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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Chairmen Of The Board  Everything's Tuesday   Options various - Didn't It Blow Your Mind! Soul Hits of the 70s Vol. 3  Rhino  1970/1991    0:00:00 Pop‑up)  
5678's   Teenage Head   Options various - Buy This Used Compact Disc: A Dutch East India Sampler  LSR  1993    0:02:40 Pop‑up)  
Grip Weeds  Shakin' All Over   Options Speed of Live  Ground Up Records  2012    0:05:56 Pop‑up)  
Reigning Sound  Uptight Tonight   Options live on WFMU, Cherry Blossom Clinic July 19, 2004  no label  2004  engineer: Diane Farris  0:11:02 Pop‑up)  
Sons of Champlin  Fat City   Options various - Love Is the Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970  Rhino  1966/2007    0:12:45 Pop‑up)  
Brian Wilson Shock Treatment  Nervous Breakdown   Options Operation Sun Probe  Poe/Starry Night  2012    0:17:20 Pop‑up)  
Brother JT  Go Off   Options Smash Crack-Up Pop  no label  2012    0:20:56 Pop‑up)  
The Hombres  Take My Overwhelming Love   Options       RIP B.B. Cunningham  0:34:31 Pop‑up)  
King Salami and The Cumberland Three  Hang Off   Options Can Your Monkey Do the Wurst?  Off The Hip  2012    0:35:51 Pop‑up)  
Doughboys  Tuggin' Me Back   Options Shakin' Our Souls  Ram  2012    0:37:53 Pop‑up)  
The Domnicks  Let's Go Baby (Where The Action Is)   Options Super Real  Citadel  2012  Dom Mariani of the Stems & Nick Sheppard of Cut the Crap era Clash  0:40:23 Pop‑up)  
Rock City Morgue  Disconnected   Options Dead Man's Song  Nocturnal  2005  produced by Daniel Rey!  0:44:51 Pop‑up)  
Successful Failures  Sinkhole   Options Three Nights  FDR  2010    0:47:27 Pop‑up)  
Diamond Rugs  Out On My Own   Options s/t  Partisan  2012  members of Deer Tick, Black Lips, Steve Berlin, others!  0:51:08 Pop‑up)  
Food  Jesus and Johnny Cash   Options Three Pieces From Candyland  Phratry  2012  Ed From Ohio! Eric Vermillion also  0:54:17 Pop‑up)  
Ribeye Brothers  Good As New   Options Call of the Scrapheap  Main Man  2012  for advance planning, playing at the Dublin House, Red Bank NJ, Dec. 27, 2 sets  0:56:31 Pop‑up)  
Barrence Whitfield and The Savages  (Your Love Is Like A) Ramblin' Rose   Options Savage Kings  Munster  2011  recording a new album as we speak! Literally, right now!  1:00:38 Pop‑up)  
Ralph 'Soul' Jackson  Vehicle   Options The Alabama Love Man  Rabbit Factory  2012    1:08:04 Pop‑up)  
Bo-Keys featuring Percy Wiggins  Stuck In the Middle With You   Options various - Super Hits of the Seventies: Michael Shelley's 2012 WFMU premium  WFMU  2012    1:10:46 Pop‑up)  
Mongo Santamaria  Cloud Nine   Options various - World's Funkiest Covers  Cultures Of Soul  2012    1:15:37 Pop‑up)  
Ella Washington  He Called Me Baby   Options various - Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country  Trikont  1968/2006    1:19:58 Pop‑up)  
Buck Owens  Hollywood Waltz   Options The Warner Bros. Recordings  Rhino  1976/2007  Buck does ... the Eagles  1:23:17 Pop‑up)  
Hi-Risers  Silver Saddle Motel   Options Hang Around With You  R&R Inc.  2012    1:26:36 Pop‑up)  
The Greyhounds  Honey Bun   Options Wurlitzer Seeburg Rock-ola  Pair of Dice  2011    1:29:19 Pop‑up)  
Trash Mavericks  Beautiful Misery   Options 25 To Life  Lizard Skin Records      1:32:18 Pop‑up)  
Blasters  Marie, Marie   Options American Music  Hightone  1980/1997  by request!  1:35:48 Pop‑up)  
Singin' Sammy Ward  That Child Is Really Wild   Options various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 1: 1959-61  Hip-O Select  1960/2004  Berry and Smokey co-write, produced by Berry  1:42:56 Pop‑up)  
J.D. McPherson  B.G.M.O.S.R.N.R.   Options Signs & Signifiers    2010/2012    1:44:39 Pop‑up)  
Nick Waterhouse  Time's All Gone Pt. 1 & 2   Options Time's All Gone  Innovative Leisure  2011    1:48:03 Pop‑up)  
John Paul Keith  Somebody Ought To Write a Song About You   Options The Man That Time Forgot  Big Legal Mess  2011  best song title of the last couple years!  1:51:18 Pop‑up)  
Rodriguez  Climb Up On My Music   Options Coming From Reality  Light in the Attic  1971/2009    1:54:35 Pop‑up)  
LimiƱanas  Belmondo   Options Crystal Anis  HoZac  2012    1:59:35 Pop‑up)  
Elevator  I Wonder What Is Sane   Options August  Blue Fog  2005  was wondering the same thing!  2:02:11 Pop‑up)  
The Intelligence  Little Town Flirt   Options Everybody's Got It Easy But Me  In the Red  2012  at maxwell's Wednesday!  2:11:26 Pop‑up)  
Redondo Beat  The Sweetest Sound   Options Meet Redondo Beat  Dionysus  2011    2:14:46 Pop‑up)  
Shonen Knife  Pop Tune   Options Pop Tune  Good Charamel  2012    2:19:02 Pop‑up)  
Metalleg  Leather and Velvet   Options s/t        2:22:05 Pop‑up)  
Space Heaters  Imagine Imagination   Options Under the Influence  Detroit Vinyl - CD Division  2008    2:23:31 Pop‑up)  
Mesa Cosa  Frozen Eyes   Options Infernal Cakewalk  Off the Hip  2012    2:29:17 Pop‑up)  
The Blind Shake  Out of Work   Options Seriousness  Learning Curve  2011    2:30:52 Pop‑up)  
Els Surfing Sirles  Perry Mansion Boogie   Options Romani Semen I Sang        2:33:31 Pop‑up)  
Donovan's Brain  Green 17   Options Fires Which Burnt Brightly  Career Records  2009    2:33:49 Pop‑up)  
Dream Date  Break Up   Options Come Over Now  Chocolate Covered Records  2007    2:37:32 Pop‑up)  
The Monsters  Into the Void   Options Pop Up Yours!  Voodoo Rhythm  2011    2:41:15 Pop‑up)  
Cheval Sombre  It's a Shame   Options Cheval Sombre  Double Feature  2008  with Sonic Boom  2:44:45 Pop‑up)  
Magnet  I See   Options Caffeine Superstar  Magnetic  2002    2:49:09 Pop‑up)  
Los Straitjackets  Jet Set   Options Jet Set    2012    2:58:06 Pop‑up)  

