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Playlist for 25 July 2012 Favoriting | There it Goes

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Sigh  Amnesia   Favoriting In Somniphobia 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Rammstein  Moskau   Favoriting Reise, Reise 
  0:07:31 (Pop-up)
Touchy Feely  Metal Man   Favoriting 7he 7onetta 7heory 
*   0:11:35 (Pop-up)
Four Tet  Iron Man   Favoriting Everything Comes and Goes: Tribute to Black Sabbath 
  0:16:26 (Pop-up)
Endvra  Listen to Wolves   Favoriting Elder Signs 
  0:21:21 (Pop-up)
Farewell My Friends  Feltworth   Favoriting Single by Famous Nova Scotian Pop Band Pretneding to Be Puppets 
*   0:30:36 (Pop-up)
Starlite Desperation  We Dont Do Time   Favoriting Dont Do Time 
  0:33:09 (Pop-up)
The Frogs  How Many Times, Times, Times   Favoriting Count Yer Blessingz    *   0:36:58 (Pop-up)
Flying Lizards  Hands 2 Take   Favoriting Fourth Wall 
  0:38:03 (Pop-up)
Dot Allison  All Strung Out   Favoriting  
  0:41:52 (Pop-up)
Sunshine  Narcoleptic Feedback   Favoriting Necromance 
  0:45:43 (Pop-up)
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  High Flyin' Bird   Favoriting Americana 
*   0:48:47 (Pop-up)
Tammy Faye Starlite  Surrender   Favoriting Used Country Female 
  1:00:51 (Pop-up)
Roy Woods' Helicopters  Green Glass Windows   Favoriting The Very Best of Roy Wood Through The Years 
  1:04:35 (Pop-up)
Eddie & The Hot Rods  Do Anything You Wanna Do   Favoriting Life on the Line 
  1:09:31 (Pop-up)
Magoo  A to Z & Back Again   Favoriting  
  1:12:28 (Pop-up)
Die Goldenen Zitronen  80 Millionen Hooligans   Favoriting Punkrock 
  1:16:32 (Pop-up)
William Tapley  A Hero in My Mind   Favoriting  
  1:19:02 (Pop-up)
Kera Carpenter  Won't Last a Day Without Newt   Favoriting  
  1:20:57 (Pop-up)
Clare & The Reasons  Obama the Rainbow   Favoriting  
  1:25:35 (Pop-up)
Herman Cain  The Cain Train   Favoriting  
  1:26:34 (Pop-up)
Johnny Jones  Just A Closer Walk With Thee   Favoriting Just a Closer Walk with Thee: Sinners Crossroads 2012 Premium 
  1:29:22 (Pop-up)
Thurl Ravenscroft  Joy to the World   Favoriting  
  1:31:33 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  Do You Hear What I Hear?   Favoriting Christmas In The Heart 

Click for the full size image
  1:33:55 (Pop-up)
Music From The Film  Baby Drool Baby Doll   Favoriting Vi Kommer Til a Fa Deg 
*   1:46:27 (Pop-up)
Titanic  Sultana   Favoriting Space Oddities, v. 2: A Psychedelic Journey Through Libraries 
*   1:48:56 (Pop-up)
Debo Band  Ney ney Weleba   Favoriting Debo Band    *   1:53:08 (Pop-up)
The Ex with Getatchew Mekuria  Ethiopia Hagere   Favoriting Moa Anbessa 
  1:59:21 (Pop-up)
Old Time Relijun  Veleno Mortale   Favoriting Catharsis in Crisis 
  2:04:39 (Pop-up)
The Slew  Shackled Soul   Favoriting 100% 
  2:10:41 (Pop-up)
The Reveries  Bullet Proof Soul   Favoriting Matchmakers Vol. 2: The Music Of Sade 
  2:20:21 (Pop-up)
Workshop  Pillow Junction   Favoriting Workshop 
  2:29:20 (Pop-up)
Chrome  In a Dream   Favoriting Having a Wonderful Time with the Tripods 
  2:32:26 (Pop-up)
39 Clocks  Heat of Violence   Favoriting Self Titled 
  2:37:41 (Pop-up)
Swell Maps  Lets Build a Car   Favoriting  
  2:47:06 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am John Daryls:

  9:01am Detroit Mac:

Hi Ken. Hope life is mucho swell for you today, eh?
  9:02am ?:

When does the narwhal bacon ken?
  9:03am Jack:

