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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Stiv Bators  It's Cold Outside   Favoriting       my version is it's cold inside, at home  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Bipolaroid  Tonight We paint the town our favorite color   Favoriting         0:02:42 Pop-up)  
The Split Squad  Messin' Around   Favoriting         0:04:26 Pop-up)  
The Woody Peakers  Going All the Way   Favoriting Beat Solution  Screaming Apple      0:08:56 Pop-up)  
The Beatpack  Misfit   Favoriting The Time and the Pleasure  Screaming Apple    produced by Billy Childish  0:11:53 Pop-up)  
The Sloths  Wanna New Life   Favoriting cd single      reunited garage legends  0:13:33 Pop-up)  
Ribeye Brothers  Circle Sky   Favoriting Call of the Scrapheap      playing Friday at Langosta Lounge on the Asbury Park boardwalk  0:16:37 Pop-up)  
Nude Beach  What Can You Do   Favoriting 7"  Other Music      0:20:22 Pop-up)  
Bad Sports  Free Spirit   Favoriting Bra  Dirtnap  2013    0:30:08 Pop-up)  
James and the Ultrasounds  New Orleans Rain   Favoriting Lovers and Ghosts  Kanoy's Kid Records  2013    0:33:32 Pop-up)  
La La Brooks  A Boy Like You   Favoriting All or Nothing  Norton  2013    0:36:42 Pop-up)  
Kelley Stoltz  Storms   Favoriting Double Exposure  Third Man      0:39:28 Pop-up)  
Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs  Trouble   Favoriting Under the Covers Vol. 3  Shout Factory  2013    0:42:38 Pop-up)  
Yo La Tengo  Ohm (live 2)   Favoriting Fade (Deluxe Edition)  Matador  2013    0:46:07 Pop-up)  
Husky Team  Auld Lang Syne   Favoriting Christmas in Memphis  Confidential      1:02:30 Pop-up)  
Cheap Time  Kill the Light   Favoriting Exit Smiles  In the Red  2013    1:07:45 Pop-up)  
Night Beats  Satisfy Your Mind   Favoriting         1:10:23 Pop-up)  
Lou Reed  Big Sky   Favoriting Ecstasy  Reprise      1:12:37 Pop-up)  
The Obits  Tase the Diff   Favoriting Bed & Bugs  Sub Pop  2013    1:17:41 Pop-up)  
The Last  Unreal Love   Favoriting         1:20:08 Pop-up)  
Ventures            1:22:34 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  Killsythe   Favoriting         1:27:41 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  All I Want   Favoriting         1:29:42 Pop-up)  
Engineer: David Mambach  
Jack - guitar, lead vocals; Max - bass, vocals; Max - guitar. vocals; Max - drums, vocals  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  Say You Love Me   Favoriting         1:31:53 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences playing at Grand Victory Jan 17 with Hector's Pets then touring Europe Starting Jan. 20 for 4 weeks  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  East Gun Hill   Favoriting         1:33:55 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  Heaven Is Tonight   Favoriting         1:36:01 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  Under Your Leather   Favoriting         1:37:41 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  High School Rip   Favoriting         1:40:20 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  Kings Kross   Favoriting         1:43:53 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  Deep In Your Heart   Favoriting         1:46:48 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  White Lies   Favoriting         1:48:52 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  Nut Bush City Limits   Favoriting         1:51:47 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  1,000 MPH   Favoriting         1:54:12 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  R.S.C.   Favoriting         1:55:49 Pop-up)  
Dirty Fences live on WFMU!  Somethin' Else   Favoriting         1:58:36 Pop-up)  
Black Joe Lewis  Dar Es Salaam   Favoriting Electric Slave        2:07:20 Pop-up)  
Liquor Store  Pile of Dirt   Favoriting         2:12:00 Pop-up)  
Endless Boogie  The Savagist   Favoriting Long Island      January residency at Union pool starts tomorrow  2:18:23 Pop-up)  
Lee Ranaldo and The Dust  The Rising Tide   Favoriting Last Night On Earth      Lee and band on Brian's show TODAY 3 to 6 pm  2:30:09 Pop-up)  
The Alarm Clocks  Get used To It   Favoriting Wake Up!        2:41:32 Pop-up)  
Quitty and the Don'ts  All of You   Favoriting 7"        2:43:57 Pop-up)  
Mourning Reign  Our Fate   Favoriting         2:46:45 Pop-up)  
Sheffields  Nothing i Can Do   Favoriting various - Scream Loud!!! The Fenton Story        2:48:50 Pop-up)  
John paul Keith  New Year's Eve   Favoriting Memphis Circa 3 AM  Big Legal Mess  2013    2:51:36 Pop-up)  
The Bee Gees  Like Nobody Else   Favoriting         2:57:19 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:05pm sissophonic Cheryl:

Hope to heck you got your extra muffler on today!
Avatar 12:05pm Joe B:

hey Cheryl! I think it is warmer outside than in my apartment!
  12:07pm sissophonic Cheryl:

Oh no! You can crash on our sofa if you need to! When the power is on, our apartment stays warm.
Avatar 12:09pm KP:

Happy New Year, Joe!
Avatar 12:10pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- don't let our WFM'Js go hypothermic !!
Avatar 12:11pm Joe B:

hey KP, same to you! I will be in your neighborhood Friday night, Otto's Shrunken Head - Wax darts playing live!
Avatar 12:11pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar 12:12pm Joe B:

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in. Great band coming up at 1 pm - Dirty Fences playing LIVE right here!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:12pm Guido (Cologne):

Hi everybody!

(Was it -other recording- on Pebbles 1 or 2?)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:13pm Guido (Cologne):

Are Dirty Fences enemies of White Fence?
Avatar 12:13pm Joe B:

Hi Guido, yes pebbles No. 1 - the Squires!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:14pm Mike East:

I still have a drink ticket from Otto's Shrunken Head in my wallet...from probably 6 or 7 years ago...wonder if its still good...
Avatar 12:14pm Joe B:

I will ask them!
Avatar 12:15pm Nanker de Tucson:

Love this "The Sloths" single
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:17pm Mike East:

Just looked at it..."good til 12/30/07" - still a valuable piece of memorabilia.
Avatar 12:19pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...the Ribeye Brothers play their own instruments - whatever anybody says...
Avatar 12:19pm Joe B:

try to use it Friday! should be a good show!
Avatar 12:21pm KP:

Wow. Ottos. That's closer than our den.
  12:41pm Hackensack Slim:

Hey Joe,
Happy New Year. I've been waiting for a revival of the Stupid Bowl, that Chris T used to do. I think the dynamic duo of Joe B and Todd would be up to the task.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:48pm dale:

at first i didn't think anyone needed to cover lindsey buckingham, but this version grew on me and i approve.
Avatar 12:51pm Joe B:

running late for the live set, but they are here! we are getting it together asap. maybe 30 minutes?
Avatar 12:52pm Nanker de Tucson:

Yo La Tengo puts on a great live show
Avatar 12:52pm Joe B:

agreed Nanker. I was pissed I couldn't make it to any of their 4-night stand in brooklyn recently
Avatar 12:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar 12:54pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...anyone doesn't know that funny song yet
...sorry - been suggested it's rude to post youtube links whilst a show's running...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:55pm common:

they are great live.
Avatar 12:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- 'Ohm''s a great song.
Avatar 1:03pm ottovonbqe:

thanks skate - your bad behavior has ruined it for everybody
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:04pm Konin:

I suggest a loop
Avatar 1:04pm KOTJ:

Auld Ang Onions
Avatar 1:05pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Booker T is great.
Avatar 1:05pm Joe B:

Dirty fences soundchecking now, delayed due to technical difficulties
Avatar 1:09pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...should play 'Behave Yourself' by BookerT & the MGs...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:15pm SeanG:

  1:15pm bert:

'smatter? Did the Dirty Fences forget their amps?
  1:15pm LovecraftDude888:

Wow is it harsh out there, was out for 15 min. earlier, was over the top. Staying inside for duration.
Avatar 1:16pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...reminds me of The Kinks' 'Big Sky' - but geez - Thx Lou.
  1:17pm LovecraftDude888:

sure not like Kate Bush's The Big Sky
  1:18pm LovecraftDude888:

more like The Big Cold Panorama of Frigid Doom
Avatar 1:19pm ken in denver:

Lou Reed's Montana song? I guess he and Zappa are riding the range on heaven's dental floss ranch now.
Avatar 1:19pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- I'd like to hear that trail trash talk...
  1:19pm LovecraftDude888:

shootin six guns at each other...or at least, Lou and Bill Graham
Avatar 1:20pm ken in denver:

Dirty fences make dirty neighbors, they say.
Avatar 1:21pm Joe B:

sorry for the delay - technical issues on fmu's end. we are ready to go!
Avatar 1:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Lou said guns were a waste of time - too many people to shoot.
Avatar 1:24pm glenn:

i'm singing the theme to gilligan's island to this house of the rising sun track.
  1:25pm LovecraftDude888:

I only ever shot a Crossman bb gun in camp and they shot crooked. I was a huge archery nut for years but I can't afford a new rig now...$2000 for a Hoyt olympic setup absurd
Avatar 1:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- that's why Tolkien's elves hadda live in the woods...
  1:28pm LovecraftDude888:

this weather should make tuning up a snap..oof!
  1:29pm LovecraftDude888:

cool band but..what about The Clean Silent Hedges...that was a Bauhaus cover band Ithink
Avatar 1:33pm Joe B:

Dirty Fences playing at Grand Victory Jan 17 with Hector's Pets then touring Europe Starting Jan. 20 for 4 weeks
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:34pm Dominick:

Diggin' this
  1:34pm bert:

3 Max's in one band. Any more would be dangerous.
Avatar 1:35pm glenn:

that's a buncha maxes.
Avatar 1:36pm Joe B:

the max factor
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:37pm Dominick:

As Poochie would say, "...to the MAX!"
  1:37pm bert:

Great song. Thanks.
  1:37pm KevinWho:

they are maxed out
Avatar 🎸 Swag For Life Member 1:39pm Mike Sin:

Great soundin' set! Kudos to the band and David M.
  1:40pm KevinWho:

the bad/obvious pun possibilities are endless! this is why message boards need moderators ....
  1:41pm LovecraftDude888:

just as long as the Mighty Max from WLIR doesn't show up here....good lord
Avatar 1:46pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...that is - we need to keep the Max jokes to a Minimum...
  1:46pm LovecraftDude888:

nobody remembers WLIR...ouch good band going here...reminds me of The Toy Dolls for some reason....I think but less pretentious
  1:47pm LovecraftDude888:

I'd rather Mad Max than Mighty Max...alright enough of all that. Anybody else a Peet's coffee fan? Just discovered it....feckin great!
Avatar 1:49pm Mailman Tom:

Spirit lifting music in the dead of Winter, that's what I like!
Avatar 1:50pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Thx Dirty Fences ! - came out the gate blazin'...
- & Thx Joe & engineer Dave
- appreciate you bringing the real & fun bands. (The delay proves it's real - & not even taped.)
  1:51pm bert:

White Lies -- great song!
  1:56pm bert:

I like this Nut Bush City Limits. Thanks DF.
  1:57pm KevinWho:

true story: in college I had an engineering class called Optimization, and the professor's name was Max Mintz. Max. Mintz. no one else thought that was funny
  1:57pm coelacanth:

Great band,i never heard of. Thanks Joe! At times makes me think they picked up where Ramones should've left off.(after rocket to russia) 'Fills a void i've never heard anyone else do as well.
  2:00pm coelacanth:

Kevin: His parents probably did. (although i guess they could've named him Pepé.)
  2:01pm bert:

Makes you want to get up and shake a leg. No?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:01pm Dominick:

hot stuff !!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:02pm Guido (Cologne):

Avatar 2:02pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- or a little like the Damned's 1st album - fast high-energy flame-throwin' R'n'R just like you want it.
  2:07pm bert:

Thank you Joe and WFUM.
Avatar 2:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...not exactly the right description - but yerknow - the good stuff !!...
  2:14pm laugh at my pain:

A good set of live music! I'm surprised anyone would come out when it's -9 degrees here in the east coast
Avatar 2:16pm MissV:

Hello form the polar vortex!
  2:20pm sissophonic Cheryl:

Impressed with the Dirty Fences, would think their fingers would have been too frozen to play!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:21pm Mike East:

They say its the coldest winter in 17 years....I didn't feel so cold then
  2:22pm LovecraftDude888:

I dunno today is pretty bad, but I could swear we've had worse winters at least in spots, the past few years, or maybe five or six years back. But not overall, so far I thought this winter was mild!
Avatar 2:25pm glenn:

it's pretty cold, i gotta admit.
  2:27pm LovecraftDude888:

that Christmas storm a couple of years ago was
a bummer. I remember sitting there looked like The Shining out, listening to Laura Nyro Beads of Sweat LP and it was apropos so grim out there
  2:28pm coelacanth:

Rabbit(may i call you Rabbit?!) I hear you,though i never heard that Damned album. I dont know how that happened;Guess i should check it out. I bought 1 Damned album back in the day.Didn't love it-& forgot about it...But i know it's not the first one.
  2:29pm LovecraftDude888:

I bought the Damned Play it at your sister box reissue thing of the first two LPs and bonus a couple of years ago. Was well worth the bucks. I'm into all their stuff, even the later stuff and whatever that album was in 1986 with "Alone Again Or" on it
  2:30pm LovecraftDude888:

Machine Gun Etiquette also essential
Avatar 2:32pm glenn:

that's a pretty good cover of alone again or. pretty ambitious for the damned, i thought. i also like calexico's version.
  2:32pm LovecraftDude888:

Actually it's true the play it at your sister box isn't the highest quality, but I still dig it
  2:34pm LovecraftDude888:

yeah that was unusual for The Damned at that point but the lineup had changed a lot and their sound and goals by then I recall hearing that and The Communards the same day and couldn't tolerate the latter...but liked The Damned's cover! and the video
  2:35pm LovecraftDude888:

had too much coffee today..this my last cup of Peet's! I swear. I can't believe how many of those 80s bands never went anywhere, or lasted a few years then poof
  2:36pm coelacanth:

I think "machine gun etiquette" is what i've got! It's probably great- just not for me at the time...I remember when i first heard Wipers around 1980...They weren't "punk" enough for me! A few years later i fortunately came to my senses.
Avatar 2:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Damned's 1st was the 1st British Punk album out I think (the Pistols' was of course long delayed - just like it took the VUs a while - & The Clash too - much resistance...); they became Proto-Goth but in the beginning like the Dolls on Speed sorta thing...
  2:38pm LovecraftDude888:

yeah by the later 80s they were def. proto goth or something like it. yeah I only got The Wipers box a few years ago. Great. But not sure what i would have made of it in the 80s.
Avatar 2:39pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...to some intelligentsia in NY & London - Punk was *over* by 1977...
  2:41pm LovecraftDude888:

Ha, yeah. Meanwhile I was 9 years old and had no clue about anything except Star Wars and such. Barely knew who Pink Floyd were then, took me a year or two.
  2:46pm LovecraftDude888:

I was always too young for stuff....in the mid 80s was pissed off I couldn't go hit the new wave clubs, etc. Until much later. Arghh Then by the time I did it was starting to morph again...into post alternative grunge awfulness Once the clubs started playing Jump Around and Digable Planets I knew it was time to retire from that scene
  2:49pm LovecraftDude888:

i don't meant to be close minded, but some of that music SUCKED ARSE. A lot of it.
  2:50pm LovecraftDude888:

I found out there's a reggae shop in Jamaica, Queens or near there...that sounds like it might be worth a trip, it's on Union Tpke or whatever
Avatar 2:51pm Nanker de Tucson:

EXCELLENT show again today, JoeB! Gotta bail before it's over
  2:52pm LovecraftDude888:

remember The Shaman? nope. yeah Joe great show...I'm gonna go play The Damned and put on my cape
Avatar 2:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- bring 'em some Peet's java LDude !

- lovin' this 60sPunk-stylee stuff Joe !
  2:55pm LovecraftDude888:

ha yeah bring 'em the Peet's action. some spliffs just kidding. I read Peet's cafes are all over Cali. We really need stuff like that here in NY, to kill off Starbucks.
  2:55pm KevinWho:

JPK is faboo
Avatar 🎸 2:57pm David Shortell:

I saw John Paul Keith at the Brighton Bar in October. I think the few attendees were referred to it by this program!
Avatar 2:58pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- All Killer No Filler Joe !! Thx As Ever !
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