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Artist Title Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Soulful Strings  Santa Claus is Coming to Town   Favoriting       0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Barbary Coasters  Under My Tree   Favoriting       0:09:57 Pop-up)  
Redd Kross  Super Sunny Christmas   Favoriting       0:12:26 Pop-up)  
Original Sins  Happy Birthday Jesus   Favoriting       0:15:33 Pop-up)  
Material Issue  Merry Christmas Will Do   Favoriting       0:18:01 Pop-up)  
Reverend Horton Heat  What Child Is This   Favoriting We Three Kings  Yep Roc    0:20:46 Pop-up)  
Thee headcoats  Reindeer Are Wild   Favoriting       0:24:38 Pop-up)  
Jerry Lewis          0:29:46 Pop-up)  
Spongebob and Patrick  Pretty Ribbons and Bows   Favoriting       0:33:04 Pop-up)  
Tom kenny  interview   Favoriting     the voice of spongebob!  0:50:43 Pop-up)  
SpongeBob SquarePants  Christmas Eve Jitters   Favoriting       0:49:53 Pop-up)  
Sky Saxon/Firewall  Christmas In the Courtroom   Favoriting       0:51:41 Pop-up)  
Cadillacs  Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer   Favoriting     RIP Speedo  0:55:19 Pop-up)  
Pink Slip daddy  Santa Claus   Favoriting       0:56:54 Pop-up)  
Fred Flintstone and His Orchestra  Christmas Is My Favorite Tme of Year   Favoriting       0:58:49 Pop-up)  
Tommy Lee & the Orbits  Jingle Rock   Favoriting       1:00:31 Pop-up)  
Richard Cheese  Do They Know It's Christmas   Favoriting       1:03:25 Pop-up)  
Johnny and the High Keys  The Christmas Game   Favoriting       1:04:52 Pop-up)  
The Gruesomes  Santa Claus   Favoriting       1:14:30 Pop-up)  
Bobby the Poet  White Christmas (3 o'clock Weather Report)   Favoriting       1:18:22 Pop-up)  
Marshall Brothers  Mr. Santa's Boogie   Favoriting       1:18:44 Pop-up)  
Fat Daddy  Fat Daddy   Favoriting       1:20:36 Pop-up)  
Ron Holden  Who Says There Ain't No Santa Claus   Favoriting       1:23:13 Pop-up)  
Solomon Burke  Presents for Christmas   Favoriting       1:25:27 Pop-up)  
The Poets  Merry Christmas Baby   Favoriting       1:28:31 Pop-up)  
Diaboliks  Santa's Sack   Favoriting       1:42:57 Pop-up)  
Lard Dog & the Band of Shy  Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer   Favoriting       1:48:25 Pop-up)  
Waistcoats  I Wish You Could Be More Like Santa Claus   Favoriting       1:49:01 Pop-up)  
Ringo Starr  Come On Christmas Christmas Come On   Favoriting       1:54:46 Pop-up)  
Gary Glitter  Another Rock and Roll Christmas   Favoriting       1:58:22 Pop-up)  
The Hives  Take Back the Toys   Favoriting       2:03:21 Pop-up)  
Jimmy McCracklin  Christmas Time Pt. 1   Favoriting       2:05:48 Pop-up)  
The Odd Couple  You're So Vain   Favoriting The odd Couple Sings      2:08:04 Pop-up)  
Dragnet  The Christmas Story Pt. 3   Favoriting       2:35:38 Pop-up)  
Sterilles  I Got a Lot of Toys For Christmas   Favoriting       2:42:45 Pop-up)  
Stormy Weather  Christmas Time Is Coming (A Street Carol)   Favoriting       2:45:58 Pop-up)  
Tony Rodelle Larson  Cool Yule   Favoriting       2:48:01 Pop-up)  
Beach Boys  Christmas Time is Here Again   Favoriting       2:51:40 Pop-up)  
Minus 5  Your Christmas Whiskey   Favoriting       2:53:29 Pop-up)  
Frank Lee Sprague  The First Noel   Favoriting       2:56:22 Pop-up)  
Bibi Farber with the Michael Lynch Orchestra  Gonna Ask Santa Claus   Favoriting       2:58:33 Pop-up)  
The Ramblin' Ambassadors  Don't Fear the Reindeer   Favoriting       3:02:01 Pop-up)  
Art Carney  Twas The Night Before Christmas   Favoriting       3:12:30 Pop-up)  
Saturday's Children  Deck Five   Favoriting     RIP Dave Brubeck  3:12:39 Pop-up)  
The Royal Guardsmen  Snoopy's Christmas   Favoriting       3:14:55 Pop-up)  
Johnny Preston  (I Want A) Rock and Roll Guitar   Favoriting       3:17:29 Pop-up)  
The Willies  I Caught My Girlfriend Kissing Santa   Favoriting       3:22:33 Pop-up)  
