughan's ballad" but what about playing the A side, with the song "pile ou face" ???
  9:26am Dean B From Upstate:

I adore PSAs.
  9:26am fishmonkeystew:

Grant Green! Singles Week is my favorite.
  9:26am Andrei:

How about italian disco music this morning? How about Pupo or Toto Cotogno? Ricci e Poveri, may be?
  9:26am Mark:

first Cibo Mato or The The, pleease
  9:27am Brian in Madison, wi:

Do you have any lawanda page or flexi disks from Cracked magazine?
  9:27am Cecile:

  9:27am dc pat:
  9:27am paul:

do you have Terry Jacks "Put The Bone In" this year?
  9:27am Andrei:

Hey Ken, do you have any discs that are married? With children, may be?
  9:28am Cecile:

Actually, there was a lovely single of "Albi, The Racist Dragon" that came out for record store day.
  9:28am Van in Dallas:

Hi Ken. Hi listeners. Working away with this in background.
  9:28am ŦŐŦŐ:

I love the idea of reciting wacky poetry on the top of a classical tune, well, at least in the case of the "Hey Mayor Daley Man" single. Still don't know which classical tune that is. Anyone knows?
  9:28am Cecile:

I will squee if you play City Slang.
  9:29am Michael:

Needs more theremin...and Wolfman...and cowgirl.
  9:29am dc pat:

Eight Miles High covered by Husker? That came out on 7" right? or was it EP?
  9:30am Cecile:

dcp, it was 7"
  9:31am Cecile:

  9:31am Snortley:

Back in the 70s, Destroy All Monsters put out a S/T zine, and the full run has just been republished in book form.
  9:31am ŦŐŦŐ:

dc pat,

Apparently an EP
  9:32am Cecile:

snort, thanks. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. Specialy since it was all gone by the 80s.
  9:34am Cecile:

toto, I haven't looked at the record recently, but that doesn't feel right. I bought it, i thought there were only 2 songs on it.
  9:34am Bad Ronald:

Wow I didn't know Brian Jones was a dick to his records too!
  9:34am still b/p:

Maybe you seen dis here already, Ken? ..."Celebrities and their vinyl"...!
  9:36am Cecile:

Nope, that and the MTM cover were compiled into an EP. 8 miles is a single.
  9:36am postmanpaul:

Hello from the You Knighted Kingdom where we play not with a good 7'' but rather with our 168mm's.
  9:38am paul:

this song would be so much better if METALLICA was playing it
  9:38am Steven Tyler:

You don't have a big 254 mm record?
  9:38am Brian C.:

VU 45s? Now you're just showing off.
  9:39am still b/p:

Yes, was just gonna say Lou shoulda brung Metallica over to this sort of thing...instead of the...other direction they chose.
  9:39am Cecile:

Metallica actually are a pretty great cover band.
  9:39am Andrei:

postmanpaul: hello from post-soviet Russia where we play NOT with our 7.62mm... while listening to this marvelous freeform program.
  9:39am fishmonkeystew:

The eyeball barfing rodent is both disturbing and fascinating.
  9:41am Listener Wes:
  9:41am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Detroit Rock? Why dont you just play MOTOWN while you're at it? ( I be trolling)
  9:41am Andrei:

German! Yeah! Way to go, Ken!!
  9:42am yayson:

not to be a downer, but i dont see how this most amazing of amazing stations isn't overwhelmed with donations constantly with no need to fund raise. cough it up suckers!
  9:42am ŦŐŦŐ:

Is there a way to search the WFMU singles archive? I'm from the cassette era, not very much familiarised with the (n)" format.
  9:42am Cecile:

This is the difference between Minneapolis and Detroit.
2 anti-racism bumper stickers - Mpls: "Love knows no color." Detroit: "FUCK RACISM."
  9:44am remix:

Love Knows No Racism
Fuck Color
  9:44am Cecile:

remix: Genius!
  9:45am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Its called restraint Cecile
  9:46am Hauswölf:

Finalich!! Zo gut!! Sank you, Kenn!
  9:47am Cecile:

You say restraint, I say passive-aggression.
I love both places.
  9:47am postmanpaul:

Yeah Yayson, City Slackers get out your wad and shoot it baby, shoot it.
  9:47am OnkelAL:

Hi Ken,
Got any London American singles with the triangular middles?
  9:49am postmanpaul:

OnkelAH, side 3 was always my favorite.
  9:49am Cecile:

You got anything from the Lovely Records singles box?
  9:50am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Cecile that is exactly what it is!
  9:50am Jay/ London:

hi ken just checking in from London
  9:51am Cecile:

Don't I know it? 20 years here, and I still feel like I moved here last week.
  9:55am postmanpaul:

Call me pedantic, but my apologies, OnkelAL, for the H.
  9:56am Cecile:

okay, I no longer feel bad about not getting this band.
  9:56am dale:

just tuned in on the radiola. i likee what i hear.
  9:56am Ken:

Hi Jay! DO they really have singles with triangular holes? Ive never even seen one!
  9:58am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Wait you are a Minneapolis resident?
  9:58am still b/p:

I forgot that the site I included earlier not only has stars with their rekkids but Lesbian Pulp Fiction covers, too. So it's either a playlist image bank or worth a browsy skate for no productive reason whatsonuthinever.
  9:58am Cecile:

  9:59am dc pat:

Great cover except the tune is not called Sukiyaki, that was the original performer's stage name.
  10:00am yayson:

whoa this is where slick and snoop got that beat from!
  10:00am dc pat:

"Ue o Muite Arukō" or "上を向いて歩こう"
  10:01am Jay/ London:

well ken not the records but the bit you put in the middle like the ex jukebox ones
  10:01am Aaron in Minneapolis:

I am not a loaner anymore!
  10:04am dc pat:

wrong, wrong, and wrong...
  10:04am Cecile:

nope. I've been here because the Michigan economy has been disaterous since 1974.
  10:05am Cecile:

Clarence Williams III
My friend yelled "Pete, Linc Julie" at the screen when he showed up in Purple Rain.
  10:07am Cecile:

don't f with Low Rider, Ken. It's one of the best songs ever recorded.
  10:08am snickerpedia: known under the alternative title "Sukiyaki" in English-speaking parts of the world
...The title Sukiyaki, a Japanese hot pot dish, has nothing to do with the lyrics or the meaning of the song; the word served the purpose only because it was short, catchy, recognizably Japanese, and more familiar to most English speakers. A Newsweek columnist noted that the re-titling was like issuing "Moon River" in Japan under the title "Beef Stew."
  10:14am BDR:

Teardrop! Great song!
  10:19am Mark:

(this is not Theme)
  10:20am dc pat:

still a great song..
  10:23am Dean B From Upstate:

I love that Svetlana Gruebbersolvik album cover. What can I say. I'm a thirteen year old boy.
  10:24am Chevy Chase:

You don't actually blow...
  10:25am postmanpaul:

Hi Ken, I'm about to pledge for Urwin 'caus he is as equally charming and urbane as your good sexy self. But having probs - what is a 'billing zip code', when it's at home?
  10:25am yayson:

looks like she's doing it right to me
  10:26am SG:

Here's the LEGENDARY Icelandic version of "Ca Plane Pour Moi", sung by "Johnny Carson of Iceland" :
  10:26am OnkelAL:

Got any scratchy ones, Ken?
  10:26am Detroit Mac:

Eddie is touring Europe right now... sure sounds like "Rock 'n Roll Love Letter" by the Records?
  10:28am Kenzo:

"Billing zip code" = The zip code of the address you gave your credit card company, which isn't always the same address you're giving us, above.
  10:30am Dean B From Upstate:

I was just about to ask where Clarence Carter was!
  10:31am Detroit Mac:

if i tell you i made a pledge... will still be "stealth"?
  10:32am GB Joe:

Musical porn for the blind!
  10:33am ŦŐŦŐ:

Strokin' video is quite surreal.
  10:34am Cecile:

GB, and Clarence Carter was blind himself...

Porn from the blind to the blind.
  10:34am Ken:

It will be Detroit Mac, but I no see your pledge!
  10:34am Frank:

These pictures are f*cking wild; especially the one next to 'Vogel'!
  10:34am dale:

strokin alone doesn't count i assume.
  10:36am Aaron in Minneapolis:

  10:37am Frank:

LOL Dale
  10:37am Burt Reynolds:

I am the Stroker Ace
  10:38am Aaron in Minneapolis:

I hope you burn Love Train after you play it!
  10:39am Cecile:

This is like double entendre madness.
  10:40am Aaron in Minneapolis:

OMG I think Im channeling Breckman! STOP EVIL SPIRIT!
  10:41am erika:

oh man, did i mis Jud Jud? i need to find them again...i only had their album on cassette :(
  10:41am ŦŐŦŐ:

A sexual kennuendo.
  10:41am Cecile:

think about butter sculptures and Ken Barlow's toupee.
  10:42am ŦŐŦŐ:

Or think about Brando and Schneider and some butter.
  10:43am Cecile:

you may do that to Funkytown. Please
  10:44am northguineahills:

I was wondering why the playlist wasn't matching what I was hearing and I realized I was listening to Doug's (Give the Drummer Some) stream.
  10:47am Carmichael:

Happy Hump Day Kenneth and freeform community members.
  10:47am ŦŐŦŐ:

I concur with Ken. Enough with the normal music!
  10:47am ListenerZ:

J'ai raté Plastique Bertrand !?Ça alors !
  10:50am Chick Corea:

Tom is over here and we're loving this!
  10:50am ŦŐŦŐ:

Oh, noes Ken! Don't play around with the Scientology boss otherwise you'll get yourself in their black list!
  10:50am Pete:

Whoa! L Ron sounds like the Residents meets Get Smart!
  10:51am das:

Is that dj trouble on lead vox?
  10:51am Neg-guh-tor:

clarence Carter not only be 'strokin'' he be stupid, as well. Ken, thanks for puttin' on MY favorite song to stroke to by L Ron H. Have you ever made love to this song?
  10:53am fun cakes:

inflateable boy clams - exactly what I needed
  10:54am Clams Casino:

I'll wager that clams gamble like Kenny Rogers!
  10:54am ŦŐŦŐ:

best songs to make love to:
* Ravel's Bolero
* All you need is beat - Gerhard Heinz and and Aniko Benkö
  10:55am Carmichael:

Don't forget Kate Smith's God Bless America, or Trio's Da Da Da.
  10:55am Ohio Express:

Jeff Barry liked us better.
  10:56am Carmichael:

Is this the Ohio Express with Joe Walsh?
  10:57am Dale Fox:

No, he was with us. The James Gang, man.
  10:59am Carmichael:

Waaay before your time, Dale. Starving artist, slumming around, you know.
  10:59am WIKI Update:

(It has been rumored that a young Joe Walsh, later of the James Gang & The Eagles, was part of this band but left after the "Beg Borrow & Steal" LP was recorded. A photograph on the cover of the sole Cameo-Parkway album shows a photo that bears a striking resemblance to Walsh.)
  11:00am βrian:

Must be Fred Lane's brother.
  11:00am bobw:

how did i not know about this montreal canada blues song before?!?
  11:05am seang:

I keep hearing good things about Montreal--maybe I should move there
  11:05am ŦŐŦŐ:

Can anyone recognize which classical tune plays in the background on this song?
  11:06am βrian:

I hate the evil auto-refresh. Why, it's downright satanic.
  11:07am ŦŐŦŐ:

βrian, You can use the Opera browser and set reload the page to Never. Or customise it in your favour.
  11:08am Ken:

Hey Carmichael! Thanks for the pledge! I love you, buddy! Thanks to you also Cecile! (I love you more)
  11:09am Carmichael:

Any time, my main musical man. I'd feel hypocritical requesting songs if I didn't pull my weight around here.
  11:10am Cecile:

LOL! Ken, it's not a competition. (But, yay!)
  11:10am Mark:

trippy lyrics man
  11:11am Bob Vila:

Hand me the pliers!
  11:18am Jay/ London:

love this track 1 love rock and roll !!! :)
  11:18am Cecile:

  11:18am Cecile:

whoops, my bad.
She just sounded very Eartha Kitt for a minute.
  11:27am ŦŐŦŐ:

"Occupy Intelligence Agency"..Hmm...CIA?
  11:27am Um:

I just pledged I thnk, but the refresh I think deleted the entry?
  11:28am Van in Dallas:

Carmichael! Carmichael! Carmichael!
  11:28am Carmichael:

I'm hiding under the desk .....
  11:29am ŦŐŦŐ:


You need to, um, this page sents you to the Pledge page --which doesn't have automatic reloading.
  11:30am ŦŐŦŐ:


We now all know where you live. So start behaving yourself. ;)
  11:30am Van in Dallas:

Oh sure. Have to step away for work for a bit and what happens? I miss Firesign Theater.
  11:31am Ken:

Um. head over to and start your pledge there. I like thankming Carmichael but I'd like to thank you too.
  11:33am Jimmy:

THis is Robert Plant's voice today. Ravaged by years of Zeppelinizing™.
  11:34am PMD:

This is my theme song.
  11:36am Ken:

Thank you Monte in Brooklyn for the pledge! You ROCK!! ("Rocking" is good.)
  11:40am ross:

is this the new Neubauten single?
  11:41am dale:

i thought it was herzog doing jonathan livingston seagull
  11:42am JaneBoy:

Oh fer yummy!
  11:43am Marmalade kitty:

cool! there are some interesting jazz versions of Black hole sun
  11:43am PMD:

Ken, du bist fuer mich.
  11:45am Carmichael:

The Germans are always so funky.
  11:49am dc pat:

Low Flying Aircraft = my new fave tune.
  11:50am dc pat:

he did Amanda sing for Pulp?
  11:50am Dean B From Upstate:

You took the words, Pat.
  11:57am Mark:

don't forget to watch the new Beavis and Butthead tomorrow night
  11:57am dc pat:

don't have this Mekons, huh. Must have about 15 LPs but not a lot of 45s...
  11:59am ŦŐŦŐ:

Thanks for the show Ken! Thanks donating people and see you everybody next episode! :)
  12:00pm Pamela:

Fine! I pledged and paid and get no recognition. Sigh.
  12:00pm Record Dealer:

Mekon 45s are available at the Mekon Delta
  12:00pm Carmichael:

Thanks for the PR, Ken ..... :-)
  12:00pm Cecile:

Great show, Ken!
  12:04pm maja:

yes it was! thank you!
  2:51am bennett:

Ken, where did that "alt take" of Beginning to See the Light come from? Never heard it before!
  4:35pm Z1061:

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