Damn! This Sigh album is great!
  9:04am John Daryls:

well, it's better than tonetta, but i don't know if that is saying much
  9:04am other david:

G'mornin all
My Rammstein senses are tingling
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:05am Ken:

Guten Morgen every bodies!
  9:05am black rabbit:

my Tonetta tribute senses are tingling... i hope...
  9:06am John Daryls:

gluten tag!
  9:08am The GB Kid:

Paging Dr Bootygrabber
  9:08am Sam:

There it is, you asked for it.
  9:08am aaron in Jcity:

fluten hag! play your drunk ringtones ken!
  9:09am Cheri Pi:

Why has no one remixed "Sugar Walls" yet?
  9:09am Sam:

Oh Rammstein....they sound so earnest. How did it all go so horribly wrong?
  9:10am playground monitor:

Dr. Bootygrabber plays gluteus tag.
  9:11am other david:


Thank you Ken!
  9:14am aaron in Jcity:

new idea for WFMU swag TRONGS
  9:17am playground monitor oil:

How can we dance when our earth is turning?
How do we swing while our tire is burning?
  9:18am pierre:

Bonjour Ken,
How are you ?
Bonjour listeners !
  9:18am Rammstein:

We missed us. How embarrassing.
  9:20am jamesie:

fucking fed up why is everyone so damned cheerful?
  9:21am Cheri Pi:

Bonjour Pierre!
  9:22am pierre:

Salut Cheri Pi, ça va ?
  9:24am mood monitor:

Fed up, stand up,
Stand up for your rights,
Fed up, stand up,
Don't give up the spite.
  9:26am black rabbit:

there is something so comforting about the look on that seal's face.
  9:27am Cheri Pi:

Très bien, merci
  9:27am black rabbit:

oh... the artist and song on touchy feely are reversed
  9:28am Weezy:

Any love for Sherman Hemsley?
  9:28am John Daryls:

Interpreting the Masters, Vol. 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall & John Oates
  9:29am John Daryls:

The Dark Side of Hall and Oates is a tribute album like no other.
  9:30am Rammstein:

The whole world is listening!
  9:31am other david:

oh rammstein <3
  9:35am souldrop:

Rammstein sucks
  9:35am bbell:

Banksy learnt the art from his mum!
  9:37am Rammstein:

Sticks und stones...
  9:37am other david:

Don't be so rude in front of Rammstein, please, they're rather sensitive souls.

Also, apparently this is Kim Jong-un's wife - she's a popular singer in North Korea, can you get her to record a set at WFMU?
  9:38am John Daryls:

i bet she does Hall & Oates covers.
  9:41am Cecile:

Touchy Feely...wonder if they are this great little Mpls band that was around about 10 yrs ago.
  9:42am hamburger:

ken muy fondo this track
  9:43am Cecile:

and the artist is Feltworth, I learned.
I have to check this out, i love Sloan.
  9:44am Lizardner Dave:

Happy to have the day off and to be listening on the FM signal on the beautiful day.
  9:46am Cecile:

hahahahahah Overplayed 1 and 2
  9:48am jamesie:

£130 fine get outta my McDonalds lane
  9:50am Cecile:

the Feltworth story!
  9:51am bw:

oh that's good to see that all of these image's pass the interent filter test here in Jesus land - I can see it all
  9:52am Mark:

keeping your penguins watered is very important
  9:53am trrs:

@bw Does that test include time? As in no lag?
  9:54am Sam:

This year we saw a cougar at melon camp!
  9:54am jamesie:

thats Johnny Morris on Animal Magic. He was a tc=v presenter in the 60s who had a job part time in Bristol zoo.
  9:54am D in Miami:

Morning ebrybuddies! Time for coffee!
  9:55am Semaj D:

Touchy Feely is the Solo Project of James Dellatacoma, formerly of Zelda Pinwheel.
  9:57am black rabbit:

The Tonetta Theory has a track by stephen quaranta... also former zelda pinwheel...
  9:57am Cecile:

hm, not the same folks.
  9:59am das:

Good news, is available!
  9:59am Ken From Hyde Park:

I found a web site with random images.
  10:00am Michael:

Please ask Tammy Faye Starlite if Jesus has come yet...I'd check her web-site for that, but it's dead, and her Facebook page doesn't mention it.
  10:01am Semaj D:

Zelda Pinwheel were a Great NJ Avant rock band! What happened to them?
  10:02am das:

I never thought this song could get better
  10:03am Cecile:

and it didn't.
  10:03am f0f0 (:

hello wfmu!!!
It's time again for some good ol rock n roll.