Ted Franko  Santa Beer Reindeer   Favoriting       3:24:25 Pop-up)  
soundtrack  Hooray for Santa Claus   Favoriting       3:28:49 Pop-up)  
Bill Cosby  Merry Christmas Mama   Favoriting       3:29:04 Pop-up)  
Nervous Norvous  I'm Waitin' Up For Santa Claus   Favoriting       3:32:33 Pop-up)  
The Belairs  Three Blind Christmas Mice   Favoriting       3:34:19 Pop-up)  
Boss Martians  Christmas Time   Favoriting       3:37:22 Pop-up)  
Norton records Christmas singles!  
Flat Duo Jets  I'll Have a Merry Christmas Without You   Favoriting       3:47:37 Pop-up)  
Jackie and the Cedrics  Santa Claus is Coming to Town   Favoriting       3:50:45 Pop-up)  
Little Joey Farr  Rock and Roll Santa   Favoriting       3:51:28 Pop-up)  
Hasil Adkins  Santa Claus Boogie   Favoriting       3:56:49 Pop-up)  
Andre Williams  Poor Mr. Santa   Favoriting       3:56:58 Pop-up)  
Swingin' Neckbreakers  Under the Christmas Tree   Favoriting       4:00:42 Pop-up)  
Luis & The Wildfires  Who Likes Christmas Anyway?   Favoriting       4:02:30 Pop-up)  
Brendan Hanlon and the Bat Men  Christmas Party   Favoriting       4:05:34 Pop-up)  
The Kaisers  Merry Christmas Loopy Lu   Favoriting       4:11:43 Pop-up)  
Wildebeests  Rudolph's Ruin   Favoriting       4:13:48 Pop-up)  
New Surfsiders  Little Saint Nick   Favoriting       4:16:18 Pop-up)  
Toronados  Santa Claus   Favoriting     already heard on Todd-o-phonic Todd's show, but Christmas only comes once a year!  4:17:46 Pop-up)  
Hentchmen  Come On Santa   Favoriting       4:19:51 Pop-up)  
5678's  Rock and Roll Santa   Favoriting     cover of song we just heard in the last set  4:22:12 Pop-up)  
The Qualities  It's Christmas Time   Favoriting       4:26:38 Pop-up)  
Reigning Sound  If Christmas Can't Bring You Home   Favoriting       4:27:54 Pop-up)  
Donny Burns  Cool Yule   Favoriting       4:30:02 Pop-up)  
Tommy Keene  Turning On Blue   Favoriting       4:36:30 Pop-up)  
Blank Stares  Corporation Radar Girl   Favoriting       4:40:25 Pop-up)  
Ronnie Spector  It's Christmas Once Again   Favoriting     for Gaylord & Kathleen!  4:44:06 Pop-up)  
Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva  I Wish You A Merry Christmas   Favoriting       4:47:08 Pop-up)  
Three Aces And A Joker  Sleigh Bell Rock   Favoriting       4:49:59 Pop-up)  
Bobby Rydell and Chubby Checker  Jingle Bell Rock   Favoriting       4:51:54 Pop-up)  
The Thing of Rock and Roll  Blue Christmas   Favoriting       4:56:10 Pop-up)  
Johnny Guarnieri with Slam Stewart  Santa's Secret   Favoriting       4:56:33 Pop-up)  
Cathy Sharpe  North Pole Rock   Favoriting       5:04:28 Pop-up)  
Tryfles  Gloria!   Favoriting       5:06:29 Pop-up)  
Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers  Monsters' Holiday   Favoriting       5:08:42 Pop-up)  
Count Floyd  Reggae Christmas Eve in Transylvania   Favoriting       5:13:40 Pop-up)  
Velodrome 2000  Christmas Sucks   Favoriting       5:15:00 Pop-up)  
Sloan  Merry Christmas Everybody   Favoriting       5:18:17 Pop-up)  
Honey & The Bees  Jing Jing A Ling   Favoriting       5:21:28 Pop-up)  
Santo and Johnny  Twistin' Bells   Favoriting       5:23:43 Pop-up)  
Hi-Risers  Christmas Lights   Favoriting       5:26:00 Pop-up)  
Dom Mariani  Christmasonic   Favoriting       5:33:23 Pop-up)  
David Carswell and Megan Barnes  I Wanna Kiss You This Christmas   Favoriting       5:37:31 Pop-up)  
The Rory McBrides  (We Like) Eggnog!   Favoriting       5:39:01 Pop-up)  
Dragnet  The Christmas Story Pt. 4   Favoriting       5:42:45 Pop-up)  
SpongeBob SquarePants  Don't Be A Jerk This Christmas   Favoriting       5:49:28 Pop-up)  
Smugglers  Lonely Christmas   Favoriting       5:51:51 Pop-up)  
Wild Man Fischer and Dr. Demento  I'm a Christmas Tree   Favoriting       5:56:06 Pop-up)  
Original Sins  Bethlehem   Favoriting       5:57:07 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:15pm Woo:

Merry Christmas Joe! Thanks for bringing joy to the world especially in this frightening year.
  12:16pm Fuzzy:

Feliz Navidad 'FMUers! Great Xma$ music mix Joe and Todd!
Avatar 12:19pm Joe B:

Hi Everyone! Merry Christmas! Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants himself coming up around 1230!
  12:24pm G:

This We Three Kings should be in the Christmas Day murder scene in a future Tarantino movie.
  12:27pm Woo:

If The Archies Christmas Album is in the station, that would be appreciated sometime in the next 6 hours. If not, that's OK too. I've never heard it but I'm sure Jughead is laying down a steady beat throughout.
  12:34pm missy V:

Feliz naughty dawgs
  12:41pm Geokopp:

Merry Christmas Todd & Joe! Got any Monkees Christmas tunes?
  12:42pm Geokopp:

Merry Christmas Todd & Joe! Got any Monkees Christmas tunes?
  12:51pm Andrew Waterloo:

That just further confirms why I enjoy watching Sponge Bob with my Daughter
  12:54pm Fuzzy:

What courtroom is open for biz on Christmas? Scary...
Avatar 12:55pm Joe B:

they open up for sky saxon!
Avatar 12:58pm Joe B:

Hi Fuzzy! Hi Andrew! Hi George! Todd played them all!
  1:01pm Brian:

Wow, Fred Flintstone is a great singer. Merry Christmas and yabba dabba doo!
  1:02pm Brian:

Wow, Fred Flintstone is a great singer. Merry Christmas to all and yabba dabba doo!
Avatar 1:03pm Joe B:

Hi Missy V!
  1:06pm kat330:

Merry Christmas, Joe B.! Hi again, everyone from earlier, and hello, George! We just finished a turkey-with-trimmings dinner, cooked and digested so well to your sounds, Joe!
Avatar 1:07pm Joe B:

Hi Woo! Hi G! Hi Kat! thanks everyone for listening and commenting!
  1:08pm Philo Gristle:

Merry Merry, rare opportunity to hear you show, Joe. Thanks for making it a great one. Terrific interview to boot!
  1:10pm kat330:

@Andrew Waterloo: I looked at Amanda's playlist from overnight. I recall you there as "Andrew Wateroo"! In your watery cups? ;)
  1:14pm Andrew Waterloo:

yup :) been all over WFMU the last few days
  1:15pm kat330:

Sounded like a swimming kangaroo -- maybe a surfing 'roo.
Avatar 1:17pm Joe B:

Woo, don't know the Archies LP! Dont see it!
Avatar 1:17pm Joe B:

Thanks Philo!
  1:20pm Philo Gristle:

Feel like a stuffed turkey here after eating kat's delicious xmas feast. This mellow set is perfectly suited for the tryptophan to kick in!
  1:21pm Listener Schned:

Que viva 6-Chord Monte!! And in tribute to your co-host, can we run "6-pointed Star Monte" past the suits!?!
  1:22pm Neil:

Best Christmas ever! Funny about that "Dylan" Christmas song being better than his real ones.
  1:27pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Howdy HoHo to all Belockers! Listening from the beach in S FLA. Nice place to be but crappy radio. Thank goodness for FMU Android app & 4G. Loving the JB-TT marathon.
  1:36pm longos:

Merry Christmas Todd and joe! We are enjoying your show in the 88 caddy, cruisin down the road. All our best, mike and Hannah
  1:37pm kat330:

@kevin: We were in Marco Island this time 2009 -- it was poifect! Hope it is for you as well!
  1:39pm Philo Gristle:

Learned about Vin Scelsa from the Ramones! It's Not my Place in the 9 to 5 world, I think.....
  1:40pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Yup Kat Sunny & 77F ( water 78 ). Marco was last year.
  1:43pm kat330:

@Kevin: Well, kiss the surf for me! (I'm a boogie board maniac).
  1:45pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Will do kat...Big wet one too!!!
  1:52pm geokopp:

Hey Kat! Merry Christmas to you too, and all the Belocksters!
Avatar 1:52pm Joe B:

hey kevin! Thanks for checking in! hey Mike and Hannah!
  1:53pm Woo:

What do you guys have to eat there at FMU?
  1:54pm fred von helsing:

carry on Christmassing
  1:57pm Andrew Waterloo:

@fred sounds like a Kansas parody coming on
  2:03pm Andrew Waterloo:

Carry on my Christmas soooonng, peace on earth the king is booorn... little town of bethlahaaaaaam... fa la la la la
  2:05pm ken in denver:

Merry Christmas, Joe!
  2:06pm ken in denver:

And Todd too!
  2:07pm kat330:

@geokopp: Thanks! Still feeling stuffed, but loosening up with some champagne. :)

@fred v h: Got your "Melancholia" yet? Last night we watched Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" for a strange holiday custom. I'd seen it long ago and had not recalled the riveting speech CC gives to end the film. Genius correctly applied in his case.
  2:11pm George Serr:

YOU guys are hot today!!!
  2:12pm frenchee:

Merry Christmas, Joe and Todd-o-Phonic! Great show.
  2:14pm Joe E:

WFMU has been what is the word?... Intrepid! with their Christmas theme over the past week! I am about ready to complain to the Station Manager. (or is the station manger Santa Clause?????????)
  2:25pm Andrew Waterloo:

@Joe WFMU is simply being WFMU, that's why I love it and I am sure most of the people listening would agree.
  2:27pm geokopp:

That's right Andrew. Merry Christmas Joe E!
  2:32pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Are you the best online stream in the universe
...or is it :
- ?!?
...I mean - these WFMU DJ's are talkin' sports now - fergawdsakes - ?!?!
- Happy Solstice - !!!
  2:33pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings Joe B and all the listeners. Merry christmas.
  2:36pm Woo:

I've been listening since 9 am, or 8 CST. Thew wife and I have to go across the street to eat Christmas dinner with our wonderful neighbors. But not for another couple of hours. Thank Jesus the convenience store down the street is open and selling ale! Great show boys!
  2:39pm fred von helsing:

got Melancholia, haven't watched it yet !
  2:46pm Terre T:

Happy and Merry Joe& Todd! Love and good tidings to you guys and all the listeners. This show has been SUPERB!!
  2:50pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...no - you probably *are* the best online stream in the universe - if not the only one...
  2:51pm kat330:

[snapping fingers and dancing beatnik style to this Cool Yule]
Avatar 3:00pm Joe B:

Thanks TT! Wish you were here!

Hi everyone, thanks for checking in!
  3:05pm Rob & Katie:

Great mega-show Joe, Christmas Greetings to everyone! It's been a great one for me so far - I spotted a Mexican tortilleria around the corner from Katie's mom's house in Bradenton FL open today, Christmas Day - a Christmas miracle! Fresh home-made Christmas tacos... Enough to make a secular Jew like me wonder if there really is a Santa after all...
  3:07pm kenny:

great show! like the songs
  3:07pm Woo:

Back off Ken!
  3:07pm kat330:

Thank you, Todd, for your show and for hanging in there through now! Have a restful night!
  3:11pm Joltz:

Do you have any more by Fred Flintstone and his orchestra?
  3:12pm kat330:

Cool Carney and more finger-snapping beatnik style. Art gets a bad rap.
  3:12pm Woo:

Art Carney goes Beatnik. This is amazing.
  3:12pm kat330:

Woo-hoo, jinx!
  3:14pm kat330:

Wherever did you find this "Deck Five," Joe?? Wow!
  3:16pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Wait! - hahaha! - there's a song called 'Don't Fear the Reindeer' - & I *missed* it - ?!?

