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Playlist for 23 May 2012 Favoriting | Meanwhile in Norway

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
DJ Female Convict Scorpion  Sammy Davis Jr   Favoriting Clash-Ups III 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Fred Lane  Rubber Room   Favoriting From The One That Cut You 
  0:10:21 (Pop-up)
Feelin' Bitchy Monologue Medley  Various   Favoriting Monica's Feelin' Bitchy: 2005 WFMU Marathon Premium 
  0:16:38 (Pop-up)
Shahid Quartet  Invitation to Black Power (Parts 1 & 2)   Favoriting Listen Whitey! 
*   0:22:20 (Pop-up)
Gil Scott Heron  Whitey on the Moon   Favoriting  
  0:27:52 (Pop-up)
Kain  Aint It Fine?   Favoriting Blue Guerrilla 
  0:29:18 (Pop-up)
Michael Hearst  Honey Badger   Favoriting Songs for Unusual Animals 
*   0:38:40 (Pop-up)
Candie Hank  The Bootie Bank (feat Angie Reed)   Favoriting Sonig Exp/Hop/DVD 
*   0:40:46 (Pop-up)
Agaskodo Teliverek  Blood Club   Favoriting Volume One 
*   0:44:46 (Pop-up)
Prinzhorn Dance School  Sing Orderly   Favoriting Clay Class 
*   0:47:47 (Pop-up)
le Tigre  Deceptacon (DFA rmx.)   Favoriting The DFA Remixes: Chapter One 
  0:53:21 (Pop-up)
Santigold  The Riot's Gone   Favoriting Master of Make Believe 
  0:58:16 (Pop-up)
Flight Of The Conchords  Too Many Dicks (On the Dancefloor)   Favoriting  
  1:03:02 (Pop-up)
ESG  Moody (Spaced Out)   Favoriting A South Bronx Story 
  1:05:41 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
  1:09:18 (Pop-up)
Dave Bartholomew  The Monkey   Favoriting Early Rappers: Hipper Than Hop, The Ancestors of Rap [V/A] 
*   1:15:42 (Pop-up)
15.60.75  Jimmy Bell   Favoriting Jimmy Bell's Still In town 
  1:18:44 (Pop-up)
Suzie Q  Lemon   Favoriting With a Twist 
  1:32:19 (Pop-up)
Roky Erickson  Dont Slander me   Favoriting I Have Always Been here Before 
  1:33:17 (Pop-up)
Takeshi Terauchi  Sado Okesa   Favoriting Nippon Guitars 

  1:36:41 (Pop-up)
Buttress O'Kneel  Grave Kissed Amy   Favoriting Compop 14.6 Avant-Tard: Tardcore 
  1:49:34 (Pop-up)
Black Sabbath  Children of the Grave   Favoriting Past Lives 
  1:53:59 (Pop-up)
Sigh  Track One   Favoriting That 2010 CD 
  1:58:08 (Pop-up)
Kim Fowley  Kim Fowley   Favoriting Sonic Protest 2012 
  2:01:54 (Pop-up)
Tymon Dogg  Low Down Dirty Weakness   Favoriting Battle of Wills 
  2:05:02 (Pop-up)
Hornorkesteret  Urent Trav   Favoriting Fjaer Og Jern    *   2:07:48 (Pop-up)
Michael Hearst  Blobfish   Favoriting Songs for Unusual Animals 
*   2:09:25 (Pop-up)
The Beach Boys  Lets Go Away For Awhile   Favoriting Pet Sounds 
  2:11:28 (Pop-up)
Helge Schneider and the Firefuckers  Nights in White Satin   Favoriting Eiersalat In Rock 
  2:13:35 (Pop-up)
Dinah Washington  Cry Me A River (Truth & Soul Remix)   Favoriting Verve Remixed 4 
  2:17:29 (Pop-up)
Feelin Bitchy Monologue  Various Artists   Favoriting Monica's Feelin' Bitchy: 2005 WFMU Marathon Premium 
  2:19:43 (Pop-up)
Betty Davis  Dedicated to the Press   Favoriting Nasty Gal 
  2:24:34 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
  2:28:17 (Pop-up)
Alice Cooper  I'm Eighteen   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:35:03 (Pop-up)
The Ramones  53rd & 3rd   Favoriting  
  2:37:56 (Pop-up)
Dee Dee King  Mashed Potato Time   Favoriting Standing In The Spotlight 
  2:40:23 (Pop-up)
Maureen Tucker  Fired Up   Favoriting I Feel So Far Away: Anthology 1974-1998 
  2:43:18 (Pop-up)
Sammy Davis Jr  I Gotta Be Me   Favoriting Yes! I! Can! 