Rock and roll! Rock and roll!
  10:03am Leo:

Hey what was that instrumental version of live and let die please?
  10:03am Mark:

  10:04am D in Miami:

I guess I've never really listened to the lyrics to this song. I never realized Cheap Trick was so religious.
  10:04am das:

Well we'll see who gets into heaven now, toots
  10:05am Dave B:

Good morning woof moo-ers!
  10:05am Jesus:

TMI Tammy Faye. TMI.
  10:05am Cecile:

well, if the talking heads are right, heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.
  10:06am bw:

trss: yes there is time lag.. maybe they are looking at them first?
  10:07am Cheri Pi:

Cecile! Baby!
  10:08am D in Miami:

There is nothing cheesy about this song!
  10:09am joe:

'ello folks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:09am Ken:

Hey BW - Hows Hotlanta?
  10:10am Cecile:

  10:11am Cheri Pi:

Hey Joe :)
  10:11am Mark:

I would have enjoyed hearing "Teenage Depression"
  10:12am Kasim Reed:

@bw - Make sure you visit the Richard Jewell Memorial Truckstop.
  10:13am jamesie:

I would have enjoyed hearing "Teenage Depression" > yes, I would too I am depressed
  10:17am Dave B:

@John Daryls - in case of emergency:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:18am Ken:

If you're depressed, just stare at the seal pup's face!
  10:19am das:

Oates had one heckuva 'stache
  10:19am D in Miami:

Oh, I thought that was a dog with no ears!
  10:19am joe:

Hey ya Cheri :)
  10:20am Detroit Mac:

And then laugh when the seal pup decides to take a bite of that face.
  10:20am John Daryls:

thanks Dave B. i had to step out for a bit to put my kids to bed. did i miss the Hall & Oates on Ken's show?
  10:21am bw:

oh man you are playin the mItt Hit!
hotlanta is a big traffic snarl! I love fat people food though YUM
  10:21am Michael:

Cool: Irwin made a request!
  10:21am jamesie:

i got a dog like that but he makes me cry, thanks though. Wheres did I hide that scotch?
  10:22am bw:

@michael hahahaha
  10:22am Sam:

He's right, Democrats are always starting wars because they have no ideas.
  10:22am joe:

That's a rousing endorsement if I ever heard one.
  10:22am BSI:

ah, lookie. hoof in mouth?
  10:22am giselle:

these are real songs? holy shit!
  10:23am Mark:

aw Newt
  10:23am MD:

Vote for Mitt! What will his "night of the long knives" look like!!!!???
  10:23am D in Miami:

She really sounds like her!
  10:24am joe:

Sorry Ken I tuned in late did I miss the Sherman Hemsley Memorial Prog Rock set
  10:24am BSI:

I keep hearing "I wont masturbate without Newt," which seems somehow less creepy.
  10:24am paul:

o. m. g.
  10:24am Webhamster Henry:

Paid for by dead pop stars for Romney.
  10:24am Piggie:

More like a trotter...
  10:25am Dems and Reps:

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Create a real or fake crisis, if you have to! Panic the civilians, and they'll let you do things they'd never consider otherwise.
  10:25am Mark:

if only it were "I wont masturbate without Newt"
  10:25am still b/p:

Martin McDonough's Cripple of Inishmaan:
JOHNNY:There's a sheep here in Kerry with no ears, I'll have to make a note.
MAMMY. (Pause.) Give me the bottle if you're going bringing up sheep deformities.
  10:25am paul:

after those 2 songs, this song starts to sound like the national anthem
  10:26am Cecile:

Oh, you just don't understand our shared Anglo-Saxon heritage that is shared.

(Frankly, I don't either)
  10:27am joe:

So I guess by playing those two songs you are obligated to give equal time
  10:27am Sean Daily:

Well, thank the gods ALL the candidates have creepily worshipful songs dedicated to them.
  10:28am Sexual Harrassment:

That Cain Train am da bomb!
  10:28am Cheri Pi:

I actually like this song Cain Train, *foot tapping
  10:29am das:

I'm not American... please tell me these songs are jokes
  10:29am honey boo boo:

i have a bad feeling about where this is going...
  10:29am Sexual Harrassment:

This is one panty droppin tune
  10:29am D in Miami:

Man, you played this last week!
  10:29am bw:

sorry Das

no go
  10:30am john:

okay, 'cain train' is the one i have to turn the volume down for (at work)
  10:30am Nathan:

"Hey baby if you wanna get ahead you gotta give me head."
  10:30am das:

Wow, your people are horrifying.
  10:30am MD:

USA inc. or should I say llc!!!!
  10:32am still b/p:

Because we need a little Christmas!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:33am Ken:

It's true Das. America is kind of like a gigantic scary religious theme park these days.
  10:33am D in Miami:

X-mas in July?
  10:33am Sam:

Did he just say The Lord is cum??
  10:33am MD:

Avatar 10:34am bw:

a theme park that offers PRIORITY passes to the rich too - don't forget that
Avatar 10:34am bw:

a theme park that offers PRIORITY passes to the rich too - don't forget that
  10:34am D in Miami:

  10:34am ricardo montalban:

I had no idea Tony Tiger did a gospel album!
  10:34am hamburger:

:] yay dylan christmas
  10:34am Cheri Pi:

Oh no, not this...anything but this. Damn you Bob Dylan!
  10:35am Cecile:

das, there are idiots in every culture. Just because the songs are recorded doesn't mean they are on everyone's iPod.

santa bob!
  10:35am amEdeo:

Wondrous! The Cuban Missile Crisis lives again through Bob Dylan!
  10:35am MD:

  10:35am paul:

blob dylban!
  10:35am das:

Neat. Got any pro-life jingles?
  10:36am Theme Park Obama Claus:

Ho ho ho! Have you all been good children this year? If not, we send a drone up your ass. Ho ho ho!
  10:36am Lizardner Dave:

It's Crazy Eddie's Christmas in July!!!
  10:37am John Daryls:

i bet Hall & Oates do christmas songs
  10:38am Cecile:

here you go:
  10:40am blacktooth:

Can we please hear the "Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero" song?
  10:40am Sam:

You could play the song from the 1978 Exxon corporate retreat, or whatever it was, called "Major Surgery". That's a great one.
  10:41am John Daryls:

youtube ≠ being played on Ken's show
  10:42am joe:

I Started a Joke
  10:42am Sam:

  10:42am Theme Park Obama Claus:

My name over the "Friday the 13th" movie theme would work just fine, moodwise.
  10:43am D in Miami:

  10:43am still b/p:

Looking up Tammy Faye Starlite after she appeared today, I saw she has a song on Youtube called " I Shaved My Vagina For This." Maybe that's a Christmas song.
  10:44am D in Miami:

I have plenty of bath salts for you here, Ken.
  10:45am Michael:

"I Will Follow Him", leaving it intact, but singing 'Obama' instead of 'I love him!'

In a similarly non-maximalist mode, any song with 'O, Mama' extant could have 'Obama' substituted-in, e.g. Styx' "Renegade".
  10:45am Mark:

the Miami face eating guy was not on bath salts!
Avatar 10:46am bw:

I'm bringing a chain saw to that one
  10:46am Romney:

Several children singing the halloween theme with only the word Obama
  10:47am Supporter:

Obama 2012!
  10:47am other david:

What could possibly go wrong.
  10:47am BSI:

YESSS! Music From the Film is teh RAWKS!
Hometown heroes. Do carry on.
  10:47am MD:

human face is good with just a little Garlic and pepper....that's what I always do....wait a minute...pot makes my breasts grow...that's what happened!!!!
  10:47am D in Miami:

I like how Ken's show has morphed into the Dr. Demento show.
  10:50am Mark:

yes all we need to hear is "Shaving Cream" by Benny Bell
  10:50am MD:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:50am Ken:

D in Miami, can you REALLY get me bathsalts? The drug kind? Not the bathing kind?
  10:52am other david:

Ken, I think you should do the bathsalts show in chains, just, y'know, in case.
  10:52am seang:

Where is a sure place to score some ganga in New York City?
  10:53am MD:

What happened to the "good old daze" walking east to ave "D" it all happens ont the web!!!! Hey Ken..."don't walk,don't walk...away!"
  10:53am D in Miami:

Miami is drug town. I'm sure one could find them somewhere, Ken.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:54am Ken:

Weed is no problem Seang. But bath salts? How do you know what you're getting?
  10:55am ricardo montalban:

@D in Miami: That Doctor Demento remark was uncalled for.
Unless you meant it as a compliment, and then I guess it was called for.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:55am Ken:

Well come on, D. Get on it. Please?
  10:55am D in Miami:

Keep playing this Ethio and I'll see what I can find for ya!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:55am Ken:

Exactly, Ricardo! @D owes me. HE OWES US ALL! Score us some bathsalts @D!!
  10:56am D in Miami:

I grew up on Demento's show, so yes, it was a compliment.
  10:57am MD:

Ken...Please don't get busted...I will miss your show!!!!
  10:58am Denham:

Don't be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. Those chains are made of chrome steel. He can't move.
  10:58am Dave B:

Hook us up with some Vanilla Sky!
  10:58am D in Miami:

I'll bet demand for them has shot up prices.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:58am Ken:

Well D, my parents used to give me enemas, hang me upside down by piani wire and BLAST Dr Dementos show until my kidneys started to throb. So it brings back REALLY bad memories. So get your ass out to the clubs and score me some bath salts.
  10:59am Mark:

how about this, if Ken plays "Fish Heads" by Barnes and Barnes, D in Miami will get the bath salts
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:00am Ken:

I agree to the deal. D?????
  11:01am MD:

  11:01am Cheri Pi:

Pierre just saw the Ex w/ Getatchew Mekuria & Arrington de Dionyso; I'm still so jealous Pierre!!
  11:02am BSI:

Please god ... no amount of top-shelf Bath Salts is worth Barnes & Barnes. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.... or the puppies, at least.
  11:02am D in Miami:

Damn! Sorry Ken. That's a bit painful. I can definitely score you some primo weed. I guess I'll have to go hang out in Overtown and Liberty City. Wish me luck for my life!
  11:03am Cheri Pi:

What BSI said!!!! Quel Horreur!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:03am Ken:

D. Listen to yourself. I Do Not Need Weed. I need BathSalts.
  11:05am john:

i, on the other hand, would welcome your weed D
  11:05am D in Miami:

Yeah, that means O-town and L.C. Them's some tough grounds, especially being that I'm a skinny white guy.
  11:06am Dave B:

I have a hankerin' for hash...
  11:07am Romney:

The Ex w/ Getatchew is one of my top concert memories
  11:07am Danne D:

Hi Ken, Hi Everyone.

Ken helping out on a day that I think is otherwise really going to suck at work.

Wonder if Ken's premium for next year will be a bath salts gift pack.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:10am Ken:

No D, I just got a call from Tito in O-Town, and he says to just stop by the bodega anytime today.
  11:12am paul:

i love barnes & barnes!
  11:12am D in Miami:

I'll drop by then. What's the address?
  11:12am Danne D:

I wonder if there'll be a "Bath Salts" item on next marathon's wheel of fate.
  11:14am Andrew Waterloo:

I remember seeing the Fish Heads video when I was a kid and always wondering what it would be like to be in such a weird exclusive club that listened to such interesting music
  11:15am D in Miami:

@John & Dave B - You come to any party down here and you'll get some of the best weed passed around to you. Unfortunately, I don't smoke weed anymore.
  11:15am Danne D:

Love the Zep music bed.
  11:19am Nathan:

@Dave B - You literally just reminded me that I had a small squidgy piece on my dining room table from last Friday night... found it on the floor!
  11:19am MD:

i thought all rock stars were know happy...
  11:21am Nathan:

@Dave B - I'd invite you over.. but a flight would probably set you back about $2000 if not more in the Olympic madness.
  11:21am Parq:

MD, of course, not, look at that guy from the Cure.
  11:22am pierre:

I did Cheri Pi, i did, and the gig was very much something i'll remember. When i get the time, i'll upload a crazy video of an Ethiopian Dancer that was on the stage while the concert was happening. You'll be warned
  11:23am MD:

"happy and peppie and bursting with love!"
  11:23am Sam:

According to Rabbi Wein who lectured on Nachum's program this morning, homosexuality is a fad that we should resist, just like free love in the 60's and communism in the 30's.
  11:25am Parq:

Whoa, Pierre, you were here for that show? One of the four or five best shows I've ever seen in my life. And yeah, that dancer just knocked everyone out.
  11:27am MD:

I pay for my love....I't good for the economy!!!!
  11:28am pierre:

Exactly Parq, it goes easily in that list "best shows I've ever seen in my life" Glad to meet some people that saw this too, in the meantime, i knew that on WFMU people are "de bonnes personnes"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:29am Ken:

D its on 2nd ave between 8th & 9th.
  11:32am Narc:

I'm not deaf, dudes.
  11:33am BSI:

yayayay, zee chrome...!
  11:33am Ike:

The Ex w/Getatchew is also on my list of the best shows I've ever seen. Along with Arcade Fire.