...Nobody is *seriously* faulting these guys for playing Christmas music on Christmas, are they - ?!?...It is [duh] a great selection in dem parameters...
  3:17pm Woo:

Yes! Royal Guardsmen. My second 45 was Snoopy vs. The Red Baron. The first was I'm a Believer. Thanks, Mom!
  3:25pm Andrew Waterloo:

Atari 2600 had a Snoopy Vs. Red Baron game that used to play for hours and hours when I was kid.
  3:26pm Woo:

Just to finish the thought, my 3rd 45 was Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever. Something happened.
  3:30pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...That's what it was like when Music was affordable to Produce & Consume, Woo :
- Both the Ridiculous & the Sublime were exceptional...
  3:30pm Listener Schned:

@kat330 Treat yourself to a read/audio-read of Charles Chaplin "My Autobiography" sometime! Sample quote: 'Life is but another word for struggle, which gives us little surcease' (!!)
  3:35pm frenchee:

My mom lives near Bradenton, so next year when I'm down there I might have to check out this tortilleria. Feliz Navi-blah-blah! Hi to Katie
  3:41pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Chaplin...& Nietsche said Art saves us from the Meaninglessness of Truth - if ya wanna be all proto-existential about it...& Little Steven said on a recent Underground Garage show - 'Let me guess - you wanna commit suicide? - Hey! It's not just you - Life Sucks! - but [to continue bad paraphrase - of both them guys...] we still got kewl stuff' - like WFMU - !!!
...HoHoHo... Good Mexican Food - ?! Santa like you better - !...
  3:43pm I X Key!:

Merry Christmas Joe, & thanks for ruining Christmas!
  3:45pm Johnny Bigfoot:

How many discs can you handle fer crissake? 52 is not enough?
  3:46pm Woo:

I think 1966 was the greatest year in music but 1967, at 9 years old, was when my eyes and ears were opened. I thank my late parents for dropping me off in the record department and paying for the discs I wanted.
  3:48pm I X Key!:

@Johnny LOL crissake is a funny Christmas word!
  3:49pm I X Key!:

Lovely thank, @Woo
  3:51pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Christmas is like Solstice for Christ's sake.
  3:52pm Terre T:

Nice dedication Joe! :)
  3:53pm kat330:

Thanks, Schned! [sorry for the delay -- tryptophan reflexes here]
  4:00pm I X Key!:

Happy lzte solstice!
  4:02pm Jim & Vicki:

Joe, Thanks for being on the air. Happy Holidays to you & Cyn!
  4:02pm michael shelley:

Merry Christmas Joe!
  4:02pm I X Key!:

Yum all up tryptophan! One of my favorite foods that has more tryptophan than turkey is seals, I mean watercress!
  4:06pm kat330:

The spirits certainly seem to be high here now. I think the rockin' music is getting a booze boost, eh, X Key and RevRabbit? :)
  4:07pm Andrew Waterloo:

Santa Claus just walked in and made me a big Norton 7" order
  4:11pm I X Key!:

! Cheers kat :o)
  4:14pm Woo:

Kaisers got that Dizzy Miss Lizzy guitar going. Excellent!
  4:15pm kat330:

Believe we heard this on Sin's show, too -- excellent!
  4:16pm Gaylord Fields:

"Merry Xmas Loopy Loo": Perhaps the signature moment of a great group?
  4:16pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...A little red wine. Lucky guess - ! ...I just heard a tune on called 'ESP' to the tune of Pretty Things' 'LSD'...& this here on WFMU has to be the best selection of Christmas Tunes absolutely anywhere - ! Talk about Kewl Yule - !?!...
Avatar 4:17pm Joe B:

new surfsiders were already cued up, honest!
  4:19pm I X Key!:

!!!!! KEWL YULE !!!!!
  4:19pm Gaylord Fields:

Also, notice how the song's chiming hook sorta falls between "Deck the Halls" and the "Please Please Me" motif! Genius, I tell ya!
Avatar 4:21pm Joe B:

GF sounds like you are preparing to present Part Two!
  4:24pm Joe E:

@ Andrew Waterloo BLAHHHH I'm up to my armpits in Holly.
  4:26pm frenchee:

Merry Christmas, GAYLORD!
  4:29pm Gaylord Fields:

@Joe E: If you're looking for some Yule-free Joe Belock, just play an archive of a previous show -- either an old favorite or one you may have never heard. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.
  4:29pm I X Key!:

Gaylord, you're brilliant, & your show is beautiful! Merry Christmas!
  4:31pm Gaylord Fields:

And Happy Solstice to you, Frenchee!
  4:31pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Little Steven played some Beatles tribute band doing a 'Please Please Me'-oid version of Jingle Bells - I think it were.

