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Playlist for 31 October 2012 Favoriting | Live on WFMU in Exile! No archive available

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Artist Song Album Comments
Neu  Fur Immer   Favoriting    
Charlotte Gainsbourg  Greenwich Mean Time   Favoriting  
William Devaughn  Be Thankful For What You Got   Favoriting  
The O'Jays  Love Train   Favoriting  
Funkadelic  Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow   Favoriting  
Kendrick Lamar  Swimming Pool (Drank)   Favoriting  
National Lampoon  Magical Misery Tour   Favoriting  
Audio Sports  We've Got You   Favoriting  
Zephyr Nova  Oversized Gadget Laden, Gas Guzzler   Favoriting  
Stock, Hausen & Walkman  Spoons   Favoriting  
Okapi  Aldo Kapi   Favoriting Love Him 
Schlammpeitziger  Behabige Alarmschwarmlage   Favoriting Sonig Exp/Hop/DVD   
Clothesline Revival  Satisfied   Favoriting  
Boom Bip  Pele   Favoriting Zig Zaj 

Click for the full size image
Flipper  Sex Bomb   Favoriting  
Tonetta  What Are You Worth?   Favoriting  
Wevie De Crepon  The Wobbler   Favoriting    
Wiz Khalifa  Work Hard, Play Hard   Favoriting    
ESG  Erase You   Favoriting  
Matmos  Pelt & Holler   Favoriting  
QP Crazy or some such thing  Kuroita! (J-Beeef Penis R&R) Maybe?   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666 (various artists)   
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  Singin' Femme Fatale   Favoriting  

Nina Simone  Little Girl Blue (Postal Service Remix)   Favoriting  
Barry Adamson  Something Wicked This Way Comes   Favoriting  
Evolution Control Committee  Dont Let The Devil Blow Your Mind   Favoriting  
Brighter Side of Darkness  Love Jones   Favoriting  
Go Home Productions  Wouldnt It Be Nice To Be Your Everything?   Favoriting  
Coolhaven & Felix Kubin  There is a Garden   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Die Antwoord  Wat Kyk Jy   Favoriting  
Immortal Technique  The Fourth Branch   Favoriting  
Wisin & Yandel  Suavecito Despacio   Favoriting  
Mexican Institute of Sound  Te Quiero Mucho   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Wire  Lowdown   Favoriting    
Wire  Bad Worn Thing   Favoriting  
Crash  Vaughan's Ballade   Favoriting  

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Elakelaiset  Wooly Bully   Favoriting  
Porn for the Blind  Big Sausage Pizza   Favoriting  
Porn for the Blind  Jack and Justin   Favoriting  
Porn for the Blind  Skank Breakers   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Porn for the Blind  Pornotube   Favoriting    
Porn for the Blind  Private Pleasure Tracks   Favoriting    
Porn for the Blind  Cum Overload   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
Porn for the Blind  All Internal   Favoriting    
Porn for the Blind  Eighth Street Latinos   Favoriting  
Music behind DJ:
Haruomi Hosono 
Nostalgia of Island   Favoriting  

Listener comments!

  9:00am TCJimmy:

  9:00am wildman:

  9:01am Gil Roitto:

Good morning Ken! Great to hear you're here!
  9:01am anne:

streaming clear to chicago! how ya doin, Ken?
  9:01am dcp@:

bone dry, eh? Good news.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:02am Ken:

Hello everybody! Great to be here. Wherever "here" is.
  9:02am Dan B From Upstate:

Flash stream wasn't working for a bit, then all of a sudden it gets going and I hear the beginning of Fur Immer! Success!
  9:02am Jeff:

Make this count! Sucking precious iPhone fluids for the rock. Hope everyone's ok!
  9:02am rob in new haven:

an undisclosed location in the center of lake jersey city?
  9:02am Dan B From Upstate:

Also, Ken, you have your dream of a web only show. I'm expecing you to swear it up today.
  9:04am dcp@:

Fuck, that's right. Let the cussing flow!!
  9:05am Michelle in Green Bay:

Yay Ken! Hope all's well!
  9:05am dcp@:

"fit together like nipples on a dime??"
  9:06am JoeChrisMorris:

any 7SD later Ken? Andy coming in?
  9:06am fred:

Good morning Ken and everybody.
  9:07am Louis Lame:

Sounds alright dudie, I hope Andy's ok
  9:07am jan:

No Con Ed in lower Manhattan. Listening on the last bit of electric juice from an extra car battery and an inverter used to power the dsl modem. 1/3 power left on laptop battery. AT&T service non existent for WFMU on iPhone. Not sure how much longer I can hear you.
Great to hear you though.
  9:07am Ricardo Montalban:

Yay! Glad to hear you're on the air, so to speak.
  9:08am Louis Lame:

What's the bed music?
  9:08am holland oats:

pirate radio at its most desperate
  9:09am karao:

Yeah - talking close sounds way better. Either way - happy to hear you on the air!
  9:10am ken from NW:

ken, you rock
  9:11am Irene:

Yay, Ken! Congrats to you and John Dalton for getting this going.You were a little distorted at first but it sounds okay although a little hollow. Music levels are sounding clean and undistorted.
  9:12am Dan B From Upstate:

Bed music = Fur Immer by Neu!
  9:12am hamburger:

good to hear you guys! this is dedication.
  9:13am Brian in UK:

Load & clear in UK. William deV very appropriate.
  9:14am holland oats:

sounds great ken. we are with you el presidente!
  9:16am vanya in tambov russia:

i`m happy to have the change to witness live these historical, though tragic days of wfmu.
  9:17am das:

Alright Ken!
  9:18am SteveL:

Ken shall overcome!!!
  9:19am seang:

Cain Train!
  9:20am Cheri Pi:

  9:20am Michelle in Green Bay:

I'm tempted to cancel my class so I can keep listening to Ken in Exile. Back in an hour.
  9:21am sparrow:

wow. this is history.
  9:23am hamburger:

  9:23am SteveL:

If only Ken had been smart enough to use the stalling tape on Sandy, this could have all been avoided.
  9:24am Caryn:

Woohoo! A non-conceptual Ken show!
  9:24am Artie:

It Lives!!!
  9:28am mrmucho:

Bummed to hear about the record fair. Hopefully the station can make up in donations any lost revenue there.
  9:28am SteveL:

Media whore fail=No WFMU logo on jacket or bike.
  9:29am stingy d:

go in, ken!
  9:34am Neg-guh-tor:

Get it on 'Man on bicycle'!
  9:34am other david:

Sounds like Ken needs a checkup from Dr. Bootygrabber
  9:34am Dave E.:

Glad FMU is back; life is so meaningless without it. Thanks Ken!
  9:35am AnAnonymousParty:

All I know is I got this stupid donkey following me around everywhere I go.
  9:35am Adrian in London:

Loud and clear over here: ready for Operation Pottymouth.
  9:35am jt:

if you didn't tell me, i'd think this was just another normal show with ken
  9:36am Vivian:

Oh dirty stuff? <breaks out earphones in office>
  9:36am SteveL:

jt : Excellent point.
  9:37am Uke Goldberg:

Ken, this might be good for your dirty set
  9:38am mike noble in dc:

horseman was running up the street from me. for horse fans may i suggest: and nsfw:
  9:40am Torbjørn:

I'm rewarding the outstanding WFMU bravery and dedication with a double mouse pledge right now.
  9:42am JJJ:

All the destruction was worth it for this
  9:45am Cecile:

Hi, Ken.
  9:46am Cecile:

  9:46am FCC:

*head explodes*
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:47am Ken:

Woohooo Torbjorn! Thanks so much!
  9:47am Doug S.:

Hey Annie, Cecile!
  9:47am Terry:

I was so busy laughing I forgot I was at fucking work!
  9:48am Hall & Oates:

good morning
  9:48am Fuck:

I feel used.
  9:48am Ken From Hyde Park:

I'll bet you'd have felt pretty foolish if the transmitters suddenly went back on a minute ago.
  9:48am JJJ:

To be fair that was pretty good trolling by madonna.
  9:48am Cecile:

  9:52am MD:

  9:53am Hall & Oates:

^^^ has pledged.
  9:53am jt:

haha cell phone interference.
  9:54am Wm aus Wien:

Hey Ken -

That sound might be interference from your cell phone. I had never heard it before moving to Europe, but now everytime I get a text and my phone is near my speakers I hear exactly that sound.
  9:54am MD:

  9:55am Caryn:

For a moment there, I expected my cell phone to start ringing. Then I realised the interference sound was coming from WFMU. Heh!
  9:55am Ricardo Montalban:

I can't believe you gave out your phone number.
Didn't you ever see Play Misty For Me?
  9:56am lewis:

more cash coming as soon as I get it!
  9:56am abby:

ken, i called you, got your voicemail. will you play misty for me?
  9:57am MD:

Words like LOVE and Peace!!!!
  9:57am ERD:

Duane's going to be late!?!?
  9:58am Caryn:

@Ricardo: I think Ken is counting on such a limited amount of people listening that the likelihood of a stalker loon being one is lower. Then again, the true afficionados are the only ones listening right now, so the likelihood is actually greater... Maybe Ken is hoping for a stalker to come get him on their row boat or something, which Ken could then steal and get the hell out of there?
  9:59am giselle:

how did the hudson river find you? I wandered around jersey city for hours and couldn't find WFMU
  9:59am Hall & Oates:

i have posted ken's number on facebook and twitter. :)
  10:02am Caryn:

Okay, is the stalker already there? Or is Ken just talking to a friend?
  10:02am Stalker Loon:

Hey Ken, what was that # again?
  10:02am tim:

Sunnyside listens, in awe!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:03am Ken:

Can you please undo that Hall & Oates? It's OK for me to say it on the air, it's not OK for you to publish it on the web. Thanks.
  10:03am other david:

ahahahaha! great, great radio
  10:03am Hall & Oates:

ken, relax. i don't do disgracebook or twitter.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:04am Ken:

Thank you, Unctious Rancid Dwarfman!
  10:04am Zzzxyz:

listening in Columbus, OH !!
  10:04am glenn:

we want rammstein!!
  10:04am Hall & Oates:

besides, i do have some ethics.
  10:05am βrian:

Does ya mean "unctuous?"
  10:05am Hall & Oates:

was that a thank you for not posting your number, or thank you for the pledge? either way is good with me.
  10:05am northguineahills:

The normal stream is working today. That's an improvement. Awesome you got Doug to do a marathon set.
  10:07am Gina k:

Ken, just sent in some $. I love you guys.
  10:08am jan:

Your broadcast is one touch of (ab)normalcy in a world without most of what we take for granted. Listening on the
laptop is akin to listening to the radio on a crystal set in cub scouts- got to keep close to the radio.
  10:12am Dan B From Upstate:

I can't give as much as I normally do in the spring, but I'm a send you guys a bit of cash right now. Just to say thanks for going through all this extra effort to give us something to listen to (and to help with any repairs.) WFMU saved my life. Fo' Realz.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:12am Ken:

Aww thank you everybody who has pledged, like Jan and Gina! You know what would be incredible would be if I made the goal by 1:30 today and the DOG's TAIL WAGGED!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:14am Ken:

And thank you Henry in New Paltz and Todd in NYC for your pledges! Not to mention Mike D in Brooklyn and Marc-Olivier in Switzerland!
  10:16am Zzzxyz:

65% !
  10:18am Hall & Oates:

heh, it says 69
  10:23am Webhamster Henry:

Nice picture of Ken on a bicycle yesterday! I'm happy there was no hurricane related infrastructure damage at the WFMU World Domination HQ.
  10:24am BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Just woke up. Ken is back!
  10:24am Gina k:

My pleasure. those few hours I spent without WFMU was like living without pie.
  10:25am Abby Normal:

Bed music? meet better vox levels. Hello.
  10:25am JJJ:

How do you know its sassified?
  10:27am EZSezz:

Are you broadcasting from a FEMA trailer? Heck of a job, Kenny!
  10:28am MD:

"Live for Today!!!"
  10:28am Dave E.:

Apple sucks!
  10:29am bill:

Play some Edith Massey, Ken
  10:29am Michelle in Green Bay:

Can we email you MP3s? ;-)
  10:29am rob in new haven:

i was kinda expecting four and a half hours of "hello sweden!" and hearing about my melons...
  10:29am Sometimes Jasmine:

A Dr Bootygrabber cameo would be kind of amazing....
  10:29am Dave E.:

PArdon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?
  10:29am JJJ:

Clarence carter, ween, alice donut...
  10:29am MD:

  10:30am Sharon Scott:

FANTASTIC SHOW KEN! We are diggin' WFMU in EXILE down south (fuck the FCC!) Thanks for keepin' it LIVE. ~ All the best for a speedy recovery. LOVE, all of us @ WRVU & ART+FM.
  10:30am lee:

Handel Suite in F major (HWV 348)
  10:31am Hall & Oates:

play some hall & oates!
  10:31am mahendra singh:

The Albrechtsburger is the best thing you've played. Stick to the Baroque. It's so square it's hip. Kennen Sie das?
  10:31am JJJ:

Bobby Conn first album? Oh and Rush :)
  10:31am JDELZ:

Seems like a perfect time for some Lou Reed and Metallica! I assume you have it on all three of your devices?
  10:31am Davethedunce:

Stay strong Ken, play some New Pornographers!
  10:32am JJJ:

Oh and Beatalica - Hey Jude has been stuck in my head all week
  10:32am giselle:

train to doomsville?
  10:32am dog prostitute:

true that, JDELZ
  10:32am Caryn:

This is an excellent excuse, Ken. Now, even if you happen to have access to a track that is requested, but don't want to play it, you can just claim "nope, don't have that handy right now".
  10:33am paul:

jimmy "spin the bottle"
  10:33am glenn:

hah. i was in my local guitar store the other day, and they had the complete guitar tab / sheet music for the lulu album. i ALMOST bought it for ken.
  10:34am Cheri Pi:

  10:35am Caryn:

Do you have any Delia Derbyshire on your devices, or do you only have her on CD or something? I wouldn't mind some Eläkeläiset either.
  10:35am Hall & Oates:

dr. bootygrabber is revolting against the mega replay.
  10:35am JJJ:

last fm I presume
  10:35am Vivian:

Some Tonetta would be nice.
  10:35am bill:

I talk to my machines like this too
  10:35am hamburger:

  10:36am Caryn:

"A radio station based on Dr. Bootygrabber"? Isn't that WFMU?
  10:36am duke:

Isn't WFMU already a station based on Dr. Bootygrabber?
  10:36am Abby Normal:

Play 'Monkey vs. Robot' !
  10:36am bill:

flipper is perfect for the gif
  10:37am Caryn:

@duke: psych! I think we owe each other cokes.
  10:37am JJJ:

  10:37am Michelle in Green Bay:

Nice. When I went to class, Ken's fundraising goal was at like 56%. Now he's at 81%. Well done, friends. Well done.
  10:37am jmd:

  10:38am Nate in Detroit:

Ken are you trying to use Spotify? If you don't have a paid subscription you can only play "radio" on your phone. If you need a login i can send you mine so you can play the actual song
  10:38am Mr. Two-Arms:

I agree with Vivian...TONETTA
  10:39am JJJ:

My turn to go to class, Hoping for 90+ and some JWayne County!
  10:43am duke:

@caryn great minds think alike
  10:44am green mountain man mark:

good time to cuss
  10:45am Maria D:

  10:45am Zzzxyz:

hope you make your lemon-of-a-situation into pledge-lemonade!
  10:48am Vivian:

Thank you for the Tonetta! By the way, I pledged yesterday. Not as much as the usual spring offering..
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:49am Ken:

And thank you Chris R, Mark A and Jon F for lemon pledging!
  10:49am fofo (:

Hola Ken and everybody !!

So glad the WFMU signal stayed afloat!
  10:50am glenn:

for anybody wanting tonetta -
  10:50am Hall & Oates:

what is lemon pledging?
  10:52am mahendra singh:

So the Albrechstburger was just a tease?
  10:54am MD:

Lets all get "Smashed!"
  10:55am fofo (:

87% Ken?!?!! That's quite an incredible comeback from that 16% Bowie nightmare!! F*ck yeah! But, c'mon people, let's increase that bar to 100%! That would teach Mr Stardust!
  10:57am Hall & Oates:

any chance you can play "Mickey" by Toni Basil?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:58am Ken:

And thank you Rodolfo and Andrew in the UK, Maria in Athens and Michelle in GreenBay! You all RAWWWK! (that means it is a good thing)
  10:59am Brian in UK:

@ Hall & Oates play the flip 'Hangin' Around'.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:59am Ken:

Thanks Nate! I have a paid sub and it still wont release me from radio stream hell.
  11:00am Rodolfo:

No, Ken! Thank you!!
  11:00am Mike D:

I don't know why, what or how this is happening, but it is amazing. Sorry about being fucked, but you make it sound so great.
  11:02am Mike D:

This bed makes me think it's time for State Of The Station.
  11:02am Owen in IN:

@Ken: that sounds like GSM chatter from your iPhone. They are noisy!
  11:03am davethedunce:

That sound might be caused from the mic/your phone being to close to the speakers
  11:03am davethedunce:

That sound might be caused from the mic/your phone being to close to the speakers
  11:03am ?:

Ken, are you using something like Nicecast to send your signal?
  11:03am Mike D:

Final comment: is that your cell phone interfering with a dynamic mic?
  11:04am Michelle in Green Bay:

You're welcome. :-)
  11:05am jk:

even with all the glitches, it's great to hear you back on the air
  11:06am Carmichael:

Good morning SuperKen and everyone. Happy Halloween.
  11:07am Hall & Oates:

  11:09am Webhamster Henry:

I thought this was a Japanese cover of the Rutles' "Cheese and Onions"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:09am Ken:

Woohoo! Only another $120 and the dog's tail wags! I've never made the dog's tail wag before!
  11:10am Hall & Oates:

if my kids didn't need new shoes (literally) i would pledge more.
  11:12am Hall & Oates:

wag wag wag
  11:12am Vicki - WFMU:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:12am Ken:

Wow! The dog's tail is a-wagging! Thank you so much to everybody who made a pledge!! Im thrilled!
  11:12am Webhamster Henry:

It's a waggin'! Too bad the cow doesn't squirt!
  11:12am other david:

WOO YEAH! 100%! wag that tail.

Ken can you pull the old switcheroo and put the station goal pledge banner in here too, with it's scarily far from 100% bar?
  11:13am Caryn:

Yay, there goes ol' Woofy!
  11:13am Dan B From Upstate:

You hit your goal, Ken! Congrats!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:13am Ken:

And thanks to James in Canada and thanks to Cecile!
  11:13am green mountain man mark:

goose bumps here
  11:14am lewis:

Thank you Ken for your decades of dedication! The FMU community will pull through!
  11:14am Michelle in Green Bay:

  11:14am fofo (:

  11:15am Caryn:

Feel bad I couldn't afford to pledge, but feel great that others could & did! Yay! Now, if we could get the station dog to wag its tail...
  11:15am mike noble in dc:

did the feed go out for anyone else?
  11:16am fofo (:

perfect song to celebrate!
  11:16am Hall & Oates:

no feed here
  11:16am Owen in IN:

I'd have sent more but all my $ is going towards the "soon to have a baby" thing.

@mike, yeah, dropped for me, and it's a bit choppy as well.
  11:16am Michelle in Green Bay:

I was just going to ask the same thing, Mike.
  11:16am Mike Lee:

Glad to hear y'all are still tickin' like a Timex, baby!
  11:16am Pat in Philadelphia:

@mike yeah the feed is going in and out for me
  11:16am paul:

yes :(
  11:16am other david:

yeah it's cutting in and out here, but it's alive right now.
  11:16am rob in new haven:

yeah, dropped here twice.
  11:16am Zzzxyz:

@mike noble: yep, down...
  11:16am lewis:

I lost it... all that joy overwhelmed the technology...
  11:16am Ricardo Montalban:

It's gone all 4.33 on us. Or 404. I can't remember.
  11:17am Torbjørn:

Mike Noble; yeah, stream dropping for me too
  11:17am Caryn:

@mike noble: yep, but came right back when I reconnected
  11:17am Snortley:

  11:18am Carmichael:

128 is down.
  11:18am fofo (:

The flash stream is still working.
  11:18am Vicki - WFMU:

flash is working
  11:18am Zzzxyz:

whew, just had to reconnect w/radiotray
  11:18am Dave E.:

Where'd Ken go?????????
  11:19am Snortley:

Server dropping connections?
  11:19am JDELZ:

Flash is in and out for me.
  11:19am other david:

back up. but the stream cannae take the waggin' much longer captain.
  11:19am kenya:

flash stopped working for me at the same time.
  11:19am fofo (:

Oh, hi Vicki! Do you sing in that song!? I've always wondered.
  11:19am Carmichael:

Got about 2 seconds' worth, and down again.
  11:20am other david:

off. boo-urns.
  11:20am Vicki - WFMU:

flash is like it's at sea - up and down!
  11:20am Dave E.:

  11:20am Caryn:

Yep, flash stream is going back and forth like a wagging tail. Methinks Typhoeus is screwing with us.
  11:20am Dan B From Upstate:

Flash isn't playing right now. Thought it was my computer. Guess not, huh?
  11:20am Owen in IN:

I've got nothin' - no flash, no 128...
  11:20am Ricardo Montalban:

Yes, the flash player seems to work well. Not sure why the regular stream isn't working. Sort of not surprised, given the mess that's going on over there. Seems like internet would be understandably dodgy.
  11:20am cglenn:

out for me... doh! think i have flash...
  11:20am Cecile:

my flash is spotty, too
  11:20am dave in sodak:

plays for about 5 seconds then drops. bummer. guess i'll go watch meat loaf sing america the beautiful at romney rally until it's fixed...
  11:20am dcp@:

hey, walk away for a second and the tail starts wagging. Way to go!
  11:21am Snortley:

404 - File not found.
  11:21am Carmichael:

Flash is OK thus far. Oh, motherfucker, now it's down too!
  11:21am Dave E.:

Well, we can talk amongst ourselves for a while. I wonder when Ken will figure out noone is listening?
  11:21am Caryn:

Aargh! Flash down completely!
  11:22am cglenn:

well at least we all have each other.... ha
  11:22am Ricardo Montalban:

That Mitt/Meat gif is disturbing on many levels.
  11:22am other david:

I suspect his net connection has dropped :(
  11:22am Vicki - WFMU:

cos everybody knows... the things she does to please... she's just a little tease...
  11:22am Owen in IN:

Ah, I don't need music. I only come here for the animated gifs.
  11:22am Dave E.:

Sooooo, how's the weather?
  11:22am Adrian in London:

iPhone app down too. Unless Ken is playing John Cage's Four Minutes…?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:23am Ken:

No, the server died.. try reconnecting
  11:23am Vicki - WFMU:

see the way she walks, hear the way she talks
  11:23am giselle:

  11:23am Snortley:

Is this the same IPS that gave all the dropouts on remotes before? Kenzoooooooo!!!!!!!!!
  11:23am Dave E.:

I don't GIF a hoot!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:23am Ken:

I think its back.. try reconnecting
  11:23am other david:

  11:24am Caryn:

That Meat Loaf gif just reminds me of how Meat Loaf was Bowie's evil goon in Ken's 16 % nightmare, so... I blame him for this! Couldn't handle Ken getting to 100 %. Dammit, Meat, I'm gonna freeze you like Dr. Frankenfurter did!
  11:24am Adrian in London:

You fixed it!!!
  11:24am kenya:

works now
  11:24am Maria D:

We're back!
  11:24am fofo (:

Oh, I see Vicki. So you are the one in the animated gif next to the song!
  11:24am mike noble in dc:

my flash connection still isn't working, but android works fine.
  11:25am Carmichael:

Just for a sec. Then 128 died again.
  11:25am Dave E.:

Oh no - it's dead again . . . .that's what she said!
  11:25am Bas, NL:

Up and down we go! ;)
  11:25am mike noble in dc:

spoke too soon
  11:26am dcp@:

yeah--not w---me---keeps---and out---
  11:26am fofo (:

Relax people, Ken is just remixing this song with John Cage's 4:33.
  11:27am Dave E.:

Oh my, it feels like I have the hiccups! Oops, pardon me.
  11:28am Snortley:

Does your provider have a maximum bandwidth and/or maximum nodes policy?
  11:29am Adrian in London:

Gone again. I'm going to listen to a couple of Mudd Up podcasts. But I love you all.
  11:29am Dave E.:

This really anodes me!
  11:29am Bas, NL:

Maybe hold the GIFs for a while Ken.. very heavy on repeated reload..
  11:30am Carmichael:

128 is screwed, blued and tattooed. Trying Flash.
  11:31am Dave E.:

Ken's talking to himself again!
  11:31am Snortley:

Storm's still kickin' in some parts of the country, maybe where the server farm is.
  11:31am βrian:

What the ... going ... n?
I agree on the gifs. They really choke the browser.
  11:32am Owen in IN:

We're here, Ken :(
  11:32am Dave E.:

solder those wires better Ken
  11:32am Zb:

Still here, radio man.
  11:32am tomasz.:

this is very strange
  11:33am Carmichael:

Can you rig up a 32k low bandwidth instead? Will take some pressure off the dylithium crystals.
  11:33am Loren:

sounds fine... no,flash is up!
  11:33am fofo (:

Me and my browser don't have a problem with the GIFs
  11:33am Loren:

you sound like a ship
  11:34am Ricardo Montalban:

Ken, you're going to break the internet. This is like Googling Google.
  11:34am goyim in the am:

...and we're back, in full personality crisis.
  11:34am goyim in the am:

...and we're back, in full personality crisis.
  11:34am amEdeo:

Oh my god. Is someone recording this?
  11:34am Owen in IN:

Anyone else have both the 128K AND the Flash stream playing right now? Multiply this by two.
  11:34am pierre:

it's an infinite loop of Kens
  11:34am kenya:

app, flash & 128k working here again, again. for several more than 36 seconds. in a row.
  11:35am still b/p:

Mmmmm...cyclonic rotation.
  11:35am Snortley:

The storm is starting to hit Quebec right now, where many a server is located.
  11:35am Hall & Oates:

i have these kinds of conversations in my head all the time.
  11:36am Carmichael:

Is this the groovy tape delay that Pink Floyd used in the 70s?
  11:36am Matt from Springfield:

Ken's personalities are all coming out on this show! :)
  11:36am Caryn:

Ken, are you trying to show us what the voices in your head sound like? Because the Kens are whirling around like hurricane Sandy right now.
  11:36am Hall & Oates:

@ amEdeo: yes, i am
  11:37am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh, god. This will be archived, won't it? More genius radio.
  11:37am fofo (:

Some how Ken managed to record his stream of consciousness. Next time he would be GIFing us his dreams.
  11:37am Caryn:

Maybe Ken is trying to do a radio version of "Cloud Atlas"... with all 6 roles per person going on at once?
  11:37am Matt from Springfield:

FLOAT ON to boot!
  11:40am tomasz.:

all the Kens
  11:40am lewis:

I am sitting in a room...
  11:40am Vicki - WFMU:

the cow's tail fell off
  11:41am Caryn:

If it was good, Ken, it wouldn't be called the red line of DEATH! Unless it's like the "death" card in tarot, which has several meanings.
  11:42am Zzzxyz:

Ken makes multiple-personality-disorder sound GOOD!
  11:42am Bas, NL:

Yes we Ken's!!
  11:42am Matt from Springfield:

By the time you realize that you're faking it -- you won't be faking it anymore!

