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Playlist for 08 August 2012 Favoriting | Pre-Bath Salt Spice Road

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Haysi Fantayzee  Shiny Shiny Dance   Favoriting  
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Sigue Sigue Sputnik  Twenty First Century Boy   Favoriting  
  0:03:58 (Pop-up)
Falco  Der Kommisar   Favoriting  
  0:09:51 (Pop-up)
Candie Hank  The Bootie Bank (feat Angie Reed)   Favoriting Sonig Exp/Hop/DVD 
  0:13:29 (Pop-up)
William Shatner  Silver Machine   Favoriting Seeking Major Tom 
*   0:18:01 (Pop-up)
The Discoghosts  Happy Joy   Favoriting Robot Dance Party: Liz Berg's 2012 Marathon Premium 
*   0:23:11 (Pop-up)
Can  Father Cannot Yell   Favoriting All Good Clean Fun 
  0:27:51 (Pop-up)
Ennio Morrcone  Cannibal   Favoriting I Cannibali 
  0:41:03 (Pop-up)
Scratch Acid  Cannibal   Favoriting  
  0:45:35 (Pop-up)
Patti Smith  Summer Cannibals   Favoriting Plugged and Unplugged 
  0:47:47 (Pop-up)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  Cannibal's Hymn   Favoriting Abattoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus 
  0:51:32 (Pop-up)
Jiminy Cricket  The Cannibal Song   Favoriting  
  0:56:31 (Pop-up)
Messer Chups  Cannibal Twist   Favoriting  
  0:58:54 (Pop-up)
Stereo Totale  Cannibale   Favoriting Do the Bambi 
  1:01:37 (Pop-up)
Riz Ortolani  Cannibal Holocaust (MainTheme)   Favoriting Cannibal Holocaust Soundtrack 
  1:10:20 (Pop-up)
Fuxa  Our Lips Are Sealed   Favoriting Electric Sounds of Summer 
*   1:14:00 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Candy Says   Favoriting  
  1:19:25 (Pop-up)
Kramer  He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)   Favoriting  
*   1:24:11 (Pop-up)
Yo La Tengo  I Saw the Light   Favoriting Superhits Of The Seventies - Michael Shelley's 2012 WFMU Marathon Premium 
*   1:29:03 (Pop-up)
Aerial M  Last Caress   Favoriting  
  1:30:43 (Pop-up)
The Tight Brothers  Excerpt   Favoriting  
  1:34:08 (Pop-up)
Willem Breuker Kollektief  Sensemaya   Favoriting With Strings Attached 
  1:38:35 (Pop-up)
Jim Coleman  Closing   Favoriting Trees 
*   1:45:09 (Pop-up)
Wevie de Crepon  The Wobbler   Favoriting Sonig Exp/Hop/DVD 
  1:52:09 (Pop-up)
The Native Hipsters  You Sleep I Dance   Favoriting Original Copy 
*   1:55:06 (Pop-up)
Alexander Hacke  Sister   Favoriting Sanctuary 
  1:58:15 (Pop-up)
Monophonics  Title Track   Favoriting In Your Brain 
*   2:08:51 (Pop-up)
Quincy Jones  They Call Me MISTER Tibbs   Favoriting Can You Dig It? The Music And Politics Of Black Action Films 1969-75 
  2:18:21 (Pop-up)
Bernard Purdie  Theme From Shaft   Favoriting Best of Shaft 
  2:18:32 (Pop-up)
Eddie Hazel  Frantic Moment   Favoriting Games, Dames & Guitar Thangs 
  2:23:12 (Pop-up)
Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Friends  Abbaty Abbay / Yene Ayal   Favoriting Y'Anbessaw Tezta 
*   2:28:45 (Pop-up)
Henry Mancini  Baretta's Theme   Favoriting  
  2:32:05 (Pop-up)
Lalo Schifrin  Mannix Theme   Favoriting  
  2:36:53 (Pop-up)
DJ Female Convict Scorpion  Necron 99   Favoriting Wizards      2:48:30 (Pop-up)
Tre Beatz  Bath Salt   Favoriting Bath Salt 
  2:51:07 (Pop-up)
Dengue Fever  Cannibal Courtship   Favoriting  
  2:53:07 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Cheri Pi:

I wore out Haysi Fantayzee when I was 14!
  9:03am John Wayne: Big Leggy!!!
  9:09am common:

sigue sigue...always subtle
  9:09am f0f0 (:

Look, here's the deal. Ken's the star of the show, Ok? So if he decides to bust out a DJ set solo, do me a favour and give him the freedom to rock it. From the top. Let the show begin.

Hello all btw.
  9:11am Berg:

der kommissar!!
  9:11am Berg:

that guy died too young.. a real shame..
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:12am Ken:

Morning all! You know that song "Cannibal" by Ennio Morricone? What soundtrack is that from?
  9:13am Berg:

"Er hat die Kraft und wir sind klein und dumm,
dieser Frust macht uns Stumm" always thinking about that when cops are around..
  9:14am John Wayne:
  9:14am Berg:

there was some good stuff around in the 80's..
  9:15am Aku-Aku:

The Night Belongs to Charlie!
  9:20am Detroit Mac:

Captain Kirk does the Time Warp (again?)
  9:22am Cecile:

Oh! Ken and Shatner. A super duo.
  9:22am Cecile:

and hawkwind!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:26am Ken:

Thanks John Wayne. Didnt it come out on a reissue?
  9:28am f0f0 (:

Is it tonight the bathsalt/cannibal act in 7SD?
  9:29am Cheri Pi:

excellent, I was just listening to Can a minute ago from Lost Tapes!
  9:29am Vivian:

Good Morning! Just fyi, Firefox will not display the playlist. Works in IE!
  9:30am hamburger:

nice..... nice............
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:31am Ken:

Why yes f0f0 (:, now that you mention it, tonight IS the bath salts episode of Seven Second Delay. I have Vanilla Sky 7 in my possession. an MDPV derivative I purchased in the Dominican Republic.
  9:32am hamburger:

Playlist all good in my firefox
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:32am Ken:

That's odd Vivian, I have no prob in Firefox. Which version are you using and Mac or PC?
  9:33am Cheri Pi:

Ken you fool! don't ingest those MDPV salts man, bath in them, on stage of course.
  9:33am long URL @9:14:

Long URL - forces a scroll in all browsers but FF.
  9:33am bb:

playlist is fine for me in FF 14.01
  9:34am r i s k y:

  9:35am Cecile:

you got some cosmic cars driving around there, Ken? Either Cybotron or the Dirtbombs.
  9:36am other david:

*sneaks in*
  9:36am Lizardner Dave:

Playlist is fine in IE at work but comments have not been auto-refreshing on anyone's playlist for about a week now. I have to keep manually refreshing.
  9:36am Vivian:

PC, Version 14.0.1.
  9:36am f0f0 (:

Good luck Ken! Just make sure Andy brings out the BBQ kit. May I suggest A-1 steak sauce?
  9:36am Cecile:

I think after all these years, it was the lost tapes that are helping me to "get" Can finally.
  9:37am Cheri Pi:

You temptress I love Softcell! How dare you.
  9:37am Cecile:

Soft Cell are fucking great.
  9:38am popo:

no worries, that pigeon man did it on Monday, unforgettable, unfortunately
  9:38am long URL @9:14:

See @Kenzo 11:42a and 11:43a
  9:38am Cheri Pi:

Ken, play some fucking SOFTCELL NOW!!!!!!!!!
  9:38am Jon:

Soft Cell or Naked Eyes...
  9:38am Cecile:

it is funny because all the guests on Eddie Trunk's That Metal Show are comparing notes on who just did tracks on the Shatner album
  9:39am Cheri Pi:

ken, even you would like their song "Baby Doll" though I'm easy and I'll take the extended dance mix of Tainted love, any day of the week/
  9:39am Cecile:

Play something like Sex Dwarf or Bedsitland.
  9:39am Sam:

Hi Ken! Don't you think taking bath salts might be something you'd seriously regret?
  9:40am Cecile:

Or What?! Or Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.
  9:40am Vivian:

PC, 14.0.1.
  9:40am Jon:

..would come next in that hypothetical block, that is. NOT that I am wanting to hear either.
  9:40am paul:

none of those '80s groups are forgotten, one hit wonders, or bad.
  9:40am Vivian:

My apologies all, for my duplicate post!!
  9:40am hamburger:

So I guess it'll be... You ate Salamander... Why???
  9:41am Cecile:

Chuck Klosterman's wife used to be my editor at City Pages. Hi, Melissa!
  9:41am Mark from VT:

Heard the bath salts from Turkey are good.
  9:41am Will:

I sure hope the street name for bath salts is something like "Rub-a-Dub"
  9:42am Toto Coelo:
  9:43am Lizardner Dave:
  9:43am Cheri Pi:

Ken, you take the morning after pill, I'll take the bath salts. think of our immaculately created radio baby.
  9:44am bb:

i have had this song on a weird cdr for about a decade and never knew what it was...
  9:44am Vivian:

PC, Version 14.0.1.
  9:44am Michele:

You already have most of those side effects anyway so it probably won't really affect you too much....
  9:45am Lizardner Dave:

What do you experience when you take bath salts?
"Agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, suicidality. It’s a very scary stimulant that is out there. We get high blood pressure and increased pulse, but there’s something more, something different that’s causing these other extreme effects. But right now, there’s no test to pick up this drug. The only way we know if someone has taken them is if they tell you they have.

The clinical presentation is similar to mephedrone [a chemical found in other designer drugs], with agitation, psychosis, and stimulatory effects. Both of these agents should be of concern, as severe agitated behavior, like an amphetamine overdose, has occurred.

A second concern is the ongoing suicidality in these patients, even after the stimulatory effects of the drugs have worn off. At least for MDPV, there have been a few highly publicized suicides a few days after their use," Horowitz says."
  9:46am Vivian:

You forgot to add the Spoiler alert, Lizardner Dave.
  9:46am Cheri Pi:

maybe bath salts will cure your Lymes disease
  9:46am Cecile:


  9:47am Cecile:

and its' in waltz time. I love Scratch Acid.
  9:48am Uke Goldbergg:

Ken, are you going to do a "hatecore" set?
  9:48am Cecile:

  9:49am Detroit Mac:

mmmmmmm...brain, so tasty
  9:49am BSI:

  9:50am Cecile:

what is hatecore? Never heard that term.
  9:51am still b/p:

Delusional Parasitosis. Sure -- if you be buggin' out, go big.
  9:51am Vivian:

Lizardner Dave, I did not post anything about a spoiler alert, only to apologize for a duplicate post. Is there another Vivian?
  9:52am a.:

wasn't there a goofy 80s song called "I Eat Cannibals"? I hope we hear that one!
  9:52am fofo (:

I also don't know what is hatecore but I think I can tell we are now listening to atecore.
  9:52am Uke Goldberg:

That's what the NYT called the music the latest mass shooter listens to.
  9:53am Toto Coelo:

@a. ...yeah, that was us...
  9:53am Uke Goldberg:

Correction: Listened to.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:53am Ken:

Uke, I wasnt planning on playing any Oi or White Power music. I have more important things on my mind.
  9:54am Uke Goldberg:
  9:54am hamburger:

if Ken shaved his head, he could be Walt, and Andy could be Hank for the Best Show's Breaking Bath Salts spint off. yep/
  9:54am Cecile:

Ahhh, got it.
  9:54am Cheri Pi:

No Prussian Blue/? Good name for a bath salt BTW
  9:55am jan:

Yeah- I had a problem with Firefox not loading your playlist and Safari was slow to load your photos etc.
  9:55am Sam:

Bath salts sound like so much fun!! I love chest pain and suicidal urges!
  9:57am Cheri Pi:

How would "one" get into the bath-salts naming business, if they wanted to, I wonder....??
  9:57am paula pc:

i LOVED this record when i was little -- THANK YOU THANK YOU Ken!!!!!
  9:58am BSI:

Yeh, I haven't heard this since I was 0.00000002 years old, I think. Brilliant stuff.
  9:58am Cecile:

There is actually a cat named "Russian Blue." way to smear a nice kitty cat.
I hear the Prussian Blue girls are now loving, tolerant potheads who disown their past. Good for them if it's true.
  9:59am Uke Goldberg:

Ah, the voice of Ukulele Ike.
  9:59am Spankyflop:

Rex had a cannibal CD as his premium a few years ago.
  9:59am Caryn:

Are you going to be tied down before you take the bath salts, Ken? It would seem like a good precaution and wouldn't affect radio performance.
Also, "bath salts survivor"? Did he survive taking them or being attacked by a user?
  10:00am still b/p:

"We're certainly subtracting cannibals in a hurry." Not a sentence you hear often, but a great one.
  10:00am Caryn:

I'm expecting a Fine Young Cannibals track any minute. Come on, Ken, it's so obvious!
  10:00am Sam:

He ate himself right up - what a silly thing to do! He must be kicking himself now.
  10:01am Cheri Pi:

They started smoking dank in college and it somehow liberated their prideful-Aryan minds.
  10:01am DCE:

Ken is a bender
  10:01am Sam:

He really put his foot in his mouth!
  10:02am Uke Goldberg:

Don't tell his wife!S
  10:02am Caryn:

Maybe I should just pop in my IT Crowd DVD and rewatch the cannibal episode... (I think it's preferable to "Cannibal Holocaust" as themed viewing right now.)
  10:04am hamburger:

ou there's a quite nice sacha distel song - monsiuer cannibale
  10:04am MD:

Stereo Totale...perfest Wednesday morning
wakeup music!!! "Oh Joy!"
Hellooo Faithful!
  10:05am Mark from VT:

cannibals are people who eat other people. What are people called who eat only themselves?
  10:05am MD:

It's also "perfect!"
  10:06am Caryn:

-He wanted to eat you?
-He's one of those German cannibals.
-He is, and he was such a nice man.
-Oh, was he?
-Yeah, he was a fine young cannibal.
  10:06am ranjit:

What's the talk-over music with the frogs? It haunts me in my dreams.
  10:06am BSI:

Certainly gives a new visual twist to "Jimmy Buffet"
  10:07am Uke Goldberg:

What do you call people who want to be eaten?
  10:07am fofo (:

Unfortunately Rockabye Baby doesn't not cover Cannibal Corpse.
  10:07am still b/p:

"There's a (- indelicate characterization- ) in a tree...she's gonna cook us, she's gonna call up the rest of the tribe.."
  10:09am giselle:

tristan tsoarmino?
  10:09am DCE:

I've never had anal sex either as the giver or receiver
  10:10am fofo (:

Cannibocentrics? Cannibalegoists?
  10:10am DCE:

I think its the idea of getting poo on my helmet that puts me off
  10:11am bw:

anal sex and face eating... only on WFMU
  10:11am DCE:

and being bummed of course
  10:11am Uke Goldberg:

And vaginal fluids are OK?
  10:12am robyn:

did you all see this timely news story about the Christian puppeteer arrested for plotting to kidnap and eat a child?
  10:12am BSI:

what about banal sex?
ba·nal /ˈbānl/
Adjective: So lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring.

