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Playlist for 14 March 2012 Favoriting | All Hail The Donut Queen

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
DJ Food  All Covered In Darkness (featuring Ken Nordine)   Favoriting The Search Engine  Ninja Tune 
*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Spoek Mathambo  Let Them Talk   Favoriting Father Creeper  Sub Pop 
*   0:04:45 (Pop-up)
Mouse on Mars  They Know Your Name   Favoriting Parastrophics  Monkeytown Records 
*   0:08:37 (Pop-up)
Charlotte Gainsbourg  Paradisco   Favoriting Stage Whisper  Because Music 
*   0:12:29 (Pop-up)
Brian Eno  Dead Finks Dont Talk   Favoriting Here Come The Warm Jets  Island 
  0:17:57 (Pop-up)
Circle  Here Come The Warm Jets   Favoriting Serpent  Ektro 
*   0:21:14 (Pop-up)
Lana Del Rey  Video Games   Favoriting Born to Die  Polydor 
*   0:39:49 (Pop-up)
Noah Creshevsky  Lisa Barnard Redux   Favoriting Rounded With a Sleep  Pogus 

Pic: Russian Band "Pussy Riot"
*   0:44:41 (Pop-up)
Moondog with Julie Andrews & Martyn Green  The Animal World   Favoriting Songs Of Sense & Nonsense - Tell It Again  Poppydisc 
*   0:50:23 (Pop-up)
Monty Python  Brave Sir Robin   Favoriting No Album  No Label      0:57:02 (Pop-up)
Bahia Black  Follow Me   Favoriting Ritual beating System  Axiom / Island 
  0:58:28 (Pop-up)
Okapi  Ti Chiamero' 10   Favoriting Okapi Plays the Music of Aldo Kapi (1914-1952)  Illegal Art 
  1:03:04 (Pop-up)
Heidelinde Weis  Der Supermann   Favoriting Funky Fräuleins: Female Beat, Groove, Disco, Funk in Germany 1968-1981 (V/A)  Grosse Freiheit 
*   1:13:58 (Pop-up)
Die Doraus & Die Marinas  Die Welt Ist Schlecht   Favoriting Geben Offenherzige Antworten auf Brennende Fragen  Bureau B 
*   1:17:28 (Pop-up)
Die Goldenen Zitronen  Wer Soll Das Entschenden   Favoriting Economy Class  Unknown Label 
  1:20:20 (Pop-up)
Lou Reed and Metallica  Junior Dad   Favoriting Lulu   
  1:23:17 (Pop-up)
Ruins w/ Charles John Quatro  Reversible Sabbath / Coming & Going   Favoriting Everything Comes and Goes: Tribute to Black Sabbath / Charles John Quatro  Temporary Residence Ltd. / Atlantic 
  1:34:37 (Pop-up)
Wax Audio  Whole Lotta Sabbath   Favoriting Mashopolous  No Label 
  1:37:18 (Pop-up)
Whole Lotta Love  Rama Krishna Shiva Linga   Favoriting Raga Led Zeppelin  Sonic Wave International 

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Happy Holi Everybody!
  1:40:15 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Sunchild   Favoriting Catholic Sunspot Apron  Nu NuLAX NuLAN 
  1:52:02 (Pop-up)
Nini Raviolette  Suis-Je Normale   Favoriting Unknown Album  Unknown Label 
  1:55:21 (Pop-up)
Lonely Kid Quentin  J'ai Revu Satan   Favoriting Proprietaire Terrien  No Label 
*   1:59:38 (Pop-up)
Naing Naing  Sadisco   Favoriting Live in Nantes  Sleepy Mammal Sound 
*   2:07:13 (Pop-up)
Tonetta  3 in 1   Favoriting 777 Vol 3  Black Tent Press 
*   2:09:36 (Pop-up)
John Cale  Whaddya Mean By That   Favoriting EP: Extra Playful  Double Six 
*   2:13:14 (Pop-up)
Gary War  Zontag   Favoriting Zontag  Care in the Community 
*   2:18:25 (Pop-up)
Jiu Jitsu  Ninja is Dead   Favoriting Future Sound of Russia  AeroCCCP 
  2:21:32 (Pop-up)
Wencke Myhre  Einsamer Boy   Favoriting Beat Frauleins: Female Pop Germany 1964-1968  Bureau B 
*   2:25:18 (Pop-up)
            2:29:59 (Pop-up)
Matmos  The Struggle Against Unreality   Favoriting The Civil War  Matador 
  2:35:26 (Pop-up)
ae  Chinese Whispers   Favoriting Boolteg  Sonig 
  2:40:27 (Pop-up)
Amnesie  Lapin Numero Un   Favoriting Cock Rock Discos Greatest It  Cock Rock Disco 
  2:44:05 (Pop-up)
Zigaretteenrauchen & Rosa  Manner   Favoriting Raumschiff Monika (V.A)  Monika Enterprise 

