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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Kinks  You Still Want Me   Favoriting s/t  Castle  1964/1998    0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Nerves  Hanging On The Telephone   Favoriting One Way Ticket  Alive  1976/2008    0:02:44 Pop-up)  
Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers  Sock It to 'Em JB Part 1   Favoriting various - Shakin' Fit  Candy  1966/1992    0:05:08 Pop-up)  
Bambi Kino  A Shot of Rhythm & Blues   Favoriting s/t  Tapete  2011  current prize! $15 or more gets you into the drawing!  0:17:04 Pop-up)  
Dex Romweber Duo  I wish you would   Favoriting Is That You In the Blue?  Bloodshot  2011  second current prize! 15 or more!  0:19:46 Pop-up)  
The Chain Reaction  When I Needed You   Favoriting various - Psychedelic States:New York in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1966/2002    0:30:36 Pop-up)  
Melvin Davis  Chains of Love   Favoriting Detroit Soul Ambassador  Vampi Soul  1968/2011  current prize! pledge now!  0:32:43 Pop-up)  
The Warlocks  Can't Come Down   Favoriting various - Love Is the Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970  Rhino  1965/2007  in honor of Therese's mouse pledger!  0:45:39 Pop-up)  
B Brock & the Sultans  Hang 5   Favoriting various - Strummin' Mental Part Three  Phantom Sound & Vision  2008  on the grand prize!  0:50:52 Pop-up)  
Rockin' Continentals  2-3-4   Favoriting various - Strummin' Mental Part Three  Phantom Sound & Vision  2008  on the grand prize!!! 75 or more gets you in the drawing!  0:51:53 Pop-up)  
Sunny and the 4 Shades  Beetle Boogie   Favoriting various - Strummin' Mental Part Three  Phantom Sound & Vision  2008  part of the great grand prize! 4 volumes on vinyl of strummin mental  0:53:12 Pop-up)  
Barrence Whitfield and The Savages  Shot Down   Favoriting Savage Kings  Munster  2011  current prize! 15 or more - get in the drawing!  0:56:11 Pop-up)  
Barrence Whitfield and The Savages  (Your Love Is Like A) Ramblin' Rose   Favoriting Savage Kings  Munster  2011  15 or more gets you in the running for this! do it for the MC5!  1:01:08 Pop-up)  
Sly and the Family Stone  Underdog (single version)   Favoriting A Whole New Thing  Legacy  1967/2007    1:10:59 Pop-up)  
The Martinis  Hung Over   Favoriting Late Late Party (1965-67)  Light In The Attic  2011  current prize! call to get in the drawing!  1:13:29 Pop-up)  
The Martinis  Key Chain   Favoriting Late Late Party (1965-67)  Light In The Attic  2011  pledge of 15 or more gets you in the drawing for this CD!  1:16:57 Pop-up)  
The Mushrooms  Burned   Favoriting various - Friday at the Hideout!  Norton  1967/2001    1:28:47 Pop-up)  
Alex Chilton  Free Again (alternate vocal)   Favoriting 1970 Sessions  Omnivore  1969/1996/2011  current prize! 15 or more gets you in the drawing!  1:31:41 Pop-up)  
Guitar Lightnin' Lee and His Thunder Band  Amsterdam   Favoriting N.O.L.A. Rhythym and Booze    2010  See Lightnin this weekend! Lakeside, Trash Bar, Maxwells and i think don pedro!  1:50:30 Pop-up)  
Sir Douglas Quintet  Nuevo Laredo   Favoriting The Mono Singles '68-'72  Sundazed  2011  current prize pledge 15 or more right now to get in the running!  1:53:26 Pop-up)  
Sir Douglas Quintet  Mendocino   Favoriting The Mono Singles '68-'72  Sundazed  2011  current prize! hardly anyone in the running for this great CD!  1:57:30 Pop-up)  
Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs  A Long Long Way   Favoriting The MGM singles  Sundazed  2011  also current prize along with sir doug! 15 or more gets you in the running!  2:02:33 Pop-up)  
Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs  Wooly Bully   Favoriting The MGM Singles  Sundazed  2011  current prize! pledge now to get in the drawing!  2:05:00 Pop-up)  
Los Shains  Birbath   Favoriting various - Strummin' Mental Part Three  Phantom Sound & Vision  2008  ON THE GRAND PRIZE! pledge now to get in the running!  2:15:46 Pop-up)  
Del Shannon  Move It On Over   Favoriting title cut!  Norton  1965/2011  current prize! pledge 15 or more to get in the running!  2:18:42 Pop-up)  
South Bay Surfers  I Fought The Law   Favoriting Battle of the Bands: King Uszniewicz and his Uszniewicztones vs. South Bay Surfers  Norton  2011  current "prize"  2:23:09 Pop-up)  
South Bay Surfers  Walk Like a Man   Favoriting Battle of the Bands: King Uszniewicz and his Uszniewicztones vs. South Bay Surfers  Norton  2011  current "prize"! 15 or more gets you in or out if the running!  2:25:09 Pop-up)  
Hasil Adkins  Hot Dog Baby   Favoriting White Light White Meat  Norton  2010  current prize! 15 or more right now!  2:36:18 Pop-up)  
Carl Perkins  Put Your Cat Clothes On   Favoriting title cut  Norton  2011  current prize! alternate takes! amazing stuff! VINYL!  2:40:49 Pop-up)  
Beltones  Breaktime   Favoriting various - Strummin' Mental Part Three  Phantom Sound & Vision  2008  part of the grand prize!  2:50:04 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:07pm dc pat:

  12:08pm dc pat:

probably the most un-kinksy tunes but still great. NERVES!
  12:12pm geokopp:

Joe & Todd: Perfect together (except when they try to harmonize on the phone number)!
  12:15pm Cheri Pi:

Get 'em JB!
  12:16pm BodegaMan:

Nerves version was great, but not as spectacular as hearing Todd-O.
  12:16pm Bad Ronald:

Go, go, go!!!
  12:17pm Slumpf:

Hey, Tod-O-Phonic Todd sounds remarkably like Mikey in American Chopper
  12:17pm KP:

Hey ho, let's go!
  12:19pm Danne D:

Todd, please speak up. Thx.
Avatar 12:19pm Joe B:

For people new to the marathon, here's how the prizes work: Every 15-20 minutes we will put a new prize or two up for grabs - a book, a CD, an LP, a 45 pack, etc. Anyone who pledges IN THAT TIME PERIOD is put into a drawing for that prize. When enough people are in, we will draw for that prize, then start over with a new prize and - hopefully - a new batch of pledgers!

Prizes are separate from the premium CD, which anyone who pledges during a particular show at $75 AUTOMATICALLY gets that premium in addition to any other prizes you might win. And with a grand prize, that is pledges at a certain level get into one final drawing at the end of the show!
  12:21pm Danne D:

Prizes are awesome, by the way folks, and another great thing about the marathon! FMU gives and gives and gives - now you guys need to give! 800-989-9368 or use the handy banner at the top of this page
Avatar 12:24pm Joe B:

current prizes - Bambi Kino CD and the Dexter Romweber Is That you in the blue album! pledge now to get in the running!
Avatar 12:25pm Joe B:

Hi Pat, George!, KP, Danne D! BR! thanks for tuning in!
Avatar 12:26pm Joe B:

Hi Cheri! Bodega Man and slumpf!
  12:29pm Caryn:

Hello all! Great start to the show, guys! Listening eagerly while waiting for my expired bacon to cook.
Avatar 12:35pm Joe B:

Hi Caryn! thanks for tuning in!
Avatar 12:35pm Joe B:

Our grand prize for today is a 4 LP pack of the Strummin Mental series! Four VINYL albums jampacked with primo primitive pounding insane instrumentals, emphasis on the MENTAL! We have volumes 2,3,4 & 5 of this amazing series grouped together, real gone tracks that will leave you at a loss for words, just like the original artists were!
Avatar 12:36pm Joe B:

The premium for this show - yours AUTOMATICALLY for a pledge of $75 or more is called Celebrities at Their BEST! The answer compilation to Celebrities at their Worst series, I have put together a disc chock full of great tracks that showcase some of your favorite classic rock stars, game show hosts, actors and other assorted bozos before they were famous, and in most cases, before the sucked!
  12:43pm Bas, NL:

We want the Dead, we want the Dead.. ;)
  12:45pm glenn:

hmmm. what's the shortest dead song? that'll be the one joe plays.
  12:51pm Therese:

The People's Champion finds a way!!
  12:51pm glenn:

joe belock - the ryan braun of wfmu. p.s,. jose bautista will hit 45 home runs this year, without steroids.
  12:51pm Therese:

And thanks again, Bas!
  12:51pm DJ Keili:

Come on peeps! Let's hear it for the two best guys in rock n roll! SHOW TODD AND JOE THE LOVE! SEND THEM YOUR CASH! xoxo
  12:51pm Bas, NL:

Yeah!! And that was me pledging the Mouse. ;D
  12:52pm Cheri Pi:

Oh noehs!! My nemesis the Grateful Dead
  12:52pm DJ Keili:

  12:53pm Bas, NL:

DJ Keiliiiiii!!!
Avatar 12:58pm Joe B:

Hi Bas!, Keili! therese!
  12:58pm PFFlyer:

SAY it ain't so! NO VP, dammit!, you're doin' oh so fine! Crap, I broke my pledge not to annoy anyone on WFMU's 3 card...yet you "made" me break my dang desk!!!! God, I hate you guys!
Avatar 12:58pm Joe B:

hope so for you glenn! hope they all come against the yankees!
Avatar 12:59pm Joe B:

hey PFF!
  1:00pm PFFlyer:

last of me hairs fell out on this last set!
  1:00pm DJ Keili:

This is making me want to dance in a cage on top of a Giant Amp!
  1:01pm Bas, NL:

Hi Therese! Hi Joe B! Hey, that was an awesome GD track. Me happy!
  1:01pm dc pat:

whoa, great version of Shot down!
  1:02pm DJ Keili:

I will do it for a $3,000 pledge! I will dance, in a cage, in an American Flag bikini, on top of a Giant Amp!
  1:03pm Caryn:

Oh come on, Keili! You know you'd do that for free!
  1:03pm BodegaMan:

Is there a story behind the People's Champ playlist picture?
  1:06pm Danne D:

LOL Keili - is that how you made your goal Sunday? :)
Avatar 1:06pm Joe B:

let's take Keili up on that offer! 3K! DO IT!
  1:07pm Danne D:

Of course after SUW last week I guess anything is possible.

Seriously, folks have to get with the program and pledge.
  1:07pm PFFlyer:

Snookie my damn cookie! B-lock was so very first, 'cept for that smart ass I hired way back in the day in Clearwater FL. Note to biz-E-ness owners: If you can, always hire a New Jersey-a-nite for if nothing else, their "humor quotient" as I call it. Keeps a business hummin' along rather nicely! Oh, make sure they are at least 35 or greater...sorry punkette wanna' bees!
  1:08pm DJ Keili:

Oh no, Caryn, OH NO. You're thinkin' of some other girl. But if someone pledged $3,000 by the end of Joe's show, I won't just go-go dance, but I'll go-go dance and videotape it!
@Danne - No, I made my goal using my superfine personalitayyy and some quality radio output
@Joe B - Thanks for the support
  1:08pm Danne D:

Hi to all the folks I didn't hi to btw :)

S'up Bas? :)
  1:10pm Bas, NL:

Hey Danne D! Just about to leave.. will be back later!
  1:11pm Danne D:

@Keili I know - you always bring the quality radio. Um, so if that $3k pledge comes in is that videotape next year's premium for Keili's show or Joe B's?
  1:11pm Danne D:

Have a good one Bas :)
  1:12pm Danne D:

Here's the key question, Keili - how much will someone have to pledge to get JOE to go-go dance?
  1:13pm kp:

The metal 45-adapter is mine! now i need some 45s.
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:14pm Ken:

OK, I have added the $350,000 goal for Joe Belock. You better make this Joe! kenzo rewrote code for this!
  1:15pm Robert:

Fish for a whale!
  1:16pm Danne D:

Awesome! Go Joe Go!
  1:16pm Robert:

I wanted Kenzo to rewrite the code so if someone went 25% over goal, MU cow would hop up & down. Bethany would've done that easily last night.
  1:17pm Danne D:

Pretty sure Joe would certainly go-go dance if he can make his goal today.
  1:18pm KP:

OMG, the $3000 goal is on the meter.
  1:18pm Danne D:

@Robert - perhaps the cow should tip-over at 150% of the goal? :)
  1:19pm DJ Keili:

OKOK, $3k pledge = I'll Go-Go dance and videotape it.
$300,000 by the end of the show = A videotape of me Go-Go dancing while videotaping Joe B Go-Go dancing.
Avatar 1:21pm Joe B:

Deal! who will step forward to make that huge pledge?
  1:22pm DJ Keili:

I don't back down Joe, announce it! I'm all in!
  1:23pm Danne D:

Wyoming is one of only 2 states in the US not represented on the WFMU marathon pledge map. Perhaps this is why? - http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/wyoming-legislator-david-miller-introduces-doomsday-bill-171845595.html
  1:24pm Skirkie:

Pork Roll
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:27pm Doug S.:

Danne D, you are frickin amazing. I was thinking the same thing.
  1:27pm kp:

Holy moly you put a dent in $200,000!
  1:27pm Robert:

Yeah, Danne D, Bethany could've been a cow tipper!

The cheers are so apparently synchronized with the theme music, I never thought they were mere coincidental background. Even once you said it was a bowling video game, I'd've though the "Oh!"s were part of its own sound effects, like for gutter balls.
  1:29pm kp:

Danne D, if Wyoming collapsed how could you tell?

12 years ago, I got Horton Heat tix from Joe B. and there's a sweet story how I met my wife (from Texas) when I was there.
So....Aloha Joe from the docks at Pearl Harbor
  1:32pm kp:

Blackmore is portrayed in the movie Telstar as being one of the players on Joe Meek recordings.
  1:34pm kp:

Russ were you mentioned on Dark Soul last night/this morning?
  1:35pm Woo:

Just made my first pledge ever. You can do it too.
  1:39pm kp:

dont lord it over your friends? Where's the fun in that?
  1:40pm Al Swearingen:

Life is just one vile fucking task after another. Thank God for WFMU, I want all you godless heathens out
there to dig deep and pledge.
  1:41pm kp:

Three percent of $150,000! Hey ho, let's go!
  1:42pm glenn:

kp, i'll trade you my 45s for your 45 adaptor.
  1:42pm DJ Keili:

OH MAN! That UNO's was the only Gluten Free food I could get while at the station! Send pledges so I don't starve to death!
  1:42pm kp:

joe, you were on show when you were 12?
  1:44pm Bluesman:

I tried to refinance my mansion to help make the goal. The bank said "NO." Sorry Joe and TODD-O.
  1:44pm kp:

Four percent!
  1:45pm that guy from smyrna:

whoa! today's show is just perfect. Long live freeform! keep rockin' and down with the Man!
  1:48pm Danne D:

@Skirkie Taylor Ham

This is why Skirkie and I don't have a show. We'd have people taking pledges voting for Taylor Ham or Pork Roll. Actually that might be a pretty good idea for Jones and X-Ray now that I think about it.
  1:48pm Caryn:

Yay, 4 % of 350,000! That's already 14,000 bucks!
  1:49pm Danne D:

@Woo - that's great :D Welcome to the community of pledgers!
  1:50pm Danne D:

I might want to introduce Caryn to the concept of the moving goalposts ;)
  1:50pm Caryn:

See, 4 % of 125,000 is slightly less impressive, so I like to pretend Ken's original claim is true. Still, 5 grand! Woohoo!
  1:51pm Caryn:

But come on, isn't my pretend world much nicer? Of course, in my pretend world, that 1 million buck pledge will soon come in...
  1:52pm kp:

Caryn, joe is at 6G!
  1:52pm Caryn:

@KP: well, the percentage went up while I was typing :)
  1:54pm kp:

you can see the total if you click "pledge" on right of widget.
  1:56pm Danne D:

And after that an awesome thing to do is to fill out those boxes and hit next and actually make a pledge :)
  1:56pm Caryn:

Hang on, now the goal is 75,000 bucks! Aw, I think our guys are losing faith in their quest to best the Best Show... :(
  1:59pm seang:

Tex MEX!!
Avatar 1:59pm Joe B:

Blues, thanks for the effort! i think we can the goal. or some goal!
  2:00pm KP:

Any place is all right as long as I can forget I've ever known her.
  2:01pm rubble:

Welcome, Woo! Good job!
  2:01pm Caryn:

That's the spirit, Joe! You'll meet some goal! Come on, people, pledge your buns off!
Avatar 2:02pm Joe B:

hey seanG!
  2:02pm Bluesman:

Long live the memory of Sir Doug. I gave my second son the middle name of "Sahm" in personal tribute to one of my biggest musical heroes! (no joke!)
  2:03pm Danne D:

moving goalposts aside, with a good push, Joe can get into 5-digit territory! c'mon everyone!
  2:07pm kp:

Three Card Monte is back on Tuesdays
We'd like to thank all our beautiful friends all over the country
And all the vibrations
We love you
  2:07pm David Shortell:

Joe probably mentioned that the Dex Romweber Duo are returning to NYC this weekend. They'll also play the Jersey Shore again, on Wednesday March 7 -- this time at the Saint (601 Main Street, Asbury Park, NJ).
  2:10pm kp:

Seven grand is right around the corner!
  2:11pm kp:

  2:13pm kp:

Joe breaks on through to other side of 7 grand!
  2:14pm kp:

it's $30,000 now.
  2:22pm kp:

Eight Gs is very doable right now!
  2:23pm SHIMMY:

go go joe!
Avatar 2:24pm Joe B:

hey Shimmy!
  2:25pm kp:

Hey ho; Let's Joe!
Avatar 2:26pm Joe B:

this goes out to Stan of the Jigglers!
Avatar 2:27pm Joe B:

the Three Chord Monte all-time high is 9,000, i think we can beat it! about a thousand away!
  2:31pm kp:

I will mail my pledge to the station in Bronx if i end up with SBS.
  2:32pm kp:

eight grand is knocking!
  2:34pm kp:

A fight to the Finnish!
  2:35pm kp:

WaaaaH! read above comment!
  2:37pm kp:

  2:37pm Andrew Waterloo:

You gotta know the right way to handle a band like the South Bay Surfers
  2:38pm geokopp:

Thanks to Todd-o-phonic for the deluxe shout-outs!
Thanks for a great show every week, Joe!
  2:38pm kp:

  2:39pm WFUV:

The Bronx?! Thanks kp, we'll be looking forward to receiving your pledge in exchange for WFMU giving you the South Bay Surfers.
  2:39pm geokopp:

ears bleeding. please stop.
  2:40pm kp:

you got it WFUV! go rams go!
  2:41pm kp:

I have feeling that in real world that tail would be wagging. Maybe some mooing as well. Hey how hard would it be to add the moo?
Avatar 2:41pm Joe B:

oh I see KP, we will divert the SB Surfers elsewhere!
  2:43pm kp:

Dont worry, Claudia Marshall will love it.
  2:45pm kp:

  2:45pm Terre T:

GO JOE GO!!!! U guys can do it!!!
  2:45pm Andrew Waterloo:

^^^ inquires about the South Bay Surfers with his local record store
  2:47pm kp:

Wag the dog!
  2:48pm kp:

Joe will do a FULL MONTE!
  2:54pm kp:

Avatar 2:55pm Joe B:

pledge 15 or more - last 2 prizes! neil young le noise or gene clark - roadmaster!
  2:56pm Woo:

This show was a real humdinger and I like it like that.
  3:00pm kp:

Thanks Joe & todd
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