.....probably not as good for radio, i reckon...
  10:13am Caryn:

And let's not forget vorarephilia: the sexual fetish about eating another person or about being eaten.
  10:13am Dead Corporate Eyes:

Ah so my doppleganger is back! I want to make it clear that I am the real DCE and I have had anal sex many times. Both ways.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:14am Ken:

Thank you Giselle! That is the name of the anal sex author! So another sample question for the Q&A period might be: "Why isnt tristan tsoarmino here tonight?"
  10:14am DCE:

I love vaginal fluids. Especially with a slice of lime.
  10:14am fofo (:

Is this the main theme for Cannibal Holocaust?! It sounds more like the soundtrack for Bambi 2.
  10:16am Cecile:

I think the author should be re-booked.
How about this: "Is it OK to not use a condom in a committed, monogamous relationship?"
  10:16am DCE:

Can you hear them they talk about us they're telling lies
well, that's no surprise can you see them see right through them yeah that happens to you
  10:16am Caryn:

@ fofo (:
Just to lull you into a false sense of security...
And yes, Disney, Bambi 2 would've been more interesting if it was "the one where the deer begin to eat each other".
  10:16am seang:

this would sound great driving around LA at 3am after a major binge
  10:18am Caryn:

Oh god, the name this track just reminds me of the awesomely bad haunted vagina comic...
  10:19am Iggy Pop:
  10:23am Uke Goldberg:

Jesus, I sing this song better than she does.
  10:23am DCE:

I bet Lyle Lovett has had anal sex
  10:23am other david:

note to self: never cover lou reed
  10:24am DCE:

and Garth Brooks, I bet he does it all the time
  10:25am Moe from Dresden:

lol, vu cover makes me dizzy :)
  10:25am giselle:

I saw her (triton tsoarwhatever) at the feminist porn awards in Toronto.
  10:26am DCE:

Reba McEntire however abhors the very idea of it and thinks it immoral
  10:27am Uke Goldberg:

DCE, you seem to be fascinated by annal sex.
  10:28am DCE:

is that sex you have once a year?
  10:28am Cecile:

I don't think REAL DCE cares. He has a doppelganger.
  10:30am ale:

linda música!
  10:30am Area Man:

Anyone check out the original YLT lineup last night in Brooklyn?
  10:31am Uke Goldberg:

Don't forget about bi-annal sex.
  10:31am Sam:

If you eat yourself then you are what you eat
  10:31am fOf0 (:

Ken, tell me you have a Dennis Hopper (blue) velvet paintings!
  10:32am Sam:

If I ever eat myself I swear I'm gonna shit myself
  10:32am Uke Goldberg:

That's what I tell vegetable eaters.
  10:33am fOf0 (:

I have annual sex.
  10:34am Sam:

If you eat avocados in France then you're a lawyer
  10:35am Uke Goldberg:

What about if you eat lawyers?
  10:36am Sam:

Is this the guy who always calls Tom Scharpling from New Bridge and claims to be his brother?
  10:37am Caryn:

Well, there's a reason eating human flesh might seem appetizing:
  10:38am fOf0 (:

NO SAFETY NETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10:39am Sam:

What's the big deal about eating people? I'd rather eat a jerk human being than a sweet innocent animal.
  10:39am Linda:

My real name isnt Linda
  10:40am Sam:

By jerk human being I mean cooked jamaican style.
  10:40am lee:

people are too chewy, sam
  10:41am Linda:

I am incredibly boring. I have nothing to say of interest at all.
  10:42am paul:

there has to be an edited tight bros, brian turner plays it a lot
  10:42am Sam:

Not when they're whipped into a mousse!
  10:43am DCE:

Me too Lindy
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:43am Ken:

OK Linda / DCA, that'll be enough now.
  10:44am Caryn:

There is a theory that one of the reasons Neanderthals died out was that the Homo Sapiens Sapiens ate them. Maybe we should just embrace the fact that we came to our current station by cannibalising the competition.
  10:44am Caryn:

Oh look, Brigitte Bardot's legs and behind!
  10:46am Cheri Pi:

I do those leg exercises too, just like BB.
  10:47am Sam:

I hope those nice thighs won't get burned by the acid above her. I love that the acid bottle says Made in Poland so prominently.
  10:47am Cobra Dan:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:47am Ken:

Good eye Caryn - For extra credit, what movie is it from?
  10:48am lee:

can you sing "Bloody Jack" like BB?
  10:50am fOf0 (:

oh. I once made friends with a guy that used to be BB lover when she lived in St Tropez back in the 70's. He showed me some pics ^^ But there were no legs, not at all. :/
  10:50am Caryn:

@Ken: I think it's Le Mépris, but I'm going purely by hazy memory here...
  10:53am Sam:

Et dieu crea la femme?
And god created zee woooman?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:53am Ken:

You got it Caryn! well played!
  10:57am Caryn:

Yay! Speaking of Bardot, if anyone hasn't seen the Louis Malle film "Viva Maria!", I'd recommend it. BB and Jeanne Moreau as strippers/Central American revolutionaries, representing both sexual and political revolution in one? Fabulous!
  10:58am fOf0 (:

Viva la stripvolución!
  11:01am Caryn:

Oh look, the lesser-known Olympic sport of synchronised unisex swimming while playing brass instruments.
  11:01am groucho:

greetings from Durham, England. loving todays show. as ever
  11:03am Caryn:

Exactly, fOf0 (: !
  11:09am Ken From Hyde Park:

Is there time to fit in a song from Wing today?
  11:10am Cecile:

Are there guys from Budos Band involved with this project?
  11:10am popo:

FEARLESS LEADER! Like Lee Scratch Perry, Ken is doing stuff like bathsalts [and aubibly communicating the effects] so we don't have to! Thanks!!
  11:11am Braveness23:

I'm not going to go to the bathroom even though that is what my bladder wants me to do. I'm not going to do it!
  11:12am Cheri Pi:

Hi/bye B23!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:13am Ken:

Good for you Breveness! Dont let your bladder be the boss of YOU!
  11:14am Ike:

This playlist ain't loading in my Firefox either (Windows XP, newest edition of Firefox), but it's fine in Chrome.
  11:14am Cecile:

nope, monophonics are their own thing. Still, cool.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:17am Ken:

Ike, can you describe exactly what is happening in Firefox? And no typos, please.
  11:19am Cecile:

Kashmere Show Band?
  11:19am Cecile:

  11:20am Sam:

Free your mind and your bladder will follow
  11:21am Braveness23:

Fuuny, mine isn't working in Chrome but it is in IE. In chrome I get a white screen that is divided into the three frames but none of them have any content in them.
  11:22am Caryn:

@Sam: yeah, but I think your bladder and mind might be in for a hard time, if you go into your bathroom only to find the Old Spice guy just standing there, smiling and nodding at you. (Damn gif!)
  11:24am Jeff:

Looking okay (for me, at least) in FF 14.0.1, Chrome 21.0.1180.57, and Safari 6.0 (7536.25) on Mac OS 10.7.4...
  11:25am Caryn:

You know, after those movie themes, Sammy Davis Jr. doing the theme to Baretta might fit right in.
  11:26am Dan B From Upstate:

IE7 Win XP, playlist has to be manually refereshed. Comments have to be manually refreshed in "fancy" mode, refresh correctly in "basic" mode. Been like this for a week for me.
  11:27am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh. And Chrome on Win 7 works fine at home.
  11:32am Ike:

@Ken: Firefox gives me a blank white page separated by a horizontal black line in the middle.
  11:33am David:

Verizon is a temple not dedicated to Mammon only to the extent that it were to Moloch. It is filled with men who shout all day, and men who whisper behind doors and partitions. It is a place where failure is richly may be rewarded and success may be penalized, with one's popularity and the political winds being the real determinants of reward or punishment.