Should be the motto for some organization.
  11:43am seang:

  11:43am Matt from Springfield:

@fofo: I think that's what he's been doing all these years!
  11:43am fofo (:

Kens for presidents!
  11:44am Loren:

@Matt - i think that is the Romney campaign slogan! This is great!
  11:45am Matt from Springfield:

IS there a Postal Service remix of Nina Simone that was playing earlier?
I would be interested in hearing that.
  11:45am dcp@:

so Meatloaf really is a dumb shit, huh?
  11:45am Dan B From Upstate:

I'm a singin'!
  11:46am Matt from Springfield:

@Loren: Absolutely true! :)

The Somewhere Over Obama song! What is that called?! Where is it, I love that one!
  11:46am MD:

  11:46am fofo (:

  11:47am Carmichael:

Meat Loaf can kiss my big fat ass.
  11:47am Loren:

  11:47am Caryn:

Gotta say, singing that put a smile on my face! Not sure why.
  11:47am MD:

  11:48am lee:

Matt: Clare and the Reasons
  11:48am Matt from Springfield:

Opened a 128 stream as well as Flash now. ALL IN! :D
  11:48am Ricardo Montalban:

I imagine this is what Tim Robbins hums loudly to himself whenever there's another story about civilian drone strike casualties.
  11:48am MD:

  11:49am fofo (:

Let's sing hard enough to let Mitt listen the soul power of the peoples!
  11:50am Matt from Springfield:

@Carm: Meeeeeat Looooaf - can kiiiiiiss - my - big fat ass...
You can also sing that to the tune!
  11:50am Caryn:

You know, with the FCC not listening, this would be a perfect time to play that "Mitt vs. the truth" track you had to eject last week...
  11:50am amEdeo:

@Hall & Oates: Thank goodness. Could you email it to me one day at! Thanks!

@Caryn: Hahahah, yes. This is like the sequel to "Cloud Atlas" that I never thought I'd get. Heart warming.
  11:50am Matt from Springfield:

Clare and the Reasons? THANKS lee!
  11:51am Carmichael:

Doug, is there any Amanda today?
  11:51am lee:

  11:52am Caryn:

@amEdeo: now, if we can just figure out which Ken has the meteor birthmark, we'll be golden.
  11:52am Stina:

Nina Simone/Postal Service Remix right here on Youtube
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:53am Ken:

And thank you Stacey in Georgia and Elizabeth in Maryland!
  11:53am Carmichael:

Which Ken has the fifth element?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:54am Ken:

No, Amanda wont be on today - all alt streams are down. Only the live stream (this) and the archives are up.
  11:55am Matt from Springfield:

Thx Stina! Thx x2 lee!

@Carm: I don't think there will be Amanda Nazario today, it's just Ken 9 to 1:30, then Irwin 6:30 announced. However, I bet you can expect some AMANDA from Irwin! :)
  11:56am green mountain man mark:

The sun just came out from the clouds and I sneezed. No record fair this weekend to share the sneeze box or sneeze at the sun with fellow photic WFMU sneezers. Thanks for all you do Ken. I have the you on the bike picture to look at for inspiration in my own work and life.
  11:56am Matt from Springfield:

ECC! Always great.
  11:57am Carmichael:

Is 7 second delay delayed? I'll bet Andy is cowering somewhere in a cellar.
  11:58am Caryn:

Gif painter is thinking: "Dammit, those demons are really making my happy little trees sad!"
  11:58am mike noble in dc:

@Carmichael - rerun tonight
  11:58am Stina:

@Matt: You're welcome.
  12:00pm Doug in Canada:

It is extremely cool that you are broadcasting at the moment ... period. Of course, I would have expected no less.
  12:01pm mike noble in dc:

shouldn't wwoz return the katrina favor and broadcast wfmu in new orleans?
  12:01pm Abbbby Normale:

Video art for Ken:
  12:01pm seang:

is it cool if I send a pledge via mail?
  12:02pm mike noble in dc:

raphael - name for an angel of death
  12:02pm Caryn:

Oh, Ken, Hurricane Nana is coming in 2014, so... In 2013, Hurricane Chantal and Hurricane Wendy. Sheesh.
  12:02pm Matt from Springfield:

True, "Sandy" is a rather cute name, but I think they named it "Sandy", in the sense of: "Waves of sand are being washed into your muthafucking face!!!!!!"
  12:02pm jsf:

wasn't sandy squirrel a repeating character on spongebob squarepants?
  12:03pm Matt from Springfield:

"Hotel California"
  12:03pm mike noble in dc:

though raphael translates to "god heals"
  12:04pm Caryn:

@jsf: yep, and I believe she was a Texan karate black belt, so I suppose there's some toughness there.
  12:04pm duff:

I hope nobody already mentioned...but here in north Manhattan, on the broadcast dial--91.1 FM--I can pick up a Connecticut Public Radio station in WFMU's place. Yawn. Glad you're online. Too bad @ fair.
  12:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Couldn't we re-schedule the Record Fair for December? Recoup some of the losses.
  12:05pm other david:

Ken, with the cellphones not working - could FMU use some walkie talkies? (and of course another 80 grand)

Also yeah broadcasting > internet.

The BBC video feeds use a nice solution for providing bandwidth - everyone reuploads a portion so the BBC servers dont need to do all the lifting.
  12:06pm Carmichael:

Is this Basketball Jones?
  12:07pm fofo (:

green mountain man mark:

A motivational poster: Ken's Balls:
  12:07pm other david:

re: talkies - I mean for keeping in touch with the studios/other djs in local area
  12:08pm Caryn:

The good thing about the hurricane being named Sandy is that I'm sure someone was literally "stranded at the drive-in" because of it, thus allowing for meta humour. (Of course, Katrina offered plenty of "Katrina & the Waves" jokes too.)
  12:08pm Abbbby Normale:

Better in person, of course.
  12:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@OD: That's the modern, "cloud" way of doing things. It makes better sense in the long run, and re-inforces the "no central node" philosophy of the Internet.

Speaking of which, SO GLAD WFMU moved their servers out of Manhattan just a few months ago!!
  12:10pm abby:

halloween moved to next week:
  12:10pm Loren:

yes! here we go!
  12:11pm john:

Oh that "powered by love" image on a t-shirt? It should be...
  12:11pm Hall & Oates:

my proboscis hurts
  12:11pm Matt from Springfield:

AMAZING mash up! Who does this? GHP? RIAA?
  12:11pm Carmichael:

Awesome mash-up!! Totally awesome!!!
  12:12pm Matt from Springfield:

GHP! Called it!
"Wouldnt It Be Nice To Be Your Everything?" :)
  12:12pm Caryn:

I want that "powered by love" available for next marathon, either as a t-shirt or an iron-on transfer.
  12:12pm PMD:

  12:12pm other david:

Ditto on that, Matt. It's one of the positive aspects of the "cloud".

