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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Eddie Angel  Topless Beach   Favoriting various - Rock Don't Run Vol. 1  Spinout  1996    0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Los Protones  El Condor Pasa   Favoriting Hijas del Diablo  A Tutiplen  2011    0:02:10 Pop-up)  
Vicky and the Vengents  We Turned Into a Lie   Favoriting Cry Now, Smile Later    2011    0:05:12 Pop-up)  
Crazy Squeeze  Crazy Squeeze   Favoriting     2011    0:07:40 Pop-up)  
The Bon  Whammy   Favoriting Static Electricity  Boppa Do Down  2011  Thee song for 2011 AND 2012!  0:11:22 Pop-up)  
Cheetah Chrome and the Blackhearts  Final Solution   Favoriting live on WFMU Feb. 5, 2009 on Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine    2009  produced and engineered by Diane Kamikaze  0:18:24 Pop-up)  
Fleshtones  Outcast   Favoriting Beautiful Light  Ichiban  1993  produced by Peter Buck  0:21:57 Pop-up)  
Swamp Rats  Psycho   Favoriting Disco Still Sucks  Get Hip      0:27:24 Pop-up)  
The Boss Mustangs  Mrs. McKee   Favoriting s/t  Spinout  2011  best 2011 release I didn't hear until 2012!  0:34:32 Pop-up)  
Rippers  The Caress of a Knife   Favoriting s/t  Screaming Apple  2003/2005  from Sardinia Italy  0:38:00 Pop-up)  
The Absolutes  Everybody's Feeling Alright   Favoriting Everybody's Feeling Alright    2011  Rochester NY  0:39:52 Pop-up)  
Compulsive Gamblers  I Call You Mine   Favoriting Bluff City  Sympathy for the Record Industry  1999    0:42:41 Pop-up)  
Guitar Lightnin' Lee and The Thunder Band  Amsterdam   Favoriting N.O. Rhythum and Booze    2010  coming back to NYC area March 1 to 4!  0:46:19 Pop-up)  
The Dalton Gang  Our Love   Favoriting various - Psychedelic States:Florida in the 60s Vol. 3  Gear Fab  1967/2001    0:49:14 Pop-up)  
The Missing Links  Run and Hide   Favoriting various - Psychedelic States:Florida in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1966/2001    0:54:04 Pop-up)  
DM3  Second Floor   Favoriting Dig It the Most  Bomp!  1996  dedicated to studio A!  1:01:01 Pop-up)  
Hot Knives  Secrets About Me   Favoriting s/t  Grown Up Wrong  1976/2011  unreleased 1976 LP from band featuring Danny and Tim of the Flamin' Groovies  1:04:08 Pop-up)  
The Happen-Ins  Cross Your Heart   Favoriting s/t    2010  Austin, Texas  1:08:26 Pop-up)  
Kinks  Beautiful Delilah   Favoriting s/t  Castle  1964/1998    1:10:40 Pop-up)  
The Canary Sect  Tell Me What I Need   Favoriting Shake It But Don't Break It!  Screaming Apple  2005    1:12:57 Pop-up)  
The Phantom Keys  Twisted Neck   Favoriting The Real Sound of the Phantom keys  Screaming Apple  2012  two bands in a row from Spain!  1:15:47 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams and the Goldstars  Babblin' Brook   Favoriting Nightclub  Pravda  2012    1:18:25 Pop-up)  
Mikal Cronin  You Gotta Have Someone   Favoriting 7"  Goner  2012    1:25:47 Pop-up)  
Bad Sports  Get Your Head   Favoriting Kings of the Weekend  Dirtnap  2011    1:28:16 Pop-up)  
Wax Museums  Mad Gasser   Favoriting Eye Times  Trouble in Mind  2011    1:29:24 Pop-up)  
The Fadeaways  I'm No Mad   Favoriting Lost Sounds!!!    2010    1:31:04 Pop-up)  
