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Playlist for 05 September 2012 Favoriting | Vagina Lasers are Real

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
The Allophone  Bow   Favoriting Sonig Exp/Hop/DVD 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Boom Bip  New order feat Luke Steele & Josh Klinghoffer   Favoriting Zig Zaj 
  0:05:44 (Pop-up)
The Crystal Ark  Tusk   Favoriting Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac 
*   0:10:55 (Pop-up)
Dan Deacon  True Thrush (Radio Edit)   Favoriting Title Track 
*   0:15:52 (Pop-up)
Bondo Do Role  Kilo   Favoriting Tropicalbacanal 
*   0:19:46 (Pop-up)
Dick El Demasiado  Comercial Gracias A Dios   Favoriting Sin Pues Nada 
*   0:22:19 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Control Machete 
Asi Son Mis Dias   Favoriting Solo Para Fanaticos 

Click for the full size image
  0:32:04 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Sinfonia Agridulce   Favoriting Soy Sauce 

Click for the full size image
  0:36:02 (Pop-up)
Nettle  Black Eyes   Favoriting On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt (V/A) 
*   0:40:49 (Pop-up)
Marco Cappelli's Italian Surf Academy  Secret Agent Man   Favoriting The American Dream 
*   0:45:07 (Pop-up)
Amen Dunes  Amen Dunes   Favoriting Dia 
  0:50:26 (Pop-up)
Thug  Bulb   Favoriting Electric Wooly Mammoth 
  0:52:37 (Pop-up)
Giant Giant Sand  Wind Blown Waltz   Favoriting Tuscon 
*   0:55:03 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
  0:59:13 (Pop-up)
Tokyo Complaints Choir  Complaints   Favoriting Complaints Choir OST 
  1:05:16 (Pop-up)
Dick El Demasiado  El Rey Del Sintetizador   Favoriting Sin Pues Nada 
*   1:13:45 (Pop-up)
congpleXonome  Saving Private Juan   Favoriting Empanadas, Climbing Trees & Water Balloons    *   1:17:07 (Pop-up)
Detroit Grand Pubahs  Dr. Bootygrabber   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:23:00 (Pop-up)
Vert  Step Under The Bulbshine   Favoriting Sonig Exp/Hop/DVD 
  1:29:17 (Pop-up)
Wevie Stonder  Brucie   Favoriting The Horse of Wooden Troy 
  1:33:56 (Pop-up)
Marco Cappelli's Italian Surf Academy  Sesso Matto   Favoriting The American Dream 
*   1:44:12 (Pop-up)
The Honeymoon Killers  Histoire a Suivre   Favoriting The Honeymoon Killer 
  1:48:35 (Pop-up)
Best Coast  Rhiannon   Favoriting Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac 
*   1:51:37 (Pop-up)
Young Marble Giants  Wurlitzer Jukebox   Favoriting Colossal Youth 
  1:54:37 (Pop-up)
Yukon Orange  Komputermaedchen   Favoriting       1:57:32 (Pop-up)
Bodenstandig 2000  Dachziegelkauer   Favoriting Celebrity Headphones: Monica's 2012 WFMU Marathon Premium 
*   2:00:30 (Pop-up)
Woolen Men  Chain Reaction   Favoriting Summer 2012 Tour tape (w/Lame Drivers) 
  2:06:10 (Pop-up)
Fly Ashtray  Saturday Night Palsy   Favoriting Self Titled 
  2:10:12 (Pop-up)
Slug Guts  Suckin' Down   Favoriting Playin' in Time With The Deadbeat 
*   2:13:24 (Pop-up)
Bailterspace  Things That We Found   Favoriting Strobosphere 
*   2:15:53 (Pop-up)
William Shatner (feat Wayne Kramer)  Silver Machine   Favoriting Seeking Major Tom 
*   2:19:46 (Pop-up)
Wire  Down to This   Favoriting Red Barked Tree 
  2:24:00 (Pop-up)
Monophonics  Foolish Love   Favoriting In Your Brain 
*   2:31:45 (Pop-up)
Temptations  Cloud Nine   Favoriting  
  2:39:42 (Pop-up)
Funkadelic  Can You Get To That?   Favoriting  
  2:43:52 (Pop-up)
Rammstein  Dalai Lama   Favoriting Reise Reise 
  2:51:59 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:03am ?:

No animals were hurt during the experiment (except for a dog).
  9:03am dw:

Good morning, Ken!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:06am Ken:

Morning dw and ?!
  9:07am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:09am Ken:

Cheri Pi! Hi. Sorry I couldnt check in on the comments last week, I could hardly see the screen.
  9:09am northguineahills:

Okay, when did Boom Bip go pop?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:11am Ken:

With this CD, ngh
  9:12am SteveL:

Raining cats & dogs, and apparently rabbits!
  9:12am Dave E.:

Good Morning Ken, are you off the lake today?
  9:12am f0f0:

Ken, King of waters, our own DJ naval power, buenos días!
  9:14am northguineahills:

Alright Tusk, a fave Mac of mine.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:14am Ken:

Back in the studio today Dave. And good to BE back, too.
  9:15am Mark:

did you know there is a new Deerhoof album?
  9:15am Dingman's Ferry:

You couldn't come and see us?
  9:17am Andrew Waterloo:

Good morning, at work alone so the volume is cranked
  9:18am f0f0:


Check RIAA Babar's Tusk if you haven't, is a great mash up!
  9:18am pierre:

Bonjour Ken !
  9:19am Cheri Pi:

I want those rules posted on the front door to CP/HQ.
  9:19am northguineahills:

will do f0f0!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:19am Ken:

Ca Va Pierre? Dingman's Ferry, you were supposed to load up the dinghy and come see ME last Wednesday, like Justin did and he also brought me a box of goodies including one dried poppy!
  9:20am dcp:

where are my headphones??
  9:22am Caryn:

Hello all!
  9:22am pierre:

@Ken : ça va bien merci ! Terrific show last week, loved it.
  9:24am Caryn:

Aargh! Second week in a row the stream refuses to work for me!
  9:26am dcp:

somen noodles in miso soup
  9:27am f0f0:

<< this is why men shouldn't be allowed to give birth.
  9:27am dcp:

Caryn: did you try flash? That seems to work for folks who have trouble sometimes.
  9:27am Cheri Pi:

ooo that's one of my favorites dcp w/ green onions.
  9:28am Cheri Pi:

I use flash and it works likes a dream Caryn.
  9:28am Close Listener:

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina.
  9:28am other david:


Stream is fine here Caryn:

Try using a different player like vlc if it's still not working
  9:28am dcp:

g onions and seaweed....uh, yum.
  9:29am f0f0:

Dick el Demasiado is argentinean.
  9:29am Sam:

You're really getting a cat? That's great!
  9:29am Caryn:

@dcp: yep, but nothing. Had this last week too, except then the stream at least worked for a while, but then crashed and wouldn't work all day.
  9:29am Sam:

I just adopted two kittens myself. They are ADORABLE!!
  9:30am hemablokker:

Hi Ken, Dick El Demasiado is from the Netherlands, from Eindhoven
  9:30am f0f0:


try different players.
  9:33am Caryn:

Yay, 20k stream works! Only one that does right now for me.
  9:33am aaron in Jcity:

morning lake master
  9:33am f0f0:

oh hey Dick. ops!
  9:34am dcp:

I was partly responsible for adopting 2 kats a year ago. They're driving me nuts.
  9:34am Vivian:

Good Morning! Sorry, just stepped away for a second, who is adopting a cat? Ken??
  9:34am f0f0:

Ok, but I know this one!!! Control Machete is from Monterrey, Mexico!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:36am Ken:

Yep, I am getting a CAT!
  9:37am Caryn:

Woohoo, station cat!
  9:37am northguineahills:

Toy Selectah used to be in Control Machete. (I have friends in Mty).
  9:37am other david:

Had a feline disaster on Monday, brought a cat that turned up in our back yard, to the vet "to be fixed", but she escaped from the box :(

  9:38am Vivian:

Good for you, Ken! How does Olive and Rooster feel about that?
  9:38am Cecile:

Good morning.
  9:39am pierre:

Ken, How are you going to call your CAT?
  9:40am Caryn:

The full capitalization is making me concerned Ken is actually just getting a CAT scan.
  9:40am Sergeus:

what the wonderful sinfonia
  9:41am f0f0:


indeed. toy selectah is now part of the mexican music industry elite along with the man behind IMSS (Mexican Institute of Sound).
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:41am Ken:

Im going to call my CAT by his name, Doctor Ernest Freedman Bootygrabber.
  9:41am northguineahills:

Nice cover of Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony".
  9:42am bbell:

Our 3 cats were watching a mouse in the front hall when I returned from an overnight trip. No food in their bowls, but they still couldn't pounce on the mouse. I caught it and put it in the woods. Good luck, Ken!
  9:42am Mark:

not "here kitty kitty"?
  9:42am βrian:

Lord Buckley Bean is taken. All hail Lord Buckley Bean.
  9:43am dcp:

my last kat use to kill rats every other day. I miss her.
  9:44am Sam:

One of my cats is not so much a bootygrabber as a testicle and nipple grabber. I have to sleep well wrapped in a blanket.
  9:44am SteveL:

“Lady Nancy Astor: Winston, if you were my husband, I'd poison your tea.
Churchill: Nancy, if I were your husband, I'd drink it.”
  9:44am pierre:

Good name. Sounds like a band I would discover on FMU.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:45am Ken:

Dr Bootygrabber better be a mouser. He's young so I'm gonna MAKE him into a Mouser with some behavioral conditioning I have planned.
  9:45am other david:

Doctor Bootygrabber wishes he had claws
  9:46am Vivian:

Did you adopt Dr. Bootygrabber from the pound? Or is he straight from the streets of JC?
  9:46am fred von helsing:

fmu flash player has been fubar in firefox since the switch to the new one a couple months ago
  9:47am Sam:

Have you tried those things you plug in that make a supersonic sound that keeps mice away? They really work. More effective than a cat, if that's the only reason you're getting one.
  9:47am βrian:

I've known cats who are adherents of the "catch and release" ethic. Catch 'em outdoors, release 'em inside.
  9:47am f0f0:

Doctor Bootygrabber should broaden his horizons and enter new medical (anatomical) fields.
  9:48am Mark:

that's because they were taken away from their mother before she taught to kill
  9:48am Ken From Hyde Park:

Can someone please translate the Batman & Robin's text? I only know English.
  9:48am Vicki:

You need to play this...
Mad Men Perform Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up
  9:48am chris:

To Sam: I heard that mice get used to those and they stop working.
  9:49am Sam:

Oh, the show will go as planned.... Because he LOVES his fans!
  9:50am northguineahills:

@Sam: They've seemed to work for me, but then again, I've also personally eliminated a few, and borrow the neighbor's cat every few months.
  9:50am pierre:

  9:50am f0f0:

Ken from Hydepark,

"That same night Batman and Robin go out with some clothes they took from 2 trasvestities".

Robin: "I haven't had so much fun since college"
  9:52am βrian:

I've noticed that cats understand French from birth. English takes them a while.
  9:52am Caryn:

@Ken from HP: "Later that evening, Batman and Robin go out in the clothes of 2 transvestites."
Robin: "I haven't enjoyed myself so much since college."
  9:54am f0f0: indeed
  9:54am Sam:

Brian you are absolutetly right! I speak french to my cats and they understand perfectly. English is hit or miss.
  9:55am f0f0:

Hey! My cat speaks english! How would you explain that?!
  9:56am βrian:

And their accent remains quite pronounced.
  9:56am Sam:

Fofo, they can SPEAK English, they just can't understand it.
  9:56am Caryn:

I spoke about 4 different languages to my cats. Never showed any indication that they were listening to me in any of them. That's cats for you.
  9:58am dcp:

my kats are a bunch of commies...
  9:58am Caryn:

Man, that gif is the first time I've seen Stalinism in letter shirt form...
  9:59am chris:

Tucson, no?
  10:00am f0f0:

See Ken?! Cats are all the rage. We could have a 7SD show entirely dedicated to cats. COuldn't we? Isn't this a great idea?