- Dave Clark 5 I never heard - ! :
...What were that magazine/Fanzine back in the decade that famously had a graphic on their back page showing DC5 getting off a plane - & the MC5 in typical pose w/ caption : DC5/MC5: *They* want to tour America - & *they* want to destroy it - !!!
- Dino Valente's original of 'Get Together' is good to compare...
  4:32pm @Santapalooza:

Great show, Joe! I always look forward to your Christmas shows and this is the best one yet!
Avatar 4:37pm Joe B:

Thanks Santapalooza!
  4:39pm Lizardner Dave:

Screw the complainers Joe. Been listening since halfway through Todd's show this morning and you guys have been great.
  4:40pm Joe E:

@Gaylord Fields: Indeed Gaylord. I will vanquish myself to the WFMU archives and underground vaults with my peanut butter sandwiches and you will never hear from me again. I will exist unknowing in a secret subterranean existence until I emerge like a trilobite to conquer WFMU.
Avatar 4:41pm ?:

is that Joe Ely?
  4:41pm Joe E:

Trilobites are really powerful btw!
  4:42pm Woo:

Again many thanks for the music today! Overserved myself, tired and emotional, stumbling across the street to be fed, best wishes to all!
  4:43pm Joe E:

I don't know Joe Ely. So no! :)
  4:44pm kat330:

Woo jinx again. Was just going to type that we're going off and out now.

@Joe B: Thank you so much for a festive afternoon! Be safe and be good everyone!
  4:48pm Andrew Waterloo:

There you are, wreath of Franklins: http://25.media.tumblr.com/70294c07ee05171f3d40a1b56cc19997/tumblr_mflwivrcVa1qz779ho1_500.jpg
  4:49pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Maybe that thing in the new Godzilla (2014) rumors say has two tails isn't a centipede. Maybe it's a very powerful trilobite.
  4:52pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

- I was hoping for $100 bills for Xmas
- but imagine the sound - !!!
  4:53pm Andrew Waterloo:

Would that have 50 Cents picture in the middle?
  4:53pm Andrew Waterloo:

I think this is the best version of Jingle Bell Rock
  4:55pm I X Key!:

Good luck @Woo
  4:56pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Does the WOOJINX make you drink red wine - listen to one stream - & comment on another for half an hour - ?
...I'm new here..
  4:56pm I X Key!:

have a merry one kat
  5:00pm Neil:

Been loving the Xmas extravaganza. Fmu's Christmas shows are the best part of holiday. Maybe in no small part because you know they'll end. I've been on board since 9, and my only worry is that I might miss the thrilling conclusion to the D-Net episode.
  5:02pm I X Key!:

Did not Joe Belock quip about a ruined Christmas? No worries! I just appreciatively responded to what Joe Belock said earlier!
  5:03pm I X Key!:

! WFMU is always great during holidays, & throughout the holiday season :o)
  5:06pm Gaylord Fields:

Thanks for the Ronnie-related shout-out, Joe! (She's been on my show twice, by the way. The time we hung out at the New Orleans airport post-Ponderosa Stomp doesn't count.) And ecumenical holiday greetings to you and Cyn!
  5:07pm Johnny Bigfoot:

Mistletoe Joe!
  5:12pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

- Presumably Pickett's "Monster's Holiday" was first - & Lon Chaney Jr.'s later - ??
- What years - ?? '61/2 - ??
  5:31pm Julie B.:

hey Joe - Merry Christmas! We're tuned in in White Plains!
  5:33pm listener mark:

Excellent show! Six hours, continuous, rock & roll!
  5:33pm pierre:

Joyeux Noël WFMU !!!

(Lots of love from here)
  5:42pm Terre T:

Phenom show!!
Merry Xmas Joe! I'm sorry it's been sucha tough year. If I didn't have all this family stuff, I'd be swigging BoozeNog with u today at FMU!
Avatar 5:43pm Joe B:

Thanks TT YOU are the best!
  5:58pm Julie B.:

yeah! Wild Man Fisher and Dr. D!
  7:02pm I X Key!:

! Merry Christmas Hearty White !
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