Click for the full size image
  2:50:24 (Pop-up)
Neil Young  T Bone   Favoriting  
  2:56:09 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:03am Danimal:

Sammy sounds like Fred Lane
  9:05am Caryn:

Hello all!
  9:05am aaron in Jcity:

Morning Ken! Morning Sammy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:08am Ken:

Morning everybody! Great idea Danimal!
  9:08am BW:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - now this tune gets a man out of bed Ken!
  9:15am Cheri Pi:

Cupcake dog's flashbacks are intense.
  9:15am Parq:

Cupcake dog really should stay on her medication.
  9:16am other david:


G'morning/afternoon folks
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:16am Ken:

BW - Of course you mean in order to turn off the radio BW? You might consider placing it within arm's reach.
  9:17am fOfOIOfOf [:

Hi Keno & other amigos!
  9:17am Looms:

Is this cupcake dog THE cat-free Internet hero?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:17am Ken:

Keep going other david! Cupcake Dog has a LOT MORE on his mind.
  9:18am aaron in Jcity:
  9:18am Robert Moog:
  9:20am JJJ:

When's the WFMU documentary due?
  9:20am BW:

Still rocking Ken - my radio has no off button!
  9:21am still b/p:

Sing, li'l doggie! I had to sing a song for a cupcake at a high-end cupcake joint recently -- a discount/bonus program that requires either a song or a joke in addition to the qualifying sticker on my bike helmet.
  9:21am BW:

Not equating a job with your manhood!
  9:24am listener mark:

good morning Ken
good morning flying monkeys
  9:29am Caryn:

Oh, Mayor Stranczek, you make me smile...
  9:29am BSI:

...uncle sam's on mars...
  9:30am listener mark:

NASA is gone. No more whitey on the moon.
  9:31am BDR:

Isn't about time to go to the bank? What bank?
  9:31am listener john:

Saw Gil SH in Central Park not long before he passed; 'twas good.
  9:31am Cecile:

good morning!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:31am Ken:

Funny you should ask about the WFMU Documentary JJJ, there's a Kickstarter campaign starting in a few weeks to raise the money needed to finish and release it. It aint OUR kickstarter campaign but we support it - we want this thing finished. I wanna walk the red carpet with Cupcake Dog.
  9:31am Caryn:

Zapping a mudflap in the microwave, while making a bet with myself about how many songs to go until Ken decides to go to the bank.
  9:31am listener mark:

Jesus saves,.... at The Dime Savings Bank.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:32am Ken:

I know which bank...
  9:32am Tea Party Astronaut:

Well now health care is in the hands of the government and space travel is privatized. I hope you're happy Gil Scott Heron!!!!!!
  9:32am Cheri Pi:

  9:33am Cecile:

  9:34am still b/p:

Ken, play the Moog that's on the Google homepage today live for us!
  9:34am Cecile:

Ken, you might be able to do that.
Contact the Animal Planet network and ask about the dog "Stains" who appeared on an episode of "It's Me or the Dog" with Virginia Stilwell.
  9:36am Cecile:

hahahahah this is funny.
I donated my volume of Amiri Baraka poetry, and Soul on Ice, but kept Dick Gregory's autobio.
  9:37am Mugsy:

KEN! Always look foward to your show, and playlist pix!
  9:37am Marmalade Kitty:

awesome set Ken!
  9:38am Cecile:

Honey Badger don't care.
  9:39am Marmalade Kitty:

how sweet
  9:39am Mugsy:

Kitty is right on, always new and exciting.
  9:40am Cecile:

@Parg, cupcake dog is a dude.
As one of the few people here to actually see it in real time, it was amazing. His eyes were about to pop out of his head.
  9:40am other david:

Oh my....
  9:41am bw:

wait... you had a sold out show??!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:42am Ken:

BW, you didnt hear what happened? We had to move the show to the Beacon Theater to accomodate the crowd.
  9:43am bw:

wow - the people finally recognizing the genius of SSD
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:46am Ken:

Here's the Bootie Bank Video:
  9:46am Dr. Bootygrabber:

Well if we're discussing posterior professionals...
  9:50am D in Miami:

Dump 'em out!
  9:50am Caryn:

Going through the junk mail only to come across a jewelry ad using the Mayan "2012 apocalypse" idea to sell necklaces. Really?
  9:51am SpeedyPete:

If you liked the sheep butting, check out the kangaroo kicking!
  9:52am Dairy Air:

I dub Ken the Bootie King.
  9:54am D in Miami:

"Look hot in our jewelry before the 2012 Apocalypse kills an chance of that! You know you wanna!"
  9:55am r i s k y:

Go Ken!!!!!!!!!
  9:56am Caryn:

@D: exactly! I particularly like the background picture of the giant flaming asteroid about to slam into some skyscrapers. Really makes me want to get that necklace with the silver daisy on it. (sheesh)
  10:00am D in Miami:

I'll have to check my junk mail more thoroughly so I don't miss out on shit like that! I wanna be somebody before the apocalypse wipes me out!
  10:02am Cecile:

Howza bout Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor by Flight of the Conchords?
  10:03am jay:

brilliant playlist as usual Ken. So happy to spend wednesdays here.
  10:04am Caryn:

Good lord, just watched my Conchords' DVDs!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:05am Ken:

Thank you Jay, great call cecile!
  10:05am Cecile:

my favorite musical number from my favorite episode.
  10:06am SheWolf:

Nice choice Cecile :D
  10:06am still b/p:

Hey, junk-mailin' jewelry peddler, here's a little Mayan something for YOU. Give it a try, right away.
  10:06am Cecile:

hahahaha SheWolf!
  10:08am Caryn:

I always wonder if a DJ will one day play "Mutha'uckas"? Totally FCC-compliant, but decidedly swear-packed.
  10:11am listener mark:

At WMFU it is always a big day!
  10:12am Long Dark Shaft:

I've got yours right HERE!
  10:12am BSI:

...have had just one meeting with that elevator and it was, indeed, terrifying.
  10:13am listener mark:

The elevator smells like burning rubber. Or I'm having a stroke.
  10:13am Swan:

AOK You know it Ken!
  10:13am Oral Arguments:

I also have got yours right here.
  10:14am Cecile:

they're not that subtle. It really means too many dudes on the dancefloor.
  10:14am Pointer:

Not jerks, men. Synecdoche.
  10:15am Caryn:

Aw, now where are people supposed to have their sitcom-style "two people trapped in a confined space reach a detente, thus ending a long fight" moments?
  10:16am still b/p:

It's like W.C. Fields in The Bank Dick...too many (bootie) bank guards on the dance floor.
  10:16am Cecile:

YES. The Monkey!
  10:16am Caryn:

Oh Cecile, Ken is just hedging his bets. The FCC thinks "dicks" is okay as an expletive, but not as a penis-reference.
  10:16am Swan:

And yes, synecdoche will be illegal on radio. 5-4.
  10:17am other david:

@Caryn: now they can walk into the elevator shaft, fall a couple of floors and work out their differences while enduring the agony of broken limbs!
  10:17am Cecile:

  10:18am other david:

BRILLIANT.. best gif right there!
  10:18am Caryn:

@od: yes, now the elevator shaft is meant for drama-style "two people trapped in a confined space reach a detente, thus ending a long fight" moments instead of the sitcom-style version. Subtle difference.
  10:19am G:

Sorry, Dave, it's well documented now that monkeys use violence and intimidation on other monkeys, and have been known to commit actual murder.
  10:19am fOfOIOfOf [:

{This is a stalling comment. This commenter is indisposed}
  10:19am allan:

oh man i missed the booty bank
  10:20am paula pc:

a boring comment compared to the rest here...but boy do I love this song
  10:23am other david:

@G: you're absolutely right. I now find no humour whatsoever in said gif.