Jigglers  J.I.G.G.L.E.R.S.   Favoriting     2011  playing at the Charleston in Brooklyn Saturday night  1:33:35 Pop-up)  
Jigglers  Go Away   Favoriting     2011    1:33:52 Pop-up)  
Wild Zeros  Do Know You   Favoriting split 7" with the Baxx Sisi's  Chickpea Records  2011    1:35:45 Pop-up)  
Les Kitschenettes  La Fermeture Eclair   Favoriting Qui C'est qu'a Di quon Peut pas imitter les Anglais? 10-inch  Pinkitsch   2010  two bands in a row from France!  1:38:39 Pop-up)  
Cheap Perfume  Boys   Favoriting cd single  Turn-Up  2012    1:40:34 Pop-up)  
Sonny Curtis  A Beatle I Want To Be   Favoriting various - Beatlemaniacs!!! The World of Beatles Novelty Records  Ace  1964/2006    1:46:32 Pop-up)  
The Swans  The Boy With the Beatle Hair   Favoriting various - Better Than the Beatles: 26 Tunes That Failed To Oust the Fab Four From the Charts  Knight   1964    1:48:28 Pop-up)  
Donnie Rae and the Defiants  Beatlemania   Favoriting     1964    1:50:53 Pop-up)  
Chug & Doug  Ringo Comes To Town   Favoriting         1:52:37 Pop-up)  
The Hi-Riders  Stamp Out The Beatles   Favoriting various - Beatlemaniacs!!! The World of Beatles Novelty Records  Ace  1964/2006    1:54:48 Pop-up)  
Murray Kellum  I Dreamed I Was A Beatle   Favoriting         1:57:12 Pop-up)  
The Fondettes  The Beatles Are In Town   Favoriting         1:58:57 Pop-up)  
Brad Berwick  Better Than the Beatles   Favoriting         2:03:00 Pop-up)  
Gardens  Morning Refresher   Favoriting s/t  Alive  2011    2:05:17 Pop-up)  
Vulgar Boatmen  Change the World All Around   Favoriting Wide Awake  No Nostalgia  2004    2:15:09 Pop-up)  
Six Months To Live  The Night Your House Burned Down   Favoriting This Is What Happens  Sparky the Dog  2009    2:15:44 Pop-up)  
Plimsouls  Hush Hush   Favoriting One Night In America - Live 1981  Oglio  1981/2005    2:21:20 Pop-up)  
Plimsouls  I'll Get Lucky   Favoriting One Night In America - Live 1981  Oglio  1981/2005    2:23:41 Pop-up)  
Plimsouls  Dizzy Miss Lizzie   Favoriting One Night In America - Live 1981  Oglio  1981/2005    2:26:33 Pop-up)  
Plimsouls  Zero Hour   Favoriting Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal at the Whiskey A-Go-Go  Alive  1981/2010    2:29:30 Pop-up)  
Plimsouls  Everyday Things   Favoriting Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal at the Whiskey A-Go-Go  Alive  1981/2010    2:32:20 Pop-up)  
Plimsouls  New Orleans   Favoriting Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal at the Whiskey A-Go-Go  Alive  1981/2010  with the Fleshtones!  2:34:36 Pop-up)  
Hershel Almond with All Good  Let's Get It On   Favoriting various - The Ace Story Vol. 1  Ace      2:41:11 Pop-up)  
Bobby Marchan  Quit My Job   Favoriting various - The Ace Story Vol. 1  Ace    NOT Bobby Marchan, according to the liner notes!  2:42:21 Pop-up)  
Huey "Piano" Smith & The Clowns  Pop-Eye   Favoriting various - The Ace Story Vol. 1  Ace      2:44:51 Pop-up)  
The Monsters  Speedy's Coming   Favoriting Pop Up Yours!  Voodoo Rhythm  2011    2:51:36 Pop-up)  
Dave Clark Five  Do You Still Love me   Favoriting The History of The Dave Clark Five  Hollywood      2:52:32 Pop-up)  
Mind Spiders  More Than You   Favoriting Meltdown  Dirtnap  2011    2:55:03 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar 12:03pm Joe B:

greetings from Studio B!
  12:04pm KP:

Hola los Belockos!
  12:05pm Amanda:

Noice El Condor Pasa here. Hi Joe!
  12:05pm Cecile:

Hi joe, and bye joe! Just checking in, got a bunch of stuff to do today. Digging the S&G cover.
  12:05pm Mike East:

Hola! Studio B for Belock!
Avatar 12:08pm Joe B:

Hi KP, Amanda, Cecile, Mike E.! thanks for tuning in!
  12:09pm PFFlyer:

Better a bit late than never. Sounds like a barn burner already Joe.
  12:09pm SmokinJ:

Nice Vicky track! Hey Joe & In Crowd!
  12:10pm Cheri Pi:

Who are these Crazy Squeeze kids?? They're all right.
  12:10pm Cheri Pi:

Studio Joe B!
Avatar 12:12pm Joe B:

PFF, just gettin started! thanks for checkin in!
Avatar 12:13pm Joe B:

hey J! and Cheri! ha, good one! Squeeze guys are all from other bands - Richmond sluts and i forget who else. a supergroup!
  12:17pm Mike Sin:

WHAMMY! This song makes me want to attend on outdoor concert in the dead of summer, put a woman wearing a bikini top up on my shoulders, and float a beach ball around the arena! My favorite of 2011!
Avatar 12:20pm Joe B:

Mike, sounds like a great idea!
  12:20pm Carmichael:

Hiya Joe! That's my soundboard you're on, so be careful! Just kidding, but keep the beer away from it.
  12:21pm tim from champaign:

Man, that line "mom kicked me out 'til I get some pants that fit" always hits home with me. I think 'cause I've rarely had pants that fit.
  12:21pm zoran:

nice astronomy domine intro on final solution!
  12:23pm PFFlyer:

@ Mike; oh the mamories you stir up. @Carmichael; he's wearing one of those beer hat helmet thingies so they won't spill. U know the ones, beer can on each side, two straws running into the mouth.....Canadian style.
  12:23pm Beer:

@Carm: Sorry, we're always getting sloshed!
  12:24pm SmokinJ:

Luv dem Fleshtones!
  12:27pm KP:

Joe, I'm ready for the marathon. I just traded in my unwanted gold for cash!
  12:28pm PFFlyer:

I just traded my unwanted cash for the tax man.
  12:31pm efd:

YES! +1 on Thommy Price!
  12:31pm efd:

p.s. - Hi Joe.
  12:33pm xndr:

Night Ranger s/t song
Avatar 12:36pm Joe B:

Hi Evan! Carmichael, Tim, Zoran!
  12:39pm PFFlyer:

....had I only taken up Joan and her minions back in the wicked winter of 1982 (81???) at Duffys Minneapolis when they needed help getting their crap-box Dodge "touring" van to Milwaukee, my life may have ended up totally........worse????? Hey, she's the hardest working person in Rock & Roll, according to Letterman. Joe, go south, don't bother with the "Calhoun Surf" this time of year.
  12:41pm BDR:

Chuck Prophet's new album out today. Hint.
Avatar 12:42pm Joe B:

BDR would love to play it but it is not here. seems like that label has laid off its radio man, so who knows if we will get it!
  12:42pm SmokinJ:

@PFFlyer: Saw Joan when she got here to Brew City. She fuckin' rocked! 8-)
  12:45pm Cheri Pi:

Nice to see the Compulsive Gamblers getting dusted off.
  12:49pm Foxy:

Saw The Darkness last night. Still great.
  12:50pm PFFlyer:

@Smokin...I sent her on to you 'cause she was more than I could handle. Besides, I was riding a 360 Yamaha Enduro, foolishly, on ice.....which was actually warmer than their van as I helped them load it. When they blew outta' Mpls, their heater wasn't working at all. At least I had a hot pipe on the bike.
  12:54pm SmokinJ:

@PFFlyer:Haha! That Yammie was the problem! I met her on my Beemer (GS) and everything 'worked out' 8-)
  1:03pm PFFlyer:

@SJ, I knew good thangs were down the road for her, the band, and whoever's path she crossed. Beem GS, eh? I eventually graduated to Triumph RS....best bike I ever owned. Rode it like I would have rode.....never mind, this is a G rated post, right?
  1:04pm SmokinJ:

  1:05pm seang:

new Chrome Cranks rocks
Avatar 1:07pm Joe B:

Sean, haven't heard it except for the song Terre T played on Saturday
  1:09pm seang:

me too!
  1:12pm dc pat:

one of my fave Kinks tunes, GO DAVE!
  1:19pm jljl:

Have you got the Hollywood Sinners if you want to continue the Spain theme?
  1:21pm jljl:

There's a hopefully fun fest going on outside Barcelona in April: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Munster-Raving-Loony-Party/228468517216340?sk=info
Avatar 1:21pm Joe B:

hi jijl! have them but not here.

hey pat!
  1:25pm PFFlyer:

A live version of "Cross Your Heart" via The Happen-Ins, SXSW 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njHQSm-mvD0&feature=share
Avatar 1:26pm Joe B:

cool, thanks PFF! they sometomes back Roky!
  1:37pm dc pat:

man, Jigglers are unhinged..
  1:38pm PFFlyer:

DAAA&*#! Those Jigglers is WAAAY otta' control! Wouldntcha' know it, now I gotta go gO GO! Geez Joe, imma gonna' havta' reach for a defib ma-chine!
Avatar 1:40pm Joe B:

Jigglers 7-inch ep will be unleashed in March!
  1:41pm Detroit Mac:

Twang them Guitarz!
  1:43pm dc pat:

Jigglers: nothing I like better than cave man rock.
  1:43pm PFFlyer:

I believe I have found the "perfect" music segment to amp up to before the car launches from the line this spring at the ol' drag strip. Thanks WFMU, Joe, for this segment......now, onto the big barn in WI complete w/ downloads.....let all 8 speakers rock the world of Joe B, blow the foundation off the old dairy barn and REALLY piss off the Amish neighbors. Sorry, their dogs crap in my yard....your show is my only defense.
  1:51pm ?:

Sonny Curtis? The same guy who wrote the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme and "I Fought the Law"?
Avatar 1:52pm Joe B:

one and the same!
  1:52pm PFFlyer:

oh boy....Jigglers live vid here....warning: those easily offended 'naugt wanna' watch, because their are actually, um...jigglers, in the vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGcxZfyvfjw
  1:58pm Carmichael:

Cher didi a song about loving Ringo. Is that in your reportoire, Joe?
  2:03pm glenn:

sonny curtis wrote the mtm theme? i had no idea. that's great.
  2:12pm dc pat:

just FYI Joe B, test didn't work..
Avatar 2:13pm Joe B:

yeah, on it, thanks for the heads up pat. we wil ltry again!

carm, got that one somewhere, thanks! but didnt dig it out today.
  2:16pm dc pat:

  2:17pm Carmichael:

AOK w/me, Joe. It's an awful rekkid.
  2:17pm PFFlyer:

ummm........I am alerted to your voice, Joe B......however, what, me worry? So, no worries since the Vulgar Boatment have allayed all my fears of impending doom!
  2:20pm David Shortell:

Hüsker Dü recorded a version of that theme song, being from Minneapolis and all.
  2:24pm Phast:

Plimsouls!!! Yay! Joe, you know how to get me to comment here, don't you!!!
  2:25pm SmokinJ:

Very good rock & roll indeed :)
  2:26pm glenn:

i'm not from minneapolis, but i did know that.
  2:27pm glenn:

oh wait, i misinterpreted that. my apologies.
Avatar 2:27pm Joe B:

Phastman! Any gigs to plug for this week?
  2:30pm Phast:

Doo Wop Hop with Lenny Kaye at Teddy's on Friday! Thanks.
Avatar 2:31pm Joe B:

  2:32pm Phast:

This is great, Joe. Folks tend to forget what an incredibly great live band The Plimsouls were. Every gig was great. They played power pop like a punk band. That's why folks like Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks liked them so much.
  2:33pm PFFlyer:

@glenn; as usual, a Minneapolitin don't know where he/she stands, 'cause they're 2 busy listen' to Belock and tryin' to type nice grammar. But hey! At least we can type! Thanks MPLS public schools!
Avatar 2:33pm Joe B:

These live albums are essential, cant wait to hear the new one. I saw them in 2006 and it was as good as ever!
  2:35pm glenn:

phast, i've said it many times: most musicians are very un - music snobby. they like pretty much everything.
  2:35pm herb:

a coupla months after the BIG TAKEOVER magazine 30th year anniv at bell house in 2010, in which PAUL COLLINS was 1 of the participants, i saw paul near the hobok path. he was with a young man, who said he was his son. i said hi to him & told him i loved his story of how his mom convinced him to get a computer (bk then) and get involved with the internet.
  2:35pm Mike Sin:

re: Plimsouls
The "Beach Town Confidential" live album is supposed to hit sometime this week, correct? Unlike the last two, it features a show from 1983 as opposed to 1981.
Avatar 2:37pm Joe B:

Mike, not sure when it comes out, cant wait to check it out though!
  2:37pm PFFlyer:

Wouldn't ya' know it...just shared Plimsoles on FB for the very first benefit I EVER believed in...a couple days ago. That is, my FB posts were for a person in true need & I leaned on the Plims to help us out. Anyway, thanks so much for the Plim push, Joe!!!!
Avatar 2:38pm Joe B:

PFF, FMU karma at work again!
  2:53pm PFFlyer:

I get the last words in; jig-a-lers, jigglers, JIGGLERS!!!! Ha HAAAAA!
  2:54pm jljl:

Plimsouls is due out today
  2:55pm jljl:

tour dates
March 01 Iron Road Studios, Vancouver BC, CAN
March 02 The Funhouse, Seattle WA
March 03 The Star Theatre, Portland OR
March 05 Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco CA
March 07 The Echo, Los Angeles CA
March 08 Bar Pink, San Diego CA
March 09 Pappy and Harriet's, Pioneertown TBA CA
March 11 Club Congress, Tucson AZ
March 13 Rhythm Room, Phoenix AZ
March 16 TBA SXSW Official Showcase, Austin TX
March 17 Alejandro Escovedo's Taco Party at Maria's Taco Express Austin TX mid-afternoon
March 17 Freddie Steady's 12th Annual Frontier A Go Go And Rock & Roll Hootenanny, Austin TX 5:30 PM
March 18 The Blue Door, Oklahoma City OK (acoustic duo)
March 19 The Record Bar, Kansas City MO
March 20 The Outland, Springfield MO
March 22 The New Amsterdam, St. Paul MN
March 24 Shank Hall, Milwaukee WI (w/ Chuck Prophet)
March 25 Empty Bottle, Chicago IL
March 27 Ace of Cups, Columbus OH
March 28 Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH
March 30 Stage on Herr, Harrisburg PA
March 31 Bridge Street Live, Collinsville CT
April 12 Bat Shea's Public House, Troy NY
April 13 WXPN "Free At Noon" Concert Series, Philadelphia PA
April 18 Hi-Tone, Memphis TN
April 19 The High Watt, Nashville TN
April 20 JJ Bohemia's Chattanooga TN
April 21 The Star Bar, Atlanta GA
April 22 Jack of the Woods, Asheville NC
[more dates to be announced soon]
  2:59pm Mike Sin:

re: Plimsouls live albums
"One Night in America" -- Cleveland 1981
"Live, Beg Borrow and Steal" -- Los Angeles 1981
  7:23pm Marky:

Joe, this is Marky from The Phantom Keys....
Thanxx for playing us on your amazing radio show!!
all the best from the sunny Spain!!!
  6:04pm Vicky and Matt:

Hey Joe! Thanks again for spinnin' the Vengents! We love your show, great tunes!
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