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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
The Soulphonics  Theme From the TV Show 'The Rivals'   Favoriting The Dynamic Sounds of The Soulphonics  Scratched Records  2010  Austin, Texas  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Mr. T Experience  I Feel Love   Favoriting Our Bodies Our Selves  Lookout  1993    0:04:50 Pop-up)  
The Electric Mess  I Didn't Miss You At All   Favoriting Falling Off the Face of the Earth  Groovie Records  2012  at Grand Victory Saturday night!  0:06:22 Pop-up)  
Guantanamo Baywatch  We Came With Dottie   Favoriting Chest Crawl  Dirtnap  2012    0:10:22 Pop-up)  
The Meltdowns  No Lies   Favoriting Critical Mass  Neurotic Bop  2012    0:13:58 Pop-up)  
Bo-Keys featuring Percy Wiggins  Stuck In the Middle With You   Favoriting various - Super Hits of the Seventies  no label  2012  Michael Shelley's amazing 2012 marathon premium!  0:17:43 Pop-up)  
The Rollers  Playing In a Rock 'n' Roll Band   Favoriting Rollermania  Salvo  1979/2010  tried dropping Bay City  0:22:55 Pop-up)  
Grip Weeds  Shakin' All Over   Favoriting Speed of Live  Ground Up  2012    0:26:09 Pop-up)  
The Ripe  Constant Waves   Favoriting Into Your Ears  Get Hip  2012    0:37:30 Pop-up)  
Rainy Day Saints  Where I Stand   Favoriting All These Strange Ghosts  Get Hip  2012    0:40:36 Pop-up)  
Baby Woodrose  Love Like a Flower   Favoriting Third Eye Surgery  Bad Afro  2012    0:46:23 Pop-up)  
Paul & Linda McCartney  Monkberry Moon Delight   Favoriting Ram new reissue  Concord  1971/2012    0:50:56 Pop-up)  
Eleventh Dream Day  Southern Pacific   Favoriting Prarie School Freakout/Wayne EP  Thrill Jockey  1989/2003    0:56:46 Pop-up)  
Neil Young and Crazy Horse  Tom Dula   Favoriting Americana  Reprise  2012    1:00:41 Pop-up)  
Mynah Birds  It's My Time   Favoriting various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 6: 1966  Hip-O Select  1966/2006    1:11:15 Pop-up)  
Caesar & His Romans  Green Grass Makes It Better   Favoriting various - Psychedelic States:New York in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1967/2002    1:13:18 Pop-up)  
The Retros  Inner City Rockers   Favoriting Inner City Rockers: The Retros 1979  BDR  1979/2012    1:15:48 Pop-up)  
The Men  Turn It Around   Favoriting Open Your Heart  Sacred Bones  2012    1:17:55 Pop-up)  
OBN III's  New Dark Age   Favoriting The One and Only  Tic Tac Totally  2011  appearing on the Evan 'Funk' Davies Show on WFMU tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!  1:21:53 Pop-up)  
OBN III's  Kick Me Out   Favoriting The One and Only  Tic Tac Totally  2011  see previous comment!  1:24:43 Pop-up)  
Brimstones  FM Receiver   Favoriting various - Songs the Hideout Taught Us  no label  2009?  Saturday night - Cavestomp at The Parkside!  1:39:34 Pop-up)  
Last Conspirators  Surf Rocket   Favoriting War Party  self-released  2007  Saturday night - Cavestomp at The Parkside!  1:41:43 Pop-up)  
The Enthusiasts  Sinkin'/Risin'   Favoriting 7"  Magic Sleeve  2011  Saturday night - Cavestomp at The Parkside!  1:44:43 Pop-up)  
Le Chelsea Beat  Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi   Favoriting Mesdames et Messieurs ...  Killer Diller  2011  at Grand Victory Saturday night with 4 other great bands!  1:47:59 Pop-up)  
Outta Place  Hang Up   Favoriting Monaural  Screaming Apple  1984/2012  New York's finest!  1:53:08 Pop-up)  
The Stinky Sonobuoni Show  Down To Tijuana   Favoriting live on WFMU 2002  no label  2002  RIP Stinky 6 years ago June 3  1:55:35 Pop-up)  
The Vice Principals  Satellite Dish   Favoriting After School With the Vice Principals  Sympathy for the Record Industry  2000  ex-Humpers, The Joneses  1:59:13 Pop-up)  
Waco Brothers & Paul Burch  Monterey   Favoriting Great Chicago Fire  Bloodshot  2012    2:06:43 Pop-up)  
Alejandro Escovedo  Bottom of the World   Favoriting Big Station  Fantasy  2012  produced by Tony Visconti  2:09:13 Pop-up)  
JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound  Baaad News   Favoriting Want More  Bloodshot  2011    2:12:10 Pop-up)  
Southern Culture on the Skids  Doublewide   Favoriting Doublewide and Live  Yep Roc  2006    2:14:58 Pop-up)  
Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears  You Been Lyin'   Favoriting Scandalous  Lost Highway  2011  with the Relatives!  2:17:56 Pop-up)  
Sly and the Family Stone  Fun   Favoriting Life  Legacy  1968/2007    2:21:01 Pop-up)  
Betty LaVette  What Condition My Condition Is In   Favoriting various - Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country  Trikont  1969/2006  before changing spelling of her first name!  2:24:29 Pop-up)  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires  The Red. Red Dirt of Home   Favoriting There Is a Bomb in Gilead  Alive  2012    2:34:13 Pop-up)  
Dexateens  Charlemagne   Favoriting Singlewide  Skybucket  2010    2:34:17 Pop-up)  
Sam the Sham  Oh Lo   Favoriting The MGM Singles  Sundazed  1973/2011    2:37:28 Pop-up)  
John Wesley Coleman III  Flower in the Dark   Favoriting Last Donkey Show  Goner  2012  second III in the set  2:40:14 Pop-up)  
Trash Mavericks  Senorita Blue   Favoriting 25 To Life  Lizard Skin Records  1989?/2011    2:43:16 Pop-up)  
Buck Owens  Massachusetts   Favoriting The Warner Bros. Recordings  Rhino  1978/2007  unreleased at the time  2:48:01 Pop-up)  
Roy Sludge  King of the Open Road   Favoriting Too Drunk To Truck  Deeveeus  2011    2:51:23 Pop-up)  
The Martian Denny Orchestra  Wild Weekend   Favoriting En El Espacio  Spinout/Sundazed  2012    2:56:09 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:06pm rob:

Nice version of this song!
  12:06pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Yay!!!! Belock rides for another season!!! Now you can really get used to Tuesday.
  12:07pm Derek:

Afternoon everyone!
  12:09pm geokopp:

looks like you got your wish for a Neil+Crazy Horse tour, Joe. MSG 11/27.
  12:09pm SmokinJ:

Howdy Joe & fellow R&R freaks everywhere!
  12:10pm pierre:

Bonjour Joe B !
  12:11pm geokopp:

with Patti Smith opening.
  12:11pm Derek D.:

Hah, this is another Derek: thanks for the spin, Joe.
  12:13pm Derek K:

Pleased to meet you Derek D, I'll add my last initial to make life easier.
Avatar 12:16pm Joe B:

Hi all, thanks for tuning in! looks like we escaped the chopping block for another summer. well, summer into fall. too bad the real summer didn't last 5 months!
  12:16pm Woo:

Christ almighty, if the first set is this good......
Avatar 12:16pm Joe B:

Hi Rob and Kevin! Kevin, will you be at Big Apple BBQ this weekend?
Avatar 12:16pm Joe B:

Hi Dereks D and K! GK! J, pierre! woo!
  12:16pm Mike East:

Hey all! Glad we'll be rockin' all summer long!
Avatar 12:17pm Joe B:

Thanks George, I did see that! I am intrigued by the Bridgeport cot. show. wonder what the hell is up with that!
  12:17pm Derek D.:

Thanks! Or maybe I'll call myself Tony next time I see you on here...
  12:19pm Derek K:

I'll just be lurking in the background
Avatar 12:20pm Joe B:

Hi Mike East! Derek D, my pleasure! sounding great!
  12:20pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Joe, Probably Sunday. Thanks for the reminder.
  12:21pm Mike East:

Aaarggghh! I still don't have my Super Hits of the Seventies!! Any option to come pick it up so FMU saves on the shipping? I must have it!
  12:23pm KevinfromBayRidge:

5 month summer? No problema! Between 3CM & global warming it'll be hear reeeal sooon!
  12:23pm SmokinJ:

Yeah, let's get loaded!
  12:25pm KevinfromBayRidge:

OOPs..."here"..not attempt at bad pun!
  12:26pm jljl:

Liking the powerpop
Avatar 12:26pm Joe McG:

@Mike: Drop me an e-mail, Mike, and I can see why you haven't gotten your Michael Shelley premium yet: jmcgasko@wfmu.org
  12:27pm Derek K:

Hi jljl!!
  12:28pm KevinWho:

@KevinfromBayRidge: i say never, ever apologize for a bad pun. bring `em on! the groanier the better!
  12:29pm geokopp:

why does the bridgeport show stand out to you, Joe?
Avatar 12:30pm Joe B:

Who dat! Hi jijl! Hey, Joe McG!

george, just find it funny it is a small tour, why the hell is he playing at a minor league hockey arena. Maybe Trenton will get added at this rate!
  12:30pm KevinfromBayRidge:

@KevinWho, Tks for the empowerment!
  12:31pm Woo:

Fav version of Shakin still Johnny Kidd but this is damn good.
  12:33pm Derek K:

jljl, can you drop me an email, just want to inquire about something. derek.kosky@gmail.com
  12:34pm jljl:

Haha, I was wondering which Derek was the 99er one. *Finally* got to the CD last Thurs. I want a msg board like this so everyone can give me praise, or rag on me haha.
  12:35pm Derek K:

I want to thank you for that! but also wanted to ask a quick question
  12:37pm KevinWho:

Parts A, B, C and D of the Beastie Boys' authorized biography are set for release, but Adam Yauch's estate is now fighting for the rights to Part E
  12:39pm pierre:

Just wanted to pass a massive "thanks you / merci" while Joe McG's here on the comment board, for the great impressive work that he has done regarding swag sending.
  12:40pm geokopp:

it doesn't have to be old to be drastic!
  12:40pm Yalc:

I like the Rollers 'Elevator' LP. I think there was a connection to 10cc and Pilot.
  12:42pm geokopp:

that bridgeport venue is pretty damn big! 10,000 capacity
  12:43pm David Shortell:

I've no information on "The Rivals". I'm still trying to find a home video of that "Vindicators" program the Fleshtones did the theme song to!
Avatar 12:44pm Joe McG:

@pierre: Thanks, Pierre! We here in the office appreciate it!
  12:45pm chris.com:

Joe mentioned the fleshtones playing this month but I don't see anything listed in the event guide. anybody have any info?
Avatar 12:46pm Joe B:

Fleshtones June 21 at Bowery Electric on a KILLER bill!
  12:47pm KevinWho:

RE this Rainy Day Saints song ... I don't recally ever hearing the word "vaguely" as a song lyric before
Avatar 12:48pm Joe B:

Good one David! Hi Yalc, me too! Pierre, I second that!
  12:51pm Mike East:

Yes, Joe McG is doing a great job...he already got back to me about the swag inquiry that he just told me to send! #1!
  12:52pm Bad Ronald:

G'day folks. Love this Macca tune. Superb show as usual Mr. Belock. Cheers!
  12:53pm jljl:

KevinWho: Flesh for Lulu have an excellent song called Vaguely Human (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2UpgweHE8g)
  12:54pm rubble:

Ram on!
  12:54pm pierre:

In the meantime I couldn't thank wfmu enough, and that's normal Joe McG. Great t shirt collection btw!
  12:55pm Marmalade kitty:

Pauls voice sounded great on Ram. Listened to it recently
  12:56pm Sr_Hairy_hymen:

This was a song done by Screaming Jay Hawkins
  12:57pm KevinWho:

@jljl: well I'll be. The More You Know!
Avatar 12:59pm Joe B:

Thanks BR! Rubble! Hi MK! yes Hairy, Screamin Jay does a great job on it!
  1:01pm John L:

One of the great underheard Neil tunes. I saw the Silos cover Southern Pacific eons ago.
  1:02pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Mr. McG is perhaps FMU's greatest unsung heroes. Keeping our diverse & dysfunctional community (at least the pledging ones!) happy can't be an easy job. Great Tshirts too!
  1:03pm efd:

These background vocals are cracking me up.
Avatar 1:04pm Joe B:

if you really want a laugh (or cringe) wait til you hear the version of Get a Job on this album
Avatar 1:04pm Joe B:

Hi John L and EFD!
  1:04pm Woo:

This sounds so much like the Zuma album I feel like a teenager on horse tranquilizers again.
  1:07pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Laugh, cringe, and love. All at the same time!
  1:07pm Cecile:

Congrats, Joe and DAMN. Missed 11th dream day.
  1:08pm Cecile:

how bad/good is the new one?
Avatar 1:13pm Joe B:

I love it cecile but probably not an unbiased opinion!
  1:15pm Bad Ronald:

Oh yeah, congrats on another season of programming Joe!
Additionally, if anyone's interested, you can remix a couple of McCartney tunes (including MMD) at his online Rude Studio:
http://www.paulmccartney.com/web/guest/rude-studio - for after the show of course...
  1:16pm KevinfromBayRidge:

how's this sound?.. Great in a FMUish kinda way.
  1:18pm Cecile:

I think all the Beatles solo albums had ridiculous expectations on them at the time. The kids don't care. I was talking to a kid in a store playing George H's 33 and a 1/3 and I said wow this sounds pretty good. Better than I remember and explained why a lot of us wrote off Beatles solo records. She looked at me like I was an alien. "But it's a good record! Why wouldn't any body like it?" She had a point.
Avatar 1:20pm Joe B:

great point Cecile! Plus there was still hope they would regroup
  1:20pm John L:

Is it me, or does this Men tune sound like Foo Fighters?
  1:20pm Marmalade kitty:

the Retros "Inner City Rockers" opening and closing drum roll is very the clash "tommy gun"
  1:21pm Cecile:

Exactly, Joe.
But people who weren't so attached to the concept certainly gave all the solo Beatles enough hits that they had good careers by themselves. Nothing to be ashamed of. Now, the dude in Wham! - that's another story. LOL!
Avatar 1:23pm Joe B:

John L and Kitty, spot on!
  1:23pm Bill:

The Men woke me up.
  1:27pm efd:

This is probably the best "on the road" song ever, from a band that doesn't even tour that much!
  1:27pm efd:

(referring to "Kick Me Out")
  1:27pm SteveL:

Looking forward to the OBN III's live set tomorrow night. However, I have NO IDEA what their name means.
  1:29pm KevinWho:

how have I never heard OBN III’s before? they rawk!
  1:29pm Cecile:

re: their name - I keep thinking of EBN-OZN, and that is so wrong.
  1:30pm efd:

OBN = Orville Bateman Neeley, the band's frontman. And yes, they are amazing! (Thanks for the plug, Joe!)
  1:31pm Bill:

the men also played for WFMU's alt.austin experience.
  1:32pm Carmichael:

Hiya Joe, howdy everyone.
  1:35pm Bad Ronald:

What's Shakin' at the Shake Shack?
  1:40pm Mike East:

@Bad Ronald - a long ass line, as usual - http://shakeshack.com/location/madison-square-park/#shack-cam
  1:42pm Mike East:

I used to think that chorus was "Peaches are fine." I used to get hungry for peaches every time I heard it...usually on Jonesy.
  1:43pm Cecile:

holy crap. That makes the pork chop on a stick line at the State Fair look short.
  1:46pm Woo:

On the solo Beatles, John was wise to disappear for five years. I wish George had never met Jeff Lynne but he did do a good job on the Anthology songs. I just can't stand his production style usually.
  1:46pm Derek K:

wow. what do they serve at the shake shack for that many people to queue up?
  1:49pm Bad Ronald:

@Mike Thanks for that! relevant - (warning: shameless self-promotion) - http://tinyurl.com/shakinattheshack
  1:52pm Mike East:

@Derek K - Its just burgers, fries, and shakes, but supposedly really good. Its a Danny Meyer enterprise.
  1:52pm pierre:

the french trying to rock ^^
  1:53pm Mike East:

I've never gone, because there's not much that's worth waiting on a line like that...I'd prefer to pay a lot more money and make a reservation if I'm going to treat myself.
  1:53pm Derek K:

hmmm not sure I'd wait that long in line for a burger & shake.
Avatar 1:54pm Joe B:

There is one in Battery Park City on Murray street that has little to no line, at least on weekdays
  1:54pm Cecile:

Me, either.
But, hey! They have wine, too.
  1:55pm Cecile:

I would probably have to be drinking to be in that line.
  1:55pm Derek K:

ok everyone head over to Murray St ;)
  1:57pm Derek K:

Hey Cecile did you make it to Memory Lanes the other weekend for Los Straitjackets?
  2:00pm PJ:

Re Shake Shack, I went once and it was pretty much meh - standard, skinny, tasteless fast food burgers. New Yorkers will stand in line for anything if the line is long enough.
  2:01pm Cecile:

nah, wanted to, but didn't work out.
  2:02pm KevinWho:

RE Vice Principals: and now the word "existential" in a song. wacky
  2:02pm Derek K:

storm hit as L'Assassins were finishing their set. They moved everything inside. nearly 1,000 people crammed into the building. LSJ went on about an hour late
  2:03pm pierre:

Did you know that Paul MacCartney had his own coat of arms !? how cool is that…

  2:04pm Cecile:

Crazy! I think I hit Heliotrope for a hot minute cause I needed to talk to some folks there, and right when we got home, the weather went crazy.
  2:05pm Derek K:

good job you got home in time!
  2:05pm KevinWho:

here's "Sir Paul" sucking up to more coats of arms

  2:06pm Derek K:

coming out to Kim Lenz on the 21st?
  2:07pm Rubble:

RIP Freddy!
  2:09pm pierre:

@KevinWho : he really did everything he could to deserve it ! ^^
  2:09pm Bill:

Love Monterey and now this song.
  2:10pm Cecile:

it'll be my first day back to work from vacation, so probably not.
  2:11pm Bill:

Rubble, Freddy who?
  2:11pm KevinfromBayRidge:

The fact that the BBQ lines are optimistically an hour long doesn't help! Going Sunday Mr B?
Avatar 2:11pm Joe B:

That's stinky sonobuoni's real name
  2:12pm Derek K:

awww well, Deke's coming to town Sept 1st
Avatar 2:12pm Joe B:

I will be there both days, will eat before I go to avoid the lines!
  2:16pm Cecile:

JC Brooks Mad-libs:
__________ is the new Brooklyn.
  2:17pm KevinfromBayRidge:

  2:17pm Cecile:

  2:17pm Cecile:

Avatar 2:18pm Joe B:

@ cecile - Shake Shack?
  2:18pm Cecile:

that's a contender!
  2:19pm still b/p:

The back of my small pick-up truck is the new Brooklyn.
  2:20pm Cecile:

WFMU is the new Brooklyn
  2:21pm Cecile:

The next Dylan is the new Brooklyn
  2:23pm Derek K:

Joe B,
Hold tight email coming to you soon! :)
  2:25pm KevinWho:

  2:25pm Cecile:

Derek K., tip me to some stuff coming up - I haven't been keeping up so muich since I stopped writing for the most part...
  2:25pm still b/p:

The transit of Venus will make all the world a new Brooklyn:

"The movement of Venus across the face of the Sun reflects a cycle of new creation aligned with our highest visions of peace, beauty and light. This particular transit, the last that most of us are likely to experience in our lifetimes, thus represents a powerful potential to initiate a time of global transformation that mystics and prophets in many traditions through the ages have been long awaiting."
  2:26pm Derek K:

Deke's gig is at Lee's
If you make it over, pop to the merch table and say hi!
  2:26pm Carmichael:

My list is slow. Is this Betty Lavette?
  2:26pm Cecile:

hahahaha sbp.
Wow, Betty(e) is so great.
  2:27pm Derek K:

Email sent, should be with you any time soon!
  2:27pm Cecile:

I will!
  2:27pm Bill:

Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.
  2:27pm Carmichael:

OK, got it. Can't believe Mickey Newbury wrote this!
  2:28pm geokopp:

Ms LaVette resides in west orange NJ, a neighbor.
  2:28pm Bill:

Cecile, next Dylan line very funny.
  2:29pm Cecile:

thanks, Bill.
Really geo? that's cool.
  2:29pm John L:

My sock drawer is the new Brooklyn. Looking forward to Saturday!!!
  2:31pm Billy Bragg:

I'm not looking for a new Brooklyn, I'm just looking for another girl.
  2:33pm Bill:

I'm looking for New England, which Im told is accessible by ferry.
  2:35pm KevinWho:

weird Charlie Daniels vibe on that last tune. i'm not complaining
  2:36pm KevinWho:

Lee Bains III
  2:42pm Lee:

this set is great. thanks, joe
  2:43pm ~L:

3 bands = $5, as mentioned.
  2:50pm David Shortell:

I see the Trash Mavericks are playing Frenchy's in Roselle Park on June 15.
  2:50pm Bill:

OMG! Think Buck knew where Massachusetts is?
Avatar 2:51pm Joe B:

love seeing them there! opting for the Insomniacs at the parkside!
  2:51pm Billy Bragg:

he probably played many fine casinos there.
  2:51pm dale:

i was wondering if there is a bakersfield, mass.
  2:52pm Cecile:

that was awesome. Buck was awesome.
  2:53pm lewis:

my now 17yo daughter was a big Buck Owens fan in her early elementary school days - during that same period she listed Junior Brown as her favorite musician...
  2:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The news is saying Herb Reed of the Platters has died at age 83.
  3:09pm Joe B:

thanks everybody for listening/commenting!
  12:42pm Glen Worley:

Thanks for playing The Soulphonics! Made our day!
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