A couple of years back Stirling Moss had the misfortune of falling down an elevator shaft. Not to be recommended.
  10:24am Kees:

But do monkeys blame capitalism or communism?
  10:25am Cecile:

I did some looking up, and these guys are the Animal Speaks guys. I never could find them because I was always looking under Numbers band...
  10:25am Cecile:

I now know where Morphine borrowed heavily for their sound... and it ain't just the blues.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:25am Ken:

Yes, in the new Disney film :Chimpanzee," the good chimps are terrorized by an evil gang of murderous chimps.
  10:25am allan:

were trees made for monkeys or were monkeys made for trees?
  10:26am paula pc:

@ Cecile -- they still play live!!!!
  10:26am Dr Zaius:

Ape shall not kill ape!
  10:26am Cecile:

WOW, this has totally blown me away.
Coulda been recorded yesterday.
  10:27am Cecile:

paula, awesome!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:27am Ken:

And dont forget, Dave the Spazz is doing his big Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp special this Thursday night, 9-Midnight. BEST TV SHOW EVER.
  10:28am Cecile:

I remember it vaguely, but the chimp Western Bo-nana cracked me the hell up.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:29am Ken:

Those are Macaques in that gif, by the way.
  10:29am Caryn:

I've been bugged by how the original "Planet of the Apes" movies got their monkey/ape roles mixed up by having chimps be peaceful scientists and gorillas be violent soldiers. Should've been the other way around. That's the one thing I can say Burton got right with his awful remake: he made the chimps badasses.
  10:29am Mata Hairi:

Ohhhh, Lance.
  10:30am Cecile:

Caryn: us big folk are always misunderstood...
  10:30am Kees:

'Elevation, don't go to my head'

"The Elevator", movie by Dick Maas.
  10:30am tim from Champaign:

I had a radio show once called "Hail To The Chimp".
  10:31am Jane Goodall:

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  10:32am allan:

it's hot out someone melted this track
  10:33am G:

@Kees: Capitalism and communism are just current terms for sets of beliefs that cover very ordinary activities seen in all times and places: for the former, trying to benefit yourself so you have things you want and can give to people you feel close to, and for the latter, thinking in terms of the overall group and trying to impose benefits and costs in a way you think is right when that wouldn't occur naturally. Ancient tribal and farming communities redistributed things by local political processes (village elders, etc.). Communism/socialism has been called a revival of medieval economics but employing scientific rhetoric, by those unhappy with modern economic processes.

So yes, monkeys live in small communities where benefits and costs are shifted around -- for example, who all gets some of the food that one individual in the group procured?
  10:35am fOfOIOfOf [:

Caryn, this could explain why when movie directors are in doubt, give their monkeys wings.
  10:36am Macaque:

What G said

*goes back to eating*
  10:38am G:

@Macaque: Has to go back to eating. If you can't keep ye olde body going, nothing fancier is gonna matter, or happen.
  10:39am Bobby:

Look out ol' macaque's back! eating.
  10:40am Springs:

Hi all, I cannot hear the audio online, but the archives are audible. If WFMU currently streaming ? Thanks
  10:41am other david:

@Springs: No problem with the streams here, it might be your player or ISP goofing up
  10:41am fOfOIOfOf [:

I'm listening live via the 20k Real stream. Not sure about the other streams.
  10:42am Swan:

128K kicking out the surf jam
  10:44am elisa:

Why did the Flaming Lips stop using the demon voice on every album? it's sad...
  10:45am G:

Usually if the stream's out or hiccuping, multiple commenters and/or the DJ will say something within a few minutes. If my stream goes out and within 2-3 minutes no one says anything about the stream in comments, I just shut my player and restart it.
  10:45am Springs:

Dave, FOFO, SWAN, G: Thanks for response, I will investigate further ( Missing the jams...:( )
  10:46am Listener Okasa:

Per this week's Penn's Sunday School podcast, the actor who played Dr. Zaius was Samantha's father Maurice on Bewitched.
  10:46am G:

Do you use a nail file or a knife sharpener to file your records? And is that why they sound distorted sometimes?
  10:46am marc:

Ask Ravi, once he finishes his 20 days in the fake jail. He's not a citizen.
  10:47am Springs:

Closing the player and restarting did the trick.
Thanks G:
  10:47am Kees:

G: Basically, I wanted to frame the idea of 'structural violence' in the chimp's mindset.
  10:49am allan:

demon voice for president
  10:50am Caryn:

Will this pencil sharpening be done with a sharpener or truly artisanally with a knife?
  10:50am JJJ:

Ha ha just found the old intro to Monkey magic
Goes well with this Sabbath/buttress
  10:51am Caryn:

And on a late note, I love the Maurice Sendak gif!
  10:51am D in Miami:

That Sabbath is killing such a good song!
  10:52am still b/p:

The Sabbath riff instantly puts me in a crowded car with an 8 track playing and the smell o' dope.
  10:54am JJJ:

Ken you need the Blacastan Black Sabbath samples
  10:55am D in Miami:

Was that really Ozzy yelling "Let's go!"?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:56am Ken:

Yes, that was Ozzy! and HELL YES I NEED THOSE SAMPLES!
  10:57am D in Miami:

He sounds like a chick! Never heard this.
  10:58am D in Miami:

Can you run that through the demon voice so he sounds more "Sabbathy"?
  11:00am bw:

whoaa... looking at the pics from the Beacon theater show - that place totally has the same look as the UCB!
  11:06am fOfOIOfOf [:

Kim Fowley! How's the entire album? Is it good, like Wildfire?!? Has anyone here heard it already?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:06am Ken:

Yeah BW, that was a joke - they switched photos from another UCB show to be ironic.
  11:14am bobby:

I'm boycotting all BEACH BOYS products, concerts etc. unless they throw GOP shill, 1% advocate, fascist creep MIKE LOVE out of the band.
  11:14am ?:

^^^ Puritan
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:17am Ken:

Bad News Bobby.. there are a LOT of GOP supporters in the music biz.
  11:18am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenny F. Good morning, underlings.
  11:23am glenn:

huh. capitalist douches sticking up for other capitalist douches. who knew?
  11:23am millie jackson:

there she is! olive - my favorite bitch!
  11:24am Dan B From Upstate:

Hey! You took my advice and put an fmu sticker on her cone! :D
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am Ken:

That's right Dan B, I did! But Olive insisted I remove the cow. She doesnt believe in cows.
  11:25am Logo Scrutinizer:

Is that a dog sniffing a twin dog's butt as they vocalize???
  11:27am hank kingsley:

"hey now!" —betty davis
  11:31am bobby:

Ken, there may be GOP supporters in the music biz but I don't care to listen to Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and contemporary C & W artists
  11:32am JJJ:

I know Midnight Cowboy uses a chromatic harmonica
  11:32am John Popper:

I can tell you about the hook and how it brings you back, but I know nothing about harmonicas.
  11:33am Ricardo Montalban:

I don't know squat about harmonicas, but 'bass' and 'baritone' are two completely different things.
  11:33am Righty:

What about the Ramones or Alice Cooper?
  11:34am Dairy Air:

Good music? Stop taking requests for a start.
  11:35am G:

Bass harmonica use: The Boxer, Simon & G
  11:35am Rammstein:

What about me? I am about to rock. Will you not salute me?
  11:36am G:

@Ricardo: The instrument's called a "bass harmonica". It's not used often these days.
  11:36am jan:

Revealing monologue about good and bad music. It shows self awareness. Have you been able to discover what makes you feel this way?
  11:37am edjamusication:
  11:37am Ricardo Montalban:

I just remember a TV commercial for a record by the Harmonicats that aired when I was a kid and one of the members of the 'cats (whom I believe appeared to be a midget) was swinging a gigantic harmonica like it was a baseball bat.
  11:38am Michael:

Didn't the Ramones change their minds somewhat after Bonzo went to Bitburg?
  11:38am Righty:

Ken U Rool!!!
  11:39am Ricardo Montalban:

G: Yeah, I found some funny YouTube footage of someone playing bass harmonica. I recognize its sound from all those Jerry Murad/Harmonicats records. I think you hear them on 70's Disney movie soundtracks, too.
  11:39am Righty:

No, Johnny insisted the song be called "My Brain is Hanging Upside Down"...
  11:41am JJJ:

Good old Dee Dee
  11:41am D in Miami:

That singing face gif is singing this song.
  11:41am ?:

No Johnny never changes his mind re his Republican values or at least his interpretation of Republican values.
  11:42am paul:

pretty sure that's debbie harry singing backup
  11:42am Michael:

I think David Lynch is Republican, I remember reading his saying something like, "I liked America...America should be _strong_."
  11:42am Mark:

oh you get a question mark when you don't type a name
  11:43am Michael:

Duh...that should have been 'I liked Reagan', not '...America'; fortunately (in my arrogant opinion) there's a difference.
  11:44am Kees:

"Eiersalat in Rock' = 'Eggsalad in skirt'
The title is meant to confuse anglosaxons
  11:45am Mark:

was it ever proven for certain that the "Maureen Tucker" interviewed at a tea party event was "the" Maureen Tucker?
  11:46am ?:

See? Puritans do witch hunts.
  11:46am northguineahills:

I do believe it was THE Mo Tucker at a tea party event.
  11:47am Keith in VT:

Even Neil Young said he liked Reagan, which I found gag-provoking, Hopefully he's reconsidered...
  11:47am Ricardo Montalban:

I think Lynch liked Reagan for the same reason he loved Bob's Big Boy - purely out of aesthetics. I don't think that means he's ideologically aligned with him in any way. I look at it in the same way that Dali embraced Spanish fascism. I think on one hand he was just being a contrarian shit.
  11:47am Mark:

but was it confirmed that it was Mo Tucker?
  11:49am Lizardner Dave:

I think some Grove's Emulsified Nose Drops will take care of the slime.
  11:51am marc:

  11:51am Ricardo Montalban:

I read about the Mo, Tea Party thing somewhere. I think she's got some cranky right wing views as well as some cranky libertarian left views, if I recall. It seemed like she just showed up and people made a much bigger, politically polarized thing out of it than it actually was. It's sort of like when the mainstream media goes to a left-oriented event and interviews some crazy homeless guy who wobbles into view, only this time it was a right wing event and it was Mo Tucker.
  11:52am G:

What's next? "Born Free"?
  11:52am Ruben:

you should hire someone from your family to fix your damt stuff !!!! instead an immigrant .. you're sucks as well as your music
  11:52am G:

Then "The Impossible Dream" or "Up With People"
  11:53am marc:

  11:53am still b/p:

Which is the better title for this show, A World of Success or You're Sucks?
  11:54am G:

FMU "Immigrant" Workers = Flying Monkeys with Clipped Wings
  11:54am Carmichael:

The title should be "Beautiful, Ruben!"
  11:54am INS:

we'll be right there
  11:55am Charlie in MPLS:

Hey Ken! I don't have a fancy doorman like in the Apple- I was wondering if I can expect an email before my wonderful swag arrives? Or will it happily show up on my doorstep anytime from now until December :)
  11:55am Cecile:

i don't think Neil is still Republican. I think he was that for like five minutes.
  11:55am G:

The INS needs some envelopes stuffed, stat.
  11:56am Ricardo Montalban:

Ken, are you going to play some of The Nuge?
  11:56am Mark:

you sure Neil Young be a Repub?
  11:57am Mark:

please no Nuge
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:57am Ken:

Neil was a republican for about 6 years there...
  11:58am G:

We don't want to contract Cat Scratch Fever fever
  11:58am still b/p:

Maybe David Lynch will bid on the vial of dried Reagan blood being auctioned. That would be right somehow.
  11:58am Cecile:

Yeah, but Keep on Rockin' in the Free world was him falling out of love with that.
  11:59am Ricardo Montalban:

I see that Ray Stevens is still issuing cranky, right wing novelty songs.
  11:59am Mark T in Central VT:

There there now now
  11:59am Puritans:

[pointing bony fingers] Witch! Witch!
  12:00pm popo:

does he mean he'll stick his dick in the mash potatoes?
  12:00pm PJ:

I think, in the bio Shakey, Neil says that he was just annoyed at a journalist who was interviewing him at the time Old Ways came out and who kept going on at how awful Reagan was, so Neil decided to wind him up by telling him how much he admired Reagan, how he voted for him or was going to vote for him (Young still has Canadian citizenship), etc. Young denied that he ever was a Republican or actual Reagan fan.
  12:01pm Carmichael:

John Barry sang Born Free.
  12:01pm Fredericks:

Dee Dee wasn't a Repub. Unless Johnny made him become one.
  12:01pm fOfOIOfOf [::

Arrgh. This is the thing I hate the most about this show: "The End". Should be an endless loop like an animated gif. :]
  12:01pm Cecile:

It's like Elvis Costello's Ray Charles comment - it might have been meant as provocation to an irritating person, but it had a life of its own.
  12:02pm still b/p:

Matt Monro sang the soundtrack version...Andy Williams, Roger Williams and others covered it.
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