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Options September 27, 2012: PEER PRESSURE Guest= John Ricci of EXCITER

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Salvation  Intake   Options 45  0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Coven  Burial Ground   Options   0:04:11 (Pop‑up)
Black Anvil  The Evil of All Roots   Options   0:07:36 (Pop‑up)
Public Image Ltd  Attack   Options   0:13:16 (Pop‑up)
Exciter  Cry of the Banshee   Options   0:16:07 (Pop‑up)
Heldin  No Toto   Options   0:23:34 (Pop‑up)
Death To Pigs  I Got The Order   Options   0:23:40 (Pop‑up)
Voivod  The Lost Machine   Options   0:30:28 (Pop‑up)
Gits  Seaweed   Options   0:36:19 (Pop‑up)
Ufomammut  Magikon   Options   0:38:42 (Pop‑up)
Warlocks  Left and Right of the Moon   Options   0:46:42 (Pop‑up)
Exciter  Saxons of the Fire   Options   0:51:46 (Pop‑up)
PEER PRESSURE Segment with JOHN RICCI of Exciter as GUEST DJ!
Interview with John Ricci of Exciter      0:55:56 (Pop‑up)
Exciter  Aggressor   Options   1:21:30 (Pop‑up)
Judas Priest  Hell Bent For Leather   Options   1:24:56 (Pop‑up)
Black Sabbath  The Mob Rules   Options   1:27:29 (Pop‑up)
Black Sabbath  Children of the Sea   Options   1:30:42 (Pop‑up)
Motorhead  The Chase Is Better Than The Catch   Options   1:36:14 (Pop‑up)
Interview with John Ricci of Exciter      1:41:08 (Pop‑up)
Halford  Resurrection   Options   1:54:00 (Pop‑up)
Pantera  Walk   Options   1:57:40 (Pop‑up)
Black Sabbath  War Pigs   Options   2:03:06 (Pop‑up)
Interview with John Ricci of Exciter      2:11:00 (Pop‑up)
Saxon  Wheels of Steel   Options   2:25:32 (Pop‑up)
Judas Priest  Rapid Fire   Options   2:31:40 (Pop‑up)
Iron Maiden  Murders In the Rue Morgue   Options   2:35:44 (Pop‑up)
Interview with John Ricci of Exciter      2:41:09 (Pop‑up)
Unsane  Make Them Prey   Options   2:43:55 (Pop‑up)
Deathspell Omega  Scorpions and Drought   Options   2:47:48 (Pop‑up)
Cross Stitched Eyes  Existence   Options   2:50:56 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  12:05pm Cecile:

  12:06pm dcp@:

Hey DK, I got to go back to the archives and listen to the Hugo Burnham show. Very cool, hats off to you for getting great peer pressure guests.
  12:08pm joe:

'ello folks.
  12:10pm pierre:

Bonjour Diane,
i'm excite(r)d!
  12:15pm tim from champaign:

Cecile - Have you heard Gay Witch Abortion? I believe they're from your neck of the woods. I saw them last week opening for Big Business.
  12:16pm dw:

  12:16pm Cecile:

Yes, they are from around here.
Haven't seen them, but have heard them.
  12:18pm tim from champaign:

I'd recommend checking them out live. Pretty kick ass. Plus the drummer looks like an elf.
  12:27pm Clarence "Jungle Toe" Infidado:

Awesome kickin today..... Tear it up DK.....
Avatar 12:28pm kamikaze:

Hey All! Thanks for tuning in! John from EXCITER will be on around 1; possibly a bit early... until then \m/ Also my first PEER PRESSURE podcast is up! Check it out on the WFMU podcast page - they'll post wednesdays! Please subscribe
  12:30pm Cheri Pi:

Hellooooo!! Sorry I'm late, good gawd what have I missed???
  12:30pm Clarence "Jungle Toe" Infidado:

Going to see Down this weekend..... what do you think of that Bravo????
  12:32pm Cecile:

  12:33pm joe:

  12:36pm Cecile:

this song would not be out of place on G0F's Entertainment!.
  12:37pm Cheri Pi:

voivod!!!! (late)
  12:37pm Cheri Pi:

sheesh that was a close call.
  12:39pm joe:

I love Mia's voice what a great lose.
  12:41pm Andrew Waterloo:

  12:41pm Chris from DC:

  12:43pm Cheri Pi:

Ufomammut rule hard! Just ordered both the new albums, they better arrive shortly.
  12:44pm Andrew Waterloo:

I'd probably do the same for everything on Supernatural Cat
  12:46pm pierre:

this is cool, very cool.
i'm going to purchase those Ufomammut records.
  12:47pm Chris from DC:

Realy hope they make it to the states someday. And yes! 666 math answer!
  12:47pm Cheri Pi:

  12:48pm Andrew Waterloo:

Would love to see Zu, Lento, and Morkobot as well.
  12:51pm Cheri Pi:

this is very New Zealandy
  12:51pm MenfussMike:

this is a KILLER warlocks album. HIGHly recommend
  12:53pm Cheri Pi:

  12:53pm MenfussMike:

whoa!!! just saw John Ricci of Exciter is the guest!!!! Violence n Force!!!
  12:54pm MenfussMike:

"I Hate School Rules!!""
  1:06pm Luna:

Farksticks...damn, I've missed all sorts of good shite.
  1:13pm Cecile:

john sounds like such a gentle soul
  1:13pm Cecile:

Does John have any stories about the Motorhead/Mercyful Fate tour in '84. I remember them opening!
  1:23pm Cheri Pi:

  1:25pm Cecile:

I love how he sounds like Bruce Dickinson, and then so carefully pronounces "aggressor."

Iron Maiden as a second language!
  1:25pm Clarence "Jungle Toe" Infidado:

Now i'm excited...... time for todays revolution.....
  1:26pm Cecile:

  1:26pm Cheri Pi:

haha! Exactly Cecile!
  1:27pm pierre:


(from Paris).
  1:27pm Clarence "Jungle Toe" Infidado:

great interview and now maybe my fav heavy metal song of all time.... hell bent..... Yeahhhhh
  1:27pm Cheri Pi:

[throws head around in a circular manner]
  1:28pm Cecile:

damn that climbing bit before the chorus is siiiiiiiiiiiiick.
  1:28pm Cheri Pi:

Pierre, my complements on your "Rebel Yell" very good for a Parisian!
  1:28pm Cecile:

  1:29pm Cheri Pi:

Sweet Japanese album btw!!!
  1:29pm Cecile:

  1:29pm Cheri Pi:

I'll get no work done today!!!!!!!!!
  1:29pm SiHV:

Wow, I like this guy.
  1:29pm Cecile:

you play with fire, you'll burn your fingers!
  1:29pm josh:

  1:29pm Cheri Pi:

this song was so important to us at Redmond Junior High in the early 80's... even us Human League fans...
  1:30pm pierre:

@Cheri Pi : i've been taught by the best from america ;)
  1:30pm Cecile:

I actually didn't get into Dio or Dio Sabbath until the early 90s. I had just missed some of it or was too into other stuff...
  1:31pm MenfussMike:

my fave BS/RJD song
  1:31pm Clarence "Jungle Toe" Infidado:

Someone is trying to make me lose my marbles today..... MOB Rulz!!!! Infidado will be anarchy all day now.......
  1:31pm Cecile:

Benedictum does a killer cover, and the lead singer is a woman!
  1:31pm ledzeppelinsucks:

I saw this BS tour in Seattle in 1982. Was unrest before the show, it make the news. My dad was furious when I got home.
  1:31pm Cecile:

A black woman! She is pretty amazing.
  1:32pm Cheri Pi:

luckily I was able to juggle Dio & Heaven 17 (thank god)
  1:32pm MenfussMike:

and my 2nd fave BS/RJD song. good job dj.
  1:32pm Cheri Pi:

  1:33pm ledzeppelinsucks:

The people arrested for drug use or dealing were hand cuffed to the railing and the front of Mercer Arena, next to where everyone was entering. Buses were being pelted by empty booze bottles. A dumpster was set afire. Cops were using bullhorns.
  1:33pm Cecile:

I did, however, juggle thrash metal and Priest with funk, free jazz and punk back in the day so I did all right.
  1:34pm Cheri Pi:

I'd say you did just fine, baby!
  1:34pm Cecile:

wow, ledzep that sounds insane.

I am so grateful I got to see Sabbath with Dio before he passed. One of the great live shows ever.
  1:34pm Cecile:

Avatar 1:35pm kamikaze:

Look Out! C'mon no comments on the 8-track photo, guys? :) John IS awesome!
  1:35pm MenfussMike:

saw BS/RJD in Atlanta 1992(?) Dehumanizer Tour. Danzig opened
  1:35pm Cheri Pi:

I was also big Doors fan in the 1982 (& Culture Club), I still think they're "OK"
  1:36pm MenfussMike:

be cooler if it was Reel to Reel
  1:37pm Cecile:

I noticed it. It was awesome.
It was like gilding the lily, Diane. :D
  1:37pm Cheri Pi:

I was trying to figure out if that was a cassette!! that rules, i have to have t his 8track, I still pop one in once in a while on my portable 8track player :)))
  1:37pm joe:

My buddy would be so psyched that he is playing Chldren of the Sea. He swears it is the best BS song ever written :)
  1:37pm Cecile:


People in the front rows at the Sabbath show were holding up signs that said "look out!"
  1:37pm Cheri Pi:

sometimes I pretend that I'm a guest on Peer pressure...
Avatar 1:37pm kamikaze:

I still have Alice Cooper's KILLER on reel to reel...
  1:37pm Cecile:

  1:38pm Cheri Pi:

  1:38pm joe:

I didn't get to see Heaven and Hell I wish I did as it would washed that taste of seeing the Ozzy reunion out of my mouth.
  1:38pm Droll:

[ on break from lurking ]
I saw the 8-track and gasped. Ooooh, it's high resolution, too! I just downloaded it and forwarded that to someone who's going to soil themselves. Thank you!
  1:40pm Clarence "Jungle Toe" Infidado:

I was thinking the 8-track pic was awesome......!!!!!
  1:41pm Cecile:

joe, I saw them right before they were calling themselves Heaven and Hell. Not that it would have made any difference, but hey, their last gasp as that name.
  1:42pm MenfussMike:

Another Perfect Day....my first Motorhead album
  1:43pm joe:

Speaking of 8-tracks and you will appriciate this DK my friend was taunting me with the fact that he owns Q: Are We Man... on 8-Track
  1:44pm Cecile:

I saw them in '83 on that tour. Great show.
  1:45pm Cecile:

hahahha, that was the same kind of layout in Detroit in '84.
  1:47pm Cheri Pi:

Cecile, we need to put out his book of stories!
  1:48pm Dubinator:

Hails John!!! Play in NYC!!!!! Do it!!! Do it!!!!!
  1:50pm Cecile:

It will be like Barry of the Remains' published scrapbook about opening for the Beatles.
It's not so hot, Diane.
  1:50pm joe:

Cheri & Cecile I'm in if you need another hand.
  1:50pm pierre:

I'm glad because this show feels like a metal 101 show. And as I don't know a thing about metal... I'll keep that archive as my first course in metal. Thanks a lot Diane!
  1:50pm pierre:

...and John Ricci.
  1:51pm Cecile:

yes, Halford, Fight, II and solo
Resurrection is a great album.
  1:52pm Cecile:

I saw him on that tour at a casino supporting that record. there were only 100 people there, but he worked the crowd like he was in front of 100,000 people.
  1:53pm Cecile:

They toughened up.
They didn't record in that incarnation, I don't think Diane.
  1:55pm joe:

Cecile there is actually at least one independent album pre Cowboys From Hell where the hair is still flamable.
  1:56pm joe:

  1:56pm MenfussMike:

The lead singer of Lord Tracy was in Pantera. Nice guy.
  1:57pm Cecile:

Oh, ok. I kind of thought that, but it didn't make much noise (ha) did it?

I love Rob.
  1:57pm Cheri Pi:

Yes!!! I love this set!
  1:57pm Dubinator:

I missed the first part of the interview so I'll hit the archive but I'd like to know how John feels about the newer Beehler recordings that have been popping up the last few years. Also, what are some of John's favorite Canadian bands from back in the 80's?
  1:57pm Cecile:

Metal Sludge LOVED to print that photo. .
  1:59pm Cecile:

it is hysterical, joe.
like the worst yearbook photo ever.
  1:59pm joe:

Yeah there was actually 4 pre CFH. 3 with the future singer of Lord Tracy and 1 with Phil.
  1:59pm Cheri Pi:

Joe-I'm bringing you in as our 3rd wheel. Send yourself our press packet eh???
  2:00pm Cecile:

I wanted to start a bakery.
It would be called Pantera Bread. The slogan would be "Far Beyond Risen."
  2:00pm joe:

Yeah I would think the members of Pantera regret the invention of the internet more then anybody else.
  2:00pm Dubinator:

Exciter, Mercyful Fate and Motorhead in Passaic was one the best shows ever. RRRRRRRRWWWWAAAARRRRRR!!!!!
  2:00pm Cecile:

learn something new everyday, joe. thanks!
  2:01pm SteveL:

Cecile: I would buy that bread.
  2:01pm joe:

Cecile love the bakery idea. LOL
  2:02pm MenfussMike:

Phil Anselmo is one of the biggest dumb asses I have ever seen in concert. 2nd would be Sebastian Bach.
  2:02pm Cecile:

I mentioned it to someone else, and they came up with "crullers from hell"
  2:02pm SteveL:

Hi, welcome to Pantera Bread. You talkin' to me?
  2:03pm Cecile:

hahhahahhahahhahaha, steve.
  2:04pm Cheri Pi:

Yes, a thousand times yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2:04pm Cecile:

menfuss, I have to agree.
I tagged along with a friend to Ozzfest and saw Down - they were a huge disappointment.
  2:04pm joe:

I love everything Phil does just can't get into Pantera. Although I do love Cemetery Gates, but the rest of their stuff just really does nothing for me.
  2:05pm Cecile:

  2:05pm SteveL:

OK, this is MY BS. Liked the later stuff, but grew up on this.
  2:05pm Cecile:

Oh, Randy from Lamb of God is a huge dumbass on stage. That's why I stick to their recordings.
  2:05pm Cheri Pi:

I've seen Pantera 18 times at least in my youth, love them live, own zero records by them, i think they're OK.
  2:05pm chris:

god I love this song
  2:06pm SteveL:

Just closed my office door, in order to turn up and not have people seem me jerk about in an alarming fashion.
  2:07pm Cecile:

this is just about a perfect song in so many ways.
  2:08pm MenfussMike:

originally the title of the paranoid album was going to be called War Pigs, but the record company decided against it.
  2:10pm joe:

You know I think what it is and no disrespect to the original Sabbath as they are amazing, but I don't think they themselves became a "Metal" band until Dio joined the band. Before that they were a untouchable heavy rock band that influnced so many metal bands.
Avatar 2:11pm kamikaze:

A couple of years ago I was on the road with a band who was alongside Down for many shows... Anselmo is totally different offstage; a huge music fanatic and very together. He brought his own stereo system with him for backstage...and was really into a huge variety of music, and cool if you were a music fan especially and could talk tunes with him. I guess his stage presence has stuck with him for all this time.
  2:11pm joe:

@Cecile he was pretty big dumb ass backstage too.
  2:12pm joe:

Yeah DK and I have spoke about that before with Phil when it boils down to it he seems to be a pretty passonite guy about what he likes and as I said I enjoy all the other music he has made besides Pantera.
  2:13pm Cecile:

Well, that's good to know, Diane.
  2:14pm joe:

@Cecile Phil huge Smiths and Joy Division fan.
  2:17pm Cheri Pi:

my heart is breaking!!
  2:18pm ledzeppelinsucks:

sounds like Timmy Iommy is a jerk
  2:18pm Cheri Pi:

I don't know John, if he treats the bands he plays with so shabby, how is he going to treat us, the millions of fans!?
  2:20pm Nordens f├ąglar:

exciter opening for sabbath, what year was this? and war pigs, what a fucking great song.
  2:20pm joe:

Keep in mind *snort snort* it was a diffrent *sniff sniff* time
  2:22pm MenfussMike:

;-) very true Joe
  2:22pm ledzeppelinsucks:

The Ozzy show I saw in Seattle 1984 was a joke. Motleys Crew was the first band. The lesbian singer was wearing torn leotards, a torn sweat shirt like the chick on Flashdance. She had a trailer trash bleached hair-do and kept howling 'is Seattle going to get some pussy tonight?!!" "YEOOWWW" 'is Seattle going to get some pussy tonight?!!" "YEOOWWW" 'is Seattle going to get some pussy tonight?!!" "YEOOWWW" 'is Seattle going to get some pussy tonight?!!" "YEOOWWW" after awhile the people up front started throwing shit at her and yelling "no, we aren't getting any pussy" Later Ozzy paced the stage and kept saying "clap your hands" and "we love you all" Terrible show.
  2:23pm MenfussMike:

plus he worshipped the devil
  2:23pm Dubinator:

Play Scream In The Night!!!!!
  2:26pm John Lisa:

Excellent show!
  2:27pm Cheri Pi:

The Japanese do everything right!! You will be taken care of in a manner you've never experienced.
  2:27pm John Lisa:

Diane, you played the song with my highschool yearbook quote from Exciter!
  2:28pm MenfussMike:

Enjoyed today's programming immensely. I was a pretty big fan in my teens and it's cool to know Exciter is still doing it in some form.
  2:29pm Cecile:

I hate to bail, but gotta go.
Thanks to John and Diane for a great show!
  2:30pm Mike East:

yes, this has been a fantastic show today.
  2:34pm josh:

High on Fire covers this on the LP of Blessed black wings!
  2:34pm Cheri Pi:

John doesn't mess around when he likes something!
  2:36pm joe:

What a Metal Show.
  2:37pm Hugh:

Best Maiden song EVAR!
  2:38pm Cheri Pi:

  2:38pm John Lisa:

D'ianno MUCH better than Bruce. Much more punk/street metal
  2:39pm joe:

When I was 12 years old Iron Maiden is why got out of bed everyday.
  2:43pm joe:

  2:43pm Dubinator:

fan page: http://listen.to/exciter
  2:43pm joe:

  2:44pm joe:

@Dubinator great minds think alike. :)
  2:44pm Dubinator:

  2:45pm Dubinator:

killer show!!!!!!!
  2:45pm Cheri Pi:

  2:50pm joe:

  2:51pm Cheri Pi:

DO are so good. on my next shopping list.
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