Pic: Dennis Hopper on Drums
  2:46:57 (Pop-up)
Zephyr Nova  Oversized Gadget Laden, Gas Guzzler   Favoriting The Box  No Label 

  2:50:45 (Pop-up)
Puffy  Cubismo Grafico Obrigado Remix   Favoriting PRMX  Epic Records (Japan) 
  2:52:45 (Pop-up)
  3:00:07 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Detroit Mac:

Watch the Sky. Keep looking. Tell everybody where ever you go. Keep looking. (Scotty in the Thing)
  9:02am The_GB_Kid:

Morning Ken. Morning everyone.
  9:04am Dave B:

The neighbors LOVE it!
  9:04am jan:

Oh Ken- glad that you are back- now we will be getting our full money's worth for supporting the station.
  9:05am MD:

Congrats. Ken...Great 'thon!!!!!
  9:05am kat330:

Congrats on a super-fine marathon, Ken, and thanks especially for Cher-ing it with us in the end!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:05am Ken:

Morning everybody! So great to be back!
  9:06am MD:

Congrats...To all the 'Fmu "faithful" ALSO!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:09am Ken:

Huge thanks to everybody who pledged! What a relief that we made the goal. Thank you all!
  9:11am Sam:

Good mooooorning! So glad it's Wednesday. Really glad WFMU made its goal also. I don't want any of this good stuff going anywhere.
  9:13am glenn:

the bad stuff can stay too.
  9:13am Caryn:

Morning all! Oh look, Cher... I mean Chen... I mean Ken is back!
  9:14am Sam:

Ken le chien?
  9:15am Dan B From Upstate:

Ooh. New Charlotte Gainsbourg. MUST FIND!
  9:18am kat330:

It's a sunny morn w/temps Rocket-ing to 88, clothes already hanging on the line, feeder filled and birdsong to fill any dead air -- yep, it's great to be alive!
  9:18am Caryn:

Went to the shops this morning, only to find that they started their sale today. Snagged myself a bunch of cheap records and DVDs, e.g. a collection of South African funk, a collection of American murder ballads, and a 10-album set of Billie Holiday. Looking forward to listening to them.
  9:19am Parq:

"Dead Finks" -- the greatest "I hate my ex-bandmate" song ever.
  9:20am kat330:

@Caryn: I might have the same Holiday unless yours is vinyl?
  9:21am oh no:

Oh perfect masters, they thrive on disasters
  9:21am Caryn:

@kat: nope, CD, so perhaps it is :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:22am Ken:

Is today record store day or something?
  9:23am still b/p:

I've been forgetting for more than 35 years to listen more closely to all the lyrics to follow the particulars of the Ferry whipping.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:25am Ken:

I think I once did a set of "I hate my bandmate" songs. But I forget.
  9:26am kat330:

Ken, we hope your Lyme is in remission?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:26am Ken:

Who's up for some Lana Del Rey???
  9:27am oh no:

ho no
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:27am Ken:

No, not in remission but thanks. Next stop, IV antibiotics. See the Lyme doctor next week. Still on a triple dose of oral antipsychotics so Im OK most of the time.
  9:29am Aaron in Jcity:

@KenMasterZero - did you get the vids? and √
  9:29am kat330:

Antipsychotics? Hadn't known psychosis was a symptom, but whatever gets you through the night (and day). Hey, some Cole Porter?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:30am Ken:

Aaron - Haven't tried with WinSCP yet but will later today. That's all I got in terms of fetch type tools.
  9:32am Aaron in Jcity:

@ken - i will drop a disc at station tonite or early am for you
  9:33am Ken's doctor:

@ kat330 -- See picture next to playlist entry for Spoek Mathambo.
  9:35am marc:

Was that 7 cents per artist budgeted for in the WFMU Marathon?
  9:37am Tim Serpas:

Look, the cattle carcasses are already there, we might as well use them!
  9:37am MD:

  9:38am kat330:

@KD: see your point, Doc.
  9:40am Steve Bradley:

hey, just found your station and show and it's soooo good
best wishes - Steve in Darlington, England
  9:41am -Bronwyn C.:

Oh, Ken—this is why you rule supreme over all FMU.
  9:41am richard:

Lana sounds good like this she should take steroids to make it permanent
  9:41am Nathan:

Congratulations Ken! You're busting my Lana Del Rey cherry.
  9:41am Jeanne:

you're killing me ken
  9:42am Jeanne:

death by bubbles
  9:43am Caryn:

I heard Lana Del Rey for the first time yesterday. And here it is again. Hopefully this doesn't become a daily occurrence now. But if the occurrences would be manipulated like this, I might enjoy it.
  9:43am Marek:

this is a vastly superior version to the original
  9:43am still b/p:

Mmmmmmmmmmm....Lana laudanumized.
  9:44am Andrew:

Poor Lana. What has she done to upset you Ken?
  9:44am Detroit Mac:

off to work the church lunch today (I am not a believer, but I support my community outreach programs to the poorer of us in NJ.) Have one warm fun day all, and smooches to Ken. PS: I heard this Lara song in a Donald Duck voice someplace on the web a few days ago.
  9:44am Thom:

Almost as good as the "famed" SNL performance.
  9:44am Nathan:

... and I thought I was safe here.
  9:44am Sam:

It's great, you can hear her masculine side and feminine side simultaneously
  9:44am Dan B From Upstate:

I'm not sure if I was supposed to like that, but I definitely did.
  9:44am ami ad:

DNA scans reveal 5,300-year-old 'Iceman' had brown eyes, relatives in Sardinia - and the first known case of Lyme disease
  9:46am Sam:

He had also a great-aunt who lived in Florida, but they weren't that close
  9:46am Caryn:

Oh look, Pussy Riot!
  9:47am kat330:

Weighing in on Lana: I don't think she deserved to be vilified as much as she has by some very "mean girls" on the web. However she's manipulated, that tune has an earworm component.
  9:49am Caryn:

@kat: I haven't seen the SNL performance, but the complaints have seemed a little OTT. However bad it was, I can't believe it was anywhere near as bad as, say, Ashlee Simpson's failed lipsynching/panicked hoedown performance.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:50am Ken:

I agree Kat. Its so weird how some artists attarct so much hate. I remember when everybody hated The Knack for no apparent reason.
  9:53am still b/p:

When the guy in this sings he sounds like the minstrel who delivered the Ballad of Brave Sir Robin in MP & Holy Grail.
  9:54am Sam:

Right on, bp
  9:54am jan:

Michael Hossack, Doobie Brothers Drummer, dead. Ken, is a musical tribute coming our way?
  9:55am Caryn:

I gotta say though, that occasionally I can be overcome by unreasonable hatred too. There are some people that I instinctively feel averse towards. For instance, I haven't heard a single Skrillex track, but for some reason, I am incredibly annoyed if he is mentioned anywhere. Have no idea why.
  9:55am censorship style mavens:

'good girls don't' must be blocked.
Did you read those lyrics?
  9:57am Irwin:

I hate this fucking album.
  9:57am Cecile:

Skrillex is supposedly the nicest non-Mormon guy in the dance world. It's kind of that herky jerky dubstep stuff, but it's funnier. Deadmau5 is a pain, but he makes good records and knows good talent.
  9:57am Doug Fieger:

"My Sharona" is pretty filthy too...
  9:57am Irwin:

Meaning the Moondog-Julie Andrews.
  9:57am Nathan:

Tell us how you really feel Irwin.
  9:57am Sam:

If you listen to this song every morning you will be unable to hate anything ever again. It's so sweet!!! It melts all hate in its path
  9:58am kat330:

Sorry, away from the keys for a bit there (and will be again for a bit): She WAS a mess on SNL, but she redeemed that performance on Letterman and the tune can't be denied to be weirdly haunting -- just overplayed.
  9:58am Cecile:

I hate it too, Irwin.
  9:58am Caryn:

Okay, I love Ken for finally playing the Moondog/Julie Andrews stuff. But I love him even more for pulling out the Neil Innes.
  9:59am Sir Robin:

Please send my $4.5 pence royalty to Neil Innes, he needs it more than I
  10:01am Cecile:

who the hell is Lana Del Rey? Did she kill someone?
  10:02am still b/p:

Moondog didn't record again for years after the Julie and Martin people of all cosmic attunements can have pronounced negative reactions to things.
  10:02am f0f0 (~:

hey, good morning everybody, Ken, listeners, commenters! What? It's 10am already in NJ?! Well, better late than never!
  10:04am Caryn:

@Cecile: I'm not sure about the details (she's not big over here. Nor is Skrillex, BTW.), but I think she was popular posting videos of her singing on youtube and got a recording contract that way?
  10:04am Dave B:

Off to the saltines. Looks like it'll be archives for me.
  10:06am f0f0 (~:

If you literally translate Lana del Rey to Spanish slang would mean something like "King's Bucks (as in money)".
  10:06am Cecile:

Oh, like the Chocolate Rain guy. Well, blink and she'll be gone. Or not.
  10:07am jan:

Okapi- wonderful sound. Hope to learn more about this artist. Any other cuts you can play later?
  10:07am Andrew Waterloo:

Hearing the criticism against Lana Del Rey I was reminded of the saying: a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. The knowledge in this case was music criticism.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:07am Ken:

Wow. An artist Cecile had never heard of!
  10:07am Sam:

So in America Lana Del Rey would translate as Congressional Earmarks
  10:07am Dave B:

saltines = saltmines, though a delicious saltine sounds tasty
  10:08am Cecile:

My full name in French means Blind Bitter Nailmaker.

I heard the name but I thougth she was a reality show star.
  10:10am Sam:

Are you descended from French nailmakers??
  10:10am Dan B From Upstate:

The difference is the chocolate rain guy (tay zonday) didn't get a record contract.
  10:10am colin:

I love what you did with the Video Games song. I am in St. Louis. It is great to catch your shows online.
  10:11am Cecile:

So record company guys are still stupid. That's kind of refreshing.
  10:12am Caryn:

My best friend's name translated into English means May Day Raspberry of the Heartland.
  10:12am Cecile:

My husband is, actually. I was named after the Dionne Quints even though my last name is English, and I took his name because it was snappier.
  10:12am f0f0 (~:

Cecile's name into Spanish = Hacedor de uñas amargado ciego.

Sounds er...bizarre. I'll stick to Cecile.
  10:12am anne:

wow good morning everybody! it is somehow gonna be 75 and sunny in chicago today. in march.
  10:13am Cecile:

same here, anne. It's freaky.

fofo, amarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgo.
  10:14am Sam:

My god he sounds like Lana Del Rey
  10:15am joe:

'ello folks
  10:18am Caryn:

All I know about Heidelinde Weis is that I love the names of her 2nd and 3rd albums: "Dead Woman from Beverly Hills" and "Serenade for Two Spies". It's as if they're soundtracks waiting for a movie.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:18am Ken:

Hi Joe! Wilkommen!
  10:18am earwax:

I want to meet the donut queen
  10:18am Sam:

I love the name Heidelinde! And her voice is so nice.
  10:20am Caryn:

I wonder how many donut queens there were? The gifs so far show 2, but there were probably more.
  10:20am Sam:

That donut queen today is probably 75 and having a quadruple bypass
  10:21am f0f0 (~:


When talking about a person you could use a qualifier (Amargado). Lana del Rey also sounds like a brand of a tomato can.
  10:21am Donut Queen:

A moment on the lips, a lifetime in the arteries.
  10:22am f0f0 (~:

Your friend's name translated into mexican Spansih would be
  10:22am Caryn:

Oh look, the former Nazi Potatoes turned Lemons!
  10:22am Cecile:

or contemporary of either Theda Bara or Gypsy Rose Lee.
  10:23am Homer:

Who to worship, praise and embrace...Donut Queen or Dairy Queen?
  10:23am Donut Queen:

Dairy Queen is seriously lactose intolerant. MEOW!
  10:24am Andrew Waterloo:

There is middle-aged stripper in town named Gypsy Lee Rose. She even has her car decked out with her brand name.
  10:24am moose:

i was just thinking of the simpsons, like i do every time joe says ello
  10:24am Caryn:

I feel like the answer to the sign on the gif is "Somewhere being nutty and risking the lives of his cast, crew and extras, most likely."
  10:25am Donut Queen:

NOT LULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this in honor of Lou Reed performing at the H&M?
  10:26am kat330:

Ken, does he REALLY need this 7-cents/
  10:27am BSI:

  10:27am BSI:

...and thine coffee dwarf! I summon thee as well...
  10:28am f0f0 (~:

I think it's time to move forward: We need some LANA DEL LULU mashup.
  10:28am Donut Queen:

I was thinking more like Lulu/Old Thoughts. Which is which, actually?
  10:28am Caryn:

Can we give Lou's 7 cents to Faye Dunaway for being awesomely entertaining on a little gif? It's as if she's going: "Donut Queen? Dairy Queen? Really? Shut your yap about those whores and worship me!"
  10:29am kat330:

@Caryn: Have you heard the anecdote about Herzog w/ film critic Mark Kermode?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:30am Ken:

Caryn, isnt that Joan Crawford?
  10:30am kat330:

[BTW, Hello to Jason Isaacs!]
  10:30am kat330:

No, it's Dunaway portraying Crawford.
  10:30am Caryn:

If season 2 of "Game of Thrones" introduces a queen in a bikini and a cardboard crown, I might stop watching. Or I might watch even more eagerly. Hard to say.
@kat: hard to say, I've read so many Herzog stories over the years. Which one was this?
  10:31am Donut Queen:

Lulu and Old Thoughts are pioneering a new genre: Nursing Home Spoken Word Post-Rock.
  10:31am bette:

faye as joan in mommy dearest.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:31am Ken:

Wow! Y'all are so smart!
  10:32am Ken From Hyde Park:

Is Lou Reed going to tour with Metallica this summer?
  10:32am kat330:

I won't be exact, but something about people shooting (guns, not film) around them, and Herzog got hit. Apparently he was supernaturally sanguine about it, which impressed Kermode to no end. :)
  10:33am Caryn:

@Ken: well, this is WFMU, the smarty-pants' channel.
  10:33am Emile:

Seein' Lou in June, psyched!
  10:33am Donut Queen:

Last week's Shut Up Weirdo.
  10:33am bette:

donut queen is onto something there. drool rock. can we get john caramanica on this trend for sunday times piece?
  10:34am Lana and Lou:

A true artist must be willing to fail.
  10:35am kat330:

  10:36am Caryn:

@kat: Doesn't surprise me in the least. I still say Kinski wins the tough guy stakes for the time he had an infected cyst or boil or something down his throat when shooting a movie, and the studio gave him money to get it removed. Instead, he took a butcher's knife, stuck it down his throat to puncture the boil, threw up blood and pus for some time, and spent the money on booze. Sheesh!
  10:36am kat330:

So in what community is the Donut Queen crowned anyway? Springfield?
  10:38am Caryn:

Is the last donut queen/Miss Donut/whatever for another company? Or did they change the crown over the years?
  10:38am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Hey gang, I know I am late you can shame me, but I gotta ask Caryn, it seems like you are on every playlist all the time. How much do you liste?n
  10:38am kat330:

Heh, yeah, what a pair, Klaus und Werner! :)
  10:39am glenn:

i can fail with the best of them. it's good to know i'm doing it for a reason.
  10:39am SteveL:

This mashup is sending me back to Jr. high school in a very good way.
  10:39am earwax:

Led Sabbath - perfect mashup
  10:42am Caryn:

@Aaron: I usually have WFMU on from around 9-10 a.m. to 1-3 a.m. (Of course, if I'm out or away, the numbers are very different.) Might not always be on the comments boards, though.
  10:42am Ken From Hyde Park:

Marge - Homer, stop picking at your head.
Homer - Aw, but I'm so sweet and tasty.
  10:43am still b/p:

Great and wild Holi pictures --
  10:46am Sam:

Rooster, be nice to Olive!
  10:46am EzSezz:

Ken don't do a Romney with your dogs!
  10:46am Sam:

Yeah, go freak them out on purpose, and then say "It's ok you guys."
  10:46am Aaron in Minneapolis:

  10:47am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and hump day listeners.
  10:48am Ken From Hyde Park:

Happy Pi Day, everyone (3.14).
  10:49am earwax:

For a minute, I thought Ken was going pantless today.
  10:49am dan:

Good to hear some Paul Dutton; I got to play with him here in Toronto back in January.
  10:49am Moe:

Yes, die Welt ist really really schlecht!
  10:51am Donut Queen:

There is only one Donut Queen, Sir. I have always been the Donut Queen. Sir. And may I point out that I think your spouse and children need "correction".
  10:51am Sam:

I love detention episodes. Andy's not on his best behavior. No celebrity ass-kissing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:53am Ken:

Right Sam?! I hate Andy's celebrity ass kissing!
  10:54am kat330:

Great wand, sister!
  10:55am Sam:

I like when he's socially awkward, ornery and maladroit.
  10:56am Rush:

Donut Queen favors -- cheaper by the dozen.
  10:57am meghan:

Ken stop torturing rooster and olive....
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:57am Ken:

Oh My God. I think I'm out of Donut Queens. Whatsoever Shall I Do?!
  10:57am Sam:

This is reminiscent of lonely kid quentin and bertrand burgalat
  10:58am BSI:

OLIVE IN 2012!
  10:59am Sam:

No donuts and no queens make Homer go crazy
  10:59am kat330:

Find some cruller queens?
  10:59am Bad Ronald:

@ Ken - how about some Brigitte Bardot circa 1953?
  11:01am ABBA:

See that girl, munch that scene, diggin' the Donut Queen...
  11:01am BSI:

A bear-claw bishop, perhaps?
  11:01am Carmichael:

This early in the morning, the donut theme is perfect. Much better than tacos.
  11:03am BSI:

taconut queen
  11:04am Caryn:

For a morning show, maybe the donut queens could be followed by a pancake princess? A waffle waif? A bacon baroness?
  11:04am kat330:

Ooooh, Starry Night, whee! You can torment Andy with McLean's "Vincent."
  11:05am Sam:

There is Count Chocula
  11:06am Marmalade Kitty:

morning/afternoon! My friends grandma used to look just like Joan Crawford :)
  11:06am kat330:

I'm sure the Internet is filled with crumpet strumpets.
  11:07am Sam:

The Luftwaffle was the German war/breakfast machine
  11:11am Marmalade Kitty:

Weirmaching panzercake und Luftwaffle
  11:12am kat330:

OK, reminding me of one of my taggers here, which is a shoe fitting Mitt: He merchandised his issue-waffling, and it sold like hotcakes.
  11:12am DB:

the queen queenie,
reigns in sweet shops,
the queen queenie,
fattens the cops,
She's dee-licious, she's cream-filled and glazed,
queen queenie,
dub me Sir Dazed!
  11:12am Carmichael:

@kat: apparently you didn't hear the April Fool's Day show where Andy played songs from his iPod. It was a collection of the most banal MOR dogshit you'll never want to hear. Probably the only time Tequila Sunrise was played on FMU. Andy would cry happily if you played Vincent.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:12am Ken:

I found more donut girls so all is well.
  11:12am Marmalade Kitty:

  11:12am DMZ:

1 in 3 3 in 1
Having fun....yeah yeah yeah ...uh uh uh
  11:13am Bad Ronald:

  11:14am Sam:

Did Dorothy become queen of the munchkins?
  11:14am kat330:

@Carm: We actually did hear that show. I just figure feud trumps tunes.
  11:15am Cheri Pi:

It's my day!! Sweet, mathematical Pi!!
  11:15am Jack:

I just finished reading Klaus Kinski's autobiography "All I Need Is Love". It was the most horrific vile toxic spewing of hatred I've ever read. The entire book. I had to laugh at it, it was so over the top. And what he has to say about Herzog.
  11:15am Sam:

Freud trumps Trump
  11:16am kat330:

I think the Deutsch win the morning sweets homophonic sweepstakes!
  11:16am Caryn:

@Carmichael: did you listen yesterday to the playing of the Romney Spotify song list? I suspect Andy and Mitt share certain music tastes. Although many of the songs were actually good, all of them clumped together with no other type of music there showed that Romney's song list was the safest, most middle-of-the-road type of playlist you could find.
  11:17am jan:

BTW, How is Klaus' daughter, Nastassja, doing these days?
  11:19am Sam:

You think those are really Romney's favorite songs? I bet each one of those was chosen by a high paid consultant with tons of focus group research. They will leave nothing to chance in ensuring that Romney comes across as an average guy. Suppose Romney was an FMU fan, they'd have to quash it and invent some "normal" musical tastes for him.
  11:19am f0f0 (~:

Natassja Kinsky <3

  11:19am kat330:

Unlike Ken, Klaus didn't take his antipsychotic medication.
  11:20am Marmalade Kitty:

..did somebody say say Doenitz?
  11:20am Sam:

Good one MK!
  11:20am DaveInSoDak:

π is my number.
  11:21am joe:

Any chance you have access to either the Big Black Album He's a Whore or the Treble Spankers album Araban both of which contain covers of Kraftwerks The Model. I unlike you have not taken my anti pyschotics for the last 2 or 3 days so this would really suite my mood right now. :)
  11:22am Kilgore Trout:

Go take a Flying Fuck at a Rolling Donut! Go take a Flying Fuck at the Moon!
  11:22am Caryn:

@Sam: that's what I was thinking at the time. It was as if the whole playlist had been chosen by a committee, vetting each song carefully.
  11:22am still b/p:

Someone should get a skywriter on this date every year to put pi in the...
  11:22am Carmichael:

Hey Ken, it's Quincy Jones' birthday. Do you have anything remotely playable in your vast auspices?
  11:23am Mitt:

Um, I pay consultants very good $$$ to build my Spotify in hopes of not alienating my current demographic, and possibly attracting some new fans. The metric for *everything* in politics is 50%-plus-one.

Can you say "mianstream"? I knew you could.
  11:23am wholewheattoast:

You can have your fancy hussies with their glaze and jimmies, but when it's all said n' done, you know who the guys want to come home and have their eggs with...
  11:24am Sam:

Even the name Mitt was chosen by a committee I think
  11:24am Donut Queen:

My eggs are just fine, buster, but YOU'll never find out.
  11:24am Sam:

It sounds so homey and comforting, like an oven mitt, or a wool mitten grandma knitted
  11:24am earwax:

Mitt short for Mittens
  11:24am kat330:

Hey, Kilgore Trout! [aka my SF hero -- Theodore Sturgeon -- as written by Vonnegut, another literary fave.]
  11:25am Carmichael:

@Caryn: hmmm, I was listening all day yesterday, but focusing on work. Whose show was it?
  11:26am Caryn:

Hang on, National Donut Week? I know there was a Sandwich Day a while back, but they used to have a whole Donut Week?

@Sam: of course. His real name Willard was found to have too many "loner who controls an army of rats to take down his enemies" connotations. Even if those connotations would seem to fit the current GOP perfectly.
  11:26am KevinfromBayRidge:

A late good morning to all.
Congrats to our fearless leader on the $$goal.Now let's work on thwarting his imminent lyme-related demise.
FYI, Dogwwods are blooming in SW Brooklyn.
  11:26am wholewheattoast:

if he's a buster don't let him near your eggs for heaven's sake...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:26am Ken:

I have again run out of donut girls.
  11:27am Mitt Romney:

Hello WFMU - I'm really, like, digging the platters here. Remember a vote for Mitt is a vote for me.
  11:27am Caryn:

@Carmichael: I was listening while doing other stuff too, so I lost track. But I think it was Aerial View or Brian Turner.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:28am Ken:

Carmichael - How can you talk about Quincy Jones birthday when the 3rd drummer for the Doobie Brothers just passed away. Show some respect!
  11:28am bran muffin:

But I'll always be your regular thing.
  11:28am Mitt Romney:

Remember I support donut girls
  11:28am Donut Queen:

Don't tell anyone, but my real first name is fucking Willard. Mitt is my middle name. I knew to dump Willard before I had ever even heard the word "consultant". Kids in grade school clariified that for me.
  11:29am kat330:

She appears to be gasping for air -- wonder why.
  11:29am Sam:

Mitt, Newt, Trent, Rush, Jeb......what weird tribe do these people come from? Those are not American names.
  11:30am joe:

Not Michael Hossack?! Oh what a blow.
  11:30am Mitt:

I also kinda like the name Donut Queen. And dressing in women's clothes to let off steam. Don't tell anyone that, either.
  11:30am Old Prune:

@bran muffin: Not ahead of me you won't.
  11:30am Carmichael:

@Ken: my wife mentioned that last night. Knudsen? Hossack? Someone else? Oh, ther was another guy that used to play tambourine behind the stage, and they brought him in when Knudsen left.
  11:31am BW:

Ken!!! You forgot to take me back with you - I'm stuck here in Austin! The only work I can find is being a homeless hotspot! Help!!!
  11:31am BW:

Ken!!! You forgot to take me back with you - I'm stuck here in Austin! The only work I can find is being a homeless hotspot! Help!!!
  11:31am Caryn:

@Sam: looking at the names Palin gave her sons, I think the mindset behind the GOP names becomes apparent. Seriously, Trig Paxson Van? Track? Oy. Future politicians for sure.
  11:32am joe:

Could be LULU
  11:32am kat330:

Cale, "you need help, here I am!" :)
  11:33am Adlai:

There's nothing like a homegrown handle.
  11:35am Sam:

And they get bent out of shape because Obama's middle name is Hussein. At least Hussein is a real name with a real history, it's not a nonsense word like Trig!!
  11:36am Caryn:

Maybe the GOP figures that it's good to have nominees whose names sound like those of horses. That way, they supposedly subconsciously give off a feel of the Old West and "all-American values" and masculinity. Only explanation I can come up with.
  11:36am kat330:

But it was his nemeses to dub Dubya.
  11:36am Ken From Hyde Park: it Trig like Trigger or Trig like Trigonometry?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:37am Ken:

BW - You should try one of those rotting cow carcass hotspots, they are way faster than the homeless hotspots. There's one on the east side of the convention center.
  11:37am joe:

Gong today. Here Tomorrow
  11:38am Sam:

I think feeble-minded soccer moms are comforted by alpha male types with succinct one-syllable names that sound confident without meaning anything in particular
  11:38am kat330:

I did not know that in re the PofA. Ya larn sumfin every day 'round this neck of the woods.
  11:39am BW:

Ken those were dismantled and devoured already - you abandoned me!
  11:39am wholewheattoast:

Bran, prune - easy guys, there's room for both of you on my plate (Newt said we could have an open breakfast)
  11:39am Marie:

Hey, really digging the Matmos. Tx.
  11:41am Marie:

Just saw a movie about Lemmy over the weekend. What would Lemmy do?
  11:43am Caryn:

Matmos: another band named after something in Barbarella. Man, rockers and pop stars do love their Barbarella, don't they?
  11:43am Andrew Waterloo:

Lemmy certainly wouldn't move to a new apartment
  11:45am Andrew Waterloo:

Hadn't heard ae in ages
  11:45am Sam:

Ha, you thought you had exhausted all the donut queen imagery, but more keeps appearing on the playlist. There is so much donut queen treasure out there!
  11:46am Carmichael:

I finally saw 30 Century Man over the weekend. What would Jacques Brel do?
  11:46am Marie:

Andrew, right,,, he stays put because he likes it there and doesn't give a crap what people think--no need to put on a show.
  11:46am kat330:

Gotta break away from the keys. Thanks a "hole" lot for the sweet morning repast and giggles! See ya on the other side.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:49am Ken:

Caryn - What was "Matmos" in Barbarella? Anybody see the Lemmy ads for the new line of Motorhead Wine?
  11:49am wholewheattoast:

Since we're on Mitt's real name, and also Donuts, the obvoius answer is...Duncan (OK, sorry i'll go now) *shuffles off*
  11:51am Sam:

"Ich bin ein berliner" - the donut president
  11:53am Funeral Kings:

shameless plug for the breakout movie of SxSW - see it if you can!
  11:53am Sam:

Oh is this Puffy Ami Yumi??
  11:53am Caryn:

@Ken: Matmos (or mathmos) was the evil slime that Sogo was built on top of and fed. In the end of the movie, the matmos was released to overtake the city and kill Durand Durand.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:54am Ken:

Thank you Funeral Kings, it wouldnt really be SxSW if we didnt have some shameless marketing EVERYWHERE.
  11:54am Sam:

I LOVE this shit!
  11:55am Caryn:

If you eat too many donuts, you end up Puffy. Which, considering the music, wouldn't be all that bad.
  11:56am Sam:

I wish I was a japanese teenager, skateboarding after school with my friends and listening to Puffy
  11:56am Marketing:

Shameless is my middle name, matter of fact.
  11:58am joe:

Such a huge PUffy fan. Really I swear I love those ladies.
  11:58am JJZ:

I still like that Puffy song.
  11:58am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh. That's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme.
  11:58am Marie:

Ken, I never heard about those ads, I must check them out. I am a new fan of Lemmy's. I am watching a second movie this weekend. I love the guy!
  11:58am still b/p:

Remember, in the donut chronicles, before there was Homer Simpson, there was Homer Price!
  11:59am Homeless Hot Spot:

whill shill for 4g connection. I'm on he Post Office steps
  11:59am Cecile:

homer price, forgot about him!
  12:00pm Marie:

What about the scene in a donut shop in Boogie Nights? The one that involves BRAINS?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:01pm Ken:

Bye everybody!!
  12:01pm f0f0 (~:

adios amigos!
  12:01pm BW:

Wait!!!! Doritos!!! I'm saved! Ken I will be ok see you next year
  12:02pm Caryn:

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