Ken: "Read rule number 6".
  10:01am Cecile:

oh, hey, are you going to continue in a pastoral mood? If so, I'm going to listen to some old Priest to wake up.
  10:03am dcp:

pretty odd coincidence with the 9:58 posts..
  10:04am hamburger:

Is the 7SD Busking Show airing any time soon?
  10:06am chrizzi:

i feel like christmas..
  10:07am @9:06:

  10:07am patradio:

Hey Ken...what's the name of that community radio documentary again?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:07am Ken:

hamburger, as soon as I clear 12 hours in my calendar to edit the damn thing... it will air though.
  10:08am Sam:

This is such a great song. I don't understand it, but it's so pretty.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:08am Ken:

patradio, it's called Radio Unnameable
  10:09am chrizzi:

googie woogie
  10:09am patradio:

thanks...I'd love the pacifica acolytes at my station to watch it.
  10:09am hamburger:

  10:10am northguineahills:

ahh, I've heard of TCC, very interesting concept.
  10:11am Skirkie:

I've just now stumbled upon this:

Carry on.
  10:13am Caryn:

The fact that the complaints choirs were invented by a Finn and a German? Not a surprise.
  10:13am Webhamster Henry:

Can we follow this with Jiryoku Bigin form Shinseiki E No Unga by Guernica (or any Togawa Jun) ?
  10:14am hog:

I am enjoying this.
  10:14am Snit:

This is really annoying. ;}
  10:15am Caryn:

That's it, Snit, start complaining about the complaints choir. You're playing right into their hands!
  10:15am dcp:

I can't decide.
  10:15am SteveL:

Enjoying vs. annoying! The perfect match.
  10:16am chris:

Is this true about NJ drivers?:
"Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed
Your call is very important to us
New Jersey drivers can’t drive or park
I hate my job"
Nobody listens to me.
  10:16am Snit:

And my headphones hurt.
  10:17am f0f0:

this sounds fantastic!
  10:17am chris:

Forgot to include "nobody listens to me" in quotes...
These are TCC lyrics btw
  10:20am Caryn:

Next Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia: the first preformance of the WFMU Complaints Choir. Just a suggestion. Yeah, I know, Ken, "See rule 1."
  10:20am Caryn:

Is that guy wearing a Power Rangers helmet?
  10:21am paula pc:

hoo hoo I believe that's Bobby Lee dancing with the robot! today's music is killin it
  10:23am hog:

The file is called wrestler dance, but I like to think that's a Power Ranger.
  10:24am Caryn:

Weirdly, I seem to remember that the yellow Power Ranger was a girl... So it's kinda a continuation of the crossdressing superhero theme Batman & Robin started.
  10:24am Sometimes Jasmine:

Boy, I've missed Dr B G...
  10:25am f0f0:


I reckon is the Tinieblas mexican wrestler mask.
  10:25am Caryn:

OMG, Ken's cat can talk!
  10:25am MD:

I love this one!!!! You do all know this was recorded by a young Mitt Romney...Right???
  10:26am Michael:

'That evening Batman and Robin go out as [in the shoes of] two transvestites.'

'I haven't had this kind of fun since college!'
  10:26am Dan B From Upstate:

Is Dr. Bootygrabber's patient Clint Eastwood's chair?
  10:26am Cheri Pi:

I'm also getting a Cincinnati Dr. Booty Grabber for my apt. so that W.Jeff.M. Mew will have a brother.
  10:26am hall & oates:

dr. bootygrabber............ again? YAWN
  10:27am hog:

I wish my name was Doctor Bootygrabber.
  10:27am f0f0:

Oh, now I makes sense that "Say Cheese" medical prescription note my health care provider wrote me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:27am Ken:

Oh Hall & Oates, go back into the library. You're always so needy. You disgust me.
  10:28am Booty:

  10:28am Rammstein:

Was ist das 'Bootgrabber"?
  10:28am hall & oates:

please don't let my moustache frighten you.
  10:29am cul-cul:

Carpe Booty.
  10:29am Caryn:

Oh, Rammstein...
  10:29am dr. shakedemcakes:

ah yes, the slap test. always the gold standard for buoyancy.
  10:29am dcp:

"once a week is fine"?? Ah he just ruined the whole song...
  10:31am Cecile:

dcp, he has a full schedule. Sometimes he's double-booked.
  10:32am dcp:

it just makes me doubt his sincerity..
  10:32am Booty:

The waiting room is crowded, and the magazines all suck.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:33am Ken:

dcp, Jesus! Freaky Bootygrabber has a tight schedule. You're lucky to see him ONCE a week. Get real.
  10:34am Caryn:

"4 out of 5 doctors recommend grabbing booty at least once a week."
  10:35am Emile:

Yeah Wevie Stonder!
  10:35am Rammstein:

Meine Beute ist nicht zum Greifen zur Verfügung. Es ist zum Schaukeln.
  10:35am hamburger:

What's with "Oh Rammstein....." the thing Ken says? I'm a bit slow
  10:36am Rammstein:

Ken loves us, but is afraid to let that love show.
  10:36am Caryn:

@hamburger: it's a Mary Tyler Moore/Dick van Dyke reference.
  10:37am hog:

I would quite like a sandwich around now.
  10:37am hamburger:

  10:38am Caryn:

Nice one, Rammstein. Promise not to grab your booty! (not that I'd want to, anyway...)
  10:39am m:

This is my favorite Frank Sinatra song :3
  10:40am Andrew Waterloo:

It's good to know that I am not alone in feeling there are simply too many cats on the Internet.
  10:42am northguineahills:

My only problem w/ the sonic mice repellent is that I can hear them, and it can become annoying, especially if I'm listening to quiet Ryoji Ikeda.
  10:42am Sam:

You're horrible Ken. Why do you want to see mice suffer?
  10:43am Caryn:

My cats once managed to catch a bat and place it, still flapping away, under the dinner table right as we were sitting down to eat. That meal went well...
  10:44am f0f0:

Well, at least we know there are 2 potential members for a future Cat-free Internet Complaints Choir.
  10:44am hog:

What type of apple is it?
  10:46am dcp:

Cats definitely will play with rodents for as long as they can. Then when they stop moving, cats get bored and walk away.
  10:46am Dr. Bootygrabber:

The first song in this new set is performed by a satisfied client.
  10:46am hog:

  10:47am f0f0:


Well, at least you guys didn't ate the bat...Caryn??!!?!?
  10:47am Skirkie:

We once had a bird stuck in a bedroom. We shoved the cat in and closed the door and about 30 seconds later he was scratching desperately at the door to get out. Wuss.
  10:47am MIckey Mouse:

You really don't want to fuck with me, do you?
  10:47am fred von helsing:

dig, baby
  10:49am Caryn:

@f0f0: nah, it was a big family meal, and making a meal out of the bat would've just lead to fighting over who gets a piece.
  10:50am Lizardner Dave:

Actually I think "Oh Rammstein" is a riff on "Oh Spider Man" which debuted here:
  10:50am DCE:

I would like to greet every last one of you.
  10:50am Bat:

I taste like insects. Duh.
  10:50am Caryn:

Oh you surfers and your crazy sex...
  10:51am f0f0:


Unless, of course, little birdie was a pterodactyl.
  10:51am βrian:

At last a song my cat can understand.
  10:53am f0f0:

Everytime I met some one from Belgium I tell them about how much I like The Honeymoon Killers. They never have a freaking idea of what am talking about.
  10:54am DCE:

lame version!
  10:55am DCE:

I think she's confusing the minor third with the major third.
  10:55am βrian:

Or is that lamé?
  10:55am Cecile:

DCE, yeah, it sounds like Rhiannon is at a clam bake instead of stirring up trouble in the forest.
  10:56am Caryn:

Gotta admit, I prefer the moodiness of the original.
  10:56am chrizzi:

  10:59am chrizzi:

yeah yeah!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:00am Ken:

Hi Chrizzi! hahaha
  11:01am Flint:

Ich habe dabba doo.
  11:02am Vicki:

love this track
  11:09am hall & oates:

  11:14am paula pc:

wow new Fly Ashtray and it's great!!!
  11:16am Caryn:

Nice FY track, even if there seemed to be some very poor flauto dolce playing in the background.
  11:17am the glowing one:

The Christian Death Birthday Party at the Gun Club?
  11:17am dcp:

birthday party-y
  11:18am Miss 7SD Quinn:

  11:19am dcp:

Baiterspace sounding good.
  11:19am Carmichael:

Good morning, Kenneth. Hello, Wednesdayers.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:20am Ken:

I know Quinn, right?! I cant wait to sell some tickets to the John and Scott show. Not to mention Bob Fass and Amen Dunes.
  11:22am Miss 7SD Quinn:

Yeah, man! I'm having trouble sitting still. My bones are vibrating. Amber Tamblyn is a goddess from heaven.
  11:22am paula pc:

I thought this was Kim Fowley at first -- that's a high compliment
  11:22am efd:

There is a somewhat alarming correlation between the songs on this Shatner album and songs that have been performed by the Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia over the years.
  11:23am Bailandador:

That Messikin Wrassler with the robot is in perfect time with the ShatnerLips
  11:24am BSI:

...boy do I know when to enter a room...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:29am Ken:

I agree efd. There is something very very suspicious about the new Shatner CD.
  11:29am f0f0:

The laser-vagina gif is so subtle that it seems no one noticed it.
  11:31am Mark:

the laser vagina gif is subtle?
  11:31am Cecile:

I believe it. That was kind of the pattern of the Transformed Man.
  11:31am G:

@f0f0: or so blatant there was nothing to add
  11:33am hamburger:

Ken must have a real interesting / disturbing Tumblr dashboard
  11:34am the glowing one:

which one is the laser vagina gif?
  11:34am Caryn:

There's an utterly bizarre noise coming from the neigbours. It sounds like a combination of a hoover and a drill. Weird howling sound... Almost WFMU-ian in quality.
  11:35am Vladimir:

Pussy Ray-It.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:35am Ken:

I never thought Laser Vaginas were real. I thought they were a figment of my son's imagination. But I am glad I found evidence to the contrary.
  11:35am Lizardner Dave:

So the Monophonics split up into the Stereophonics, right?
  11:36am the glowing one:

maybe they are vacuu'ing the dust from the drilling, I do that.
  11:37am lee:

the laser vagina was an early prototype for Curiosity's martian rock zapper
  11:37am chris:

Is this actually the Black Keys in disguise?
  11:38am Caryn:

@tgo: possible, but it seems the howling in mostly coming from next door, while another drill sound is coming from upstairs. Is everyone remodelling at the same time or something?
  11:38am f0f0:

Right on the G-spot. I mean, on the spot, G.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:38am Ken:

Glowing One, The Laser Vagina Gif is the one with the lasers coming out of the vaginas. It's easy to miss.
  11:38am Carmichael:

Not only are laser vaginas real, so are penis Dopplers.
  11:42am Cloud Ten:

I'm always getting mail that should have been delivered to Cloud Nine. What's their problem anyway?
  11:44am Caryn:

I suspect the mailman gets all zonked out from all the bliss when he gets to Cloud Nine, and only comes out of it once he's on Cloud Ten, depositing all the mail there. Just a theory, mind you.
  11:45am G:

I have the 45 of this Funkadelic, from when it was actually on the charts. jeez.
  11:45am Sam:

If they're so hot, can't they think of a better name than the John and Scott show?
  11:46am Sam:

Even you have something better than "The Ken and Andy Show"
  11:49am Cecile:

That's just ridiculous.
  11:50am Sam:

They can't find Steven Van Zandt?
  11:50am Caryn:

Wow, those are some really obscure acts there. How can you possibly expect anyone to track them down?
  11:51am Sam:

Have they checked the Bing?
  11:51am Sound Exchange:

Two words, people: escrow interest.
  11:51am help!?:
  11:51am other david:

Oh, Rammstein...
  11:51am PMD:

So excited to be listening live.
  11:52am Caryn:

Doesn't Bill Clinton have a library? Just forward the money there, and it'll maybe reach him. Even if he is otherwise a completely unknown personage...
  11:52am kat330:

Monophonics .gif is from Sam Fuller's Shock Corridor (1963), yes?
  11:53am JJJ:

This rock a bye baby stuff is lovely
  11:54am Woooo!:

If your 4 year old kid naturally plays Wave of Mutilation on his toy xylophone seek psychiatric help asap.
  11:55am Caryn:

It's lovely how Steven Van Zandt has his own frigging radio show, and SE can't supposedly find him to give him his radio money. Maybe they should try calling in?
  11:56am dcp:

he better not be saying anything bad about the Dalai Lama, dammit...
  11:59am Caryn:

@dcp: This Rammstein song is an updated version of the classic Goethe poem "Erlkönig." Supposedly it's called "Dalai Lama" because he is afraid of flying. But who knows, you'll have to ask Rammstein, if you can track their obscure asses down.
  11:59am Rammstein:

  11:59am northguineahills:

Superb fun, Ken!
  12:00pm f0f0:

Thank you Captain Keno! Yet another great fantastic music voyage!
  12:00pm dcp:

man, Rammstein sure gets boring after a few minutes..

Danke Caryn.
  12:01pm f0f0:

see ya everybody! love reading your comments, watching your subtle gifs and listening to your great music and suggestions!
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