Great mash.
  12:13pm Caryn:

Loving this! Happy grooves mash-up!
  12:16pm Caryn:

For some reason, this track makes me think of Viv Stanshall...
  12:16pm fofo (:

Raphael Tip of the Day!

Raphael, a famous Spanish singer, recorded the Jesuschrist Superstar and Vicki played it in one of her shows. So far no Sandy has ever recorded the Jesus Christ rock opera.
  12:17pm Sometimes Jasmine:

YES best rockabye baby ever....
  12:19pm Listener Alexandra:

Still hoping for that Die Antwood.....
  12:19pm xangoir:

I see they're dancing in Stockholm, Brooklyn, Narragansett, and Tiverton. Are they dancing in Transylvania, Rockaway, Jersey City, or Wildwood?
  12:20pm rob in new haven:

i really need to get this rockabye album...
  12:21pm Carmichael:

Ummmm, Silent pledge???? Silent????
  12:22pm Gangas Dong:

Perfect timing for my siesta
  12:22pm Gangas Dong:

Perfect timing for my siesta
  12:22pm Gangas Dong:

Perfect timing for my siesta
  12:23pm anne:

oh hey, here we go: "Sandy is short for Cassandra, the Greek mythological figure who epitomizes tragedy"
  12:23pm Chapel Hillian:

I'm sure Ken has some Wire on his laptop or IPad
  12:23pm other david:

I think it's time for a screaming fundraiser, personally.
  12:24pm rob in new haven:

where's the like button for comments? i don't think we're on facebook anymore, toto...
  12:24pm Konin:

Jump, Ken, Jump! That is Die Antwoord
  12:24pm PMD:

Yay Alexandra!
  12:26pm tim from champaign:

Ken, now you can play inappropriate BUTT songs like DJ Assualt "Ass and Titties".
  12:26pm dcp@:
  12:28pm tahomajohn:

where do you find this stuff? omg... fug yeah, yeah.
  12:29pm Caryn:

On any other radio station, I could say that this is probably the first time Afrikaans has been on the playlist, but with WFMU, I suspect that would be incorrect.
  12:29pm Hall & Oates:

play some AMANDA!
  12:29pm Listener Alexandra:

Ken, you are the best.
  12:30pm fofo (:

So are we going under the FCC radar? What about playing the uncensored PG-28, Dr Bootygrabber song, Ken???? The one where he discusses with her patient about hip bone pains, rectal prolapse and chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestines.
  12:32pm aaron in chicago:

looking for those inverse radio edits of NWA with all the non swear words edited out
  12:32pm Carmichael:

This dude talks too much.
  12:33pm Caryn:

@fofo (: : since WFMU is right now web-only, FCC rules don't apply.
  12:35pm fofo (:

caryn, F***************CK YEAH!!!!!
  12:35pm Webhamster Henry:

@Duff That's probably WSHU : read up on this former station struggle:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:35pm Ken:

Reggaeton Bitches!
  12:36pm Cheri Pi:

I like it Ken!
  12:37pm fofo (:

Even reggaeton sounds great under the WFMU spell.
  12:40pm TDK60:

Is that you Ken, bicycling in Hoboken (next to Funkadelic on the playlist)?
  12:40pm fofo (:

Thanks for the show Ken! I'm very happy for you and your volunteers that you reached your goal.

But I should go now.

Your friend,

  12:41pm Skirkie:

The line for gas has cars backed all the way down my street.
  12:42pm fofo (:

P.S. Keep doing a great show.
  12:42pm Skirkie:

That's a long ass text. RIP B. Walker
  12:45pm PMD:

OK, I just tried calling. It's telling me to leave a message.
  12:45pm John McCabe in L.A.:

Is that number Ken's home phone
  12:46pm tomasz.:

dammit, my stream cut out temporarily. i want to know what Benjamen said
  12:47pm JJJ:

Waggy Tail! Oh Yeah!
  12:47pm tahomajohn:

ken, i will call you! what's your number again?
  12:48pm Irene:

Most cell phone connections are fucked, I found as i tried to use mine for a work-related conference call. Texting seems fine but a lot of cell calls aren't even ringing. Can you write the number in the comments again? You read it faster than I could find something to write it down with..
  12:49pm FCC:

My evil powers have EVAPORATED. waaaahhhhhh T_T
  12:49pm Cheri Pi:

Oozy peels!
  12:49pm Caryn:

Yep, text Ken, don't try and call him. Best way to reach him at the moment.
  12:50pm Chapel Hillian:

Damn, Ken has lots of Wire on his laptop. What a surprise.
  12:50pm dcp@:

it's really good to hear those pink flag tunes played by someone else. They sound even better than when I play them...
  12:50pm Sandy:

I turned Ken into Mr Fundraising Moneybags. I am currently visualizing him as the mustche guy on Monopoly cards
  12:52pm Cheri Pi:

  12:52pm PMD:

Another reason to have a land line! Could reach my sister in NJ fine. Of course, do I have one? No.
  12:52pm pierre:

  12:53pm dcp@:

I keep rewriting this Crash tune. Noodling around on the guitar, thinking "hey that sounds cool." Then, "oh yeah..."
  12:53pm Robin The Fog:

Hey Ken, just actually tried calling you, went straight to voicemail. Just wanted to show some solidarity from over here in jolly old England. Hope you all get back on your feet soon!
  12:54pm pierre:

@CheriPi : same moment of musical enjoyement !
Avatar 12:54pm bw:

ken are you reading texts on the air! hah wish I could tune in
  12:54pm dan from Toronto:

Toronto loves WFMU! Sounds great Ken, thanks for keeping the music going
  12:54pm Cheri Pi:

Ken I ant to text you too! spell out y our number
  12:55pm pierre:

Isn't the Crash song slowed down ? It feel slow…
  12:55pm kenya:

yeah, ken. your phone does not ring. i'm glad you guys and also mitik the coney island walrus are okay. the stream sounds great.
  12:56pm fofo (:

Had to come back...the power of the Crash tune is something that pulls you back!
  12:56pm Cheri Pi:

give us your fucking number Ken so we can blow up your phone with texts!!!
Pierre-it sounds the correct speed at least to me...
  12:57pm Caryn:

Calls are not getting through, so send your love to Ken via text message or via the comments board. Or heck, by pledging to WFMU!
  12:58pm pierre:

Ken if you give your phone, i'll call you from Paris. It'll cost me an arm…
  12:58pm dcp@:

goldang it, got to call into a meeting. Don't these dicks know it's Halloween???
  12:58pm fofo (:


It sounds awesome as usual. I think time in France is moving faster now maybe because of the Sandy's seismic maneuvers in the Atlantic Ocean.
  12:58pm lz:

Just pledged to Ken & Night People. Sad to see that the Record Fair got cancelled. & still say that it's on, though. Take care and be safe, everybody!
  12:58pm jan:

My battery died and I had to go uptown to charge the laptop.
iPhone does not connect to the stream. And no New York Times yet. my life force is draining away.
  12:59pm EP:

We've just reached the deep blue zone of Ken's computer.
  12:59pm Caryn:

Yay, Eläkeläiset!
  12:59pm hamburger:

  1:00pm pierre:

@fofo (: : It might be possible, althought as France always has been a little late from the US; it seems that now we're all turning at the same speed.
  1:00pm SteveL:

Huumpa, huumpa burnin' love.
  1:00pm Ricardo Montalban:

Oh, yes! Porn for the Blind!
  1:01pm G:

I just tried my relatives via cell (Verizon) in MD. "Network Busty. Try Again Later!" oooooookay.
  1:01pm Matt from Springfield:

UN-edited "Porn For The Blind"??!! What hath Ken wrought!
  1:01pm tomasz.:

oh my god, it just got porn for the blind-y
  1:01pm fofo (:

OH MY...The uncensored BIG SAUSAGE!! This is an historic event my peoples. Hit your Record buttons.
  1:01pm Ethan P:

I'm excited about the big sausage pizza animated gif.
  1:01pm PMD:

I'm hungry for pizza now.
  1:01pm Ricardo Montalban:

There is one, damned if I can remember which one, where the action is sung by two English sounding ladies.
  1:01pm Cheri Pi:

Oh Ken, you know how to arouse me. with BSP...
  1:01pm G:

Busty? What is WRONG with me. Aside from the usual, I mean.
  1:02pm The Blind:

Big Sausage? YOU PERV!!!!!!
  1:02pm Dan B From Upstate:

Unedited big sausage pizza... well... this is legendary!
  1:03pm Caryn:

Dammit, now I want pizza.

@G: I think the "porn for the blind" made you misspell that.
  1:03pm Sometimes Jasmine:

Christ do I want pizza....
  1:04pm Cheri Pi:

I finally understand what the plot is behind Big Sausage Pizza.
  1:04pm Matt from Springfield:

I can almost imagine Ken reading this text, matter-of-factly!
  1:04pm other david:

this is how accidents happen
  1:04pm Caryn:

I love that the reader is sighing as he's describing this. "Sheesh, this is what I do for a job? Well, it pays the rent."
  1:04pm fofo (:

I don't know for you guys, but I suddenly feel hungry for ,0,0,0's
  1:04pm βrian:

Hey, there are no backslashes in URLs!
  1:05pm Cheri Pi:

No Ken, lets live with the mystery.
  1:05pm Dan B From Upstate:

comma yes comma yes comma yes!
  1:05pm dan from Toronto:

Yes please re. porn for the blind!
  1:05pm Robin The Fog:

  1:05pm Ricardo Montalban:

Yes! With music bed. It's about 33% funnier that way
  1:05pm JJJ:

Splice em in!
  1:05pm PMD:

Yes porn!
  1:05pm Sometimes Jasmine:

  1:05pm FCC:

  1:05pm Ethan P:

You should play porn for the deaf!
  1:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Eh, at this point, why the fuck not!!
  1:05pm tahomajohn:

naaah .. i want dirty jokes for the deaf!
  1:05pm amEdeo:

Of Course!
  1:05pm The Blind:

NO EDITING. I'm about to {comma-zero}UM HARD!!!!!
  1:06pm Lulu:

no please! I think my neighbor just heard it. So embarrassing!!
  1:06pm Drew in Brooklyn:

  1:06pm Matthew:

Comma zero Yes!
  1:06pm drewo:

Yes, more porn for the visually impaired!
  1:06pm Bas, NL:

PftD +1!
  1:06pm amaier:

yes music bed!
  1:06pm dcp@:

god. in a meeting. sorely tempted to mute my line and listen to porn for the blind.
  1:07pm Caryn:

Hey, Benjamen, was that cold pizza big sausage pizza?
  1:07pm The Blind:

I'm profitting :) :) :D
  1:07pm Historian:

October 2012, post-Hurricane Sandy: we record this month as the last time in the United States people were fighting over a pay phone.
  1:07pm aaron in chicago:

dcp, can you conference it in somehow?
  1:07pm Matt from Springfield:

StraightBoysFucking!! Dot COM!!!
  1:07pm Ricardo Montalban:

PFTB really demands a sort of instrumental bed, like maybe organ music. I prefer Klaus Wunderlich, myself.
  1:07pm The Blind:

Various Sexual Poses! YOU VIXEN!!!!!
  1:08pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Porn for the radio
  1:08pm FCC:

Can I retract my vote?
  1:08pm FCC:

What's going on here?!?!
  1:08pm Dan B From Upstate:

Peni! Or is it Penii?
  1:08pm Webhamster Henry:

I was hoping to hear ⠳⠫⡋⠦ ⡿⡖⠮⡂ ⣶⣮⢟⡧⡗.
  1:08pm JJJ:

Can somebody make me up a sfw new name out of this?
I need a change and want to remember this day :)
  1:08pm Ethan P:

This would be great with some Peter Schilling played underneath it.
  1:09pm PMD:

BTW, anyone can record.
  1:09pm aaron in chicago:

the correct term is "penodes"
  1:09pm still b/p:

Ohh, when the p. is nigh.
  1:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: This reader in particular, she's didn't even rehearse reading the copy, and became startled a few times while reading the lines!
  1:09pm Caryn:

Either this is written much more filthily than Big Sausage Pizza, or the reader is just more into it. I wonder which it is.
  1:09pm fofo (:

  1:10pm Apple:

PenI??? We registered our upcoming Ipenis device months ago now. Boilerplate cease and desist letter is already printing out, you little punk.
  1:10pm Cheri Pi:

Someone please pass me the wet-naps...
  1:10pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

What I really want to know is HOW IS THE BOILER?
  1:10pm Listener Alexandra:

This is the best one yet.
  1:10pm tahomajohn:

  1:10pm Todd:

I am at my desk at the largest Sex Toy/Porn company in the US and we approve of your programming!
  1:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Remember: get your tax-deductible donations to this NON-PROFIT organization by year's end!