Yeah that's right. I said it.
  11:34am MD:

watch out for the "fuzzz!"
  11:34am Danne D:

whoa a Parq sighting
  11:35am pierre:

@Ike : i get that, sometimes the best show doesn't goes with the best music. Except for The Ex w/Getatchew, the music and the show are both great and combine in an explosion of awesomeness !
  11:36am D in Miami:

I'm heading there now, Ken. Should be about 10 min.
  11:36am Parq:

Actually, as I sit here, I can think offhand of only two other shows I've seen that were as good as that one. And Ike, one of them would definitely raise eyebrows, so we're cool.
  11:37am Parq:

<nods and winks at D>
  11:38am D in Miami:

Meanwhile here's a goofy gif from Miami's worst music fest:
  11:39am Andrew Waterloo:

Konono No1 is on my list of best shows ever seen
  11:39am Dave B:

@Nathan - another time soon. Or a trip to Amsterdam.
  11:40am Sgt. Joe Friday:

Do the youngsters know what these goofballs are made of, son?
  11:41am Nathan:

@Dave B - Amsterdam is cracking down... may not be much longer.
  11:41am D in Miami:

"Rapper Black Madam Charged with "Patient" Murder for Deadly Butt Injections"? What the hell?
  11:42am Dave B:


what is this world coming to?
  11:44am Danne D:

I was grumpy the other night when I was watching something on the DVR and it got interrupted by the EAS.

I have to say that so far the Seven Second Delay emergency system has been much less intrusive so far.
  11:45am Cecile:

that's Brad Davidson's Spotify! He was in the Wipers!
  11:45am Cecile:

Diane played stuff from that last week.
  11:45am f0f0 (:

Hey! I just noticed I haven't experienced (yet) any best show ever. What do they have to offer in order to qualify?
  11:45am joe:

HEy that sounds like Diane Kamakazie's peer presure set list.
  11:46am Sam:

I'm sure Dr. Bootygrabber's parents pushed him into the medical field from a young age. Imagine taking all that organic chemistry and those challenging pre-med courses, then going through med school, post doc internships, residency and all that hard work, just to be able to grab asses. I guess he's living the dream now though.
  11:46am D in Miami:

Hey Ken! Is it the the half-burned house or the one with guy selling drinks off a cart?
  11:46am Ike:

LOL, Pierre. No, I was talking about the music. It was brilliant. But many folks here think anthemic indie rock is uncool or passé, so that's why I said "yeah, I said it!"
  11:47am tony:

Interesting VV blog post about the upcoming Paul Thomas Anderson veiled Scientology flick "The Master":
  11:48am Cheri Pi:

  11:48am Danne D:

@f0f0 (: Mirth, Music and Mayhem
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:48am Ken:

D - There used to be a bodega at the corner but if its not there anymore just ask around for Tito. Everybody will know what you mean.
  11:48am MD:

  11:49am Nathan:

@MD - I certainly will in this weather. Cold showers are where its at.
  11:51am Cheri Pi:

Post that video on my page Pierre!
  11:52am Cheri Pi:

Ken can you extract a .gif from this Korean Home Equestrian system videoO I'm watchiing now to the swell maps:
  11:52am Cecile:

  11:52am seang:

the reunited Vaselines show blew my mind
  11:53am f0f0 (:

Oh, Danne D...According to that definition I had experienced several partially broken best shows ever.
  11:53am Cheri Pi:

You fucking tease KEN!
  11:54am Mark:

so D in Miami, what's happening?
  11:54am Cheri Pi:

yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! you better play this whole song
  11:55am Sam:

Make sure the dealer has needle marks on his arms so you know he's not a cop
  11:55am Cheri Pi:

I now see that I'll have to put my panties in the freezer today...
  11:56am MD:

  11:56am D in Miami:

Well, it's really hot out here and I just got one of the drinks from the guy.
  11:56am Danne D:

@f0f0 - check out the archives :) Best Show is good stuff :)
  11:57am MD:

i rest my case....
  11:57am other david:

thank you ken!
  11:57am D in Miami:

Says Tito will be out any minute.
  11:58am D in Miami:

Thog i tink I not ffeelng too good
  12:02pm Mark:

I don't think D in Miami was really there
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