They have let me go because of the depression it has exacerbated, and I am glad of it, but am afraid that I will lapse into penury because of that same depression. Their lawyers' weight make of the A.D.A. and F.M.L.A. two joke.

I will get a month's severance from them if I agree never to sue them or ever to say anything bad about them in public...but I have not signed it yet
  11:33am Ken:

Ike, what version of FF is that?
  11:36am Ike:

14.0.1, the newest, with the Adblock Plus add-on.
  11:37am ,0,0:

more browser notes from afar: I get a white screen in the playlist - though it eventually refreshes. Comment refreshes are sometimes delayed - I think- when there's a pile-up.

I use loads of browsers, but never willingly choose IE.
  11:37am David:

Stupid me:
'is richly may be' --> 'may be richly'
'two joke' --> 'two jokes'
'but am' --> 'but I am'
  11:38am Cecile:

david, have a lawyer look at the document before you sign anything.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:38am Ken:

hmmm, im using FF 14.0.1 and its working fine. Ike, maybe it's the ad blocker.
  11:39am Caryn:

Oh, Lalo, it's a good theme, but not up to "Mission: Impossible" standards...
  11:41am other david:

It's a perfect theme for a comedy show about a Station Manager come part time private detective, who is constantly out of his mind on bathsalts..

His assistant would of course be the bumbling but loveable "Ramstein"
  11:42am Caryn:

"Oh, Rammstein..."
  11:42am Free Vibrators in NYC today:
  11:43am Ike:

@Ken: Come to think of it, my Chrome has Adblock Plus too, but here I am on Chrome.
  11:43am other david:

Exactly Caryn :D
  11:44am David:

I have had done; the same depression which the firm urged me to ignore rather than take some time off to address makes the low-probability-of-success litigation seem impossible. Bullies know who make good victims.

I will think it over again, but I think I really have already made my decision, and just need to find stupid rationalizations for my gutlessness and cowardice in not doing what were right but riskier, at risk being two to four whole months' further avoidance of disaster. I have also consulted with mental health professionals who I think will help to keep me from acting on my suicidal impulses. Thank-you for your concern; let's don't burden these other people more with my sorrow mess.
  11:46am MD:

  11:46am Caryn:

You don't see hands, because you're not high on bathsalts yet.
  11:47am caveman_mike:

Hi Ken -

I say, go for 10 mG.
  11:48am giselle:

Calgon can take you awaaay maaan!
  11:49am mike noble on a bus:

My hand is up for 50.
  11:50am Caryn:

Oh, David, go on. Other people have unburdened themselves here too. And I know from experience, sitting here dealing with my own suicidal impulses, that it helps to get stuff off your chest.
  11:50am MD:

Ken want's your skull....Ken need's your skull!!!
  11:52am Caryn:

Seriously, Ken, have yourself tied down for this. Just to avoid side effects. Like ending up with an author guest who is missing a face.
  11:53am other david:

Can we start donating for Ken's legal defence fund?
  11:53am Cecile:

Necron 99! From Wizards!
I remember having a Necron 99 tee shirt. I made the guy who was making it cut the word "Peace" off the transfer.
  11:54am vanilla skyz:

bath saltz, ken!!
  11:56am MD:

Kens not going to eat anyones face! He will just try to do his show for three daze straight!!!!
  11:57am Cecile:

Please don't beat yourself for being ill, David. I was just hoping it was a semi-fair agreement. A lawyer can see that right away, and you already took care of that. I wonder if you can negotiate for a few more months severance?
I certainly know from depression, for sure.
  11:58am Caryn:

You know, if you had really severe dengue fever, cannibalism wouldn't seem so bad...
  11:58am MD:

There's gonna be "A FACE OFF" In the corner!!!!
  11:58am Cecile:

MD, how freaky was it to hear your song on the radio yesterday?
  11:59am Cecile:

hahahahahaha, the album is called Wizards! Right on.
  12:00pm fOf0 (:

good luck ken! bye everybody!
  8:53pm ar:

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