If you feel a bit iffy about that -- how bout dropping some more to FMU!!
  1:11pm pierre:

this guy gives too much of his own interpretation !
That's no proper services…
  1:11pm now flaccid:

Why wouldn't these secular humanist arsenheimers use a short url?
  1:11pm Listener Alexandra:

Porn for the Blind MARATHON!
  1:11pm Caryn:

Is the SB reader getting punk'd?
  1:11pm (-:

My name makes a smiley face.
  1:12pm Matt from Springfield:

" 'Skank Breakers' is a violence-based S&M porn, so we require at least 2 high school classes in drama for you to read, or "act" this one out."
  1:12pm SOME Listener:

Is this a preview of what the 7SD premium is going to be like?
  1:12pm Cheri Pi:

Any octopus Porn for the blind?
  1:12pm Robin The Fog:

  1:13pm amEdeo:

  1:13pm Pine:

Thank you Matt! This spelling is abstractly relevant to me :)
  1:13pm Cheri Pi:

hahahahah MattFS!
  1:13pm Ethan P:

I try to always hold out for the URL in these porns.
  1:13pm Cheri Pi:

  1:13pm fofo (:

Japanese porn ?
  1:13pm other david:

It's fitting that the station pledge level is at 69% in the midst of porn for the blind
  1:14pm Funky Wagnalls:

Butt Ox. (n.) A really handsome and muscular adult male with a notably admirable rear end. (homosexual insider terminology)
  1:14pm Cheri Pi:

69% someone do a screen capture!
  1:14pm SOME Listener:

Btw, is there going to be a new 7SD episode today? Or just a rerun?
  1:15pm Matt from Springfield:

@OD :) Good noticing! :)
  1:15pm amaier:

ohhhh yeah!!! just got 300 degrees sexier
  1:15pm Caryn:

I somehow think a donkey show is not as "exciting" in book form. Then again, having no actual experience with either, what the hell do I know. Ken, follow this up with some more Delia Derbyshire erotica!
  1:15pm Funky Wagnalls:

It's less than 2 mouse pledges from breaking 70%
  1:16pm Ethan P:

This has been some of the best radio, period. And then I look over and see the DONKEY TIME paperback. Thanks for the good morning, Ken.
  1:16pm Irene:

Ken! Your personal goal has reached it's climax! You're going to have to raise it I suspect.
  1:16pm Drew in Brooklyn:

Ken, thank you! WFMU in exile is performing an invaluable public service. This is literally one million times better than Leonard Goddamn Lopate. Best of luck to you all.
  1:17pm Pine:

All of a sudden it feels like school and the teacher's gone
  1:18pm amEdeo:

My favorite part are the webpage background descriptions. This is truly outstanding.
  1:19pm channeling Leonard Lopate:

I am into BIGTIME, dude. I crashed my ISP downloading videos from there,

Just not on the air. On the downlow. All hail WKenMU!! I'm not worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1:19pm Caryn:

@Pine: oh please, the only time there was porn at our school was when the teacher accidentally played it.
  1:19pm Ricardo Montalban:

I like how that reader thoughtfully used lots of UMs to help out all the premature ejaculators out there.
  1:20pm pierre:

the most XXX playlist so far.
  1:20pm PMRC:

Pass me that magazine
  1:21pm Ethan P:

Not to be too esoteric, but I've heard of electronic music that uses braille patterns in punch-cards as music notation. Porn for the Blind edition, please! I wonder what "Dildo" sounds like on a punch-card.
  1:21pm Stina:

@Cheri: Screen shot? Let me know if the link works.
  1:22pm Matt from Springfield:

They like to Rumba with the Chula down in Cuba!
  1:22pm Caryn:

I should really tell my blind friend about this.
  1:22pm aaron in chicago:

get the door!
  1:23pm pierre:

@KEN : after that, will you play the theme from MANNIX ?
  1:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa! People will have sex with you to get U.S. Citizenship?! Sign me...I mean, what? What a ridiculous concept...
  1:23pm other david:

Nice, Stina :)
  1:23pm Caryn:

Is Irwin going to walk in on this? Oh the humanity!
  1:23pm still b/p:

The superstorm begat the shtupenstorm. Who knew?
  1:24pm Leftwing and Rightwing Control Freaks:

Next year, we're gonna write legislation to give the FCC unlimited oversight over that filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy interwebs. Do people just think they can do anything they WANT TO???

Gotta check out these sites. Just to prep for the Congressional hearings, we mean.
  1:24pm pierre:

@Stina : 69% raised, seems accurate/
  1:25pm fofo (:

other david!

Right on the g-SPOT!! I screepcapped the Home Page to capture the historical moment when WFMU went XXX hardcore:

WFMU Home Page - 69% raised -- Porn For the Blind - Cum Overload

This is historical
  1:25pm Leftwing and Rightwing Control Freaks:

Wasn't Irwin one of the readers??????
  1:26pm Phillip in San Antonio:

I wonder if the power has been restored over off 8th Street Latinas?
  1:26pm Matt from Springfield:

NICE fofo!! :)
  1:26pm PMD:

@fofo great!
  1:27pm Leftwing and Rightwing Control Freaks:

Those 8th Street Latinas R HAWT
  1:27pm Stina:

@fofo: Hahaha! Awesome, much better than mine.
  1:27pm other david:

Ah, amidst the destruction and disruption - WFMU & commenters still making me laugh, I heart you folks
  1:28pm Beavis:

heh heh...magna what...?
  1:28pm PMD:

Magna *Cum* Laude
  1:28pm Caryn:

Irwin graduated magna cum louder. Ba-dum-pum!
  1:28pm Ricardo Montalban:

I haven't heard enough ums, ers, and likes for you to sound like a college radio DJ, Irwin!
  1:29pm Ethan P:

I can't stop thinking this dialogue is still porn for the blind!! I think every conversation is going to be weird today.
  1:29pm fofo (:

And the screencap suits perfectly with the "Our Programming will make you less miserable than other stations" WFMU slogan.
  1:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Comma zero backslash!
Ken and Irwin - Porn For The Tone-Deaf!!!
  1:30pm Caryn:

Is Ken instructing Irwin to connect to the network or to get to the PFTB site?
  1:31pm giselle:

  1:31pm Ethan P:

The new catch phrases! Great show today, Thanks.
  1:31pm Sometimes Jasmine:

Wow. That just made my day.
  1:31pm other david:

  1:31pm FCC:

THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*our* world
  1:31pm Matt from Springfield:

ILlegal ID!
WFMU FuckMeInTheButt East Orange
WMFU CumInMyEar Mount Hope NOT without her permission!
NO means NO!!!!
  1:31pm still b/p:

Deflowerings all over up in here today.
  1:31pm Ricardo Montalban:

Thanks for keeping the aspidistra flying, Ken!
This has been great. Hope things get sorted out soon and that everyone's safe.
  1:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Irwin's SEVEN DIRTY WORDS!! If the world were to end now I would be so happy!!!

Thank you Ken for keeping the good ship WFMU afloat - and naughty!
  1:32pm Caryn:

If WFMU just went back on the air, the station is screwed. FCC fines will call for an extra 6 moths of fund-raising.
  1:32pm Bas, NL:

Thanks Ken!
  1:32pm FCC:

70% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1:33pm FCC:

You guys can swear all what you want. But digital evidence is still evidence. I'm taking this screencap with me:

Have a nice day you suckers!


Robert McDowell.
  1:33pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ricardo: Ken's "keeping the aspidistra flying", good one!
  1:54pm tomasz.:

i was eating during the illegal station ID and nearly choked from laughter. this whole show was maybe the oddest radio i've ever heard, well done
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