Listener comments!

  12:02pm Cecile:

chairman of the board deep cut! awesome
  12:04pm Cecile:

Flaming Groovies as a second language!
Avatar 12:06pm Joe B:

Hi Cecile! thanks for tuning in/commenting! I cant believe I never heard that Chairmen tune before!
Avatar 12:06pm Joe B:

Hi Everyone! If you can, please pledge to support our Silent Fundraiser by using the pledge box at the top of the page! We're not interrupting our programming a second time, but we DO need your support. Thanks!
  12:09pm dc p:

pretty deadly cover by the Grip Weeds
  12:09pm John L:

Sun is out, doors are open and and I have the volume cranked up to, well, 2. I wouldn't think the world needed another version of "Shakin' All Over." I was just proved wrong.
  12:10pm Cecile:

I know it cause it's on their first album which I found a million years ago. It also has a decent version of Come Together. It was more of a regional hit. Also great by the Chairman is "The Days of Fairytales and Pigtails". Not sung by General Johnson, but still great.
  12:10pm dc p:

wow, live too!
  12:11pm Cecile:

Greg Cartwright is my short-term personal savior.
Avatar 12:11pm Joe B:

Wow, cool, thanks for the info. wiki says it reached 38 on the hot 100. on the record fair shopping list!
  12:13pm Cecile:

Joe, they had the H-D-H writing for them, and also the General and three strong lead singers, who also contributed material. 1st album doesn't have a lot of filler.
  12:13pm dc p:

John L--thinking exactly the same thing.
  12:15pm ?:

If anyone gets a change to see Reigning Sound, do it. I think they are one of the best live acts there is right now. Joe B is great.
  12:18pm Dan Eletxro:

Rocking the BEE-lock in the bike shop! Go Joe Go! Missed you at Maxwell's!
  12:18pm Cecile:

KILLER cover
  12:20pm Bad Ronald:

Hello Joe and the TCM faithful. Absolutely smoking opening set, Belock Rocks!
Avatar 12:20pm Joe B:

Gonna have Reigning Sound tickets for the Bell House later on in the show!
Avatar 12:21pm Joe B:

Cecile, I did know the H-D-H connection!
Avatar 12:21pm Joe B:

believe me Dan, wish i could have been there! Hope all is well!
  12:21pm Cecile:

The Chairmen's first record also has their "elizabeth I'm coming to join you" version of "Patches"
  12:22pm Cecile:

Bait Car!
  12:24pm Bryan D:

Hey Joe, be the first to announce breaking news!! Barrence Whitfield and the Savages are staying at my house for two weeks while recording a new LP!!!
  12:25pm Cecile:

whooooo hooooooo!
  12:28pm Billy Jam:

Great opening set Joe! WIll be along for the whole ride - thanks for playing such great music!
  12:29pm HEAT:

  12:31pm HEAT:

  12:40pm dc p:

sounds like he's saying "She's chugging mead, Mac."
Avatar 12:42pm Joe B:

Thanks to James in Boonton NJ, Bill in Boonton NJ, Jason here on the staff, Steve in Villa park, Illinois, Anthony in lexington Mass, and Richard in West Orange for pledging to the 31 days of october! appreciate it!

If you can help out too, hit the pledge button at the top of the page! thanks!
Avatar 12:47pm Joe B:

Hi DC Pat! not sure what he is saying! hey Billy Jam! thank YOU! Bryan, great news! Hi Bad Ronald! thanks!
Avatar 12:48pm Joe B:

Hi HEAT! thanks for tuning in!
  12:52pm HEAT:

Thanks for playing the music gems!
Avatar 12:52pm Joe B:

Hi John L! hope I am not scaring away any customers!
  12:53pm CP:

Diamond Rugs - Echoes of Travelin' Man - Ricky Nelson
  12:54pm Bryan D:

Savages are in the studio as we speak! See at the Black From The Grave show?
Avatar 12:54pm Joe B:

Hi CP, great point!
  12:56pm dc p:

huh. Eric Vermillion is from Camp Hill, PA.
  12:59pm dc p:

  1:00pm dc p:

  1:01pm Cecile:

  1:01pm John L:

Someone bought the BWST because you were playing it.
  1:01pm mike tp:

real strong n standin strait up/. ramblin rose
  1:02pm Cheri Pi:

  1:04pm dc p:

he was in Stump Wizards too. Didn't know he was in the Steel Miners...
  1:07pm Cecile:

Is this that song from Chase!?!?!?!?!
  1:08pm CP:

Nice cover of Jim Peterik and Ides of March. Same guy who wrote Eye of the Tiger and .38 Special hits.
  1:08pm CP:

Peterik was in Chase.
  1:09pm Cecile:

Ides of March, kind of in same vein...
  1:09pm Cecile:

nice coincidence there....
  1:10pm Mike East:

WOO! Superhits of the 70's!!!
Avatar 1:10pm Joe B:

Hey Mike TP! Hi Cheri Pi! sounds like a wild weekend in Cincy!
  1:10pm CP:

That's why you're a Accuplaylist 'Preferred Veteran' Cecile.
Avatar 1:10pm Joe B:

I love the pre hit Ides of March stuff, several 45s on the Parrot label
  1:12pm CP:

Cincy ... home of The Lemon Pipers and Afghan Whigs. Doris Day!

Joe ... wasn't Parrot a London label subsidiary?

RIP Gerry Rafferty
  1:12pm Cecile:

hahhahahhaha, CP.

You know there's something really bracing about that 70s horn rock.
  1:14pm Cecile:

joe is having a Santana moment!
  1:15pm Cecile:

Nice cover!
  1:19pm geokopp:

That mike shelley cd is so fun!!
  1:24pm CP:

Man, is this Buck a breath of fresh air. Thanks. I'm suddenly mindful of Merle and Dwight and the Bakersfield gang. Dare I say you could veer a few degrees left and flirt with Poco territory ... first LP only. Belock, may they Pledge bountifully for you.
  1:27pm John L:

I thought you were going to play "Dirty Laundry" next and make it a conceptual set.
Avatar 1:28pm Joe B:

Hi George and Mike East! John, that would have been great! I actually dont mind that LP. I have played a cut from it before on FMU
Avatar 1:29pm Joe B:

CP, I was not even aware of Buck's WB 70s recordings unti lrecently. some cool stuff on there.
  1:30pm John L:

I think you may have scared out the guy who bought the Mercyful Fate, Manowar and Anthrax cds.
  1:30pm Cecile:

got blasters?
Avatar 1:30pm Joe B:

as long as he paid while running out the door!
  1:32pm John L:

But Mikey, from Orange County Choppers, seemed to dig it. He took down the call letters.
  1:34pm Cecile:

that's what I wanted to hear!
  1:35pm Cecile:

what is this with the OC choppers and used CDs and Anthrax and...?
  1:35pm CP:

I want to hear Yes!
  1:36pm dc p:

Yes I want to hear.
  1:38pm Cecile:

George Jones did the only version of a James Taylor song I could stomach. I think 1/2 of it is a good arrangement and a non squig making singer.
  1:40pm John L:

Hi Cecile. I have a record store in the NY Hudson Valley, and I listen to Joe's show at work.
  1:41pm Cecile:

nooooo, I loved him.

CP: Remember that TV movie when he was an Olympic wrestler who snuck over the Berlin wall to meet his commie gymnast girlfriend?
  1:41pm Cecile:

ahhhhhhh! Excellent.
  1:41pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

There's a 10-inch called "Buck Owens Sings The Eagles" that's coming out on November 23. It's one of the Record Store Day Black Friday releases and will be limited to 1,200 copies with a suggested retail of $15.99.
  1:42pm Cecile:

thanks BGZ!
  1:47pm Cecile:

movie is called "The 500 pound jerk"
  1:47pm dc p:

this set is killin, Joe. Hanx.
  1:49pm pierre:

Salut tout le monde !!
  1:52pm John L:

An early Todd Rundgren song would not be out of place.
Avatar 1:54pm Joe B:

good call John, sorry I didnt see it in time!
Avatar 1:54pm Joe B:

bonjour pierre!

thanks dc pat!
  1:55pm CP:

Cecile, don't know the 500 Lb. Jerk. Loving this recent HBO doc about the Klitschko brothers. Boxers from Russia. Also into The Changeling with George C. Scott.
Avatar 1:55pm Joe B:

Hmmm, one whole pledge today! was hoping to do a little better! if anyone can kick in, it'd be greatly appreciated!
  1:55pm PKNY:

I just got the Rodriguez "Coming to Reality" LP in the mail the other day, but haven't had a chance to give it a listen. Must make that a priority tonight, thanks for playing!
  1:56pm Chinchilla:

wow this is great, gonna have to look into Rodriguez
Avatar 2:01pm Joe B:

the only Yes records I like was their mid 80s sellout period, the two albums all their fans don't like!
  2:02pm Cecile:

gotta go for a bit, dang it. Be back in a bit.
Avatar 2:02pm Joe B:

anyone see the Rodriguez movie? getting kind of tired of every band that ever existed having adocumentary but he definitely warrants one!
  2:03pm John L:

Are Bono or Rollins in it? They seem to be in every other one.
  2:05pm CP:

Trevor Rabin-era Yes? Say it ain't so, Joe.
Avatar 2:11pm Joe B:

sorry CP, it's the only stuff I can listen to by that band!
  2:12pm CP:

Wow. Nice Del cover. Really sounds like him and those old Bigtop-label records. RIP Del.
Avatar 2:15pm Joe B:

Dunno John, I haven't seen it!
  2:17pm John L:

I saw Yes when I was 13 or 14. I was so bored I fell asleep. And no drugs or alcohol were involved. Although in the Nassau Coliseum, in 1973, a contact high was probable. It took a few years, but most of my prog-leanings were purged.
  2:20pm HEAT:

@John L what is the name of your store in the hudson valley?
  2:21pm John L:

Jack's Rhythms in New Paltz.
  2:25pm HEAT:

awesome! I live in the capital district, but I will have to stop in the next time I am in New Paltz
  2:30pm pierre:

Thanks Joe !
  2:31pm dc p:

  2:32pm Parq:

A band called "The Blind Shake"? Cool.
Avatar 2:35pm Joe B:

thanks to Iikka in Helsinki Finland for the pledge!

don't be shy, you can pledge also! see the link at the top of the playlist page!
  2:36pm Ludlow:

John L. - One must have the capacity to appreciate prog. "To scorn virtuoisty is to champion mediocrity."
  2:46pm John L:

Ludlow,I still have a fondness for King Crimson, early Genesis, Van Der Graaf Generator and some Strawbs. They just don't figure into much of my day to day listening.
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